The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1946
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1046 For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 W» Also Ml Good Black Sandy Loam Dirt for Fills Lark in Service Station 219 East Main St. K. M. Larkin Rolen Holme* FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed f From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. / Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2348 Residence 2309 Publishers End Annual Meeting William G. Chandler Re-elected President At Closing Session NKW YORK, April 20. (UP) — William O. Chiiudlcr, rxwnllvc of Die Scrlpiu Howiml Ncwnpiipers, wms re-elected pjx-fiick'nt for u second term Thursday :is the Anu'i'l- crui Ni>v, f .s|>:i|KT Piihlislu-rs Association closed Its COlli anmiiil raim-n- tlon at the Wnlilorr-Astorm Hotel. David w. Howe, general nmna- Kcr of the Uiirlliiutoii, Vt.. Free, was eleeUM vlce-pre.sklent; Kclivln S. Frleiully, the New York Sim, treasurer; mid S. 11. Which, business miuwk'cr of the I'ortlunil. Ore., Orcyon Journnt, WHS elected secretary niter Norntnh Cliandler. • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Decisive Moments in Peter's Life Scripture: John 1:42; Mark S:K7- 21:'15-17; ?.9; I.uke Ads 5:29 22:54-57, 61-62; John There arc some men who are so settled and uniform in their ways ncl hnblt-s, so fixed in character "id ixsychologicul reactions, that their attitudes nml actions In any iltuution could b c predicted with Umost scientific accuracy, They are very necessary in society, which hii-s ., vnst use for commoiiplucc people, but they me nj>t to lie dull mid uninteresting, and none too efficient. There »rc otlier men whose char- nuters iincl iictlons arc as unpredlcl- table as New England weather. Pent up within them are great forces nd possibilities for good or for «V WILLIAM K. (JIMlOr, I). D.|hnowcst all things; ihou knowest II.UXE CAR .BY KXI'KRT MKCHAN1CS For All Makes of Cars Our complete service includes . .. Motor Time-Up, Motor Overhauling, Hrake Adjustment and rc-lininff. Electrical Repairing. Radiator Repairs, and Oil Change. Don't Wait! We will pay you the top cash price for your car. Drive in today. Get the cash. niulisher of the I/>x Angeles Times, had declined the nomination. Five members of the board of directors elected were: Bert N. Honea, general manager of the Port Worth Star Telegram; Gcorfse ('. Blygers, general manager of the Atlanta Journal; Charles P. McC« • nil), i>iil)llsher of the Cleveland News; J. lj. Slackhousc, general mimaycr of the Elusion, Ja., Express, and J. n. Funk, publlsliei of the Santa Monica, Calif., Outlook. The nominating committee composed of fiuell W. Hudson. pul>- publisher of the Woonsockel, R. I. Call, Verne E. Joy, puhHsheroi th c O'cutralla, III., Sentinel, am Carl H. Short, general manager ol (he Uoanoke, Va., Times and World- News. A memoriiil necrology read by Howard Davis, formerly with thc New York Herald Tribune and past president of thc ANPA, showed that 52 members had died during year. Registration for the condition. It was announced, readied n nil-time high of 1,034. Mcmber- up in the organization lias in- rcased to 756 from an enrollment f 740 last year. During the closing session of he cotu'cntion, j\ committee rc- >nrt wus heard on the employment it juveniles for the distribution ot icwspapcrs. During thc discussion Walter Rnuck. circulation malinger f thc Pittsburgh Press, said ho lad made a survey of PlttaUi court records and found that dur- ng the last 20 years nol a slngH leivspaiicr boy had been hroiigh nlo court for'juvellnc delinquency The convention adopted solution offered by Joy, dlrectliu the appointment of a committee to study the employment, of news >aper boys, cmphiislv.ini; the fnc that they lire nol exploited, nn< ncqilhlul the published member of their findings later. It was also brought out tha ANPA expenses during thc yen exceeded incom c by $15,000 and it WHS suggested that consideration should be given to increasing dues. evil. They may become great build- llitil I love Dice. 'This wns the Peter who had found the fnitii that could not fail ---the Peter of the answer to his Muster's prayer. - Courage suul si length were in him. He stood up on thc Day of Pentecost and pleached th c bold and courageous rejmon under which three thousand were saved, and he could defy his enemies with the plain words, "We light to obey God rather than moil." And Ihe Christ who prayed for I'elcr prays for us all. What men we might bc, If we would let Got: work out in us the answer to that prayer! We Are Approved Blytheville Dealers ' and PACKARD CARS DESOTO — PLYMOUTH ^ mrtd carry a complete stock of Genuine T Chrysler and Packard Parts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owner Corner Franklin & Walnut Phone 886 or 3531 crs and benefactors; or they may become ruthless destroyers ami ai!- liressors. Great achievement, or coln.vml failure, Is almost sure to !>(• their lot—not unythlDK in between. It Is Interesting to consider how many men ami women of great me and achievement came near to failure, or even failed for a time. Peter was of this unpredictable sort, strongly impulsive and Intense, ready to risk everything on n great, adventure; easily discouraged when Ills hopes wcri; disappointed, or when his plans seemingly failed. :ils name was Simon, but Jesus called him Pater, that Is, "a rock," perhaps in playful allusion to his unrockllke character, perhaps to give Simon n name to live up to, nd l» prophecy of what Simon, ailed Peter, really became. "Simon, pinion," said Jesus, "Sa- an hath desired to have you that may silt thee as wheat: but I lave prayed for then, that thy alth fail not; and when thou art. lonvertcd, strengthen they breth- en." (Hike 22:31-32.) That Is tho key to the life history of Peter. Jc- wns his friend. Jesus understood him better than he understood himself. And .lesus prayed (or Win Peter dkln't rea!i/.e how weak lie was; but Jesus saw beneath ,hif impulsiveness nnd boasting, am Ills passion to be first. So Jestis prayed for him and thai was Peter's salvation and source 0' power. Jesns was his friend, am hp became the friend o[ Jesus. The braggart, boasting tha though all men might deny Jesus yet would not he, and then trie denying that he knew Him, 'be came the penitent Peter, weeping bitterly, and the humble Peter, con fident but no longer boastful, as Miring his Master, "Lord, thoi Employment Increases Charges Loan Would Lead To Boom, Depression WASHINGTON, April 25. (UP> — Sens. Theodore O. Bilbo, D., Miss., and Robert A. Tuft, R., O., yesterday asked the Senate to scrap the proposed $3,150,000,000 British loan and adopt substitute measures. Taft, declai'lni; that the administration was heading the country toward "liitlatlon, txjoin and depression" in thc next four years, proposed that the United States make an outright gift of $1,250,000,000 to Great Britain. Bilbo, who promised to speak (or "several hours," denounced the loai as "preposterous and unthinkable," and urged that the money IK used for bonuses up to $4,500 each for U. S. war veterans. Bilbo said that if Britain gets thc money she will use it to maintain armed forces to protect her "tottering empire, and to build up world trade in competition with the United States. Taft told the Senate that the British loan is part of a U. S. pol- to lend about 520,000,000,000 in years. the customary valedictorian Milutiilorinn. It has not uecn only through i°" c I'oint Is rj miles wide and (i.OOO and Tlie Grand Canyon of Ihe Colo- I ratio River is 278 miles long and at. lilflli school that these three students have made thc same Blades, jut since they entered thc third grade together in thc Luxora school. CHICAGO. (U.P.) _ superior Court Judge John A. Sbarbaro granted a divorce on grounds ot cruelty to Mrs. Lorrniiic J. Run. She said her husband was too rough. HABY CHICKS 3 to 5 days old—SI to 512 p«r 100. Several breeds — Feeds, Founts — ELEVATOH FEED STOKE Broadway at R. R. Tracks eel deep. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tiie ./Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Hwv. fil at Stale Line I'lione: lilvtheville 714 LITTLE ROCK, April 25. (UP) — The number of workers In 1.033 Ar- j c y kansas businesses rose 2.3 per cent the next three or four during the period Feb. 15 to March 15, according to a report released by I.nbor Commissioner M. E. Goss here yesterday. The number rose from 41.270 to 42,245. The average weekly pay check was JO.85, a Might, Increase over the 'eb. 15 figure of $30.16. Luxoro Seniors To Give Class Play Tonight LUXORA. Ark., April M. — Tile Senior class of the Luxorn High School will present the play, "This Is the Life,'" Friday night, in the school auditorium, nt 8 o'clock. These will take part: Sadie Williams, alias Sari Wllltski, Sarah Lnngston; Katie Clark, alins Kathryn Clfirkson, Virginia nowcn; Melissa Lander, a movie star, Frances Rozcllc; Julie, her French maid, Dorothy narch; Etta Blnglmm, a boarrivng-Viousc keeper, Ethel While; Mrs. Bushtay, a dear woman, Bon- nls Cole; Martha Ralston, society matron, Evelyn Hickerson; Oscar Ralston, of the Ralston Brothers LeRoy Koch; Fcodor Wilitski, a Russian director, O. A. Allen; Harold Carter, a male milliner, W. E Bennett; Scnor Ollva—n SpauisV hotel manager. II. O. Yates; Little Pine, An Indian bell hop, Charlc: Brown; Sam Hinds, a floor walke: at Ralston's, Vcrnon Walker. Under Our New Policy Langsion-Wroten Co. Will Be Closed On Sunday We wish to announce that wo will bc closed from 6:00 AM Sunday Morning until 6:00 Monday Morning each week starting Sunday, April 29. We request our customers who have commercial cars and trucks to arrange to have their equipment taken care of some night during thc week. We will continue to serve you 24 hours per day 6 days a week. We Specialise in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 The largest county in Texas is reu'ster, with an area of 6.WS limrc mites—six times the area of ?hodc Island. Luxoro Students Have Close Race For Honors LUXORA, Ark.. April M.—Honor students of the Luxorn High School are Virglnin Bo\ven, Sarah Lanes- ton an<i Bonnls Cole. Because there was only a hundredth of a point difference in the grades of these students, all were named honor students instead of You Heed a GARMENTAIRE The New Method of Home Storage for Wool Suits, Coats It Saves Storage Fees! I,el us show you this wonderful new home storage method now . . . and how easily and safely you can store winter clothes in your closet. For GARMENTAIRE. Home Cleaning Supplies and ELECTROLUX Cleaner MRS. ROKT. M. GRAVES Call 2650 NOTICE BABY CHICKS Finest quarity at all times. Complete line of poultry feed. The handiest place in town. "We Buy Poultry * Chester Lewis Poultry 413 East Main St. FIRE _.,-A Windstorm Hail Extended Coverage AUTO, TRUCK and TAXICABS Fire & Theft Comprehensive Bodily Injury <te Property Damage Collision Passenger Accident PLATE GLASS GENERAL LIABILITY Owners, Landlords n.nrt Tenants Contractors nncl Manufacturers INLAND MARINE Personal Property Floater Truck Cargo Miscellaneous Articles Flontcr SURETY & FIDELITY BURGLARY-ROBBERY WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION ACCIDENT & HEALTH >Vr Specialize in Insurance on Farm A- Country property, as well as City Property. Sec Us For COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE In One Agency at Lower Cost On November?, 1945, A. F. Dietrich purchased the insurance business of the J. E. Johnson Agency. The Johnson Agency, together with the insurance business heretofore conducted by A. F. Dietrich, has been consolidated with the United Insurance Agency. J. E. Johnson is not licensed or connected with the United Insurance Agency. Any matters pertaining to insurance is to be taken up with, and any premium money due, is to be paid to the undersigned agency. On account of the war some of my'business connections had been largely disrupted and the past several years I devoted to the war effort, in the employ of thc War Department. T am now in position to give my full time to the Insurance business and my Packing House connection and solicit the patronage of my friends and customers. A. F. DIKTRICH. Salesman Wanted We Carrr % Complete Stock at U. S. TIRES Langston-Wroten Co. Buick Sales and Service Walnut at Broadway Phone 553 III Later, yon can complete your training with a 4-year college education. Tha U. S. (.iovcrnmcnt will pay your tuition, fees and hooks, up to JSOO per year; PLUS $65 per month HvinR expenses if you me single, or $90 if married! ENLIST NOW! VISIT YOUR NEAREST U. S. AHMY RECRUITING OFFICE lilythevillc Post Office Juncsboro Posloffice Blytheville, Ark. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Blytheville's Only Exclusive Direct Writing Agency 209!/2 West Main St. A. F. Dietrich, Manager ; IED RYDER VW1P SAID IF 1 WAOWED STRANGERS 1O COAE • HE'D KILL M KOO fWt \-JORRY. >\= Yes, you can clvooso your hrnnch ot service in the U. S. Army; a "d learn while you serve for 3 years, under expert Army insliuclors. RED RYDER. FOL\_CH-J 'SUPPOSE YOU HAVE A TONIGHT" DIAL "Five Ten" 510 FIRE of Leading Companies Guard-Oberst Building ^Sg8Mg^^!^g8^y^?age9aM^W?K^ Look Hehind You! BY FRED HARMAN ': i WASH TUBBS Lead RFC Ml MEETWS HM SOOAL^BUT SEEWSU^EI OF COURSE! HE'S THE ONE WHO PUS UP f.\CTS ABOUT THE KIDNWN3 IN TXE LIBRARY... fVANNEO THIS H0,«! BUT WHAT AMur TKE wrens SiH HE W&S W OlD VAUDEVILIE TROUPES.BUT I«B«^M>. mwn , mal A MftlLOXDER ORCDIT VEARS SJ TON! WP kNJIV SSAS Y W, TS'nCAL fiWH VAMPS ! THAV'S THE FlESr/ SfEM WU=.,.A30ur # PROOF WS'IH HAD THAT V. SLEHOSB....HAS A SHE KNEW EITHER O'THe V W.hC< ."UWTACHE! WITNESSES ! SAY, HIMI, CAN YOJ DESCWBr B.V. HARDWARE f SURE WE DIP, E OWE! HE WA; BOOKED [WtlBlE WW VIS, •W! BY LESLIE TURNER £ 4i

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