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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 33

St. Louis, Missouri
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4 7990 -fa ILLINOIS ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1990 APR Cavazos Defends Education Measure 4 i said. Appelbaum said he believed urine samples taken from Ryan were still available and would be tested by outside laboratories. He said Stallings- j. attorney, Eric Rathbone, would be al-! lowed to have his own testing done.

"We're not trying to hide Appelbaum said. "We're just trying to find out what the truth is." Authorities also had confiscated' five baby bottles and a jug of anti:" freeze from the Stallings' home, but' Appelbaum refused to say whether! they provide additional evidence with which to press a case against Patricia Stallings. However, Dave Stallings, 28, said tieJ was confident his wife"! vindicated. "There's no other evidence; they'ren shooting their mouth off," he said. "I1' was told that if I had custody of Davie Jr.

when he became sick that I'd be jail right now." The couple has not seen David Jr. since Feb. 24. The baby will stay In foster care until Patricia Stallings is; either convicted or charges dropped. The Stallingses believe they were swept up by the of the Paula Sims case in Illinois.

Authorities ''t. and the press had another child'; killer, they said. i "My sister told me about a televi-' sion report she had seen where they1 J. actually put us together me and'1 Paula Sims," Patricia Stallings said. "It was disgusting." "This will show you how much we', don't like children," Patricia Stallings said sarcastically as she opened the door to a small bedroom crowded' with nursery furniture.

"Ryan had everything. Now'EJJ will have everything." gave birth by Caesarean section to a second son, David Jr. She was allowed to see the baby twice, but never alone. On March 3, the couple was told David Jr. was sick.

"The social worker called and said he's listless. He won't eat. He's having trouble going to the bathroom. It was happening again," said Patricia Stallings. Tests done at Children's Hospital in St.

Louis found that David Jr. was suffering from a genetic disorder called methylmalonic acidemia. The condition produced In the baby's system propylene glycol but not ethylene glycol and could be treated with doses of vitamin B12, Dave Stallings said he was told. He said he believed Ryan also could have been treated with the vitamin. "I think Ryan should still be here," the father said.

"He would have lived." Richard Loeppky, a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Missouri at Columbia, said the two glycols are so similar that they could easily be confused in lab testing. "It would depend on the experience of the analyst and whether they would normally be looking for propylene glycol," Loeppky said. "There is a reasonable possibility that the two could be confused because the chemical properties of the two compounds are going to be very close to each other." A spokesman for Cardinal Glennon said Tuesday that independent laboratories were routinely used for testing. "We have confidence in the labs or we wouldn't be 'using them," he said. Appelbaum, the assistant prosecutor, said his office was trying to determine what lab did the testing.

"We want to talk directly to the lab," he WASHINGTON (AP) Education Secretary Lauro F. Cavazos staunchly defended on Tuesday President George Bush's bill to improve schools In America and angrily accused House Democrats of acting in "a highly partisan fashion." Cavazos chastised the House Education and Labor Committee for failing to advance the administration's $1.5 billion bill to upgrade education. He described an alternative offered by Rep. Augustus F. Hawkins, chairman of (he committee, as a "ploy to sidetrack the president's bill." "I am disappointed" that the administration's legislation has been treated "in a highly partisan fashion," Cavazos told the Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education in one of his strongest testimonies to date.

"It is not a partisan bill it is an education-reform bill. children deserve better, and that, more than anything else, is why I ani here again to discuss the merits of the president's bill." Cavazos reminded the panel testily that the Senate recently passed the president's Excellence in Education Act. Respite Cavazos' tongue-lashing, education leaders testified in favor of Hawkins' bill. Among those supporters were Keith Geiger, president of the National Education Association; Franklin Smith of the Council of the! Great City Schools; and Gordon wur children deserve better, and that, more than anything else, is why I am here again to discuss the merits of the president's bill. If LAURO F.

CAVAZOS, education secretary Ambach, director of the Council of Chief State School Officers. But the subcommittee became embroiled in a partisan war of words. But Rep. Bill Goodling, who introduced the administration's bill with 98 co-sponsors, asserted that the Democrats' bill was "177 pages thrown together in two weeks with not much thought" and few details on how various sections would be carried out. Rep.

William D. Ford, took offense to Cavazos' accusation of partisanship and accused him of "schizophrenic rhetoric" that praises Bush for his educational programs and criticizes the Democrats for theirs. He also said the president was seeking a 2 percent cut in the education budget. Rep. Harris W.

Fawell, estimated the Democrats' version would cost $50 billion in five years and said, "Nobody in the budget committee Stallings From page one Patricia Stallings, who spent seven months in jail. "Ryan would have been a year old tomorrow." Stallings, who is 25 and originally from south St. Louis, said Ryan began experiencing problems about two weeks after his birth on April 4 of last year at St. Mary's Medical Center in Richmond Heights. His condition worsened, and the Stallingses took Ryan to Cardinal Glennon on Fourth of July weekend.

"They ran every sort of test and on the third day, they told us he had been poisoned," she said. After two weeks at the hospital, his condition improved and he was to be released. However, the child was turned over to the state Division of Family Services. "Ryan was under their custody for three months. We'd get to see him every Thursday at 10 a.m.," Patricia Stallings said.

Four days after their visit on Aug. 31, the Stallings were told their son was again at Cardinal Glennon. On Sept. 5, Patricia Stallings was arrested for assault on the theory she had poisoned the child during the visit. Two days later, while in the Jefferson County Jail at Hillsboro, she was told her son was dying.

"They called and said he had a few hours to live, but I couldn't go," she said. She also was not allowed to attend his burial on Sept. 11 at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery. "Dave came up about 1 that morning," she said. "They let me talk to him through the The assault charge was upgraded to first-degree murder, and authorities said they would seek the death penalty.

But unknown to even the couple, Patricia Stallings was pregnant. "I knew something was wrong, but everybody told me it was probably stress," she said. On Feb. 17, Patricia Stallings was taken from jail to Madison Memorial Hospital at Fredericktown where she Lauro F. Cavazos "I am disappointed" could begin to take it seriously." The Senate voted 92-8 in early February to approve and send to the House the Excellence in Education Act, initially submitted to Congress by Bush last spring.

The bill seeks to combat drugs in public schools, set up a presidential merit schools program and increase aid to schools seeking to cut dropout rates. One controversial section would award $25 million in federal money over three years to the recently formed National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The bill proposed by Hawkins, would increase by $1 billion the amount authorized for Head Start for the fiscal year that begins in October, fully fund by 1994 the Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children, and expand the Even Start Program. tial, despite his plans to run for gover- norin 1992. James B.

Deutsch, deputy attorney general, said Gallagher called him Tuesday morning and told him he planned to appoint Webster. Attorney General's Office To Investigate Peach Irene J. Smith, attorney for Carter and Troupe, said she was satisfied that Webster could conduct an independent investigation even though he was a Republican. Carter said she was confident that Webster would be impar- 14 Are Killed In Fire TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) Fourteen people were killed and five were injured early Tuesday when a fire raced through a barbershop in the northern city of Taoyuan, police said. Police in Taoyuan, about 30 miles west of Taipei, said the charred bodies of six people had been found in the II nJA bi r1 IT FIND OUT HOW TO CATCH THE BIG ONE FROM THE EXPERTS! CASEY'S 1EBCO Daiwa COMMITTED 10 TOTAL QUALITY i Browning.

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LINDBERGH id mum By Fred W. Lindecke Missouri Political Correspondent A judge has appointed the office of Attorney General William L. Webster to be a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of voter fraud against Cirfcuit Attorney George Peach. "Fine," Peach responded when informed of the appointment Tuesday. Webster is a Republican, and Peach is a Democrat.

want someone to be appointed. I intend to cooperate, and hopefully we can resolve this in a week or a few days," Peach said. "I want something done, and then I will have something to say about this whole thing." Peach added that the investigation of his voting from one address while living at another would not affect his prosecution of five others on the same kind of charge. "These people are going to be fully prosecuted, just like they were before this came up," Peach said. Circuit Judge James L.

Gallagher narfied the special prosecutor as a result of an application filed Monday by two state representatives, Paula J. Career and Charles Q. Troupe, both Democrats from St. Louis. Soth are friends of.

Pamela Bosley-Byes, one of the five people Peach charged in December with voting in the 3rd Ward when they were living elsewhere. Bosley-Byes is the daughter of Alderman Freeman Bosley D-3rd Ward, and the sister of Circuit Clerk Freeman Bosley Jr. In their application, Carter and Troupe said Peach had committed voter fraud by voting four times in 1988 and 1989 from an address in the 12th Ward while he was living in the 25th Ward. Peach said the votes had come at times when he was with his wife, Mary, at their former home in the 12th Ward, trying1 to reconcile with her; He said he had not considered the 25th Ward address his permanent home and did not now, even though the divorce is proceeding. Troupe said he was satisfied with the appointment of Webster.

He said he hoped that the major result of the case would be a change in the law on residency for voting. "There are about 500 people who live in the county and work at city jobs, primarily patronage workers," Troupe said. "These are 500 people who are at risk of going to jail because they've got to vote in the city to protect their jobs. We've got a residency problem here, not criminal violations." Carter agreed, saying she hoped the case would lead to "a final decision on residency. We've got too many criminals on the street to deal with without this kind of political insanity." Store From page one seizure because he had left his credit card at the store Monday when he and his wife bought a dress for their 50th wedding anniversary.

"We left it to be altered, and they forgot to give our VISA card back," Davey said. As Hakanson told Davey he would have 20 days to claim his merchandise and credit card, Elizabeth Davey walked out of the store with her dress and credit card. Olian also has 20 days to pay the delinquent taxes, plus penalties and interest, or the store's inventory will be sold at auction by the Madison County sheriff, Hakanson said. Until that happens, the revenue agents hired a locksmith to change the locks on the store, which will remain closed. The agents then seized $247 from the cash register.

They planned to spend the rest of the day taking an inventory of the clothing. Hakanson said revenue agents had spent seven months trying to collect the delinquent taxes from Olian. But she said he had ignored three billing notices and a personal visit by a tax collector. "The sales tax Is a tax collected at the time of the purchase," Hakanson said. "It does not belong to the owner, but he did not remit it to us.

If he paid us right now, we'd write him a receipt." PROFESSIONALLY ASSEMBLED BY FACTORY EXPERTS vssssttl 79991 II v.soiles mH DAIWA PM SERIES Longcast A SPINNING REELS ST099 (Orig. 49.99) ZEBCO Quantum Pro-1 BAITCAST j. REEL $7ft99 (Orig. 99.99) 1 CAB 1116 I I nurc A IN STOCK! FENWICK5 III AIM i Only UV and o-Zone Piooi Lint Only! fcT 24.99) 99 11p OO I 0 -mn fcarO $57'" -ii mum 1 uuy- '-t ami TtoiMMiraiiD TCR 101 LOCATOR I1 I 1 -HMM MITCHEL 308 SPINNING REEL $04.99 (Orig. 29.99) maT SHIMANO BKM 1000 II 2-Speed BAITCAST REEL $04.99 (Orig.

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