The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHBVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1834 : Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Women's Dcmccr»tic cluU meeting at, Bo.'el Noble at 10 A. M. Mrs. J. A. Leech having P. E. O. jnectjPE. • Mrs. J»mcs II. gell Having Wednesday Bridge club. Mj$. Roy A. Uean of Monroe, La.,*.enlertainlng \vlili bridfic party for Mfes Ruth Whllwortli, bride elect, 8 p.m. Bible study of ChMCh o! Christ meeting with Mrs. F. L. Webster. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. N. B. Mcnard entertaining Thursday Bridge club. Thursday Luncheon club meeting *llh Mr 5 - 1*. F. Kti'shnev. Mrs. O. P. Moss having Mid- Week Bridge club. ' Jfarbro Missionary socKy meeting, with Mrs. Bud 1'ackec. JUTS. O. W. McCulclien having Thursday Conlracl club nt 2:3(1 p. >m. FRIDAY'S LVENTS Ccfitral Ward P. T. A. having operetta al high school auditorium. Mrs. John Sawyer jr., of Cnr- uthcr&vlllc, Misses Nell Harris and USary Ellen Stevens having parly at- Stevens' home for Miss Virginia Terrs', bride elect. of the iUilhor, Mrs. A, ti. Fiilrlk'ld, leader, spoke on "Present Pos'.Uon of Eastern Women" nnd Mrs. J. E. Grits discussed "Proteins ol the New Freedom." This book is expected to interest all women who nllcml Ihcsc meetings, lo which visitor;; nre invited. The author, Miss Wocdsmatl, spent her high school years In Indlanapo Its nn ((received her Idler education al Franklin college. Indiana, and Nebraska universities, Wcllesley college nnd Columbia UnlvcrMiy. Bits oj /Veil's Mostly Personal A. M. null. Her daughter, Belly,Ijrom DcKilb, Miss., where they will remain here until next weekend. Mrs. Black was ucconipan- iied by Mrs. W. J. I'oliurd who were called to the bedside of Mrs. McLean's Itilher who died last Tuesday. I •ir.fl ilr.s. JSIncIc arc niot'lng /rom'son. Raymond, will go to 'uttl'.e clothes sold by this firm tnd tliesc photographi »r* to be used as a( (. vcrllsements, He plans lo modtl again for the same store. Miss Jean Fisher, daugiiler of'STr and Mrs. B. A Fisher, underwent Die Ollmor cupavtments to aparl- nock Thursday where Raymond an O 'perat!6n for »p;)endlcltls this incuts In the 1MO block on Pea- will undergo a tonsilcciomy. They . .. _ £(LO S Ellf IP **J§® M tO) V ky DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO After having In high schools Cqgtplintents MLss Whtlworth BBSs Mary Ellen Stevens enler- taJS&.'iast tV«MW! *lth a. kitchen slower and bridge compliment to Miss Ruth WhiUorth, bride, elect. Besides thc fivrj tables of Vri'dgo players four guests were there for refreshments. Sprint blossoms in yellow decorated the two living rooms nnd a bridal moll! was carried out by for more than n decade she spent n year in India with n sislci, After having been i:i Y. W. C. A. service at Camj! Pike, Ark., nl the beginning ol thc war, she served ovcr- 5M1S, first in Fr.mcc nnd In Oer- manv alter the armistice. In travel nnd ficid studies fur the Y. W. C. A, for )5 ycnrs in Poland, DID Dnl- kans, tlio lialtlc btatce, next in Con- slnntlnople working on a soclnl sur vcy. Then, for eight years she was executive sccrclnry of Uie Y. W. C. A. In Syria and Turkey and sect-c- lary ol the Mediterranean Federation of the Y. W. C. A. which included Egypt and PnH'.sllno. From 1D28 to 1930 the I-a urn Sptliuail Foundation gave Mies Woodsmall an opportunity to study Moslem women In the near Ensl, Iraq, 1'crsla nnd India, After writing Hit's book she has resumed Y. W. C. A. service as executive scc- relnry or Ihc Foreign Division ol the National lionrd. * » * Young Vcoplc to llnve Dance »i Woman's t'lui). Tlie young people of U'.e city will hnvn the first ol n series ol dances .Monday evening nl thc Woman's THE 3COSEH. Bt> H6 DOES 11KE TO ACTi OhLVBCUGtlTCPEEN OP- VlVlP YELLOW PAJAH*9. a.mock wedding with Julia Wnde Kochlitzky, in while with a low vein, trimmed In orange blossoms, as <Jhc" bride, arid Billy Chamultn as the bridegroom. Mrs. Cecil Lowe played march lor the wedding.. parly descending the stairs. They presented liic silts to Miss WhiUvortli. In- the' card gurries Miss Mary ftfima ' Hood ..received -'first prize-, liosiery.' and sccontl- honors went Margaret Cross who'was ... lingerie. Miss WVilt- v.'«Bv» K^t was a Pfc. c P ot silver. jCchSoKen wlad i'as' served with Eari<rwtch*s and 'iced tea. Out ! of", town guests were: Miss Katherine "Davis of; Aniory, Miss., who is 'Visiting Miss Wnrrcnc Brou-nlee. Mrs. 'John Sawyer Jr., of Caruthraville, Mo., hoiisegiiesl of tlic hostess, and Mrs. Roy A. Dean of Monroe, l*a., who is visiting her sisters, Mrs. Leonard W. Hcjt; and, x '~ •8lBltf 11 ^ ""-••"' Buiiuchs Women Ha* Art. SUdy "Hiss VeldR Adeock, who Is in charge • of the art course being studied by members of the Busi- nesjf and Profcssioiuil Women's club, conducted thc program Insl evening in a meeting nt the Ooff Hotel.. !' Miss Schna LcnU spoke of the early Van Dyck family in Ihe laic 14th mid early 15 centuries, Miss Margaret, Merrill discussed Ruben's work In tlic tatter part ol lite 15th and early 16lh centuries nnd Mrs. H. b. Reynolds told of Van Dy'ck's later pictures. CWtlts Meet ^Circles of Oie woman's missionary -union of the First bnplisi church met Monday afternoon for Bjjiij studies. JThe, first group mel with Mrs. ErP. Hardin when the Is present, hgjd .Mrs. R. L. Recder give tlic lesson from the 15th chapter of 9lub. James Terry and Harold Slernberg me in charge o( Hie nf- tail 1 which Is lo l)e nllcmlrd by ft number of out of town guests. Proceeds of the SI per couple admission will go to liie club's building debt. AL a meeting ol a numlx'r of thc younger set Saturday evening nl Ihc home of Harold Sternbefg it decided to have these dances thn the spring season especially for the nigh school students nnd others It the younger set. Daughter Born. Mr. nnd Mrs. Earl Buckley jn noimce [he birth of a daughter luti ycstordnc iitisrncon nl the Wylhc vlllc hcnpitBl. The baby, who weigh nine pounds, has Wen named \vh ibclli. Christian £ndehvor To Sell Kswler tggs. The Cl'irislhin Endeavor socict of the First rrcsbytci'lnn chorch Is selling Enstcr eggs for the project tills month with \\K proceeds lo be oscd for a debt. Miss Mnrgnrvl Gray, at telephone 142, Is Inking orders for the oggs which will be made lo order. » « « Tu VrtM'nl Oiwrctta. Tlie Central Ward Parenl-Tcn- .body avenue, fc'jfu.s Fowler ih in Dallas, Tex.. I win-re he Is nllendiiiB a conven- [tlonof (lie Alrwu.vs Vacuum Clcnn- company. of Mrs. f.'rrmiH Hiirney has return cd trom Memphis wlicre Mie visited lor several days. Mrs, Charles I-', Wood spent yesterday in Cuiullimvlllc as Hie A jl(|th Mont ^ 6 iie.M of her slMcr, Mrs. Frank Mr . im , Mrs Ivt , lson Morrl s] Eastwood. ! Mines. Muck Murray, Ellwrt Giiy aiul A. Hiown have gone to Flint. Mich., by motor, where they will vifit relatives nf Mrs. Murray. Mrs. Homer D.n'ls, who recently micicrwcnl an oiwrailon ;\i thc Memphis HaptLst hospital, is nn- piovlng. Mr. Davis nnd chiiilicn, , W. It. and MarKiirct, .spent Sun- t°' iltiv wi'.li licr. Mrs. Clay Medlln visited In Memphis during the past week. | plan to return Sunday. Mrs. John Sawyer jr., of Ca- rulhcrsvlllc, Mo., Is the housc- Bticsl of Mr. :ind Mrs. C. 3. Slt- verts and dauehler. Miss Mary Ellen. Mrs. E. M. Terry and daughter, and Mrs. Harmon today In S.-iltinlny in Memphis wiicre she Mits Virginia, coiifiilU-U htr denlisl. Taylor arc Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Brynnt,: Memphis spent Sunday in Memphis where I E. c. Pnuon s|>enl Sunday in they visited Mrs. Bryant's father, I Newport with his family. G. F,. McGregor, who has been! M)ES Lucll( , ^.^^ unGl . r wcnt sci-lou.sly 111. au Olx;ration f 0 i. appendicitis at Clyd> Cnrrol l-'owlcr, Miinll son|nie si. Joseph hospital of Mem-. :ind Mis. Clyde Fowler, has pnis today. Slic wns accompanied quite ill nt the fmnity home. Mr. and Mr.s. i^n'.esi. Hasson afternoon at the Blytr.cville hoj- pital. Her condition is very gcnd. Mrs. Fred doldner and tluuBh- ler, Rhcta, of Nashville, Tenn., six'iit thc weekend with Mrs. Oolclner's sister, Mrs. Waller Itos- enthal, and family. Tliey were accompanied to Dyei-sburg, Tenti., Sunday afternoon by Mr. and Mrs. Hosenllial and son, Harold^ Nathan. i have gone to Texarknna for BCV- cral , lo »' ovc ' lp Miuct,. J. Mell IJiooks and Ciias. I , . , Alforil were guests nf Mr. nnd Mr.;. > tins city where they Guv Uobtnns- In Qsceola durliiB t "uinently the' weekend. • ' lur " tllc furniture will pcr- rc.slilc. They will i-e- of next week. Mr. mid Mis. J. A. Waterman, . "' ... were in the city yes went Mrs. K. C. f',-n(riiion has recovered from a week'* illnew. Mr. and Mrs. S. i, f'ovwllw j ltM 'js s ' Mnrgumtr pritlr ,iai-r rriin-nert from Oscnoia wiierc! J>mlc , ?ock ,„,,., y whnc sl)C wjl , tlH-y visited their gvivmU '.lURl.lcv, j v | all mltn thc la o , t , wcck Mrs. Guy Kobbnis. nnd Ilr. Hob- j Mi;is Mary K , lcn stcsciis a , ](J :ii. i). Young :u'c Epciiding tociny Farnsworlli Black returned in iMempliis. there yesterdny by Mr. and Mrs. J. I. her parents, Tyrone, nnd Mrs. C. H. Bean. Mr. Tyrone and Mrs. Bean returned last night un<l Mrs. Tyrone remained with her daughter. Miss Dell Boston of Tyler, Mo., who teaches school as Cooler, Mo., Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Blylhe- ville hospital tcday: Nolen Langley, route 2; J. L. Horner, Senalh, Mo.; MI'S. E. M. Luster, Bt^ic, Mo.; Mvs. ailth Masscy, Manila; Baby John Riley Parneil. Slcele, Mo.; Mrs. O. G. Ashley, Annarel; Clarence Overby jr., rnldlng, Mo.; ?aul Edwards, Cooler, Mo.; Mrs. Earl Buckley, city; Miss Jean Fish- bins. Mi, tx) Memphis tcxlivy allur biwidlni; cvrral days M-llli lier inottiw-. Mrs-. CW'.Y COLORED ACTOf*. LMtW. HYHNCGI8SON VMNISTO»:AFEVV«.E "H30T! SHE cm sice A'U SIOCJT L\«E HIM MQ SHE'S A '-o^fi- OF Aa OuTooon srwafe. Dr. and Mrs. D. C McLean and spent Insl night with Mr. nnd Mrs. |C. M. Gray. to Mre. Horace 'I'. Cul|i of Pine Bluff who is visiting in Memphis,' spent yeslcrday lic-i'C. Billy Chainblln, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chainblln Jr., recently modeled for ihe boys' department mis. u. i^ Auxcanana nt Loweusirnis, MCinpnis. Jie BUS und son have rclinntd' photographed while attired in tho Hemorrhoids (Piles) cured without the knife. Other rectal diseases treated. Varicosed •veins treated non-R»glcatty. DBS. NIES & NIKS 514 W. M*ia Phone «. ne another in the clevntors or boblcs if they have never been introduced?" Personal Incllnnllon or dlscre- lon must govrrii. H is courteous o si>eak to a tenant who Is often net In lobby or elevator. . Rend Courier News. Wunl Ads. More thnn wera published In 1032. 15,000 new books In Great Britain Aliieosa County, Te.xns, Is rated j us thc lending watermelon pro-1 duclng county In the Unlleed Slntcs. cher association Is presenting nn operetta at the high school auditorium Friday iifternoon, 2:31) o'clock, ami Friday evening, 7:30 The children will attend the mul- Inct iicrlormancc. Miss Alia Mne .Gnrlingion _ in charge of Ihe production which Watch! Don'V lit FtlTn-Flwrnmed on I'rice and Weig" 1 - I LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Wednesday - Thursday SPINACH Fresh Giirden Pound 4c PORK STEAKS Nirt itn(l»IiCan I'ound 15c EASTER EGG DYE I'iiuktiKP lOc LARD !!csl ComiKitind Pound TiC cast of school stu- Acts. Sirs. • Theodore. Logan Mrs'. T. R. Shepherd offered and .Circle Grimes. 3 met with Mrs. Hobcrt Mrs. c. W, Allllck taught tti(!;,'Blt)le. lesson "Tl>e Plague" nnd Mrs. Lloyd Slickmon offered prayer. In the social liour n wis^ served with cheese wntcrs nnd coffee to the 13 present. Mrs. G. E. Wilson was leader of the devotional for circle. 3 which met at the church. Her theme was "Temptation." Mrs. Alvin Huffman taught thc Bible lesson from thc second ' chapter of Romans :vi\cl offered prayer. * 4 « fcjeculive Hoard - - lUe Ltthch«m Meeting Members of the executive board otpftie. Wotnan'n Auxiliary o[ thc FiBBt Presbyterian church had a luncheon meeting yesterday nder- no>n at the church. *he 16 present were served a menu, in which yellow. and green shades predominated, at a tnblc <fccOrated 'with a center piece of spring flowers in tlicbc colors mid green tapers In silver holders. fn the inspirational progratr which followed Mrs. c. M. Gray vice; president, was in charge, ns- si^*d : hy other members. The pro- gr»fn was in thc form ot a moun tain climb, beginning at home a jourr.ey -nnide through thi xtives of thc auxiliary" anj on -to Mon treat, N. C., where th< "causes'- were stressed. Thc Rc\ Stjiart H. Salmon, pastor, spok of i the five mountains on whic' Clirist could be met. MeUicdlsl Women .„„... Swiy of E»j{em Women. The 29 mem.bers of ths Woman's Mftslbnar* scticty of the First Mtttiodlsl churcli, a-lio attended the meeting ol the church Monday afternoon, began a six weeks study of .a book, "Eastern Women Today and Tomorrow," by Ruth Frances WootUmall. Mr-j.. Oj G. Bedman gave.the life Eime''Bp»rfoierit house'- speak 'to ', has » large dents. L:ihc Klreel Wnmen Metl Members ot thc woman's mis- sionavy society nf tho 1-ako Street MethodlKl church had a mission study Monday afternoon al thc church with Mrs. Gi-orgc Disingcr as leader. Tiie lesson on "Tlic Father Sees What the Son Is Doins" was given by Mrs. DWnger with Mrs. H. C. Harvey rending the scripture from tlic second chapter of Ihc book of Kings. Plans were made by the ten present for canning fnili 10 been to thc Memphis Methodist ospllai. LETTUCE Large l''irm Heuds Each GREEN BEANS Tcxiis Slvinntess Pound 9c BACON Sliced. Swift's Oriole Pound 15c TOMATOES Firm and Hipc Pound 9c ? Tlie Proper Thing" "Is it necessary to observe nnj wrt'.culnr code oi mnnncrs wlici iving in an apartment house?" When living m such close qunr- ers with many oilier ncop'.c it i? to have consideration lor lie's neighbors. Community in crest requires Rer.crnl order nnd comfort. Unnecessary noises n night should be avoided. Thrr houM be no tnlfciug in the hnl alter the tenants have Wired. "Should people living m Hi APPLES WinCHiips. 100 Size E;u'h 3c SPARE RIBS Small and Meaty Pound lOic SHALLOTS Blinch 5c RADISHES Dditch SADSAGE Pure Pork Pound CRACKERS All Crisp 1-L1». M,l). SOAP \\ & G. or Crystal White, (ti.'int Siw. (> Jfciri 25c SALT MEAT Hesl Itoilin^ J'otind SALAD DRESSING -«32 Pint (limit • Cottnge Brand. Tall 6c Sm 3c HUSKY THROATS Overtaxed by spsaking,5ing- ing, smoking RING Farmer's For Anjihing In f^ Fred and ¥ Seeds „ & 127 Milk Fed. Full Dressed Pound 32 c PORK & BEANS Uittcr'js Can 5c Nice Si/c (hi/.cn 15c WEINERS FRANKS or IIOLOGNA 2 I'wuntls 25 c PICKLES Hour or Dill Quart 15c CATS (Jooii Luck 55-07.. Cat-ton 15c GROUND BEEF Or Hamburger I'ovuul Sic JOIN THE PARADE TO MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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