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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 6
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 6

St. Louis, Missouri
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exceeding 6 per cent of the Surplus Food the Rev. Ralph C. Abele, president of the Metropolitan Church Federation. DR. GROSBY FILES AGAIN IN 6.O.P. SENATE PRIMARY 6A hi, uh 28, 1958 ST.LDU1S POST-DISPATCH KLINE'S FRANKLIN SIMON. DOWNTOWN AND CLAYTON You may use your KLINE'S or FRANKLIN SIMON charge accounts at either store. Continued From Page One. Distribution of surplus food thVarea's'civiliaV labor' force steP in the right direction, is idle but it is not the answer to the i Donald Cole, working on his unemployment problem because a family of five cannot be fed for a month on commodi- doctorate degree in social work at Washington University, dis counted the last theory on basis ties valued xe retail market Clayton open Friday 'til 9:30 p- fl of his experience yesterday as Dr. Hiram Grosby, a St Louis physician and dentist, filed again yesterday at Jefferson City for the Republican nomination for Unite States Senator. He is seeking the nomination for the sixth time since 1940. Dr. Grosby, 3924 North Taylor avenue, also is an optometrist and pharmacist. William McKinley Thomas of St. Louis, a former shoe-worker, previously filed for the G.O.P. nomination for senator. He has run every two years for senator or governor fication of 56 areas in March into categories indicating higher unemployment Twenty-five areas were moved into the category having substantial labor surplus. Detroit was changed from the category reflecting between 6 and 8.9 per cent unemployment to the one for areas with 12 per cent or more, a jump over the category with between 9 and 11.9 per cent unemployment. Moving into the 12 per cent category also were the Altaona, Scranton and Wilkes Barre Hazleton areas in Pennsylvania, and Providence, R.I. In addition to the revisions in major classifications, 32 smaller centers were added to to the list of smaller areas of substantial labor surplus. They were not listed, but the announcement said one was in Missouri. Seventeen other smaller areas including some in Missouri, were classified as labor surplus in February. Meanwhile, General Motors Corp. said five Buiek-Oldsmo-bile-Pontiac assembly division plans would be closed for one week, starting Monday. The plants are at Arlington, cost of the additional relief under several alternate methods. Democrats' Program. The Democratic program, sponsored by Mills and House Democratic majority leader John W. McCormack of Massachusetts, would provide an additional 16 weeks of benefits with the Federal Government footing the entire bill. Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell told the Ways and Means Committee today he was not prepared "at the moment" to recommend extension of emergency unemployment relief to workers not entitled to jobless benefits under existing law. He said the Administration program for limited expansion of unemployment benefits under existing state programs "will take care of the major part" of the current unemployment situation. Unemployment increased in four-fifths of the 149 major employment areas of the nation between mid-January and mid-February the Labor Department reported yesterday. The department now designates 70 of the 149 major areas as areas of substantial labor surplus unemployment labor force. The 70 major industrial areas include St. Louis and Kansas City in Missouri and Peoria and Joliet in Illinois. The bimonthly report on classification of major employment areas as to adequacy of labor supply was not overly optimistic as to a reversal of the unemployment trend. "In the aggregate, the hiring plans employers reported to local public employment offices suggest the possibility of a slight employment pickup between mid-March and mid-May," it said. "Anticipated increases are considerably smaller than those of last year and are centered in seasonal non-manufacturing activities. The increase in insured unemployment for the 149 areas averaged 11 per cent between mid-January and mid-February, as compared with 44 per cent from mid-December to mid-January. The department said ordinarily there is little change between January and February. Classification Change. The unemployment increases resulted in change of classi an interviewer at the Marshall School center, 4342 Aldine place. "I talked to the heads of six families who had believed food was to be distributed from the center," Cole said. "They said their families needed food now, and could not wait until mid-April ior it. I had been told, in event emergency cases were presented, to telephone the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army said its staff could not even talk to the six applicants until next week, because the agency already has 100 such emergency applications pending now." Largest number of applicants was registered at the Vashon High School center, 3026 Laclede avenue, where 210 persons- were interviewed. Next highest registration was at Hadley Technical High ai ia.ou, Houings uuciaieu. The only answer, he continued, is adequate financing from the state which would enable the purchase of products according to dietary needs. Gunn stated that the surplus food program "is a question mark" at this time because there is no idea how many persons will apply nor how much it will cost. It is not known, he said, whether the plan will be expanded to include dependent children and persons on general relief. People Caught In Squeeze. The Rev. Mr. Abele presented figures which showed the cost of living had increased and the economy had declined. It seems that citizens are caught in a squeeze by big power groups, he declared. "The church," he asserted, "is not solely interested in ambulance service, but also in prevention." Moderator of the panel was Henry F. Chadeayne. He 'said one important difference be-tween the unemployment situation today and at the height of the Repression in the 1930s is that there exist at present state and federal public assistance programs. The community also has been mobilized to make a beginning to attack Atlanta, Linden, N.J., Kan. sas City, and Wilmington, Del School, 3405 Bell avenue, where 165 applications were received. Only three persons applied at Cleveland High School, 4352 Louisiana avenue. Applications received at Vashon today up to 3 p.m. totaled 207. At Hadley, 225 ap-plicants were interviewed. 10 Children in One Family. One couple applying for surplus food at Sumner High School, 4248 West Cottage ave the unemployment program, nue, said they have 10 small chiloren. Sole income listed WHERE SAIST LOL'IS SHOPS WITH CONFIDENCE was $25 a month unemployment compensation benefits. Applications from tenants in public housing projects were much fewer than had been anticipated, city officials said. Only 154 applications were received. A total of 6102 families live in the projects. Special in a 1 Chadeayne said. Asked what positive steps had been taken to relieve unemployment, Rollings said the Federal Reserve Board was correcting some of the mistakes caused by the "tight money'' policy. Locally, Gunn said the passage of the Mill Creek bill by the Board of Aldermen was a positive step. 6 Surplus Labor Counties. In Washington, United States Senator Stuart Symington Creve Coeur, announced six counties immediately south of St. Louis have been designated as an area of substantial labor surplus by the Department' of Labor. A total of 5350 workers or 12.8 per cent of the labor force in the six counties, was idle as of Jan. 15, the Labor Department informed Senator Symington. The counties are Jefferson, Iron, Madison, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve and Washington. An area designated as having a labor surplus is eligible for preference in receiving Government contracts. Principal industries in the region are glass; cement and lead. In Jefferson City, J. E. (Buck) Taylor, new state employment security director, said Missouri had 29,500 fewer workers in non-farm jobs in mid-February than at the terviewing stations have been set up in the offices of the housing project managers. The city and county food distribution programs were established to aid employable workers unable to obtain jobs and ineligible for either direct relief payments from the state or for unemployment insurance benefits. Under Missouri laws, unemployed employables are not eligible for state direct relief payments, and many workers are not covered by the unemployment insurance. Social workers have estimated that one-third to one-half of the unemployed cannot obtain either public assistance or unemployment compensation. City, County Rules Similar. Identical eligibility regula calling all juniors: chemise I couplet for vivacious, versatile fashion Kf tions have been established for receiving surplus food through either the city or county program. A family is ineligible for food if a member is receiving one of the following so-called categorical stale aids: State direct relief, aid to de same time a year ago. pendent children, blind pen The mid-February total was 1,244,800, down 17,200 from Whether you re on the go, Haying or just arriving this is for you! Two part suit-shift with cocoon-back jacket that clings to the hips, flashed with white yoke and white chip buttons. Underneath, a slim slice of a sheath skirl. In Cupioni rayon, navy or willow green. Sizes 5 to 15. I sion, aid to the blind, old age assistance and aid to the disabled. Unemployment insurance benefits do not disqualify an applicant for food. However, to be eligible, an applicant's family must not have a total monthly income in excess of these figures: One person, $90; two persons in a family, $140; three, $160; four, $180; five, $200; six, $220; seven, $240; eight, $260; nine, $280, and 10 or more, $300. To be eligible, an applicant the middle of January. In Chester, 111., International Shoe Co. announced it will close its plant again for one week starting April 7. The Chester plant, employing 550 persons, resumed work last Monday after a one-week shutdown. Lack of sales was given as the reason for the previous closing. The April shutdown is for inventory purposes, it was said. The plant has been operating four days a week since March 3. must not possess a net total interest or equity in real estate in excess of $5000. He must not Shooting Continued From Page One. in the right eye. His companions picked him up and took him to DePaul Hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival. Dan McNamara, 16, of the 5200 block of Genevieve, a member of the Dintelman group, was treated at De Paul for a cut on the head suffered in the melee. Police said many of the participants in the altercation were known to them as "troublemakers." fabulous clearaway! toils' aurodl have more than $500 in cash, bank deposits, bonds, savings certificates or negotiable assets, excluding life insurance. Stations In County. County applicants for Government food are being interviewed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the following locations: Lemay Jefferson Barracks Civic Center, 1306 Civic Center drive. Maplcwood Masonic Temple, 7464 Manchester avenue. Valley Park Valley Park City Hall. Wellston Notre Dame Catholic church, 1701 Kienlen avenue. Overland American Legion Post 338 hall, 9655 Midland drive. St. Ann County branch library, 10267 St. Charles road. Kinloch Holy Angels Catholic Church, 1034 Scot street. Delwood Northminster United Presbyterian Church, 1570 oung Junior Bv Tccna Paiw. hnstrl nr vivid Recession (DihOlldireuTi' Dotilfiies Continued From Page One. be unemployed in mid-Febru ary, about 2,000,000 are not covered by state laws and are ineligible for any benefits. Some members of Congress among them Representative Eu Vrlt ll gene J. McCarthy Min nesota, and Senator John F. Kennedy Massachusetts, vis a i i ii am a to gj want to write permanent revisions into the unemployment compensatipn program includ 5 AMI Young, with just a hint of sophistication! Here are dresses for day time or date time, with new chemise-influenced slende'rness or ever popular full skirt; sizes 7-15. A. Candy-striped glazed cotton. Utile iron ing uniform state standards and wider coverage. In extending the scope of the hearings, Mills said the Ways and Means Committee would consider recommendations on "the most feasible emergency measures which might be suitable" to aid workers now excluded from state programs. Both the Administration and House Democrats have put forward plans for additional emergency jobless pay for qualified workers who have exhausted their benefits under the various state laws. Both plans would be effective only for about a year. 182 girls' blouses reg. 1.98 to 2.50 .99 52 girls' slips reg. 2.00 to 3.00 .99 195 girls' sweaters reg. 4.98 to 8.98 2.99 0 53 girls' nylon panties reg. 79c to 1.00 .39 129 girls' pajamas, gowns reg. 3.98 to 4.98 1.99 155 preteen sweaters reg. 4.98 to 8.98 2.99 21 preteen blouse, skirt sets reg. 3.98 to 4.98 1.99 125 preteen blouses reg. 3.98 to 5.98 1,99 i 201 prs. children's hosiery reg. 59c ,29 84 famous make infants' shirts 79c ,39 88 babies' crib shoes reg. 1.98 to 2.98 .99 ing, blue, pink, yellow, 8.9j B. Nautical chemise, cotton-silk, rayon, blue, red, 14.95 Chambers road. Kirkwood St. Peter's school, 213 West Jefferson road. Schools Used in City. City schools, 'where applications will be received by interviewers from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., are: Gardenville, Kingshlghway and Gravois 'avenue; Hadley Technical High, 3405 Bell avenue; Blow, 516 Loughborough; Field, 4466 Olive street; Cleveland High, 4352 Louisiana ave-enue; Cole, 3935 Enright avenue; Roosevelt High, 3230 Hartford street; Sumner High, 4248 West Cottage avenue; Shepard, 3450 Wisconsin avenue; Washington, 1130 North Euclid avenue; Gratiot, 1615 Hampton avenue; Marshall, 4342 Aldine avenue; Adams, 1311 Tower Grove avenue, Dozier, 5749 Maple avenue. McKinley High, 2156 Russell boulevard; Walbridge, 5000 Davidson avenue; Wyman, 1547 South Theresa avenue; Ashland, 3921 North Newstead avenue; Humboldt, 2516 South Ninth street; Baden, 8724 JIalls Ferry road; Vashon High, 3026 Laclede avenue; Beaumont High, 3836 Natural Bridge avenue; Jackson, 1632 Hogan street, and Clay, 3820 North Fourteenth street. Panel Warns of Pitfalls; At a panel discussion yesterday, three speakers agreed that there is serious danger that distribution of surplus food here will be regarded as an "answer" to the unemployment problem. They spoke at a luncheon meeting of the St. Louis division of the Missouri President Eisenhower asked Congress Tuesday for a pro gram providing a 50 per cent Increase in the number of weeks jobless workers may draw benefits. The Federal uovernment would be reim C. Apricot or blue broadcloth, net bodice inset. Little ironing, 12.95 D. Bow-backed sheath, blue or mint glazed cotton, 10.95 WRITE OR PHONE CEntral 1-7450 SVB Young Junior Shop DOWNTOWN, Second Floor CLAYTON, Forsyth Levol bursed by the states for the spectacular sale! girls' party dresses 4.99 and 5.99 reg. 8.98 to 19.98 A fabulous collection of perfect party dresses including princess, bouffant and precision tailored styles; in cotton and rayon. firry important fashion color, sizes 3 to It. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH iouudtd. by JOXKVH HUriKK Dm. 13. 1878 Ttlaikma Addrm MAin 11111-1111 OLIVE t'ubhihfd Dtlly by 'Jim Puliuw ubUili. Int Co. Mrond-ciMi mitiw, JiilT 17, 1879. tt lh pml. Mlln ti HI. lawls (1), Mo under ih. let at Mirch 3, 178. MEMBtiR OF THC ASSOCIATED AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION! TI). A.vw'iit.d Pyma It tttittri Hrrly to lb. UM foe of til thd 10(l Hfwi prllMtd la Una ntujMW, at rretn ntwa djt tu attoeiKtd URnriTiny utrt. Association for Social Welfare. (irwtr St. Lou'u: Otito 11.30 incmtti; Sttndtr lit wv Ry Util (Pivtbiti in Adrtnit) MlSWlt'HI, HAIMMS ARKANSAS Applkliii mijr wtiwt loot! Attitr Mnic IhiIt tint Utindtv. ont utr (IT CO Itllv, without AmdiT, nfta jrwt i 50 Sundty onlj. ont jw 7 SO SOt'TU AMKB1CA utd PAN AJifiRlOAM TO'hWIB otllf ind ftindty, it ntt lttlr. without Aiinrta. m. Shop Saturday Downtown arid Clayton 9:30 AM, to 5:30 P.M.; Clayton Friday 9:30 P.M. SCRUGGS VANDERVOORT BARNEY Speakers at the meeting in Bishop Tuttle Memorial, 1210 Locust street, were John I. Rollings, president of the Missouri State Federation of SIXTH AND WASHINGTON AVENUE CENTRAL 1-68J0 7020 rORSYTHE BOULEVARD, CLAYTON PARKVIEW S'1130 iiikUt only on yttr 1 Labor; Donald Gunn, president of the Board of "Aldermen, and kumi

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