The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 6, 1930
Page 3
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^2™JAl^-^^ inRR 3 -1™ Wliorc Tropic Hurricane Wrought Devastation NRWS The tcmb cf Christopher Columbus in tl. • Cathedral of Santo nomtn- ;;o, shown above, may have been destroyed by ih« dertrtictlvc hurricane tiiat devastated (lie Dominican capital, according to early dispatches This phuto shows the elaborate marb'.? shrine erected rv'er tile crypl containing the fishes of the discoverer of the New World. LOdjl MILL Blylhevillc Concern Will Consume $700,000 of Raw Material in Year. llj J. MKI.I. imOOKS X'wlary. Illjllicvfllr Climnbcr of Crmimm-c Twenty thousand tons of col ton H'fd rounds like an enormous auiumt of .'cccl tor one plant lu /Ja/idle. but that's jusl what it takes to keep thc nlytlieville Cr,t. ton Oil Mill going during the <ca- MIII. 'Ittftiily thousand tons Is just :>l;uut one-hall of nil the cotton seed thai will come- ficm the crop laised in Mississippi county this yr;ir ami. ;ic- mi average price of £35 per ion, represents the substantial a:noimt cf S'ltJO.OCO p.iid onl lor raw material to keep the: plant in operation. i cotton Mug tiie basic Industry • i: iliis county and .section, it would iMsm thai most Blylheville and Mi-M.-sippi cciuuy people would be lamilia r with itie dlfte-rem industries U'iilch handle this crop, "nil! inquiry reveals -tli^l only » very MnuM per cent of our p?ople know .-iiiylliing ninth uooiit 11 cotton oil mill, what it does, what it handles, how many people ii gives employment to. how many dillerent products it makes Irom the raw seed, what investment is represented by a plant ,o r many of the ether In- liTi-stliis features in connection with such an industry. S2<W,WO Investment Believing that the more people know about- the dlllersnt industries and businesses wiiich make up the commercial and industrial life of Mytheville, the more interested : they will become In their horns t^wn, we will rim an article each ' week dealing with some particular i business or industry in Blylhcville i in which we will attempt to give • our people a good picture of this pailicular industry or business^ Cotton being the business light ! now which Is engaging the at-. tention ot most ol our p.?Dple. we are starting this series with a story about the Blylheville Cotton • Oil Mill. Information contained! In this article, and about which this story is written, was supplied to us by Mr. E. B. I.ynn. manager ; ol the plant. The BIytheville Gotten Oil Mill was'established here back in 1923.! fTto plant is located a half jnile' Mjulli of the Cotton Belt depot on South Elm street, on a plot of around 10 acres- in extent, and, represents nn investment of ap- • proximately $200.000 all of which was brought to BIytheville by the ov.ncrs of the plant. " , The mil! employs seventy-five ' people, representing some sixty :calles pnt!l leci straight across thi: families who make their living from : • — working at the mill. These em- uiactured at the Blythcville employees exclusive of salaried men,. ton O il Mill, more tha one hun'-~ ai; paid an average weekly wage : dred different, praxes arc mam totaling approximately $2,000. j factured. For instance rte hign- Ihe mill receives 1000 cars of en concenlrated lorm of suear raw seed each season, approximate- manufactured in the wo-ld Is made ly one-half of which is delivered j from cotton seed hulls Tins su-av I by tail and the remainder from | is called xylose, is nol f-iU"nnv» ' trucks. Most of the gins in a | and is selling today ot five 'ccnfs i radius of fifteen miles of BIythe-1 per pound along with cane and b"' ulle deliver tneir seed to the mill: sugar. From the oil such items "a-i by truck. This seed comes from soap, ccofctng oils, lards, sah'i Sins all over Southeast Nfissour! i dressings and other edibles a'ri and this section of Northeast Ar-! manufactured. Large quantities of kansas. From this 1000 cars of oil go into paints and varnlshrr. j seed, the mill manufactures cot-. Paper p;ilp is manufactured from ! ton st«l oil. cotton seed meal ana.' the hulls, from thill residue o! lin' cotton seed hulls, and [inters. The • which is not. taken off in the lin;- I line I Ins Conic (or Smallest Growers to Join Asso- ciiiliosi Snys Missoiirmii.i!''V liIini1 (:f ""• _ __ ''-''"K i"™ tai' jWealth.Longevity Promised I Synthetic Eden's Tenants ' 'Cimiiiirtl f r0 m J)aB| , 0|]CJ . , cxis'.i'nre may in. Iniijtlipncd tb n »"'»>">m 01 ID!) ye;,,.,. UIU | Ulls fi ^ } • ~ <i<mp «lth ii,Mlihy. well-born >-««ms. PI™ l: . (1 , H , n UKJJ, h .,; 1 i.H'VKlllsly |n-p(] Ulldl'l 1 till! IISlHU u-^jjin? of thK time. Kg wishes to H»'V life K a pres- STEEr.R. MO.-HVP rnndi'f.l in- ' li'ii'Mnl linings [Kicked the Jiluli • ':fl;o;il aiidliurluiji IH-IV Thursilay nil'.lii to iK'in dni'clors of the Mid' Kuulli Co-ii|HM-.Uivc' Marketlnii As- ' ic'i'htiun discuss tl:i- nlm und pl:\nx f)I the a-A'j:;l;Ltion. nnd tu - , I" the longevity '•annul to Hi,. Mriiciui-c of the hit- man Vuly." ::ivs u'.ipn i, 0 n,,,!, l-'JiiLi and, tiinn 1 tlivin ii in Mdt-i "I limy i ,i , , mls [,| ( . o( Sl !m- month', con- ;mu!e resoit. citli- . |nv>.|uloiB, |jii '-IVI iinsj studtnl (]„., i [,„„.,, ,, niiw that I ii,,iv Hi,. n mc am ] mi-ans I '.vi'.!! la 1;; ;t out," Ha mer s;il<l. '1 am d!siiHcnM c a | n t ,,,,.. f (ir u, c ,., kc . fc tree, the moH histovii: in the New World, may have been A-- stioyed by the Dominican hurricane. Standm,.. by the sea in Santo Domingo, it is said liy legend to be (lie ivce in which Columbus imwcil his IJOBI wl:.;n he came asliore for Hie lij-.-t time. Ji'dne Xcnophon Cnverno. dlrr-e- I'u til Mr-smni. iva•; thr s|>::,ik- i'i'. and nut '.Khsi.imlini: the fur. llisit hi' ha-, bi'i'ji an aiiivc IUMII- Iji r <;f the nssur-liilicn ol Misswri :incc Us un-anl/iitlon. he fays Ul-.ii it war. within thi: i-ivt two wecki . r\pi<ih;|.g, that hi' icaciiivi ihc pnlni ih.ll IIP i iti.niaiii'ty. w<;u!d advrr tin! small fuimer i , . put his tu'.tmi Ihroiiiih HIP HWO. : l-ISIIKli.MAS'S PllAVKIl '"•' r!l ' i ST. AUC.UST1NK. l-'la. iUP)~- llc hits r»n'.idpiiMl the mnvpincri. .'If.,-.- FiMii-njum 1 -, I'riivrr. says (lie as an I'xpi'rmient tlml should lr>;Sl. AIIUII-J)I:I> llcconi. js- -| on! tried i.ill by :hi> luruc cotton sro\"-|:.ulfi r me in ratcli n llsh'so liirue i: li.'fore the 111 or ir, hide (nrincr ' than even I. w hni lalklni; of It Mi,k«l all l.i.s .'.up In »n tiw-rrtal!- |i<itc.nviiid.s may liave ID need In MIDI! i-j livilLr Hi, 1 pricL- of rot 10:1 'lie." in i;ener;il. i ^ _. Mnwevi-r. wllliln the |insl two ! SOUNDS Till: SAME ' weeks I'.e U.i. ; . licconio convinced tiia'. ' IHCIH'OMT. Ki.y. iUl')--P. jit olfcis the i.iily saivii'.ion for th:-j TiDij .'•,»'; l..n: .si.w/'eilcd In' inlloii fnrini'r, the only relief ii CUI-DIUT'S oiilip by p. c. I'nj'Hc • slKht, und is now urging the form- ' • I IT. lju:Ji IIII-K*' and small, to get h;- hind Hie a:.syclr.tlon and llsjlit t > ; ihe last rilii'h for Its Kiicrf-.s—lln-1 only piece of fnnn Irijlslittlon thai | vu> l-.ave ever received and nil m I will ji^l for -'"me lime' lo come. ', C. Cl. Smith of Hlythevillc. Ar- i knn.'as director, fiillnwei! Cavi'ino I ;:n;l in n lu'iilrd slid cmivlndni; ar- \ i;uinr.nt in favor of the a.wm-liitlui'. ' explained. In detail, ihe I'ldvuutu.'o-. . uf co-upeiutlve markeliiiK undei i i lie assorir.llon contract, lie WKP:! the MIsHimri ranncr.s lo markei '• nr:,\N CAMPUS COP • URI1ANA, III., tUPl-When tilt mil term opens at the University of Illinois, Pearl -'-pete" Adams (icnii of the "campus coppers" will l:eftin serving under Ills fourth prrsldent of the university, Dr Hlirry W. Chaw. He started to work In Fcbnmry, isau WASN'T Jll.OOII AT AM, TIKITN, Ohio tUPI-A car, ihc road nnd two uilches were splattered In red after an automobile aci-ldcm here recently. Two ambulances and .several doctors hurried (-. the scene. They found the car was n truck which wns carrying u 1-r.d of ri|>e lomatoes. - Rrnrl (.'muirr - C. Warn Adv i WANT Tht \ SHORTEST \ LINE BETWEEN USE PHONE \ \ HAVE Here is a general view of the mcnade part of Sanio ncmin»o. showing the fortress and citadol which doinina'.e the city. The !imri- section of the Dominican capital. . Iheir roitim tliioiistli tli:^ lilylne- ! I , i \ ille olPce U'hei'c lie eNplnined lhe> r ; jj will i receive 00 |HT cent of Uir 1 price .' ' !!ifv will be offered on Hie street mill Mill retain title in Iheir cot- i Km. | Thr- ro-opernllve marketing . miHvmonl is uuinlnj; fnvor In Pern- i cnunly und it. Is thought that fit least HI.OM balf.s of Pemisro! ' cmini.v colton will IK |>ut Ihroii.iii , llic lilylhevillc cfTice before the ! cliiie of IV.e present KCIISOII. This picture sh:ws-llie executive palace in Domin s o. where the I presiden: of the Dominican Republic lives. Th.; building was in ihe' pal!i of tiie hurricane and may have been destroyed. SHOOTING 01-' .YfclUNU'.Y i On Sept. fi, !MI, President Mc\ Kiiilcy, while attending a public i receplton ai ihe 1'an-American E.x- posillon ni Biiltalo. was shot, by an SIPSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co. Office PJione 107 Residence 177 D. CANALE & CO. Wholesale Produce - - Groceries - Fruits Oldest niifl hinieal fruit nnd produce house in the Snut.}> Memphis BLYTHEVILLE Helena Clarksdnle /E ILL FEED 'CBITZ SISTER .cy president had delivered an uddress 0:1 ' ccmmercinl reciprocity among the i v.irioiii natlcus and it WIK be- I licvcil lie wns soon to propose n | iwlicy in tiiis connection which! Reccmmcnds Cutting of Al!; Com and Soybeans Wintering Slock. miglit hnve made his .second ndinln iftrntlon fully ar. momenlous as liir. ' for! BY SISTER JIARV SEA Service Writer With the coining of autumn, pot -auoni 1-2 cup—lo prevent burning. Sprinkle with salt an;, 1 p?]iner when meal has been cooking prim two hours. When ready to: first, rcrve, remove to hot platter and j The surceons who were sum- keep hot. Measure liquid in kct-; nior.ed operated almost immediate- lie and add enough boiling water j I}' on the- wounded president, nnd to make 1 1-2 cuus. Return to lire I lluib made possible Hie tiyhl for ar.d bring to the boiling point. su r 1 life which . wns then carried on. I -'" fioiir stirred to n smooth paste Tlicro seemctl to b? some hop; he I with three Ublesprans cold water. I would pull thruugh. tut on Friday ! CDO!:, stirring constantly, for live i 'hp 13th he took a turn tor the i I ir.innles. I'our into gr.-.vy Iwat and i vorse and died thc followin'.; day i ! serve. ;The actual end came suddenly an'-l ! a profound ii)ipre?sion toil' ! DRINK,-.- WltHIM «wc -'HI 'IILK.JXI 4 FLAVOR YOU CAN! FORGE T NuGrapc Bottling Co. Dione 070 311-313 E. Main LUJvCHEO.N'-Toastcil clicere, and green pepper snndwiche?. fresh iicar the Capitol n: Washington on til WE DRY CLEAN OR DYR ANYTHING BIytheville Laundry Phone 327 from the seed. Heavy Frei{ht Volume PjR-er fcr the plant is generated by oil burning engines which con sunie some forty cars of fuel oil each year. Cooking of 111? seed requires some thirty carloads of ccal each year. Adding the number cf cars of fuel used by tlie mi theville Cotton Oil Mill '• last year considerably more thin SI. 000.000. As Biyt-irVillc has frw million dollar business institution; this plant Eiioiild be an interalinii one lor our people to Isarn mor'-" | about. | There are 520 cottonseed oil mills in the South, producing piotitistr valued last year ar. S253.000.000. or could so Ihroiii!!, ihe winter by cut- : amuuu of ^ ling their corn and soybeans and .s.-t ,„, ,. , . Ubing this sparinjiy ihron^l, , h o "™! "'"' satisfactory. It is rcon- v.intcr monti-s ' " - Purchase a roast lar«c ' I waj a:: ,].e Caipentcr farm .- ,' f "°^ for tvvo , mc;l!;; Thc m «' thoi-t time a B o and thev had cut I , g y arc b - t!cr fcr lhe iir51 -" -' - - ' wl and the is re.-uly to slice : me of business fcr one concern to production twice rus great ti •ph r • > , I avcr!1 E c soutliprn mill. The nvcr- rhe nnishcd products from the, age crush for the southern mill i* mill aro shipped lo many different l-approximately 9SOO tons Ihc crush pomlr. Oil go?s to New Orleans, i of the BIytheville mill bein° more Louisville, Cincinnati and many! than double that amount ' ether points in the United States.! The Blytheville Colton Oil Mill and 3 considerable volume is ship- is an important industry for this p-d to Canadan points. Meal and city and section. Mr. I.yman. the hulls practically all moves to north-; manager, staffs that visitors are cm points to be used as dairy: always welcome at the plant. We feeds and in the manufacture of suggest that more Blytheville citi- mixed feeds. zens make an opportunity to visit I «.is on another farm, tiial of Mr. Lloyd of G05i:ell "ami lie lud ,=eeijre:l the services of a in.-i.-i «-;t!i a mncnine to cut hi.- corn and soybeans, a harvester at the pried of 52 per acre, and he is also to shred tins for an additional S3 per acre. t am quit!- sure lint Mr. Lloycl by this method will te able lo salva?" enough, feed stuff from his far:i. lu fee;! his livestock throng): !h; winier and until lie can produce some early spring feed. Babies 18 Inche? long at birth will grow* up lo an average six?. it is said. A baby 22 inches Ion? will grow into a person tnlkr than the average wlicti at 18. Approximately 250 tons of cotton t-he plant and learn more about one seed meal and 1000 tons of cot- of Blytlieville's principal inilnstries tonsced hulls are sold each year' to local dairymen in this section.; . .„„_._ „ Cottonseed men! is considered to be L LATRODE - <W- Four of the one of tl:» very best milk making i^'? wh ,° looi; I"I< < n '"c ««n: . feeds and a large amount cf meal' " (i ' a " f*" c "" 1 TC *'. n|> Wcscofo!-, Thc world's costliest book i: Is consumed in this manner. Hulls' „,'",? ° d t-" d '?", c " stc "! °.' &M to be n copv of the Giit^nbcv! are a cheap form of ro.ighase and ' f ras '' ln ^ Uvcf " lak ^ bct *' m " la " lr "'- '•.... n«fr for cattle and is used very, tcc ' h ' One °/ the h °i' s «' ho d;lllcci ' extensively for feeding. : * uh » snake was \Viiham Abra- In talking to Mr. Cyman about . llam ° f Latrohe ' ll>e qtiitlity of seed being received : from the present cotton crop, the • 5IYSTERY MAN DEAD Bible, which has been in a men- f.flcry in C.irinthla for centuries. When the monks were asked 13 value it. they gave as the possible price $275.000. wTiter was advised that, seed com'"' 1 at thc SABINA. Ohio (UPl—"Charley." ,..^.^..v Sabinfi's "mystery" nian. is dead the highest quality seed He lived here -SO years working at ! '" J '"' I. but no one learned his last — -.v. been received here, ,.. nuit- and that, for the first, time in the j name, history of the industry, a premium , lancet Is being p.iiti f cr scct j auovc t | 1c : f ,, basis. ' Prom tht prndnrt which is mnii- ' Read Courier News want ads. and mail was never sent to Airplanes are called in to help fanners in North and South America to sow corn over lar?-. areas, scatter insecticides over orchards, drop Emoke-clouds to protect crops from frost, and to brln? herbs to commercial centers. JJead Courier News Want Ad?. be chosen. The gravy always is an iniporlnnt fcalnre of ;he dinner and nothing .•-.hoiild b? -Priml to rival its effect. For uislance. creamed potatoes would be out ol place since tluy wctiltj have no use for the ile- Ircious brown gravy, while plaiii bcsled. mar.hcd cr riced potatoes would act as an idetii carrier for the gravy. ; Ai! the r.vll vegetables combine! well with a pot roast of beef. They may be cocked surrounding the , meat or tcparately, as preferred. When cooked with the meat, the j gravy becomes fisvored with the; vegetables: so unless a savory is ! liked by all members of the family.' it's a salcr plan to cook the ve bies separately. Pot TCmsl Three pounds lean beef, 3 tr.i- spoons fall, 1-2 teaspoon pepp:-r. 2 tablespoons flour. Trim fat from meat and try out in heavy aluminum or iron keltle. Strain and return one tablespoon melted fat to kettle. Heat and arid meat. Brown on all sides, turning frequently. Care should be taken not to pierce with fcrk or juices will etcnpc. When meat is well .seared and brown ail over, cover keltic clcseiy and cock over a low lire for Oirec hours or until very! tender. If iiEcosiuiry. arid New Crop Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls now on hand Prime Meal $1.89 Loose Hulls BIytheville l''eed itiul Coal Mister I can -save you SI |)cr ton if you']I buy your coal now" Dnn'l Wait 'Till Winter C.L. Bennett & Co. Phone fi-l A.S. Barboro&Co., Inc. BIytheville, Ark. Wholesale FRUITS — iNUTS '— VEGETABLES BEANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 020. Second find Rots. Chicago Mill A^ Lumber Corporation

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