The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1934
Page 8
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i-AGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEV/S J10NUAY, M Casey Stengel Counts On This Trio HFTEHLURE Discovers They're Same Delightful OK! Dizzy Boys As of Old. ' NOTE: This Is an oilier ot a sevies ol nrlULes Iruii big league fruioiii^ eaiiij*, :ina')/ ing chances ut the various trams j in the (Onilmr |>ennanl rail's. iiv BII.I, HKAIT<:III-:K NKA Smlrc Spurts l.'illtflr O1U,AN)X>. Fin., Mavch 26. — The otic-lime dc-ar and delightful Bodgers, who became very dour lasl yenr, arc dear anil delightful I ivgiiin under a new maiv.i£cr--Cns- ey Stengel, ot the old school. But, di-tvr nml deMsliUul Ibutii'h they inny be, with splashes of culm- restored to a elul> mat once was tlie innJor la<v«e.i' jnmt erratic though mosi tnlonslnluB, the Dodgrfs Mill lire more or le.Vi "problem children." To understand more lully whal the Brooklyn bnll chib lacks, look nt Ihis lineup nnd liattim: order which Caft-y will -'end to the dia- niond for Ihe season's ojx'jier April 17: Dan Taylor IfII Kield Johnny FIT* rick Itiglit KieW Joe Strip* Third Ilisc imsllion. Leonard Kwneckr .. C'rnler Field Sam Leslie I'lrsl Jlase Tony Cueeinelln Si-cuml Hasc Jimmy Jurdan SlinrtMnp Al Ixifiei <tr Ray Uerrcs. .('atelier Van Muneo I'ili-lier In all lhat yroup Ihere nre only two men who proved last year they could hit National League pitching respcclnuly--Lopt;!. \vhuie average was .301, and Frederick with .308. Casey must deiieml on Koeiiecke. expatriated Giant, who hit .333 last year in the Inlcrna- tlonnl lx?ngue, as his tit hitler. Cnscy. of course, will give, yon an "argument. When reminded'by the writer that his Uniting array did not oiler much of a threat lo people wlio earn their llviiij by pitching, he replied: "There nre two or Ihree B"ys there who will hit M points better limn they did last ycnr. Take Stripp. His mark last yenr was .2T7. You >;;>ow lie can lilt better than that. Just a bad year. "Cuccinello Is better than a .252 hittre, too, but. that's nil he hit last year. Koenceke looks yrcax this year. I think Hint $75,000 price tag was too much ol u load Tor hint. to carry when he cmne to the . Giants. After r> XKis.on Buffalo, he's n different man. "And say, did you we Mine the young fellows who came to the club last August? Well, for one there's Frcy. shortstop we re called from Nashville, lie hit over .360 In the last mouth ol the season. "Bert DeJuins, (mother shortstop and second taH-umii. looks a\vfw good out there to me. "Talk tn Joe Tinker (the. old Cub shortstop, who now Is tin Orlando business nran> alWHt this JncV McCarthy. He's a first baseinni trovn the semi-pros in Chicane Tinker says he never saw a bet ter tall player nrotind that bag. Just like Hal Chaser." Casey admitted his pitching stall, with only one flinger who won more, llmu he losl lust year •—Miujg'o —was not ns yood as II Bb, but: , STOJF. TO WITCH FEET OR UK •ad Actors With chant for Kicking Opponents Returning. 26, 1934 To Teach Old World New Tricks ycnr tlic Hrooklyii IJodt'cr.s hail a one-man pllclilng stall—Van Munso, lett—who -was tin; only hurler on the .simnil to win more than hi' lost. This year Ca si'y Stennel hop.o.'i lo add-.'anothci winner In the stall In l.ts Miinns, riijlil. wh" came from St. Paul. Lower center is l^ii Koeiierkr. former aimil. who was biouuht up from ttnllato to pluy ni SU'niiel's oiiltleld and In cleun-ii|> Tommy Ryan at 85 Still Amazes School Children With His Feats Of Power QNSWERS of stveuglh, lv.ii; Only 15 years shy of Ihc century jimrk but in appearance easily mlslnkcn tin- n man ot 55 rnrs, Joseph M. Juvenal (If you vc »n oklUme sporl Ian you'll re- icinbcr him as Tommy Rynn, Ilia mdefeated tuiddlcvveL^hl ch.i»ni- ilon) SIM-HI Ihc week-end ul the folilc hotel here nnd helmed at he hlyh school lo<lny before re- utnlng Ulb iicvpctnnl swlny rtvoimd he counti7. Tommy Hynn. ns everybody real- s' knows him, hns the same Icc- nre routine Unit he had 11 years iKO when us a 7-l-yeai-old j-oimi;- ter ho surprla-d Rclmul boys nml idults alike here with his feats U»K. sword Slid muscle control cx- Hlbitlons. And he still has Unit same olfer of $in lo liny cigarette mokev who can equal him In hlr, weight llflinif performances, n" sire or age limit. It wns buck In I8W that Joseph Juvenal shot to the top of the middleweight division (when Hie mime was rough find ready) mid became us Tommy Ity- an. He retired undefeated eiylit years Inter but one of the loading s\ioil annuals continued to rarry his nnme al the head of the list until 19Q7. >Vas Circus Ktdcrlainrr Joseph Juvenal was nu euter- tniner with n circus lhat wenl broke in the home town of Thorn- Ryan, the millionaire brewery startling owner. fenU as while champion ami lou not, a one. He retired undefeated nnil u traveling salesman, uwfc- Imj mure money Hum he could In the rliiR, such was the view that, the public had of fisjhtiirj liilhof.e dnys. Believes Camera Good -r Ryan served as un enter- Inlner overseas during the World war uud since lluu time he has been tdiirlnu the rountry, lecturing uud tierforuiliig tn schools and occasionally sjieakliiK nl churches. The 85-year-old young man vised to bill himself ns u chnmplon \vho ftiuyht for eight years uud never sustained n tear to show for his many fights. A few years, ago he discarded his claim because he wns kept busy explnlnlng that .scats he noK" carries were received tr mi automobile accident and not In llillc cotnbnt. The Jews' ai'e the besi fighters in the world, Ryan declares, and the Irish the worst, Hyan Is high in his praise of I'rlmo Camera, the world heavy- weluht champion. The former middleweight champion, once called by Jim corbelt the most sclentllic of boxers, snys lhat tile bit; Ilnl- lim lnus never received credit for his real ability. Ryan believes Unit Camera right now is better llinn Max Baer, his highly touted challenger, and Is certain Cnr- nera will win over Qner, particularly if the latter continues his swift, night-club pace for another Napoleon was kinp of li.ilv from 1SU5 to ISH. Nnvmlu Inis tbe HreateHt area nf unsur- veyed jmlillc laud. Aljsoluic zero ia e<|ulvnletil lo 155.ti dr- Kreca below i«ro «a tliu fulir- euheii scul*. Mnrlln appeared Ihis spring it: the Cardinals' camp, it was pretty obvious that he had succumbed to his sudden prosperity. 'I'he Pepper came this time in n briglv new shiny two-ton truck 1 Majestically he rolled right up to the dressing room In the lil'.lr park at Clearwaier. driving '-thi luxurious etiiilpage himself, and JOE 60T Hi5 REPuTATioN AS A TRiCK ANO WOW HIS AT PlNEWJRSr,N.C.. 6CEA/E Cf -S\£ PALMER 5ABAZEN,w"./wKEA IN Af'St? ItlE CROVJS Viltrt AOWHS, VJARf.S IM fiVERv OCRNiiR OF THE WOULD HE GAVfc" UP competitive jf TOR COMPETITION AMD WJ THE piNElM CLASSIC WITH A - BREA OF 277, CAM MN<E A GOLF BALL DO BUf PUW PWOCHLE HE COJtCMDS TllE HARDEST 15 SEfl'iMO Til an ellort to uvoid repellllon l^r 1 ^ 11 :,,",,^ r^M^™^ tX*,MG THE Hindus u> the rbij; which led lo ih<- injury of Preddle Kniehel i In-if two weeXs ago, Jell Uolaiid will read the "rjni urt" lo iwrfonncTK on lonlglil's iiimory tartl before the show Kins. Mr, nulinul said lhat an net ] .such as occurred In the injury ol KHlcltel will Jeiui lo suspension j and forfeiture of purse on the pan ol the offending wrcMlcr. Htrlrt •s as lo wlial Ihe pci'lonm-rs •limy do while one or both me out o[ Die ring are to be given. As Oong lus t/oiti men reninin insid? the rnjH'.'i it is exjiccud lhat they may continue lo do about ;iny- llihig they can In the general cus- toin of the gniut and groin i racket, YVhlskoilcss David Doolcy and Roy Welch meet in the feature mntch tonlglit. Uoolcy's api*ar- iincc v.-ill be his first here without his beard. Welch ranks nt the ton cf the mat heap locally nnd since he is one of the "bad dors' 1 mast of the laus will robably be backhiK Dooley. who ; something ol a favorite. In a preliminary match Jolni- iy Slole, the rough and ready nlcrtamer, takes on Ralph Smith. irofessor of physical education at Jackson. Term., college. With both Stote nnd Welch on be card siricL rules against tak- lulvaiilngc of an opiioiieiu vhile the latter is outside oiies may come in handy. Welch ml Stote have both lost matches j iy fouls here because they kicked Fi'cddie Kniehel, prime favorite nIT the outer ledge of the ring while Freddie was in the net o! relurnlnR to the fray. Slote was the man kick upset Kniehel lo tlic extrat lhat his neck was injured and it was predicted that lie would be forced lo stay out of (he mat game for some time. Kniehel surprised local fans when they read Hint he met Stote two nights later at Caruihersville mid bent him. Incidentally Ca- ruthersvillc promoters and a newspaper there hinted that the report of Knic-hel's injury was started deliberately here to hurt at- also re-elected were 7\!r.s. Ma tit Moore, high school principal; Miss Gladys Esie.s, teacher of unuaw- cial course. 1 ; mid sociiil science; Mrs. J. S. Mccanls. Ki-.uU: s-cliuol [li( J principal; Mrs. Ethel Miller, Mil wlth nil his belongings. IncliKlliv,: j tendance at the Missouri show. It | Bliinche Cleere. Mrs. Hiss Cirlss- by. Miss Marjorie Unyle anil Miss ! Agnes Ward, grade .school t.-arli- ers. J. J. Pickeren of Kaleni, Ark., was elected athletic coach ,'uirl teacher of science. MiccetdiiiR Carroll Bird, and Miss Christine I'oin- dexler of Imbotlen was clcctoi lonelier of niathtnuilics and Latin to succeed Miss Uoberla Ciirriu. Neither Miss Ciirrip r.or Mr. lii'Ml were applicants. Mr. Pickeren is a University of Arkamns uradnate -of the class ot 1930. He wn-i an outstanding athlete diu-ing his .Miidc-ul year.--, nt, the university, and comi-s lo the Osccola faculty with Tour years j of successful coaching i xjwrienco. • Mi.«.s Poindcruer Is a yi-adaate i of Heudrix and of the .Slate '. TiMch-M-s college al oonway. and II.T:- had :.cvera! years teaching '1 h*: school will continue on a Iv<e basi.i UiroiisjlTOul the nine n:'-!iths term, it v.'a;: announced liy ihe ijo.v/d. Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nitc U.-'JO. IfKJSc WJit ROGERS ROXY LASTTUIETODA\ Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite fi:.J5, 10-25c the "gectar," which he plnys as "We've got some young pitchers coming «i> Ihis year lo help Mungo, Beck. Benge. and Carroll. One Ls Leslie Muuns. a riBht-liamler from St. Paul. Ik- win <MeGraw dialect) 19 saiues for St. Paul. Bi? fellow, 0 feet 4. and looks like he wins (or us. "Then there's couple of left- handers. This Phil Page. \vl)o used to bo ivilh the Tigers and was with Seattle last year, looks like a mighty good pitcher who has been handled \vrotig. "They say he was Ihe bird they would stack up against the best pitchers in the league last year. and that, sounds pretty good to Casey. The other fellow. Perkins. from Jersey City and Bullalo, Is just about ripe." The subject ot Hack Wilson former hero of the Mudvillc nine. punched the bag, and was a stron: man of Hie bit; (op. but he had never engaged in a prtee fight. Called in lo give a local pride a gym workout, Juvenal promptly knocked him out. Soon he caught the eye of nynn. who was seeking fomeone to whin a fighter who lini! deliberately dropped n decision while Ryan was bucking him. i Juvenal. Ihen an old man as prize fighters go. entered a saloon back •com riiuj nnd gave his veteran opixmc-m n tcrrinc bealing in live rounds. Then and there Juvenal, w-hose parents were born In Scotland. was dubbed Young Tommy Ryan. performe<l swordsman.)six montlw. Bill Braucher Tlin \Va)- of All Flesh A lIHIe prosperity is n bad thing n name that slaved with him. It i wasn't long after that until Tommy's big chance came. lit'.ll Crcelcn ;U Hot Snrinpi liob Filisinimons. destined to become heavyweight champion, failed to coaie under the middleweight limit for his bout, with strive Ihen fa' was Introduced, but Casey did noil D;m Crci 'ten. the Australian hope. he staged at. Hot Springs. Ark. care to discuss the iwidgy outfielder, who fell down so uadlv in 1933. "I'll tell you some more alwul that later," said Stengel. The new manager of the Dodgers does have what looks to be H tough year ahead, running a ball club with which he had nothing to do in the making. He was called in just before the spring training season opened, signed up, handed the club which Mar Carey had failed to handle, and told to go ahead. He is going ahead so far very well indeed, if husl!c means anything. The club that was ripped apart by dissension under Cnrcy Is working as a unit for ihe popular Casey. Ryan, the millionaire, wired fellow liquor bosses («'ho controll- rrjhtlng In those dnys) ed prize that he had the man Horton Smith Winner of Aafusta Golf Tourney AUGUSTA, Ga.—Horloti S:nilh paced a select field of professionals and amateurs. Including the former king of golf, Bobby Jones to win the Augusta National Open Hnthcr than miss slaglng the bout the promoters accepted- Young Tommy Ryan, then almost an unknown. In FltzMnimaiu 1 stead. Arriving at Hot Springs on Ihc little narrow-panged track. Irain. Ryan found an Impressive gathering of high-hatted beer barons meeting he train. Not knowing that they were to greet him Tommy walked last them and lo a S5 a week rooming home. When word final"y got around that Tommy was :l:ere nnd refused to visit the lead- .ng saloon ol the city lo exhibit Ills ability, promoters wired his backer that his man had gone lo church and refused to visit a saloon. Ryan wired bnck lhat he backing his protege just the It softens us up. We success, attain it. and ip. Luxuries poison our souls. Foi exmuple, take the case of Join I-conard "Pepper" Marlln. I'cp|»r ^fartin used to be com tnon folks. He would ride, th rods from his home nt Oklahom City to the camp of the St. Loui Cardinals nt Bradrnton. Th Cardinals would try him out. on send him lo Houston, Fort Smttl Syracuse or Rochester. Pepper struggled on. Ever spring he negotiated passage o to beat | n freight train and turned up the Cards' camp. und.iiinliHl. H his would tev bard to convince local sings soft, sad ponsjs of Ihe fans, promoters say. that Kni^iicl I n| , e was not hint in the match here Pepper Sfnrcm isn't riding- the |or focal physicians that he ' ake beams any more, lie lcd|''0i taking a risk of pennoiir-nt ic league last year in scorinK j injury when he met otote in an- ins. 12'2 of them, nnd led Ihe j other tussle two niijlits latirr. anile in stolen bases, with 2i> —•— — uiiiR thefts. jNew Loach Named for He's n somebody In baseball j ow, so why shouldn't, he live up Ills position? Why shouldn't e loll about n bit ns he drives s bright new two-ton truck? Aflcr all. n man of his slfltid- iK nnd repiilalloii shoulil put on few airs, maybe. But It's Just another object, les- on which youth should observe ml lake heed. Popper Martin Is big shot now! I Osceola High School OSCEOLA, /Us.—George if. Deere was re-eleclcd superintendent of Osceola schools ut a meeting of the school board this week. Other members of the faculty Momil Adonhagti.i Is ihe highest nd Death Valley, Calif., the low- si point in the western heini- phcrc. in WRESTLING DAVID nOO!,F-Y VS. ROY WKI.CH RAU'II SMITH VS. ,10 UN NIK STOTB ARM011Y MONDAY N1TK ADM.— Ilk DAVID GUARANTEED New and Complete Line of House Painls. New and Complete Line, of Fishing Tackle. Genuine Madden Lamp Parts 30e BURKE HARDWARE CO. with LOUISE DRESSER EVELYN VENABLE KENT TAYLOR JTEPIM FETCHIT I'iiruraount News Broadway d'rcvify with ,J;met Reed iinil Olive lioi'dcn with ' .1 Frames lice, G e n p UaymoutlJ Alison Skipuorth, Nigel Bruce v| and Ifarry (irccn V Novelty "Broadway By Day" Comedy "Thundering Taxi" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & KITE—10c - 25c here yeiterday, Horton won $5,000 by winning the masters' tournament. Cralj Wood was second. Jones was far down the list; tied "for I3'.h plac« same. Young Tommy emerged the winner of that fight and starled his swift march to fame—if not fortune. For eight years Tommy fought the best at his weight. Young nyan was reauy only a welterweight but only three classes were, tecosniied in three days, lightweights, middleweight.'; and eyes were fixed on the stars. At' Last: '. i Finally, three years ago, the Cardinals decided to keep him. He played all year in Ihe outfield. and in the world series [hat year became one of the greatest ball players a world scries ever knew. He won games In that series almost single-handed. He hit .500 and stole five bases. They called him "The Wild Horse of the Osagc." His name was spread for more than a week on every front page In the United States. Columns were written about his head-first slide, his long hirs. his spectacular catches in center field. for a time Pepper seemed not to notice the praise that was showered upon his broad shoulders. He Just went along the same way he had been going— unostentatiously, without pomp or splendor. ' » • • The Fall of Martin But sooner or later ihcse things get n nnn And when Pepper To The Tax Payers of Blytheville, Arkansas In Paving District Number 2 and 3 Tlic tax bunk-i will lie closed on April 1st, 1<J3.(, and sifter that date penalties and v.isls will have to bo added. Ihc Board nf Commissioners arc nrKoliatiiitf with reiiro^oniativos of the bond |-,,.|,ievs for Hie JHII-IHISC of relinnin.'inft Ihc otitslaiuliuj: indications ni paving districts N'nmbcr Two and Thvi-o so that a vciuetioii in u-,. annual lrtx nite can be m . u i c ltl ol . (lev ln ,,„ ^i,. it will i>o ncro-s.-ii-y for a law amount of delinquent taxes to In: puid, :iii(t we arc inrccd to sue the tlcliiuincnt taxi)aver s in order to cll'cct n saving lor ; ,l] tlie taxpayers. If you as a taxpayer desire in avoid the costs of suit ami penalties and n ynn aiv interested in the reduction of taxes hcre-aflcr. it is necessary to ir.uke payment between now and April 1st. Don't wvrli-H 10 «ci uiK.n (| USi UVKI if you NviU pl)l ymu . SMO ,, )(loi . , 0 tlic xvluv |, .111(1 hep us m this situation, it will IK; to even-one's best interest. Remember IK,! this is the last call for these taxes and that the iteliiKinent IM will be turned over to our attorney on Apvil 1st. C. J. EVRARD MAT.—10-25c NITE—10-3IJC ZASU is more to be Pitied than Petted when there are. WOW-She's the Hot Number of the Switchboards! SALLY" EllERS ZASU Pins HBiROTTAttOSMAN CHMIES STARRETT IRENE HERVEY JOHN MACK BROWN Oirtctttl by /onu Tifilifly and Raymond Van from Itit novtt. 1 'Prom»nadt Duk" by Pox News Novelty Reel 1'nrnniounl News Cormicl Comwlv

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