The Weekly Wisconsin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 8, 1852 · Page 3
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The Weekly Wisconsin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, December 8, 1852
Page 3
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Ulisconsm. MILWAUKEE : Wednesday, Dee. 8, We invite attention to onr 'Weekly Commtrdal .Rmrtr." It has been compiled with even more than usual care._ The tt.tistio B of our beef-packing will be rtsd with mterest.both.thome wdabroad. Th. JBl-etorml ^oto <A— W« learn that the elector, of this State J.«<^.y "otrf for WM. R. K.»o for Vloe Pre.ident. PIERCE having been east on the previous day. SATTF.RI.EE CLAB *. of MarqneUe Co. was appointed the messenger to carry the « 0 t« to-Wmliingion. RTov THE DKATH or Vicr. PRF.S- f of acme «•»., in order to defeat the WM. R. *""=• , . Tb. lf.o.uity of Plank road. U again the more apparent-incc we have very muddy ^when^e might reasonably expect to have 'bard and smoothly worn roads. We must place no reliance upon the uncertainties of the seasons-if we expect to build up a Lady business in Milwaukee. The Plank roads through WoMnfton and Dodge eoun- ties would bring an Immense trade here. .Vote i, the time, to unite with the fanners to secure a large and substantial subscription. five offered UB in one day Foreign Kewi-^inniTd* 1 ActiTity- rbtEvropa has arrived with dates from Liverpool to the 20th of November. The news commercially is Tery important, ae flour has advanced (Is.) 22 cte. per barrel, and wheat 6J cents per bushel, corn is al»o firmer. This is an extraordinary rise—caused it is stated'by tbe wet weather throughout Great Britain. The news at this time is of tbe first moment, as it will justify produce operators in paying present prices-after the close of navigation. This firmness is of inestimable value to the farmer, as he is sure of a quick and remunerative price for everything which he can bring to mnrket. It is oar conviction that never previously were so promising prospects before the farmers of tills Slate. If they do not allow themselves to be swindled out of their earnings by the spurious currency of ///mow, their profits will be so substantial as to invite an immense emigration from the Enut in the Spring. The rich and healthy lands of Wisconsin can become \indcr the hand of careful cultivation, the garden of America. Odie Phenomena. The New York Tribune publishes an account of a phenomenon which it accepts as an explanation of the so-called "spiritual manifestations." The Albany Alias states that iu editor has often tried the experiment of lifting the human body without physical force and often with success. His experiment is the following: Let a person lie on a table, at full length, four others touching his head and feet with the points of the fingern, simultaneously, (the pa- iienl on the Ublc doing tbe same.) inhale their bjeaths The body rises as if without weiglit and as the breath of the experimenters gives out, begins to descend, generally with some force. This experiment is said to have sucoceeded scores of times, and to have failed hundreds of times. One successful trial is enough. Tbe WM.'R. KIHG.—We understand that a telegraphic despatch was received in this city last evening, stating that Wm. K. King, the Tice President elect, was well, and on his way to Washington, where he probably has arrived. Wiu. PEACE continue in Europe?— The careful Paris correspondent of the National In- telligencer, thinks that Loi-i» NAFOI.EON mnat eventnally wage war against Belgium and gwiuerland, because all his past declarations show that he considers the Khiue and the Alps the natural boundaries of France. The invasion of Belgium would at once arouse a general war throughout Europe. He also elates that France has tbe finest army ready for effective service-since the days of the great JVapoleon. She has 000,000 men in her army, and Waterloo is yet to be avenged. There are Uiose who think that Loim NAPOI.EOI. ultimately intends to attempt the invasion of England. Steam comes to his aid. and the rash man who now rules over all France, may do what the greatest Captain of either ancient or modern times did not do, land an invading army in England. THE EWORMOUH BAIN» in England.— When it was stated by the Europa, that flour had advanced in consequence of the very wet weather, it seemed surprising at this season of the year- yet from the following from the London correspondent of N. Y. Commercial, it appears that the rains are aorc like a deluge than any thing else, and therefore excite general alarm. It is dated November 10th: The prospects of the wenthcr are «ry unfavorable. No similar ^'^""^midland membered. Most of the vallies of the midland ' water, and on several of Emigrants, and money received therefrom in J\'m> York dating the part fircyeati — The New York Express gives the following as the number of aliens arrived at the port of New York only, during the last fire years. It is an immense array: 199.176 220.UU3 212 TMI «SUOUl 2651«0 them. — Madifon Dun. The whole Btat* is flooded with spurious cur- reocy, of broken, exploded banks, or ///mo,. ehinplaitCT.. We again «y to every farmer, .Jbant «.d laborer-look out for the vile trash. Our Bute will be prosperons-if our ' says: out of "" earnings, by there spurious bllls^ Wattrtovn, Oak Otoreaad KrtWuV** *»» bat ni « h ^* 1lloTI . IMS, - - • 1W9, • ISM. 1831, 1852. np to HOT. 20th, Totol. .--•-*" . l; The Commissioners on emigration receive one dollar and fifty cents a bead for every emigrant landed at New York, and are authorised to require, in addition, heavy bonds for all such as arc likely to become permanent charges; such as the deaf, dumb, blind, paupers, &c., and likewise to exact payment for the expenses of such as are suffering from ship fever at the time of their arrival. They also get considc- rable receipts from commutation of special bonds, bastardy coses, violations of the emigration laws, &c. The receipts into the fund since Ttnined from the annual reports, have been as follows: ^ . 2040263D aw - - - - - • 40V£3S-'7 1W2. from head money alnne to Nov. 20th. and not including other sources, 897*0° 00 $1.730.71578 TELEGRAPHNEWS. Weekly CommercialTReTiew, MHOS Of Milwaukee, Due. 1848, IB-re, IBM, 1851, Total. Tribune, however, gives, a recipe for the mov- ng of a table by this .mysterious force. It Let a party of six or eight persons sit around »commor P ine table for twenty minutes to ,»lf un hour with tl* pahns.tof tbe hands held flat on the top of the.table:. it is not necessary hat their mmds should pay any attention to the process, or the ordinary conversation De r » i . . _. .!„ . l.« fnKIa* hMMllTiea BO Tbe nett income, then, after deducting balance on band on tbe first of each year, has exceeded $1.730,715, and yet the rxpenie., it « said, largely exceeded the annual receipts. The Commissioners devote their time gratuitously to tbe duties of their office, and are required to take oath annually that they derive no advantage, directly or indirectly therefrom. Tue head money is paid by captains or. owners or vessels, but the emigrants first pay it-to them away We have received cheering news from the country ; «fl.OOO of stock i. taken in O.k Grove alon.. Will not tbe .areb.nt. »nd capit dnta of fliit city mid this most useful enterprise .— We received the following interesting letter by . NOT. 28, '62. CRA«ER.-At a meeting of the cit liens of Oak Grove, Wis., a committee of five „„ appointed to correspond with different localities, with regard to aiding us in building a plank road from Watcrtown to Fox An expression ot Kntiment was taken. . B d the inhabitant, of Oak Grove pMged «,emselves to take stock to the am't. of 86,000. suspended; but presently ib charged with the mysterious fluid that gins to move j .then rise from it, push your chairs, still holding your hands though it is not necessary to touch it, and it will turn round from end to end, and even proceed rapidly round the room, without any visible aieut, on which excursions the persons must bearit company, or the current is broken and {^movement stops. This simple experiment may easily be tried ; it requires no outlay . of omoral strenth ; and the resu Jt,«* Yours truly, ETMAK OWIK, B. B. VIWTOK, A. H. ATWATKR, MAJOR PRATT, J. W. NABK. At, r.x,»«...v e To».T.-Attberecentdem- ocratic festival in Albany. some of the toasts ,nd speeches eould not be excelled. One of «,*«*.. or moral utrength; an< .Table that is not too heavy, is pretty sure to follow; at least, we have known several instance. in which it bus been moat astonishingly produced. Whether tbe above is a "true bill," or not we have no means of ascertaining. However there can be no harm in it* trial by a group o persona. If any are successful, we hope tha they will give us a history of the phenomena. OPEN YOUR EYE..— Look out for a neu> Counterfeit fve dollar bills on the "Bank o Geneaee," dated at Batavia, New York, July 4,1851, letter "B," J. E. Ilobinson, Cashier, L. Tracy. President. Tbe counterfeit the genuine, and well calculated to de- ,o r r««»Vr" andup to tbe Present time thefe is IHtle indication of a perm»nentchan E e The temperature throughout the entire month has been exceedingly warm. We have also had deluging rains m this country-but not BO serious as in England. We certainly have had more than enough in Wisconsin-but these have been even more ample in New York and all the middle and southern Hates As we might reasonably expect, the severe drought of the summer has been followed by a very wet autumn. THE ENGWSH IRON MARKET-F>rj, 'fi™- Borae time since we expressed the opinion that tbe advance in iron would be fully maintained, and therefore that all railways must expect tn psy handsomely for iron. By a late steamer we have the following advices of the English in their passage money, so those who do not require the assistance of the Commissioners* contribute to the support of those who do. Official Vote on MranlwM of Congreaa. The Madison correspondent of the Morning News sends the following official vote for Congressmen in the several districts in the Stnte : B - - •««— « 8,342 8,870 5,781 Foreign and Domeatic News. NEW YORK, Dec. 3. FRANCE-By the Europa.-ne Paris pa-, pers state that a protest from the Princess of Orleans, daughter-in-law of ex-King Louis Philippe, is in contemplation and is to be issued in stronger language than that of the Count deChambord,the heir of Charles the X. Four hundred and fifty marines were about to leave "London to garrison Cayenne, South America. Thirty prisoners, confined for insurrection, have been pardoned France « quiet. England.— WELIJNGTON'S funeral was celebrated on the 18th of November—demonstration grand and imposing. Italy.— Efforts are being made to establish steam navigation between Getioa and the United State.. TuRatKY— Finance, more favorable.—"the Viceroy of Egypt has forwarded to the Turkish Government, bills to the amount of £300,000 (pounds), as his contribution in advance for the next year. This money had produced a great relief to the Sultan, and removed all uneasiness in regard to the effects of his rejection of tbe recent loan. Snoin.-No speech from the throne will be delivered at the opening of the Cortes. Portugal.— The elections were going on tranquilly, with every chance of a decisive majority for the Government. AvtTRiA— Recognition of the Emperor JVa poleon.—ll is stated that the Austrian Government will acknowledge the new form of government to be established in France. BALTIMORE, Dec. 8. TEX AS.—The extra session of the Texas Leg islatnre, which was to commence on the 10th o WOT the past weather In respect of .ky and,, ha. been delightful, but the condition,* Ihettm-tsand .he road. leading into th. countryba. been . great drawback to burin,,,. Receipt. n»ve *«»> Jalr. however. especially of hogs. . Price, of all staples •re Him and litest advices from Europe wm give a still further advance* grain aa« «°W- The Buropa arrir ed In New Y. o»« on ibe 2* inst., with LiTcrpJol date. to the 20th Hit. Tb. telegraph says: "Owing to .Tcry wet weather and extreme flood. throughout the country, flour ha. advanced 1. (22c) per bU. and Wheat 3t (B6c) ria «CA»TF.», with good demand. Indian Corn, lor parcels to arrlre, held slightly XiticmltK Bat, Checks. C B Alton, Pa«e* .Boom's Cheoka.8t Lonl* Barca's Cheeks, payable In Chicago, We purchase In Bankable funds, at our counter : BanJb of Eatt OrAer strfrcwt TVaaessee Bank*, £r,V .»•»*, Krle. Pa, . . 8 per. et dh * .. * .. :,» -.- •• small note., S .. adTaneed. Small sale of Lard at «ls." The Eastern market, are arm, and price, hen for web iron market: »^" • j .. emand for iron continues beyond we able." SHIPMENT, or GOLD/™™ S«n In October. In November, (estO - This is more than in any two months since the discovery of the California mines But tralia has shipped in one week 1st Dist—Daniel Wells, J. (Dem.) Henry S. Durand, (Whig) Charles Durkee. (Ab. F. S.) Scattering, Total vote. Wells auij. over Durkee, «* »* »* Durun-l, _ 2d Dist—Ben C. Eastman, (Dem.) Chuuncey Abbott, (Whig.) James L Enos, (F. S.) Scattering, Total vote, Eastman's maj. over Abbott, 1. •« •• " all, . 3d Dist—John B. Mocy, (Dem.) James M. Shafter, (Whig,) Hiram McKee, (F.S.) Scattering, Total vote, Macy's moj. over Shafter, all. 17,940 2,011 4,472 10,803 7,810 1,497 8 20,214 2,»77 1.&72 14,097 9,505 2,108 8 20.338 C.032 2,855 •nd speeches eonia noi m »»,~..— —•- --;„ m,, tue genuine, ami weii cuii;m»w™ the standing toasts will thus explain itself: ^ I .^ ^ engraT i D g j, very coarse, Tfclr-oai»-TypeaofHatrioilOT,as wrflaa offain y ere aBV. and the signatures BANK AT~KEKo.HA.-The Democrat .hat the proper paper, have been filed at Mad,- w«nt of "TH. OmrB *« „„, for the w«nt paper '-I dark and greasy, and the signatures of the President and Cashier, rather badly executed. These bills have just made their appearance in I this city. What has become of the Police ? THERE ARE TWO HIDE, (o every question.— /he builders of the boilers of the steamship Princeton predict that the condemnation will be m K»-No»HA." and the following officers and fuund prcniaturei B8eu e acted well on her trial director, of the B»nk have been a tripon( , only fai ied on account of using on- mating holden for that purpose^ *•""•£ .- Alonio Campbell, Kenosba; Cashier, H. W. K Korfolk . Janes, Chicago. Campbell I Ocoi insload rf CumDerUn d coal on her trip B. Jane. £50,000. in his last letter to A. C Dodge, of of freshets, caused us from every dircc- ! learn that tbere have i the canals, and that tlie"lludson river was rising rapidly, and an overflow anticipated. In Pennsylvania, nearly I all the streams are overrunning their banks, and In Boston city some new buildings have THE BURMAH AND KAFFIR WARS are found so expensive that the English journals express a very ardent desire that these wars may soon be terminated. The glory acquired is trifling, and even tbe annexation of large tracts of ter. ritory hardly compensates for the present large outlay. THE Ai-nANiAws evince a determination to construct a railway from that city on the west side of tbe Hudson river and Lake Champlam to 1'lattiburgh, there to connect with the Caughnavaga railway now in operation to Montreal. A RAILWAY is already projected in Autlra- Ha, from Melbourne to Mount Alexander.— That it would pay would appear certain, when it isknown that 00,000 people are at the Mount, and the to*t of carnage for flour alone am'ts. to $120,000 per month !"^ _ Aggregate democratic mnj over whig on the Congressional ticket. 13.481; over all, 8,405. THE OVERTHB.OW of Urquita, the tue- eenor of Koiai.—Oae of the notable events of the hour is the overthrow of Gen. Urqnixa as Governor of Buenos Ayres. It was peaceable, and occurred in this wise: During the temporary absence of Gen. TJr- quixa the citiiens of Buenos Ayres, by a unanimous rising, deposed him from power and restored the action of the National Assembly, which be had dissolved on the 2Cth of June.- Upon receiving the intelligence he threatened uaiuu • - B w»___ • ___„ t,..* aafal**. January, was colled chiefly with reference to the important bill which the Governor refused to sign at the lost session. Commercial circles in Texas were much embarrassed for the want o funds, ar.d banking facilities were much need ed. With regard to the public debt of Texai there appears to be some change of sentiment The next Legislature, it was believed, woul do no better towards the creditors than th post one had done. The weather throughon Texas was cold. The New Orleans Picayune is ont in favor the appointment of Senator BOSK, of Texas, some important position under the new Admin istration, and it considers that Texas is de lined eventually to be to the South what Ne York is to the North, and it should not therefore be passed over in a slighting manner. BALTIMORE Bows.—The Mayor of Baltimore threatens to resign—in despair of suppressing the rowdyism in that city. LOOISVILE, Dec. 8. The Indians.— Advices from the Cherokee Nation to the lOlh ult., report that .the National Council bad adjourned, after a session of four weeks. Among the laws passed by that body, one for the prohibition of gambling—a #mtofC»fcoJ».Cb!eago.Ceit.otDeposlt, 2 CBj'*e«*«/«S>ie«sw.lV««'T;aii, ShlnplsT. 2 Elgin Bmt,B Clara k Co., Bgin, la, .. ' Xict»<mfl Extogt Ba*, Racine, Ittinoit Jftorr Ban*, Taylor, Coffln k Co... «le wholesale, 4J(35 retail. : ' Brian. ToaptTOME ta scarce and on the riw; wortb 7S etsby the barrel; ta» quantity 87Je. Camphen. and Spirit Ga. at 90c wholesale, $1.00 at relailjCommon Roa- In, (North Co.) W,25O4,50; Tar, 5.00; W««»-"» Oiu-Llnseed 75c per qnart; s»le» rather light, tamp OH, have adTancedrine. onr ta.tQ~t.tlon.. Rctae,! Winter Whale »1,10; Bleached t VMS « *. ^O" Lard OILllttle te themnrketfluoted »1,06, .-ic W,,.t. pertK-x, XCdolUX.; , produce and provision, teem to be at the top-noteh.- Lel fanners keep Ihto in mind, and hurry In their pro. duceas fast a. possible. Th. jobbing trade Is very .risk. Tbe demand Is three times as great as It was a before In this city, and th. prospect is that stocks all kinds will be very tow before the opening of navl- llon. There is a prospecl that mild weather will eon- nnefortwoor three weeks longer. Erery day that e close of navigation is delayed is worth thousands of liars lo our city and State. The failure of the wheat crop for the three year. »re. ous to tbe present, has proved one of'the greatest wings that the Slale.eould have received. It has re«.ed lunation and restricted credit to those who can ultimately claim It; it ha. taught men that fortunes iannotb. mad. In a stngl. year by a legitimate borfneM, nd that no farmer can pay tbrW per cent a month on th. mortgage of hi. farm and thrlT.. More than has Tarled the products of the State. Had Ih. Wbeal crop been heaTy. and the price good,farm.r.wouldhaTe ontlnued to raise nothingelse. and the reTcnue we as a late are now deriving from Horses, Cattle. Sheep and [op, from the dairy, from fruits and vegetables, would ».Te been lost. It Is a good thing that the wheat crop as failed. Of Butter alone there has been shipped th. resent season OTer two hundred thousand pounds- bus showing that Wisconsin produces a large surplus Ter her own consumption, and there is no reason why his should not be the ease with nearly erery agrlcnl- 2 . 21 •* I 3 3 5 3 ft Brfrafrre am*, of Alexander Seely, Ohio SWrng. fr.., 8. Waggoner, Pre.'t, . LogaupeH ta. C.., Logaasport, Ia., .. r/ n ».P.Ji M .C.,M!cWganClty : Ia., .. J&tUncJty Trwl C... Covington. Ky., .. Bon* n/Cmamerra, Chicago. A. SlcOlUTB. .. Fa* Kar B«nt.Dnndee,Carpentcr k Co... Bank ./Oawrce. guarantied by W. t. Richmond, Washington, D. C., •• 2 •• ••Our Banker, ar. making preparations for organi«atlon In conformity with the law of the State We expect soon to behold the clean smiling faces of a numerous ami legitimate progeny; the legal • Issue" of an authorlieil parentage, christened by the constituted authoritieajind signed, with tho seal of th- Comptroller, according le the Law and the State "Inatltuliona." We have some conception of th. duties and cure, of Ibe he»d of a family, and we lenlnre lo assert that our Banting gentry who rather the $500.000 about to be brought forth in tali city and Tlelnlty, will Hud themseUes bn«y In looking after the little la, H. 3s and 5s. for which they become Tap** ,itl,. Thai they will realize their share to the "good oralnrodnet. Of apple, for instance, over JU.OOU DOls iaTe been Imported the past «»on_but » the young xhards are beginning to bear, we trust to see this Im «t nearly or entirely remo-red from the Curtom House books of neit year. time coming," we haTe no jonbt. BATK9 OP FOmcjtiN KXCH4NOC. London $5-S H" me " mist os . We have, by examination of the bookj of the .evera packers of this city, found the whole amount of Bee packed the present seasen np to the 1st inst., to be 9821 t,bls; of this 8621 bbl. baTe been shipped. The season ot beef packing i. not yet quite closed. We will glTe the total on the 1st of January. The following sale, of real estate haTe come to onr knowledge; L«i BLOSSOM to Wist k Co., lot on the Nn comer of East Water and Buffalo flreets, 40 feet front. andeqtendingtotheriTer. for $0000. Mr. G.U.AH*,., to an eastern purchaser, N J of Lot 9, In block 37, 25 feet front, by 130 rear; for $3000 cash. The plank roads are doing a heaTy basinest The MandW road wiU, on the 1st of January, declare a large diTidend lor tbe three months previous. With regard to the several Railroad enterpriM. in the State, we have nothing new to communicate. The Monroe [Green co.] Sentinel gives m>me Information concerning the progress of surrey, on the route of the Saittem Wiiaauin BtOroad! • We have been patiently wailing «"!» m "« wi , lu1 t *». terest In relation to the Southern K>n»adi jutt as Tet are unable to giTeany thing di-finlteju relation to amburg. ... ..... S71ffla> Lelpalg In Chicago, the produce market continue, inactive owing to the small amount coming forward fcoin pro dnoers Flour range. $4®4 75 for tbe several brand..— Wheat, spring. 56V870; winter. 70(380; Corn S5|ffl58 Rye 50- Oat.34(S38. Hogs, market nnn, receipt, fau. ing off. »8nerhd for heary: and 5 75O5 87J for Ught.- Butter 19(S20 and 21(843; Egg. 20 p- r doa; Potato»44 (350; Whirtey 19IS21; Flax seed $1 per bo. . . The Chicago Tribune gires an epitome of the Beef parking bn.«ines» of that city for the packing season Oct. 10 to Nov. 30. IncroriTe. The number of cattle slaughtered by tno KTen establishment, in that city Is 21.777. Total Dumber, of pound. 12,608.084, averagiag owr 578 Ibs a bead: bar 4»5; Eng do 32a4j; Sheet steel 20c- Spring do Ih7je; Lead pip. JJafc; Anvils 0} .£,M.M.M.; TWaWa*.!.-, ""I"" ">'"*• lljc; Horseshoes 8c; Axe. p.r d. 10al2a. The great advance In metals from former qoolalioiM.> owing entirely to the srareity and adTaneed. prices In the Bant- ern markets, an.1 present appearances tier. Indicate, • .till greater advance before Spring. . ' LSJAD. Buffalo anil St louis, white ground in oil. pur. 7c; oodo extra «); dodo No 1,6; white dry pnre,6J; dudoextni6; tlodoNol. &^ Wi.inow OL«»»—7X» to 26X-ia. 10s to M. BKAKS—moru plenty.qulek at $1 per bu. Hunt—fijc; more plenty. Com MX..L-67J for unboiled, 1.00 for bolted* bund. POTATOICS—Offered at 37)060c T> bu. QLCI:—lOfffllSe DAT—8,50/310 V ton. Woon—*1,50(S)2 H cord. - SHKKT PKI.TS—Meal 00 each LIME—Quoted 75e per bbl. Baica— tiMOU »> M ; $10 for preised LusiaicR-AdTancpd; clear $24; 2d do $18; eotnmom glOall- clear dressed Boorlng. $22; com*n do.$18; ei>m- mon undressed do MS; common stding,$W«ll; clear de »li. Receipts of 92,000 feel Inmber. gHiKCLKa—2 75®» 00 per M. UTHS—*CperM. Sii'^s— Machine dressed.held al $M CO»L— Lehtgh'$12; Brie $3.50. i—Quotations for prime furs are a. follow. : Coon, 62Jc- mink. 62jc: mn»kr»t 8c; otter $S; fox 1.25; «o!f 371®50c; fl.her 2.00; mallin 1.30; Ijnx 1.60; bear6.HO: badger (few offered) 50c; deerskins -winter. ^ ft 14® 15c; s 2&r. red coat 20. To Buffalo, oats. 8c; Hour. 75cr wheat. 14e — , . barley We; merchandise, ¥ hnnd. 20 and 30c; hogs$l» per ton; unsettled. for . . pork and beef. Karee, worth 1 25 each. 47.222 reg n s a . Jupiter Tonaus atyle— thus boars down on the ^^ ua d c rmined and nearly ruined. In con- rogues in and around Congress: g sequen The Romans, in tt.e respecUble days of the * - sequence of the wearing rains, the train on the w . g preci p iu ,ed over by that, povcrnoi FcglKlair the conduct of ««*- «t . t lert B crying need for our young men to im».e the conduct of the young torn... » fto •if the Kcpublic. ana lo ennuo . .r i _«« >!..!_ Mn>ili*t>V Another Bank at fund du Lac.— Messrs. DARLING, WRIUHT & Co. are going he gram'-"!.I of their country JURMNC.. WRIUHT & Co. are going; to .UMU. "u«c«. exposing criminals, and „ Buuk , t Food du Lac> wiUl a e^.tal of *60.- THE OLD BREWERY at the Five Point, in J\'eu> York, is to be torn down and a large and substantial Mission house erected in it. stead. The Old Brewery has been the scene of many . foul crime. Large numbers of people have risited it during the past week-as it is one of the oldest mementoes in the criminal history of New York. It was lighted with gas in order to show off all its gloomy recesses of filth and inir almms, exposing criminals, «™ g§.ec.pitolfro» the banditt, which in ™rifng besoige it. _ ^_______ The Roehetter Jldcrrtitcrmj* that in MB.Trec.nt experiments with Phillip's alia, Wisconsin Electoral Vote—Official. The News is furnished with the following of- ^arnum-TFlVAnnihilaton in that city, the | ficU , rc turns of the State : little machine, were completely successful in extinguishing the fire. ^ M „*£-,„., ,«•£.£ MM o L ( ££. S THE WORD Tke Election on Beater bland among the Mormon, was unanimously democratic for Presidential electors, Congressional and State uflicers. The entire vote cast was IPS. «r-TiiE SEMOR EDITOR of the Sentinel clanks his chain, thi. morning,,to «how that be is a serf in the Booth camp. The whig country press are already taking note of the Hcntinert peculiar position. DAIMTPAPER in Wocme.-Kev. A. C.Bar- ry publishes tbe prospectus of a daily paper which be proposes to establish in that city. B»,T,.H CAW.i. -round the Fall, of Lake S«Ber,or.-We find the following important .BBOuncemcnt in the Toronto Globe : "We are happy to learn that the Government have. vteldlOR to the pressure from without, agree* to«».fr»ct tho SuultCanal a. . I' work." __^^_ Whole numherof votes cast The average lli-nutcrBlIc vote, do Whig '• do Free Boll Tierce's maj. over Bcott, uo do do Hale, do do do all, 04450 . 33.030 2-21H5 - S.C44 11.445 . 24 TOO 2,301 trade ha. How THE Jluwrtcan Cotton r^w.-In 1748, Charleston 8. C.. exported .en* bag' of ootton and they were seitcd in England. « foreign products, on tie ground that ,o much cotton could not be the product of the colouies. Phi,«de,,,hi a Th. Vote of New Hampshire-Official. The whole vote poli* ;d '" 02 ' 851 Pierce. Bcott. Hnle. Scat. 29,997 16,147 C.U95 12 Pierce has over all - - - 7 '^ 3 Pierce over Scott. - - -18,850 JVcut Hampthire is unqnestionuly the ban ner State of the Union. Vote of Indiana—Official. The official vote in Indiana for PRESIDENT, i pauperism. ^_^_^ AN OHIO POTATO— A monster.—The Cleveland Herald says that in the town of Newburgh, in Cuynboga co. a farmer raised a potato of the Pittiburgh methannoc variety, which weighed four pounds and two ounces. Can any of onr Wisconsin farmers beat that 1 We hope so, for the credit of our State. J,'. cHARiTY-Ouly $760could be raised in New York for the destitute slaves of Mr Lemmon, who were freed by tbe decision f Judge Pnine-yet §5,280 was raised to com- pensi-te Mr. Lemmon for their freedom. The ( Y merchants expect to make up their Lemon donation in an increase of Southern trade FRAKK P/EBCE'S Voat of arm.—Worthy Heraldry.— The Boston Chronicle is responsible for the following: We have been informed that the Committee having in charge the building of a carnage for G at first to march on Buenos Ayres. but ascertaining the general nature of the resolved to leave the country and to return to his own state of Entre Jtio*. of which he is the lecal Governor. He still claims, however, to be President of the General Confederation.— Whether his present peaceable course will be maintained is now the chief subject of anxiety. Meanwhile the people of Buenos Ayres have appointed a Governor, and hnve confirmed that part of Urquiia's policy which rendered the navigation of the Parana open to all the world. They likewise suppressed, in the most summary manner, an attempt on the part of a few adherents of Rota, to tike advantiigeof the momentary confusion, and there consequently seems no wound for considering the prospects of the country to be less favorable than they were before the outbreak. This looks as if the people were determined to be free. Tbe opening of the great river Parana to the commerce of the world, will ultimately enure vastly to the extension of our trade. GOLD BY THE TON, without Owner*.— The correspondent of the London Times, writing from Melbourne, Australia, says :— "One circumstance is not, perhnns, altogether undeserving at notice. There « now at Melbourne a large quantity of gold, which was sent from the diggings by escort, and which has never been claimed. The amount is stated a.1 eight tun., and these eight tons of gold are watched and warded by a corporal and five is worth $884.000 per ton. .. O ulation appointing a delegation to proceed to°Wasuington for the purpose of effecting a sale of the public lauds belonging to the Cherokee nation. SPRINGFIELD, Pis- Dec. 8. Iti.iNOis.-The Electors for President and Vice President met here to-day. MAHOB and GHEIG (See. of State), were absent. The latter confined to bis bed by illness. Vacancies were filled, and Hon. JHO. A. MCCL.ERNAND appointed President of tbe College and Hon. K. BENEDICT Secretary. The vote of the State Number of barrels packed, reducing the whole to barrel measure. Amount of tallow, bbU, Weight of beef Ibs., u O or'hid«> 1-742.160 Total. 15.209,084 Ibs., or 15 : 20a> U'ns. Talu. of beef at 5e per lb., *«B0449 40 - tallow at 10." 8o,884 00 " "hides at 4Je " '* 04 JIS! « <-47,2M!nbls,at$ldo, 47.223 0» $837,5B720 Thi. doe. not include alt or amount paid for laborer, engaged In packing. The statement of tbe business of one bouse (Messrs. Hough) from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, to given The! ngnres will interesl all In Ihe buslnes.: Cost of 5.600 Cattle $154152 The Chicago Biarket 1» bare and thU nearly «o. Puai. A»H«a Is qnoled at »60O per hnnd. There haTe been rccei.ed and shipped the preseat .e»son b. tween 300 and 4M> ton. from the mannfaetorj of WHK- LOC«. K.i«t».io & Co , of Hartford, Waahtogton Co.. In u ' 500 half bbls. B2J 2.000 bbto.eoars. salt 2.000 sks. Turks Island do, Labor of 75 hind men, Total cash paid out r*™ »r l«« of principal article, dnrlng Ih e wcekamount to 3192 bbl« BOUT; 5365 bn wheat; 11.80S bn barley; 900 bu oats; 2280 bu Rye; 20(13 bbls Pork; 39bbb ale; 50 bbl» Deans; 300 bhlsQraM seed; 24 bbl. Tallow; COO Ibs Lard; 8851 Ibs Butter, tc. Bicurrs «r LAKE for the week amount to 23C6bbl • pples. 242 bbls high wines, 62 bbls .alt. 268 drlvd apples, 92000 feel Inmber, 180 bbU elder. 40 bbbfi»h. 144 bbls, te. _ handsome premium. The Green Bay AdTocate of the 25th T.K., contains a lengthy editorial upon the subject of a Railroad from Green Bay to St. Paul, Mlnnefrot* TbU projected road through Northern WiKomin i- designed to connect by . Hue of steamboat, wi th the PencUngrtehen. (a print on Georgian Bay) and Toronto Railroad, which Raila ro^co^t. by .teamboat. again with either the O^ weco and Rochester Railroad, or the Buffalo and New- York Railroad, thus forming a complete Hue of eommu- nicalion with Boston and New York. This route, the Advocate afflrms to be at least four undred miles shorter than any other known rout, be- weenSt.Pauland New York. The Advocate, .ay. in was cast for FRANKLIN PIERCE for President and for WM. B. KING for Vice President. NEW YORK, Dec. 1. STEAMBOAT REBTONSIBILTY.-The action for compensation against tbe captain of the ill-fated steamboat Henry tV,,jr, for bsgRnge destroyed, which has been pending for some time past, was finally settled yesterday, by the captain pay",e claim, in full. jUreadv two of our mnrt prominent tosedroad. m... — - •- . t atorv to its commencement, ana an rawij w •.<• w.ii««d t'.i certain —A letter from tbe city of Mexico, daVed'Nov 2, in the Sun of this morning, says the very critical state of the government has produced general consternation m all bun- ne^s. PRUDENT ARISTA is shut up in the as follows: >i»-npr SCOTT, 05.290 80,010 Pierce over Scott and llnle, 7404. Official Vote of Alabama HALF C,'J3 Palace with about GOO troops, all he can muster, and the residue of the goTcrnmcnt troops have been sent to other parts of the country to put down the revolution^. These troops however, have gone over to the opposite side in almost exery instance. The revolutionists arc now within twenty leagues of the City, and report says that Gen. URAGA is also on his march with 8,000 men. BALTIMORE, Dec. 1.. A sreat freshet near Augusta, fire., ha preventad the receipt of Southern mail to-day ^ PUII.ADEI.PHIA, NpV. 29. A Great Funeral.—A large and imposing concourse of people, comprising the City Councils, member of the Bar and Clergy attended the funeral of Hon. JOHN SARGEAKT, this after- A BOY worth laughing at.—\ youngster up town, recently mounted his first pair of boots, ,nd after displaying them for a time, was snd- lenly niissiug. He was sought for and found Latest dates from Detroit by mail, are of the 2d inst.— Buyer, from the East were making puchasea of Hour to ship immediately, quoted 416(8435 for mixed to straight. Wheat 8SOS7; Hogs 5 25|ffl6 12J. In Cincinnati, on the 30th ult., the Hog market had sllehtiy advanced, and closed with a flrm and upward tendency, and with a general disposition to hold off for higher price.. Several houses In Cincinnati are slaugh tering and packing as many as 1800 perday. Tbegan- dusky Register, understands that there are forty car loads of hog. at Newark, awaiting transportation by the 3 H k Newark Railroad, to that city, and that there are already 5000 head thi-re. ready to be shipped East. Buffalo dales by mall are to the 30th nit. Theltonn on the Lake, had restricted transactions. The supply of choice brands of flour was limited. The canal ia not yet closed, although it cannot be expected to remain open much longer. Increased railroad facilities for transportation will this year materially reduce the In convenience heretofore eiperiencid on the closing Of canal naTlgatlon. Sales of flour for the week preTious were 10.000 hhto at H 75(S4 87 J for common brands, ano Official Vote •* Michigan. The following is the official vote, says the Detroit Free Press, given at the recent election for the highest electoral candidates of the respective parties. No returns received from the counties of Honghton and Chippewa : SCOTT. HAM PIERCE, 33,800 Thi ma< ,mmr,,« u ,vu *. -t of th. Pene„, Toronto Railroad Co.. .ho vWled thto SS^^^SSS^^S^^Si ous of the Importance of the road. The Editor of tSe Prairie Lacrosse Times has lately ,de a lour Ihroush Lacrosse and Chippewa eonnlies .dmtheTimM of the 20th lost, gives his readers a JumnofobserTatioM. Th. following i. tb. amounl ,f produce raKed during the past season In Lewi. Tal- ,c.y LaCross. county; 2000 bushels of wheat; 3:750 bushels of oats; 4,435 bushels of corn; 1055 buslK-ls of potatoes ; 1.455 bushels of buckwheat; 1.130 bushels of turnips ; 150 bushels of beans. Hesays; On the head waters of ihe Trempeleau IllTer some ten ^S£rlSSSS| 41,842 Total. 82,939. _ Pierce's majority over Scott 7,982; over Scott ""The following is the official vote in 1848.- P.,. Tnylor, VanBuren tZjW rfl 23,940 10,389 Increase over the vote of 1848,17,913. SINGULAR DE ATH.-Sunday morning- last, AARON BATE., was found dead in his b»l at the residence of his brother-in-law.Dexter Lombard, in this village. The deceased was around town Saturday tfternoon, though in Ibe. evening, he complained of slight indisposition. H,s death is supposed to have been from disease of the heart. He had resided in this place for the list two or three years.—Por/ Blade 3/A ins*. 4 S7(S5 00 for fancy and extra brands. Of wheat OO.OOj n ost ?f vv ,' bus Wabash 88(SUU; upper Lake mixed winter and * ct to ......... .^ no._. —..t.^AKi.. «* *i- emu aspeui* i>u Obsfimift of the late Daniel Welsler, w. 30.— This city wears a so - ta Deer DeerElk, Bear and other wdammJ.. Chlppuv 1 « > the moFt bv-autifnl land ii isathriviDR $** at** or TDOI S.AUc noon late resid Ch b&vinc in wmr^w «.»» «««-—•» — - - . - • . Sen Pierce, wrote to him to anoerUic.what wi.shis family coat.of.arms, probably with a view of painting it on the panels of the coach fought at Uie Dtttue 01 uuuari ...... ••-----further that the carriage is building at Pitts- TROITP 2,148 field, and will cost gl.50». FRENCH FINANCES. - The accounts from Paris would seem to indicate that the new Emperor will have plenty of money in his State treasury, but this fullness is clearly explained by the Paris correspondent of the St. Louis Democrat who utates: H is said there is plenty of money in the treasury ; this I do not hesitate to pronounce very wide of the truth, tor the tax-gathers who J deuly untfuiuK- *"* ""*• "--e,--- — . standinr in an inner room with the door closed and his boots outside it. "Charley, what on earth are yon doing here?" was the question, ••Why father, I thought I might be traveling, and 1 wanted to see bow my boots would look outside my bed-room door I"—Cleveland Herald. mi A NEAT WAY of asking for Printer, duet.— The Bristol (K. I.) Phoenix which warmly supported SCOTT & GRAHAM, thus announces its necessities: As we have urgent business at the head of So//fl.rrr and will take onr departure soon after the 4th of March next, we should be pleased to have those who are indebted to us to settle their accounts previous to that date. ANNIVERSARY or ST. ANDREW'S SOCIETY in Aito York .—The members of the Society and a number of Scotch residents in New York on the 30lh ult. Celebrated the anniversary of tbe birth of their Country's Saint by a grand banquet at tbe Irving House. ANOTHER LINK BW.-The and Sunkury Railroad, will probably b. complete« within eighteen months. »:N Wiriww.-Thc great west window A BROKK of stained glass in the new Cathedral at Alba„, ^brought from '» /•" """" .and piece., not one of which was broken on the voyage. H.— At a late PIF.RCE, Scorr, 20,880 H.065 THF. Errtcis of the high price, in JV>i* York.—A. letter states that American agents in Can'ila arc purchasing up butter, eggs, cheese, and pork and beef for tbe supply of our large cities. _ THI FnHKRiu. — The fishing difficulties with England are probably ended for the present. The last of the Gloucester fishermen have arrived home frpm the Bay of Chslenr. I*Uly American vessels in the Bay bad not been I molested, the steamer Devastation having been very were fi for thcii •ormerly called on every 2 or cir accounts, are now obliged 2 or 3 months to pay in THB OBKUINK OrncK S JolliBcation at Washington, a waggish and can did dcmocrrt bore a transparency with the motto-. 83,500 per annum i^.600 do do; *!.800 do do, or$3pOT J »y' r/ol "'' t do bcttor ' THKPO.T ninety-three millions of letters paracd through the Post Oniccs of the United States during the fiscal year The revenue under the reduced rates of pontage has fallen off nearly a million of dol- withdrawn. TEXAS.—There are nearly fifty newspapers in Texas, and nearly two hundred Protestant churches in the State. «i,nt thev receive. I also know ?"mVui»r demon.tration Juat the least delay in the payment of the monthly «rr«cr»en« is followed ny a notice with costs (advertisement a"eefra:..) and people are almost insulted I hey do not pay in advance. COMING DOWN from the Mountain..— A Swiss journal states that the Monk, of St.Bcr nard have resolved, in the event of the tunne of Menouve being constructed, to build a convent and hospital at the entrance to it, and to abandon the existing convent on the top qf the Alps. • . THE MISSISSIPPI RAIMOAD CONVENTION.— ThU convention lately assembled at St. Louis, Ian. HURRY u the wori/.-Au arrangement has just been concluded between the Ohio and Pennsylvania linoa to run an express tram through from Philadelphia to Cincinnati, making the time from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh in eighteen hours. INDIANA B. 8. SENATOR.—The Governor of Indiana has appointed Hon. CHA». W. CATH CART, U. S. Senator, to fill the vacancy occa slonedby the .death of Senator Whitcomb— Brown of tbe Indiana State Sentinel, wanted it DBER LAW..-The "'irginians have passed an act prohibiting the killing of deer in th onnlies tr«( of the Blue Ridge and ca,l of th llcghany, between the first of January and rst of August. WHAT HKAWH i« me family.—In the fu- n «.ral«rmonof th. Hon l>»vid !!«.*«. it was noted a. » remarkable fact that he was one If. family of .i- broth.r. «" hi. das tu. firat death for.ft/V Th Pannera.—-Voic » the time to bring in our wod, a. well » y «»r Pork. Wheat, te. rices were never higher in this city for all rlicles that farmers can^sell. VENUE or TRAI.E for Miluau- TBK CHU.CH-A-.-K.V- H- ,eU-kn.wn lecturer and editor U is stated, h» become the editor of Churchman, U,e Prot«tant Episcopal new. L^r in New York. Mr. John Becker h. p U U.»e«l the P.F.T. «»« H will *»«» iwued nn d C Ml.eau» P ic«''f these gentlemen y yester day for ffaahlagton. OPO. er . The procession started at noon, from nis e residence, and walked to St. Peter's urch, where the funeral service was perfor med. The body was then taken to Lam el Hill Cwetcr V . where it was interred. The bells of the State House and Christ's and St Peter's Churches were tolled, and flags were displayed at half mast during the progress of the procession. nKVbTr,Tin. Falls. aT . edshehad raised four S-r^iSw^^JS^"^ In the county, will include anothe.- gang, and one more rotary. lyman Dajton write, from Llnd, Waupaca CO. to the Serin Mc»«nger, that he ha. raUed th. put season from 10.ere. o, ground planted with oora a,.average spring at 80e. white Michigan al 38Ic; while Ohio at $1 and upper Lake at 89., white Michigan very scarce. Of com 50.1)08 bus at 68ffl71e; Oats 40JIS41; Barley 55ffl 68; Eye, sak-a of 25,000 bus at 75; Whiskey 23j(S24-- sales light; Canal freights, no settled quotations. The New York malls are very irregular of late. Our latest dales are of Snnday. the 28th utt In Ihe money market, extreme abundance and a demand falling con- llnnally behind the rapply, i« still «be characteristic. Banking Institutions are extending, and being of a legitimate character, are not .tigmaliiedaa speculations. Seal estate to rapidly Increasing in value. It appears that the West generally Is .ending surplus funds to New York for deposit. Tho South Is in want of money, and the Railroad enterprises of th. extreme west, win soon take a portion of the surplus fund.. The deposits In Banks are Increasing. There seem, no disposition to Idle competition in tho slock market, to run up prlcis much aboTe their teal Talue. Much of the nnwlse In Ballon of certain stocks has been got rid of While the stocks whlch-represent property that ha. really appre" emted-orlutaadily undergoing appreciation, a. manifested In the ineraaring returns.haTe risen considerably The Dry Qood. trade Is OTer for the season. The dt- mahd has been underfed all the seasrn, hence the high prosperity of Ihe trade and Its perfect healthiness. D B. St. John es, . Superintendent of the Ne. York Bank Department furnishes the »,Y. Times with an ahslraclof Ihe quarterly exhibit of the state of the Banks of that State on the morning of Saturday Sept. 4th 1852 The total resources were $202.«1» 1 779. Total liabilities $202.908.804. Thto comprises Ihe condition of Common Council Proceedings. Ordinance on the Fire Department, S(C. | At a meeting of the Common Council last evening, the following ordinance relative to the Fire Department, was introduced by Alderman PRKNTIBS, and passed by the following vote : ayes— Aid. Brown, Donsman, Foote, Fishback, Hickey, Johnson, Martin, Nenstadtl, Prentiss, Peck. Rosebeck, 13. Noes, Aid. Huebschmann, An Ordinance To provide for repairs to Engines, and o*^ property twloneins to the City, connected with the Tire ue- and for placing said Department in a more iniui iv UC»CH "• j»-~——— i i* ••. of over /i-ny bushels to the acre, from onrhalf an acre, he raised with extra care 40 bushels. F.r excellent information with regard to the agrlcul- tnral capacity and products of the State, we -- • ~ our reader, to the -Wisconsin Farmer,'' P JanesTllle by M.aa Miuxa. II contains correspondence trautfion.oftb. 8ta t«,onT.riou..uhJec...cfmo mcnt to the farmer. We receiTc m.ny agricultural pe rioalcalsfrom various portions of the Onion, and the 'Wisconsin Fanner' is agedoMany. It shouldI *«_ »»"• 1, susWncd. The Orant Co. Herald states that the far. men of that Tieinily haTe adopted the following remedy for '•the failure of Ihe wheat crop": 257 bank, and one branch. indlTidnal hank, haie closed their affair.. 11 new bank. baTe reported for the «rrt time. Th. gross increase of movement orer luarter of 1351 has been $38,592 000, or about possible. Tl rhat defends adopted resolutions in favor of tbe construction of a railroad from the city of New Orleans to a central point in the Territory of Minnesota, in the direction of the Red River of the North, and with a branch of the Falls of St. Anthony; said road to poss by tbe capital of the State of Arkansas, the iron Mountain, and the city of St Louis, in the State of Missouri, and the valley of the DCS Moines river, it. the State of Iowa. To construct this road they ask from Congress a quantity of land equal to alternate COMPLIMENT TO CAPT. WILLIAM P, STONE of the Keystone Stale.— The officers and crew of the steamer Keystone State, have presented to their Capt. WM. P. STONE a beautiful silver tea service. The presentation was an interesting affair and afterwards several invited guests partook of an excellent dinner on'board tbe boat. The compliment was well deserved. THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE.—One hundred and nineteen cities and towns of the United States will be supplied with the President's Menage in advance. Eighteen special messengers have left Washington witb scaled packages of the 'document, and the Postmasiera with whom they are deposited will be instructed by secret telegraphic despatchesfrom the Postmaster-General when they may break the seal and distribute them. The arrangementa for carrying out the plan are on the most liberal scale. A sufficient number will be sent to supply each newspaper office with two copies. GRANT Co. STATISTICS!—The Board of Supervisors of Grant Co. met at Lancaster on the 9th ult. The Grant Co. Herald publishes a complete report of proceedings. The total value of real estate in the county is put down at $1,380,135; of personal property, $253,119.— 'otal, $1,633,254. The average value at laml er acre throughout the county as returned by assessors was §2,96. The Board being dissat- o "t'^omttroncr and Chief Engineerof they're Department, by and with the advice and consent of a majority „, a,, Mmm lttee on wid Derart- menLare hereby autboriaed and empowered to contract for and in behalf ot the city, for all repair, necessary time to time, to any Koglne, or other said Department belonging to ' ' Sec' 2' All hills, or elairna, for rach repairs, .ball be esented to the Common Council, aa« referred «» the .resented to the Com Cr The culture of Flax .wa. the principal subject of db> enssion at the b»tneetlng of the Tlrfeeanoe Co Agrlcultur.! Society. The Hon. U t. ttt^ commissioner of patent., dellTered an addrets, in which he .tated that a committee had been sent from Philadelphia to Trance, Holland, England, and Pmssia,for the purpose of examining the modes of cultiTallon, best soil kc . and that the committee bad reported faTorally to th. adaptation of .w soil and climate for rai«ing tblft Important product. thesainot|] 35 per cent.. chleBy upon the Increased Individual deposits and distant bank balances left with the hanks and the loans and discount, based thereon. The expansion of capital h« been les. than 8 per cent., and of circulation something lew than 10 per cent., while the increase of specie means l« OTer 40 per cent The proportions of specie to th. aggregate circulation and In- diTldual deposit, payable on demand has advanced from 81 on a dollar to nearly 10 cents on the dollar j in other words, tbe Banks of Sew Tork State now hold S9.9W 000 in gold and .IWer, against $100.411,000 eiroo- .ationand deposits and in tho corresponding quarter of 1851 held »7J052,000 in gold and silver, against »79,581.000 of circulation and deposits! ._._.« .„ -_In St. tools, Uogs are worth from J5,87ffl»6,00 per hand. Trade aetlTe. Puroa-22«0 hhl. nnnufactnrrd at the mill.; shipm't > . . cmn aspect to-day, being arrayed from almost one extremity to the other m the emblems of mourning. The public offices and nearly all the stores are closed, and from the front of each, erapc ia displayed. Appropriate mottoes, shrouded in mourn- in", flags heavily draped, busts of the departed statesman, and many other mc-incn- toes of the illustrious di-ad, are seen everywhere. From the shipping, hotels, newspaper establishments, public buildings, &c., waves the American flag at half mast, while the city itself presents an appearance unequalled on any similar occasion. The trains from the East and South, which arrived yesterday and Ibis morning, wero crowded with strangers, and it, is computed that at least thirty thousand are present. Delegations nre present from Worcester, Springfield, New Bedford, Lowell, Hox- bury, Salem, Barnstable, Middlesex, Nantucket, Plymouth, Essex and nearly every town and county in the state. There are likewise representations from Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and other states. The members of the New Hampshire Legislature, accompanied by Gen. PIERCE, arrived at an early hour in the morning, and were escorted to the State House.— The arrangements for the obsequies arc in charge of General John S.'Tyl«r The procession is expected to commence moving by eleven o'clock, or soon after, and will proceed through the principal streets, halting finally at Paneuil Hall, where the oration is to be delivered by Hop. George S. Billiard. The Hall itself is appropriately trimmed, the interior beinj so profusely bung in mourning, as to require gas light for the exercises. Among those who will join in the procession are Fletcher Webster, and other relatives of the deceased, Franklin Pierce, .resente o e on , committee on the Fir. IX-partment. and Ifcert.Bcd by snch committee lobe correct, 'hall he PJ^l""' ™ rned snch eommtwe M, uw Burn-cv, r—.. -- *7-r---. ^ the City ComptKMtar for approval, »nd by him returned to Ihe Common Council for flnal action. laetwuq OI me ni-wwa*;.—-«*.«j »••.-- —with him for tlOO.000 worth, and they offered m. to the Common c From and after the thlrty-nrst day of Decem. berTelghtoen hundred and flfty^twc, theiram of one hundred dollars shall be annually paid to each of the CompaDTies belonging to the Fire Department, that are Inactrie service, foTlhe purpose of aiding in the pnr- chaM of .nilable rquipment. for the members, and fur- prairie lands. Ue had selected seven or ••••:.•"-;-„";: kinds at land, upon which he had sown different kind, ot seed, from one to two bushels U> the acre, to test the "e^of seed and lint. At the price named, the Unt would be worth $40 per acre. There was » »>«™°J coming from Springnell for dressing ttax. A man and a".y?.ilh It woSldwort out one and a.half tons.»f J There can be fourlecu bushels_ of seed of 3102 bbls, quoted 30)0 for country spring 19 4^0 for city family retail. 900 bbls country reedTed. WHUT- 13 050 bu ree, 5JS5 bn shlpd; quoted winter 75IB83; sprinj, 65(375. COBS— lOCOburee'd; quoted 43c. Br—1.400 bu we'd; quoted 50.53; 2560 on shipped. B«Lrt-3J)65 bn brought in; quoted 3»a4» 11,883 * oIr. P - P M40 b. bro't In; quoted 28a30c. 000 bu ship. WOOL— Nominal al »e®35c. HAMS and SHOULD!., quoted 8®9}c an 1.75 Sack We; Coarse »Z 00 per bbl. 'd. »in. ,. DrvKIp Hie; Dry Calf, lie; Hole Leather-Spanish L»ry Aip, j*i » / ___ __ - — .. .... ,_ T __ 18 slaughter leVS>26e Blven. Freight 6c Shipments of 350 bide, ten. e can This will yield nctt »6. He bad no M months. mon. ^^ ««. the ben. on the orehM aVdlablii biding, la the city, shall be rang «ce'for the re'en- stems a d»y. raised to tie acre. S buuhalno* wasthest "li thte MTiatrr u * tattler TiUue could ue?"m?i.?th.n ! or«.y other prnduct our soirand clunate cenWraise. If th. oil should be manufactured would furnish superior fatUningfcod for cattle. It is now sold— to export for that purpose. As an evidence of tbe amount of produce crowding forward from the Wert.a.the eta» of naTlgatlon approaches, the Dunkirk Journal. 24th ult.. My. : in M ordin«cefor the pre'en tlon7ndeltlngui.bment of «res. now in *»«.«*£ soeh alarm is made between the hours of six o'clock In the ere'Stand six o'clock In the morning, the person ri^a^lSarst bell, ahall be entitled to the sum of one dohaVlnd nnycenU therefor, and eaeh of th. other Sell ring" nTh? sum of one dollar; »•' if at «y other time ilnrhic the twenty-four hours of each day. the am DeUrioper shall bel paid on. dolour, and other nng- ANOTHER A - er —TlieOsbkosh Courier in»ifts that a rail,y from Milwaukee to Oshkosh would secure o thi, city "the whole lumber trade" of that region, which is the depot of the immen« lincrics of Wolf River. THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IN WISCONSIN.—The oiririal and unofficial majorities from all the .counties in the State give Gen PIERCE 11,000 maj. over Gen. Scott. THE MARKS o* WAR.—The two Generals now at the head of tho British army, Lordr Hardingc and Somernl, have only between them two arms, tbe pairs being severed on the battle field. sections for ten miles in width on each side of eaid railroad throughout its entire length, with the privilege of .electing other lands to make up the quantity of such tracts M may have been sold, or are subject to pre-emption, within the distance of ten miles from the lino. CHANGE or MtND.-Col. Forney, Clerk of the House of Representatives, yesterday reinstated ten of the fourteen index clerks whom he had dismissed on the day previous for want if employment. We learn says the Great County Herald that WM. R. BIDDLECOME, Esq. of this county, expects to remove to St. Louis. SAD -We^understand that WM. H LORP whose sickness we mentioned » few weeks npo died in San Francisco some time '"' *"«"'"; Mr L was U. 8. MaU Agent for California KRAMt«,who left here la ni. overland, was shot by the lodmus on th plaint.— Pert H"asAins«»» Slate. sfied with the valuation of the asse-wirs made undry corrections. Tbe amount of taxes aa- essed is as follows: State Tax. - - - - *6,.li 06 County do. School do. The amount received by the Treasurer for tbe State for tbe year ending Nov. 12,1852 was ... - ^' 81 J* Amount paid ont, - - - 8481-4-* Amount received by Co. Treasurer 8^ Amount paid ont, un. forserrk*. In ringing beUsat nrcaiarms shall specify the time when such sernce the Common Council for payment. "A. the of lake naThralkm approache. to a el freight to plenty JUKI eTery thing aBoat is eroi utmost capacity. Boring the week, ,m large ,^__ n-ourandotherromngfrdjhtbaTearriTed. T">"l«J» boats- and Toledo and tfeTekind propelters, all arrive loaded to their utmost capacity. Th.J&»sl™ SW., SonVDetmit. discharged the largest l..;ad of freight 4uoted 10 (M6»; .alee 257 bbU. High Wine, azffliaie^ bbto received by lak. and 40 from country. crmh«U*9J; dopowdcred 9J; Tellow Coffee, 7J; White OoBee, 8a81 for Sew York sugar.. ' Boo.—18e per dot. Birrrca—16V»l>eT«ln>e nrkin; extra table frtsateaBai ]7®21e-rgood demaDiI Cuiasa-acarce, and In demand, at 10»ll Dane FaL-rr—Apple, quoled »1,25<S1-SO Peaches, uopeelrf, none; peeled, 18018. 9 It. do. Prune. 10ffll2)e. AmJts-*!-*®" 5 !"'' 1 * 1 - Arrival of »»» otto, erup, 1,60 per bus. 11®-; Bio WffllOJ; GoverDor Boutwell, Head? of Departments, members of the Senate and House, with their respective Speakers, ex-Senators, and Representatives in Congress, Legislature of Ncw Hamp»hire, Sons of New Hampshire, Sons of Maine, Cape Cod Association, Massachusetts Historical Society, delegations from the various states above named. President and members of the Harvard University, United Sons of Amcr* ca, &c , ... The civic and military portion of tbe procession, particularly (he later, will be very fine. The procession, it is expected, will arrive at Faneuil Hall between two and three P. M.—where the ceremenies of the day will clone. LAKE SHOHK BAU. ROAD. PROPOB ALB will be received from i/*iruia>, uwt««»'.>«->« «—- —o— « .i t r n* which erer Boated Into thi. port, eonshtlng of four 7ho..and three hundrrd bbls of nour. and seTeraltons rfpSto the hog We sir. the freight in th. article of flour alone, of Keyntoue State s of the steamers: . 4300 3.300 301)0 All . rnle. or regulation, in any b. nroTision. of this ordm- - $7,753 57 The aggregate number of mill* per cent levied on property for all taxes in 1852 is 8 1-20 Potosi has the highest total Talution of property, being 8203.602. The total valuation of all property in Grant county in 1851 was $1,552,071. In I860 it was «1,3SO,535. -In 1643 it was SMU.OeO. ^ FAIR BENT.—A Mrs. Uakin in London. rnhce* bouse commanded a 6ne view of the lu- utral procession in honor of the Duke of -Wellington, let the upper part of it for one thousand guineas,' ~""'" ' anee are hereby repealed Passed the 2d day of I B C. WIST. City Clerk;. A special committee consisting of Aid Prentiss, Huebeehmann, Hickey, West, and Martin, were appointed to look up and settle all special taxes, including the 4th and 6th, Ward dredging taxes. A resolution was adopted directing the Board of School Commissioners not to contract any more debts without authority from the Common Council. The following resolution relative to the Milwaukee and MisBMsippi Railroad Company was • weoaly the receipts of t*o day«, by the com- aor's boats The receipts of Hour f..r the week ending n Wednesday,font n| barrel.: Per Detroit Woe steamers - - MOOO k Cleveland Line sfctaaiers. - - 5.000 propellers • - 15-000 " Transient steamers - - - »,""' Total barrels 45000 In addition to this, tbe receipts of beef, pork ta the week, id 1 been bear besides sereral and Brie Railroad. _ jf IreJght forward. , „_„ nre thousand bbls a miter and pork trains. The re- 14; Jamaica lie; Maracaibo llffllSc; San Domingo 90 9> T«ie-«rm; Canton 15(ffl2Se; an. TwanKy 37)(i?44e j Young Hyson 37)®70cj Gunpowder and Imperial 50S "ssico-Pepper Brm, Ite In bags; Cinnamon 36. IB m.1, ; Clares 48c H ft. Mustard 20ffl30c will show an excess of nearly, by is null .„' That H Aits CROC*™, be and here- thoriied and empowered to cast tbe number of votes to which the City of Milwau- VeTis entitled, at an election to. be held on the Hth of January, 1852, for «fteen Directors of the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad Com-, pany, «.J he is hereby .instructed to vote f»r as many of the present Directors of said Company, ua are deslrou. of being retained in said Board. .' Mautfcet Batorday, Dee. 4lh.-Caah Batan, on the i^«a». Ottering, of good hurinea. paper ..och limited. Th.bomnr«negoliU« with th. Itank- ." fuuyimpre^ed with th. idea U-t make a bargain." eonsideral The demand for eastern < ,bly Increased. The ralteg rates are: , manufacture advaneed; g.L«»Ti:»—IJfflSc wholeaaleby th. SorlOboi. glngle box 5O5Jc. C 8 TrL« l k Stirs- Beef on ft $2 Syflhd; neat4JO; j-3 50 apiece; Veal, calve. 3a4; lambs 150. Cut meat, beef, beat pieces, 7.; mutton Te; perk 7e; veal oe; uuall3a5.1.l<ir. Pork,best7o. Turkta. TfflSe »ft; Chi.k«o. 25«37}c a pair; venison 8 .? tti <|U.« Ducks25.p.rpal«. Qees.Scper». Corned Beef 5c do. Sausages 8e do. Voa«—mess »1S l> bbl. S993 bbto shipped. We learn of a sate of 500 bbls mess to b. delivered by the 1st of April next, al $15.00 per bbL Hoc—Light 5,00; heavy 5,87 » hnnd; ree«Ipt.of ^^uotallon. nominal; little ree'dfr«i th.eou.- try. gale of 400 r*. to a brewer at 15o. TUSOIHT Stan—' at the Engineer's ofltee In Milwankee mill Thursday the 24th of Deeeraberforthe delivery at such points a. may be designated along th. line of the Lake Shore Hail Boad.between Milwaukee and Port Washington. On Urn extension to Shcboygan and Manltowoe.of 6X),000 Wbll. Oak Ties, 8 feet long, 8 Inches thick, and from 6 to 8 Inches lace. Also for 30,000 feet White Oak Timber, for Bridging, of Various siaeaandlengtbs. Proposals to be addressed to the -undersigned at Mil- wank... and endorsed proposals for Tie. .nd Timber.' Snch further Information as may b. desire,!, will be grrenby the undersigned, or by C R ALTO.-..KSO.., Engineer of the Company. T M SIVEN, Contractor. Milwaukee, SOT. 22<ll«i2. _ _.. dm } e4t j LAKE »HOBK »A«. BOAJJ. SEALKD proposal.will bsreeei«d at «b. Bnglneer'. otnceln-Slilwaukce until Monday, the 20th day of De- ccmber.forJeliTeriog.t.nchpol'"' « »»v »« *"'*• natcd alone the line of th. Lake Shore Kail Road be. WeetMHwaukeeandth.Slat,lin^ 10OOOO »hlt. Oak TZ 8 f«rio',g,»i»eh»lhlck, aad from«U>8Inche. fhcT AUo for 90 M> fcel whit, oak piles, in length from ; a»d*>raoJX)» oak tim- I" , lnl .»bfroma)toaOf«*IOXUIi>.haa«iiiare. to be addreaeed to T M Nlven, Milwaukee I -Proposals for Tie*, Pile, or Timber." 'hfurthrr Information as m»y b« desired will b. Klmoby Mr. Si»en,orby C R, Alton, bq. Chief Kngln ""* °* "" "wRMmT, MALLORX k CO ,Contractors, Milwaukee. MOT. 2£. 1852. dOlc4t . Jflarrtagra. Al Lowell, on the 26th Inst. by the Bar M. Ilorr. Hon WttMAM T BUTt-R.of Watertown and Ml« ADA. A Jperet.prem. !ke"tt;."foUowini"luolaUon. from a cireuto of Me«rs. KneelandklMl, Banker,, m'ntettou to •«. renl bank notes,sbio|.lafler», ic.: ,fu. Cf.,0eri. ofPeporft, Pia f,«.-i»w.,c«i, .n»Bi*»-. i»T' to "'' 1 -*"* 1 whole. $«.0b. halve. »3^S. MaekereMle HalTe.«JO. .No. 2 hbl. *10,00-)>»lve. bbhi$»-balves»4JO. jo Ho. ; Cider do 12Je. At todi; Sene» C».,N. Y. on the 18tB la»t., SAj B wife.ofOv.i- L, Basui»n,«nd.iBoUnr4i».l»w 01 lu P.aa«ta»,oJtthl«.lty HAO 'of Dr roahl.,«lty. the.72d year of hte age.

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