The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 3
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JULY 25, 1039 , '(ASK.)' CQUItlER NEWS Macs Map McNutt's Future AAA Sees Five Billion Spent By Vacation Travelers * WASHINGTON, July 25 (UP)Motor vacationing this year is moving toward a new record high and expenditures by automobile tourists probably will resell an unprecedented $5,000,000,000 total, according to the American Automobile Association. Gasoline snlcs already are 11 per cent higher than for the same period last year anil the number of persons visiting national parks surpass the 1938 figure, the AAA sold. A large percentage of the Increased traffic, the AAA believes can be attributed to interest In the' New York and San Francisco World's Fairs. The association said a poll of AAA members throughout, the country revealed that about 15 per cent, were planning to visit one of the fairs and that 8 per cent, were-planning to see both. Vacations Start Later The AAA predicted an increase In motoring vacations earlier this year but the gain failed to materialize until recently. AAA touring counsellors explained that many motorists delayed llieir vacations until closing of schools so thai the entire family conic] make the trip. With schools closed, the AAA said, routings handled by motor clubs have "swelled to record- breaking proportions" and long distance trips arc "far ahead of anything seen before in motor club history." As a' resvilt, the AAA has Increased its start by 40 pel- cent and is working at maximum capacity both day and night. More Foreign Autos Seen A feature of this year's motor travel, the association said, is the Increased number of foreign cars on 'American highways. The AAA attributed the gain to success of the recent convention of the international association of recognized automobile clubs which met In the United Slates for the first time. • • ', '"The visiting motor club officials were taken on a tour of interesting points along U. S. and Canadian highways," the AAA said. "They stated unanimously . that they would encourage their members "to bring their cars here for vacation motoring. . "Thus, motor clubs .throughout the world are spreading the advantages of the 0; S. ns a travel objective." :, •.'.: FACE THREE AND CEMCDEL ED 81FHI Questions and Answers , Q- How Ireiiuently need Require Evidence 0{ Dependability and Durability Before Approval Methods of construction which ^ B ->u up™ cinnniic enmimmr- aie not customary or not m gen-1 When it i s ncMKsury (o pulnt phis' eiaily accepted nracllce romtlro nn.' ler minn /•ni»n^iL.,.. ~r .. I...M.u.... does Iliishlni! '• If H Is u mwli'rlal that needs . "lint! In prevent corrosion, it should be Inspected nt least twice <?«C'!i year ( Q be sure Unit the protective coat of paint Is sllll Inlacl. Q. How long should plaster bo out before palnt- A. Pliislcr vvtills require several months lu dry, depending to » lainc decree upon climatic tho house. Wlrat cm, )m done tn correct this? A, (lie worn sill --!•-•••»' >uv: >\UI with a new one or insliill « saddle under Ihc door over present sill and weatherstrip boltoin ol Ihc door. Al Ihe a slight Helping to chart his own course, Paul V. McNutt talks over cam- nfgn plans with Frank M. Mclfaie, Indiana Democratic nullorml cainiiiHtccinnn who has charge of "McNutt-for-Prcsidenl" headquarters at Indianapolis. Uotli Macs look opthnlsllc. Cowboy of Old Wyoming Gives Way to Milkmaid in New Trend London Market Porters To Race Again Sept. 6 LONDON (UP)—The date for the annual 440-yard race for Lon don market porters carrying 12 half-bushel wicker baskets on their heads Ins been fi\ed foi bcpl C it the Herne Hill track. First -prize' -hitherto has been ti suitably mscilbed gold watch new suit of clothes and a new over coat piid for bj rlurlie Chaplin s donation-of '$100, GOOD FOR MALARIA! —And Malaria Chills and Fever! Here's what you want for Mala rin, lolks! Here's what you want for the awful chills and fever. It's Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! A real Malaria medicine. Made tualiy_ combats the Malaria infection m l!ie blood. It relieves the freezing chills, -the burning fever. It helps you feel belier fast. Thousands lake Grove's Tasleless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even children take it without a whimper. Don't suffer! At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasleless Chill Tonic. At ail drugstores. Buy Ihe large size as it gives you much jnore .for your money. BUY HOW PAY THIS FALL! FIRES, TUBES, RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY ft FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Wione 633 • Always Open AFTON, Wyo. (UP)—The milkmaid is replacing the cowboy on the broad plains of Wyoming. The great herds of beef eatlle still are there—behind fences now —hut dairy cattle arc growing in number and Wyoming now ranks fifth in the nation in the production of Swiss cheese, with an annual output of 1,250,000 pounds. The hard-bil.len cattle barons of 50 years ago frowned on milk cattle, and raised few other than lor their own supplies of products. With the present decline in beef markels and the increased trend in the stale toward agriculture, dairy cattle become more numerous each year. Cheese experts say that the Wyoming product compares favorably with Ihal of foreign manufacturers. The Slar valley, in west-central Wyoming, is Ihe heart of the dairy producing industry. In- 1927- a cooperative firm was formed with 27 members lo bijild a cheese factory for, production of milk products. Experts > tried to discourage tlib 'idea, but^it 1 proved ^a-'succcss from the beginning. Today the vnlle)' supports five cooperative production centers and six factories with its annual output of 800,000,000 ,pounds of mil);. Negro 4-H Clubs Stage Osceola Rally The Seventh Annual 4-H Club Rally nt Osceola held by negro boys nnd girls representing 25 of th<? 28 communities in the county where 4-If Clubs arc organized, Ideal grass nnd climatic conditions in tills picturesque region have aided In earning for more limn half of the dairies contributing to (he cooperative concerns grade-A ratings. Eight thousand co«'s are represented In Die products of the coo|)e ( ratives and fnclories, according to nn estimate by George Kniitson of the Wyoming .livestock nnd crop reporting service. Fremont county, in central VVy- Ing? iT,, rc<llllre «P- |f•/"">» mnpMloi, of ,i bull Hug. Ihc Federal Housing Ad- It Is advisable to iiso cold wntcr ministration before mortgage-In- P«Int which is oblninn'blo in vnrl- svirniicc commitments will be Issued o«s colors. All piaster wnlls after on homes built unilcr such methods. I lwhi|! Ihcronghly dried should re- riequesls, In general, for ap-!ceive n coat ol slzlne before nn- provnl from PIfA' on. new methods .Plication of oil paint or wallpaper of (-rnstrncHnii climil.f l, n !„ _..i.. ' «"">Juj)-.i. Q. Tlie front-door sill lins worn so that ah ami even rain come into ,.„„. , (MJ , v flltKIH extra cost, wrolliorslrlpplng tim be placed all uroiuid me door, \vhlch will Increase (ho protection. house Unit \v 1>s recently Ims old pine tloorliur. in iniiny of ihi! room;-, u ] ms i, 08 i m (0 splinter, and there mo depressions II front of the doorways. Can the of construction should be made only In connection with an application for mortgage Insurance, FIIA officials explain. However, In Instances -where there Is general indication that the melhcd of construction will have wide use, request for approval of the method may be made without the necessity of submitting an application for mortgage Insurance. , When good matcrlnls and good workmanship are used, the following customary methods of construction are. In general, acceptable by PHA on homes given ns security for Insured mortgages. 1. Wood frame. wit-It wccrt siding or shingles. 2. Wood frame with masonry veneer. 3. Wood frame with stucco. 4. Brick masonry or block. masonry 5. Poiired-ln-plncc concrete. 0. Adobe brick. Sponsors of new methods of construction should demonstrate Hint the method proposed is dependable and durable. FHA's Technical Division will usually require evidence " . tvt'-vj, tn \,nn,t en '*j ii.iiium wii^ iiaiiutiy icClllirc CVKlCllCC oming,-has showed the 'most, rapid i to show ndcqimte tests demonstrat increases in dairy product output lug the characteristics ' of' the during thq last, few years. A cooperative factory was constructed last year nt Hudson. Equipped willi the most modern machinery, the factory has earned an envious reputation for Its products, experts say. Knulson said that although the 1938 figure of 04,000 has Increased from 3,980 pound!! to 4,230 pounds. He estimated that creameries throughout Wyommg annually produce 2,794,273 pounds of butter, 321,181 gallons-of Ice cream, 12,788 gallons of -sherbet, 4C3.232 -pounds of American'cheese, 72,825 pounds of cottage cheese, -157,094 pounds of dried milk, 82,701 pounds of dried cnscin nnd 7,000 pounds of Minister cheese. . was very successful, according (o Mary M. Banks, nnd Win. S. Barnbin, local negro extension agenls. Seven hundred seventeen 4-H club members, and 2C3 leaders, visitors and friends were in attendance. Tliis was by far the largest attendance in the history of the rally. The theme "25 Years of Extension Work" was carried throughout the program. In the progress reports given by each club secretary, a brief history of the accomplishments of the various clubs was given. The group singing was one of the most outstanding, and enjoyable, parts of Ihe program. E. tf. Burns, South Mississippi county agent, spoke briefly to the large group, stressing the Importance of keeping accurate records on all work done by the club members. D. W. Lee, movable school farm agent gave a p brief talk on the history of extension work among negroes in Arkansas, and gave some instances of I Career As Chemist Is Plan Of Amon R. Bpwi Anton R.-Bowie,-who was graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fnyetlcvllic this year, wil leave some lime tills week for SI Louis where he will begin his work as .1 chemist, If present plan; materialize. Mr. Bowie received n Bachelor of Science degree with a major- In chemistry froin the university June 4. Ills first two college years were spent nt Sunflower Junior college ut Moorhead. Miss., at which time he was making his home in Weir Miss. He Is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs W. F. Bowie of the Gosnell-Cdlu- met vicinity. His father is manager of the Ford Brothers plantation. At the greatest known ocean depths, there Is n pressure of six tons to each square Inch of surface. .- . Scientists In Soviet Russia are preserving valuable records by printing them in reduced size on thin sheets of plntlmim. outstanding 4-H club members In K. I "11 Ihe Stale, including some in Mis- INQlTlSC) of the Lions sissippi county. Miss E. M. Parker, movable school home agent stressed the vital point of cooperation of Ihe parents with the Ijoys and p girls in providing them with the i various malcrials, etc., to make It possible tor them to carry on successful projects. The morning program was intelligently presided over by Little Miss Marie Currie, Carson 4-H Club member and president of the 4-H county council. Two barrels of tasty lemonade \vcrc consumed by the group during the dinner hour. Grader Home Demonstration Club provided a very good dinner for! some 15 out. of town guests who had come for the rally. Miss Emma-, Cox had some 1000 club members, leaders and visitors ns her guests for the picture show in the afternoon. Last year St. Francis county relieved Mississippi county of the coveted loving cup and the leaders, club members and ngents have made plans lo bring it back from the annual 4-H club short course and round-up to be held in Pine Bluff at Slate College on August 15, 16, and 17th. !o clever were ancient Roman cooks that they could serve a whole pig, roasted on one side and boiled on the olhcr. Rend Courier Nims want ads. Chosen by fellow Lions tn convention at Pittsburgh, Pa., Alex- vn^r?; Wells ' Ebove - <" «*«» York City. b new presid(m , of organization. J! e was first vlca president during pas , ycar> method and jnnterials used, Claims of sponsDrs of new methods of construction should ue supported by evidence, together with descriptions, drawings, photographs, and samples'of the materials. Flooring For Sun Deck Home Problem The home owner seeking a suitable Mooring for his patio or sun deck-may find Ihc solution to his problem in slate-surfaced asphalt planks. This brightly toned plank Is in harmony with the typical vivid colors of the patio and garden settings. Essentially n standard asphalt plank, It contains n dense surfacing of colored slal,e particles thoroughly embedded into the top surface. Porches, decks nnd (ratios may be covered with the planks with funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan 'of Ihe Federal Housing Administration, Drainage System For Roof Needs Design An ideal drainage system must be. designed so It will carry away the water shed by the roof most efficiently, FHA omcials say. Roofs, flashings, and valleys should be built to shed the water and turn it toward gutters mid outlets ns fast as possible. Glitters and leaders should have capacity for the maximum amount of water and yet not loo large to be wasteful. . • .. mndi' of m t 8 i,t , wovo bo repaired? A. If (ho (loorlnx nlge-grnln bo.wls, u o pracllcn] to scrape mul snnilimper t lo n level nnd satisfactory (in|sh. f H Is miulc of nut-Ki-nlu conrds t would be better to have new lloorlng inld, H Is advisable to consult n c'oiniii'U'iil, carpenter 1 ' ...n Horn CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Insulation For 1'ijKjs AH hot water plumbing Unas nre regimlod ns n source of hcnt loss bemuse or the amount of pipe surface exposed compared' to amount of hot wntcr carried. order to minimize such losses > the pipes mill hot wntcr lank should be Insulated. The Modernization Credit Plan of (he Fi'dernl Housing Admlnis- ImUcn offers a means oC obtaining funds for Insulating Umks and hot walcr pipes. The funds arc nd- Yiinccil by lending Institutions nual- ifled by the PHA wlieu It is ratal, and this should be repaired Immediately when it occurs. A cord which has stretched will prevent tlic sash from going to the top of the window. . All qt these window repair*- i»ny be financed with funds oblnlniiblo from Qualified lending Institutions under Ihu ModeruiwUlou Credit Plan ol the Pcdend Housing Ad- minlstrnllou. Floors That "Swc.'it" When floors .sweat U is usually due to the fact thai Ihe inalcrlnl Is unusually cold nnd, when coming Uilo conlacl with warm nir conlaln- 1»B a relatively high degree ol moisture, n condensation results This condition Is not easily controlled, the most practical remedy being well -' regulated voiililiUlon and ample sunlight. Itenalr Faulty Sashes A window snsh may slick for number of reasons, but, regardless of what they are, Xlic snsh should I be repaired, as few minor things' about, the home can be ns annoying as sticking windows. In Die case of excessive moisture the wood in the siisl d Its fruiiie swells, and Nils' swelling causes the sash to bind. This (rouble usiinlly appears when the wood begins (o dry. Before any corn-dive work is' undertaken the home owner Is advised to sec if a thorough crating of beeswax or pnrrnfln relieve Ihc friction, A brckcn sash-weight cord will leave the window without support Sofk'iim Kcilncii Corrosion The ivnler supply or ninny sections of llio country contains clc- mcnls that have a corrosive effect on plumbing. In such cnscs, water softeners nmy be Installed that will remove corroding subslnnce.s', at Ihc siune time serving, to "soften" Ihc water.. Read Courier News want arts. Waterproof Quality I W i'l n t Is Need In Roof waterproof prelec- tion « 111 nlivnyK IK; Din first cssen- llu! of « t'oixl roof, l.'cdcial Housing Administration ornddls say a •"...imin/ii umiLuis f>«y. viivnu iiuKsing Aumuiistrat l!u\m<x llip i«ol mitsi satisfy "'« vvnll covering, when used nnolhor Injporliint Decaiise the roof . s Ihc largest single nrcn In the house and the dominant feature of Its exterior, It, should be In complclc linr- mony bolh wllli Ihc style of- hrchl- tecturo and (lie color of the bnlld- 1 ig. Oulstde nppenranco Is nn Impor- Innt fuctor lu home vnlue Icdny, move tlmn ever be lore. Homo buyers and home owners want a roof which cmphti sizes the chnrncter of the home. The various roofing materials liuve been -developed to a point where n wide selection of colors mid llexlbllily iiro available. Puiuls for reroollng heinos may bo obtained from <iimun«l lemllug Institutions under (lie Credit Pliin. PIIA Mcdcintaulon Many Wall Covers Used i» Bathroom Particularly ndnplnblu for bathrooms nre mntcrhils with - rcslsllng i)iinlllies such n.s linoleum, waterproofed wallpaper, asbestos, wainscoting,>hnll-lllo tlourlnu, mclal (lie, ceramic and glass (lie. The Federal Housing Administration Modernl/nlion Creilil Plan nmkes It possible to borrow fuiirls for such renovnllous from lending Institutions. New Washable Wall Fabric Is Available A new wnslinble wall crjverlHB inndo from n fabric foundation having n (ensile strength of 40 pounds per stiunre Inch ls,«vnll- TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS lo home owners. Hot Confined to wo only in private homes, it h ana kUld to be adaptaijle lo holclh Bfe 14 ' " < " l """ !i ' nn<t Pl " )11<; Kllglblo for Installnllon under the Moclcnil/jillon Ciedlt Plan of the '"'" Administration, ---"-"U| •>•*•-1^ ugi;u lo the oilglnal wall finish over new construction,'is said to piovcnl the development of small annoying cracks caused by Hie construction of the plastered surface. In remodeling work, where wallboanl construction or Methods other than Plastering nre employed, the neiv wall covering successfully conceals seams or joint marks ahd helps simulate u more substitute) and even construction. . ' Outdoor Fireplaces Gain In Popularity Outdoor fliepluces nre found fre- ciiienlly In modern gardens mid nre no longer confined to • the picnic grounds, Federal Housing Administration olilcluls my. Tills feature, popular on the west const for a long time, Is becoming u favor- lie with the guidon, enllmslast throughout the'country. U Is said Hint one person In every three In the United States resides In a stale other than the one In which he was bom. 6.UAUTY SANDand GRAVEL AT THE RIGHT PRICW ALSO AM, (.'HADES COAL. Phone 700 or .'(72 SUPERIOR COAL CO. Complctt! Line of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC "The Average Man's Home" A better low-cost hoinc (lint (lie ai-ernge in;in cnn ijffnnl to own. LOCATED AT 1015 HRARN BUILD a new home pay for it at about We have designed and built many attractive five room houses in Rlythcville recently which cost their owners no more than $1 pcr day just about the amount of rent on an average'house. J'Cl us show you what a small amount of money will do toward paying for a home of your own THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Quality Service For Sale by E. G. Robinson Lumber Co. SPECIFICATIONS FOUNDATION: SIDEWALLS: ROOF WINDOWS: INTERIOR: Porch Floors, Stops, Walks, Drives and Garage Floor, Solid Concrete. Ci'rligniili: Ifcil Cwliir Sliinglcs, tlonlilc coursed united on loiijiuc and grooved sheathing with ffulvani/.cd n a i I s, insulating i> a p e r between. 1'ainteil three coats lend and oil paint. CBHTAINTKB1) WOO I)TEX GRAYIJLEND COMPOSITION SIIINOLKS weighing'2fiO Ills. per square. Non-stick, pre-/i(tt'd and assembled nt factory with full metal weatlterstrippin^, I'ultman bal : anccs and niirrow line Coloniul .trim. Three coals hardwall cement plaster throughout. Wall paper in all rooms but kitchen and bath. Non-Mechanical built-in dish-washing sink and kitchen cabinet. Inlaid linoleum on kitchen and hath doors, all other floors beautiful'Red QaK. Disappearing s t a jrs to storage space in attic. 4-inch Uock Wool Insulation. Two Emerson Circulating Wall Fans. Base Board Ventilators. Heantiftil plumbing and electric fixtures. Russell and Knvin door locks. Stanley Overhead Garage Door. s belter class homes are built but on a'smaller scale (o fit (he Average Man. Phone 100 or 606 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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