The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1930
Page 6
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PM.K SIX " 0 " " aio> lla - VIBr<l ( ' ha " e "" ' « ur u V s ;s. ', .' \ ill.ft../' p., Alabama Mentor Defeated Only As Player in Rose Bowl Out for Revenge _ ° ' BY CLAlftK HUHOKY NEA Service Spnr/s AVrilrr : They asked the Rough Riders to, Temember the Maine' when thcvi charged up Sun Jiiiin Hill. Some'- • thing v:ns said nbout the I.uMlan!a ' fo the Yanks who drove into the , llill " r '" "" A lot of the o!d-llmers will tell you Urn June Dennis. cc!orc<! "ehi-wtlgnt, was one of the hardest hlttoi.s of c!l time. Here's! a little siory of hew June got c)i:u way. ! ln l " cse <|A >' S ' Harry Maynard's cafe In San Francisco was the scene of a. fight or .-.o every nlj;hl. There wa;, a. rl:is In tin- back room and grudge fights would be settled there. y cll:lr «. c « as lllt ' 1'asslng of the lint . . . There were some lnean cl ) oll Kli to say that when l lorry passed tlic liat l:e had a way of coaxliis gold plccrs under Die swcatrxind and dumping the -silver for , f Wallace Wade, Crimson Tide coicli. s '" i ' COi « c LaBlanclie. got his start as a fighter at May- with mention of Brown University's i » nl 'd's. ha "<l* of Washington i Maynard kept a fighter or two around to meet nil comers Anyone rolmtls . visitor got $50. He went tine for Wado was a player on lhat Brown group, the first Atlantic seaboard eleven that ever engaged n June Dennis was one of Maynard's fli'liters •^S'^n'^V"^! !"«•'»'• ""» "<-"><• '"^ "«>™«« gol'u,-,,u,,h that ,,, lf) rc ( , cd in her own sector that year, lint j D ™ nls to activity and made him a great puncher. He hit one niipo- she had 'beaten Vale, Carlish ami; nenl's lu-ad once and dislocated the man's shoulder. Many old-timers some others and was regarded as a contend his upiicrcul was deadly. TPnfACPntoH va ni ti tirti nnm-innlln.* Four ycnny men. posing as medical students, mel June, bought him several drinks, and before tic had time- to think things over, he had Swrrt Charily Th; recent bout in Chicago was billed a-charity benefit." Tli? gross celpts «Tie 38B.OOO. Charity $5000. la tho words of Ai'no- Andy, ain't lhat tonielhln'? Hassle E)av7.1p When nnn aroru", clean-cut! yoiinj oot!c<;laii from, •Miehi-;an.! one of uiir very best woikl'si heavyweight wreMUng '• prampion-! ships r.ut of the milts-of (jus e,m- '• nt-r.^erg. some .of the. customers- l»rked up their ears and ltstrn.?di for what would happen next. II | wasn'l long in happening, Douj Gcorse, clean-cut collegian. ,'fiomj Michigan, tmk on as his next' op-'! poncnt itmt celebrated quick I . artist, Dan Koloff/ilic l?.d who used to .wresUo Soiinenberg every other night under every other mime yon could think of.- And, toil of It: all, just' to' inakeHlie representative eastern aggregation. And Wade was an Important (nctor in whatever 5iiccess*,Brow)i attain Washington State mignt"'have : ' bcsn unknown cast of flic Missis-1 sippi, for football In Ihoso days was | eastern as far as prestige was con-1 .cerned, but guiding the Cougars .-that year was W. II. (Lone Stnv) Dletz, a canny coach and star of earlier Carlisle days under Pop Warner. Captaining his team wns Asa Clark, a very good center at n time when centers had to be resourceful or hold permanent reservations at hospital wards. I Many times Wallace Wade has I turned that Brown defeat over in I accepted $50 lor lib body for dissection after his demise. The coroner, his mind since 1916. Often hir close associates have heard him mention a desire to erase thnt blot some day with a team of his own pattern. Twice since then he lias steered Alabama into Tournament ot Ros. es games, onco against Washington In 1S26 and a year later against Stanford. Tlie Crimson Tlrte wns heroic on both occasions, but for j for yon. but he .Wade somethlngi seemed lacking in each instance, a something that,, '.will be present on this occasion. ! " : kn <™ - . doctor. I It- may be many years before the Cougars again are invited to represent the west in the annual holldav classic. Fifteen years have elapsed ilhce that 1916 fracas. Meanwhile. Wade's duties at Alabama arc to be concluded with the New Year's Day crntest. He ! ' assumes control at Duke University, whprc it may be many seasons before he' develops an eleven ot Tournament of Roses caliber. So while W«do may not qualify as a b\g time gambler, he's playing for heavy stakes Jan. ! and betting the limit on his pat hand of three Jacks, with an ace for n icicker. It so happens that his backfteld Includes John Campbell, John Suther, John' Cain and Ralph Mc- DK; VOU KlrtHV THAT— •1'ic Jacobs, ir.anaw of Hcrr Wienerwurst. Is eotting quite '-:n;t . . . and he alms to bring up his bank account to match .iii-i w.ii:tl;ne. . . . Yussel thinks Camera, Di'.-npsey. Strlbling and ,Max J!:-.;r are bt.-tter men than 3i:arkey. . . . With the pawing •-'! G'ccrije Sisler from the big '"sues, only c-ne man selected by Connie Mack for his all-time -tar loam remains up there. , . You're light, it's tlie Rabe. . . . I'm!:- Sulianf was born aboul 25 irilcs from New York (In Elizabeth, N. J.), but his match with M.'.x .Bac-r was his first tciied- .Wotl Mart In Madison Stmare Garden. . . .He has Lvoen box- i.iijf fcr five years. . . . The .chief reason-why Suhaaf never was s'v«i a KO In the Garden wns the inot!>?y asked by his fdniier manager, Phil Schloss- tai'B. . . '. Phil wanted real f.plnach for liis big fellow, . . . •Johnny Buckley bought Ernie for $12,500.. . - St. Mary's Boy . Has Been Head oi'j Class Since '24 f-K.-f " Tucker, Mij£ C. SIGN TKU,S OI.fCE PITT6BURGH. (UP)—If anyone By XKA Service I ST. MARY'S Kan.—If there !•= ;: • world's champion class premier.'.. I then he must be Frank I!. Smith. i ;c:ilcr at, Sit. .\f;- jry's College hers who has led class f or six ^straight years. j Smith won his | first office in 192-! j when the junior class in St. Mary's high school department nani- I 'd nii:i prEslden'..; It has been the same y«sr after, rear until recent- n !y the remaining l''r«nk K. Smith 132 members oi 1 tnai class elected j him president of the 1331 graduating class . Smith also Is captain of tlie 1931 St. Mary's baseball team, an honor back of which is tlie task of up-- Vo Meet for Charity; c-v.-m' :»id M The nien's IlAYTf, Mo.-The Hayi' All stars will play liie CoD'.sr at Coater. in a dimblc-hea<!°r F/i- d-uy night, D^c 20. The clear pr:)- ccccls of this 3 ani3 asv to U o In-.' -the Ccoter relief lund, wi'.h the e.-:- |:ccta;!ons cf a re'.UMi game at Hay- .11 for Jluytl's charily fund. The Hajti Ijams i::'e i"vii-»-i<i<>'' . lot former Ilayti hiah school pla"- erf. ; The ladies' ail-stir ;pam will ! probably have the followi:!.; play- |crs. Mrs. C. D:c.-k«rsoi!. MUr, V. Sanders, Miss J. Sanders, Mn. A. team v.-IH p;-: have the followini; players: J. :.. mer, C. Dicker=o:i, L. HI--I- —•• names. II. Dare;!:. C. 'ii..-iiV:iv.-.1. A. Tucker and L. C'oleinan. Uoth teams hav? bc:n p!-:.:.i.- ing for a number of duys anj ?. hard game is ex;;?jtod of t::::!. These wijl l>e iiU?res:!ns rj-mr.-; and should draw a lcr!;-> erov;J fcr charity ptirposrs if ir; o.he.-. An c-loclric devire hns '.:LC i invented by a Caip.tii:in to niati a bu?^ine sound to warn :in aviator tint his plane is Icsiiiij tpectl mid in dansor of a '.ail tpin. whnte thing Just -good-clean -'Juii.'is almost'certain to be detected atrr.nclcr Lewis comes forth 4'ltli' s 00 ' 1 as he attempts to slow down challenge to Dan George, liie j or slop the machine. Sfara, a me- clean-cut j-oiiiig collegian- from chanlc. tins developed a lighting dc- Miclilt-an. Dcran't it remind; vice which is set when the car is somehow of the old days—Tinker i parked, Should the car be driven to Evers to Chance? . • j an Illuininaled sign at the rear'o'f i the machine will blazon forth Go<xl Morning Judge , - "5101011" as soon as Die :brakes are How did Judge I.nmllr, feel when | applied, the minors proposed that he' be appointed arbiter of the draft dispute and the majors.replied, "Let's !eavc Judge Landls out of this"? Did the Judsc regard It (is n repudiation? On whose side would t-o lave been, had the majors anrenl to let him set the draft Figure? Or, cah Priink jura's automobile he] holding the record of 18 consecutive Kansas' conference baseball championships. His home is in Ok- Wishing You THE JOYS OF THE SEASON a 3k n JSk mulgee, Okla. Read Courier News Want Ads, in on the joke, agreed to deliver the body. Alone and iober. Dennis worried. Finally, he told Mnynard. Maynard argued Hint II wa;i like finding $50; tlvit If you're dead, nil the dissecting In Ihe world won't hurt—which horrified poor June Dennis. The telephone rang. Maynard nnsweicd. June cocked his head to listen. ... -^ v •"" t . • .v 'Y- ., ' ; "Hello, doctor, this Is Maynard speaking. Yes/'l/havd one 1 subject e isn't t|iii(e ready." Dennis moaned. Maynard continued: ...,,.. , -, - • know. But, I:can't deliver ihe'^body until \\\c man's dead can I? Now listen, doctor. He's lazy and doesn't fight like ho should. I'm matching him with the toughest men I can. One of these fellows will gel him soon." Then Mnynard hung up, saying June's doctors were insistent upon delivery. "You listen to me, Mlslah Maynard," said June, suddenly angry. "None of dcsc men 1 gwino Hi;lil goln' lo kill me. I'm goin 1 knock 'em dead—every one." Next day, a new sign in front of Xfriyuard's told the world lhat June Dennis, colored cyclone, was meeting alj comers. There were all kinds of challenges, but It was months before anyone stayed four rounds and won the $50. June just wasn't letting anyone bent him, would tlie judge .have adjusted -the' ' matter to the satisfaction of evc-iy' one? And why didn't the majo:.-; | want Landis to rule on the mutter? | Mall your answers to Santa Glaus.. . . , -• • ..Hnuiihii and Brearton • , Harry Houdlni was nn eerie soit. but ho'.v atoul Sam Brcndon, owner of the St. Louis .Cardinals? When : \Vriglcy asked Breadnn how much; he would take for Jim Bnttomlty. • strike-out, hero of the r.?cent World • Series, Mr. Brcadon didn't even: preface his polite request for il50,-' 000 with a'preparatory "Ah.«m" Mr. Wrlglcy, 'who,: is used to handling large figures carelessly, probably learned from Mr. Breadou something about money he never i suspected. It seems that Charley Grimm Ls a pretty good first baseman after all. SAtfERS -Good Cheer —Good Health —Good Friends J. C. Penney Cn. PARfS. (UP)-Alain Gerbault, "hermit of the seas," has the wan- Right, the ace who, in this case, derlust again and Is dreaming of qualifies as a blocker ianteail of a deep blue oceans. From Mai rakech. kloker. at the edge nf the Sarnli, he has builders at- Havre to fit his "Fire- crest" with a new mast, but so lav has not made known his Intentions. The "Firccrcsl" already carried him around the world the only human Joe, the Wg Optimist ! *J; n.Himiiiig from Germany, and'JBi chewing his cigars shorter tlmi' 'ifi ever. Joe Jacobs, manager of Man S? Sclimeilng for the next five years., ;g''i expresses the' opinion that boxing |3] won't stand for. more than or.e >•• hcaiTwelght championship fight f& ammnlly. Which proves (hat J-ie fjf[ is either nn incurable optimist or j.^- a deliberate "propagandist. Or, that your old friend, Ferdinand, the fan, is even a bigger" sucker than lie's painted, ' ' . 6n The Outside Looking In telegraphed Instruclons to his boat i on. board the', tiny..vessel. By "DUKE" I»«r Santa Clans What the mferry old gent should leave in their hosiery: B. H. S. Football Team—A good coach to step into the nian-siz shoes of'Coach Henry Hudson. MERRY XMAS RITZ THEATER Christmas Day and Friiliiy. Iii Love Ifs Youth! less. Local Football fanciom — A rcali home schedule next fall with some j formidable teams. | Fred Aimantrout — This boy doesn't need anything, hs was elected c»ptain of the Junior Vols grid squad of Martin. Tenn., for the ! second successive ye?.r. I The Golf Buf — Just leave a j "hole-in-one" of his socks. Charley - Kramer— A formidable cage aggregation that cnn offer, the Earle Cardinals some real oppo- i sition to start the new armory ofl i with a bang on the basketball' schedule. | Othjr teams in the City Cage League—some long, tall b:>ys .to play against Matthews, the six-foot-six giant of the Hubbard team. Ark-Mo and Chlckasaw amateur baseball loops—A rigid set of regulations and a prexy along the order of Ban Johnson. J Whitworth and Eberdt — Put, those movie directors wise to these! two home town boys on the coas'. with the Crimson Tide. Herschel Caldwell —He's a glutton for punishment, Santa Claus.' he went to the coast twice. The) movie guys signed him from the : ankle down after that kick against j Stanford. Don't tell him my ad-' dress—but leave him rice. i The Boxing Racket—There's no I •sock" here. I All other local sport celebrities—; A pat on the back and a bigger and better new year. The Public—There ain't no Santa Claus. Girls - - and JusL'W ha t They've Been Wailing Foi'! CHARLES HOME THEATRE Christniiis Hay His Grin .Gets 'Em Goin' BOSTON. (UP)—The fast-gro-.v- ing scallop industry will net Massachusetts lislimnen approximate.? ly half a million dollars this yeac, it has been estimated. To All Our Friends and Customers Everywhere Cqttpn States Salps Co., Inc. ' Blytheville.'Avk. Will Pyles, Mgr. Phones 174 or LD.-180G- INFALLIBLE HJ. niythevillc, Arh.g? Kentucky Small Kentucky Lmi uipire Montavallo Genuine Biytheville IN "Along; Came Youth The Scribe—(Fill in above). Michifan Honors 23 Athletes ; Twenty-three athletes who helped University of Michigan gain a . co-championship in the* Western Conference 1930 football race have been awarded "it's" and gold loot- ballj, .emblematic of the championship. Tne number is two more thin were awarded letters in the 1929 campaign.- : Chief Chef o f ,|i the love menu! He serves tlic ladies with malice—and with laughs! Comedy and News. • Matinee—10 and 35c. Night—15 and 40c. JACK OAKIC Syracuse' Comedy and Travelogue. Matinee and Night—10-25c. ; RFT7 MIL Last Time Today j Robert Montgomery in "War Nurse" MERRY CHRISTMAS and Sincere Wishes that Our Friends and Patrons Will Enjoy a Year of Prosperity . 5&LV-,.^%M&£# EAST ARKANSAS LUMBER

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