The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1962 · Page 12
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1962
Page 12
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—Incfiana Evening GateHe, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 1962. Local TV Listings Channel 2, KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh Channel 4, WTAE-TV. Pittsburgh Channel i, WJAC-TV, Johnstown Channel 10, WFBG-TV, Altoona Channel 11, WIIC-TV, Plruburgh Tuesday Evening I:N P. M. *~C*pt 4—Alt entire •—Newi. gpnrti, Weather •:1B P. M. t—N*»* 4—Golf T lp» 11—Sports, Nrw«, Weather «:30 P. M. 4—fi«a Hunt •—MantOTani 10—New* 1:45 P. M. 10— N'PWI 11—Uuntley, Brlnkley 7:00 P. M. tt 4—Newi, Span. •—My Thrc* S«m In—Ronle fW 11—Mr. Smith 7:15 P. 1VL t—Newi, Cronklt* 7:38 P. M. t—Death Valley Day* 4—Combat 6, 11— Laramle 8:00 P. M. t, 10—Lloyd Brldfe* 8:30 P.M. 1. 10—Red Skelto* 4—Hawaiian Eye (, 11—Empire I: SO PM. I. 10—Jack Benny t —Untouchables f, 11—Dick Powell JO: 00 P. M. f, 10 —Garry Moor* 10:30 P.M. 4—Peter Gnnn •—Political 11—Her*'* Edie 10:45 P.M. »—TBA 11:10 P.M. 4. t, 10, 11—New* 11:11 PM. »—st*T« Aim 4—M**l* "Phantom of th* Rue Morgue" Author- ItleH In Part* try to stop (lendlnh killer. Karl Maiden, Patricia Medina. 10—Checkmate 11—Tonlfht 8:00 A.M. 4—Rohln Hoe* 10—Capt Ranfar** 8:15 A.M. Kangaroo 8:10 A.M. Dawg 8:45 A.ML I—temper •**•» 1:00 AM. i—New* «• Romper Room 10—**eond Chair 11—Kay Call* 9: IS A.M. t—John Keed Klnt 10—Indnatry On Parade 1:30 A.M. 4—Rlckl and Copper 10—Salndo* Atnlgo* 9:45 P.M. 10—Concept! In Selene* 10:00 A.M. 2—LOT* Of LU* •J*a. Oamidly M-B,, who 10—Calendar 10:10 A.M. 4 — Ernie Ford 4, 11-Play V Mr Hwnefc 11:01 AM. I, 4— Movie «, 11— PrU* I* K|(M 11:30 A.M. 1ft— Pete and Goady* a, 11— C«no«atrat!«B •—Tonlfht, 11:30 Canon 12:15 A.M. 10—Movie "Manhandled" Psychiatrist, hli *eore- tary, and private detective are Involved In murder. Dorothy Lamour, Dan Duryca. 12:45 A.M. t— Sport* — Ball 10-ThoBtht far Th* D.y f—Movie "Sky't the Limit" War hero spends leave In New York in civilian clothe*. Fred Astalre, Robert Ryan. 1:00 A.M. 4— Almanac New*r**l •—Newa and Sport* U—Devotional Momeate Wednesday Morning 1:00 A.M. t—Colombia Lecture* 4, U—Continental Claiiroon 6:10 A.M. •—College et the Air •:45 A.M. 10—Collere of th« Air 7:00 AJC t—Oaybratk t, U— 7:15 A.M. 10—Breakfait Tim* 7:30 A.M. 4—Famine of Fortm* Wednesday Afternoon 12:00 Z—New*, Weather A, U—Yonr Flrit Impreiitra 10—L*»* «4 Lft* 12: IS P.M. 4—New* 12:30 P.M. t, 10—*>*rek f*r T««a*rr*w 4—Camouflage 11—Tratk *r Oonie*..e.*M 12:45 P.M. », It—«>ldtef LlfM 1:00 P.M. »-M*Tl* "That Gagen Girl" Girl U treated u outcast became of goulp about her parentage. Ronald Reagan, S. temple, 4—Big Payoii fl—Ernie Tori 10—Farm, Hen* and Gardta U—L.nehton at Th* One* 1:30 P.M. i —Tonr* for a Bong A-Bellglon Today 10—A* Th* W*rl< ftm 1:45 P.M. «—Exploring With Selene* 2:00 P.M. 4—Day ra Court 10— Panword U —Merr Griffin 2:15 P.M. Z—N*w* 2:30 P.M. 2. 10—Heai* Party 4—8*T*n Key* R, 11—New* 3:00 P.M. t, 10—Millionaire 4—Q»*n for A Day 6, 11 —Loretta Young 3:30 P.M. 2, 10—To Tell The Trath 4—Who Do Yon Trnnt? 11—Young Dr. Malon* 4:00 P.M. 2, 10—Secret Storm 4—Dlicovery '62 6, 11 —Make Room for Daddy 4:30 P.M. 'MALE'S NAVY 9 Thursday, 9:30 p.m.—ABC-TV Ernest Borgnine stars in this the new comedy series as U Cmdr. Quintal McHale, chief of a small U.S. Navy detachment based in the Pacific hi 1943. Ernie brings realism to the role, drawing on his 10 yean of service in the Navy. TV-Radio News— Show Notes Lost, Writer Worried By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Cynthia Lindsay, assigned to write he script for Princess Grace's forthcoming tour of Monaco, which will be a CBS special in February, is a nervous passenger in a Riviera-bound jet plane today. She's afraid of arrest. R, Fleming A Buyer's Market It ii • common, occurrence when car dealers meet these days to hear the remark . . "In all my years in the car business I have never known a buyer's market like this one." While buyer's markets have always come and gone with changes in the economy, the fact remains that today's surplus of cars over buyers has reached a very high level. No where is this more evident than in the used car market, for very specific reasons: Before World War II, three out of five car owners had never owned a new automobile. As high as 80 percent of car owners at one time bought their cars second hand. The rising post-war living standard made it possible for former used car buyers to move into the new car class. This process has been greatly speeded up in recent years by low-priced compacts. The m.'jmifacturrr'i production race of the late fifties resulted in extended credit terms that opened the new car market to still greater numbers of buyers. For all These reasons, plus the fact that modern cars have been built to last longer, the values offered today on the used eai maiket an; the greatest in history. They represent the THUK MAHKKT VALUE of the cars at in many eases, a fraction of their new car price But oiie word of caution: Unless you are an expert mechanic, appraiser and market expert, you can still make a bad mistake. Your only safeguard is a reputable dealer who is both—and who wishes to keep your repeat business. 4 — Fopeye and KnUh »— Hollywood 1ft— Edge ol Night 11— Captain Jim 5:00 P.M. t— Yogi Bear 4— Adventure Tim* 10— Popeve and Big John 6, 11— Mickey Mouse Club 5:15 P.M. 10— Merle "Gun Play" Cowhand* murder. Tim Holt. 5:30 P.M. t— MOT!* 'Bent of investigate a the Badmen" Uion officer Join* outlaws of ht« Confederate prls oners. Rohert Ryan. 6—Toil Bear 11—Cartoon* E. H. Fleming Buick, Int 47 N *tb at May Be Old, But Doesn't Scare Easily CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP)-A. W. Cobb may be old but he doesn't scare easy. He told a would-be bank robber to git Monday—and the robber did. Cobb, 72, said the man came in, pulled what looked like a pistol and pushed a canvas bag towards him. "You can't do this," said Cobb, secretary-treasurer of the Antonio Savings & Loan Co. "We are taking your picture all over this place. Now £i'l out." When the gunman hesitated, Cobb repeated, "1 suid get out!" The gunman _obeyed. Cobb had not been kidding and police shortly arrested Robert T. Belser, 49, a sleeping car porter, who was charged with attempted robbery. Flashing Beacon Satellite Due CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —The Defense Department hopes | to launch a flashing beacon satel- jlite Wednesday to make more accurate measurements of the earth. The shot had been scheduled today but was delayed 24 hours be cause of technical problems with the booster rocket. Mrs. Lindsay was in Mexico recently doing research and gathering material for her television writing chores. Somehow and somewhere there she lost one of her notebooks. It was the one in which she had scribbled some memoranda to herself, as follows: "1. Tunnel under the palace? "2. Shoot Princess Grace In front of mirror? "3. What should we do about the throne?" She knows the Items relate innocently to whether the program should show the under palace tunnel, to some camera shots of the princess before a mirror and how to show the throne of the tiny principality without anyone physically sitting on it. "But will the Monagasque who found the notebook know it?" she asked worriedly. "Or will he think it's an assassination plot and have the authorities waiting to pick me up at the border?" CBS' answer to NBC's forthcoming news special about a Berlin escape tunnel will be the Nov. 4 edition of its "Twentieth Century." It's called "Germany, Red Spy Target," and will show "remarkable films of actual contacts between Red agents and known spy suspects." The films were made by a West German counter-intelli Angie Sgro's ALEXANDER (The Hotel With The nig Band Sound) PRESENTS Every Tues. t Sat. IN I'KRSON LEE ANGELO & his famous orchestra NO COVKK CHARGE Corning Mon. Oct. 29 1 Nile Only America's Polka King "Frankie Yankovic & his orchestra Dam-inK 9:30 till 1:30 Cover I'hjf. $1 1'orsou " ;ence agency, CBS says, and will Iso show a few of the ingenious espionage devices used to pass on reformation. Daniel Schorr, the IBS man on the scene, estimates here are as many as 16,000 rained spies and 150,000 inform- .nts in West Germany gathering nformation estimated to cost the Communists some $125-million a /ear. It seems pretty obvious that Eddie Fisher, after a long absence, s plunging back into show business in earnest. He is accepting ;uest-star appearances all over he place—ranging from the Ed Sullivan Show, where he sings, to .he Johnny Carson and Merv Grif- 'in shows where he talks—al- :hough presumably not much about Rome. Recommended tonight: "Here's Sdie," ABC, 10:30-11 (EDT)— Edie Adams, tn the first of her short specials, aided by Peter Falk and Duke Ellington. TV Tonight 7:30-8:30 Chan. 4 — (Drama) — COMBAT'- "Any Second Now." Alex Davion plays a soldier who must face one more highly dangerous task. When a German time bomb lands in a church, trapping Gil Hanley (Rick Jason) in the wreckage, Davion must deactivate both his nerves and the bomb. For Suspense Drama Fans. 8-8:30 Chan, 2, 10 — (Drama) — THE LLOYD BRIDGES SHOW — "The Testing Ground." Bridges heads a group of four astronauts who land on a desolate planet, only to discover a large cross carved out of a solid hunk of diamond. The men's reactions — Paul Richards' religious fervor and Frank Aletter's greed — provide the story. For Weird Drama Fans. 8:30-9:30 Chan. 4 — (Adventure) — HAWAIIAN EYE — A jealous husband wants to find the man his wife was with the afternoon she was killed in an accident. A run in her stocking is the clue. A well-worn page in a telephone book sends Greg (Grant Williams) on a search for a "Roger K." But things are complicateed by the fact that Greg himself was once in love with the dead girl. For Suspense Fans. 8:30-9: SO Chan. 6, 11 — (Adventure) — EMPIRE — "Long Past, Lone Remembered." Troubles include: a five month drought, a sick Indian child and Connie's (Terry Moore) efforts to get through to the impassive Indians, and a rich Okie (Tom Tully) who uses a hearts and flowers routine to convince Lucia (Anne Seymour) to sell him the ranch. For Drama Fans. 10-11 Chan. 2, 10 — (Variety) — THE GARRY MOORE SHOW — There are only.four men on tonight's show — Garry, Durward Cirby, Steve Lawrence and Roy Castle. In a funny bit, they sit around on stools and talk about women. They also advise Roy, who wanders if he should get married. Steve sings and plays an Eric Von Stroheim type Prussian officer in a skit. Garry and Durward plays a pair of actors Tapped in a medical show. For Music And Comedy Fans. 10:30-11 Chan. 11 — (Special) — HERE'S EDIE — One of eight specials Edie Adams is doing. This one was taped in New York, with two numbers actually taped on the streets. Guest is Peter Falk. Duke Ellington and his Band are also around. For Edie's Fans. Dany Kaye Plans 40 Video Shows HOLLYWOOD (AP)— Comedian >anny Kaye will do 40 one-hour hows for the CBS television net- ork next season. CBS President James Aubrey aid Monday the series will mark Caye's first venture into regular elevision. Details of the contract ere not announced. ROUND & SQUARE DANCING Saturday, Oct. 27 DEEP VALLEY BOYS-Peck Fairman, Caller MEADOWBROOK I Miles N. of Indiana on Route 119 ••••^^^^••^^••i A SURE CUBE FOB THE BLUESf IS A NIGHT OUT AT THE MOVIES! ABT CICERO'S ROLLER SKATING CENTER 155 W. Brown St. Blairttville, Fa. Open Every Night-7:30-10:30 Thursday 1.00 Family Night Wed. & Friday Nltes-Parties Come You'll Be Glad You Did! Thursday P.M. Sunday Nite ART CICERO'S 4% |% P LI CLARKSBURG RINK OP EN A SCHI2U CAN LOV AND • I • HUNGER. 1 .'. I . • i PLEASE . . . enjoy the shock! surprise ending to your friends! But don't reveal • Phone • 465-4112 I Features 7:05 A 9:30 Hollywood News— Elvis Presley Winner Of Another Platter Record Florida Throbs With Activity MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — Florida— jristling with air bases and boast- ng big naval operations at Key West, Jacksonville and Pensacola —throbbed with activity today to >ack up President Kennedy's blockade of Cuba. At Key West, only 90 miles rom Cuba, naval vessels had put o sea and the county granted permission for an Army unit to bivoUac in the local baseball park. A new control tower, previously unneeded at the Key West airport >ecause only one commercial light goes into and out of the city daily, was rushed to completion in ess than two days. Boca Chica ield at the naval air station is a eparate operation. Soldiers seen earlier at Sugar- oaf Key, a few miles from the :ity, had disappeared. Medical and urgical supplies were reported to be stockpiled at the Navy base. Telephone calls to Key West were delayed Monday night by By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer -HOLLYWOOD (AP)—It should come as news to no one that Elvis Presley has another winning phonograph record. But it should be noted that his "Return to Sender" has sold 600,000 copies in its first three weeks, according to the Presley mentor, Col. Tom Parker. It is certain to win the singer his 31st gold record, not counting albums, and may hit two million sales worldwide. This information also from Parker, who might well be promoted to general for his handling of the Presley fortunes. "We've played It very smart,' says the oldtime medicine show man. "Other singers glut the market. We put out only four shr gle releases a year, two albums That's all." What does Elvis have to say I dropped in for a chat on the set of "It Happened at the World's Fair," his latest film for MGM. 'heavy traffic" but were going hrough early today. All naval vessels in the harbor t Mayport, near Jacksonville, had r one to sea. Unusual activity was reported at uch big air bases as MacDill 'ield at Tampa, McCoy Air Force lase at Orlando and Homestead \ir Force Base near Miami. The movement of troops and planes r as clothed in strict secrecy. No security measures other than he usual tight arrangements were effect at Cape Canaveral, the ig missile test center 350 miles orth of Key West, but jet planes vere at Patrick Air Force Base, few miles from the cape. Florida's National Guard and ivil defense units were placed on n alert status. "There will be no calling out the Tational Guard," said Gov. Farris ryant. "We anticipate no trouble. Ve want to be ready if anything iculd occur. Bryant, who has repeatedly rged a stronger stand on Cuba, aid in a telegram to the Presi- dent that "the people of Florida are prepared to stand with you In every way." Col. H. W. Tarkington, Florida civil defense director, alerted all county governments and civil defense organizations to be ready for "possible emergency action." The Cuban Revolutionary Council in Miami called for "immediate military action to destroy the Soviet war apparatus in Cuba." Pan American Airways announced it planned to operate two flights daily between Miami and Havana, as it has done ever since Fidel Castro imposed stringent restrictions on travel between the two countries. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which has two flights weekly, said it planned to continue service "as of now." BROWN'S HOTEL Has For Your Dancing Pleasure The Jet Tones EVERY FRIDAY And Anna-Mario Entertaining With The Napoli Combo Every Wed. Peggy Knudsen Divorces Mate LOS ANGELES (AP)- Actress Peggy Knudsen has divorced electrical contractor Francis S. Kellstrom. She won $500 monthly alimony. Miss Knudsen, 33, said Monday that Kellstrom, 49, "was very rude, would constantly criticize me and would fly into an angry rage." e They married in Honolulu last Feb. 12 and separated last July 2. (Read Gazette Classified Ads) INSTANT P/\ CU Usr FJS. l/nJ/7 ,)•,!unNIU $20 to $2000 C» to M (Ml •• »*yl - COLUMBIA PICTURES mam u, OAV1D SUSSKINO •«««:«« A A10NY A JACKIE OUINN GLHSON n MICKEY ,. JUUE RODNEY HARRIS FOUR* LIKE NEVER BEFORE! REQUIEM MMIGHT ART «»««• <•«. ma t* A. D. L.* 1 " <*•••»« Ol*e*ut O*. IMP] m Lfhii.. m.. _ 4(84151 Iff* brarut* AT*U**I» OB lu 'Yeah, I heard that 'Return to Sender' had the biggest advance sale of any record," he said. 'But I don't pay much attention to those matters. I just do tha numbers and hope somebody likes 'em." He doesn't even listen to them afterward. This came up when I asked him if his singing style had changed in his six years in the bigtime. "I don't think so," he remarked. 'I wouldn't change the way I sing, other than to break up the fast tunes with a ballad now and then. "I don't really listen to my old numbers, anyway. Once a record is released I forget It. After I've recorded it, I listen to it over and over again to see if there's any. thing I can improve. But when I've okayed it, I don't want to lear it any more. "There are only three or four records of mine that I really care about. Back home (Memphis) I've got a juke box that was given me for Christmas. There's only one of my records on it—'Return o Sender.' And that's only because it's got a pretty good beat for the kids to dance to." Elvis will finish the movie in couple of weeks and will be leading back to Memphis in his louse-bus that takes him every, where. Except for a couple of benefits, Elvis hasn't been out to meet the sublic in the last year or two. -ol. Parker has had him racing "rom movie to movie. At a reported half-million plus 10 per cent of the gross, that's nice racing. Held At Indiana "Miss Miller" One of UNFORGETTABLE FOUR in a drama of guts and genius I fclWW faults MDOm M D*VtO SUSHM noun* "QUINNMGlEASQN iHRMNEYlilHAIOBS REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT WHAT QUALITY! WHAT PRICE! It's The New 1962 ... Shows At 7:30 P.M and 9:30 P. M HMO-OM Hmt for .ll.faM. .Vyfc, ln-A'D**rUntTr*v Drum itap* wtwn 4** I* Starts Tomorrow Wulwrt* natch 18 MONTHS WARRANTY Parts & Repairs For All Makes FREE GAS LIGHT & POST with the purchase of a GOLD STAR GAS RANGE or a PENNY-A-LOAD GAS CLOTHES DRYER r^ttlii rtUI vato $2158 tor i limited tine only LIEB'S APPLIANCES Moore Hotel Bldg.-Indiana-Phone 465-2871 EASY CREDIT TERMS 1

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