The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 15, 1930 BLYTHEVLLLE, (AKK.) COUKIBR NEWS Classified PAGE FIVU CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rfUr per line for consrr.u Ct'P Insertions 4 One till]* 1 pel Tine I0r IVo limes per tine per day 08' "nrcf times per line pei day . Me Six times pDr line per da; % Month rale i>er lino ... 50- Minimum cnar^e G(te Ao> OHlcn-o 101 inret or al> clmi'.s and stot>p?d before expire dan will be charged for the nun. icr of IhnPi- the ad appeared an' ^justment ol bill muds Ul Classified Aavertlslng coji submitted by persona residing out side of the city must be accoiu panlcd by cash. Rates may b «.slly computed from above tabu Aavcria'nig oraereu lor irregula insertions take tho one lime rau No irAimnsiDHuy will be IQScei (or more than inc. 1'iKorrect in. "crtlon of any classified ad Business Directory Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 K. MAIN Urs. i. i. navis — Spencer Corset If p Call 42J-XV fnr aorv!lntnwiit.i For Sale ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS — 'i Kelvlnatoiv Icoid spot, I Scrv- cl. CHEAP. TERMS, Wiggins Electric Shop. 118 S. Broadway. 16-ck2'i FOR SALE—5 Roon> House. bulh large lot. <3hcai> li\xcs. Wonder tul location. Cheap for cash. W Clilctasnwbu. rill t Male Help Waited MAN for ctillcc route. $4!>-ii-«'Cfk opportunity. Ai'lomobllr. i;lveii us bonus, Write Albert. Mtllb, WJ Monmouth. Cindimntl, O. MAN, reliable, to bscomi: nn auto- ONCE: IN A LIFETIME YOU'U, NOT SKE VAMJILS LUCK THESE SOON THE TOP OF THE USED CAU MARKET AT ROCK BOTTOM 1'KICl'X 19115 CHEV'JIOI.KT MAST K It TOWN SEDAN §525 ]!I3I CIIEVKOI. ET I-DOOR SKI)AM $195 11)31) I'ONTIAC SUDAN S Da ma i>i; SOTO SUDAX S 15 1932 FOKI1 V-S TUDOIt. Srcci'al—Two Days Only Tacsday a r. (1 Wednesday $1^3 —TRUCKS— IS34 CHEVROLET \\<. TON TIU1CK 5315 IJ.ri CHEVROLET I !i TON TKUCK 5 1533 CHEVROLET -Hi TON TRUCK 5 IMS O. M. <"'•• i'G TON TUL'CK :...,... 5215 GJ'EN NIGHTS UNTIL 10 O'CLOCK I'cr Votu Convenience TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 538 We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans \ few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co, 12-ck-l8 'aylng coal and \\opct yv rent, 118 s. Railroad. Golden oak, quarter sawed, pan-' eled office partitions. Enough to iiafcc a beautiful division In n tore or office. Bargain. Thomas d Co. PHONE 19 TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room u|>V Pianos $1 up. PHONE 804 All our 1036 PaU'cnis WALLPAPER imi on sale at (jrcully reduced prices'. £. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. IVAZVTED — ALL KINDS JONK Scrap Tron, S3 to S5 top . Aluminum, 10c Ib. Brass, 2o to '*Vjo"lb. Copper '.Vlrt, 4c to' 5o Ib. Radiators, 4Ko Ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF AIIIAN PHONE 17G 128 B. MAIN BUY CLOTHES NOW! Pay out ol vour bonus. GEO. MUIR. Tailor 201 N. 2nd FREE GASOLINE 4,MO Galloiii lo Be Given A»:i) FRKB 'i'o Our Customers! Every member uf our Gasoline Dividend Club can uln from ^ lo 25 tialldiui. When you buy iab at Bailey's ask for a membership card. It costs nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S At Missouri Slalc Line I'or Kent Always in the Market (01 .-SCRAP IRON. WOOL Rags, Meial, Hides & Bones Blythcvillc. Iron & Metal Co 221 W. Call Cherry •1*18 'A room furnished apartment witti bath. Newly decorated. Telephone 6- water free. Mrs. Belle Wood, 120 Dougan. Call 785-J, ll-ck-tf Cool bedroom, -105 N. Broadway. Phone 2D3-J. 10-ck-tt Sis room unfurnished house. 003 E. Cherry, phono 'X. 10-ck-tf Cool front BEDROOM. Reasonable. Bess Hall. Call 280. 6cktf 5-ioom imturnisliecl house, 511 Park. Ucasonauie. Call 280. 3-ckTtf 3 PUEN1SHED RcoinK. modern Sink in kitchen. 9H Hearn. Barksdale Mig. Co Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired ' PHONE 19 Churaettr Loans from $100 to SiOOO repaid over u iierlod o' 12 to 60 months. No rfd tape auc low government interest' rate. See C. C. Robinson Lumber Co L'OOL bediOoint, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig, BOO Main, Phone 7713. INGRAM apartment, Inquire at I'arkhui-st Co. 28-ck-tf \i room unfurnished house al 123 Vine. Call 208-J. 2-cJ:-tf 1! bediuoms or ;i two room f»v- nlshed ayarlinent. Reasonable. Mre. J. T. Collins, 1020 Ilearn. ' Room Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. J II. Smart, cVd 805-J 2c kti \Vantftd EXPERIENCED bliiNOUKAPHlSK • and Bookkeeper wants position. Uccd rclercnees. Elcar-oi Suiith, H15 W. Main. Call 335-W. Up I:W USED j'LAT 'i'OP cllk:;; desk. Call Hotel MoWc. i:t-pk-IE rai I'OR KALE C;::-,,-.!'—.fOU&'KJ ;i» 700 W. /\sh: 337.& 33!) S. Division, with paving tenants. BAR- UAIN tor (,uick sale, Part, rash will handle. Mildred E. Cox, B. H. 1, lios :>4-A. Ballei'ies SKU The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker mobile aii(| accident claim nrt- Justcr In your territory. I.iisuruiico experience iiiinecessnvy. No selling. | Write Associated Ailjutlci-s. Hps cheap Ml, Milwaukee, wis. Coupon fioo<l for $50.00 payment, on new Fannall Tractor. Will ate $25.00 for It. Lain! Co. 'OB SAIjE—Used Ice Boxes and Electric Refrigerators. Broadway Sales Co,, 111-s. Broadway. '30-c-k-8-30 Good Used Trucks 1U31—1[{. l'9n Ford 1935— ','j Ton. Ford.Pick-Up ] 1931—I'i Ton 'Chevrolet ! 1934—ij's Ton International All Juvc ' Good tiiake Bodiea ' , ' ..TERMS Delta Implement- Co BEAN & TOMATO STICKS^ 3 & « FT. LONG, l',:C EACH. CHICAGO 'MILL'., . ... vlvcd would beat modern beauty i Identification tioaiments, uilsuil Hawaiian vll- l«f,c InMriiclois helli'Vo. Ancient lluunllnuK shaped Ihc Imdios of Dielr children by skillful timwaBe. Even heads were shaped to sliindni'ds uf uiml- {uuy. "TJic soil, fnimntlvc body of (lie ntwbom child wns TOiistniiily "mwniied so Hint hrud, eyes, lln- ii'is, lors unil uilici 1 purls «i' Uic ' litly utrc ti'iitillfnlly loniH'd willi aroiiipst <nnv.' QUO liistniclur will'. 1 "'t'he lu'ful \var> well roinu'il partly by having u phlld s!a-|) 01. sides. Kyts «ero bnuitlllctl SKiuc ullli lliiiinU and fort 1 - lliiwr dtppcil IH knki-1 oil. Flnnor, nncl toe.'i were laporod by mas- snulng." Hcith se\e.s K'innixl ^rnec tluon^li the hulii, Men jccfive-.l iinninii5 military IriUnhiK. Women ntii'lucl mid swum in; well us Hie men. of tin; slwlctons liolntcil oat, tlinl wlillc niiiltiplD •liiiilis iimoiut (he Indians 1,0111) Scnvs ni;o wevo ini'c, to llncl tli3 rt'iimlns of lixllun twins ol tliiit ' Is "wllliout invrali'iiL In nr- cl:eolc>alonl work." by French Archers Bridge Gap to Medieval Days HABBNBROUCK, Franco. (UP) —The Association of Ilic Knight-, ot Iho "How and Arrow" dcspila Ihc inarch of inoileiiilly ,-i|ll] hold their annual congress, In trouck. in (he noiih of France. Every -year inarksmntishlj] con- tesl.s are held, and more thai) 7-i archery assoeiatlons comprlslm; 22,too members from the north n; Frantc. me represented. Women also compete in the various archery contests. The siiort is very papular In Ccmpl?gnc. Agliifomi, Grccy, where, in medieval days, many n: Ihc battles H-ei'o nrelicra' vtclorlf >: As far as possible the custom:; quintuplets was to Ihc world, nnd rltvals of (lie medieval arch- Skeletons of the Infunt abn- ciy are preserved In Ihese moil- I'Wiiesc twins, uncayn-cd recently ern contests. - ' 'V WPA \vovkcr.s In an ancient Yew is the mosl |>(j,)n!nr wooil '"u-lnl urouml near Somevllcld used for bows, but hazel, iish und ''". arc,believed lo lie the first, ol elm also are used. The height of I heir- the. United Blutes. the boivs Is rogulated Ijy (lie lielgl'. 1 . Unenrllilng of the twins born of Ihc archer, the rule being thti: I nmoiij the Indian Irlbes which it shcuUI exceed his stature by' roamed what Is now Bomrrset Koucs Disclose Ancient Indian Multiple Birth IIAHIUSHIMG, I'll. Ull'l -DIs- rnvery of the birth of Indian twins 13 cculuries aso Is as Important an event to Pennsylvania urt'ncol- ns Hie Wrlli of (lie Shoe Repairing QUALITX Men's Hiilf • Sole's 60cv : 75c, $1 Men's Uicbbeii Heels '25o, 35i:, 50c Men's. Pull 'Soles and Heels $2 Ladies' mid Children's-Half : Soles •.'." 50c aiitl U5C . . Quality Materials Laces any- color. Free delivery service, a FREE Shines with h'ulf sole. Ihc length ot his fool. rcws are niiulc of many woods, tlio lH?st being birch, onk uri'l ash. Their length varies from '21 lo 3D inches. The i;rey goose feather is "still considered the best for winking them. ni ..'County OIKHS a new Revival Urged for Hawaiian Massaging Art HONOLULU'(UP)—The lost an of Hawaiian body .shaping If re- aiTlicolojjlcnl re.scarchi Dr. Donald A. Catlzow, nrclicologlst, \slio mndc i>osltlve Brandy Auction to Aid Chanty Fulfills Will ANCiOUl.-KMKS, Fnnm. iUi>i- The iinniiiil |JNII»!J- i.iirtimi fci charily will be lu'ld' June ai, ' i-n SOUK' of Ihc lUu: 010 IHMII- dies Iroin the famous ci'll.ns of lilt- Into Jenu l-ijin;ernt will IIL- fold lo Iho lihslu'Si bidder. This linn will l;u imitiuinO atu-r the nmuml wiiu- .vili\s at i!i^ s[)k'r de nriujir. n f:v-; h.i;-- pllitl cslahllslu'd In UK- MlddU: jii liy ni'i'giiiuly monks ant! r.:- tlrelv snpporled liy niinnii! M'rs cf wiuc made from its own vlnt-- yurds. Two yciirii :n:o ,k';u-i Fousuiut. rugnac inasinate. aic.d mid \\lllul fortuiio of old livanulci 1 lo churl'.y, iiumiiia as mlanni.sti-iit'.n- his niilivu town of AiiKOUli-iDi-. The Cliarhy llurciiu of ll,ls (own is now iKlmiultvtriUiir ul the iv.l- Stcnit. cellars us wvll «.•. tin.- !.\- moi's vlnoyards which :,u[j[iiy ihc Biape.-i for the brand;,-. .Fouiicrat Is mil-led in tin- ITO'II chnrchyard and over lit* I.HHV precU'tl, nccordjui! h> iij.s m\'ii wishes, n slone inomnncnt In the fcrm of a coiiiiiic still. 'Ihlr 11111:1- nment, ho explained before death, would icmlml posli-ilty "not that one Jean tXiUucral v::i:. a Kicat man, but (hut fc-jiisic '..-, u arniKl ill-Ink." Plenty of Jobs Found i I|C|! ' 1 «=cupau<ms. For MenHl Pallontci ''I' 1 ," l )nllenlli "'<> placed, in llnss I or mental raUCnts vnU-li m«llcni ntithorltles bcllovo ii i..i.ic,.. ", : "'"' '"' OVl! t'roalest.'buneilt in re- HAHKIbllUnCi, I'n, (Ul')-.-llicr,'. sloUn 8 (hem to normalcy. Is no tinoniiiloyiurnl problem li) I IVnnsylviiiilii's menial Inslltnllons. Courier News Clnsslflcd Ads pay T'lio siiito UJiiiirtineiit ot Wei- "—" ~~ t Wcl Inro reporls (iiiit. <it i|i c ;n,o:ia p;i lieuls in '& siich iiiMUinlons, ;ii),Sll-l arc placed In nalnful und bene- TO« QUICK SUIIVICK ON Washed GRAV 700 (.'wil & Mining Co. And \ve. h;iinlte all Lradlng Ununlii uf tlijli Ciade <,'onl— Hnmlll, (iiciil lioarl, Iklllhinl, MiiiiU«'lli), etc. ONE STOP SBRVKJ1? STATION I-OII VOUII CONVRN1ENCK SINCLAIR fiAS AND UJIIHICATION WYKK I/KHHY in charge if Service Department. I- M. JOHNSON in churifc of Body -llATTKItV SEHVICK -1MDIATOII KKI'AIK — 1IODY WOUK -I'KNDKK \\QKK -GLASS INSTAU.lil) —AUTO 1'AIli'S W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES noclBB K I'ljmoulh Denier 1M10N1D 888 Read Countr Niiws Cliuslllcd Ads Now Located at lul Nurltt fecund ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All make* 01 rebuilt Typewriter*, Adding Macnlm* »nd Oul- culaton— R«pnlrlns—Parts—Klblmin If you linvu u Imriiil iissochilion cuvlilicaLc of liny kiiul on your loved OUCH when tlioy pass «wny, wo will ucccpl it ill full vnluu on Hie funeral, (irovidcd you buy ns iniicli as ?50 or mure in miii'clumdisu. COBE FUNERAL HOME TIIONK 2fi Egg&, Call J. B. Clime At Tom Jackson's Service Slalion Barber Shops HOLT'S BARIljSK SHOP 101 Sauth ami St. HAIRCUT 200. SHAVE I3o Bath—Close 8 p.m.—Shiuo SOMETHING NEW TO THE SA\VAI,I,IANS! VJHY? HUH! 'FAT CHAtOCE \ TH'iEWD'OP OU!^. ) \WE HAD OF STOPPIM' 'iM,' MO'OVIAM .^-^Ar^, ,1H' BONE HEAD. WHY HE'S A" .(,D!D W£:i_ET. I WEVER SAW A MAN YOWEE.'\MOVE SO FAST.' HE GOTIM \7HAT GUY TH' CLEAR.' J 15 EITHERCATFISH.' HOW DO YA GOOD OR ( MOW LOOK S'POSS HE / LUCKY/ DID IT? , ^ CMOM, PELLAS-LE'S &1T OUTA HERG, V FORE HE GIT6 US ALL KILLED RIGHT MAY 6E (CRAZY-BUT NOT.' WHAT Tl-l FOOL IS / WUOW .SOCSVb — -LOW f\\3,OL!i\CUfA. V . TRIED TO AWO WASH TUBBS THi5 LOOKS U!<E PEWLP-V.ITH A .FELLA TAMPERIN WITH TH' gRIDGE' WHERE WAT. FRECKLES AN'D HIS FRIENDS TAG (iLTS ACl'ION! GOLLY, I KNOW AWAY ID MAKE HIM MOVE! GOOD OLD CAP 'J~ PJSTOL !' ^ '. • POODLES, AREHT^bU EVER-GOMKlA'tiEAD US J 70, TH5T SPOT'. V/HERE : THOSE •L -.TIGER;BONES ;"j^._-.; EL)RIE.D?, ' ' rJOV/ LOOK WHAT \ GEE,FRECK,I DiDHT MEAN DOME ! YOU ) TO SCARE HIM THAT MUCH.' SCALED HIM SO, HE J I PRESSED THE TRIGGER MAY NEVER J OUST AS QUIETLY AS i COULD" COMEBACK.' AND ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE! AT Hubbard Hd\y. Co. Wail Paper 'SALE l'j;iU I'ATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER-'CO. I'honc STOVES S70KSD MEB ' v " . ' Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I treat You While JOHN BUCHANAN—PHOJJE JpJ GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Frank pa- b'.c, Phone 218, Osccola.:' ' UAV OLD &; (Sl'ARTEO any. day MARILYN HATCHEEY Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry Ul E, Main

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