The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1949
Page 5
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THTJMTUY, JULY 14, 19« BLITHEV1LLB (ARK.T COURIER NEWS THE NATION TODAY Business is Urged To Cut Prices, Help Nation's Economy By James Marlow WASHINGTON, July 14. (AP)— President Truman is the heal on business, not on labor, to get this country of it slump. He wants businessmen to cut prices, but not wages. He made this clear in his report to Congress on Monday and in his radio talk last night. Further, he challenged steel companies to let government fact-finders check on their ability to meet their workers' demands. Mr. Truman thinks there's reason to worry about tiie economic illness which the country is suffering now. One of the main cures he main cures he suggests la a cut in prices. Too-high prices, he »ays, brought on Hie Inflation. That inflation WSLS bound to bust sooner or later, lie says, and it's busted now. His reasoning goes: When prices soared after the war, people v.'ith money to spend bought what they needed, in spite of the prices. At last they had to begin cutting down on their buying becavise or the big gap between the price.s and their pocketbooks. Full Employment N«-ce(»sary 3. The more the buying ,the more Hie need tor production of things that people want to buy. And that will mean more people employed to do the producing. 4. But il wages are cut, wher prices are cut, then the gap between prices and ability to buy remains the same and people wil have too little money to buy th. reduced goods. 5. Therefore, to keep up people's ability to buy, wages should not be r»xon if Convict*! Dn Burglary Charge HOT SPINOS, Ark., July U. t/r, —Harry Raymond Pop*, M, ol Dal- M, was convicted here last night of burglary. Th« jury fixed hlj punishment «t five years In the [Jenitentiary. Pope and Clarence Allen Bryant, also of Dallas, were charged In connection with » drug store bur- ;lary here last December. In a gun battle which followed (he break-In one burglar was killed and a Hot Springs policeman wounded. Previously Bryant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Missco Land and Wi// to Work Brings Success for Windhams developing In Some c/f Hie have refused the steel Industry, biggest companies to grant the CIO steelworkers' demands for higher wages anri other benefits. The workers threatened to strike. This would mean more unemployment at once. And, if it lasted long, it woul'l be a severe Jolt to the whole econr-my .since so many businesses need steel. Uxenu* Liquor Permit Policy LITTLE ROCK, July 14. iikansas Revenue Commissioner Dean Morley plans to give liquor nd beer dealers * chance to pro- Ml in advance non-renewal of lielr sales permits. He said, beginning next year, dealers whose premlls he didn't >lnn to renews would be advised approximately 30 days in advance. They would \x allowed hearings. The practice has been (or the revenue commissioner not to re- ie\v the permits -\nd then give lenrlnus to former dealers who requested them. cut. But — businessmen will lose So production began to go down, some of their present profits if tney still going down. Thi.s meant cut prices but uot wages, fewer people needed to produce and 6. Thai's all right. The main more people were made jobless. Un- point is to have people with money employment Ls growing. Sq— to buy goods, since that will en- 1, What is needed Ls more pro-1 courage production and emp!oy- duction to make more jobs for more mcnt. In ihe end business men \vill people, although there can't be make sufficient profits through the more production unless people are increased volume of production, or able to buy what's made. number of items they sell. 2. They won't be able lo do the e.saary buying unless the prices ( cut down closer to their ability buy. There/ore, to encourage buying, prices should be cut doxm. « <•• ' That's wlial Mr. Truman .^UB- ;e.sls. It. puc.s the bni'den on biist- ir. J 5. »ot o» labo]-. Crisis f^>oms in Slecl Industry For days now a crisis has been To prevent R strike, Mr. Truman | i»'t ii.skeci the CIO and the companies 10 keep on working while he set up a board of government fact-finders to look into both sides of the argument. The CIO agreed. The biggest companies refused, telling Mr Truman this was not a proper move tor him to make. They said he should l.avn acted under the Taft- Hartley labor law which includes steps t o forbid the strike. He told the companies: "Surely. you're not afraid to hnve your side in this dLspute examined in ihe public interest." A real fad-Finding job would be an examination of the companies' ability to meet the workers' demands. If they reported the companies '_ouM do it, this would put sirong public pleasure on them to give in to what the steel workers wanted. By Harry A. Hilrles Courier News Staff Writer Seventy-six acres of Irmd, even if j il's rah Mississippi County soil, is- lo work wiih, but Pant Windham anct hLs family have proved il can be made lo do a lol. Mr Wiiidlmni, for iiisiance, ran yoinl to his eight-room liome south of lown on U.S. Highway 61 as a prime example of the opportunity T.hat many acres present. Moving here in 1934 from Boonc- ville, Miss,, Mr. Windham remembers lie h;id a team of mules ami a Model "A" Purd which were his masL distinguished physical assets. However, he brought several olh- j er asseto that weren't as readily vis-; ible. For instance, friends say he Ls strong a-s a bull but can do a lot more work. These same friends, who have known* him for the past 15 years, point out that his wife has also been of no little assistance to the veteran farmer. They will aho tell yon that Pant Wmdhntn and his family have personally cared for the 76-acre farm mull the past few years. When he got ready to build his noine two years ago, Mr. Windlun drew up the floor plan. He also worked ns one of the crew ot car- penters as the house went under construction, Now ihe large liome stands iis H memorial to the industry of Mr and Mrs Windham and their three daughters,, Furnished with every mociern convenience, the house has a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a bath, plus an auxiliary roum which is used more a second living room. A targe garage adjoins the house and Mr. Windham took the true- tor from his fields long enough to level th? larijc front, yard which if now iUlraclively landscaped. R ead Con ner News Want Ads Young Farmers Elect LITTLE ROOK. July. 14. tA*t— John Ferguson of Booneville, is the new president of the Young Farmers of Arkansas. Other officers elected yesterday at the closing session of th* or- ganisation's convention here Include Ezra Gunter of Magnolia, vice ptf«idcnl; Jewel Bailey of Bay, Sentinel; Virgil Booth of Caraway, reporter, and Charles Smith of Paragould, secretary-treasurer. Monkey Business SAN DIEGO, Calif., July H. (>Pj —A runaway monkey invaded A self-help laundry here. Seventeen women customers scattered with shrill screams. The monkey Jumped Into the open door of one of the electric washers, which automatically started to work on him, Willie—that's the monkey—was rescued without damage by his owner. Richard V. Heltman, and a inmaiie society man who hud beei 3D his trail. Rape Suspect Cleared ASHDOWN, Ark., July 14. f^> dwin Jack.son, 21, has been ^uitlori of a charge of rape lodged by nn 18-year-old Negro girl. A Little River circuit court Jury deliberated three hours before re- BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys Yn'.ipn il'iBordcr of Viilney function p*rmtt» IK)5ioJioua nuttier to remain hi your Moot, ll tuny cause n*sifinz backache, rheunwtle pallia, leu ,)iiJru, lots of p*l> and envi-try, (fet- lini; up,, • vvr.HnK. iiuttinni under Ih* eye*, headaches unil tllziiness. Fre'joent or fccanty rHb»i!fA with SJiiattioif ind burning lonieliuici ihows tli«r« i» uoai«thicJt wroar with your Vtihieys or bl».l<!*r. Don't wattl Ask your dnjR^sl for Docn'a Bills, ft iMnmlant dUretk, utcd «ncc*»*(uUr by millions for over 60 yeftn. Doin'a iri»« .ifip]iy relief »nj will h«lp th« 1G mllei of kldnuy tuL*n flush out potsonou* W»*t4froa your blood. U«t i)o*n'« Fill*. fcirnte« * wrdlot of tnnoacot night. M«mb«r Oraughon Radio Faculty Th« Dr»ughoo t School of Buii- , ness in Littl* : Rock »rmoun.> ', es th« addition to ite llaif of ; Joteph Kelly, as an i..struc- tor In the DrauZhon Sch ool of l ? adio. Mr. Kelly Is a native ofi Minnesota, who I was stationed 1 it Camp Robin- j son a u rl n 2 World War II ind «rved In th« Medical Corpi in the Pacific Theater. He married Milt Pauline Stoll of Little Rock and u * gradual* of Dnughon School of Radio. The Draughon School of Rad<» was established in 1930 *nd i* one of the oldest radio training schools in the South. Thes« many yean of experience in thii field give assurance of thorough training in practical radio work. The Draughon School of Business is the only private business college in Arkansas th«t ii fully accredited and approved by the State Department of Education. If you desire information regarding radio training or other typ* of business training, wnt* Draughon School of BusJ:iw» ( Little Rock, Arkansas. There is no obligation whatever on your part. t. Q UITE literally, it's one car in a thousand — 999 other cars (ake the road for every Estate Wagon Buick turns oiH. But it's far more than something exclusive, as you'll soon see when one takes its place in your garage. .For those times, for instance, when house guests arrive —what smarter equipage could you send to the station, what greater comfort, what handier way to manage the luggage problem? And when the Lord and Master yearns for a few days away from it all —what's handier than this nimble gadabout, that lets him fold down a back seat at nightfall and enjoy full-length double- bed sleeping space? And that place in the country, calling for a car that can go just about everywhere, do just about everything .. . That's when you'll go for the ruggedness of this beauty with its steel framing, steel top and springs of durable, service-free coiled steel. Thai's when you'll go for Dynaflmv Drivet too — and the steady, even, Huid pull that takes furrowed fields, rough pastures and narrow back roads with equal, shift-free ease. In all truth, this is a star of many roles. Smart and sleek, finished like an express cruiser, it's a standout for style in any parking line-up, a family favorite for its quick rc-.ulincss to take on any transportation job. It's a buy, too, like all Buicks—and your dealer is offering pleasantly prompt delivery. Why not see him today about the car that both literally and figuratively is one in a thousand? rltfr tmtmmoMIrm are Ituilt flf/fCK trill kail* f*«>m LANGSTON McWATERS CO. Walnut and Broadway Dial 555 For Service PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET 7044 West Chickosawba Phont 2043 5 u.. 43 C 10 !,!>., f. (i/,. CAc Pure Godchaux SUGAR In Salad Oil, American SARDINES Rex JELLY Arj*<> Green & While SE'KARS ASPARAGUS Nl , 2 c » 29' Red Robe Large • CHO Sweel nnH Mellow No. L Can 10 Sail-On Cut GREEN BEANS N() 2 Can 16 C Kus-scllville New Packed BLACKBERRIES No 2 Can IV Campbell's TO.MATO JUICE 46 S n 29 c Jack Spral, Sugar Added ORANGE JUICE 46 i 39 Sea Swell GRATED TUNA 2 6 oz. Cans 57< FOR BETTER BAKING FLOUR SPECIALS A good )U-purpose flour • in White Ring 79c 25 Lbs. White Ring $1.83 10 Lbs. Pillsbury 94c For a summer sandwich SPICED HAM-IU9C Pickle Pimiento Loaf - Ib. 49c Morrell'j Sliced Bacon -lb.45c Delicious Tender FRESH DRESSED HENS& FRYERS STEW - - - Ib. Swift's Premium, shank and HAMS - - - lb.59c From premium beef Ground Beef - - Ib. 45c Swift Premium Round Steak--lb.79c Fancy PRODUCE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES • Top Quality • Fresh Daily • Economically Priced

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