The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1930
Page 4
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t-AGE FOUU (ARK.V COUI»EJI_NIBWS THE BLYTHEVTLLK COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0, », BA13COCU, Editor H. W. HAINKS, Advertising Manager Sole Nations] Advertising. Representatives: The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Evtry Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered us second class matter at the post office at Blytbevllle, Arkaiuas, under act of Congress October 9, 1917. Served by tho United Press SUBSCUIPTION RATES By earner In the city ot Blyllievllle, 15c per week or 50.50 per >'*« tn advance. By mull within a radius ol 50 tnUes, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, B5o for Uirce months; ay mail Jn postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 56.50 per year, In zones seven ?ii eight, $10.00 per year, payable.In e4rar.ce. For A Merry Christmas Happinsss requires a rcasooahle measure of physical comfort, but aside from that it has little rclalionslii|> .to material prosperity. On this day before Christmas Biy- theville is able to muster a good proportion of its usual quota of smiles, proving that in values which really count we are just about as well oft' as before Mr- Hoover's special brand of economic, advancement was introduced- Jesse Taylor, \vho despite his apparent youthftilnc.=s rates as one of the old timers around here, told the Lions ' club yesterday that il had been his observation over a period that included t, r ood times as well as bad that the worse things seemed to be the more t'.ie people of Blythevillc were r;ady to support constructive or purely humanitarian efforts to make them better- We don't care to enter here into any somber discussion, unbefitting to the season, of achievements, failures or programs for tho future. New Year's day is just a week in the future, and will bring tho traditional occasion for that kind of appraisal- It is worthy of observation at this time, however, that if many of us fnul in this Christmas the occasion for happiness it must be because of. the opportunity that has been ours in larger mrasnre than in the past to do something for others- The feeling certainly should not be one of smug complacence at a task completed, because it is by no mean's completed. But a/splendid begwmwjjipilias been made, with strong leadership and a line-participation on the part of the public. Happiness cannot be bought at the - price of the misfortune, of others. It can bo won by liclpiuir to make things easier for loss fortunate neighbors. The causes ot' lhe;e misfortunes, the root of th: problem, present material for planning and effort throughout next year and many years to come. Hut for - : a merry Christmas tomorrow, a feeling ''of having merited in part at least the good things you will enjoy, sit down tonight and mail a Christmas check to the Got Mellows. Water Power and Coal A .sTu.-i.-ial committee ol' tlie U- S> Chamber of Commerce rctuntly issued a rqwrl on water power ilt-velopmonl, .sl'.owins; thiit wnUr iiinl coal aru Ktat'- ing a iiui-k-Hiid-iieck racu to .supply tlio electric power which i.s revolulioniz- ing iiuiusU'y- Til us, in li)12, wiilc-r pou'cr proiluc- etl (i.OSo.OOO.OOU kilowatt hours of elcc- tricity—37.5 pcr cent of the tout prodtical in the nation- Last year water power production hud risen to 35,000,000,000 kilowatt liotii'i; but this wiis only 30 ptT cent of the total—a sliKiit- ly low.r ratio tl:an in Itilli. This is a sirikiiig triljutu to cnijin- eeriiiif genius, i\Ioix i efficient melhotls of extractin;r |!;jw:i - I'rom coal have Ijcen devisetl; 'io yearn ajro, lor instance, it took nearly four times as much coal to produce a kilowatt hour of electricity as it takes today. So it i-; I hiil despite I he i tier; use in wsiler- driven power projects, wnler and coal today have the name relative positions that they had nearly 20 years a^". WEDNESDAY, DECKJIBEU 24, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Worthy of Praise Special muition is tluc the response which various negro church gruui>.s ol the county have given to tlie call for funds for carrying on the campaign against tuberculosis. Colored Uaplist churches have voted § : 150 for the purchase of health bonds, and other negro organizations have also resiwnded liberally. Few negro residents of the county have more than extremely modest financial resources. Contributions such as those referred to here represent a real sacrifice. Further than that, and what is of especial significance, they reflect a growing appreciation among negro people of the value of the health work which these,gifts support. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO TKEATY OF GHENT On DEC. u, 1814. the treaty ol : c.U'c between the United Staler ! ; end England, ending the War of! 1812. was fignecl at Gtent, Belgium . The American commissioners at the . ••.iGiiiii! were Gallalin, Uayard and ! Jclin Qulncy Adams. ' England appeared eager to mako , peace not m>.!y because she was ex- i hanstecl after her struggles wlih ! Nar.oicon on (lie continent, but also , because she wished 10 reoiKn Am- I eman trade. But in spite of the ' ' desire of both sides for peace, ivs- • gctiatlons dragged on for a 'year in;-! a ha'.f. The trc'.'.y provided for: M) Die 1 restoration i;f all territory sei;v?d : during [he war, except certain is- : . lands near Passamnquoddy Bay, ' the dlspo-l'.iai: of which was referred lo a cr:tnimss!',n; i2> a commission to settle boundary linos ije- . twccn the UniieJ Slates iind Can• nda; '3) co-operation between this . country ami Great Britain in sup• pressing the rlavo trade. "Just think, Dottic—only twenty minutes more and will Lo a year until Hie Chiislmas rush." it ' Commission Urges More ; Land {o? National Forests ! WASHINOTON. .UP) - A tolal ; r l 237,081 p.u-e j of feral land, to bs I ! added to national forests or pur-! ; time units already established by the National Frest Reservation Commission at its last meeting: i here. . i. i The land:; v"i!l cost, the govern-I menl S67G,520.15. an average ol S2.-! - •-03 per acre. Located in '11 different units in the- Eastern, Southern, and Lake States, the areas HlPPOPOBMUS KJiiEt? (M TMfi WA72W, SINKS " AND DOES- . HOURS, a_ITVW£N (COOES r R;SE, ;r COMES wrm A CORK-. lively few. The jury returned its verdict after scanning the pictures WASHINGTON LETTER ' will I.- acquired for tile protection! anci all -B c dly 'racy" advertising in ' of watersheds, demonstration of! the '""sazines found en Axelrod's Santa Claus Won't English King Bi By ROnXEV t)l!TClli:it ; aire class. Morrow, of course, is NBA Service Writer '.one. Davis ol Pennsylvania made WASHINGTON.— When the KOV- |a MS success in promoting lire O:'- crnmenl offlcials here begin to talk | tier of Moose and through his con- 'timber growing possibilities, and • ncwss ' allti ' development of the forest resources.: .. • The tracts lie in Alabama, Ark-, Noted Hubby's DfjinSS ansas. Florida. Georgia, Louisiana, 3 «*"i"B» Michigan, Minnesota. Maine, New i Ilams.ifhire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina. Tennes: sec. Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. I LONDON, (UP) — A!, least present King George isn't ex ing from the Queen is a book i and act In terms of hundreds ol i millions of dollars, it is perhaps n i special comfort to the taxpayer i'. Tl'.oush Flo Ziegfeld has warned his chorus girls net to over-indulge in sports, they ran be depended upon to exercise their right:,. The Windmill Cuba 31. JIij!(lon. nccllons with a Pittsburgh bank; Buikley of Ohio accumulated his millions through law practice and have been enhanced under his man- j he realizes that many of -,!-.,j ofll- ; extensive, business interests. Carey eiais and legislators dealiti,' with ' of Wyoming inherited vast live- tliose largo sums know w!-,at it is ! stock and rancli properties which to handle millions of their oivn. The lilgl'.cr posts of pubiic service are dominated by millionaires more than ever before. One reason doubtless is tint the 'country boasts many more millionaires than it did ;v lew ye.irs ago. • in ?ifty-Fifty Jury Passes on Indecency WASHINGTON. <UP>—A jury cf six women and six men has decided tint, in th? District of Colnm- i V f\ oc v though she. is including ror Over 35 Years her Christmas girts. , i The King doesn't- read inuci NfcW LEXINGTON. O.. (UP)—! enjoys having tl-.e Queen rei. Mrs. EUgar Duffy knows jusl whati him after dinner. Likewise, her husband has been doing every j Prince of Wales isn't intsresti day for the past 35 years. She knows also what kind of weatb?r New Lexington has had every day for the same length of time. She lias one of the mcsl complete diaries covering every day happenings in this section. fiction and took very little pa discussions concerning the res ing of the book shelves al borough House two years ago. Occasionally, Prince George Prince Henry may te. fount bookshops, usually selecting "Ihrillcr" before departing train or boat journey. The Community Relief CommiUce askctl me to give them all my old clothes, but Ihc uest I could" do" was (o give just part of my old clothes, because 1 had lo keep some to wear myself. ={•' -Y- .-,'KIND DEEDS If Friendship makes our hearts the lighter. If smiles will make our hantlshnkes lighter: And kind deeds mnku our suuls mo:e whiter. Why should we scoff, frown and fail to tin, The things that nrc hind, pure and true? If deeds we no and the words we say, If love makes life ot youth more gay, And cheers him along his lonely WAV. We should we and cheer him who is sail. . And do him deeds that will make him glad. —George W. Allrcd. Cooler. Mo. * -* r. STRAWS, PLEASE It's going to bo n. noisy Christmas at my house this year. There's a bundi of friends coming for dinner and we're tiut going to have anything but soup. both houses of Congress And tiie tendency of men ivlio have '.men of considerable means, accumulated the millions '.3 sue- : millionaires dot both houses. are . and climb to Ihe lure of power and glory has become increasingly pronounced. That tendency probably has been facilitated by an increasingly popular respect for men of great wealth and the virtual dis- uppearancc of the once common [theory that million.\i:us w^ie t;;~ v | national villains. Millionaire.; have become common—and especially so I In government. | Morrow anil Young At the moment. HVO very co;'.- spicuous millionaires arc being witicly discussed as presidential j vealthicsl are supposed to be Senators Phtpps of Colorado ami Couzens of Michigan. Hushes Is Wealliiy Most membjrs of the supreme i courl were praclicing law in days • of smaller fees, when a million meant more than it. dors now. But.; Charles Evans Hughes, the com- j paratively new chic! justice, was. collecting enormous fees up lo 111? I time of his recent appointment • and long ago entered the ranks. '. At least half the members of the cabinet, may be similarly nuec!. The him on a charge of selling indecent publications. Many mag;\7.ines are barred from iiewsstanris here each inon'tli, but prosecutions have been compsra- I possibilities for 1032. One is Sen- I multimillionaire. Andrew W Mcl- atpr Dwight W. Morrow ami ti-.e ifon lias been secretary of the trea^-i other is Owen U. Vo-.inj of Gen- ,, ly tor lo yc . nri Sec:'t; : r.v of Com- icral Electric and the Radio Cur- mcrcc Laniont made Hi's million.!: i poration. Ihcre .ire nniiy who be- I in stce i, packing, mail orders an-l, | llcve that Morrow will get the He| publican nomination it President i Hoover Ucesn't net il and that ; Young will get the Democratic • ncininalicn if his fclbw .N'ew Yorker, Governor Roosevelt, doesn't, get that one. i .Morrow's erstwhile membership in the Morgan firm lias bL':n vir- OUT OUR WAY Willi'i >V lHli othcr enterprises. Secretary of the : Navy Adams has large holdings in j bank;, public utilities and ctlmr cor.cerns; l-.e inherited a great fortune. Secretary of 3::itc Stimso: 1 . cleancti up while practicing Saw in ; N'ew York. Secretary ot War Hur- j ley, wlio cnce (iruve mtiles arc! • punched eows, rn=e to millionaire- i lually forgotten. The Yc'.mg prop- l'.=cci through law practice, real es- • . iig.-.ndists are busy explaining thr. U'.c, tanking and oil. j ; his "power trust" connections will Many Others • be no handicap v.liatevt-v. : And then there are such "iittle t President Hoover, of course, cabinet" millionaires as Ur.tler-src- i was a millionair.' U-ng b;'fore he ie;ary uf the Treasury Ojcicn Mills, .became a public lijiire In this coini- who ha-; just Inherited an addilion- jlry. lie was the first one ever n al 31i.000.000. and Affiitant. Secre! tK-:iinc president, lie hail made lit, tary of the Navy Ernest Lee Jahn- cijgiui'ring ant! i'^e. : One might go on nidcfinit^ly. lights in this cil;:i : 4 sui-h men in t!:e rttploin.ilic pir\ire as Ambassador Dawrs at I.orriun and Ambassador Edge at Paris (among many others) znA Eiich executives ns Chairman Legge lie Federal Farm ver cotnmi.ssicns. .have heavy contingents ot niillioii- ! a ires. '«K~, Balix:-?:. NTcw names nr.:! p!-;cs arc iiscjj su^li as Cztili; S.iutt.'ir;. 5"r..-/:.v,Z..7,';;.;, cic. Coascantly iinprovc-d snd kcnr ULI to date. Get The Best The "Supreme Authority" tf.:i.:!s both FiJn.:l - :J S:.=ti. •;;2,000cnt[ics i:-.clu<iinj;4CS,OnO :;,:ib:t/jr) tcrir.5, 32, sub-ccK, 1 2,000 i;5.. Over (5,000 illia:ra:!ir.i, end 100:.:'nAi: utla. Str.df'. , Kt-.:; rktfy ill:is:r.:::./ llt Kr.'.nin'lr.^s^Kplt f.:-;: t( ll". N;u- Inl:nns;ic!al G. & C. Merriam Company Springfield, Mass. COLE (SAHARA COAL) Wishes You AH a Merry Christmas and a Warm, Cheerful Fireside for 1 HMO\AJ~T BoT IT MA\<E.S ME K'lMDA FoOX-lSvl money in mining ! promotion. As lor t!:r le-ser , artminiitration. i; is easier to fin:! mm of millionaire st.itus or close to it 0:1 ;he lop rungs a', the l;ul- ;dcr than lo litid those 1 who art But thi orticc was tallied by app:Mir.mi.-nt cr election. The N'rw Srnntors WE HAD OUR BuT M P M A BouT 3 Tca<vU IP \.v,£ DOMT 'EM uP , IT'S JUG* MUCH' Wt Take this November. At probably five, are of Ci::r,rr.^. eloctrd in!assure the reader that his cnvrrn- four of them. mrnt — IF VOO, T MlGh\T'S — X GUESS. is itt the hands of responsible rilizc-ns. _ We linvi- pm-chiisoJ the Royal C. Mills Aiuiiling Co.. and ;nv now ready to take care of aM w.irk in this Held. Audits — Investigations Hooklcs Speciali/e W. J. PECK AUDITING CO. J. F. i.enli Walter Rusk Phone 123 May Christmas Bells Ring Out Good Cheer and Happiness Throughout TEE YEAR -Let Us Meet You -Let Us Greet You

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