The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY H, 1949 BLYTHEVrU.E (ARK.) COUKrER NEWS Pilots Predicting lot Flag Races Three-Way Chose In Both Leagues Seen by Manager* By Jw Rfielilfr Associated Pr?ss Sporti H'rltfr Tlie major league pennant races ire going to wind up in two triple its for first place. least that's the conclusion draws after comment from ^»^. Stengel, Burl Shotton. Joe IcCarthy, Coiv'- Mack and olher ptltnisllc pilots. The latest and most surprising kipper to look into the future hrough rose colored classes Is Joe IcCarthy, tlie usually retlcient carter of the Boston Red Sox. Although weighted down ir ourth place, eight and a half ames olf the pace at the nalt- ivay mark, McCarthy insisted tha his club "from here in is the team o beat" in the American League "•The Red Sox really are moving low. They've won seven in a row md are only a same and a ha ,ehind the tliird place Plnladel ihia Athletics. C.sey Stcnecl, who has don, iuch an amazing j"b with tu 'rout-running New York Yankees ioes not, share McCarthy s opnnor "I had been Inclined to tnml (hat the Red Sox would provid is with the' toughest competition. ieneel said. "But when we knock d them oil live times in a rov ecently. that finished them." Mack Optimistic A week ago Stengel picked Hi Athletics as the only team that ould stop his Yankees, who cur- ently hold a five and a half name mlge over the second place Cleveand Indians. Whereupon the Yankees knocked ft the Mackmen in a solo cotl- 9 and started them on their Iway to a five-game losing streak. Connie Mack, Philadelphia's 86•car-old manager, is not discouraged, however. "Our boys, although m third jlace feel 'they still can win and t as their manager, have to go j'long wilh them, naturally." lie ,aid. "Don't count us out. We still lave a good chance." Cleveland's Lou Boudreau didn t ,rtlk much but grinned knowingly vhen asked whether he thought he proi'ld repeat. "We're still the champions.' he Shotton Thinks Bums Will Win Hurt Shotton. grizzled Brooklyn 1 iatias;er, still insists, as he has vll season long, that his Dodgers going to win the National •ague Hag. In this he has the ,eking of his boss. Branch Riclc- y Currently, the Dodgers hold a ialf-Eame edge on the St. Louis Cardinals, who have won 35 of lelr last M games. Redbirds leader Eddie Dyer thinks his. team Ls at least 15 per cent Improved' with the addition t pitchers Max Lanier and Fred lartin and infielder Lou Klein. Dyer and Billy Southworth. manger of the third place Boston "raves, envisioned a stretch drive it would not produce a winner the final day. e Indians in the American, „ Brooklyn and Boston in the itional, lace an opportunity to J £ ST"~*s*$f Hal Boyle's Column— Talent Scout Cries Long and Loud For Funny Men in the Show Business Hy Hal Boyle NEW YORK, —IA'/— "Wanted: One new lop grade comedian. Po- entlal salary—$1,000.000 a year." No one has put all ad like that n the paiier. But that's the situa- ion today In show business. There's a crop shortage of fresh new tunny nen. "There's really a tremendous scarcity of comedians." said Irving Mansfield, CDS executive producer CLEAN-UP MAN — A batting spree has George Metkovicr, grinning hnppily Purchased from the Oakland Coasters when fins Zcrnial broke his collarbone. Center Fielder Melko- vich has hit 420 for more than (wo weeks as the While Sox' clean-up man. Killings in Siam Get Protest to Parliament BANGKOK —M'J— Trie bambo, drum in the village ol Tansov sounded the chief's alarm: beware of bandits In the district. Nni Rooi and Nai Ran. t\vo residents, has tcncd to report to the village chie as called for hy regulations. Police arrived and arrested the two young men. Then they took them out and shot them to death without trial. Nai Phan Naniow, the two youths' father, is complaining to Ills representative in parliament. me over his soup. And on my way home magicians wiiylay me and want to show me how they can comb pigeons out of my hair." Once a pair of tumblers braced him For a radio .spot. "Wliat good are back flips when tlie listeners can't sec them?" he asked. "Thai's easy—have an announcer j lell them what we're doing." said: the muscle men. | and originator of the "Talent \ Mansfield has a .simple nay to Scout." program. i shoo oui mind readers. Whenever "All the old ones seem to lie • one of these characters with tele- 'ailing over themselves," he said, j vision heads breaks into his office. •They imitate each other so much the producer asks: •ou can hardly tell them apart any j "Can yon read what's in my mind more. right now?" "But who's coniinp along to take [heir places? Nobody's in sight." Trying to build a little known lokester into a public favorite is laughing mailer. It's a big Investment. "A network can easily spend $250,000 in an effort to 'popularize new comedian." said Mansfield. "an end up with nothing 1ml 'a lame gag artist—and no sponsor. "Snvee." replies the mental wizard. "Then why don't you leave?" But Mansfield has Veal sympathy for the ambitious and talented kids who come here full of high, hopes thru end ill heartbreak. "To be an actor or a quality por- former you have to serve a rcul apprenticeship," he said. "The trouble with most people who want "But he'd be luckly if he ended i a <lra "«»te career is that they come up with S40.0CO for himself," said lo N ' ew Yolk to ° carl >'' Mansfield. ' I hey ;i:en't ready. That accounts Death of Real Talent '"'' a lo1 of misery on Broadway." What explains the dearth of fresh r:js« tB r i ,^r4 wU d i « h r es r| Retu '« <° Dut * CU -v 'H '"n T" """""• ! Prt ' '*»•* MilcM1 - «" »f "*- i \ audevillc houses here great (n-| Witt Mnchell. 418 West Ash. has I cubators of comics." he sa 1 d. I returner! to duty with the Eighth I meres no place left today for Army m Gifu. Japan, after s,pemi-1 young comedians to try out their ing a 15-day leave at the Patterson material, and they have to work i Club there I-AGE 9B \T5JC to perfect theni- wlth audiences selves. "A comedian doesn't need a great deal of personal originality to suceed. A writer can supply him with ihat. But he has to foe able to sell his stuff lo an audience. He has to learn timing—It's everv- , thing. "Take Fred Allen, probably the best showman of our times. He has a perfect sense of timing, and he learned It in vaudeville." Manfield, who now produces "This is Broadway." a CBS network program. ha.s given some 500 lo 600 young entertainers a year their first Read Courier News Want Ads break on radio. Leads Horrible Life "I lead a horrible life." he said, j 1949. "Midgets and mind readers run in nd out or my office all day long. Vhen 1 go into restaurant somebody tlie next table who wants to XOTIt'K OP ADMINISTRATION On June 18. 1949, letters of an- ministralion upon the,te or William Raymond Phillips Jr.. deceased .vere granted to the unricr- =i?ned, whose address is Manila, Arkansas. All persons having claims against the said e.state arc required to exhibit the same to the administra- trix, properly authenticated, within .six months frcm the date of the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in such estate Dated iliis the 13lh day of July. Marriage Licenses The following couple obtained marriage license at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythc, county clerk yesterday: John Carl Vlasak and Mrs. Mar} Schncll. both of Belleville, III. Read Courier News Want Ads To Visit Crelt Aobert D. Garrison, Navy avia- .ion electronics technician tluid etass, is scheduled to arrive HI the Island of Crete Saturday aboard .he aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea or a live-day visit. Garrison is the irothcr of Mrs. John T. Story, 520 N'OTIOK OF ADMINISTRATION On On June 18, 19*9. letters of administration upon the estate of Ik) Cable, deceased were granted to the undersigned. Grace Cable, whose address Ls Roule 2. Box 516, Bly- tlu'ville. Arkansas. All persons having claims against the saki estate are required to exhibit the same to the adminUlra- Irix, properly authenticated, within -sis monllis from the dale of Ihe first publication of thus nolice, or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits hi such estate. Dated this the 13 day ol July 1S49. Grace Cable, Administratrix Claudt F. Coojier. attorney for adminis'.ralilx. 7J14-21-28 FOR ATHLETES FOOT USE T-4-L BECAUSE t liai <ir«,-iUr PENETRATING POWER ifi undiluted alcohol bi»«, it CAT>«» tlu Lttivf medication DEEPLY, to kill im wddfd Jirrm Ot* CONTACT. IN ONE HOUR ou MJST b* pl«A»«d or your 40c b*ck *t n.y drug itore. Apply FULL STRENGTH or Alhlctei foot, F, O. (*«»t «dor|. ,tc**> t IMC.UJK (*«t. Todav al K1KKV DRUG STOKES RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere i'ou Hleusv Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 strengthen their claims, as each open a 13-game home stand starting tonight. Brooklyn digs in at Ebbets Field for a two-week stand. The Cards will be on the road BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today 'HOLD THAT BABY' with The Bowerv Boys News A; Carton Frdwv S Saturday "GUN LAW JUSTICE" with Jimmy Wakely Cartoon & Serial THEATRE OSCEOL YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE 5. Oltltv Uprn> »t i \\ttk Ni* Shim Starts ;H 7:SO M:itin« S;,turda> « Sntidaj l :>. p.m. with continnoB!, showim la.»l Time I'odny "CALIFORNIA STRAIGHT AHEAD" John Wayne Louise Lalimer Also Shorts Frirtstv and Saturday 'WEST OF SONORA' ' Charles SUrretl as "The nuranjn Kid" Serial: Chapter 3 of "Son »f the Gm»nlsm»n" Shun Starts SYcekdays 7:00 p.m. kturday and Sunday: t'untiauou showing from 1:OU p.m. Lust rime Today [DOUBLE FEATURE) "ROBIN HOOD OF MONTEREY" with Gilbert Roland as the Cisco Kid, and Chris "Pin" Martin 'SONG OF THE SOUTH' with Kiill, Warwick Lucille Wilson, And Haltie Mcl>aziiel Serial: "(1-Men Never Forget"' Chapter 6 Also Short Friday & Sdlurclny (DOUBLE FEATUKK) "THE FIGHTING FRONTIERSMAN" Kith Charles SUrrelt, Smiley Burnettc, and Helen Mowrey "PERILOUS WATERS" with Won Castle, Audrey Long, anil I*c;»cy Knuriscn Serial: "Son of thn Ciuardsman" Chrtplcr 7 Also Curlopii N E W t et on the air starts crooning at Wanda L. Phillips. Administratrix Clnutk- P. Cooper, attorney for dmini.slratnx. 7 H-21-28 BRING YOUR TRACTORS TO US FOR Major Overhaul and Minor Repairs U'nrk Su|lerrisr<> l» IS Exp«r I Instructors. "No rliarsc lot labor rKpla -emenl parts ,it" DELTA TRADE SCHOOLS, INC. (i.'!5 Herniindu Si. Memphis . 1'ltone :i7-0181 Auto Seat Covers -FREE- ON SHELTON MOTOR CO'S SPECIAL 13 DAY SALE of USED CARS ,M u liner ^ialu t. -Sun I ii. m >.!.?> i;lMf p.rn iV Sunday t'nnl Showin Reg. $21.95 Value! Select Today through Saturday, July 23, we're otTcrlni; you Absolutely Free with i\ny used car you may buy nu the special low sale prices) a set of S2I.!)5 Filrer Scat Covers with Lc.ith- erclte Trim choose your own color. And no charge for Installation, of course. USED CARS No 3D7—1040 DnSoto 4-door Scrlnn. an ininsniilly nice car which has had but one owner, equipped with radio, heater, and new grey pninL $895 :$1295 Manila, Ark. Shows- KVKKV NKilf l.asl rime- lixlay i "STATE DEPARTMENT FILE NO. 649" nilh William l.undtgan A!M> Shorts 'KEEP 'EM FLYING' Bud Abbott and Lou Cnslello 'FRONTIER PONY EXPRESS" wilh Ray Rneers Also Shorls No. -103—1017 Nash "600" 4-door Stilan, black finish, new tires ... in every way a clean, sound c: No. 378—KMT Hiiick Super SerUnelle, a one-owner car in Iruly excellent shape, equipped wilh niclio, healer, ami all the accessories that you would like. Sorry, we nin'l menlion (his price. No. 395 1916 Chevrolet Aeroscdan. runs beautl- tully, lias new light grey paint and fully chromed wheels, radio, heater, scat covers, and white side- I tires. ^o, 407 1916 DeSoto Custom 4-rtoor Sedan, a beautiful maroon, equipped with radio, healer, new lircs. and Liieguard inner tubes ... a real buy at $1395 $1595 LOW PRICED USED CARS So 3M 1936 Pnckard 4-door Sedan, has radio A; heater, a duo old car with lots ot gootl mileage yet. $495 No. 382-1941 Pontlac "6" 4- dooi Sedan. Black psint, equipped wilh Both radio and neater. No. 404 1939 OMC Piine) Truck, has good motor, and new paint. Check this price. $575 No. 337-1941 DodliC 2-tloor Sedan. Two-tone blue and Krey color, In good shape and only $645 $645 Don't Wait —So Sure to Come in Soon SHELTON Motor Company Authorized 215 SourS 2nd Dealtr Pkan* 4438 GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on .vour Soybeans, Corn, Whcal and olher Grain*. Our iiins are Government Approved, Guv- rrnmi'iil Kinunced, 5 years lo pay For Full Parliculars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVIUE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville,Ark. Phones 856-857 FRAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service Kor Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, ere. Licensed & Insured Licensed & Insured for Your Protection Call tor Our Schedule I'hone -'Ml or 4152 Say It ... With Klower> THE FLOWER SHOP Ulcncive (iulUlInc Phnp* 14111 01 Z741 FOR SALE Concrete cnlieru 12 Inch to 4» inch, plain or rcenfiirced AIM Cur.rrcle Huildln« tilorks cheaper than lumhei fi.r barm. I'hlrkrn htiuses, pump nouHea. (riianr bouses, took sheds We deliver C»ll us for fret estimate'. . . Phone 631. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo tWIFTS PREMIUM I BRANDED BEEF We Specialist in Fancy Meats'and Groceries We Oe/iver Phone 2043 Plenty ol I'arking Space Radio Repair Ml work done hy a licensed tJidio-Telephone expert — Kvery job guaranteed. Why >ay more for less? Piano Tuning Done with the famous 'Slrohoscope" — Exclusive lo this area. Why take lew than perfect tuning when the best is available? Sheef Music - Records Supplies-Repairs PIANOS New and Used Everything in Music BROOKS Music Store 107 K. Main Tel. 811 Renl a Camera lor Color Pictures The i diva i waj lo remember AptTlai ucrusitms AIM) olher type, ul cameras foi rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20()fi \V Main ('hone 3«47 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES lAII lypo Kxreul Canr«ri Clink SH Main Klvlhrrillr *rk KhorK 4% HOME LOANS Klber! S Johnson The K<iuitah|p Life Assurance Sncicty 4 re a ihiremaker afffrd bv mod^rr etiutpmcnl and ft ties I material*- h^tnlt^ nen life tu worn lootweai here H-fl LTCRS Qi.'fY SMOC SHOI a i si ST. The SECRET of Rottirock's tXPCKT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO.

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