The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1944
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Papooses To Meet Marked Tree (/ere Wednesday; Chicks Slated To face Russellyille Thursday I r For the second consecutive week ilia Blytlieville Junior Papooses will parade their gridiron wares before local fans in their own back yard, ' ''Pop" Mosley's promising young Papooses, sporting a two-game winning streak, take on the'Marked Tree'He- serves Wednesday night. Then the Chicks face their Russejl- ville rivals in a conference clash, Thursday night. « Showing considerable Improve- * ment ln ? fpotball flnessee with each succeeding games, the Paps . appear well on the road to n very successful ' and winning season. Sporting a .500 campaign average, l>y virtue of three wins ami as many 'defeats,, the juniors can get back out in front willi a win over the visiting Papooses. / Show Fighting .Spirit They showed a strong fighting heart .last week by coming, from behind to defeat a much Inrger and well coached pack of Luxora Panthers, :12-7. They were on the short end pf a 7-0 score for three fijll quarters but mustered enough 'strength to push over a pair of touchdowns-in less than five minutes for the winning margin. telllj Wajne McFarland and Dickie . Oreenwell, their one-two punch;'/came through in great stjle McFarland racked up 155 yards by rushing alone to set the winning pattern. Young Gremwell scored both touchdowns, In addition^ to a sterling defensive performance. - Line Performs Well . The small bul rugged Papoose wall performed admirably. It not only'• discharged llielf v heavier, more "experienced rivals, but proved much the stronger down the slretch The final period found (hem sifting through the Panther line with surprising.ensc to smother the passing attack that proved bpiliersome earlier In the game. Billy Bracey, guard, John Hoover and Don Besharsc, tackles, were particularly effective, not to overlook the ends, Harvey Eaton and Dorr 'Hucy,- who ttirncd In their greatest games. , The Chicks, their lineup drastically revamped by Coach Arvll preen, had little chance against the, Humes Tigers, third ranking Memphis team and a potential city seventh defeat of the year. Uses Four Teams MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 19<I4 Itte DOPE BUCKET •i t. r. naxv TAKE BIG STEI'S Hot Springs, Dlythcvllle, Joncsboro, Four Mat Stars On Arena Card Roy Welch, Trucsdalc, Von Ludwig, Wisbar Slated To Perform . ', THE CARD AU,-STAR TAG MATCH Roy Welch (225) and "Tuffy" ; Trucsdalo (ISO) , OUo Vim Ludwlg (205) and Gus Wislra.- (ISO) Preliminaries Welch versus Von I.tnhvig Triic-schilc versus Wisbar Tlie fur Is expected lo fairly fly loniglit at the American Legion arena when Promoter Mike Mcro- ney throws four of his ace grap- plcrs Into one nu.jor mat show in keeping with the Tlmiiksetvlng season. Starting lime is 8:15. The program calls for a lag mntcli nnci two preliminaries, featuring four favorites wilh the cus- lomcrs nnci who arc expected lo give out, wilh one of Ihc season's outstanding eslilblllons. Heading the card is'Ihe colorful Roy Welch, dean of wrestlers and perhaps Hie most popular wrestler ever to appear in Hie locnl ring. Roy returns to his favorite haunts to join hands with "Tnffy Triies- rlBle, the St. Louis boy who recently captured the Mexican light heavyweight championship. A'oii I.uiiivig Kcliu'iis Tills eomblnnllon will compete against n couple of brilliant, hard working, clever Teutonic entries; OIK Wisbar, who rates among tlie best in science and skill, and Otto champion, and went down 'under a j Von Ludwig, one of the roughest,' 51-6 count last week for their toughest men ever lo show his bru- Inl wares In the local ring. Tliese (enms wllli hook up in the It looks as K the Arkansas cduca-MO'th Little Rock, Fort Smith, El tors nro going lo play ball with the Dorado, A champion will be dcter- athletlc directors and coaches In mined in Hint conference. Then the their plans to nrriuijj'e n play for districts will produce their respective leaders. Then [lie four tennis will hook up In a playoff, the winner officially declared the state champion. To me this appears to lx> the only liructleal way to settle Hie mailer. It gives (he smaller schools a chance to compete with the larger schools and it would not be surprising at all to have them emerge out on top with their share of the champions. More power to 'em, TURN COMPOSERS It has .been a long established fact that the Marines nrc a flghl bunch. Some may have wondered wlmt caused them to become the rough nnil tough outfit and the following may give an idea. Tech. Sergl. Waller 0. Maxwell slnlloned somewhere" In the Pacific with the Marines (VMR-353-3rd MAW, % PPO, San Francisco, Cal.l sends n copy of the Marines' 23ni Psalm. Here it is: The C. O. is my shepherd, I shall not wnnl. lie maketh me pick up burnt matches, He leadclh me through mud puddles, deciding a stale high seliool champion. Two big steps were taken by the ulgwlgs at Iheir recent meeting of the Arkansas Education Association lit Little Rock. An amendment permitting the schools lo vote on Issues In sports which they participated was passed. (2) A resolution was offered lo cooperate with 'the coaches in their district plan for determining a champion each year. When this matter was In the talking singe about a year ago the coaches realized that a bit' Job faced them In order to get their plans into 'operation. They knew that the smaller schools held Ihe key; schools which did not participate in football nnd, consequently, had no interest In the progressive welfare of the sport. So a campaign was liumclied lo get nil amendment through which would limit the school heads from voting on Issues In sports they actually imrllelpalcd. That it was passed Indicated lhat some very good work has been done. HEADS WANT CHANGE Hurdling Ihe second,big step, n resolution authorizing some plan to decide the stnlc chiunpionship, also cnme us a distinct surprise and proved that even the superintendents lire anxious to settle an Issue thnt has been bunging (Ire for many years, it Is an issue that has proved a controversy alt over the state Wcfories Give Tigers Championship LITTLE HOCK, Nov. 20 (UP) — The Little Rock High School Tigers Imve ctacliccl the Arkansas High School Football Conference cham- Eilon.shlp. The Tigers grabbed the lille, their first since 1938, by downing [he Pine niiirt Zebras 40 lo 7 In the mud at Mtllc Hock Salurdny. The Little liock powerhouse lins won eight straight conference victories, rjllinf; up 203 |)Qin(s. Their opponents ha Officially, Jonesiwro is In second place in the standings with three wins nnd one loss. But Ihe Jonesboro squad failed to schedule enough conference games, so Hot Springs nnd North Little Rock (ire fighting it out for second place. Both teams have won five conference affairs ulille dropping three. .)ohn Hoffman, the big Little Rock fullback, Is still leading the pack in the Individual scoring department. Hoffman, In eight games, lias run up :i total of 1C7 points. In second place, with 50 poinls, is Jake Baldwin of Pine Bluff. Walnut Ridge Marines To Play BAAF Cagers nuiiuiged to score only" 27"points'." HAAP's biiskeleers will meet the bnskelballcrs from the Marine Base at Walnut Ridge in n doublehead- cr Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The contests, to be staged 'In the Rec Hall, will find me local officers teams meeting the Marine officers In the first game. In the second grime, Ihe enlisted men's squad, the Bombers, will engage Ihc Marine enlisted men. The starting learn for the officers will be McGuffey and Stewart at forwards, Deevers, center, and Reed and Partridge at guards. Lieut. Jack Keefe coaches the officers learn. The Bombers, coached by S-Sgl. Robert Tubbs and Lt. Cecil Garrison, will have Swettonam and Girrard at forwards, Myers, center, and McDonald and Cameron or Moody at guards. He restoreth my slcp. He £uldclh me on the course of Obstacles for my health's sake. Yes/ though vnlley I walk through the *J Coach Jtmmic Patterson used almost four full-teams during the bat tie,-keeping a steady stream of Iresh material into the conflict. H Only in the third quarter (lid the Chicks make,, a determined stand. Despite the fact thnt the Tigers boasted , their first tenm, jvith by two or thiee exceptions including their star back, Jerry Srook, the tribe battled on almost even terms during the entire period They held them to a 1-rnc touchdown and made . the visitors lake.:to the air to But the superior "itreriBth took Us loll .with three touchdowns ' in the Sinai -quarter to mount the score. 1 While they gaie the faithfuls ,only one stirring thrill, the Chicks showed plenty of .power in their dnve that netted a' touchdown in he closing i vnimite • ^a'ryjey ;(Colon) Pofeue, N&S'| dynamic ijtij he ulled hJa| way through theiHumes if it > wny-.-fhri .;t}vUd members of his'squad on the scc- pnd string-. He hasn't been at all pleased with the training of some regulars which led to their relegation Injuries pretcntcd others from sta rtln g assignments. k Making his lirst start Chester Caldwell \sas impressive at an end and may continue to hold down the wing even.after J. L. Johnson recovers from a shoulder injury Others may have trouble regaining .their former first siring jobs, especially if they continue to vlolat .their training rules. feature lag mulch over the honr- nnd-n-half route, two best falls out three. i, As appetizers the matchmaker as arranged for two ciirUiin rais- -s between rival members of the s. Welch matches his power id strength against Von Ludwig, ho is said to be ot German no- llty. The lighter men, TmesdtUe nd Wisbar, collide in the oilier. Card Is Kalauccd The card .is well balanced so,as ) rench and .satisfy the likes of very fan. Those-.who • prefer Ihc clenllfic side should get a Ire- nendous kick out of the duel be- wecn Wisbar and Trucsdalc. These mailer giants are considered mat rllsts. They not only are highly killed in the fine points, but know ow to display their wares in a leasing manner. It may develop ito a free-for-all battle such as ie'. Sh'pvy last week iii wliich both •ere .In.(rival corners. > ; -.Hpy:aiid \Vpii-Ludwig kVc' schc'd- \eaj.;for;the; -real rpjigh;' sIuff; • Ancl ^'ei%t%drs;titfr;reaf.6ncfc ; ln ( (h6!r iea' ts.:;aii;dv |g'eV:. s> t J f OF .'one' bf .the .ilgh^at;tof. itht^sciiao'n.;;-,;-: >', : >- ;> *"*" A'cUon A Certainly This is practically n certainty in 'ieiv of past performances. This Von .Ludwig is an exponent of the ock-nnd-sock method of mat railing. His principal attack Is via the ists and he certainly packs a hefty vallop. He has been around Ion? inongh to know lo get the job done is evidenced by his string ot victims throughout Ihe years. But Von Ludwig can look [or ilenty of opposition from Welch Leponto Trims Wi/son •LEPANTO, Ark., Nov. 20.—Le panto Panthers chalked up theii eighth victory out of 10 game pla.yed by defeating Wilson High 40-0 Friday. Lamb, captain, scorcc .three touchdowns, and Undernoot three.' Extra points were score by Eliey, -Lamb, Underwood, An derson and Cassey. Snapping turtles are unable eat unless their heads are unde water. STUFFED NOSES 2o-iroj>s in each nostr open clogged nose, yo Ibreatho freer. Caution UBO only a? directed IPENETRO HOSE DROP EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT const ra eeAST nd THEAMIM INACTION SPORTSMAN'S mm EVERYBODtyucOME ALL WEIK 9 *M.TO II RM. WRESTLING Leg/on Hut, Monday, Nov. 20, 8:75 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestling Arena In America. Adults, 360T1« Sc-ToUl, 4Sc.JR«crvcd Seals, IZc, Tax 3c-T 0 Ul, ISc, Children's Seats IZc, -f« 3c, Total, ISc. HeserFed Seats On Sale .at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. ni. on T4G MATCH Truesdale and Welch versus Von Ludwig and Wisbar Two 30 Minnie Preliminaries Gus Wisbar Roy Welch —• - VS, 7- _. i ,- -. \*s, Tuffy Trwesdnle Otto Von Ludwig should "go. have been eliminated The plan calls for a division of lie slate into districts, probably our. There will IK a Big 8, composed [ the larger schools of the slate, robably Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Vhilc he prefers to use his skill nd U'lunrdry, Roy can rely on his likes just In case his foe forces be Issue. He may ns well get set or Von Ludwig won't let him get by vithonl them. I must run up the hills. He annolnlctli my head with abuse Arid my cup runneth over. Surely cadence and mess duty will days of my Ma- Aiul I shall dwell in Hie hnir Of my C. O. forever, Amen. Fo ]i ow mc nU rine lite, Pemiscot Man Wounded Corp. Egbert N. Hcpler of Ca- ruthCTsville, Mo., has been wounded In the European Area, the War Department has informed his wife, Mrs. Tiinnic II. Hcpler of Carulh- ersvillc. No details were announced. From where I sit ...fy Joe Marshi Ed Carey Talks (Thanksgiving) Turkey Bort Guilders linils Eel Carey on his bade porch. "What you doin', Ed? "ho asks. "Phickin'our Thanksgiving turkey," Ed replies. "Looks like n chicken to me," says Bert. "Looks like one to me, too," Eil allows. "Rut with so many turkeysgoln'foonrflgbtin' men, some chickens got to do a turkoy-slzo job." . , , Guess that's' the/ way; Thanks^ giving' K'g6iri£ to jbe jriji t(>t;qf- aliout It! ... knowing that the best is going lo our men overseas. And from where I sit; fbp most important thing of all Isn't rationed. That's the Spirit ''pi Thanksgiving'. Today-ns th'o Ugh Is arc going on again all over the wovld—there's more of it than ever! Anil more cause for it—as the powers of darkness yield to freedom, tolerance, and human kindness!; ^ , : ( stiliites-ahcl being migiily glad ©1M4, SHEWING INDUSTRY FOUNDATION . ARKANSAS COMMITTEE J.HUGH WHAKTON, SUte IfcKtw, 40Z PYRAMID BLDG^UTUE ROCK Another Hudson Dry Cleaning Service , .'. DRY CLEANED and BLOCKED We are very fortunate in being able to offer our customers the services of a liar cleaning expert . . . Many men do not realize that qualify fur felt hats (we will not accept cheap felt hats for dry cleaning) can be cleaned, blocked, and returned looking al- most as good as they did vjhen bought.. . Send us your last year's for renewing—we know you'll like our work. Call 2612 For Service! Pepsi-CoJa Company, Long Ittand Cily, A T . r. FrancWged Bottler.: Pcpsi-fip}a Bottling .Co, of Bly.thevill Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier AT FIRST ilOHOFA 666 Cold Preparations as directed UBEl CHICKASAW Weft Mala Near Zlst St. S*t iUrts 12:45; Boa Blartj 1:49 Night shows 5:15 Except Monday, openu t:15 Conthmoaa jhotrs Sat. tad Sun. Last Time Today "HI DIDDLE DIDDLE with Atloljihc Mcnjou & Marlha Scott Universal News Short Tuesday PAL NITE Z Tickets For (he Price of I "THE GLASS KEY" with Veronica Lake & Alan LailU Also Comedy New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightjy 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday ; Best Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today "SWEET AND LOWDOWN" with Lynn Hurry & Benny Goodman Fox News & Short Tuesday "MOON OVER LAS VEGAS" A Universal Picture Serial & Short '? PLANES It's Miss Mildred Jackson speaking, chief stewardess of Chicago and Southern Air Lines. And all Chicago and Southern planes rely on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively because this oil saves wear, helps costly airplane motors last longer. Now that the motor of your car must last longer, too, give it the same protection against wear. Get Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oi! from your Sinclair Dealer. It stands up longer and lubricates better because it's both de-waxed and-de-jcllied. Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 'Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY The Purple Heart' wilh Dana Andrews & Ricluinl Conte Paramount News Short Tuesday PAL NITE 'Oh My Darling Clementine 7 .A with V? Frank Albcrtson, Lorna Gray an. Hoy AcuiT t v Mis B;, 11( i ; Selected Shorls R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Star at 7:30. 8ATCRDAYS & SUNDAYS €01 Office Op«ns 1 Show BUrU 1:15 ALLEN - Af»t ~ lrytk«Till«, Art Last Time Today "MUSIC IN MANHATTAN" with Ann Shirley, Dennis Day Philip Terry UKO News Disney Comedy Tuesday & Wednesday 'FALCON IN MEXICQ wilh Tom Conway UKO News & Short (Tuesday- NlRltt Is Opportunity Night)

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