The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NE — I'HL- DOMINANT NKWSPAreu OK NOHTHKAST AKKANBAS ANU SQUTHKAH-, «„«„„„, "^ VOU XTJV—NO. ,102 Blylhevllle Courier Blythevillo Dally Ncw§ Mississippi Vallcv Leader Blythevillc Herald AND SO'JTHEAH'I MISSOUHL Draft Law Looms For 3,000,000 in 18-25 Age Group ^ By l.yle <:. Wilson Drilled Prnn Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jlm-ch 18. (U.P.)—War fours chilled tliis capita) today and the shadow of a new draft hunc over non-veterans a(,'cd from 18 lo 25. The nation's taxpayers could look forward to likely new expenditures for national defense, at least for lhc Air Force All hands are facing 30 dangerous days. At the end of thai period Italy holds her national elections, [f Communism is rejected there and cannot: impose itself by force, the tension here and abroad will ease. * '——— '. Some officials estimated that thatit from 800,000 to 1,000.000 men would be taken within a year if another peacetime draft were passed. Tlicre. arc about 3.000,000 non- veteran men in this country within the suggested age brackets. Seerclary ot State George C. Marshall and his advisrrs were known now to be fearful that even Premier Josef V. Stalin i-oulil not stop the Westward movement of the Communist steamroller In Kurnpe. The thing may Hl.YTHKV 11.1.1.;. ARKANSAS, TIHJUSDAV, MAKCIl 18, 19-18 have gone too far. But it is believed Russia does not want a war. What Is dreaded here is sonic overt net by a Russian captive country or militant Communist organization which would impose a war despite Moscow's reluctance. President Truman cited Russia as a disturber of the pea'e yesterday. lie aswcd Congress for temporary enactment of a eclective service. He said It was essential to support the democracies of Europe against Rus§ n aggression. The draft would a slou-gap vending enactment universal military training which he also requested. Tiie third request !o Congress that it vote European recovery funds, but fast. Congress is uncertain. Potent members prefer to vole new bll- linns for the Air Force as the best guarantee of peace al l.sinie a-^jl aboard. One or the other seems now to he inevitable. The imned forces now are short ''sis for this term and turned them 320,000 men of their authorized °™~ to (he office of Mississippi strength. That 1= approximately the ' County Sheriff William Berrymau, numb^. which would be sought im-j w ho notifies the prospective Jurors.' mediately under new draft legis- - lur y 1'aiicl Announced lation. Tlie Air Force is shy 42.000 Prospective petit, jurors named men and the Navy 159,000 of their for ""s term follow: Roy McKay Go.sne.ll, Ru.ssell Gieenway of N. Missco Court To Open Mar. 29 Judge Light to Hear Criminal Cases but No Grand Jury Called Judge Charles w. Light of Paragould has ordered all litigants in Europeans Hail Truman Speech as Extension Of Historic Monroe Doctrine Across Atlantic By Bl'urc W. Munii Vjillrd l'r*ss Slitd Purrrtiiwi the forthcoming circuit Court term here to he in court Mar. 20 when the term opens in the Circuit Court- loom in the Court House, it was announced yesterday. All cnse.s n-lll be on call the opening day of the criminal term, over which Judge Light will preside •Litigants—defendants free under bond, witnesses and others Involved in the cases—have been ordered to be on hand v.-\\fi\ the court convenes in order lo speed launching or the term. This was done, circuit Court Clerk Harvey .Morris explained, because during other terms it was round Hint many litigants stay avray the first day on the assumption that nothing will inke plncc except empaneling of jurors. No grand jury l s scheduled to he called for tills term nnd will cut down on the time required to select nnd charge the jurors. Mr. Morris has owned petit jury Radio Moscow, reacting Jor foreign pronouncement in the unusual time of 13 hours. R nve n summary of (he Truman speech Ihe top spot on Its regular morning news bulletin beamed lo listeners throughout the Soviet Union. British observers considered the, Moscow summitry „ move lo clrnw attention of the Russliin public to tlie speech so they would know the situation when Soviet conmioiidiims began attacking It a.s n new example of ••Western Imperialism." -Most-cm- Takes Nolle* The Moscow summary said lest_ llally; i "At yesterday's Joint session of Ihe. chambers of Congress Tru- mnn made a speech ill which'lu! asserted thai rapid changes, touching upon the foreign policy, national independence and nntioiinl security of lhc United Slates, were Inking place In Enro|)e, "Truman recommended immediate introduction of military conscription, establishment of general milllar.v training nnd "rapid pnssnt-L- of the Marshall plan. "Truman's speech contained nt- lacks on lhc Soviet Union nnd countries of Enstern and Central fu- roijc. Five Prisoners Escape from Jail Three in Bold Break In Pemiscot County Quickly Recaptured • -~"", Mo.. March in--Three of the five prisoners Ilia', madr- n bi-rak lor freedom from the Pemiseol County jail here lust nigh- were returned to their cells this inorniiiB following their capture oy Missouri Stale Police. The live inmates, three while men | and two Negroes, mnde I heir break between 6 nn,i 10 p. in. from tlir Separate Meters Sought by VHQC Committee Proposes Re-wiring of Units Leased at Air Base Velernns llonslng Qmnlers spokesman anntninced ^ ....^ , v fj. ,,,_ 11 \nti mi- ' •" J (. (t I rt IK*IuJ (* |0 second floor ol Ihc biick-.structured Mile .spokesman snld. (odiiy thai (he VHQO iVa'sking Hlylhevllle plectrlcal conlraclors lei submit xenled Mils [or n conlract to re-wire Ihe nlr base; homlim unlt.s so Hint Individual meters can be Installed. IHd s miisi be MilnnlMed lo ihe <"»l.y cleric liofore 10 a.m. Mar. '!'!. f building. Only two remain nt ....,,. They are: 1 Noel Kdwarri Wright, while, nr- rcstc-d Sunday for alleircrt car ihef- ! and AAolph Wesley Butler, while. being held for robbery. Complete discnptions of lhc two men werc a='^^.^-' fH 'S%"F ta ' Wr ^- •nEEST ^ '^^.^"oVr "-^ BSSKilc^SS the Brussels pact ycserday nu- i ™" ' OI ?' lc !' il1 " Sl.itc Reformatory ..—.i..- -. '. _>«-!>i<-i"u5. nun beinB held for chicken theft; Soloman Patterson Negro, hold for burglary, nnd Henry Hill, Ncjlro charged with forgery. The brenk »vn.<; discovered nt 10:15 last night by Deputy Sheriff pretlng them broadly as twin' means to halt the Westward march of Communism. The speech commanded an audience or 15.COO.OOO on the British - of respeclive authorized strength. But ----- — ^ -j M they are recruited up to the limit Dcl1 ' L - T - Elll s " f Clear Lake, W on the bull of budget J^n*-"jtc- tually votoi or proposed. The «nk; is lr.--rng .IH.OOO men^id.Is bs-, low budget figures. It just can't -n-' (.ice the youngsters in(o the foot --> •-- J> — service. ; W. O. Brown. Everett Wtm^iv, u*a Mr. Truman's appeal was deliv-! Minirth - J "e Morgan. Earl J. Field's ered to a joint session of Congress 1 ™ 1 " 5 J ' D ' Hod s cs Jl '- a11 of Leach- -giortly after noon yesterday and i y lllc; and U ' T ' Bftrne-s. J. M. Clevc- ^f.:ain last night in an address be- i 1 ™":.-?" f R. Pitzp^rick, George H. ^~..- .»._ T-..;_._ .. . ,. , _ _._ I Hnmulnn AK^n Huffman Jr f "" Clnxton. wno lives In the Jailer's it on the rirst floor of the Immediately niter the discovery n radio message was dispatched to peace otrlcer.s lu Ihis area lo be on the lookout for tlie prisoners. Force hars on Window- According to reports,of the brear.. the men used plumbing fixtures from a lavatory to'force bars on a window. The corners or bricks whicn held tlie bars were hammered away liic report said, allowing the bais to be bent enough so lhat the men could slide through the window. Search for the lwtr*W«Sli[}WniI men continued today wilh Southeast Missouii poacc fore the Friendly Sons or St. Hat- i M rick in New York ciiy. He warned ! " that we must take risks nnd cannot avoid them by Ignoring their existence. He named tlie Soviet Union ns, u, Ilic potential enemy, (he violator of •' nl'. „ sr,r ^J; i ?*. r ^ de _™ c ; i S" HzT-whe.y r :B.-G.- j b™u7,;s E ^ ^ -•|Ha<iiey Hays, nil or Blytheville. nnd The Telegraph said lhc - Welch. L. G. Thompson Jr. and oy Walton, all of Blytheville Picked a s alternate petit jurors were J. F. .VfcCnlia, John C. McIIn- ney III, Hermon Cnrlton, Ernest Broadcasting Corporation's facilities alone European editors from Oslo to Rome hcl- their editions | „ „ for hours to carry a full report. "UIKIIIIL,. tlnvc-rimitiit officials, ciuiuiion citizens and the press Indicated llic.v Ben- unt itfsappointeil. Most i>( flifin saw the speech as uslicr- ing in a new fra in the Unllrd States liy t-iitli,,(! the final link with America's traditional m-e- H'ar isolationism. British authoritative sources and the press snld that Mr. Truman hnd "put the cnrd.s where all could see" but. they took, sober note of the increasing talk or wnr. An^ editorlnl entitled "Pacing Facts' 1 in Ihe government newspaper, the Herald, said the request for - -•• lining "Is .1 rcMcctlon ln * " 1C suiniuiulln s orm.,-j (hat has come upon the i known vvhetlcr the two re nr (lint even after T 'ie report slated'thnt Butler win cw|e»p>iB. *ars the danger or as- | scheduled lor a preliminary hear- > '"". '. -•>""»•.••• Sresslon ha.s'not passed," lhc Her-i'"8 .vcslcrdaj mornin.i! but ills trial ' ,:', „ lc - 1 n" 1 p. aid .snld. "Whate\ r cr our reluclanr.e w-n.s linstnnnori .n«ii \t,.-.i, -m committees we must accept nnd face reality. Only so cnn we hope to avert ca- ll nlso was announced lhal Die committee wn.s entering Into negotiations with ihc Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. here, which furnlslies current to the housing project seeking a readjustment of rnlcs pending completion o( re-wirln B Re-wiring or the house units will Involve expenditure or $5.000 from net Income earmarked [or Improvement* or Hie ,,,oie tlinn 200 apartments Authorization for Ihe expenditure, received from the Federal Public Housing Armlnlslrnilon, was announced here yesterdny. Sf|ia(e .Mrfrrs -Snui-lit Installation of tnclcr., (or each apartment will allow Icnnnls of Dip Veterans Housing Quarters lo contract individually with the utility providing the power. At present, the single meter necessitates prorating the electric bill among tenants according to Ihe size of Ihe npartmenls they occupy. The rate readjustment Is being sought on the bnslj ot H n-ceut statement from the utility which Itemized a cost of more thnn |l 350 for 42,354 kilowatt hours of eh'c- Itlclty used In 20 days. Paris Diplomats Claim U.S. Ready To Okay Alliance Pact Contemplated With Weitern Europe By Hiiln-rl (trail l/nlli'd I'r.'vi sluff ('tirri'Mumih-ut PAI11S. March m. ID iM-.-Hlxhlv informed diplomatic .MUIIVCS vmi loclny ilnil lhc United stales' miuht si«n n limllwl military |mc( wlih thi> null-Communist blw of ern Km ope within three in.inlh.-i ' Any such Aincrkiin alliance was described n.s unut'd al lh,- helping tci implement I'lesklcm Tnmmn,; drin:;iul l<ir support ol 11,1. countries striving IB hold nil Id,..Man me snn>. '' Informnnl.s said ihe n:,, i u,>,,i,i pledge but not troops, in tin- ,.„ erti Kuroiic against Cnmniuiiis't'Vn- rmachnn-nt. " such nn alliance were sir-m-d it would be Ihe HIM p ,-ti mi .'military agrecnu-nt ],y n,,. ,i,, m ,,, blalrs with European nnnil ni'.s. H would he made wiih lhc fj\v lunrd a treaty at —-— , __ ~* ~^*- **-to rivA \jfin lo Embargo Ordered On^ Coal Exports; . Use Limited Prance, Hclginm. it,,. Nellie, land-,, l.uxi-mborg—nlu.s whalcvei counliir.-i Hint ml«ht imve joined In Knit puc.: in ihc mcaiulinu. Tin- saint- responsible .si»ii,o.« prc- (Ucted lhat Ameriuan nam.Min.s in " l)l; MreiiBlliHli'd -soon. 'they »|MI reporteil Dial Ihe United Slnic.s Inui iiecn rtbiiying o.nle(ly lormer war surplus inaieriuls iroiii Ihe Kririich (jovernment Kir Die last Mil-oral months. Minis.' l.'mnmlltco Slu.l WASHINGTON. Mind, Illll 111. (D I -Tin! House Hirelgn A flairs Com- mlltee tcxlny turned down the .s,-n"le'.H prci|K)sal lor a H-mcmbi-r con- Kicsslcmal "wolchdog" commliu-,- over the Ktunpcaii recovery pro- Tlie cominltti'u mjiecd imair- mmlsiy to reject Hint profj.slon of Hie Setinle bill. H held Hint such :i speciul joint committee would in' " on Ihe tlutle.s and luiicllons . . ,.. The statement Is regarded by Ille i °' tlle standing comtnlllccs o[ Hi committee as fnr In excess of din nornml amount niul hns in..tttting of the single meter In nw jccl. A new me- for . ««» iKistponed until Mar.h ->a rnte ma; opinion volr ~ (n a notice sent (ennnts of the him* ii>5 units recently. The notice at ibnted Ihe costly electric bill lo ...,jr ...* ^,1,,, YV\. ilu|/^; vu HVCIl. Ca- i , .. ------- -..- ......k^ in- astrophe." I i i r\ • ' >IU< ' (I lhc Costly elcclrlc bill i n The Daily Express said that Mr AAf^flT P/"I/~OC I/«' 1ISC , ° f ""'"""" ajipllaiices •I'umnn'.s program was of "snectn-' ICU *• ' 'ILCJ V/U s >"''' "•' rnnges, hot plates and nlar range." \ A f, .. ... r healers. "Never in all the history of lhc £\ C jTMiKP Wife . Hermon Cnrllon, Ernest United slntes hns a project so am- . N»*f fl\t7 I IllJ mes Niprstheiiner. John P. t bilious and /nr renchinit been pul f\ it f •rank Wngncr. L. L. Ward ' forward In a time of peace.'' Hie LJ tl f/OITIP h rf\t\T Wheeler. B. G. Grant and Bxprcs s said. 1^*11 I l\JIII\^ I I \JIIL Betting pretty hot. Secretary of stnte George c. Marshall backed his boss instantly In n» appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Marshall Is a soldier. He called for the establishment of force in this coun- ,' try for use if necessary In behalf | of peace. Both he and the President bluntly said wo must be prepared to support the democracies of Europe, asainst the common foe. Zero day now is one rmmlh away, April 18. That is Ihe dny of the Italian elections. On par! performance It rs assumed that liic Kremlin will direcl a forceful nclion of some kind Ibcrc before tlie elections lake place if lliore is any reason to believe the Communists will fail lo win the bal- lottnfr. ^Witii a mouth to go Congress was Uncertain today what to do. Power fill Republican Tlie prospective jurors nnd alternates were selected following last November's criminal term by Jury Commissioners \V- J pollard of Blythcville, J. c. Ellis of Battielti and W. E. Ringger of Leachville. Attorney Seeks Sanity Test for Murder Suspect OSCEOLA. Ark.. March 18— Mitchell Moore, attorney for Lee Hcndcr.son. Negro who faces a murder charge in the death of a Negro woman near Joiner Saturdny ni'^ht. Indicated in Circuit Court here this morning that he will ask tlie court to commit the Negro to (he Stnte Sec EUROPEANS On mcssa»e Fate 7 Dud Cason Post Wants On!y Vets On Draft Boards CHICAGO'. March 18. < UP)—The national packing house slrifcc sent wholesale meat prices snirnling upward today in Ihe b'sgcsl boom since the one that followed removal of OI'A ceilings. The strike which lius cut meal, production in hnlf, pushed the price of pork lions up as much as it cents a pound on t'.ic Chicago days. The National Association A resolution recommending that! .-—... .,.. i., t ^,,,U»KU in the event the Selective Service ' w ' csalc niarlt et In the Inst three Act is restored, officials of all locnt draft boards of the stnte be appointed from World War I and World War II veterans, was adopted by the Dnd Casoii Post 24 of the American Legion at its meeting here Tuesday night, it was disclosed today. .Schedulr ~ fc ^,. However, the spokesman pointed out today lhat the power conminy changod the , n lc schedule which had been In use without notifying ilic committee. They hnd been operating under n contract Ark-Mo had with (in- War Assets Ariininlstrnllon and the War Department nnd which dun-Red n rial rate or two cents r»r Kilowatt hour. The spokesman .snld the commit- to Federal Housing Authority rate schedule H-l, which sets up n sliding scale or charges. According to tills schedule, a charge of SI Is made for lhc Ilrst H kilowatt hours. For (lie next BO, five cents an hour or House nnd Senate.. Insioad, Ihc Hnusc t'omiuUlr^ voted lo recjuirt: Ibnl Die .siJccUil rcpresonlnlive ol the icitp udmln- IsliHlor who Is sent abroad should keep_ihe clmlrmcn ol the IIoii.;c " ^'di-cigp..Allalr.s ai< Ap', cbJiimiltecs ndvlscd nr Is. lllltec ulMi viilt-d lu tlc'- policy of ihe . . •ncounitic" the 10 Mai- .shnll Plan cuunliles to lorin an economic union in accord wilh discussions Hi Ke|)lembi-r's con- terc-ncu lu Pai-i.s '['he corllmitltie ^as ncaring lh: end o (It.s work on a ".single p:u k- forei(»n aid bii!. Chairman s A, Knlnii. li., N. ,)., .said hi- wn.s conliclcnt thai his connnille'j would have a hill approved by the cud of the. wceV:. Mm- Hraun Acruss I.'innpt.. WASHINGTON. March in. (U.P.I -The United .Stnle.v hns In effc.'t drawn a hue across the middle of My Cli»!lfs HrrrolH I'rnm Staff Corresiitmden* W. twin inovc.s won; I niton 1 )V Sccrclai-y°of . ^Iliimmnn and the Office of Defense i^U-J'i'wiVs conl minors. + Mi'iinwhile. cyriw Cliing, federnl mediation director, was attempting I" net n basis for .waling the lie. • slon dlspuie between soft coal operators and Lewis, president of tlict United Mine Workers, He met separately with tin! UMW nnd lhc op- cralor.s to "explore Hie Issues." lloth government actions are effective. Sunday midnight. Harriman suspended Ihe issuance of licenses lo export biturnlnc)us coal alter March 21. The OUT told the nu- 1 Ion's railroads 10 cut passenger si-rvico on all coal-burning railroad l ruins by 25 per cent. Since nboul -IS per cent, ot Ilia nation's pns.scnucr railroad trains urn Missco Leaders Plan Big Exhibit Little Rockianj to Get Data on Agriculture, Industry in Missco --• - •"••>> viin |f 111 jiK'r, IS lent al Ivrly .scheduled lo be the principal speaker on a Mlsslsslpiil County progrnm to In. presented in April before ll, ( . Grvntcr I.Klle Hock Chamber ot Cmmm-icc by the Ohnmbcis .if fliyihcvlllo i m r| oscc- ola, II was anmnuK'i-il today. I'lans for the program niiil cx- InDlts In accompany II wen- made on a lenlalivc basis la.M nighl at a dllilifr-iiifi-llni. Ill III,- Hold Noble of ofllcluls or the Hlyllievlii,, and OMTdin Chnnibers ol Cummerci- N<> dcllnlu. <| U |,, „„. ,,, L . ,„-„„,.„„, has been set but It will be presented ni'.vt iiiimih. Kvt-i's- four months, Ihc (.renter l.llll,. 1{ , H . k ChamlH-r In- vlles c. ol C. groups In oilier coun- l ex to present pmmams describing their counties and products. B. A. l.yneli In 1'rcshlr According lo u,,. u-nlullv,. pro- "I Ihc. Hlylhevllle' Cliiimhn''"i!mi currejiil.v cli,',irin,ii, of (is Industrial Committee, will serve us m,,s- lu- of ci'iemimlcs. l-'o]|i, w .|, 1( , ,„-,.. seiitatlon of special giiesls meet- IIIKH from the'Blytiiuvllie'niui oscn- olu Clinnibcr.i will lie prcsenled liy their respective prcMdc-iil.s, C Murray Siiim-t and Wnyor Ji w i K miller H w«s tlliilutlvely decided last nlUlil thai exhibits ol Mississippi County products would be prepared by these lllytlu-vliie Brou])*: Uuio- cnilHiie C'vriionitloii. Rtce-fitlx Co, fawllt and Co. Oil Mill., mylhcvllle ,'^',""!" ti (: "-, "'"' " 1<! Nntloi'iiil Cot- O.Micolu U lenlallvely scheduled lo IMl'liiire exhibits on proct-SHlllg ['Hints, alfalfa mills, soybean pro- cewilnn, Nul lliiring. Alcnt Packers, Mississippi Valley Ciuinliiic Co. and cotton, soybi-uns '!'» IHs|)lay ; The cILsplnys will feal'lli""ch a , ts coiiccinini; the county's proilurts anil other fads nboiil Mississippi Lonnly. Kxhlblls will In- b,,||| „., .-,/„,„ •is pussibh. n ml will I, , ,|| S |,]av i'M- and h, Osceola before being "nlten to MttlB Hock. Worth I) 1 [older, mnnager of the Hlylhevllle Ohambej- of Coiiiiuercc, s.ild toclav. following the program, they will iitul other products s n ronl-lmrnlnu, this order amounted lo an over-nil cut ol 12 per cent in the nation's passenger service. llarrlman look his action alter the Inlc-r-agcncy coal - operating commlllce said the coal strike w.« riitlliirf into U. S. reserves. And the OUT :,nicl railroad coal stocks are rimsukrably lower than they Jiav« been during previous strikes, Under Hai [Lilian's order bituminous coal ncliwlly in transit or on docks will not be affected. Slilp- mr-nl.s lo CuMAdn will not be af- tecled. Oovcrnincnt olliclals were tearful that Hie soft coal strike may weaken Hit! nation's hand In Its "cold war" U'llh Hussla. These ontclals said that a co«l shortajic wonltl drnstlcnlly curtail U, S. production of steel, machinery and other Items needed In tlu European recovery program. Ruropr anil vvnuii-il liui.sin to keen l '"-' »" display nl lhc Arkansas Pmv- r " c ' . Announcement of Ihe adoption of tlie resell)!: was mntlc by Floyd A. White of Blythcville. chairman of the stale department's Policy Hospilal for Nervous Diseases. (committee, who "stated that the _ _. Mr. Moore said tie wl fi c a rns ,,i,,ii n ,, „„,,,,! ,,-, ,,„„,,, . , npiXKltlon to uni- petition su B ge,,in S insanity nnd nsk , ° c '„ it e a c-, led octi. rmmn» i*is-;i.- ^^..1.1 ' M^^i TT«.,.T u_ rn .. t * rt IK™ ,1.,,. - . -niij,vn.t. .1 L ,t t.,tiii.ti [iKl.tuJ t-lil Cirnrt-r* in\ •;",,"" " •>• "'C nrsc, Wi, rive cents an hour or b. v ^ UH '" 1K) " SCW1V '' S " loll>l of "' M "» rharneri. The '"o till Ihi ,n" C ," 1 US |)OM "" C U ' tlm '- C t "'°" s to ' Ollr «"'* "«' h '»"' J.?..!!. 1 !". !! lc;e vln l)c PI "«"1K ''«• for die next additional 100 hours everybody." A flnt rnto of three cents per kllo- »^!-' S r R ',| N ' Klcr<!1 '- si-crclary-mnn- j wall hour 1., chnr-rcri foi'"all"c'iiiTMit .. .. " lc "soclntlon. said some | over that amount. reiailer.s reported thai their meal | This means, the spokesman said. --,-... ...^i, u mi 11 in i niciii i • ' «'l<-s rose 20 to CO per cent since ' dat _ the strike stnrtccl. used I Meanwhile, the big packers and vcisnl military training easily could lhal Henderson be scut to'the Ma ripe translated onto approval of a inslitution lor observation and temporary draft act. Chairman Wai- J nminalion by £ v™£rir f"'" ! -"-'«-'- ^*nVr fcMSS,' iSSf i ^' K * °" ^ ; 0e .^^r^iM^i^ r 'j^^^^;v« r and thcn wni to thc Nationai DC - ' - ~~ Ihe wo United " PackinRboiisc Workers dug in for a prolonged ,, — o «ork sloppngc. President Truman's tlie near future. fnct-findlnir board summnn, , Ihould the resolution he adonlcd , i.e« C s f,-,m, bo?hM,ic M ' m ,,r M" the policy commit.oc. It would i hearings on l" e i™,™ S'^,^ men tlie -slayer her in the chest l with n 12-gnitgc shotgun nnd llicti to draft flOO.OOD to 1.000.000 within the next vonr HnnnMf» A JTlV |WILII il 14-R.lltgC SllOtglUl Rlld 111 iS7s -r I?'-- sl - r ~-- - --" inSS''-T'"~" --"-^nV^-us!- he next fiscal vear beginning July | bloodhounds. In- to h "le The ^r\ " Amlar> ~- ! The StnlC rcstcd 1Mc ll » s m °"»»* Priall h to^ C *™«.!°!£...*™?>- '.". l ." c . c "« "' Wolcy Eng.i.h, lionnl West. ... .. „ on " i""" "-" ""Hiicoiaic ' anci .t™rSi,>r;o si r;a\-rebiM i8rcss 's mic i , hc ^^ ° r ihc The new budget^ would provide'Ai'denon"^^ """ "T^* about S3.000.000.000 tor the Air ember Force. Sen. Robert A. Tart. R , o : and dthers would increase that MIIU ' ' { Explosion Kills IV^f 1 ^'^"'^!-^'" 1 ^ 4 ^ "*-, 60 Cool Miners In Yugoslavia :.. conference reportedly | been heard by V^ry^t "n^n todnv a nlan [or immediate | and Ihe case was expected lo con- p,ir!m/-nt. Tclc.^ram.s from members of olution be adopted, have already been sent lo stair and national commaiuif-rs. Air. White stated, and [ immediate action on the post's recommendation Is expected. The Dud Cason Post also went on i Universal said. d.iv. Weather C. of C. Leaders to Attend .Dinner in West Memphis , C. Murray Smart, president of the Blytheville Chamber of Commei ccord at the. meeting ns favoring I burled underground Afilllary Training, he *'"" '» the Rashn A TRIESTE, Mnr. is (UPi-si,viv niners wer c killed nnd 10 ofn'ers by an oxplo- or Ihe 42.3.1-1 kilowatt hours In thc :n-(la v period from reb- 9 lo Feb. 2fl. 2.l. r i9 cost thrcf cents each. The total cost would have been $1.214.07 but the two per cent .sales t.ix Increased It lo Communism on the oilier ,Md,.. Thai Is ttu- interpretation place I lodny on statement* by President Tr an and Secretary ol Slntt George C. Marshal] by siich men as former Secretary ol state .lames p. Uyrncs and lore!;.;!! diplomats here Neither Inc President nor Marshall In :so many wcird.s defined thi'l "Jine" belwcrn I lie K.-rM and tin- Marshall declined lo do so [or the Senate Aimed Sei vices Coiiinultee in But both implied in tht-lr statc- incnts to Coii|;rc.'.s I lint any attempt lo duplrntc Die ConuniuiisV Rrnb ol power in Czcchoslnvnkia in lhc Western ICuropt'nn c'linilri and Light Co. oftlcc in Llule ii n ,-k lor a week or 10 dny.s he said Aiii-jidlni: last nlRht-a mec'iing Irorii Osceoln werc Harry Pnulus secretary-manager of the o.stcoJa Unuiilji-r. Mr. Goclley and Arthur Get Out the Vote Drive Launched Jaycees to Furnish Transportation in All Elections in 1948 The niylhcvllle Junior Chamber of Commerce today launched * "Gel Out the Vole" drive mid will concentrate Itjj first efforts on the school election Saturday. Tlle drive to stimultile Ulythevllle volcrs lo KCI to the polls lo help decide public affairs will tie continued tliruuithoiit the yimr to "Get Oui the Vote" nt the municipal election April (1. the Democratic primaries July 20 and Aug. 3, and (he stale and national eleclloii 1 ) Nov 5. Members of the .Jayc-cc's newly- formed Public Aftnirs Commltlc* met this morning to plan the drive. It was stressed by the committee lhal i hi- Junior Chamber of Commerce lias taken no poltlicni stand nnd Is interested only In n larger turn-out of voters at tlie polls then there has been in the past. P The Cotntnlllec pointed out that B ly t h erillc i lluc to " lc current school improve- _ <^iMi-.M-i UII1K ,,„> n i vth erillc i " uu lo " lc current school Improve. Chamber were Mr. Hrnart. Mr. Lynch. " ;pilt "" ll revamping programs uiv Mr Holder, Keith J. Jlliljrey nnd (ie '' u " v " «"s vital Hint each Bly- tlievllln voter exercise his franchise. To Furnish Transportation To nld in getting volcrs to tilt polls nt Ihis nnd oilier elections, Ihc Jaycce committee announced Him Blyihcville voters who have no menus of getting to the polling call the !013 nnd liansporJalioii both ways will be Moscow Brands Truman Talk As 'Party Polities' |^« IIMJUII.I ui Keumg to inc ^ I place In liiclr wards may c; — Mos- Chamber of Commerce at 20 cspeci.Kly Italy, would bring Ainer- Two Arkansans Survive Plane Crash in Berlin BERLIN. March IS 'UPt—Brie. Gen. Tclford Taylor and his wife were Injured today when they and nine other Americans parachuted from n crippled U. S, Army c-47 over Berlin. m'hraclte Coal i Period spokesman said. A letter is belli? prepared sctlliiR out the committee's viewpoint, on Ihe rate situation, Ihc spokes:-1 n said. Tlie electrical consnrnnlion of the homing project during this 2(l-day .ii . rstl ' ian - rt , "' 7Yi "'"' "" " (! '' irt. from Belgrade said to- more than G.OOO kilo- clul re day. tlI h °B C | "" r J Cti arC bCMCVOd t)C ' ld ' me Belgrade report .said. Other casualty reports salrl f, om n lo 300 were killed. The explosion was watt, hours greater than Ihc M.OIH1 kjlowntt hour.s used during March last year, the spokesman pohilcd onl. K. A. Rice, manager of the housing project, and Oscar Fendler. project attorney, relumed yesterday from Little rtork. when they con- rial d »^° J- aVC "ec^'rod'cariy'stin-lfcrrcd with officials of'Die >in,iio nay morning. | Sr , vlr( . commission on the housing Arkansas forecast: Considerable." 1 "' """"•" LI. Homer, manager, will c«^~^^^ " C ,,.i Wpsl Memphis lonight. I Sll n cl - cd mimr i,,j,,ries. U. S. Army The Belgrade announcement said • hi- Yugoslav government was All six passengers and live crew- i B r ''"lmg nO.OCo dinars 'SI 0(10) lo „ ™. lh <- lamilic., and Worth 5"Holdci- nnn^cTwin f'"",' ^ t "" cd oul llflvf 1>DC » rc - ioon "dinar* "'i,,,- ' ' »>"™ u. Hoinci, manngcr. will ported .Taylor was hospitalized for! J ™" dinars additional for each ami thai Ihe meter at thc nrolect lllg Of IhC n sornineri hart rut.: imrt hi-nl««c Cnild ' n °l Otherwl'" ...— ..u--. r... i v... .....j ,_.. ............ v. ..",«• ' ]c!lri """<'« units' electrical costs. Officials of the Commission sug- nested lhat tli L ' mills be rewhcd '" r Inslallallon of Individual mclers -••" -•'- .-•|'»l.-] Llrlu^llt. o. Hamilton Moses, president of 'he Arkansas: Economic Council. Chamber of Commerce, and Minimum this morning— 49 Maximum yesterday—64 Sunset (oda'y—0:10." Sunrise tomorrow—6-06- toKoiT"- * "°- " 7 •-»- 1 ,* rt ^'jS« r nnd^ht Co!, ^ Total since Jan. l-_n m Jrean lempcraiiire (midway between high and lowl-565 ' 'c L Normal mean for March- 512 ''^OVDCOnS This Dale I, Year ' Minimum this movning-28 nrrcipltatlon. Jan. 1 to this datr be the : meeting. " 1C Mar. i May (Prices r. o. b. Chicajo) open high low 1:30 358 3-iS - "isc provided lor. j b Hie mine.s. which produced one fourth of iialy, domestic coal production before (!i c war. arc In nn are.i ol the Istrian Penln.Mib Icsted [or accuracy. ' headquarters reported. Other pnssctiE-ers who parachuted .. ••• IV»I,,.M,M werc Mr. and Mrs. K. L. McHaw.y. . YURoslavia under the peace Little Rock. Ark., and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin li. Kcrenez. New York. . ~ Toylar is chief U. S. war crimes |S^U/ Yfkrlr tf^/^l-i.<s.x prosecutor at Nuernberg ami Mo! wriv ^OrrOrT H.iney and Fci'enc^ arc mcmhens of the slafT. They wei-e returning to Nuernberg after a conference witli U. S. Mill: lary Governor Ocn, Lucius D. Clay 341 3U i In 'Berlin. Mar. May July Oct. ,Dcc o|ir-n 330S .1336 .1100 .11)17 302.1 llirh low 3-d I 3383 33D1 3350 3328 3341 3318 MM) 330! 3CSS .1010 ,•)?.>•! 3037 30'J1 3O21 Final Rites Tomorrow For Retired Farmer Funeral services for A, M. Cnld- wcll of lilythcvilli-. n iclired fann- er who died in ills liumc on West 21st Street Tuesday, will be con- 1:30 ducted tomorrow nt 10 a.m. In Holt Funeral Home Chapel. cnn sioliticlans.' In a broadcast based largely on reaction liy ihe domestic opposition I" Mr. Truman. Moscow said in a Tnss dispatch from New York: "Ai:i-iiidinj( t<i reports, many |( t -- piiljlicans consider Truman delil-.-- rntcly is criMlini,. n rrij-is in the interests n f party politics." The dlspau-h quoted Henry A. Wallarr. third pally prpjide'titinl . candidate. hi.s rnnnintt mate, The Rev. P. 11. Jcrnigaii. paslor of Ihe Calvary Haplist Cluirch. will of- ,,,, t .., ..„>„„. ... ^. .,.•>,-.-, ^,L fid-fr a-id hurl-! i-ill follow in Me- Sykes bull of Oxford. Miss. Funeral Friday For J.W. Sykes, Coal. Ice Dealer Funeral >,'l\iccs for .lainrs William syfcos. ago r>7. of Blythcvllte. who died al .1:1S p. m. in his home 1510 Wc.M HI reel, will be conducted tomorrow. 2:30 p. m. at thc First Unptlst chinch by thr Rev. K. C. Brown, by the Rev. Daniel Stafford, pastor of the First Church of flic Na/:iroiie. liurlnl will be in Klnmoud Cemetery. Mr. Sykes wns burn in Abi-rdi.'i'ii. Ml-ss. but has lived in lllyllicvilli- most of his life where he wns In Ihe coal and ice biisinr;,s. He had been ill for several months. I , He Is survived by his wife. Mrs.; I Berlha Sykes. three daughters, Mrs. i _. . " lOlnnys C.ri.shnin ol lukn. Mi.w, Mrs) 'eoCPCrs to Attend Harold Thompson or Blyihevillc nnd — • • - — Mrs. Delia Fayp Coikrau of Memphis. Tenn.. l\\o suns. J. T. Sykes or lilylhovlllv and (lent- Sykes or I-'iiy-ellcvillc: tu«i .sister.-.. Mr.s. \V. .S. Hraslier f)f M.irk.s. and Mrs. \V. K. Ferguson of I.ecdey. Okla. and three brotheers, M. A. Sykes o> Allen. Texas. H. C. Sykes and D. L. | Hoard of Education. They also will -- going into char- , that d had proviked sharp! " "'•* <l '- 1tj "'" criticism from "progressive Amerl- I volc on ll>c 1B - ml " maximum school Polling plnccs in Blyihcville follow; First Ward, City Hall; Secon.l Ward. Goodyear Store, 410 West Main: Third Ward. Fire Station Nj K, 1SOO West Mnln. The school election is county-wide, and voters in thc 30 districts in Son Glrn n. Taylor. D.. Ida.. „., sayinc that, the President's program would establish a "militaristic state . in Amrnrn."- All MUM-OV new.sjKipers printed a [inn -M-iilenrc 'I' report itern- \-/\r,% rh^ main points of President jTiuinaris .'-pccch. which they said j "t-oiil;jincd dips at thc f : oviet rjti- j Ion and the countries of Eastern and Central Europe." District Convention .Mississippi County also will choose local board members as well vote on the County Board members and the school tax. Other polling places in Blylhevijle School District No. 5 arc the Yarbro and Clear Lake Schools. New York Stocks 2 p.m. Slockl A T ,V. T Amcr Tobacco Anacomla Copper Beth Slcel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors schools, except 1 Montgomery Ward •hool.s. \\ill close lomorrow • M Y Cenlrnl so that teachers may attend the , tru Harvester' ... disliicl runvenlion of the Arkansas i North Am Aviation Educa'Jon Association in Jones-' Republic Steel . lioro. it Mas announced today bv Radio ' ' Superintendent W. B.' Ni-' Socony Vacuum ! mortal Park Cemetery. -• •" "• •'• v... .-mi, j-i i ..-. | - .i. IIQO.S Will I'O-O' Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. ' ular hour Monday, cholson. Si.'l!0o!s will re-nprii at lhc rcg- Stndcliakci' Standard of M J ., Texas Corp . 148 1-2 . 59 1-2 32 1-2 55 5-8 32 3-4 51 1-2 50 13 84 1-2 12 3-8 24 1-* 9 15 3-t 17 13 1-3 63 5-8

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