The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 27, 1934
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Served by the | United Prew I BLYTHEVILLE COURIER TlIU DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKA ST ARKANSAS AN11 SOUTHEASr MISSOUUI HOME EDITION li'.ylhevillc Dally News Jilyl!ii>villi> Cruller Mississippi Valley Under Hlytheville llendil I',I.YTI1KVII,I.K. AHKANSAS. Tl'KSIUY. MARCH 27, I Ml SINGLE COPIES FIVK CENTO ROCJEVELT VETOES VETERANS PAY BOOST Sturdy Branch Of Famed Tree Roosevoll Decides on Change Without Waiting for Congress to Act WASHINGTON, MM. 21 (UP)— President Roosevelt lodny decided to return the airmail to private ojjeralors without wailing for passage of (Mrmnneiit legislation. The president, said ti'mpzrary bids would be called for fit once. Administration forces in and out of congress have split half a dozen ways on questions of permanent ] policy. Determined to get the nnny out of the air mail business permanently nnd ns soon n.s passible, Mr. Roosevelt decided the only solution as to return the mails to private air line.s on a lemjx>rary basis and let the permanent, leg- i.slation wait. Plans for Ihe temporary contracts were to lie discussed at a White House conference beloic the president, leaves for Florida 10- iilglil. The White House gave nn definite indication as to wheilier eowpajH'c-.s whose contracts were cancelled would ne permitted to bid on the temporary basis. But ino.'jjniich u-s practically all major lines were involved in the cancellations it was concluded that tliey would if necessary have to be Included in any temporary set U]> as there woiitd be no lime for reorganizations. Il was understood jmstal officials would confer with tile president at 2:30 p. m. TESTIFIES IT BEflTl TIL Pneumonia Is Fatal To '• Ton! Jones, 37, Laborer Tom Jones, 37-year-old laborer, died al the Blyiltevllle htxspital about, noon yesterday. His deatii was attributable to pneumonia. Jones had hcon entered as a Red Cross patic-nt. Funeral arrangements are incomplete according In Ihn Cobb Undertaking company. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, :vtarch 27. The stock market today underwent one o! its mcst serious breaks o! the year in a spectacular lirst l!on;selling movement, iailed to sltuw any definite rallying power as trad- A ^irl o] 1 dt'ri,r]iu[iiiiif>H is Kv i Beryl Tn e, 20. ulinve. liluml nif.c-i' nl llif latf Sir lir-ihr.ii llferlitiluii Treo, Vain^il i'.uiilislt aflor. Working in I'uiii nm- jH'rie.^ ihirijij; lie}- var;iiinns from San Joso. Calif., Trarli- ers' (*nllepr-, shfi savfit !>^,']li. \Viib tliU "stake" slip Jiopfs ir, ostuldish iiersnH :;i tin; Hollywood Jil'jis. islols¥ IfTEJ Mil Floyd While Is Candidate for Second Ward Seal on,City Council Slaver of Sou-iu Law Al Wilson Claims Me Killed in Self Defense OKCliOLA, Ark., March L'7. --A 1' Hyniia:. chai^fd uilh tiiindi-r In '.In- .-ikiyin^ of Ckrn-nc-e Morse at \Viisuis last fall, occupied tin 1 wil- nt'>;, M.uul in circui: court i:crr for alum';;, three hours this morning. Hyiimn, leMifjini; in his own be>lf. '.old not only of threats made iaiiiM him by Morse. Ills son-in- law, bi.t also declared thai Mor.s? •Ml cjr.iwn a pistol and half-luriu-.l to luce him when lie opened [ire with an uutomanc shotgun, fatally iujnnm; Morse. Employes of a Wil,0:1 tra:a^r, wlifie tbe shooting oc- cnrri'd. trMlfuM that a pistol was on t.-Jt- runnin(T board of Mor.-f'.., car. directly under his litnid. which dangled limpiy over ilu- side <.f int. car. alter he had been .^hot. Denver Di:d!vy. prosecuting til- torncy, in crusvcxamliuitloii. strove In .s:;ow ih.u il would have been an impossiMiiy for Hynum's shots to have iak?n illcct in Hit niajine: they did if their positions had been as the ilflendaiu de'jilicd. Witii the staff' tci present a number of wiliuws m rebuttal tnis afternoon and ;li v defense reserving Hie rlgiu to use two more when they arrived at tin- courthouse, it appeared that tin- case would nol reacn the jury until laic today. The defi-iisi. with the wception of two passible witnesses, tested at 12:30 I'yi'-WitTiess Dtrsailn-s Charlie Haj'cs, employe of the Wilson Motor company, whs was the only eye \\itriess to the whole of t!:e s)ioo:i.'i?, testified fo: the prosecution yesterday • lha: Vie hail finished repairing a tlr- tor Bynum, 'when lie .s.m- Jjyiuin U'.ke a 1C gauge shoigun from be ncnlli a cotton sack in the bacl ol the car and start around la c-orniT of tile motor company br.ild ing. H.iyes followed, according t Ills testimony, ami saw Bynum lir into the back of a roadster parkc-. Big Lake Not Expected ill P to Reach Danger Stage (J, J, 1'ii'tc'iu imlii'iuliiii'i arc Hint. b:ir-' ling fi.ithfr iivavy tains witnin tin-- nc.vt !i".i ;laj-;. tin- priwitt rise ill. HlB I ,iike will in.'i curry llir wuti'l '• st:i|;,. brymid Hi,, m [nut level, il iv;!:, j. : ild id the i; s KnRfncri's of-' I let lu-rc 'inday. '; A ...Inse ill a-U li'ct wiailil in- voHv J10 d.'illKi'l. Kiigllli-rr.s !«•- lieve tlmt with u litll,' i-ini'rm'iK'i work liu 1 ii-vei's would bold u 'fM loot stage. They do net content-; liliitt iiullliiK Kiiurds on Ihe levc, I unless ihcj water n>ac)>i-.s 2-ll> fei I I Fishing Waters Beckon Roosevelt M, ing dried up. and cloted with losses 'v.'rile in" his name on tile ballot \ three cornered race fo;- alderman iu Ward Two was in prospect M l ' :tu si(lt °f lne motor compan, today as Floyd While authorized where Morse sat in the driver' the Courier News to announce his cand'idncy. While Mr. White's name will net opnenr on t'r.c municipal clectiun ballot April 3 due to failure to file his petition with thp city cli-rk pri- cr to the expiration of the legal tiihn; |Krio:l. he will be eligible for election if a majority of vote-is extending almost to four points. A. T. and T ........... 117 5-8 Anaconda Copper ...... 14 1-4 Bethlehem Steel ...... 39 1-2 Chrysler ............... S] I-B Cities Service .......... 27-8 Coca Cola ............. 105 General Amriciin Tank 38 1-2 General Electric ........ 205-8 Genera) Motors International Harvester Ulllllles .Montgomery Wfird New York Cenlrai Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds SI. Louis-San Francisco 3 3-8 Standard of N. J. .. ____ 41 1-2 Tcx:is co .............. 25 5-8 U. S. sieel ............ 49 7-8 36 s-8 -111 7-8 30 5-8 34 3.4 173-4 7 i_4 IS New York Cotton NEW YORK. March 27. llIPI— Cotton clostd steady. open high lew 1193 1201 m> July Oct. Drc. Jan. Mar. 1216 1220 1232 1211 1213 1227 1231 12-H 1193 1-207 1218 1223 123C close 1180 1200 1211 122(5 1231 121!! Spots closed steady at. 1205, oiT 15 A movcm6nt, anions; friends of Mr. While to iiavc his name wrilkn on he ballot by voters has jaincil considerable headway, il is nndrcstootl. nd an ihleresting race botwL'2n White and the oilier two'ii- latcs, Harold Steinberg and J. T. IJim) Hall, is expected to develop. Mr. White lias been one of the city's leading mercl-nnls for a mmbcr of years, having moved here n 1920. lie promises, it eli-clerl. to give careful and conscientious service in ilit? office. scat, saw Morse move to the rijr ol ins car while Byi'.um advanced reloading his gun, and :-nw Bynun fire a second shot and watche Morse slump to ibe right hand bid of tr.c car. Bynum tben walked t !)!f right hand side of ills car nn fired m'.o Morse's head. Tnc firs shot, according tu Hayes, spalterec Ibe buck of Morse's neck a'n:l li "cf; si.Milder, the second shot loo •iirci in V,is neck and right siiou "Living on the Land" Recommended by Church MEW ORLEANS, Mar. 57. tUl>) —Expressing the belief that tile South was leading the nation in economic recovery, Harvey C Couch, director oi the Recoiiitrnc- lion Finance Corporation, emphasized the importance of southern farmers "living on tlic b.utl." "Tlie capital structure of tbe banks in the Mississippi valley now is In fine shape." Couch slid. "Farmers have benetittetl materially from telwcen S35.0CO.OOO and 5-10.000.000 of federal loans refintuicit' New Orleans Cotton :\g drainage district projects, bong lenn loans also have proved a b~<v.\ to agricultural producers. "I like to tell people that if you hand" have a garden, a cow. a smok-3 der, and the third tore into 111 ghl ?.Me lop of his head. Haves' testimony subslant :til in part by Ji'oy Waters, mar i8*'r of the Wilson Motor cumpan who icok charge oi Hie sttuntio Immediately after tlic sliooiin summoning officers and takir Morse lo the donor's oflico. wliei l>r died a few hours later, and 1 Earl Swan, companion of Mors who with his brotlur. Jenkins, hs driven to the filling station wit Tell of Threats by Morec Substantiating Byiv.mi's rk'fen communicated threats on tl part oi Morse, winch was outline in tile opening statement ol Bru Ivy. hts counsel, a succession of ivi nesses, more tiian one of ti:e Mitnnionfd by the stale, but by ti:e <iefense, testified throng tlie alten'.oon's V.earing until coi adjournwl at G o'clock. Bryant Hf-ndon and C. P. Fre man, b3lh white employes of t motw company, testil'n-d Ilia; win they reacl:cd Morse jiiler tr.c shoot iiii 1 .. hi? right hand was banging over Ihe side of tlie roadster in which he was silling and hlr, pistol, a small caliber, nickle plated av.tomauc. %vas on the runn'.ng board, apparently dropped from Jii.s oulh of 18 Held in Disappearance of 17-Year- Clcl Michigan Girl ,\f!cli., Mar, 'JT. JP)—Vlncem Di'Diuilo. 18-ycnr- d freshman In Notre Damp mil- ', Holh Would Lose in Ann« Cliish, Japan Foreign Minister Declaves \Yllli.\m riilll|> Siinin-,, I'.iitrd iiM- Iliuilly nn fiirrl^Ti illfiilrs, fam.'il us -» war vurrrsi'.tnidfiit rvnil sjwrlal- ivt mi [In- !-'ar Kitst. has startrd UK liair lit llic «t,rlil fur NK,\ Str- vlrp uiiil {.'nurlrr Nrivs. lit* will write sfvcmf series uf urlU'lfs, tin :,:n olitaiiit-d frnm the hlKlicsl ntTlrlal sfturvrs, nn Hurld sidnitfiui as -hr !?rs It today. This aitlclp K (he lltsl <it vi sot ii'. 1 : nf five nn Julian, In tvlilvh hf in tin? i-rlsi'.s raring that ti.'ttlOTi, rsnrrlally with ri'Rard tn Issued cini(rriili..r llje Ilnllril Stales. SIMMS M'sily, was held t(?d,'iy on kidnap- I HE chniBCs in connection wllli le thsn]>pciirnnce of Miss Ruth truck. 17-year-old liitjli scliou! nticiu. ilice said Denardo ad BY WII.I.IAM 1'HII.II 1 III. 1934, NKA Si '—Wnr between the united Stutra anil Japan, declared For I'lgn Minister Kokl Jllruta. In the of u -special lrHcr\'!ew al tile foreign office, would merclj rday niula lint Insisted she went ilii Him voluntarily. Tlie youth's uncle, August Roti. 5-year-old insurance aecnl. also as held on cluirsse.s of ktdnap- ig, bui, may nol Iw pfoseculni. olice Chief Milcliell said. Accortllng \.o Ocmmlffs story Ihe irl accompanied him and a friend, f Gaiv/er, to Chicago nfler a ance here Saturday night. Mitchell bald the' girl probably s .staying nt tile Ganzer home in hlciiBo. An nltempi will be ninUr n Incine her there. 'Ian'. Services Tomorrow. for Mrs. Clara Shane Funeral services will be held to- norrott- nfteruoon, 2 o'clock, for Mrs. Clura A. s!inuc, !ll-year-old ioti:er of Mayor Cecil Shane, '.vlio 'ml ymlerday altrriioon at hrr :ome in I'araKCuid. Hurial will hi- nadc at Hie Friendship rcinetery ea;' Parngould. The deceased, who was ill bill a vcek, Is survived by four .sons, "hrl.5 ar.d Sam, of PaViguiild. ,1. E. Shane ol Pacoima, Cal.. and Mayor Shnnc, and two daughters. Mrs. H. N. XlcKclvry and .Mrs. Tljoinas Tlentley. of Parawou!tl. Among tf.ose |rom ili:.s eily ivlio >lan to attend the funeral arc: .\!rs. rlat!rt Morgan. Mrs. J. II. Elkins, ^fr. and Mrs. D. A. Lynch. Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis Cherry. Mr and Mr.5, A. B. Fnirnctd. and E. A. Rii.-: 1 . Neither Japan nor would Bain nnyllilni; by conflict lie snfd. On the contrary, boll would be utterly ruined, victor a: well us vanquished. Th? only gainers would be tin oilier urcat commercial nations which inlghi profit by taking ove the trade ivliicH (lie combatant would lose. "The World War," Hie head ti (he Gninnuho went on, "rtilnci cveiy ureat nation ot Europe, Oi the other hand, the United Stale and Japan, to a certain temporarily benefited—as was alto gcthcr logical. "As a result, Europ? became little jealous, particularly of th Unilcd States. Wnr between Ih United States nnd Japan woul tend to even things up, "Tlie rest ol the world would de rlvr- some benefit, pcrlmjn, our two counirji'.i destroyed eac other. Japan and America, then- fore, slmuld see to it thai this wr (ai*: gets nowhere. No Clash of Interests Dillinger Gangsters Enter Ohio Penitentiary COLUMBUS. O., Mar. 27 (UP) — Tlirei- once jxnvarful lieutenant.'! in the Jolm DilliugH- gans;. nil convicted of murder, was hustled inio the Ohio prison here today "Our national interests dn nc flash fundamentally at nny poln tContinuerl on Page Five) SCR tolling will give velnxnttion to President HooscveH, fuecevs- ul in his light to avert a nation-wide strike of automobile workers. Sailing tontglit on Vincent Actor's yacht Nourmaluil, lie will siicnct a week In waters otr the Florida coast, shown In the map. Inset is the jnc'sident .shown as he sailed on a previous lri|) on tlie Astor yacht. Law at Osceola Has Machine Gun Ready for Action OSOEOI,A, Ark.. March 27.— Soulh Mississippi county pence officers nren't necessarily looking for trouble, but, they are prepared for any desperadoes who contemplate nn Island rendezvous or a Little River hideout In their Jurisdiction. Chief Deputy Sheriff Hale Jackson yesterday unpacked a Thompson sub-machine gun which will have its headquarters in the sheriff's office at the court houre here and will be available to officers In tills district. The gun carries a load ot SO cartridges and shoots at the rale of COO nics a minute. Tlic same cart- t's as «rc used in 45 automatic Istols are used in Ihe giin. with very tenth cartridge what is known w a "tracer load." This tenlh cartridge when ex- aftpr a convoy of 7S national guardsmen, deputy slu-riils. and police brought them on a fast trip from Lima. The armed caravan was inr-t north of Columbus by squadrons, of (Mllce and deputy sheriffs nrm- rtl nilli machine guns, rifles, sliot- guns. and tear gas tombs. The additional guards escorted tlic cavalcade, which loft Ulna less than three hours carlh-r. directly to the-stockade Inside the prison walls. NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 27. lUPI— Cotton closed steady. open high lew close M »y .... 1193. 119G 11SO 1189 •J"'y .... 1OT 1210 1192 1201 01 '• -..'. 1212 IMS W(H H12 ^ c 1222 1234 1215 1223 J!U1 IK6 1230 1274 1224 Spots closed quiet at 1200. off 7. Chicago Wheat May July May July open l-.igh &i 1-2 85 .1-4 low close 64 3-4 85 3-ft «5 1-2 85 3-4 84 3-4 8i 1-4 Chicago Corn louse, a so"w. 24 hens and a r er. yon wil! have more than you used to." Carl L.i.«eler testified to an affray at Bynam's house in June, prior to tiio sbcoting In October, when he and others separated Morse and Bynum, shaking Bymim's gun from liis )x>ckel aixl retrieviiig Morse's Bun from the floor, wr.ere it had lallvn catlisr in ihp affray. ' Morse had sub-rented 40 acres of land from Hynum and was board- In? at Uymtm'K house. A few days alter li'.e an ray in June. Morse nnri llyniim's daugiilr:- were married and moved lo the 40-acre trod 0:1 which Morff l-.icl agreed lo pay a .-00-p'oiind talc of collon Expect Steel Industry to Increase All Wages PITTSBURGH, Pa., Mar. 27. (UPi—A ten ptr cent wogte Increase, affecting the entire steel Industry, wns expected in well in- fortucd quarters here today |o Ije announced tomorrow. No official announcement was In.-' rent, available here this morning but' the action of the Corrlgan-McKin- __ _. ney Steel company in Cleveland rnuks nrar tlie top of cxitl ones rein announcing its wage Increascsiparding discoveries in stcm?ciu of - R. F. C. Loan to China Reduced to $20,000,000 WASHINGTON. Mar. 27. tUPi-L The S50.000.COO Rcuoiisltuclion Finance Corparation loan to tlic Chinese government lor co'.ton r wheat purchases lias h?en redi: to S20.OOD.000. Jfssr Jones. c!i: man of the R. P. C.. said tcday. j Ol the reduced loan. SIO.OOOOTO will be for purchase ol colton. slilri- menls to be completed by July, avw S-l.000.000 for norlhivi'strrn wheit, Negro Election Workei Slain, I'\vo Others Victims of Attacks KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Mar 27 (U Pi— An elrciion worker wns murdered today In a polling place as violence flared in (he city election. William Fenley. a negro precinct captain, was working in a trolling place when a gunman walked In. sought iiiin out. nnd shot him to death. -losejih Lombard. 25. wns brought to General hospital, shot throng] tlic alxlmuen. .Police said ilip} understood he was shol In an altercation at a polling pince. Justin D. Uowcrsock. a rcjx>rtcr for tlie Kansas City Slnr. was chased through Hip streets in a motor car inr blocks and sluggei J'.'st ns iis gained entrance to III: newspaper builntnu. He was no; injured seriously, tie had beei making a check of tiic vote nr'«i di;c.jl clinif- cember. t» be complete j by CRANE. Mo. <un—A s!o:v Ilia', open high 48 3-4 19 3-4 51 51 3-8 lodcd, creates n light, red by night nd white by dny. wlileli enables he operator to sec where be b hooting. A seventy-five dollar donation rom thp osccola city council nalched by a similar contribute rom county funds, was supplljuenl- d by the private donations of the 'Ulcers themselves to make out the i221 purchase price of the gun. Cites Fact It Would Cost $228,000,000- Above Budget Estimates WASHINGTON, Mtuch 21. (UP) —I'rcsklenl Roosevelt irxlay vetoed Hit 1 . Uitk'ik'.mteiu oillees npproprlfl.- llon bill, LMrrylnj; acneudmenUs providing i e.sloriiUon 'of federal pay cuts nnd additional benefits for war veterans. A 3,000-word message explaining | the vclo wits traiismltted to the. house. "I am impelled to do this on a number of grounds, miy one o! them sulllclent lo require disapproval of the bill," the president wrote, He. made It. plain tliflt he was acting under the provisions ol the bill of March, 1933. which was drawn to maintain the credit of the United States government. I'ninls (a Budget Furthermore-, in substantiation of Ills acllon, lie cited the budget submitted to congress in January, which laid down a definite program of expenditures and definite estimate of receipts. He painted out that Hie bill ho vetoed exceeded the estimates tiy $228,000,0(10. The president, in discussing tlie net to maintain the ciQf. of the government, pointed out' ihat. this law became one of the pillars of national recovery. He added that while ii. wns tn:? large but wholly distinct funds were being, dispensed dully for emergency purposes, these funds were jjolng directly to tlio purpose of saving homes and giving relief and employment to millions of clllzens. - . "Tliey arc uon-recurrlng In nature, while the Increases contemplated In this, bill are "continuous nnd permanent,".lie saltl. Hopes ti> Dehy Vole WASHINGTON, Mar. 27 (UP) — Speaker of llhe House Henry T. nnlney said today tlmt he wduld mnke "every effort to' delay until tomorrow" a house vole- on the CHICAGO. Mar. 27. (UP)—Two President's veto of the independent guards In Hie county Jail were marked for death In an escaiw plot which police today sold involved six prisoners nnd a prominent attorney. Authorities claimed thai Carl Desalvo, one of the suspected prisoners, made u confession in which the other prisoners and' Ally. Harold Jlrka, brother of Dr. Frank Jlrkn, .state r.ealth director, were involved. Dr. Jlrka Is a son-in-law ol the late Mayor Anton Cennak. Police claimed they blocked the plot when they surroundr-d the Jnll In-st Saturday morning. A search revealed n gun In the cell of Frank O'Oara, one of the suspected prisoners. According to the confession, O'Oaro, was to liave killed tbe guard who brought, him water, seized the keys, nnrl liberated Ills comrades. One other guard hat! been chosen to die in The plot. 'E PLOT If EU Two Jail Guards Marked lor Death; Attorney Named in Confession ollices appropriation.'! bill. nalucy said he considered .it desirable lor members to study the veto message L'efore action on Ihe bill, carrying veterans compensation increases and partial federal pay cut rratoralion. tic predicted Hint the veto would 1)2 sustained by the house. Son-in-Law of Busch Is Voluntary Bankrupt ST. LOUIS. Mar. 27 (UD— C. ^rununond Jones, son-in-law ol the late August A. Busch nnd one of Hie most colorful figures In Louis society, filed a voluntary petition In bankruptcy today. listing ibbllitlpA of S99.9W) and assets of $300. Jones, former central states tennis champion, listed hand at $4. cash on De Priest Resolution Reported by Committee WASHINGTON. Mar. 51 (UP- — Thn house ported out rules committee re- today the DePriest Whifncy Denies Market Crash Depression Caus WASHINGTON. Mar. 27. (UP -Richard F. Whitney, preslden of the N<>iv y 0 rk stock exchange today challenger! statements o proponents of stock market regu Inlton Hint the 1D29 panic was n cause of the depression. Whitney's statement marked what will probably be his final ftPlxnmnce before the congressional committees seeking to whip 'nto shape the revised Fleicher- Kayburn bill to prevent speculation and stock exchange abuses, It followed a letter from Presi- Awarded Purple Heart ' For World War Service dew Roosevelt, requesting slock [local post. Smtlh Brackin, Huffman farmer, lids been awarded the Purple Ilearl by the United States government for meritorious sen-ice rendered on the front during the World War. The award, originally created by George Washington, wax revived by the government- in recent years to honor heroes of the World Wnr for performances In the line of duty. The medal, a handsome silver one with Ihe head ot George Washington super-imposed, ha.s been received by Miss Carey Woodburn ol the Veterans of Foreign Wars ofltce here to be given to Brackiji. He is n member of the Little Auto Accident Victim Is Recovering Mary Lois Cam)), fl-ycnr-old Cnrnlliersville. .\fo, girl, is believed to be slowly recovering from an Injury .suslnlncd on March 12 on Highway 61. near Caruthcrs- vlllr. when she was sliuck by a car driven by Dr. FMna Nies ol this city. The accident iva.s said to have been unavoidable. Rendered unconscious when struck by Ihe car. the little Missouri girl wns brought to the Uly- Ilievllle hospital here. She rc- mincd uncoiiscious for almost two wicks but recently Khe has ad' vnnced to a slage of semi-con c cioi:sncss, according to hospital al (aches. She Is r.ow aware of efforts lo give her nourishment and will eventually regain full consciousness. It is believed. Signs Navy Hill WASHINGTON, Mar. 27 (UP) — President Roosevelt today signed the Vlnson-Trammell navy bill, which provides for construction of new ships to bring the country's sea forces up to the limit prescribed by the London treaty. Cameras clicked as Mr. Roosevelt, in the presence of Representative Fred Britten (Rep., 111.) anil Ilcpresrntalivo Carl Vinson iDwn.. On.) signed the document. Thr president Issued a statement In which he said: "H has been and will be the policy of the administration lo Invor continued limitation of naval armaments. Il is my persons! hope thai the naval conference to be held In 1935 will extend all existing limitation and agree to further reductions." low close 48 1-4 48 7-8 place ti M> 1-4 50 7-tt 1 April 1. precipitated strengthened r.ouncetiientb were tfie Increase the rumovs them. Official i expected In eflect the ban on negroes in the house restaurant. ana fov;'.:, was Inrnlshed I The action was a r.urr.ri?e i'.ore by Mr.'. R. R. Bi'.ler. :\-;a ;i!ct i caver to prevent tl-.p liotiso fro:n resolution for an investigation of markcl - regulation "with teeth" and | No citation accompanied the Former Jonesboro Woman Slain in Double Killing DALLAS. Tex.. Mar. 27 (UP)— Alva Sweeney, 30. on unemployed sign painter, shot and killed Mrs Tony Stcfano, 30, and then killed himself here today. Justice John E. Baldwin returned a vetdlct of murder and sul clde nflcr Investigating the tragedy nnd hearing Mrs. stelar.o's 3 year-old dtuighler. Julia, soy. "Hi shot my mama." Mrs. Stefnno, a former reslden Jndsey and Gaines Are Swapping Remarks "Billy Galncs Is running .for of- Ice nnd I'm nol. that's the reason "m taking the blame for notifying certain jurors and witnesses to rcporl here yesterday tor circuit court when il doesn't open until lest «;eck." Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriff, said loday. Lindsey had won named by general rumors HS .In; man responsible for the mis- ,ak n . "I tried to tell Arch 12 days ago lie was all wet about the date," Gfltncs retorted. "H took him all d.iy yesterday to think of so:r,e- bocTy to 1 lay tlie blame on", declared the circuit court clerk. Tims the battla of words continues with neither Lindsey nor Gaines. both leading Jokers of the courthouse, giving ground. denouncing organized opposit'.cn lo! medal explaining the reason for of Jonesboro, Ark., was shot threi such legislation. "1 am entirely in accord I the award. H Is only given, how- wlth I ever. lor "e.xccpl'.Dnally meritor- Ihc thought that great specula-1 ious service". Brackln wns gassed she.found a 13-inc!) strip of nib-1 voting April 9 on a ]>ctilion lo live excesses are nn economic evil.; and wounded In combat. bcr In the- craw of a Rhode Island | discharge- the committee from con- that they can and should be prc- Brackln was n member of Conv rnf * 1 "- sideration of Uie resolution. 'vented." Whitney said . Ipany A. llh Infantry. times. Sweeney was slio! once To:iy Stefano, the husband. no! at home at (lie (.'me. Relatives of the victims were unable lo account for the shoot- Ing. WEATHER Arkansa.'i—Fair, colder in east portion, frost and freezing tonight. Wednesday fair, rising tempera- lure. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and colder tonight, lowest 30 to 34. Wednesday fair and warmer. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 64, minimum 42, cloudy with .50 of an Inch ritn- iall, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls, official "wwther observer.

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