The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1944
Page 7
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION F»r Kent Bedroom. Men only, Plioiie 24W! 013 walnut st. n|n-pk-ii|24 Minimum'Charge 60o 1 lime per line,,. Do 2 times per Uns per S t!me» per lln« r v. e V er ay. Month per line- ...... .."!" ((Jo ' the b!Jl for three or time. f be £™ «P'»ttai wm /or tho numbe of times " ho numbe f Und o t, u realdlng of the city must be R jJfJMh- Rate may be computed from the above table for copy rr takes the one time rato No responsibility will bo taken than one " slfjed ad . For Sale 18 " Armstrong Call bo- 's & 8 p.m. Phone 2-J59 n|17-)>k-2l . . Sec owner. 11120-dh-U ^ HON'DTS— MiulD orroii "ur aulonmtlc clonut machine Get lien. , lt Trotter's Don,, t Shop. 10 Two piece living room's aain at $40. Phone 502. H-lS-pk-22 3ne gentle Shetland pony. w~H Caldwcll. Phoue 505 or 615. H-20-pk-lli23 l''ive burner oil cook~s7ove. 303 So J^St. "!l6-pk-ll|23 Soybeans, nay and corn. Blythevllle Grain & Elevator Co. 10J30-ck-tf Alford jonquil bulbs. First size .'it now. Beaton's Home of ™'^_ 11 [20- ck- If PholoClcish 'Synchronizer""witrTlTe7- =!L nI ,, sllutler Wpper—(Mcndel- w </ d-Criml. Write Box T. .^W-J^Cmirlcr News. ll|18-pk-22 Mir toys rubber galoshes size 5 Worn only few times. 52.25 am _^WaImit_ nin-dh-tf Hudson seal fur con't like new. Write Blythevllle, Rt. 1, Box 8fi, for inspection. H|14-pk-lij2l riiree duplexes, modern. Write Box _ F - Courier News. ll|10-pk-ll|24 LAND FOR SALE 30 A. of the very highest type of soil anyone could wnm. Tractor land . as level as a floor. Has nice story and a half main residence Extra Good, barn, large tool shed, small tenant house, other small outbuildings; Partly feucKl ,. 0 fenced. Just off Little River hi Missouri. Young orchard started. Pretty .-shade trees in yard of home. There is no loan on this •land. Abstract and title are up to Bedroom, kitchen privileges 201 w VlllC - ' ll|ia-pkrll|25 Bedroom convenient to bath; Stenm neat, 611 west Main. Phone 3325'i Bedroom, close to bus line, 1513~W Hcnrn. ll|18-pic-25 To tenants who have good equipment and can furnish self. One G5 acre place, one 40 acre place und one 35 acre place. Write P 0 Box 829, Blythevllle, Arkansas. 11117-ek"-n|21 Rooms for rent. 106 E. Main. . 10i26-i>k-ll|26 Comfortable bedroom adjoining ball). 1017 Walnut. Plione 2518 10-3-ck-U «t In Ihjwun fluildliit!. inquire jj<- l'«r(chnr«t Oo l)-SO-<-»-« Wanted to BUM Wardrobe trunk In good Phone 2730. If you have a residence for asle see me. Office First National Bank Bidg. H. c. Campbell. ll[9-pk-23 Feather Bed. Phone 2186. ll|15-pk-22 Pecans, junk, hides. For highest prices sec Wolf Arian, N. Hiirliwav JLPhonc 2890. li[2 pk ™J2 JLYTHBVILLg (AM.)) COURIER' NEWS * f • * "* ' CONCRETE 8T011M SEWB1 ALL 8IKEB i Brld(« PHILLIPS For Clean Cars We Will Pay- Up to the Following Cash Prices: V'ear Model 1937 1938 1940 1941 «* 1942 KOltI> $ 515.00 640.00 775.00 860.00 v 1085.00 T285.00 CHi:vitoi.i;T $ 455.00 590.00 680.00 925..00 1110.00 1280.00 PLYMOUTH ^ $ 635X)0*» 770.00 „ 949:00 1060.00 *» 1275.00 Highest cash prices paid lor used cars, 1929 to 193T models, any make. C. C. EagaivBlS Chlcka- sante St., Blythevllle. W|30-pk-U[30 Seconrt-hnnd clothing, men's shoes women's and children's oxfords' Bring to 316,E. Main. True-Blue' Shoe Slioj). 10[3-p;c-i2|3 Will pay cash for f 10,000 worth of good used furnl- mre. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay aoc peTaoa /or wire oo»t Hudsop Cleanen Need man for parts department Not <A Don' PhillipsPaysTopCashPrices.NoViolatia^ « PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. TeL 453 Walnut at 5th Services Quilting-and sewing: 231-l'W. Caro, lyn St.ln Pride Addition. Hjl7|Jk21 necessary to have previous experi- ^-r- encc. Permanent position. See Enrl" pftlntin E ' nn 'l Stone at Blyllieville • Motor. Co • """" " Phone 422. 121 w. Ash St ' | Cliuck's Body Shop, '412 E. Main. ; Auto glass, installed, auto painting and body work. ' lli2o-pk-27 ..-,.- hanging. J. u. Freeman. Phone 24IM. H|l;l-l>kl2|M White lady to do lady and two childirail" Apply'hi person. ici E. cherry St. Mrs. Melba Cobb. U|H-pk-U|21 _^*^f! Mr ^- Housewife. Just 10 more days toiget your rugs nml upholstery denned by our new method. Call 390G. H!9-pk-llj23 helpful but not essential. Box G .7 Co "'' ier - llll7-ck-24 Several reliable salesmenT HarcT- ware experience helpful Initial necessary. Permanent. Apply Hubbard Hardware Co. ll|n-ck-24 .. Ioau RIALES LAND CO. Russell E. l{*'r. ; es Hotel Gleiicoc Plione 46<l 11I18-PK-2L J ive room stucco house with screened front and back pc K. wo lots. 2238 Caroline Kl Pi-i.if. Addition. '™™ bi., p lldc room home on two lots in choice residential section. 3 bedrooms New roof. Outbuildings. Solid foundation. Shade trees and or chard: $5000-$2000 cash. Call Jlm- mie Stevenson, 838 or 3131. ll|7-ck-tf 'racticalry Y-E-S-! : have no bananas or cigarettes but TO do have so m any new ma (lifTerent useful gift items for the home arriving daily such as: elcc- ncal hot p| nt(!Si ^Amr lamps ' ible '""'PS. etc. PARKHURST Since 1904. 107-100 E. Main st 1112-ck-2 jUules; 1 Horse; 3 Cultivators^ 3 ^rnmg Plows; 2 One-Row Plant- .rs. 1 Corrugated Roller: 1 John Deere Iractor Mower; i Side De- hvery Rake; 1 Fcec , Mi! , 3 Bushels Corn; 3 tons Alfalfa Hay D. H. Garner, Armorel, Arft. ,lliI6-pk-23 Ucclric and Battery Radios. Hardaway Appliance Co. _ _ 10-lG-ch-lC NOTICE «st received the largest and most complete line of all kinds of framed pictures in the country Also luggage In various sizes and prices. PARKHURST, 107-109 E am bt - ll)2-ck-2 Steel Watering Trcughi Steel Oil Drums Steel Garbage Cans BI 7 llicvHle Jlacliine Shop. _ ; _ 30-ck-li;30 ARMS FOR SALE on easy terms both upland and bottom. Well tm- proved in trncte of 20 to 1COO acres 0. W. Smith, Citizens Bank BuHrt- j]ig, Dexter, Mo. 10i28-pk-l2;2 ftod or coal circulator hcaicr jVtght phone 3309. O. S. Rollison' 10125-ck-tt SAVlToN INSULATION all us for free estimate. We install Hock Wool. SUSS. CTY. LUMBER CO. Phono 445. 10-23-ch-28 ic electric motor; 3 H.P., 3 pi mso 220 volt.-Perfect condition. Apply' Allen Service Co., 110 E. Main. Tlie thickest- coal vein in the lilcd States and what Is believed be the largest deposit of lignite the world are in Campbell coun- Wyo. W&l '= aat.flnjgbllcj^^ijjc. ,l»(to can learn to be mechanic. SeeEart S one at Blytheville Motor Co Plione 422. 121 w. Ash at. H-20-ck-27 Bookkeeper. Male or female. Gin and plantation experience preferred. Salary according to ability. Oood opportunity. Box WL, Cour- _iei Nc'v^ ll-lB-ck-23 Two experienced butchers. Apply w n «„„..„,. Krogcr S PW U-H-ck-21 W. B; Blythcville. Want several high school boys to n m £ r>ftcr sch ° 01 and Snhirdays tlubbard Hardware Co Il|n c k24 BATTERY' SERVICE One hour battery -charging on newest Cities Service Quick Charger. Pickup and delivery in city. Phone WEBB'S CITIES SERVICE ' STATION For Sale or Rent 114 ncrcs-of good land, '.t houses. '/. mile from Lambert, Miss. Wrllo or see C. A. Irby, Pnrma, Mo uir "^ ~~^~*-~*-r-j-*fw*nr^- Personal ASTHMA AND HAY'FKVEK Immediate relief from the spasms of bronchia) asthma. Prompt relief, from the distressing symptoms of hay fevcn wllli Astlmin Nefcin. Pull rerund nmde if results arc not satisfactory. Kirby Taken Up Oiceola Tile I, Culvert Co. . (11 OwwU, Ark. PAGE SEVEfl Dr. J.L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry Pi!ESG8!PTIO«S FrHhcal Stock Ou»r«nleedi Bert, l>rt(w wrby Brig Stores Eor Sale Z8t lerat, « , Improved; Itmi M Highway .«;. foir mljcs .south of Bly- therllle- C. G; Smith WK nit ALL. DOCTOR!' PRESCRiPTIONI AND HAVE YOU. HOVn STEWART'S Dr lf SMI,, «"i * Uk. rk». tm : BIDDLE-' • EXTERMINATORS jltdiiclics,. itats. itncl. Mice, eliminated. Contract'service In. post control. Odorless .Methods.' .US S. TJiird . ,1'iionc 2751 Is your car standing idl« much 1 ' ', ' j * '"' of the lime under gas raHonJhg? * ; DOBS F! cos» you hior« to keep jrj^ In Mm than If payi back in'™ IransportaHon? 1 Why not turn, , ft Into money-good money? Sell it to us~and let some war worker have the oppop. tunity to, get vitaljy needed ,. minsportationl BRING YOUR CAR TO l/S. . .TODAfS ALLEY'OOP Pointer Bird DOB. Owner may clnluv for paying cost of feeding nml od. T. F. Fox, Blythcville Laundry: : Il|2fl-ck-lll23- .KANSAS CITV;'MO. <up)lj- -flic kids in Germany are' making use of American slung, according to Cpl. Joe Wies, writing from' a hospital In France. "They ask the 'American soldiers, 'Gum, chum' " he wrote; "but r don't iliink thev are getting any results like the Enylisli, Belgiiin and French kids oid." The thick, granite crust that surrounds the earth is entirely absent beneath the Pacific ocean. F. B. JOYNER* SERVICE STATION^ Corner Ash & Second- Sts. ••' (Formeily Tuiu Jnckson Sev. Slii.) ESSO GAS & OILS WASH— GREASE TIRE REPAIR ^ Call: . ZUH For Koad Service . HM5 WALKED B\C*. INTO D!S*STEE. HIS- .-i FRIENDS BXECyTEU ^^E'COND RESCUt : W SOME EXPENSE- };TOrfHEIR. OWN iOcU-BE|NS.,.QMLV' ' ?O-FIND HIM Wanted To Kent Small furnished npartrnenTor house" by permanent resident. Or would consider unfurnished. Phone 3492 ni20-ck-27 Army wife, 2 children, wants small apartment or bedroom with kitchen privileges.. Please write or wire Mrs. Thomas Halcott, 2111 Ilelris Hill, Ottawa, ill. ii[2o-pk23 The "Fighting 'Gators" of 1944 ~ "'"ycrslty of Florida football wfti 77 co(m P° sed of 30 FJorldlans, ™»h the other five men hailing an f ore la, Texas and New ine squad averages 175 and is composed mostly O f ut of '' ' m 7 Alvin Hardy Fum. Co. _^ Phoc.,2302 Sare 50% TRUSSES Steel and BUatlc STEWART'S Stere Phone Z8Z2 I U. S. NURSE I I— ; . J[ HORIZONTAL 59,60 Slie headed •1,5 Pictured . vthe U. S. Navy flist head of U. S. Navy VERTICAL Nurses' Corps ' Permit • lo Pri'vlniK t'lizilc 20 Age 11 Dry 13 Evening before . H Palm lily , | 15 Kind . IS Measure of cloth '17 Gaelic 20 State , ' 23 Upon 25.On account (ab.) 26 Measure of area 27 Within 20 Discolored 31 Requires 33 Myself 34 Tnternational language 35 Enclosing barrier 38 Wavy 41 Editor (ab.> 42Egyptian sun god 43 Bone 44 Southeast (ab.) 45 Musical instrument 47 Pedal digits •19 .Tumbled type 50 Space 53 Opera {ab.)i 65 Ever (contr.) 57 Sea animril 58 Sheep's bleat 2 Great Lake 3 Sodium (symbol) 4 Despise SPnrt of body C Notion ' 7 Exist 8 Always 9 Long fish 12 Railway (ab.) 18 Fish eggs 19 Sorrowful 27 False gods 28 Nova Scotia tab.') .10 L,iir 32 Make n mistake 15Plnc<j'-r:v''-.: •IG Simplicity 47 Soft •IB Clcansbr. 49 Writing v.. implement .15 Iron (symbol) 51 Things . 38Wcoj> (Latin) 37 Auricle 52 Each (ab.) , 21 Movers' ti tick -W Dove's call 54 Dance step •' 22 Before .19 Employ SB Railroad (abi) 23 Concerning -10 Biblical 58 Written: form' 24 Titled pronoun o f Mister 5b 5T (-0 m SB /'MO, survey" AIN'T GOT F.N003H FRECKLES ANDr HIS FK1BNUS m (i(»wc Iliuijfs Hi^-li n HORRIBLE i' FAD,HAS HIT', . . -SIJAPYSIDE. TWE KIDS NAVE, , TAKEN "ID WEARi fN& VARIOUS GApGBTS AND- AS A MEAN'S OF' ANNOUNCiHG- THEIR. LOVE STAUlS -.- -.'JJS. WHAT 'ARE THOSE .|OIQT)C BRACELETS ONE- ,„., 'WEEKOF'LOVALTV 10 j—, LARD/ ~A RED RYD^R i»tKKKM,L: ULOSSli' Deserve Your Car With Phillips' lubrication by a trained white Lubrtmg Spcc most modern high pressure lubricating equipment Phillips Furnishes the Finest Lubricants war's duraiion. Drive PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tei, 453. "Blytheville's No. 1 Lubricator" WahuVat 5th. Ik-hind the Scenes BELIEVE YOU'RE RIGHT, My DOy- . 11-20 WASH TUBES <H>0 OBTAIM FROM THE JAP INTEILISENCE AT WENDAO, CAPTAW EASY AND JOSE, A FIUPIHO.EMTER THEBA5EOMA CV.EWER fJUSE, AFTER DRAWWS MOST OF THE TROOPS AWAY ON A FUTtLE SEARCH FOR By FHED HARMA3 Krj?ht on Time •£ss&?'- UY LESLIE TURNER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PERFECT SO FAR, <SET-V8UR<5AS MASK READXANDIF LINK ARE MEAK PLACE WHERE ,., FELIPE SAID WE h. COULD SK-NALTO M SEfMR lib. CAPTA1M Down in Front EDGAR MARTIN;,^ '

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