The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DKCKMKliK 2-1, 1930 m.YTllRVHJ.K. (AUK.) COURIER NK\VS PAGE FIVE? CLASSIFIED ADS TYPO cents a word lor flrst Insertion and one cciu a wont lor cadi subsequent insertion. No liken for. less tlian 50c. Count Ihe words and send the cash. 1'hone 30U • © /93O bytl£A .__^.WV__£fS^£Li^£i " •Wl™**' "*" MINK AUSi IN cujiiho-tsQJf' 'int BIM.K PIGEON' *IHE AVliNGlNG PAWOT "MURDER BACKSTAYS' OUR HOARDING HOUSE von SALE IIKIJIN Ill-Mil? TODAY Jt'AMTA SIM.m l» inurdiTrd nr litMKr. SUMlik'Inu rent* mi I.VIIIA ('Aim, Hit tnnlill PI.U1IA J'll.KS. In Mln'n i-lokKl nt Clit HIM;- el llu ..... inti-r, n-nillnt; » ni>T? ivlilrli N|U> llilnli* U trout KIT litliN-uHl. Inn uhlcli IK ri'fillj- from ' BEST OFl'ER—for Cash or take Suike Truck for complete set ol! store fixtures at. 42-1 Ash St. 8-door . Refrigerator, Scales, Show Cases, I Stove Griddle, 36-lcol black and j orange shelving, Counters, Tables, > Chairs, Etc, Must be sold at some ; price. Make me oiler. I.aster, iiwl Ash Street. 2<H'-K26 . Mln'H litvrr mid iiiirliier In Ijlnrk- niall, rind nn It U. I'll HAM-MOM), IT'-.MBtll 10 Nlln. l.ji'.li: !ian lici'ii nrnt"':-nUy elcnrcj. nnd f£l\r« Hn ailfjl FOE .SpnmiU'i J{:il|kli't ItiiKicrtirc nlfcu i-rriiii. uvimrcnl. SIWIAI. IX- vrK'iUi.rrou in \m:i: unm* r.'i" if. liiiei\v ubii imld Mm >'.!!> d!!:i In iliimUtiin, [tml ivliy. Al (lit 1 lli:firr.vT, k]irrlnl slrr*.* tx In!'! mi FOR KENT Uiumin did Ihr Jnl>. kilindi't- It-nrua fnuti l.ydln PKVVV CllAI.V. llu- dMrl FOR RENT -- Four room house, ! newly papered and painted in- ; side. On paved street. Garage. L Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. i 1BC-TF i IN DELl^FOR RENT— 3 room j house, SS.OU; 4 room hou.->c. 511. 1 L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 18C-TP nnd nr- fnllu-T C. Ilint Mil- ........ iium-*! (tn- Xrllin h. liiiTi' I* |ini!i-tlily >[:rir j-viTrc (:•:: |,lnr|. In 11,1- ha,,,,., li I* th'r'a npinliin llml Ihp Kim M:<\hii Kili-iivcr, hclnnulnj; ,irmn: « UISH.U.I,. Mm 1 , inmi- Itir-l. :irt> hidden llu'rr. I.ydla iilih-e (lip ilrrns fi FOR RENT—Sleeping room in steam heated home on Main st. Two young men preferred. Address H Courier News. iGc-kti FOR RENT—Well furnished front room, bath aiul garage, S3 per week. 505 Park St. Phone 503: Ml FOR KENT—Two room apaitment, furnished. Steam heat. 201 Lake Street, Call 443. 23P-K27 lip CTe [' ..... i? ii:^i<* rnr iik-turf t.>dl:i -.iiji, she ilur ^Iii.m Mia tcnrcd, mill IK-II Slirrmtip cniilrlvril rii'n S-l Millet, rliiK- In LyJIn' nilirrM nin> hnvi- Uno%vn il. mill In It. 't kucnr i'lls nf n l!ic< lnt;i- - C-,-N|I liiii]^!- nfliT lh< un) lii» llilnu» linvr dnni- niitli- r l!ntltt>il time-, Dun- look for thp hlillnp ril Mm co n\ \s'HH Tin: sTom CIIAPTRR XXXI Fl'KR ii solid liour of havil an icmutu Iliuirlcc ast halt an liour. Nndil S clotlics close!. lilcs Hurt been l.l. in l!ic jliiivo lieon used even in so sh ; H H K H vvn u wns . . 4 i,* vhi!, Xiu , , j " A a ' < ! «'«"• I"^ M °w «"> laivers "hi ,k'"r? m''d:r-,'m-fiaM,' !«''<" ° ( r bedside labli-. No CalM- 'sln-lf nnd pole. H lio hud not hceu l bomlolr e!i:ilr or Hialic tongue-, j looking for KCMCthliii; odd, how. lio had evtsi lafcei^cvpryJiook ^ Vl , r _ hq , adil!owloilgl ., a ,„ i, im self. ic'a'r Hie uorlli r inu-r nf :'M mum. anyone i'Vc-1 iiolico tho hack walla ,ud liad satlKik'd !ii";yrll that no FTIiJ cio.-:e Iu • [i.'ciinii ot Hie balh- '••' fouin and hid; ha!l. mum which bodrnom opened, liad proved 13 fruitless, altliou^h lie liad re- uovcd every diav.-er from the Ins Inen press which stood hi tlio hall, mil nieasincd spaces to a fraction of an As for l!;e walla, thef were, except for tho doors, unbroken expanses of tinted plaster. And yet— Ho stejipcd Into Hie clothes closet again, hammer In hand for a fresh ,Z of ttio cedar-board walla Xuthiui; here. . . . And then be ot elo.iels? Euro of llir, result, ho with his linger li|is upon tlio luwor nd of tliat sluul piece ot board. And slowly It Bwimt; inward, tlio lop'part :.billing outward. lio had found tlio sectet hiding place. And Dundee silently aareei 1 willi Jnrtfio MuT.hall that it "llio simplest ami most arraiiiieiiient you ever Ba\v, was notliiak' inore or for tlian a •il ImiiK [lie hat nf I'very fii-Knii !;o liail burn Ntta's BU«I. either 'r Inlilto or coektailc, (lull filial 11 it unlay ndcritooii! Ami to Ibis I'losct, (o rolileve 1ml, i-k. or—in (lie enso ot llio wuiiiou. fii.nner coat and linl—liml coino ry person who luul lm-:i icil und then bearehfd by ibo Diiinko Irled to reeaplure [>!duro of the slniuncdu whleli upon \\\i prrnil.-siiiii 3 to KO in llielr lionii-!.. llul it wns useless. He luul n.iynl In t l ie living room with Slrawn, bad t;:licn not tin: sll:;hli'Fl Intciivl I'm fcraiulde for hals, dial;; a:;il .tlrlis. Vor Klinwn luul ru'ci!" 1 .--!)' . Hsuri'il him that tlie iuid been thoiou^lily sciu\heil. Su quickly (hat ho felt shelly ,'i\.'.'/.y, Dundee's Hum^hl* ariiuud the new dii'uoviTV. my hat to HdKer I ,.; lal , Ke d (..verythhiB. pf cuni.;i>. ulu-lf set he-tweeu tho two closcls hi tliose 11 inches ot tuiaceoni.led tor space. "1 l:ikn oft A FI'KU a solid honi ffiiit!cF;s work. I! was fovctd to aihnit ruefully to himself Hint bis parting words to Cr;,i:i!" Dundee rellcckd. "No bur-; ,\::yonu of half a dozen Klar Iu the world would ever have I,•,•;:!;! !;nvo arrived nidi the tapped agr.iii. his oar against Uiu | ilnaiijlil of pressing upon a short '... . M1 | silencer—not loi;i-llu r. end wall of the closei—llio svall ipuco of hoaid In a foyi-r ch.sct, in'.,- L >t>nr.-i\ lieeanso of ihe farlheM from Hie side porch. . . . I search of a. fate. . . . llnl bow did i;. |i B tb—ami SL'Izid lii Yes! Tlicro was a faiinly hollow' echo of Ihe hammer strokes! Excitement blazing high again, be look Ihe tape measure witb ^ wbleti be bad provided himself (.'iij ltl[> |. u ll<lhiK „[ his house, had suil-juasier Mian tn rylrk'vc the wen:-m bis way out, and calculated llic|,j t jil.v conceived Hits brllliaul aniljafiu- ptriiilsFhiit hail bo.-n panted lenglh ot Hip closei from end lo| s i m| d e ;da,i, and br.d lipped one ofjln all lo reliirn to llulr liomeaf end. Six feet. . . Ji:d:;c Marfliall know ot its existence';" rificntcd hy Nlla's licln^ alone in :KT Ijcilrooin lo sslicol licr. Tlio only answer Dundee could :<:i. : lcr, (hen. than to hide the think of was Hint ('rain, HvcisetiiH! hm on Ibis secret shelf. 1 And WANTKD \VANTED — Family Washlnss. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TP POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TP LOST "AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TP the carpenleig to carry It out luul hecn vilolly ni-ccrsiry. ti.n. Emcrfing from the clo?r-l hej|,| m Possibly, or" probably, ho had |lo retrieve Ibo v:c:i|:oi!. Blncc any the district attorney bad jnumktl K-loscd his eyes In an effort to re- ! bragged lo Clivo or linlph Hum- lano-enl nienihcr of lliiii pans li^e a youthful hoast. And so far j call in exact detail the architect's : mill ], iii s nicliltccts. of h;a clever • mlphi liavo rcuienibeved latir to il had proved to he a woefully ] L-lucpiint of the lower wbicli ' imomion. And tbe 1 lamiamid hoys : ncalion HIV secret hldl;:- |i!iiri> m csnpiy l.' I Coroner Trice had submitted to hi.; ' | :a ,i |, : , syc d on llic inforiinition to Hie imlic;: -::ei-:-et nu liin;;, r slm-u For Tiijwl-cre In l!ie house Roger |J" r >' "' lllc 'Muesl that ^momLiis. j Jm^., Marshall when, after Craiu':; jjiid^e lliu-siiaU h;.d go;fil[.eil Ciaiu lir.d huilt ........... ____ ...... - wall ot iNlta'a clojhes closet was . i ieoolllo t | 1L . nrojierty ot the ex-; - fhm ai , ct |irr thorn;!!: boiled nu ,,„,, Am .nnAc,\ intention. In the ALL I ,. ..."'MSiCE OF AWoR, is CfURlTV wJAS WEL(- DOME, AMD "Trie MAPAM HAS AS^EP ME -To ALL To IrlE TOR A SMACK OF SAMPWICHE5, COFFEE i OWE PURIMO A BROOM SK'IRMISI-I WE \<JILL SIW(3 SOM£ MERRV OLD NUL-E Hrliiu tiad been murdered could (he ilctcclive fi:id nnytlilne remotely LOST—Ladies brown with green leather lining. Finder call 367-W or Courier News. Reword. 23-k31 PERSONAL coticenlcd safe. The tv.-' plainch'J^cf:iicn Slraun bad detailed to guard llic- bruise and lo coritlnuc tlio search for the missiiiB Kiiu and Kilenrer looked on wiib uu- co:icfale;l nnm^enieiit as Duiuke tapii-.'d ivaHF, f.csrs and ceilings iti a luiiui 1 llial i;cen:etl to be excyp- -f. ot archiUclnral ccceu- . also the back o! llio guest closei; jll tn tbs little foyer that lay liefwc.-n | rhos( , llKn;} , !lts rus ,, ci ] ,| lrollli i, 1:(!W t i lc - orv . w i- lU [l1: . CJ , n ,l BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HOOTS' PARTY By Martin Nilii's bedroom and Ihe main hall I ,.j, mi|1|) .,. ^ ,,.,,,,„,,„ t c .,,,|, Mx d . ••],„„ 0 , i,,',;,,,,-' l, :1V c'-ibat m.ise \Vilhiu 10 mluults, laucli layi: !S - l!lc shclf „„.„,.,.!, tl , L> MleA nftm \ tts i which Horn Mile;, nincoalcd In llnnally triciiics. I'ir.aliy lie grew tired of rlb.ild cciumciil? and brusr.uely ordered iheni lo make a now end j e5d::;:;livc tenrcb of the unused LIJI: .U,,L- iKcaon.v " i viic K«n and sili-titiir must Iju hern. .Vila's c!,;su. a startling result. Ir.steail i si|[ce (hvy ((| ., ul , )0 ]]Q 1 ., aco clsc , , Jmi ,, cc ,,.,,, ,, m| pl)£ ,, lvCi „,„.„ ing a wall iu Common, tho, _ ])ut (1 , 0 s]lc | t was ljarc K%K]A • i.,.,]^ i l; ,,| di::coverrd llio Finiler.V. closei nnd Nitas cloll.c-s | foi . ;l sniall ,,,..,,. fcos . faslcuc d oaly ' c!erl;-!c bull, In llic ];l, : l,roii?.5 losel were separated by exaelly )!' |y .. c .,. ] . | ],, iii:, mule disappoint-', lamp, that il-i p^ilinn l ;1 .\i- i;1 - 3 n.cbes! Why tlie waste space? '1 k'. : • !l . 0 , ll u n ,, Afl , , ool; | iu i c imorost Iniin-mi hidicaled ilic pvo-;re:-: -,f in.) ,. ccllcctiou uf p-ctly luu ine:;pcn ,.r the min-dmi— il!-:M bluclirlnl, b'carinj; liie liniirinl ot | IV.cir ; L l' e ! ]- rcllil!er "; Ilaniinoud £ Maai- s , ve jev^hy-Nlui's trinkets, un |o:i;illy acroLs the vconi lov.^vii Uu %va - lci: ' lllJ i iloubtecily —v.'lntli tbo brass box ! b,-.c!i ball. But now— routalried. ... No wcddins r'u: C1 '- ' ainoiiii t!:ci;i. . . . Ill spile i'[ bin ! rr.or.d. showed no sucu ' <• • • i cl " )1)> ' Uolc Exultantly, WILL GIVE lO'.c of receipts to unemployment relief. Haircut j 25c, Shave lac. Work Guaranteed. C. E. Bradley Barter Shop, 318 E. Main. 18C-K3l> New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. Cotton closed steady. open hijli Dec. Dec. Jn.i. Jan. Mar. .May July Oct. 2-t New Old New Old 907 9C7 9S5 957 KI3 1020 1046 10S1 915 974 974 068 1002 loiv 964 OUT 9G5 037 902 1030 1020 1053 1043 !071 1061 91-1 C72 063 993 1028 1052 107D Spots steady a' SE5, np 5. New Orleans Cotton .NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 24 (UP) — Cotton c!o.-,ed sltady. open hi?l'. low close Ucc. 973 973 963 im Jan. 930 075 906 97-1 Mar. 09-1 1C01 992 1000 Mar 1020 1037 1016 1024 Jill" 104'J 1050 1C42 1048 Oct. 10SO 1038 1060 1064b S;:ots steady at 919. up 7. A Illtle (!a::hcil, l)nr.d:c> retunu^. apiu ei:•; a mon? t!:ci:i. . . . to tbe licdruoni. Tin-bh; laiaii was portions c,f die bastmcnt—tl«.s=, tol '° [| XUa ' ii '' los01 - • 111li W2IU ovo] In spile nl bin chaKrin at nr.i. v. berc be li.'.d li. it ^v.i it-iibnu dai'k. l:nHo:iiOil ivplon?. v.'ltb their ' evt -' r - v ' :!c1 ' " r llli; '-arriiv.-. hji i n;;n:n^ tl'i' -.•.in;, Ijnnd'.c Misdird t!ie:,i funi li;yond t!iu \.illiinv.- in.-!!•>•::*. nclv.cvks of ivater ar.d sawasc. '-oncil ctd-r boards, winin fornuo ^~,,,} e nKtlnui^u whieli Hnaer'ilic r"r t -:i. ar.d nt Hie brad u.' ibo jiipre. licavily insubtcil cables oi l">c end wall. But l:c met witii r.o fj,..;!,,-;, la^-imity had conceived.' ciLr.'so lonsue which iv.-.a IK-', b^ electiic v.-irej, rnlrivcbby rnfiers.; rev/aid. Not tbrousb Ibis v.-nrl:- :[.-..„,„ t |, c m :t!lde. Ibc c-isl:t-i.ifb. Iv.c'.a Ibe tv.u west ivlsiriuv.-j, slopics banlis of earth, and rou;;b ! "icnlllie, solidly con:tiiieled wall. ] 0] ,j t |, „; [.„..,.,] nttod pninnliily, giv- i uiirre. nrcordlni; to t.ydb. Iho shelves iiulilini; empty fruit jari. 1| " (1 ar ' oponiiis bcca made. . . • j ni , ::0 tiuiic.^lieii v.-hatevcr Hint it'lnnin always slood. Tbe to;)-lr,na and Ibpior lollle? —\vhlch con- i liul in tbe foyer ';l-;;t he ren:l • K;l .- ntiii'i'v.-iso v:b?.t il scented :co:,M:iy slac!;!y :ilu:iK T.rj lluor lidFtc:! sburply ivitil tl'.e neatly- a differeiit story. Its li^ei: w;:ll | —pnrl of ;i rhr.ijily b' = iU ivrdl. linl |tl:L- ivnll, anil t-x;c:nli-d In the cciiu! aad r^iiie'iit-tloorf'd de-Ian amateurish "in'ts cki-et j Duuikc'^ SV.isldi^i-.; jibiied uron ibc, double oullu'i ^n ibe bascb.janl l. i e- vr!r;I in finnnrc. Ir.nudry ainl : wns nol cerlar-finet]. n j n'as Xlt^'f, I 1,^ vl--:l e' 1 'o- nf bnlli ti'e rbnrt i liiiMf the lj!ii' : :<-are. ... .1 us3id's 100:11. Dundee bimseif hail! but v:;i5 painted ihrou.alioiil in toft.hcnid and tbe t'.v;i nei:;bborii:s ' conl! RIVOII li;oau rcsicas only a cursory' ivory. IJi;t it was tbe bai'I; V.-.-1I I piaiiha III'|V,TJ:I wiiicb II fined. p,,^., ini-p;.'lion ivitil bis lia.i'iiiight. lor i of the cksel In vbicb niii-.dce v/ar, i ~(] }u pivi'lins arr.niseinent v:a."'of n::;i;i:c it was bi:;nly imprnliable ibat N'i!a ' intercsicil. Unlike the other walls.! ihe r.iiupli-^t, the sni;:ll niciiel-! |, t ,n om ,Suli:n would have made use of a | «btch v.vre of platter. t!ie ba<-'.: was; pintcd pinv:; briii;; sol ibe j y c .., -j sccrel hi'liii-; plnee for her jewelry j constructed nf si::-i;-.cli v/ii'.e I.-LMINS I sl:i,rt li.\-.rd r.::d i!>o ober iv.-n ; co ,.,i and v:!li::s;:lc papers, if that biding •—tbe ebcrp!:e3s of t!ie lumb-r no;' &•..;,•„- wiili cn.all :-;-!-e-,vs wiiidi dl;i ct ti .,.. ]il-..ce v.-ere luericd in such dark,' ctnieiobd by it:; coat of ivory paint, i nr.s pierce Dielr painictl outsii'.u sur-1 C ;, S y ( awesome tiirroiinJinss. j •""« Fclf-rc.-p;cliny luil'ler lir.d put I (aoo. pcneil: Xe,. Tbe hidins place, if it really | j" (!lat v ' aU at i ''' oa ' 1 ' hor: ' ; '' li: " i j . » - -^ s ;, nt . j,.,d involfr.sni-ilj Inhcii a cxlslcd—and il must exist— bml boards. . . . VTIR cariouily r:t!i:-:[lfd. Dundee i-J.-jp »r o,"i siep; li:n.-:ci\ jrd, htcn within easy reach of Nils | And Hun, directly beneath Hie! .11 s t»pi.Ml i:i:t of ll:c cbis-.t i:;lo|iiu;!l lil ; .taut hi" 1 raniu.l in ibn and bedecking herself for shelf wbli-h was set ic^nlatimi' ( ], 0 t i, iy f oyi . f . ]i, ? v . r . s ;.!,(„;; io;li) ; :p of ilcclric cjfi!, cansins tiio on liis hnnils nnd !mre3 v.-i:n(. ti> ofsr unili-r llic low phMt'iil tbe b»Dl;rase. . . . i-- pn^i :"d [iln^ of tbe b.:i>.p , ;1 ;,.,,, { Cv ;. c ,i alnnial out |..., .1, a ,| Ci -i,a! H V.-.TS s i.;i;:-.liz-.' li~d bap- Ti;n nnrdeAr. nftiv i:riii'4 a part:-. OT t.yd:a Carr rniibl rot Itcipin, j::sl above, the pole on -.vV.ini have bc.-n kept iu conijlele 131101-- .swung a dozsii cont baa;;-:!'.! ance of its loeatiou. Witb that conviction In n'.iad. . Dundci 1 rclnrnrd tn XiEa's hcdrcim.; A to which be had already devoted at i f ^ j dee found what be v»*as looking fur. I ^ • • SlIOItT length of tbe board. [111! Llil> 1'JMI. J 1«. \..L^ i-ui'i.i iu nj.-ji ^L ti^n.n. w^.i., t '"n '• 1 " le-avn when 11 i:r;-!;;e n-iitli <'ra. ; !ied|bi^ lanin to ba llii-nvu rinloiuly tbroi!4ii bis mind inn! fro^c lii:i to the lli:or. 01 hoard, a queer Ecr::n_ ID. Thij v.-as the jaini-t I in' v.-all i:':ar v.-b:,:b it stnnd. . . . I'.ut who"; CT | Anyone ox aalt a do^en people! — Id: ..' clr.:-ct! In ill (Ti* Lie Coliliniicil) THE IU,,\CK CAT COFFEE SHOl'I'E Notv announces nciv monthly rales for regular patrons. 3 regular meals daily— SM per month. Sin|lc Meal—oOc. Hate Lunch 40c .i'ier News Want Ad*. NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S then call on Miss Lena Brand, DETROIT. (UP)—Uiieinpicy:nen. ! ftclcrr.1 unemployment commission. SALE. i depiily coiiniy auditor. Slic'd be ir.-! In Miciik'.in outside of tX-trci!. 'Tr.c survey embraced 84 cities hav- N'oticc is hereby given thai the. tercslcd. Recently tv:o men called amount.-, to only •'.& per coin of : ing a tiital {wpiilation of 1.133.000. underM5ii-;d. as "commissioner of! at her office ivith 3S2 pairs cf rab [ the population, "accDrdin:; to a re-! Of this total flaure only GG.270 are Ihe Chancery Court for the Chick-' tits' cars r.nd they had to be coiint- ' ten; special survey made by Ihc ! unemployed. asawba District of Mississippi, cd before a county tiunly of eight f.i;:(o i:eu2i-l:nui:L of labor and in- \ County, Arkansas, acting under j cents y.?r pair \vas paid. . dns:ry for Fred C. Croxlon. of Ihc-i Read C; and by authority of tile decree • rendered on the 24th day of Feb- j ruary. 1930. in a ctusc- Iherein: pending wherein E. G. Robinson Lumber Company, Inc., was, jjljin- tiff nnd Church of God, el al.. I iverc defendants, \vill. on the 13th I day of January, 1931, at the court' in Blytheviile. offer for sale FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MKKUY CHIUSTMAS EVE'. Jly Blossei HAY O;:c bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on. 88c bu. Shuck off, 86c per bu., in car lots. Cotton Stiles Sales Co., Inc. Blytheviile. Ark. Phone 174 or LD 1806. PAVING TAX Time (o pay Paving Taxes is lolling short. The penally is :on high for anyone lo neglect Ja>ing before the books Close— flcttcr I'ay Now— C. J. EVKAiiD. f-ocal and long distance hauling. Sp.:cial rales on rnrload lots. Team for local liaulinj. V. K. WASHAM TRANSFER HCO Chickasav.hi I'honc 851 i| lo the highest bidder, upon a credit of three- months, t'.ie following described real estale located in i said District r.uri County. !o-wit: Lois Eleven (11) and Tv.clve (12), nice:-; Two i2i, Park Ari. ' elition to Blytheviile. The- purchaser v.iil be required to execute bond with approved security and a lien will be retained : upon the land as additional sc-1 curilj WITNESS my hand as such coin- : mltslonrr ar.d the seal of said i cciirt Ihis December 24. 1930. i (Seal) W. W. HOLLIPETER. j Commissioner.! Cecil Shane. Solicitor for Plaintiff 24-3! 7 liAUBiT EAIS COCNTEK ASKED RED BLUFF. Cal.. iUPi-I'c\- sons of an inventive turn of mind jhr.uid direct their efforts toward rabbit-car counting machines and Call WALPOLK I'or Klcctric Work Phone !U-l AUTO PAINTING \\c lull .irranitc tinic payments. Gel our prices and save. (icnuine Iluco \V. I. Dcntnn Chovrnld Co. Why Pny More Than Half Price Tor Auto Parts'.' JACKSON AUTO PARTS jiim Phone fili lln not delay tn p.i\ PAVINC AND SKWKK TAXES Dec. 31s; is the Day. i 1 .!! 1 today and avoid tlie rush. <;. (i. c'.u DILI., C'cilkrtnr. FRC.V, OWCLS HE COWMG...BJT l \jiAMT6O tT TO ILL S AU- SPG=O CEOCROS IM THE FUSiiT fJv'S THIS IS TOE HAPPIEST 1 CF THAT, HECE'Li. 3S A 7VIRILL! , KIOT Tto MUCH is paerrv vwaw ,>/T AMD NEEDS A PAOENTS A'BouT THEIR. GUM AMD HIS TURILUKIS VAU.6V OP- VJ^NISHSO _ By Crann Ntimaobt."8UT~\VS VOSVTWElN A SUKK SIGN r. WASH TIIHIiS UOOX. IM EN THF-T BOV'S w"To\;£-UOOKOUT! AIL CREATION'S '30tA TJ 60ST LOOSG; WtVl I SEE UiM OETTlHti OIPPN OilER (\ VAME PBtPARE F£R. TRttlBLE -W^, FAMINE,) Ut> Wttll.t HE (S GONE?

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