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St. Louis, Missouri
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2D SILCUIS FQSr-DISNTCH FRIDAY, JANUARY 19f THE EVERYDAY MAGAZINE -New York Closcup- FROM NINE TO FIVE By Jo Fischer The New Films By Myles Standish A Versatile Character Actor By Tex McCrary afid Jinx Falkenburg i 1 ji I Compassionate View of Illicit Love THE French treatment of love on the screen has usually been much more adult and realistic than the standard Hollywood approach with its rigid rules; while more frank, the' Gallic presentation usually also has delicacy and t-m i i mm NEW YORK, Jan. 5.. HI a matted of fact, my A nose had something to do with landing the part of Holmes to The Magnificent Yankee" explains Louis Cal-bern, lounging in his bedroom slippers. "Walter Huston turned down the role, and the producers wanted somebody like him I was bis height, and we both bad the same prominent nose." Calhern, at 55, is quietly slipping on the iranfle of the greatest' living male character actor. Not so long ago, however, he was strictly the hero type: "I can recall the exact moment when I decided to turn to character roles.

Many Uses for Tangerines And Oranges By Edith M. Barber IN olden days, the Christmas celebration began a day or two before Dee, 25, the feasting went on until Twelfth Night which is Jan. 6. Nowadays, we celebrate Christmas and New Year's in style and let it go at that Perhaps, however, we will continue to enjoy some of the foods which came to us as tokens of remembrance. This will certainly be true if you were lucky enough to have a box or a crate of citrus fruits.

Orange juice has many uses as a flavoring, both for dessert rnd for a number of meat dishes. One of the simplest and most popular desserts is an orange pudding for which the fresh fruit is sectioned, drenched with a soft custard and topped with a meringue. Then, there is our favorite chiffon pie in which either whipped evaporated milk or cream may be used. Most of the grapefruit will be served in the shell after it is chilled. It should be sectioned, of course, so that it will be easy to eat We may broil the halves occasionally for use either as a maturity of viewpoint This applies especially to "DEVIL IN THE FLESH" C'Le Diable au opening tomorrow at the ART THEATER.

It Is an adaptation of the novel by Raymond Radlguet, who wrote it at 17 and died at the age of 20 in 925 after creating a brief sensation in French literary circles. It lpHl JifiHillli, h- Is an obviously autobiographical account of the adulterous affair of a schoolboy and a girl three years older, the wife of French soldier at the front in World War I. The book was distinguished by its relentless honesty and its sensitive limn-. I was sitting in the reading room ing of the anguish, cruelty and torments of the fury of The Player's Club, buried be- nma a newspaper, auu Happened to overhear a producer talking to a playwright: 'What we need for this part "I FIGURE ABOUT THREE MORE BOY FRIENDS AND I'LL BE ABLE TO COOK GOOD ENOUGH TO LAND A HUSBAND." first course or as a dessert at dinner. Then it will be sweetened and dotted with butter before it Playing Canasta to Win By Albert H.

Morehead B'X lilll Iplilllllm fll" "Jem, mmBmmBmKmmmwmmmmmwmmmmwmmmmwmwmmmmrmKmmmmmm imvsmwm passion that swept the two young people involved. The film, in a script by Jean Aurenche and Pierre Boat, who did "Symphonie Pastorale," transfers these qualities intact, although the background is expanded to show more vividly the atmosphere of war and carnage in which the affair took place. There are censors and would-be censors who have decried the film for its compassionate attitude towards the lovers; its tenderness and its pity. But, though there are a couple cf Intimate scenes executed with good taste and finesse, there is nothing immoral about the film, in my opinion. It underscores its moral with subtle irony as it shows the love destroying the lovers themselves the torturing jealousy, the nagging of conscience, the self-inflicted cruelties, consuming bitterness.

Indecision and frustration. The young woman's death in childbirth, here made theatrically to coincide with the joy of the armistice which to the paramours has meant the return of the husband and the end of the affair, is an inexorable tragic climax to the doom already certain for the lovers. It is an acutely penetrating exploration of human feeling, a fine, poignant and beautiful film. Claude Autant Lara has directed the film with delicacy, perception and wisdom and given it a rich mood and color of background. It has been extraordinarily well acted.

As the boy of 17, Gerard Philipe, possessed of a sensitive, tragic face, gives a deep and burning performance. As the woman, Micheline Prelle (formerly Presle) who has since done less distinguished work in Hollywood, is soft, tender and bewildered by the tempest of emotion which has overcome her. "jean Debucourt makes the sympathetic, troubled father of the boy, who is unable to steer him clear of the tragedy, equally as impressive. This is about as far as you can get, certainly, from the Andy Hardy puppy-love tale, which is nearest being typical of the Hollywood approach to awakening adolescent passion. And that, come to think of it, should be something of a recommendation in itself.

Gorgeous Scenery, Including Esther There are some lovely opalescent views of the Hawaiian Isle of Kauai (doubling for Tahiti), and some equally gorgeous ones of a tanned Esther Williams in sarongs and swim suits in "PAGAN LOVE SONG" at LOEW'S STATE, so. as the ad melds included both queens and sevens, as well as tens; he was hoping to draw a card that would play on his own melds and let him discard the queen and go out by adding the deuce to his pair of tens. So he insisted that be was allowed to refuse the seven and take the other card. But the opponents cited the law, which gives him only the right to shuffle the remaining cards. So they made AN ETCHING OF OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES HANGS IN THE UV.

ING ROOM OF LOUIS CALHERN, SOON TO PORTRAY HOLMES IN THE SCREEN VERSION OF "THE MAGNIFICENT RIGHT NOW, HE STARS ON BROADWAY AS KING LEAR. SOMEONE who doesn't like to play with sticklers for the technicalities has called them "Canasties." While we appreciate the pun, we're all for law and order. We've seen too much argument in games where there were no laws. However, sometimes the laws aren't sufficiently specific to prevent disagreement. Here's such a situation.

It happened in Cincinnati, with this hand: the producer said, 'is a young That. was all I needed to hear From that moment on, I was a character actor." Few actors can match this series of roles, played by Calhern in the past sixteen months in Hollywood: A Russian colonel, a criminal lawyer, Buffalo-Bill, a bandleader, a western villian, a friend of the hero, a song-and-dance man, Oliver Wendell Holmes. That seems versatile enough, but what with Holmes and Lear in rapid succession, we wondered if Calhern wasn't getting laden with dignity. "Dignity? Why, I'll have you know I was once-a third-rate burlesque comedian! Didn't find that in your research, did you? That's because no press agent wanted to include it in the Playbill biography. Can't imagine why not here I've gone from paying five dollars to professional plagiarists for the latest Weber and Fields acts, to a King and a Supreme Court Justice.

Seems quite in the good old American tradition!" Nobody was more in the American tradition than Justice Holmes, and as soon as he assumed the role in the original stage production, Calhern found himself identified strongly with "The Magnifcent "We opened in Washington, with half the Cabinet there in front of all the people who actually knew I knew it went all right because the next day, I began getting invitations to groups of lawyers and law professors. "Only trouble was, whenever I went to one of those luncheons, I'd be asked to speak and they expected one of Holmes's brilliant off-the-cuff speeches. I couldn't say 'Sorry, folks, I'm a nam who knows from nothing about the so I had to stum- is put under the broiler to brown lightly and heat thoroughly. The tangerines may be eaten out of hand as they are so easy to peel, and they make an attractive garnish when they are baked and served in the shell. You will like them around a slice of baked ham.

FLORIDA CHIFFON PIE. One envelope unflavored gelatine, one and one-fourth cups' orange juice, two-thirds cup sugar, one tablespoon flour, one-fourth teaspoon salt, one tablespoon grated orange rind, two tablespoons lime juice, one cup heavy cream, whipped, or two-thirds cup thoroughly chilled evaporated milk whipped, one nine-inch baked pie Soften gelatine in three-fourths cup cold orange juice in saucepan. Blend sugar, flour and salt. Add to softened gelatine and mix thoroughly. Place over medium heat and stir constantly until gelatine is dissolved and mixture is thickened.

Remove from heat Add orange rind and remaining one-half cup orange juice and lime juice. Chill until the mixture is slightly thicker than the consistency of unbeaten egg white. Fold into whipped cream, or whipped evaporated milk. Turn into pastry shell and chill until firm. Garnish with whipped cream i and shaved chocolate.

Yield: one nine-inch pie. him play a sort of child's game of moving the two cards around in. circles; then he drew one and, to his dismay, it was the seven. TM AFRAID MY ANSWER isn't going to make him feel any happier, but I see no reason for trying to go beyond the letter of the law in this situation. The law was designed to protect the next player from the disadvantage of having his opponents know what he had drawn.

It gave him the additional advantage of permitting him to take the card knowingly if he wished to. But it did not guarantee that, after the recom--mended shuffle, he wouldn't get ble through a speech. I have never had a more resounding series of flops than those, blasted luncheons! itT ERHAPS the best example Kof identification oc- curred when two young men from the Harvard Law Review came to interview me during our run in Boston. Now, you know that Holmes is regarded by Harvard men the way Joe Di-Maggio is regarded by my wife something far beyond awe. With a sort of reverence the two young men entered my dressing room, where I was beginning to take my make-up off.

"We began to chat on a pretty high intellectual level, when an old friend of mine burst into the room. 'Looie, you ol buzzard! he yelled. He was an old guy I'd played with in burlesque out in the sticks, and we had a fine tune reminiscing for a few minutes. I'd ripped off my big white wig, and gotten half my mustache off and left it dangling while I scraped some of the old age off my face. "All the while, these two young men from the Law Review sat there with their mouths open.

They finished off the interview rather abruptly, I and left hurriedly. A moment later, my valet came in and said: 'Do you know what you've, I said no. "'You've sent those two poor fellows home with tears in their "I would have run out to apologize, but dressed as I was, that would only have made things worse. Always regretted that, the disillusioning of two budding lawyers. Not that I feel that an actor has any responsbility for his part, mind you but if you had come to interview me for the Law Review, I can assure you that I would not be sitting here in my bedroom slippers." inai same cara nor do I see any reason why it should do so.

says, wnat more do you want; However, you ARE ingrate enough to want more, I'm afraid you won't get it. The plot, which has. Howard Keel arriving in Tahiti to take over his uncle's run Just three cards remained in the stock when the preceding player drew and clumsily picked up two of the cards. He saw both, but didn't mix them with bis hand. He took the top one, as was his right and showed the next one, as was his duty, before restoring it to the stock.

Then he discarded a black three. NOW THE CARD HE HAD returned to the stock was a seven, and of course the next player, who held the above hand, didnt want that seven. The opponents HAIR tfax, REMOVED rwntiTOBtly fcy Ltmt teltnttfle Mttlt Tunic Dress The tunic dress is seen frequently in advance spring types. The majority of the tunics are knee length, leaving a brief expanse of narrow hem line to show beneath them. Pleats and circular flounces below fitted hiplines suggest the arrival of a new PAUiwstufl (mm Fra Cwnaltatiwi ItasoMbi In down plantation and falling in love with the carefree native life and with Esther, is as thin as a two-bit steak, even for a musical.

Fix It Yourself By Hubbard Cobb -My Day 'Chinese Do Not Trust Us' By Eleanor Roosevelt Doctor CMUKMld Siiito 701 CMtlimtiJ Mil. CnrifM sas m4 4 oito lii. ans mmm HWJsjjl TiTiririOTrirBTH vwvwww HYDE PARK. LET us, resume our discussion of China where -we left off yes- -The Harry Warren-Arthur Freed songs are not particularly good and the only time Keel's booming baritone gets a good i workout is on a revival of the old "Pagan Love Song" which 1 Ramon Navarro once chanted. Incidentally, as presented here, Tahiti is a capitalist's paradise, in addition to being every other sort of paradise; Seems the laughing natives gather a planter's copra for nothing just like a little wine to keep Ithem going.

Wait until the C.I.O. hears about that -Poor Uttle Prodigy There is some sincerity and quiet interest in "PRELUDE TO FAME," an English drama at the SHADY OAK. But this story of the exploitation of an Italian boy musical prodigy, trom Aldour Huxley's "Young Archimedes," never generates DELIVERS LOOK $tfn terday. unteers largely because if that fiction were" not preserved the treaty between Russia and China would require the Soviet Union to furnish troops to China. And Russia has been very careful not to make any move that would actually involve her in active I have always thought Gen.

Marshall's decision that he could do nothing further in China, and therefore he had better come home, was a very wise decision. MOW FROM WHAT YOUR SEIDEL But I think he still hoped that perhaps when faced with the pos -sible loss of further aid from the United States, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek might finally decide to move toward achieving a coalition government and institute needed reforms. Nothing of the kind happened, as we all know, jj Vines and Bushes vs. Your House. SOMETIME between now and early spring, we wish you would lake a good look at the outside or your house and see what some of those bushes and vines growing around are doing to the old homestead.

Vegetation any particular dramatic steam. It tells how a wealthy, selfish and ruthless English woman robs the boy, who has shown genius as a symphony conductor, of normal childhood, the love of his parents, and a more proper gradual musical development, by making him an overnight sensation and taking him on a whirlwind tour of European musical centers. Satfott Term on the Balance and Chiang was driven from the mainland to Formosa and Hainan. is wonderful stuff but it can be pretty destructive to homes so. Thus, the Communist influence keep it a safe distance from the became paramount in the victo WE HAVE DONE everything possible, I think, to convince China that we have no desire to dominate any part of her territory, but I quite understand China's desire to re-establish her pre-eminent interest in Korea and also her fears as we neared the Man-churian border.

This is almost impossible for us to understand because we are conscious of our own good intentions. But the fact remains the Chinese do not believe what we say and do not trust us. This seems incredible after the years of friendship that have existed between us and after good will we have had toward China. But we have to accept the fact that having supported Chiang, the present regime has no use for us and the great majority of the people probably believe whatever their leaders have told them. I see no way in which we can By using him, she gratifies her own desire for artistic fame, hitherto frustrated by a lamentable lack of personal talent.

But, while this is plausible enough, the film doesn't succeeed in developing the proper compassion for the boy. The plot devices seem artificial the intercepted letters, the boy suddenly trying to throw himself out a window when he learns he' will have to tour America. There are some well-modulated performances by Kathleen Byron as the exploiter and.Kath leen Ryan and Guy Rolfe as a kindly couple who befriend the prodigy. The lad himself, as played by Jeremy Spenser, never seemed very real to us, however. Low-Budgeted and Low-Powered There Is probably a good movie in a clinical study of the anguish, shame and shock which might very often ruin the life of a victim of rape, and perhaps the psychiatric reclamation of such a case.

But "OUTRAGE," a low-budget film produced and CEDAR CHEST 5-Pc CHROME DINETTE house. Give" a vine or creeper an inch and it will send through mortar joints in masonry, loosen up metal flashing and lift shingles up in the ab. They'll even get in under wood siding and do all sorts of damage. If you must have vines around the outside walls of the house, make certain that they stay on their trellises and leave your1 house alone. Bushes are not as bad as vines, for our money, but they can cause a few headaches.

All bushes should be at least 18 inches away from the house woodwork. If they are any closer, termites will find a way to get from the bush to the house. Evergreens have a bad habit of never letting any sun and air get to portions of the house woodwork and this in turn causes rot and decay. This doesn't mean1 that all bushes and shrubs should be removed, but they should be thinned down sufficiently to allow normal ventilation of base of the house. rious Chinese leadership.

GEORGE SOKOLSKY said on my television program last Sunday that the Chinese army now fighting in Korea was an army that once had faced Chiang's army in Hainan, and I gather that he felt this army would not have been moved if Chiang's forces had been allowed to land in China. That would have required transportation, which would have had to be available to Chiang by the United States or the United Nations. If I remember rightly, we decided to try to prevent attacks on the-Nationalists and attacks by the Nationalists on the mainland of China, largely because we were anxious to keep our passageway clear and unmolested from Japan to Korea. We did not want anything to occur that might stir up trouble with China. tThe fiction has, of course, been kept up that the Red Chinese troops fighting in Korea are vol- Sleek, medera styllag la fleem lf chreme aad elastic Table aad fear natchlaf chairs are s10 re-establish our old friendship with the people of China unless Stanaiaa modem waterfall cedar chest! Geniiae wal-aat veneer filly cedar Used.

S4M5. the Chinese Government is will lacladed. ISt.t S. ing to allow the United Nations OEUVfRS OEUVCRS to hold and supervise a free elec tion in Korea and to leave, that V7 nation free to accept whatever can be done by the U.N. in the 9 way of rehabilitation.

Then and then only could we begin to talk directed, by Ida Lupino, the actress, and "playing at the SHUBERT, isn't it Its Screenplay, direction and acting simply aren't powerful, real or even convincing enough and it runs to tedium. It early waters down the problem by having the girl victim run away and find shelter at the orange ranch of a kindly couple and solicitude from an understanding. over. the whole subject of the present-day position of the Chi nese people and their two Hollywood Bed Outfit handsome young minister. This hearts and flowers routine is Ml Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatle They MATTRESS SPRING SET OF LEGS HEADIOARD A sapewelae la cemfertl Fall ar twia site yaa aet a aiattrett, tprlaa.

headbaard aad leas far aaly DELIVERS complicated by the girl sinking a spanner wrench into the skull of a youth who makes a casual pass at her at a dance, but not for long. As the girl, Mala Powers, who will soon be seen in more important roles in "Cyrano" and "Edge of Doom," is the best thing in the picture and displays some sensitivity, but the direction has led her too much into a startled-doe style of acting. Tod Andrews, seen here on the stage in "Summer and Smoke," doesn't succeed in registering his usual talent as the minister. Merely looks noble. For the Comic Section have to ride a long ways, podnuh, before you find a sillier Western than "DALLAS." a Technicolor creation at the FOX.

This, if pushed just a little further, would be the definitive burlesque on the current crop of Civil War sagebrush, sagas you know, the Confederate colonel whose family has been cruelly wronged by Yankees (usually vaguely renegade) ir the war, and who turns outlaw In the West afterwards to track down the malefactors, undo a bit of evil, or just keep on fighting the war. (Merely for an innovation, why not make it an Eastern and have the Reb track down the villains in Boston or the Bowery?) Unfortunately in this, the cast takes its duties seriously and comes off with some performances which would have a hard time getting by on a showboat and that Indictment includes Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman, Ray mond Massey, and Steve Cochran. The director seems to be under the impression that the country around Dallas is mountainous and that Gary could be pursued at a dead gal lop by a posse the 20 miles from Fort Worth to Dallas without bis horse even blowing The second feature "SOUTHSIDE MOO" li the standard 3-Pc LIVIUG-ROOM GROUP BUNK BEDS Tflr cn! s5 tS last MrM, s5Ky but we'll lJmxLw 1 1 0 task bads with sprite, ladder aad aaerd reiL Caalce aff welaat ar ssapla flahb. Chreate ana coach aad twa etchiaf tables ia fhis thr piece frees the caeca ceaverts lata cearierteMe bad at aliht, Slt.f I ceaiplete. DfUVHS DfUYIKS PHONE OLIVE OPEN NTTES TIL 1111 i onsAnt semi, coal coki ce.

T-man undercover counterfeiter-catching melodrama, with Don Before, but at that it's better done and more interesting than the A. FREE PARKING 2524 WASHINGTON. JUST EAST OF GRAND..

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