The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 11
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M'KDNKSDAY, MARCH 17, It OUT OUR WAY Our Boarding House OH, TRVIN TO SUP OUT WITHOUT TH DOG--WELL IT LOOKS VOU DID VE&, 1 CAM SHAKfe A F6VJ COCOMUT6,MAOOR -~ YOU'VE BEEisJ CASING : "8RIWS PROSPECT TO STOP GLftDLV PAV If JUST TO LET TEKKA TOUCH ,B3 FOR LOCK" 8Y BILL VEECX OF TH& •*"- TueRe is Of-iLV owe OBSTACLE —X WOMD6R IP Bv Innp Snnrfhorn oy lone ianclucrg .) COURIER NKWS PAGE ELBVEM Ohio Socialite Sought by FBI Cn Check Charge •BUFFALO. N. Y.. Mar 17. (UP) — Hie Federal Bureau or Invcstii;;i- «oii today sought the Socialite scion or n Cleveland. O. family i n connection with u 500.000 check :or- I'BI ajjciils said they would .warch Southern resorts for Mark A Hanna. Ill, 47. Buffalo clubman and business executive, missing from "Is home here since last week. Hanna. whose great-grandfalher »'as the Into. U. s. Senator Marcus A. Hanna of Ohio, was charged in federal warrants with forging the name or his uncle, c. H. I [anna, a Cleveland industrialist, to checks amounting to $00,000. The vvari.vHs. issued by U. S. Commissioner Boyce H. Uutterfidd. alleged Hanna deposited the checks, drawn on a Cleveland bank, with the Murinc 'jkyil Co of Buffalo In violation \W:he national stolen property act Assistant u. S Attorney Henry W KHlecii. Jr.. said Hanna. who previously served n reformatory sentence for forgery tn Ohio, also passed "a number of additional bad checks" among socially prominent Bufalonlans with whom lie associated In several of the city's most exclusive clubs-. Authorities said Hanna may have left for the South after suending' several days in New York City. JCil- Icen said S25.000 bail would be demanded upon his arrest. 8V ' ONE 5ANOBERG SHRIBIR. DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC TJII: VrmiVs I-:,,,,. if.,,, ....... i. Ililtl mil till-' Errni* ill [Uc- tvlll. Mr - "I hl>, J.,(r .. I"'.". 'I' ...... 11?. II »l,r (Ann) <j|r. Ann i{i-.<hli-. i ..... „ < ..... tl)U . (,,. Florida has 5113 miles of drainage ditclies. Fried Chicken... Crappie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! y Blanchard's Cafe PorlaLfeville, ;\lo. Owned By Stanley Keller Porto Rico KILN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Poor Phones 4G77—2980 Buck Meharg Produce •«I t.. M»ln St XXI CI.OWI.Y Ami went out of the ' J building, lino Ihe sunshine and everyday bustle of Huron Road. She walked stiffly down the street toward the parking lot where she had left the c'ar. Why Jiail lb;j| awful (tiottglit iibout linos entered her head'? Enos had proved his worth through the years, proved that he was trustworthy, reliable, all the good solid words. Yet because he did an ordinary courteous thing like seeing her on an elevator she suspected him of plotting her denth. She actually wondered if he were in on a scheme to kill her! She made herself go cm to the car. forced hcrsclt to head toward Tophill, toward home. She wnnt- ed, desperately, with every ounce of her body lo turn the car in the opposite direction, to drive in headlong crazy night away from whal w;is thrcalcning her. Ibis nameless lerror that was enjntltiny her. She brought the cur to a stop under a big tree. Her head was aching again, intolerably, painfully, so her thoiiglils were incoherent, confused, chaotic. The p;iin grew into nn immense blur, blotting out everything else. She made a little moaning sound and put her head down on her arms on tile steering wheel. 11 seemed a long time before the pain subsided, before the actual physical hurting retreated. I'll go home now, she thought tiredly. I'll go home now and I'll tell Hush about Tommy and then he'll take cure of everything. Including me. All 1 have to do is gel home ami tell Rush and everything will he all right. . . . She drove up ihe driveway, past Ibc house. ;iii<l into Hie f^iruac. noticing as she went |>ast the orchard that the lab was still lighted brilliantly. She felt relief that Gay and Hush were still working. She'd been gone all afternoon. Longer than she'd expected to bo. The lust pan of her drive had been through dusk. They'd probably be worried about her. wondering where she'd gone, what she was doing. • • • JDUSll was out in the lab, she was sure of it. Why didn't she jnst so to him and gel it over with? Tell him the case she had built up against Tommy and lei him decide what they should do. He'd have to believe her. Nol just because she was his wife but because she had the letter. From the man in Wyoming. The letter that asked for seven dollars and fifty ceuls ior work done on the bridge thai sent Luke to his death, and warned the Bancrofts about the ropes and the danger of exposure. The lelter! Go and get (he letter first! -She entered the )>ou?c through the back door. There was no one in Hie Icitclicii. She didn't stop lo wonder about Iluil then. She felt only relief lhal she didn't have to see anyone. She hurried up the dark back staircase, moving softly, taking care that she should not be heard. But the Idler wasn't in her des c and even though her lingers searched feverishly, shoving things aside with foreign recklessness, she couldn't lind it. It wasn't in her desk or the nighlMand or the drawers of the Heavy bureau. She sot on the tied, messed her bands to her hot checks. The tetter bad to be here in this room! It luid to be! U was one thing for the can o/ wax lo disappear—someone nad nlnnlcd lhal m »n rJnjuM and llien. when thf sriieme hadn't worked out. nnd simply l.ilic-p il nwny. As someone had removed the wax from Ihe bottom o[ nor shoes. HUT NO ONli KNKW AUOUT MR. •STAKK'S I.E'ITKK! Tilt letler that was orool positive Hint ihe undue Had been tampered with, llial Luke's dealh bad not been (lie accident everyone assumed II bad been. II she could only remember whal she had done with ill She got up Irom Ihe bed blinking a litlle ;ig;iinsi the pain In Her eye and weul back downstairs Ihe way she had come. The kildiei) was empty mid quiet and i dark now. 'KHK whole house was dark. There wcren'l any lighls on. Anywhere in Ihe house. Where was everyone? Where bail Ihey all gone? She slooo in the darkness thai was almost solid, felt apprehension become tangible. Something was wrong here. Dreadfully, horribly wronn- She slood there, quite still and scarcely brcnlhing, waiting, and nothing happened. Then, slowly, she began to relax. She released her breath rnrefuliy, felt out with shaking lingers for the light switch. She drew a deep breath. But where was everyone? Where could they have gone? All ol them—even (he servants? She was in the library searching tor a note, hoping desperately they ha'.', left her a message, when she heard someone coming up on the porch. She slood quite still. She wasn't really sure she could move if her life depended on il—nnd then il came lo her abruptly lhal perhaps it did just that, n'rpcnd on her moving. II il were Tommy coming across the porch, opening the door and coming into the hall. He was coming closer—clnsr-r 1 — not saying a word or calling ner name, just coming closer u-bile she slood there helplessly, wailing. . . . (To Br Continued) For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 25J 3 JAMES STANDRIDGE Nnrris Printing Co. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. J6Z Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS MALCNE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has asked for that amount it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We have complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! HKI.P CONSKRVE FOR OT1IKRS-WITH ""GAR">K" OK VOUR OWN! ™H" n 8 ^'"" 1 ! C t d Sl ° 1C " as the most cm »»l<Me slock of Rurdr k frt/ r Cd ^ l " Km Mcm l' hl * «'«' St- Louts. ».s well a" n vn , h,?J L K' S " SCaS ° n Makc this > -ollr headquarters whenever sou buy high-germination seed! SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM "The Seed Store" 114-120 E Mt Main SI. HlyUtevillc, Ark.insas FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION -free S.JtCOHEti Contractor LYNCH ^LOG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. vViOKe 364^0^2525 Spring Planting Oats We have Sprin K Oa( Sp . Alfalfa, I>« 8 l U r« Mixtures and l.esncdt/H. l.nwn Mixtures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come lo See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. Phones Handled With Care Prom the time yoilr family* doihrs reach us-to the time they nrc returned to you Immaculately clean, they get Ihe best of care. Fabric, color and design play a part in rln- tcrminini; the-methods and Incrc- riicnts we use In clcniilnti. Our results satisfy I Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANCRS 220 North Second Street KRKCKl.«S & HIS FRIENDS Our By MERRILL BLO33M YOU BtTTBR VOUR FATHER'S FLANNEL <j05H.A 8ANr> AND TOWN'S Heae/y OF YOU. : COULO "No, I hnven't hoard from my screen test, but I'm not worrying—I cart slway* get a job In a Uumlry!" I'UISCII.LA'S I'OI By AL VKHMEER fa goat/ lu ..... them <?// otjf in one puff b/ctv real hard/ --Fill K\£&& wyi ^ ssbfc/ The Alihi Limiis By MICHAK!, O'MALLEY and RALPH *LANK IOOK5 UKE THE BUllS J Wt'U 5IE. II *K( 6KIHIWG TH«r GUV [ /MIGHT COMf IN IN THE 0.1. OVERCOAT, \ HANDY SOME DAY. MfKK. YOU'D BErrfR BORN TMt OUt \tXI HAD OH. . I HHF WOO THIS , A51IN650N.WIIOW«15«CIOR. I BUMPED . AII8I.ANDI llW GOING 10 HAVf FO HOCD OHIO IIS SKINNY GUY W>U JIKIO HIM AS I WAIKED SAY vou WIRE y/HONG AND KNOCKED WALKING WIIHT^ Ills KNEr (Xlr Of JOINT HUN I imt) TO HEM HIM Ollt. KNOW II S YOU Till Wf G»N UNO SOMfONC SOUWD5 fllKY.y WHO DISIIMD ROCKY SIONE M0«( 1HAN YOU. On With lh« Dunce By I,ESUK TURNER AH! THIS \ SO VCU'OCSH ME IKME FEMALE , MU&T BE THftT (OLE HflRRIPRU OUER IH'FHOWE.EH? 1 PON'] WvJE NO l*^NMERS,t|4?!! OF A TRUE AMAZON THWI NEED! By FRED HARMAN LtTtr, BUT i>\ Ny COI.^a TO DO SOrtE- Aw>vi- ^\ TH1KX5 THAT'LL HELP RED RYDER-' i foil ArJDTOUR DAD. I' TILL THE.Y LEAVE MIKE. 1 WE'RE GOfWA LEARN5 WHERE THEYFOUSID 'THAT GOLD RYOE.R. PUT THErN UP FOR IKE CRABROCK By V. T. HAMUN . Of »sND I THINK ITS TIME TO iE HIM ^ FROM MY AT£5T- TO TMt LVTE HOOTS AND Hl'K lillDDMCH By EDGAR MARTIN

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