The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX There Are Many Who Be- iieVc Sflimc'liiitf Will Find Out Quickl .Vitldiml I.C':IK .St. Louis Clilcaso w. i,. I'd :)5 m .uiio :u 21 .sun 31 'J3 . 'JO 24 .54V •;.i ai .500 •u :tl ,-i3i! 2fi :iii .:(:)'/ •in :i7 '131 \V. L. I't.l 'M 17 .«79 ;r, 21 . 20 27 .f)IH 2V 2(i ,51)9 211 2» .500 2:"i 27 Ml 1!) m .305 17 35 .:t!4 Arkansas l.caijuc VI I.. Pet. '>'! II .007 I!) Vi .013 :Vc '* I i" lvl i« ir> .sic Jonesboi-o in if, .5^ Paratjould n ic .4117 Fia tesvllle a •_>(; 035 netrnli O.sceola IIITES TINS II )!y HAUI'tV Olt.U'SOV S|iurtv I'dilnr, Ni;A Sorvin- NAP A NOCK. N, Y. — Was Schmelin^ says timt 'ni.s left hand is an improved wi'aiion, although you wonUin't suspect, tl by waU'h- ing liU \vorkouts at ttiis b?aiulfii! retreat In the foolhills ol v.u- (Mi. [•kills. The German a!v,'ay.s -,va:^ a poo:- yyrnnusitim \voil:L ; r, H is SJlimplliiis'.s rl-.ihl Hand Ihat promUei lo b-.-in™ bad: Ihr imllion- dol'.Ar gat? \viioa .K 1 tai-kU'S Jo'- l.ouls in :i Ifi-roun:! ens.ix.-mfiu at Yankeo, June IS, however. The world knows that the llliick Uhlan pacfcs plenty oi amliorltj in that fist. Schnioling's one e'.una 1 against l/)UiS ii l:>a-. Of U,;! p'.m ; h(T. Thif piHlHdHphln is lhe stroll^'*! -..'.•llill'; p-.iinl 1)1 i! c, i , )ui !. inalch tli-.i'^ otlici-v.-iK- [;:-nc-i-al!y is "" " " regarded as bPlni one-side:!. A.- iiiaynL-lie as .ic 1 i"^ *,\\ an aUravtion, I/luis \votil('.!i'! cira-.\' iiiip')riant money .shadov; Iwxiiv,'. Jack McCennluk. » rank out sider. clipped I-:i:t Mi-Coy. Yomi' Coibeit nailc;l 'IVn-y .M:-f)ov_'!i! Al McCoy kiss-id e'ic<ir«.! chip i- the dark. All .lolmny nunjc lacked wa.s a lily in his iiand vlisr he neglectsd lo pull lii.s c'liln on' of th2 trajectory of liljh esiiln.-.ivr tossed by Willie Jackson. "How would I/Mils act on the floor?" asks schtnolltig, ns thong' 5ie Intended lo put the iv.'/r- there. "They all ao ivlien hit rijlit." Joe Jacobs has made u sixabl- bel (lint Schincling drops Louis. I' the ex-c-iiampion can but vock llr colored cloiiter buck on liLs heel' as the vastly smaller Georges Car- ponlier tuice did Jack Demps^y tile crowd will have its money' worth. Next to seeing: a big bo tall, ringworms like to si\: on flounder. (ichnan I'uts Up llnlil front Sehmeliii!; has t'iie pnwrter VH1 which to s'ittie the last inn-stion 1' regard to Louis, "Can l:c lake 11?' SclimeUnj points to the fact tha' Camera, Levinsky. Baer, Pntilinr and Retalarf were frls'.itenc:! stiff nnd did not. have n les under (heir vli5n tiiey srinared otf \vilh Louis The Teuton has stveusthened h'- bound underpinning; by resuming road work, and appears lo b-j In a gocd fondition, physically nn<l men- rally, as a wealthy warrior crowd- uii! 3!. and who has lived on (\K fat of the land for clsht year; could .possibly achieve 1 . Schmelhii; is Tar from ueinj o tired o.'d man. but you cannot I'dp bill snispjct fhat hi is puttins u» a bold fronl in a determined ctfort not to worry about something willch seems Inevitable. Hen- Moxic has lost his boyish look. The planes of 'his lace are more pronounced pivnii; it more character. Ther^ is just tlis shghtest sprinkling of grny in his raveii hair. Never too fast, afoot, Sclimeling is slower than ever, for his 'nips and legs arc slightly heavier. Sclimeling professes to have burning ninbilion to be the first to recapture the heavyweight championship, which originally was presented to him while he grov?!ed tithe slag. Hen- Moxie asserts fnat he doesn't need lhe money, anil probably h? doesn't—tco badly, for he reputedly is worth $500.000. The invitation to reappear in colonel Rupperfs ball yard was only made that much mor^ attractive! by a 30 per cent cut in the swas whlrtv with by-products .should put him $300,000 closer to his lirat million. Sclnncllng Coos H Alone Echimling is 001115 it very much alone, as he did In the four starts he made abroad since 'his last appearance in tills country—against Steve Hamas in Philadelphia Fcb 13, 1934. Jacobs is reported to be in for 10 per cent, but Schmellnj seldom sees the little man with" Hie bi° cijar \vho yelied •Tout!" \\-hen Jack Sharkey Struck Hen- Mallow, and -We \\iiz robbed!" w'-.en lhe same Sharkey look a .lihlily debatable decision and the title 'from the Pretzel pounder. Jacobs lias Jittle lo say even when the man he Biilded and shouted to the hslolilsl works. i Jacobs isn't sharing Sclimclin-'r puvate quarters Oils trip. Littb Joe stays at ti:e Napanoch Country Club lodge vltli the oilier guests. Schmelinj-.s only company in a lontly little hotisis' two mtli-s away ar; 'nis countrymen, Max Mi\- chon. the faithful trainc-r; otto Pelrl. tr.e fonner sis-day ' bicycle rider, and Joseph Daschucr, a cosk The relationship between Schm:l- ing and Jacobs may be strained but there is no Nazi "trouble on the shores of Lake Sliawangnnk, with Ihe gracious German gladiator llr hero of a Jewish resort. New Orleans l.lttlc KiK'k . Chuttanoo:;!! Nfemjjhi;; ,,.. W. I;. I'd .. U Mi .Til .. 3!l ''I; .500 ... ;« 29 ..MS ... as 30 .-IB:I ... 211 31 .-175 . . . W 31 ,450 ... 25 34 ,-124 ... l!l 43 .300 (AKK.) COUKIEK -NEWS By Harry Gray son '•lin-ls Well In Regislcriiig One of Tvs'n Osccoln Triumphs Yesterday The CaiullK-rsvllle, Mo.. Badsers 'fading the Northeast Arkansas •eauue. split two B ame.s at Carutli- •rsvillc Sunday, winning from UP Vnvpe-rl. Cardin.ils, ;i to 0. in lh> 'rsi game and lo.slnq. 3 to 2, In the second same. At Ojceola (lie Indians polished •If the llatesvllle tc-am | 0 win two "rames. Th c Indians captured the r n-st. ii to .(, lln d ||,,. swon d, G to 5 NValter Lutes. 61- ..ear Ulythcvillc pitched 'ills llrst league game In the opL'ncr. At Jonpsboi-o the Giant.-; defeated the Paragould neljels. MI , 0 3. ;V Kascliall family CIEVEIANO-Thc Doljaek fu-n- 'v cf this city j s tiidlc baseball- •oindrd. PilchPi- Joe is wilii It," Valerlno elnb In the Western lc:i- 'W. and his brother. Johnny •lays second hase, for Ihc'sumj •It'b. Fiank. former Deli-oil oi'V- ''elrier. now plays with Colunbus. o. Ten Wolves in j\. (.:. A. A. CHICAGO, June 15. —Michigan will have a squad of 10 men entered in (he Niillonnl Collegiate track and field meet to be held, 'icie June 19-20. Comcdimi From I'ampns Back Aflrr Abpnnce; Rush TacHos Bloonifield iiy j. i'. I-I(II:NI) l*d by "Wild Hill" Rush, the "Wild Mull" of Nartivlllc. an<l Kmll Piriw, -wild Dull of the Pampas," two of the i-uuijlii'sl an-l toughest Buys In lhe rasslln' racket, and who thrive host when llr (jolnx Is blistering and rue crowd is oil their necks, Promoter Mlki; M?roni-y presents four of his nccs tonluht on the weekly wrestling card al Ihe OIKIJ air aren aback of the \. n tian Iml, Ike Bloomfielil. a VIT n'»d !/ra|i- pler Indeed, who polished off lhe vetermi oiey O*on, st. I'ni.l Sm-de. In convincing fus'iilnn last w : -;i:. will (jcl a chanti' lo satisfy (he tans by pinning back ihe ears (ami shoulders, lool of one Mr. William flush, apiiroprlatelj- titled "Wild lilll," Nashville. Tenn.. in ihr- feature attraction of tin- curd. They are. down for a !io inlniitc .slnrxsle, two falls out of t'.iree winniii'i. The other "Wild Hull." bv no menus a slranser In till 1 : neck of the woods, Euill Firpo. an Argentine and snld lo Ix: related to the Blunt South American, 1/iuU Ansel, who knocked Jack Dcmpii-y om of tlis ring and came near taklns the Heavyweight title back to the i'.nn- pas, reliirns to lhe ben! rliix. nieet- hig Aee.,Preeman, Kansas city, in one hour ard a half malch for tin- other half of the star Uvln bill. The fans are skeptical aboui fi:.- Jewish in a t artist, nloomflcld. standingnpinider the pounding and slannnhn; o: uiish. The Nashville | "Werewolf" can't wrestle a "smli;- liln" when U tomes down to the fine art of the game, but '.le holds 1 a Ph.D. degree, when it comes lo] (ILshlna out, the misery, n,. | S no, respecter of persons, either. He handled the Canadlnn Wildcat, floy Welch, as If 'nc were a tame pussy eat, when,(ho cash customers anil loyal supporters of the Wildcat cx- pirtoil Welch to do the tearing. He just eoiildn't stand up under the unceasing fire, and .succumbed In 52 mlniitcs of c.ic bitterest, rnu»li- I'st bit of mllllns; ever staged' in a lilytheville Sfninrod circle. Mr, Rush roughly treated Rex Moblcy. the brilliant Texan, despite the evenness in weight and a wide oillerencc In height. ntoDmflcld nas worked here In the one match, nnd while he looked exceptionally Kcod In healing olsen, completely oiilgeneralllng him, and mastering him In almost every deparlmenl of the game, he is small. He Insists though, fiiat lie Is aulc to take care of himself, and will lie able lo beat, flush because of his superior speed and skill. Pirpo, the showman and a. slapstick arlisls. always has proven a favorite wil'n lhe fans and fan- cites. He can do more things to agitate the fans, as well as his opponent. He is a prslty fair country wrestler, too, if ),e would hew strictly to that line. Ills opponent. Ace Freeman, a former amateur champion, has been campaigning for approximately ten years, with a finu record. The. matchmaker will handle both matches and will get the first under way promptly at 8:M. Wins l-'irs! From Nr-vvporl Sunday But Loses Second Conlcst . OAllIJTilKliSVlLLK. Ttie .Mo., JIIII liad(jer.-i Nh'W YORK.—Any doubt llnil something approaching the goldi-n and giddy pro-depression days i? wiiSi iis again is dispelled by lhe ticket sale for lhe Joe Louls-Max Schinollnff at Yankee stadium 1 ./une 18. Michael Strauss .llicobs. front man of lhe light, announces Ilia! he ha* $JOfl,00« more in the Uil 1'iian he had at a corresponding period before tlio .slaughter of Max liaer by 1/ml.s last September. 'Hiat .scrap iitlracted HOOOC people, ami ('d $932.041. liu'dlo and pictures swelled the Intake to more tlian a million. Jacobs confidently expects tho Ix>iils-Sclunvllnv production to d<- SI,26D.OOO,' i . Tile way they 'nave gone for (lie ,,, : ull! ( S40 seats I.s a certain Indication 11 i'«mi nuulcld on n .siiiwh tliatllieciislomerftarenusii.1t/aln.iMfC:oM-aii. wickcl and ueiiiiK "It I had put on the Jlnky jinx, (Homed a double mid >\. lntc . ... I would have sold all the. ring. |:pet-Ut-ely for the Badrrs In ihk" sides a week ai-o." beams Proniotw,'.:"»«, the only extra |j.,4 hiu r Jacobs. Pulling on ivio Jlnky j|,,x I'-hc inline ...iinisui u.iu^i'i.-i ••liiii ii doublelicmlw hr-re ye.sler- d:iy afternoon wMli the Newport Cardinals. Ihe Makers wlnnliiK the opener :!-o, j,i,i. ] OSl , H , l]u , srn-n-iniiliii; nightcap 3 . 2 . A)jn , lt uii- ilnioamd lUlondod. Tim teams '.re in (lie Nortnerist Arkansas In the first Kiiine, neither team •'••>-fd until |he Hiiclcci-i! put Mire,- I Nils ;i«'0.« ill (lift lasl of tin- KKhth. en two lih.i, A1 , mor .,,„, missed ball 0,1 (he lluw-lii by J. .MONDAY,' JUNK 15. J036 Baseball Results Nashville :!, Memphis t, Lillle Roek 11-4, Chatlanoo/u 1-0 i New Oi-k-ans 11-3, KnoxvilU- !!-4 i Atlaiiiu ;i, nirmiiish-im 2. ] National (.i-aifru- Chicago 3, Doston i. St. hauls 12. Pi)lludelj)h!:i Id Nc-u- York I!, Pill.sbiuv)) a. Cincinnati T>, Drooklyn i. . Philadelphia s. Cleveland <;. Cnleaijo (i, Washington ,|. nt'troit HI Nev: York, rain. St.. Louis ai nosUui. rain. .Vorllioasl ,\il;ansa.s r.oai;u Jiineslraro II, IMra^ould •>. Carutli'.'rsvillc 3-2. Xewparl Oi.-eola G-li. Bnlcsvllli.- 4-5 SKK CJRKAT DEAL .OFTUISKELUCY ---- O --- ...^ J is Jacobs' quaint way of explaining the practice of squoe/lng in several rows of pittron press or donor seals in front, of the regular inasides. Madison Square C.ardcii and Jacobs took plenty of liberties with the trade In tho name of the New York Milk Mind. No "Jitiky Jinx" for Coining Till "ll- isn't the location of the seat. but how It'.s marked, that Is im- porlaiit." explains Jacobs. Patron press and donor scats went well because they looked good. "Take the seats for llils .show. The ->0th row Is better (linn any of the first 10 because of toe raise in the platform, but How 20 doesn't look iislgoo:! as Hows I and 2, or from i here lo How 10. .stamped on the pasteboard. The fan likes lo stiow his friends tfml li c 'nad all 'In' when buying his ticket." Bui, as Jacobs says, the jinky Jinx is out this trip, will) fne llrst of 30 rows of rlngsides starling directly behind tour rows of working press bi-ai,v This is a conserva- what it tive number, which is should lie at the price. Tnc late Tex lilckind. ably seconded by this same Jacobs, peddled 100 row.-; of "rlngsides" the night Gene- Tiinney got. the Jons count at Soldiers Field. ' Another sure sign thai hapX days arc here again is Louis' reluctance to fight Jim nraddock in September, because 'he is makiii'4 loo much money. You jump into the 52 per cent Income tax bracket when you glean the scale running as high as W more than $100.000 in a year, with per cent as your earnings mount. Louis will pay 5132,000 on the $300.000 'no anticipates J. Murphy, Hamilton anil H<ir i* pulled double play.-; in hoih i:iun<-s lor Newport. i, (!lv |s, liadKei momuisman, slnic-k out. ll rjnrd- >j:als lii<- first game. A homer by Ilerndon ' IJadurr •.-:mincl .sad:,-,-, wus (,„. Ulr||| 0| . ,ih<! .second i!!ime. vulci, Nevpint '• iil.'ii'ldi-r, col a donblf! Pavllye and Itciehclt not Msven .-uik.'oiii.s each (Hn-hi,- lnp nlaht . ''I'll. Ill UlB (ll-»l Of Ule .sjxih p.ay was lidd up fifteen minutes' wtilie Newport disputed u bis<> umpire's decision. Score by iiminiw, first game- Cardinals 00000000 0-0 5 '( liadt'er.s 001)00003 x—.t 1 '-> naileries: Cni'dinals. Sutherland and T. Murphy; Badgers, LCtt'ls Today's Games KllullJern l.<;ufim: Memphis HI Ch.iilitnco'ju. N'.-,'.' Orleans :il. Atlanta! Only uiime.s scheduled. Naliuiial Lr-uKuc No (.fames sL-'iiedutcd. American Li-iifjin; Mo [iiiinc.s .si'iu-cltileil. Northeast Arkansas l.fa-;iu: No names schr-dufi'd. and Turner. -Score by Innings, seeuid same' Ciirdlimls Hiidgers liatlerics:! JJICK II_PPLEB(II | Leaders Clash In Girls' Game To nigh I: Nu-Wa lackles Laundvv Ihiriy Kvik-y, ::ljinv, has !)L- luiuti'd in (lie inujur.s for tile f>;^t six ^.ons'jiir., bul, :n; ihe j'u- i mm! righiliaiidcr of tin.- Pliila- di'!|jl:i;i Allilolit-.s explains, ho , h;i.-: L-ec'a covered tiji more linn-.-; | than ;t politician':; past life. 1 (Viiinic- .Mad? drafted. :i real } I'ronv Ai!ar,t;i in Ke-lley, who j won inoi'c than 20f) ^anio,-; in ID i \carj in the Southern A:^oc'i:i- \ lion. Ameriean League club-; J have found tho 30-year-old re- ! emit ;:s troublcsoiiu- as did Ih^o ol the. Dixie circuit. EJT1ESTIIII \Vin luler-i'lul) Toiu'ncy Over Missouri Coursi' By Score, 28-21 Hlyliicville golfers defeated sike- ston jplisrs. 28 to 21. in a Inuriiu- nioiii at Kikssiiiii Sunday. IVle Miiiiif-iv of th,- Sikcstan club was mcdnlisi, with a low scon: ! «8 for the 18 holes while llyron Morse jr., w'.io was iniitched with Miiyhsw, was law .scorr-i- of the Illy- th'H'ilte co! di'spiie |:is loss of ilirec points 10 M.iylie-.v. John Lent! nnd i). A. |, v n'..|, t m u-. «! the siR-.slon course tivic:' in T> strokes and Jell Roland and Bob Kirs-iiiie r scored 75 -.s. Ali-xander of Slki-.sioii had a 71 and his nmtc! Kirk, a 73. .\!.ilone of il-.c --une clui) hud a 72.!l|.s of hi:lUn.|ui,! matrhes fol- ' I-t'lllL . . . Kirk ...... '. Lint/t-nicli Alt'Xiincler Lyneh Malonc Pollard Hodman Kirshncr Medk-y Shan!- .. McCliire l-'-ari- I'. Stallci:)) Gee ..... '. .. llc-nrv " Fon ("ilei- 100020 0—3 01 1 0 P 0 0—2 Cardinals . Reirl i V niylhc. ;-:i(;onna Huey anil Lu- > "oland Uy .1. r. l-'ltllWI) • | due Olrthanl have proven l::eirj 1'i'i'iibe "' First place in I'IK Gins' Soflbn.l!' v.'cnh with Lhe willow and defeiis- •' League is due for another oceu- ively. I'-'adini; f.H' nitntk. Mary LDU 11 iianl after the double-header ta-1 Whittle, who lir-i blossomed am as ; ' . once more stresses __, ! Coca Cola Bottlers and Jack Ap- ll?avl "Sf fo " lhe BsllU-i-.s. 1 plclmnm'.s siore. co-leaders, clash : D;s P'" ! the overwhelming defeat ' ! »t wrek at t'ne hands of Nu-Wn. Jac'k .-\]jpl'.-l)aiinrti Store I . , ^ ^vllllll blunder made by joe Could, man- aiscr of (he champion, when'-iie. de- . . Branson I.-. .Malonc- Bell ........ Hast Guard ..... Trobridge , , . iMayhfw Ill-own Bowman Banister Pishpr C. Branson 42 4fl 3(1 40 41 3fl 38 40 47 4f) 39 39 41 43 44 40 37 38 39 40 41! . 3 41 42 43 43 4(i 44 45 43 40 44 40 37 34 3D 32 38 37 41 43 4(> 44 30 41 41 42 43 38 Braddock in meeting Schnieli^ ! creauJd" qiiiic ft stir by Had he accepted the match, he their last two "nines nrrl incid"n novy woLiltl Slave .Louis waitlntr for tnllj-; over the present two It-ates. . chaiee nisk-ad of being (he more Coca Cola ,,ml Applebanm's Sloi-e «um.d parly. .,,, , )av| , ^ a , m j t ,. nnd Black do not versa I of form after dropping r tlv'ir . •• ""• •'">. <>-*»ikiui.iui|ii uitti iuuiiuiir~ r i ii' ;r appear at nil eager for Louis to first three games. The 17-7 thump- , in the championship. Roxboron-h ing last week of's storo ' susnec n T" thf . sllrc «-'' J ™^ m '<"^ »>-•» as a real title thr<,u , R "" suspect inat m IXHIIV case, u cur- mid 10 be reckoned with u'.ien fin„., ,.,,-gm-l /, " wml11 -. nan» heavier will, ril honors are disht-it out. down from lhe Sclimelituj scrap I ' ,, anmn '. .V 0 "'* lli ' s tlo "<> very The Coca Cola lioitlcrs put an Tf Mi» r-rtiin^ ^r,™,-« ^ii,,,.*,,.! ..,^/> " l " imaiuiaiiy \vtthoul one-, and ciici to a iosiii" streak Hint v-i-h'-'i the men behind 'him are content two wilii a hard'earned victory avi'r 10 L»O along. Laundry, 7-5. The Bottlers" iinvi- atlclock can shadow box this a habit of scwim- „,, ,1^1,. n;>m ,. ; mn for all the interest the with one inning' outbursts. °Thev Louis camp has in the cliampion- chose tne fourth frame last wrek 11 to tally the deciding mi'.rsm. Ami- ill power have handicapped ihej pit-ji:inK of "Tootsie" Stanilfielcl.:" 'J lien- Ij-.irkers bclii-va. ho\\x i ver, that' v.iey have ilu necessary muloriai for a v.ipning combination nnd ex- !>'-ci (hem io come ihrou-'h in pearl style. Totals A. POLITICAL LE'ITHSK A RI>ECIALT\' Work neat, cheap A- qiilek Veterans Scn-Kv Work All Kinris ntank l-'orm.s Curtis J. Little Tf the young; negro collected $300,000 more- taklii{{ 11 punch at Braddock in tliu fall, he would sjive (hi Rovernmeiit $307.000 in all. There i.s no way of (-sUnur out of It, and Jolin Uoxboroua-h" nnd Julian Ulack, Louis' nt'ents, figure It wiser for him to take a couple of smaller Indoor shots this winter instead of fighting for Uncle Sam. • Louis Camp No I Anxious for 'Mile Louis' attitude toward Braddock Look! Save Money! Cash Counts! ON flenewed and Guaranteed Fords and Chevrolets WELDIlm AT 1IEST 1>R!CES : PROMPT 8ERVICU i Barksdale Mfit Co.! \VriM-|;cr Sorvlri- - (iav OI'KN AI,I, NIGHT I'H)I,U1>S SKRVICK ORNTEK Phones 777 - 810 1- Low Price Plainly iMnrki-d On Kvory Car. 2. 500 MUt or ;ill ]);iy (Juaranlcc—SafcRiianl. :i- Complele Slock—All Models and Types. I. Liberal I,ow-Ha(e Terms, If Desired. ">. Krci- Tune-Up and Lubrication 'Service. «. S10 Cold lionil FIIKK In All World \Yar Vcli-i-i!,, s . A woman residing in Durham. Eng, is reported to wear size 21 shoes. lief ore You liny ,\nj Outboard - Sec (he NEPTUNE 2 "• p Single CM. (Other Sizes to 115 H. P.) HUniURD TIRE &• BATTERY CO. in.'!2 KORI) V-S 1)E LUXK COUi'K. Newly Painted. Kxcclhnl Condition and I-'ORl) V-8 TUDOR SEDAN'. Original lilark I'ainl I.ikc New. Has I! c c n Thoroughly Renewed ................ CHKVROI. l-r co..\CU. New liltie Coin,-. License. Motor t.iki' N t - H . o,,| v in;i5 FORD v-s UK ( COUPE. N,. tt - Tin- dio. Dual ll,, n , Si Glass. Looks autl Like New ..... Come in now--Buy Today or Tonight PHILLIPS MOTO CORNER WALNUT & 5th STS. Salesmen:—Hcrnard (iooch. Tim lircetlen. R. F. Hurher, Alton n ;u d v R 0 v vin, Charley dvaves, Joe Shanks. Oil- F OR A LIBERAL EDUCATION in Cellophane wrapping kL-ps out cigarette enjoyment . .-. try a dampness, dryness and t very oilier pack of Donblc-McUow Old Golds. foe of cigarette enjoyment. They'll pass nil "exams" like an Don't "flunk" in your aigrette honor student! Because they're pleasure! Graduate now | o this made 100%, oitnizetrop tobaccos. double-mellow, lacl<>,,t-l rc sh They'll reach you /res?, as a June ci g arclte ' diploma! Because every pack is It's the CLASS of 193G ! wrapped in t tro jackets ot moisture- proof Cellophane ol the highest quality obtainable. This DOUBLK Kslnblisliod 17l>0 P. S.: Yes, indeed! Thai "0ouf>k-Afoncu./i, 7 ,-> f " ,,n cr is slill open. Good for 30 days from Imhy. OUTER JACKET Optni from (Kc Bollon

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