The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ' THE BLrmEVfLLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C: R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINE3. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertlstns Heprascnuitivta: Arkansas Unities, Inc., Rew York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis. Dallas. Kansas Clly, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter (it the posl office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act oJ Coiigress, October 0. 1817. Served ov the press SUBSCRIPTION RATER By earner In (tie Cluy ol BIylhevUle, 16o per ««k, or $0.50 per year. In advance. Of mall, w! Win » radius ol 10 tnrics, 13.00 pel year, $1.50 tor six months, 75o lot uirit- tnuiiui*. by mnli In posltil zohes two to elx, Inclusive, (6.50 per j-eai; In zones seven and eiulit, 110.00 per year, payable In advance. Enforce ihe Liquor Laicw The methods followtid by so-culicd "undercover" ntjcnts in liioir weekend cleanup of lii|iior Uiw violator's hove do not particularly appivil to us. To iiiriuec :i violation of Urn law in order to obtain evidence, against Uie vio'alur i.s, to pul it inilclly, KomcUii)'}'; loss than siwi'tiiiK- Nevertheless \ve »iv icl:ul io sue vigorous aetion ajjainst lii|uov law violators. Wo don't want to see pru- •hibitioii come back and wo believe that oii'cctivu enforcement of the laws covering the sale of liquor mid ol.' tiie laws against public drunkenness and drunken driving is esseiilia! lo prevent it.-i return. Enforcement *>( th% liquor laws by ordinary police methods is (liD'iciill. Officers may know lo n moral certainly thai the law is beintc violated but they can do nothing-'about it unless they can gel positive uvideiiuc of illegal sale. Possibly Ihe law abiding liquor dealers could be 61' assistance. Certainly it is lo their interest to see that tho laws are enforced. Not only do they suffer from the unfair competition of law violators but thf very exislenee of their business is put in jeopardy. Wholesalers and let'ilhniUe dealers ought lo have an • effective or- Kiuuzalirm to police their own trade aiki siiiemiaixl it against the revulsion >" public sentiment that otherwise aceins ineviti'.ble. ... . Let's Make ii Complete it is encouraging to note that officials in several states have been making determined effort lo wipe Hi': HIack Legion from the American scene. The job proljably will prove, long and arduous, but it should not be dropped for a moment. A resolution "is before Congress asking- for an appropriation which would permit lighting the legion across stale boundaries. Perhaps something like this is needed. At leasl, prosecution of accused terrorists and murderers must be can-fed out lo the fullest degree. At the same lime complete revelation of the activities of these ra;.lefs is highly important. Keeping the spotlight 011 Hie lilack Legion should eventually show even the dullest citi^i: how unAmericim such a group is. An _BLYTnEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lU'ousfid public conseienc'.' \Vill cvuiit- iwlly oblilcrale the org;i)iix;ilio)). Down to Pers i-Oin now on, the president!?I cam- is going'lo apiiciir a t.'ro;it deal (till'ei-eiit. This is Ijccitttcu the voters now have two figures to lisli-n to. Until now, ihu president lias monoiiol- ixed the picture. llencefoMli, tllere is i?oi!ijf lo he a battle of peVBonalilics in which the characters, the views, and tiie experience of two men will be iiiUod gainst each other. 'i'lierc will |>c iniioh I,-ilk, loo, of plnlforiiis ttiul issues and the Mure of America; Wll, in ihe DIM) aiwlysis, it's a good bet Hint Ihlc 19:jt5 cain- IwiifTH will turn as have all o'.aws— on Ure men. Vou cnti't t;et around the iuuiian element in Dolilical j olitic<il Placards s\iA Looks of Thins A Society for u, e K c moul of Hi.' !'!».. ,!<).• of IMcalcd Caildiilalcs. .such as ihr; Lii-,-.s club of WhitcrlKivcn. Flu,, has ortiiiiilwd. may lie KOOd, But. „ society for the Prmnti^ «f Political Wncnrds on trees oiul poic.s Monc hluhwa^ nnd streets would lie boiler. Tlir,', in eifcct wns what the Arknuwii, HoatlslLc Ou,,n- c« imil. (he Stale '.^ilcfnllon of Womci.s Onus "WulMd whcii tliey nppcnlcd lo this JCM-S CiiiKlidstcs fin- slulc nnd local cllicct- iim to deface the landscape in this \\ny. AVc (ill njjrco that Arknnsas needs artveil!';. inf. H Is getting mlveiilBliiB of'llu: nuv.t fav- orafjlc sort from the prnposnl or llica- puulic- SDirttert Arkniisas ivoincn, anti iutvciUs!n B Una Uora not cost i, dollnr. Their campaiva ut- liacted the ntlenllon 01 ncwiiiwiOTs as lm- apart mi the Wfchllii (ICun.i uencon nnd the Alljany (N. Y.) Knickerbocker l> nolh .«nl (; i,, 5 i,|,- Munct! that AVkimsiis J, lls given Ihe e.HUilry an Hleu thai iul B hl be copied with prohl in every slate. Florida Ims' gone lo torse expense lo i»uun shade trees, nloiiff Us nrlcflnl hlfhwnys, rspcc- Inlty us they approach (he |irii\ctpnl cltift-, in ihr soi'thcm pint o; Ihe state, these Itw* iu «t nil ctlicre oh streets and hi s h«ny K sl; L ,,| 0 ,. c saved from beliig inarr l; ,l nim tlisn' S iire<? i, y ao '. vcrtlsliiB placards of candidntea for otllce. —Altai's,™ OiliL'ttc. m 10 years It will be as hard to lind an alien In tlio United 'Slates as a wild b»[rnlo...cvcii the professional patriots can 5 lcc|i In rcncc -Col. Daniel \V. •MiicCommcfc, Wnslilngto'l!, D. C., • ccinmlsstonci-. of himiiBrallon. +.. * * Only MiiaU m i m i s rcsli c ontented \vlth ihelr work mid GO nljqUl «•((!, , m expanded chea measure, —Dr. John A. w. Hans, retiring president, or Milhlcnbti-B College, Allcntown, Pa * * » History shorn ,, 5 UM lhc g rmt (|nngcr t() Ulc world is not in its dictators, for dictalors always destroy llBinwlVM, The danger lies., in u"ic luck of hitcirst on (hc part of people who should be most concerned ivilh public nflaivs -Dr. William M. uwfs, president, Lnfayclle College. K- ' * * * AO man wears pajau|au willingly. lie floes il because he's a henpecked- Individual whose wife thinks nicy nrc fafhionnliic, Dirt Cteortrc. WBEliiiigton. Abe Lincoln or itdciy Hooscvclt Mf'.'l> in psjalmis? >-i_. Si. -uoc" Davis, Otlanii ill. editor. S10E GLAINCES By George Clark MONDAY, JUNK 15, ni IIEOI.V 11)31113 TO'liAY F IN f'!!' 1 " l ; n<1 >- »"« «K;K i iii v ' "•"""• »'»«r, itosi:- rhaoV """ ">»ninici(e ul MrniiirKllr. In Arlzoni! i:nll'. ncl,., S lAll!C fllArjiA."- 'rfVurhl ™ , ilrr«limillriic riinicH licdvcfn ll,.,,, .inil l.llfll.!.!: TJIAVIillfc. who naiiln Drrrfe for hrmflr, I^MK H,,> ' niMry Dli'k lmul-lhr Travcrii I" Imy her land. rotlunr, CnlrM nliiK 1),»| „),,. |, l,> 11,,. frir , ,),„, c frbni Dtrrk. "We'll l.itvt. (« kill iimitlttr hour some w:iv. if wt „„ home this early it w il| S |iuil the cook." THIS CURIOUS WORLD William Ferguson ivully ivorlli 1'lf-nficirr lir Ittin wnril hiiH t> NOW (10 ON' \VITll TH K 3TOIIY CHAPTER XXIII JVJARK. C H A p'M A N glanced * '"• around the iancli house. "Well," he said, "Ihis doesn't look 50 Mad, but 1 guess we'd better get some woinan to come in and clean things up ;i little before our company arrives." "I say it's jusi line." Jed Hos- kcer slopped to light his pipe. "There's the postman and, by josh, he's putting something in the box. Sec what it is!" exclaimed Marl;. "Just (he paper, I guess," Jed said, tossing the newspaper on the table. "It doesn't get any bigger 1 notice." "1 reckon it's big enough (o hold all the news that comes down this valley." Mark tore off the wrapper. "Hy gosh," he exclaimed as he looked at the headlines, "here's enough news lo keep everyone talking for a spell. The Travcrs company lias gone smash!" Quickly Mark read Ihe story of. Ihe spectacular finish of the min- iujr company. "Seems they look orders on (he strength of ore they knew wns in the Hancho Angelo — - 1 when they couldn't deliver pen. Please don't talk so crossly io hie. I can't stand H." "I'll talk lo ybii any way Mike —and, more than that, I'll kill myself before I'll gb out to Arizona with and Cal. He'll . never, never make a comeback. Never now! It's too late." "13ut we can't leave you here alone, unless"— Mrs. Travers sat up suddenly— "you're going to marry that artist feJlow. Is that it, Lucille? O£ course that makes a difference. Slill, If you love him like I loved your Pa—" "Oh, forget it! Much you know about low." Lucille laughed bitterly. "You don't need lo worry about me. I'll have trailer pack my things. Cal's creditors needn't think Ihcy can take them!" And she flounced aivay to her own rooms. Airs. Travers patted her eyes, hough no tears came from them low. After all they'd done for Lucille, how could she talk to her own mother like that? Mrs. Trovers sighed. What i Cal hadn't treated her just Ihi vay he should during these years ic'd been so rich? Ho needed Jiei tow, and she Was ready to go will lim, to help him get a start again * * * 'V° u mean," Natalie exclaimed, "that I'm invited to with you to 'Heart's Delight or the week-end?" Gail nodded. "Yes, I came to meet you so you'd be sure to come Iraight home. Rosemary is call- II was just striking 10 whonii Scai'les' limousine drew to p curb before the clubhouse i i morning niid Rosemary entr' the building. "Tell Miss Kv<' I'm coming right up to see li- sliu told the clerk. '* i * t ! AS she stepped out of the '. vator, Natalie was just en ; . i ing Gail's room. "Oh, how doi- do," she called to Rosemary. ; wonderful of you to ask mi ?ome with Gail. We're all real; "I'm awfully glad you ci' come. Oh, is Ihis your > re Gail?" exclaimed Rosemary )g foi 'clock. 1 us tomorrow about 10 some rumor starter! in New York! I cuesj Cal Travel's is a down- again. Every office is . -my, but that will mean of fellows will lose their 'CILLE TliAVBRS shook the •-tgfy lears from her eyes as stamped about I he luxurious ' And we'll drive out with her in her IJolts-Royce?" Natalie's voice quivered with excitement. "Yes, She thought it would be nicer than going out by train." "Nicer! Oh, Gail, this is overwhelming. I can hardly realize that I'm stepping into society!" "But the Scarles are very plain people, Natalie. I hope you won't be disappointed. Don't think you're going to eat off gold plates or have peacocks' tongues for dinner! You'll like M Mrs. ••.(• WEDDINGS •TAKE Pi/»feE IN -THE -UNITED t! STATES ON AN AVERAGE OF -- living room of her home, lo me!" she cried. "Don't 3 WHEN NOTfN USE S THE TONGUE ' ll OF THE t SPHINX MOTH jl IS COILED UP LIKE /o. | WATCH SPRING. I. g">« >'*.»«««[. INT. Some species of phinx moths liave (ensues (hut arc twice as ion; as their bodies, nmt they take splendid'care of the lonsuc by curlin" it. up under Ihe head. The moth received its uaim- Ihiough its cm-low Iiubll ol clevaling Ihe fore part of the budy iulo n fnnclra -lniicc of the :.]iiiinx. OUT OUR WAY By Williams OH-THI5 \^> WOMDERFUL I WW DIDN'T I RNOW 7MI5 ACjO-- BUT I'M L.EACig- NEW E\'ERV L PAV --- COME OUT. MERE TO Wx\V TO DISUKS/ WMV MOTHERS. 6L-T Child Mnv Perspire and Gulch Cold Jf 11 1* Dressed Too Warmly 1IV I)K. .UOIilll.S I 1SIIHK1N" liUllcr. .l(inrii:ir uf <li': American AMiiriallun. ^iint of My- ccia. Mir lleaKh i\I:ii:;»inr inotltci 1 :; iual;r Ibr mistake •In:: (hi'ir'l),il>r.-. (oo tviirin- [\. 'V. a rcmll. ol Ui-ln;: o'.TrurrsaCd, IHTipircs frrcly. 11 it. Ihcli .(f lt.s rover*, or ionic i)f Us ii vein I'fron-.p cliillcrl. b innT.iiiiiL- evidence lii r 't Midden chunscc- in tcinpera- I'li-" 1 arr hannliil '•! health.. Of child -miiH. be protected •'«|!iii(l rcld. anil :!iwil?i te tuil- ll -'v covered when it i:. taKcii oul 11 < old v.xalhcr. '-'n the other baud, riming Vcrj' .^' (!;•>;. or uiihks many baV)ic.-i '"!' bcllcr while iveiirliig oil'ly 1 '!i:il»T mill |]!innr]r! 0 | miisl be wasliL-d with (lie sane cave Hint, is r.lvcn wool or silk. To uMTcomc ihe imlalkm ot woolen fabric-.-;. II-.K! yet vr(; Annouiicements Tlic Uuuricr News lias been authorized to make formal announcement or ti,c loiiowlng can- dinalcs for public u if; C e, EUbjccl I to the Democratic (irlnmry • IIB.II i August ll: vi'- liim Ijcrn niui-lL whether linUict vhenld wear n. wool/, silk, or laycm, or iiv.s i>f thcte f:i!)ito'. in gcn- lollnn Is not :i warm matc- ••'.'• it readily rouduMtf. or car"ff. hiMl. It can be boiled or ii, ho-iM-vcr, v.iDioiil-ilmn- IT Keprcbcnt.itivc in '<!Ali B. IIARivlbQN lor rrosfculiiiK Attorney O. 'i'. WARD BRUCii JVV tENvta L. LIUOLEV 'or County Judge V1KU1L OREENK ;< L. (SLAOIS'H " • • I .1 ' I ''i •' n'-' : UCwr§ %: .O»M t»i^'st'iivTtt.iiK;. ! i., « u-iinii n;ali-l-|il.:.te- '. 1|:! '' fs •< IM-W 'Oi.Hublor ol. '"'"• "• '•- M>nicliiii<-!. ' more - lr- i!i-uiii:; to the i.kin ihniMs cullon. : ;;i1 i • iibiially move iliftlcult li> v '-'-'i. Wool mil.'.! lir cleaned with '"«warm wakT. ih-tmitc oolhub' •' ill i-i- and ttroiif so.iu;; liiii'dcr. •'•'( ; otherwise-hami u-, "niicrs." •'. s ilk is not H warm nu-icrlal, and •"''- IjuWcn ;,!•[• M-n-iiivo lo It.. '-'yon K not win in, cither, and _ • ior Stitritt nn a KALE JACKSON JOE «. DIU,AHUN1T ^o' Comity treasurer HOLAN'D -GREEN • or Circ uil Court ClcrX ilUGH CRAIG I'tor He-Elect ton ror -2nd Term li'i Cuinily court Clttli M1SU UARKy WOODBUKN 1'Xir ic-clec!ioii for second term Tor M.itc Kcii.-itur LUC! EN Ii. COLEMAN I-or Counljr Kcprrscnlative IVY W. CRAWFORD ''ur Cuuiily Assessor It. L. (HILLY) GAINKS 1'X.r uc-ciccllon to a and I'or Coiiblalilc. ('"'rtiiMinbii Toiniiliin HAiiHY TAYLOR Lucille!" -Mrs. Travcrs nj Her tir«l face, <(ev 0 id moment of .nny rouge or and revealing ng. lines of :,g c . . . nc dreamed such a thing could hap- their heal vali'c, clothinir ' ----- ..•»!- Jin, iuiu i .Scarles, though, for they're genuine." "But I can't understand why they should be asking mc to spend the week-end with lliem!" "I suess you made a good im- prersion on Rosemary," teased uail. "And they appreciate the lad'that you've been so sweet to '.no. Let's hurry now, for I've got l'i nx my bathing suit belt. 1 broke ihe buckle, but I found <3iule n good-looking one that I can use." "I'm so thrilled! Sweltering in he .office 1 almost hated the thought of tonVorrow and silling "round in my room, but now—if I weren't walking down the avenue I'd dance a jig!" they entered. "What a culo'li place and tvlial a gorgeous v you gel!" I"It's not bad," answered 0, "but one of these days 1 think', gel an apartment." \"Now that you've- iallen hei' : lhat properly in the west y, : be able lo have anything ' want, won't you? Arc you g' j lo keep on working?" "She's left Madamc's" Natalie. Then, us the girls downstairs, Gail told of hcj- den dismissal. / y. "Well, I'm glad you'r/ ;•$ from that creature," BosenT said vigorously. "I wonder i' iJ»y° no would stay and work ' Gail thought of Toinctte Selma and (he others and veal • lhat the very necessity of ha-- I to earn a living compelled Ito stand for a lol. |. With their week-end cases s'' ly stowed away and the chauf'i at the wheel, the three girls i In the back seat o£ the car c» ; tniR gaily. j;, "O£ course you've heard 'i news about the Travers colls;"' said Rosemary. ;>. "Yes! I guess they've lost p'll tically everything, though so'! I one said Mr. Travers was g'<'| west again and that lie's -• '•'' up with Iiis wife," Natalie. "Will Lucille go with oo?' asked Gail, her thouj.,,, • once on Derek. Would this n'fl a difference lo him? Would:'?! gallant heart come lo LuclH rescue? :H "i don't know," answered N : '| ic, "but I suppose she'il go. v'l ''se could she do?" "It's too bad she didn't nu i hat count she was bragging at ! i I or her father would prob'-i Kivc settled a fortune on 1 •* emarkcd Hoscmary. ji "Pel-taps she'll lake up des ! 'i ig seriously now," suggested f'- L "And slep into your shoe asked Natalie rnaybc Madarno Mariame's?" "But girl ' " '71 • V'V ••••- "IEIUQH zettas shnp'is gone, too. si., by Mrs. Trc.vers. (To Be Continued) backed know.' now , ade with cotlou 011 OIK' face anci fool on the other. Tests made l>y iuvcjlittiilws slion-cd Hint ribbed kuil cottons stretch froi;! one-third !<• one-halt in washing. Cotton nnnneJs and lleccc-lincd Horincnts .!(<.?« mucli it their 'him. in w'liMiiiur. Woolen 'al.Tic.i-v rayon, niul liird r s-cyu arc net changed' iriucli l)y washing, In hospitals, knitted diniwr.s have been found lo outwear other varieties. Mcsl iwopic .'•novvncinv CHURCH EXCUSES Dear Aunt: We huvu told ym: :;« often whal 11 finart man. Junior :L ;;oiiurTj tc when he Is -ill grown |ip Archi- tiild wiys I .should explain to yen ."i™? 5 ' ' hew we know he is goiiiii to be so awfully smart. So, here is one of must I our pluns. Archibaitl hccrd scmr- Ilie costs of vnrious fub- one miking ,-vixml j. 0 nic '-real, m-iii ncs. Colluii Is (he eheapctf. Col- ' liaVlns wlrli a lavec rccabttlaVv ion and rayon mixtures cost Hc Inquired around nnd found slightly more. Wool nnd cotton, or out lhat none but the most in- will know mors words than!:'! one rise in Ihe «-'nolc worlc- Imvcu'l " ivool . , e m0 s n- rayon, arc next most teliigciil could boSsl of bavin- of ' Pure wool is still mere , and sill: and wool is the mosl expensive mixture. being, able to spe.ik just lois ot costly, words': Liiat is lots of different one:*. Hc Came home alia Vc talk- . - cd It over and decided when Jim-' ' ior gets ready will ftavt. in lo tu'y wortls. Vvc -tcntii him Irn fully decided, but !>::]:[ wauls to teach him l-'i- Daddy for iiis vcrj- first, ivop'i start from iimt. N- : haven't iiiiKc decided whfc-' ; wUI Join the chinch here.U think \ve Iiud i ;cs ( ;ra ji_ ;lw ]'.;'l ttuftj- Vails 1 Stories'- Bru'i CANTOJJ, o. fUP) , . montlis-o!d B:\Vliara Elaine 'J climbed out of her crib «iic; ; .;| mother's back was turned, p II a Mi-cell from a window 'anil bled three sloiie;.'- At u ho' doctors said she minor bruises. wittered j Acconlhig to the Dictionary Atncrii-aii Dales. American history iiniv wordy ciit-h day until lie is t socs back to .150 A.D., when a Biicitl- fwioty of twci'ity out. We havcn'i.! 'ih er <. ^7^17777 «^r^^ u^n' U,, °2L52A«M^ HQDSfi2_ T ' With Major Hoof •V ^^^f^~5^^^^ ,/C K.IV l^'/•'#/ ^=.Oi linni-i ./ . . ._ "l ill, ' 5QUIRRELV AMD ,,„, ^ ^\ j-v. , ^- . / / ) tlU 'BSE^jl 7H£ D/^RK, BUT -wiii I'LL BET 1C uc'n ti'i >t/->K - -i < '-K-(j|Vipj^s_^v S£Pot2£ t ~" " J ••' PURCHASED HOOPLE rvUXkintr ./^T . T'.?-^ 16 DERB V/ :'!-j nc Prv-> 7 V - ^ r-^ ( ^ ^iiCkOO WOULP J> , OTr.500 ACRES,, AMD '£OL)R -CX" FLVOUr— I'LL /§! i? TOR ' ? v WOTHIKJ(S 6AVE ME ..&S TURK] HIM LOOSE X$ MC(RE 'PLEASURE "rH ANj / f AT THE KleXT dROVE & rM3l\/lkl^; A .—i . * . , > . 7^ • ^r^ v i OF 1>/Al ' " '""'" i .if •.••—.•-— '-Uw/-A,-3UKfc •DRlVIWfi A SMALL LIKE THIS f ^r,\ ^ '-•» o <^ rv! i

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