The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 10-19 BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVKT *5tate Is Located In Low-Cost Area Survey Shows Homes Cost Less in South C«ntrat, Midwest U.S. Arkansas and other midwest and soulh-centrr.l states have been found to comprise the lowest cost area In the nation (or home building.''according to a survey conducted by (lie National Retail Lumber Dealers Association. Results of (lie survey, termed by the association ns Die accurately based Information It has ever received, shows Hint Arkansas, Nebraska, Missouri. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas make up (Ills "lowest cost" area. The survey fiirllit-r slioived. lie said, that tile hiuVL'st cost area in in which to build a home was the section of the country comprised of the States of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mex tco. The next highest region was the Atlantic Coast area taking In Maine. Vermont, New Hampshire. Massa- cliutes, Connecticut, Rhode Islam!, New York, Pennsylvania, Marylnnd anil Dehuvnre. .Million Homes Hullt More thnn a million homes were constructed In the U.S. last yeur, atidover half of them sold for $7500! or less. II. n. NorltmiiJ. executive vice president of (he lumber dealers association said. "Projected results of the mi- llonwldc survey of lumber and biilkl- IIIR material dealers Indicates that approximately 1.051,000 houses were ^t* Triq'da\re Hilly -Automatic Washer and •mptlci automatically; eiinhuttKu , whiter. • Sp4*H cioth« fw Ir n damp dry . : . »om* // , rooing Immediately. // j jfia — no bollina down. "*•' • S*H -baloncmg — no bolting dowiv • S^f- droning — • poK.loin Wi»ld« and out. • Cam b« hand controlled fof ip»- 6ol',obv Com* hi! U* a Dcmofistratiofll ALSO SEE TH,E NEW- Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager Comp/ct« Service Department In Connection. Phone 2071 206-08 W. Main Color Changes Minimize Shape Of Square Room The uninteresting proportions of a square room can be minimized by treating Ihe window-wall with a different color or color value llnin the other Ihree wnlls, InsUllhig K n asphalt tile floor that affords sharp color contrast, and ulvlng the cell- liiB .. still different color. The square room will »|>peiir IOIIRCI- will) pastel yellow on (lie rear and side walls, pule blue OH the. window-wall, dark red imu'blc- Izert asphalt tile door and Ivory celling. If the ceiling is hiRh. make it lower by giving It a darker color than Ihe walls. Hands of wall color. deerciishiK from dark to llslit tones In two-foot sweeps as they rise to- built In this country last vear," Nor- Ihrnp pointed out, Tills report appears nuilsuiilly ru.. curate for liulcpcmlcnt government surveys coincide closely with these flRurcs, he, said. Government estimates combining urban and farm honicbiilldliiB: activities for last year total about 1.080.000 houses. "Largest returns from all seciloiw of the coimrty ond reply lor every 20 lumber and building material dealers In the U.S. has provided Ihe National Association with the most accurately based Informnllnn it has ever received, Norihrup slated. Reports clearly Indicate that the heaviest percentage of homes built fell wltlilng the lower cast brackets. frequently well below average community Income level." For example, 5fi% of the houses reported sold for S1500. nnd under, with n further breakdown of 20" r selling for less tliau $5000. Home cosls were reported as low as under $3000. he said. Wtthln Price Ran'je "With average family Incomes '-f towns of 50.000 and less population set at $2800," he went on." the housing survey shows that at least half of the houses built last year were within the p'rlce range of the average family even In the smaller communities. The average income in the metropolitan areas was over S3000,, which brings well over half the homes built within rniige of the medium American budget." Tills comparison, of course, uses I the long-established yardstick Hint a" family can afford K house cost- Ing not more that two and one half its annual Income, declared ror- thup. In the hundreds of replies received, a definite 'pattern was established between the cost or the house and the size of the house, he unld On the average, houses falling under $5000. had one one-half bedrooms: those in the $5000-$75000 brackel had two bedrooms: «nd those above STSOO. had. on Ihe average, two one- half-three bedrooms. MARTIN TRENKLE, Inc.-BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Introduce to You Paint Equal or Superior to 4t About -Advertised Brands L«j» Cottl 0 YOUR GUARANTEE OF FINEST QUALITY priccs - ^t'"-er here ,| (he Air Tom Sawyer Paint . Now these paints ate available to you THERE'S A PAINT FOR EVERY PURPOSE WHEN YOU WANT PAINT TRY "TOM SAWYER" Cnm* nut *nrt ure us al the Air Base or rail 38M. \\t wnuld Ukc tn discuss willi you In rtclnfl hn\r Ihe use of proved Tom Saw.vcr I'alnls, made here In niythcvllle, will RJVC you lasUnr Rnllsfaclton at much less cosi. Martin Trenkle, Inc. Air Base Point Manufacturer Blyfheville, Arkansas Phone 3853 Building Costs May Drop Six Per Cent in '49 Tx>wei' const ruction rosl.s, nver- iKliiB nboiit U:' r lover for the union ns a whole since lust Sciilcm- brr, are expected to he im.s.sert ilonn lo home-buyers when hou- ;es Marled tills spring nre cum- >lcled cnrly In (lie summer, It wns said loriiiy by the C.'ouslnicllon Ue- scnrch Uurriiii, Nc«- York cli'iirlng louse loi 1 biilldlni! IntoinuiUon This ineniis Hint Hie house which cost JIO.WJO six or seven months IBO limy be built and sold this summer for $0,400. Hiilldns nix' eiiser o nuiinliihi n iiliih volnmu of pro- liicllon but know ll,ey eiinuot vin- ess every iwsslble siivlnn Is passed alDim pnimptly to Ihe public. Cosls linve been reduced In (ivn vnys; (I) workmen at the bulldliiK site jire now doliiR more work per !;iy for (lie same \VUBCS; and i2) prices o( somf mnterlnls, nolnhly iimbei' wlili-Ii I., down about 15',',,, nre lower. Economists In the construction ndtistry do not believe that, labor ind matcrlul i-osl.s will K" nnu'li oivcr tills year. althotiKh the luni- lier Industry thinks Its prices m.iy teeline another 10 r ; before winter. In over-all cost of a home, this vould amount lo slightly thnn K'r fill-liter roductlou from lodny's .evcls. but Hie public would lint benefit from this until early nc.U ycnr. Hollywood Continued from 1'nge B vou're In for a treut when licit Skellon and Helly Qarrctl sing ami net out "Unby it's Cold Oul- stde" In "Neplune'.i DuuBllter." Votl can leave your liuunlnmioii home. Ann. Iti-lurin F'lnnl bfllliiK for producer Hurry Popkln's '-Impact" will read: "Rc- introducltiK Anna May Wnnn." it's her first movie In clt>ht vcurs Walter plrigccm Is strictly Jnnlne I'eneiiu's dream man. Jnnlne Is six and tnnde her film debut with ]'ldi;e and Q rcer Gnrson In "Madame Curie." Now she's buck with him In ward the cellhiR will make small rooms seem laiRer. Tills effect is heightened If the celllnn Is given * erenm or Ivory tint and the Hoar treated In dark green, blue, brown or red. 8 Seek Permits To Build Homes During Post Week Application., for prrmlls ;,„• e \ K \^ rcstdcutliil uiul one business build- mils wore pliu'cd on file ilurlng the. unsl week In the office of City Bn- B'ueer Joe Carney. Tolal limited viilue at these biilldliiRs n* reflected by the 1111- lillcutlmiK wm $10,1132, Applloiliims w cre j|| n | i,y: W. A. Rhnrp. for » Inir und oiie- liulf fimne resilience In Ihe u«r- lon-l.lllji Addition; eMInmtcd cost, S700. Kroii Sunders, for a four-room Irmuc residence on Houth nth •Street; cstlmnied cost, $H(M. Rlvtni Hrysart, lor u two-room trnine residence at 208 West, vclt; cMlmalcd cost, $u:ii. Mrs. Mary K. Joplln (Jlurk, for a seven-room frame residence nt 511 North Bill; estimated cost, $n,<]HO Wiley smith, three permit.* (or four mid ono-hiilf room fnune residences in David Acres: estimated COM. s:|,S[)|) eacll. T. I). Jame.s. for a \'i by '21-foot uiilldlnx, nt 415 South i-Vanklln; cMlnuiU'd cost. JiiOO. H. A. li.vneh. for a one-room brick addition In the rear nl ;til) West Main, ciraber's Store. Mi.s. H. I,. Nations, two permlU for Hirer-room (mine resldetuTR In 1500 blork on Cherry Street; e.itl- lllnted cost. JiiOO eiich. Sieve Culvert, for n four and one- half room fntilK' residence at ma Carolyn; csllniHted eosl, $1.501). "The Red Dmiubc." l.onUiiK up nt the six-loot, lluee-inch Mar. .she quipped n reversal with: "Yon'vn (trim 1 !!. 1 * liiKrid HerBinan's celebrated short Imlr-do for her Maria role In "l-'or Whnin Die Hell Tolls" i:ni) be for- Kolteii. Mary Martin's hnlr measures u halt-Inch In length for her roll: In lUoiulwiiy'.s Talcs of Hie South 1'aclfle." .She washes her lialr In eiieh perforinimce nnd It's the only wily she can get It dry lor the rest of the show. Audtc Minphy's book. "To Hell mill Hack," Is on most bcsl-seller Jlsl.i, and the movie rlulils \s'lll lie purchased any minutes Klcanor Powell la u big hit nl the Umiloii PiilliHlluni—SRO for three weeks. Sluirt story In tuics In HKO'« current'' production schedule: "It's Only Money, the Dig Slenl anrt Hie Hall Bond Story.".,,Max Bncr to * make-up man on the set o[ "l ; Is Big Hiislncss": "I don't like, ttiat stuff. The only thing tlint feel* I nntiunl on my [nee Is rosin." WASHES CLOTHES YOU CAN HAVE SUCH A WASHER -IT'S THE NEWNORGE TRIPLE-ACTION WASHER SSHrr^*^ ,„ f or , d«monm,lion of wh.t !hi, ne HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST PHONE 515 SEE NOftGE BEFORE YOU BUY By experimenting wllli gnrden mis, Ori'gor J. Mendel In the inld- , . ene n te mid- -i,,!., , „.., 800s (lovtloped a prlnelplo K ovcr- ' nlng inheritance «nd ctlled Men- WORK, TIME, FUEL-GET THE MOST FOR YOUR OOU.AKS WHEN YOU GET AUTOMATIC OIL HEAT \ourc ,I»,M) sure of rl,/,,,,,/,,!,!, ptrferwaiitt and ttoxoiuital aj,,,.,. Han wifli tbll liHiulsoinc tl) drutral Moltn' "know how" inciiii thai ii'j knill ri«ln. (2) Hut own know how" im-.m* ilim (,', iml.ill,,/ rtulil. Anil Ihe hclco-llMitnnJIiiojiuIr lut llic exclusive Kaio/'oini fi.aiu r » lli.n coinbiiu'l ./// mtH'iHt; frirji In a littiftt unit' COMt IN AND Hi It NOWI CITY ELECTRIC CO. "At Your Service" 1'lionc 22)1 i|<) ,So. "AT THE START, CONSIDER THE FINISH!" H.'H retulli you're iifterl So, Rt th»ii*rl of nny piiiiit job, mnkg unr* of *n» quality of tlio finish. You «an b« •lire of re.iiilts if you alwny> UM DU PONT PAINTS r . white houics whit* DU PONT HOUSE PAINT itsejfl I Kviryrntn helps krep It ctrvm. M •!« .bout lln/r,, lm/il ,g "oir-o eamng HOIIM, ,>,i nt t|, n " t I-I ^y'y. mlt ''»"«« «lwav« wl'H.. bright »nd be.utiriill ^""•"^•r—H alwoyi toili man NOT la poiwf Trtot younvlf lo rniw wolltl DU PONT FLAT WALL PAINT New Popular Colors Add color nnH chnrm — *conomicnhy — to your bmnc by pivinK ymirwnU" n hrniily IrnalmonL with ' Du I'tmlFlnlAViiU Tnint. ^ Appllti •otlly, vn1l*rm\y •^ Olv»* • imoolh, vfelv«> 1 ' Hsre'i the (allot, 'O-UM «nam*l| DU PONT pUCO IMAMIL One Coaf Mjgicf ^^,±."'3!,,^ wuoilworkl Ono ' co »» iiiunlly covers. * Eo.y ,„ < j,._ M , w imooltily * j B ««utl»ul, waihable, matching colon for wall, and woodwork DU PONT INTIRIOR GLOSS * SEMI-GLOSS ENAMILS YDII can mnlch the flat color on your wn ]|, jn tliese /int. fnnmf \ finish,,, for your woodwork. Spread Einuutllly, cover «ell, give diirn, j, 1>I«. lonn-lnnlm. JT4S The all-purpoi« <| tar finish I DU PONT SUPER-CLEAR VARNISH vnrnwh with ft,l| body a «<l good durability yet low in ,„!,.„. U 60 it ^ n ' floors, furniture, and woodwork- for a tough, lonK-wcjuiiiK finish that "ally rosi,». JOHN MILES MILLER CO 1). C. KUKKJIAX, Alaua.i;cr & C\>n(rnc(or Offering ,12 Vcars nf JJccoratiiiR Kxpcticnce 121 M'psl Ash Phone 2007 Save '{ftc'surfac? anil yoil, s~avg_allH PAINTS

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