The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 6, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—No. MS Blythevllte Courier, lllylhevllle Herald, Ulythovlllc Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. KVlU.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SKI'TKMBKR 0, 1<W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEBITS Promises Longevity, Wealth to Tenants of Synthetic Eden u»-i , i I r i - • flllilJl V III! I1VU 111LU me IH.1 I-or I ic sake nf humanity," and because he now can offard ia fin- j pasture. Corn harvesting etl, thus making a rouph feed that istcek will eat and lhat will go three times AS far as if stock was jiumly turned into the fields to and Siltmlion Can Be Minimized If Available Rcsourc- ccs Are Properly Used. Conservation of all of Missls- . s!]i]ji county's feed resources is the :nosi presMng immediate nerd as a result of IK? summer's drouth, county agricultural agents and fatmers told (he county druiith 'relief committee at a meeting Ql ;he eoui-t'iuiise this morning. .j Tl'f- opinion was general that for Al Smith Will Return to Politics NEW YORK, Sept. U. <UP>—Tile New York Kvenlng Past slid toddy it had mformatlun that former FIRST HELP 1 Governor Alfred iv Smith woi emcitrc from his political 'fill ment 'Ms iall lo had liie 13om C!.U:K i'.i:::p:ngn in Ihe noajiea ern stale..;. 'Ihc lormrr Kavcrnor, iv; >rdh lo Ihc POM, will make flvc spoec! i-s in New York slate ill behalf ' the- i.imiot'.iate present, and through Vl ..I.- .. _ : . .-i-l.r.._ .. »- ' <1 The iiillcie said he would make s=l>cech for the Demorralic ticket Massachusetts and another Rhode Island. While Smith is not a regular de cjifi'.e to the Democratic stale coi vcntton. Hie Post said thai he won pic-kinq season, farm. n "c"d on n .proxy and duite prol Will Take Senator Allen Easl for an Operation WICHITA, Kans., Sept. U. (UPi — Squalor Henry J. Allen will lx> ni'-hed lu Johns Ho))klns hospital HI linHlinoii" where lie will umliT- igo K iiinjcr operation by Dr. dcorgu s. YouiiKi world renowned Miig«m, II was learned :il Ills home here today. .icplies to Santo Domingo; Nearly 2,000 Doac SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican f i Republic. !5e]H. [i. (UP1—Om.sldc Franklin D. Roo.sevell for govern-';'. ri'lief reached devaslaled Sanlo IXi- i , i r. I D go lod.i y. 1- With .smvivor.s hungry and ex- i')»listed by the task of disposing of ' some 2.090 dead and attempting - . tin- first work of clearing away - | wreckage of Ihe capital, the ar- 1-nval of mi American Ira.T.ijiorL wji.s -'a happy sight ft> r i] w coj'.on , -. - , - , , , , ---„ ar.d farm laborers of the ably wmll . <1 makc tne nomlnatliJB' .housands who had awall«l relief. ' or Roosevelt. : . Mc-nmvhile Miami's n!il to the c:unty will be able to provide tor s l x?cch r ° r Govern. themselves and their neighbors, but. some, it was said, were already having to sacrifice their livestock. and others would be forced lo do si later unless feed could be found for thorn. i Cornstalks Valuable I County Agents S. D. Carpenter •and J. F.. Crllz, as well as a num- . her of the farmers present, ex- orpssed the belief that there would be no general feed shortage in t'.ie icountv if al! farmers would make ; thc most of everything that they have Cornstalks and soybeans should .be cut and shredded. Ihev declar- Kansas City Airplane Crash Takes Two Liver KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Sept. '0 i 111 1 )-The deulh toll In tin- ulr- plani' crush at l-'ahfux nlrnorl lul yesterday was raised to two lodir. with the death ol William S. Uolli- wcll, 20, of Liberty, Mo., u stiidL'ii' pilot. Cierald Ciiillngcr, 20. also 'of Liberty who was in the plane will Rotrwell. was killed almost iiinni 1 - diatcly, strlcken Island was prepared |r , leave by airplane loiliiy comrslliiK j of medical .supplies in pvrson:i! charge of Dr. J. A. Sinclair, sur- ; geon for the Greater Mlnml Air; ways association. ! A radio dispatch lo the Pan- American Airways here said Do- i , „ ., , minlcan omclals and Governor i™;" 8 ,.",;., Roosevelt of Porto Rico had re- 14 Hurt in Kansas City Southern Train Wreck Conlractovs On 'River Joljs Must Maintain Wage Lev- Sllnl0 Domingo for emergency re. „ ,. , ° lief supplies. els bays Hurley. . I ;Iicd Cross Sends Dim-tor ST. LOUIS, sept. o. (UP)—sec- WASHINGTON: Sept. G. iuin— retary of War Hurley, on an in- The American Red Cross today or- spection lour of the Mississippi' tiered one of Its leaders. Krnrsl J. river, arrived here at 0:20 a. m. tq- : R *'' ft - acting -director of foreign day on the steamboat General Al- operations for the organization, to KANSAS CITY, Sept. 6. (UP) — A locomotive .and five cars, of the "Flying Crow," north bound Kun sa.s City Southern passenger train were sthewn In dlsordei Iway al Marlon, Mo. terror of i (late yestc i When the 1m. Sniuo Domingo to direct relief weie Injured, none dangerously. A faulty switch lever was blam ed for the accident. Secretary Hurley today ordered a measures '.n Ihe hurricane strickei. ""s'l "I'oilk'MO*^ Irr'kin 1 " 1 .,' 1 ™,'!;' 0 ' f ' 1 ' > '* ;l1r -° ul !~. elirod '"anufaeturer 'shredding equipment is already I compl . tc investigation into reports : city, under the American minister. ?,.,„;=„ T 1 ,?.!^..;".." 1 .'^! .." ... >0 ,1 I " r . "'"I"".'? I'" according ,o his owned in some communities, and | thai private contractors doing work . Charles D. Curtis. u , v ,, cl , „, , u ,, lt . tu „ „ „,„ longevity. Under medical sujicrvislon, they will pursue efforts will be made to buy suc'.i ahcul on all fours as iequipmeiil cooperatively in others. eqnipinent Is not theories of :i primitive sort of existence, even moving murh as possible, ilelnw is shown part of the advertisement ap->Where • iirarinj n, Kussun lai.Kunge newspapers which has hronglil more available it will pay Ihe farmer ^ ^ than 300 applicants lo Hammer - to cut his corn by hand, the agents declared. : Planting of turnips in large quan- i lilies (or both food and feed, and for the federal government on the . Swift will leave by train tonight Mississippi and -Missouri rivers are 'or Miami and from tl:ere will go reducing wages below the. level pre^ to ihe stricken area by airplane. vailing when their contracts wen- srrlvlng Monday afternoon. secured. Hurley also issued orders to Major General Lytle Brown, chief ol View Wrecked Cily SAN JUAN, Porto Rico. Sept. But St. Louis Millionaire -»^l IT!.-. 1 C! 1 ' i C T 1 ! cr Pasture Is recommended, but' mem for river work be maintained.'flying over the city of Sa l I 1 lllCl OUDieCIS lOr I CSl ° f cours e the success of this pro- The secretary will speak here r mingo reported they did n J 'pram depends upon the breaking of! today at n luncheon given by th 1 .' the city which 1 had , enginers. directing that Ihe present ' ' UP)—Pastcnsers arriving here by ;of wheat, vetch and rye for win-[level of wnges paid by Ihe govern- ;airplane from Port an r-rlnce after fl... .1-- _!>.. „ r~~..l,* By MINOTT SAUXUEKS NEA Service Writer kecpin; PARIS—A happy, healthy life,! allowii |(h(r drouth, not yet in sight. ', ming will strengthen the body by! No More Jobs In Sight it in a horizontal position, A survey completed by members ng the cells to function nor-l^f tile committee has revealed lit- prolonged funastically beyond IN? nially t as uaiure Intended them to tie thai can be done for the pres- aTlottc'iT tlYree-score years and ten, do. The spine will be lengthened ; cut in Ihe v:ay of providing more dees not appeal Jo the besl peo-1 and straiehtencd. reducing the liu'n- .employment. An exlensive county ple~wheri if involves a diet of mi-, cooked vegetabfes, sleeping on a log- and moving auoiu on all fours in a scientific Garden of Eden where no fi? leaves are provided. This has been the discovery of Park Hammer, 67-year-old retired paint manufacturer of St. Louis. Mo., who is here looking for a well- bar, dorsal and cervical curvatures.! highway program would help sub- For 20 minutes after each meal, ul- •slantially if money for It -was . „. George the spine, while ihe'subjects lie on Barbara declared, but he "said that (ra-violei rays will be thrown on available. County Judge Tt-.e secretary's action was based day. Escape With $4,000 from Bank of Oakmau; Illiuoi Bank Robbed. OAKMAN. Aln.. Sept. G. IUPI- Two unmasked youths held up th Bank of Oakman today- and cscap ed with about 44,000. Employes of thc bank, held a bay by one of the robbers whi! tlie other looted the cash boxc on several reports, one of whic! An official of Ihc Shell Oil com- j fired on the pair as they dro\ said one conlraclor having recciv- pany who was a passenger on Ihc ed his award when common labor Pan-Amsrlcan Airways plane de^ was being paid -15 ccnls per hour scribed the scene as resembling r had since reduced the rat? .to {3. "smashed and scattered box of of Jasper. away in a small roadster, bi missed Oakmau is about 20 miles sont • matches." the !og." this would depend upon the nii- Walking on all fours as much as : swer given by.Governor Parnell (o possible will be desirable. Ham-! tlie request oi the county judges mcr said, but lie did not slress this association for a special session of - "Our change:for all who want it. from the natural position oi our i The Red Cross Jour-footed consuls is the of most human woes." the committee source | was advised, will prepare to render „..„ „ . 'assistance next winter in cases of Hill Swim Instead 'actua Uiit this detail of the schedule! its efforts ID the prevention of i >as met with strong objections |suffering from lack of toed, and County Judge Barhnni presided point. He believes thai this would !he, legislature. Fsr the present. born, cultured Russian couple for j relieve the strain on Ihe internal ; cotton picking Is providing work practical experimentation of his organs and says thai strange philosophy of rejuvenation I and regeneration. After interviewing more than 200 prospjcts and explaining in detail Ihe requirements of his Iheory, he has found none suitable who will undertake to go out after Methuselah's record. Hammer is continuing his advertisements for subjects In Russian newspapers published in Paris". He Ftipulutes Russians, he says, be- causa he believes that, owing to their recent catastrophic experience, the minds of Russian emigres would be more open to new ideas, and impressions, and thai they would . collaborate more enthusiastically in his scheme. Also among them he feels he has a belter chance lo find a couple of high class weeding and intellectual attainments, rendered destitute by thc revolution to undertake his adventure. Promises llijh Pay Til return lor the service of sub- milting to the Hammer routine, the 51. Louis millionaire agrees to pay generously and to leave most of his fortune to any couple who will Mrinusly follow Ihe plan, He plans to live with Ihem in much the same way, but reels he already is : Coste and Bellonte Fly : Eastward from Louisville I j LOUISVILLE. Ky., Sept. G. (UP) I • — Diemlonne Costc and Maude: L ' nellonle, irans-Atlantlc flyers, lefi ; Bowman Field in their ses Question Mark at 7:'31 a. m. today \^ Ul 31 lUJ I J>UL t fi «IV I . J i Anti-SaloonCVS Will Sui> ! cnroute to New York. I'EORIA, 111.. Sept. li. i UP)—Tw men dressed like farm hands rob bed the Farmers State tank Glasforci. 12 miles south of Peciir of S2.500 tutlay. They escaped in an niilomoblle. T . . .... i Their manager. Rene Raconvt-r. port Independent in Illl-'lefl in another plane Icn minutes destitution, but will confine! nnic P-inn-iaion J later. • '• I101S L,anipaign. , A large no wd gathered at the | field to SL-; the French airmen take (UPJ—Thc, 0 , r . -r/hc big mi plane circled James Dcm^cvalic candidate. them (o practical tests." he said ' when interviewed in a luxurio'is iat tll? mEetin B' at which the fol- apartment in the fashionable Etiiic i lowi "B were present: J. L. Cher- district.. ' ;ry. J. B. Wilson. J. M. HuUon, "Some of Ihe men who have vol- ' R ° y Wa'ton. J. E. Critz, C. L. tioiia! unlterea were splendid, but the I Jarrclt ' ' A - M - Washburn, C. H. koard of directors, the league call women were nervous." he declar- '• Babcock. Charles Ccleman and C. j e( j upoa ,i, s adhorants in Illinois i «-.;t ncer in Ihe same order al a spe- iclal mceilng of Ihe cabinel today. loo old to test quately. his theory ade- Hammer wants to prove that it will be beneficial for mankind to eel back to a horizontal position, which he believes is normal. "The purpose of the plan is to ed. admitting many couples. E - Crigjer. of distinguished lineage had ap- : plied and failed. He explained lhat ,,. . . ,,. . ...... since he wished closely to watch Visiting ministers Will :he experiment he must have a couple congenial to live with. Hammer's advertisements, which At the same time in a statement: !53 ' lcd b sUhifendent McB «nd "is• Leviathan Uninjured in Collision With Lighter lo Ignore the prohibition repeal; NEW YOUK . sepi. G . {U p1-Thc A "Lono.Star" ol' Brunty Conlcsts RULE WENTI The third ISrne a chmmcr—by the vole of Judges — winsome and like-winning Ann Carroll de Blow. 15. of San Antonio, Tex., t' shown above as she sighed for nore world beauty honors to conquer In a contest at Havana, Cuba. She has Ihrlce been awarded Ihc lllle of "Miss Texas"—the las! (hue in competition with G5 contestants. President Wil! No[ Seek to Resume. Power; Troops March Toward City. P.UENOR AIRES, Sept. 6. (UP)— Troops commanded by General Urldnru were reported oulsids the capital today after having .started a march from Campo DC Mayo. OuUilde Indications were that tlie government o( President Hipolllo Yrlgnyen, who lemixjrarlly turned liis powers over to tlia vice presl- |rteiil last night, hod practically j disappeared. j The capital which had been ] tranquil earlier, today was uncertain and resllew. I'rople Cftebrale The president, It was said. was only temporarily relieved of his duties, for under Hie consltulion he can resume (he mandate when ; and [f he desires. t He thus -remains an unknov.n factor In lha counlrys political situation, with opinion divided as to whether CTC would tender a formal resignation later. Thousands of residents of Buerios Aires danced, shouted and embraced each other In the streets when they learned the president, who is 80 years old, had turned over his powers. Yrigoycn', twice Argentina's president anil long Us mystery man of Clll POLICE Etl UUI politics, today retired from office ami-delegated the president's powers to Dr. Enrique Martinez, vice president. ; Martial Law Declared The first act of the new president was to declare a state of scige, or martlcl law, which prohibited public assembly and placed the capital city, eighth largest, city In the wcrld, in the hands of Ihe military; Yrigoyen's action was forced by I increasing disorder within the re- • tpubltc, both In the capital city . and In the provinces. Thf; president, who has held oflice since October, 1928, and was to have remained In power until 1934, has been blamed lor economic, depression within the republic and has been 'accused" of seeking Firemen and "Auqifdr'Also |°>' tab }'*; »;-diciatorsw P through \rr ,,,.,•• ['.^5>.:..-. lnst»l at on ^otA.hK fSvWMes in Affected; v Action^ AntiCY-Tf'Tafe'o^'^e^-w... ^ '-- pales Revenue' Drop. Reductions of $10 per month in tin; salaries of city policemen and lire truck drivers as well as cily .indilor were announced today by i Mayor Neill Reed following a meet- ! Ing with Ihe police department la:.i , nlfjhl. The reduction will apply to j the seven members of the pallia | torce. two fire truck drivers and auditor. ! Belt Will Preside at Photo Men's Meeting Be Here for Installation Lutheran pastors from nearby cities will be here Sunday for tlu- brought a deluge of replies, read in part as follows: "An elderly and unmarried Amer- ' installation of the Rev. H Kleind- ican. possessing a considerable for- I ienst as Ihc first resident pastor of tune. Is anxious to find a Russian" ihe local Lutheran congregation. couple (husband between 30 and 45 The Rev. H. Hal!erb3rg, mission years of age), childless, of excel- director, will preach the sermon. lent family, well bred and superior ' at the ciose of which Mr. Kleind- A knowledge of English | ienst will be ordained inlo the cducatlnn. is essential. Applicants should be i ministry of the Lutheran church in good health, of average heinht : and installed as pastor of the Biy and weight, jovial and of an agree- : theville congregation. Assisting Mr. able physique. The couple who can Hallerterg in the rites of ovdina- achieve a perfect balance of action fill these conditions will have their lion and installation will be mm- and Inaction, consumption and de- present and future well provided j Is ters of neighboring cllics. includ- in the body." he explained. "There is no reason, once that is achieved, that Ihe body should not live forever. There is no such thing as 'natural death.' Death is unnatural, and our way of living is Rradnal suicide. "In the biological experiment I propose to underlake, the rule forbids the wearing of any clothing, for clothing acts as an Insulation for the poisons of the body. We must free Ihe body of all possibility of poisoning. Can't Smoke or Drink "The couple's diet will be com- p-sed exclusively of oranges, apples, tomatoes, bananas and cocoanuts. Of cour.'c. at fcist they will need some milk and eggs.but these will gradually 'oe^denied them. "There can be no smoking or Intoxicants. The couple will sleep after each meal, such as twelve half-hour periods a day. The sleep will be taken stretched out on a '%-. allowing the arms and legs to hang over loosely. Much of the remainder of Ihe time will be spent in shimming. "Thp ice sleep anil the swim- n-nrt .viii mnc'ct „» • ollabo'-itto nln7hcd°-e« Dlfis u coiiaco.ation in me phis, the referendum lhal be conudct-! 'Leviathan, flagship of the United cd at the November ^election. |-— )jne -„.£,, wlm penn . sylvania lighter number 123 in New Negro Finds Machinery : ™ harbcr tc(lay and lhc " Blucr of Law Works SwiStly < '"«• Leviathan was outbound [or Shaver Settlr-^vilh Various Couniv Funds (or Collections This Year. Final settlement has been made by the oflice of W. W. Shaver, sheriff and collector, with Mississippi county for county taxes of 1929 payable this year. The final payment by the sheriff amounted to only SlC4.91fi.88. the ! remainder of the total taxes collected amounting to approximately S430.000 having already born advanced. The payment to the counly treasury Includes payments lo the county general, road, bind and school funds of the county. ev ., ..- nn O(Ilcla! ,. or Uniled statesl Gives City $2,445,000 aiil the Ijcvinlhnn was un : r \r u • 1 have been told the machinery : and after a slight delay '..,* \ proceeded on to sea- law enforcement works slowly ! but he found from experience that it moved rather swiftly this iv.or- Pl an Reconstruction nine ' While police court, was in ses- • sion this morning officers respond- . ed to a call and received a report j LITTLE ROCK, Seupt. C. (UP)— for a New Hospital AURORA. Sept. 0. IUP> — According to Mayor Reed thesnl- ! ary reductions have been put in ef- | E. K licit, president of the.Pho- Associallon of Soutii- Mlssouri and the only mein- not residing''In lhat stale, wi'.l ide al the annual convention in , Tuesday. The meetings are to b» ' held at Galllan studio. Both Mr. and Mrs. Belt will attend. lict in aniiclpalion of decreased 1 T11 ' M revenue for the city budget hi th" 1 ! members of Ihc who are association, and 1 f iln^Al ,1 rim the city ,n SCVCrn ' «% m "T "°' ims °' ... J li-nncic ii-ill ctvmil thft I ii.n ic-Ucr financial shape than at this li:nc last year, It is staled, but stilct economy must be c.xereised in expectance ol o lower Income kansas will spend the two days studying matters of interest to this profession. Awards of merits will be made on photographs submitted libra lax sources In 1031 and con- " nd oUier features n elude a lee ditlons brought about by the drouth. ' ure a " d demonslrallon by Jac.< Mayor Reed Intimated that fur- ° a5Sfts J F of Mempl) s. winner of I (her reductions In other appoint-1 f" 0 " 11 , International Children's Ive oflices and a decrease in pur- i Award of the National Association; chases by the city would follow. ! lectures by J. M. Burton of- St. fjouls and Cheater Kassel of Cape 1 Girardeau; talks and demonstrations by other photographers, a banquet, and the making of print 1 ; by projection. Jean Harlow's Trust Fund Saved by Court LOS ANOF.I-ES. Sal.. Sept C. (UP)—Jean Harloiv. while haired film acctress, was $209,000 richer f today by reason of a court order' Work for Masters Degree granting he r a permanent injtmc- lien to prevent modification of a [ Dynamited Toll Bridge n , f \« 'M *& nrt o' E. M. l-ren/.l o. | that some brass fittings had been; plans for reconstruclion of Ihej st-len fom a local compress. Lucas section of the Garland City bridge \ was soon picked up and brought • across Red river which was dyna- ] into court. After the evidence has mlted Wednesday, are being pre- j been introduced the — : - • • - - L - L - rj — j • * , Uornia. has given the city of j Aurora, where he was reared, a .OCO for a new hos- trusl fund agreement with her estranged husband. Charles F. McGrew II. The actress previously was grant- Charles A. Stubbs, principal of the Sudbury school, has returned to Blythcvllle for the opening ol the school year after successfully completing work for his master's gift of pital. "IDKA1. Glltl." WORKS S1(J and five days ln opment and diffusion of a new the- ; Lafe. Ark., and the Rev. E. H. Kocr- ,51) S .'? n" r P ,,! X °' J : ,!° r J hc m ? ral and .P h P lc:l1 ^- i ber of Chaffee. Mo. The service wf: Jl ' a j« *' "' ™",h« begin at . church ro was i pared by Ihe bridge department, DELAWARE. Ohio tUPi - The jail by of Hie highway commission. j Ideal American CVIrl"—Miss Alice : The plans and cstimale will oei-rhompson. has been made direclor °45'"at Vl-c'"Eoi'scorjV I Less lhan a nalf hour nlter Ws iread >" to te submitted to a joint I of religious education in a Philap M " I arrest, the negro youth was work- meeting of the highway depart-jdelphla church, friends here have habilitat!cn of humanity." May Live 200 Years -tiiim-u Hammer now says that he would ' After the service the members of lng on ! " e str?et pnson not object if the couple had a chiM.. the congregation will enterlain the normal ar.d healthy, of about 16. I visiting ministers al Ihe home Hammer tells his applicants that Mr, and Mrs. George Lange. he Is convinced his system not will only permit mankind to live two • o;- three hundred years, but to ap. CoUllty Baptists Will proximate immortality. ,. } vn , ,, Dr. Juvenal Kotchetov. Russian i theosophls!. who has been acling ment and officials of the Kansas j learned. Miss Thompson was given ' 'City Bridge Construction company, j her title a', the Philadelphia Sesqui- contractors for the structure, here j centennial celebration four years Dutch Woman Swimmer .Monday. school admlnistrn- Unlversity of Missouri. spent two weeks as a reserve- offl- thcy separated, but later had at- i cer at Fort Leavenworth. Karis., tempted to withhold it. Violet Dwyer Starts 7-Year Murder Sentence JACKSONVILLE. Ark.. Sept. 6. where he was in charge of utilities I and transportation at the C. M 1 . T. ! C. camp, where 1,700 boys were in . training. ; He is making his home herewith ; lils mother, Mrs. Charles L. Slurbs. ' at 413 Lake street. (UP)—In the state farm for women j where buildings were constmcled by her husband whom she was. convicted of murdering. Mrs. Vlo'.et : Dwyer. 35. today was serving a seven year sentence. Abandons Channel Effort' ] ago. She has since graduated from | Mrs. Dwyer began the sentence jOhio Wcsolyar. University here. •-••-- • • • - - _ , .. . CAPE GRISNEZ. France. Sept,. Meet at usceola Monday i<>. <UPI—Madame Brouwer, Seek Negro Here Who PAYS FOR PF.ANtrrS Executed by Italy TRIEST, Italy, Sept. 6. (UP) — Four Slovenes convicted of terror| Isrii and sentenced to death by a : military tribunal were executed by for Hammer here, also believes in : the tl-.e theory. swimmer, aoandoned an attempt; ci i ccne i u .• ASTABULA. Ohio. 1 un>-~rnree|D»- otOle $dUD at. naytl y earE a g 0 with some olher boys meeling I __ ^^ i wanl you lo Modern manners of existence E^z". Newsom. pastor'cf the Sec- ^ VG nilles al 11:30 a. m. She! negro boy who is said to havcifcrgive me. I am enclosing 10 have much to do with the short : ond church and the educational entred the water at 7:45 n. m- heeded for this city after robbing'cents to pay for the peanuls." Carl ; [ht , ic Rev. A. S. Harwell, pastor of' to s ''' lm the English channel after! Local police today were keeping'Last night in a revival First Baptist church! the Rev. | s ' le ' la( * covered approximately ' a sharp lookout for a 16 year old | was converted and I wi the farm to serve her sentence. Her husband was shot and killed at their home at Benton last January. span of yeirs nowadays." he sail • director'of the First churchT John Weather conditions, were bad. "The rhythm of the body cells Is JB. Lane, will'take part on the pro clogged by the present day style | gram of the Mississlopi Count a store at Hayti, Mo, of .$505 in : M. Peck, p'rocorymau here, receiv- . cash last night. | (^ sl ( C h a letter from a Newton Officers at Haytl notified local; Falls youth recently. — co-- -v i . -..j w^j »<-j gram oi mi: .>u^i:>siu|ii uonuiv »*, « t rt r\ \ v...w.j .** ..^jn .. Jk .»t u jviai of living, and therefore life is ab- ! Baptist association In OsceolaMon-i WlCOW 01 General Grant S' officers that t\ negro boy taken in- hreviated. TRC consumption of, (i, 1s -. The Rev. D. 13. Coo!:, of Leach- ! p n- f u n 1 ' lo custody after thc robbery ad-! TOWN flesh and highly seasoned foods < i vine will also make an address "°n UlCS 01 Heart Disease i milted Ihe theft but stated that! MINERVA, responsible lor much cell destine- i Tlie all day nrcgram is a mon'th- | ly affair in charge of the county Will Return lo I?. S. missionary, the Rev. P. B. Lan?- ••Physiolcgical studies made bv ] e y. Lunch will be served by the Mr. Hammer tend (o show tha: Woman's Missionary society of the (Continued on paxe Hirer) Osccola church. TOWN 100 YEARS OLD Ohio. (UP)-Thls vll Blast Wrecks Gunpowder . Plant at Nancy, France i NANCY, France, Sep!, 6. (UP)—i An explosion wrecked a gunpowder I The executed men had petitioned King Victor Emanuel for leniency. Ninety-nine crimes, including murder, arson and espionage, were charged against them. WEATHER , I his companion had storied, for this lage recently celebrated its 100th] vivey today, killing at least eight I -| plant WASHIN'OTON, Sept. 6. (UPI—' city with $500 of the stolen money. Frederick Dent Grant, 6. daugh-1 Five dollars was found on the ne- sent here ficm Akron to take resi- village of Adque near [ ~r ion tonteh t i I 1 """™ tonl » m a cloudy «'ith n the north anniversary. A baby dirigible was| Mr-ln-law of the civil ft-ar gfner-' gro 1 youth arrested. al, died here last night- was due lo heart disease. Idente up fcr a view of their town, Death | The di.-patch to local officers did | and a parade, banquet and other j not identify the store robbed. j festivities marked the occasion. Iminc cartridges. persons: and injuring many others i According to Francis Carpenter, All the buildings, wherein thero official weather observer, the mix- were many workers, were wrecked. Imum temperature here yesterday Thc plant manufactured coal' was 01 degrees and the minimum 65 degrees; cloudy.

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