The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1934
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1934 BLYTHEVILLK, (ARS.)l COURUCft JflWB FIVE & CIASSI H ED SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 1 INFORMATION Daily rate per .1110 ror .cpnwcu- tve insertions: .2 unfurnlslied ROOMS, 516 Cliicka- sawta Minnie Lee Jones, Coll 1026. 2Gc k30 TWO nicely furnished CHEAP. 914 Hoam St. (Five average *oros to a ! 5ne time per line ........ > fvco times per Jine per day . Three time? per tin'? per day • Ux times per line per d»y . Vonth rate per line ......... &0c rooms. one 060 06c eoc Ads ordered IOT tnree or sw Jmes and stoppstf before exjiim- ;-ou will be charucc for the num- Mr of to>« ' he al1 appeared anu Jdjuscmeitt of WU made. Classified Advertising UNFURNISHED 4 loom apart- incut, buth. Phone 321; night 55. fflckll THREE room furiusheci apartment with bath. Mrs. Dozle Mick, no W. Ash, n-ck-tt BEDRQQM tor 1 or 3 gentlemen, All cop> subraitud by persons residing out- i'de of the city oust, be accom- liitUcd by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. ' NO responsibility will be wsen jot more than one incorrect insertion of an> classified ad. I Aiivi'rllsins; orfleicd Jor uiegu- iflr Insertions take the one time 801 W. Walnut St. Call 6-ci-tl FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardin alter P. M. l ROOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board meals. Good meal, clean, rooms rates low. Close In. 421 S. Second. Mrs. Lotlii B-ck-4 WANTED TO KENT UNFURNISHED Three-row apartment with bath. Close ii Call 306. POSITION WANTED BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. G. MOSS, undertaker Ambulance- Service Pnone So WHITE MAH with family wain to rent or iharccrop. Good work er. "A" Courier News. lQ-iik-2 1 WEAR-EVER alumlaui.n is better and costs no more. Sola exclusively al Uubbatd Hardware Co. 5-ck-l-o Repair Furniture Now You can save money by having furniture upholstered now as materials are cheaper. We make the old new again. Free estimates. Complete line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins uli 10 per cent Interest I torn No- 'Wl)er 21, 10M. THE 'puidniUT o 1 . Mill sale will i 1 required lo execute band with ppiovrd sremily. lo secure Ihe uynipiil of tho piiirhase money, nil a livn \\ill \K rcUiliH'd 111x111 am property ;is uddiikmul seoiir- ly tor Uiu payim-m of such pnr- hiisu money. VVVNESS my hiuxl mill the OUlI16ARI)ING"lToUSE" ot suld Couii, on.Hits, -the '2CU> liny uf Maivh, I9H It. 1,. CU1NKS, Commissioner In Cluuicrry. 2fi- 2 MEN mill WOMEN, [nil or spurt VWliUiwvu. Box COJ. mythDVllle. p fl (V Woman Xuuurary Mayor NEW OHLKANa lUl'i — Mlsa Klhi'l Hynn, iiiyMileiil of tho Now Orlcuns IhiMni'ss nnd Professional Women's Chit), served us honor- mayor of Ihe i-lly one d;iy as s Ready Aniwer Saved Him Jail Term 'lll/\ (lll'i —1'nl «as • llni'iip us tuMiiil., "ihe iisuul III tin! ixilii "Whnfs Mn^Lslrale tlr«l or it. Kvcvy (Imo lit! isi-ls any money tin geii; dinnk. mill lu< il'.'lS (illlllk III! yiui'il iw:l: liim u)>." •"I'lml's riuht." voluuui'veil 1111- ull'.i'l liiilrdtinini, "hr's -,\>\ ir.vlnl IX'Sl mi my Lout ttKi. lie. nuijlil lo iiwny lor n «lillr." don't seem to Imvc mqny friends monnd hero. Whut do . you say lo:' yuniMir?" ".luiliif," kald I'nl, "jiut. as long us ymi're my frlvnd 1 don't (jivo a Tinktr's dam for Uiese Bciille- mcn." bird Is found only EXPERIENCED slcnographci and general office worker wants position. Available April 1. Excellent recommendations. Call •194. Son, 713 Chickaiawba 20c-k3-27 MALE HELP WANTED MAN wanted to supply customers with lamous Walkins rrortucts in Blytheville. Business established, earnings average $25 pay .starts immediately. Write J. R. Walkins Co., 10-8-1 W. Ave., Memphis, Tcnn. We sptcialiie in Floor Sweep kinds lor special floors Hubbard lUrdware Co. J. J. Uavi5, Plione Sueuctr Corstticrc WANTKD TO «UY We buy Indian Mead Pel lines ot all dates. Will pay up to 543 ench. Caialog sent fur JDc. United States Coin Co.', Box 523, Milwaukee. Wis. k4-2C EXPERT Typewriter and Addins aiatluue ixo^atiing. U. S. BUtiM- f, 116 £. Uose. Call 165-J. We Pay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hides, brass, copper, lead, etc. Wolf Arian, Phone H6, 128 E. Main. 2«-ck-3-26 FOB SALE Yellow singers, full grown CANARIES. tS'rsT Joe McFalJ, 209 "Late. • - -. •'. " '• 23c-!c2tJ Want to tniy all kinds Used House hold Goods, Stoves. Highest Cash prices. Lcighton's Secnni Hand Store. 320 E. Main. 101&4-10 L?GAL NOTICES For Sale CHE.iP: New Vitalit-y navy blue POMPS, 7 AJ\. Call 3(H. . _ ONE B.UIBEB CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. W. Lee, Joiner, Ark. Hp k4-12 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one 4 t iov planter, one 4 rqw cultivator one 16 by 20 disc liarrow, one 3 row busier with marker. All in first class condition. CJay "and Billings, Inc. Cc kl-D TWO Eoud mules, priced reason able. H. A Smith, 510 W. Main. 2c ktl REAL ESTATE For Sale: 111 East Davis, an ex- qufcile ^bome; notUlns pcettiec Blytbeville. Will sell on terms at <>%. Call our ofBcc for appolnlmeat THOMAS LAND CO.MPANy, sole »genls. clZ-t( For Trade: City property tor farm LAND. Mrs. Ed Hardin. lifckU POULTRY & EGGS I'rcsh tffgs dally. R. I. Kcfl Kettln eggs, rickard Store. 10ft Chicka- BABY CHICKS All Varielias. Cualoin hatching solicited. Set eacli Tuesday, halch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 86 AUTOMOTIVE Tires A 'JuLts, lUplacc mcnt parts an<S accessories o all kinds for an) nuke of car. Automotive DcpV, Hobbatd Hd» Cp, Ic k3- Auto Glass All Rinds Irstallcd The Ark-.'Mo Lumber Co. Ido k-l-1 ' r LOST" From E. M. McDonald's Thursdaj nlBtit going NE. 2 black horsf MULES, weighing about 1000 Ibs each, 4 years old- Reward. 24pk2 _ We specialize iiTsctd com. Farmer C^sh Feed and Seed Cn. Phon 1«- Iflp fcl-1 Iior Sale: CORN delivered to you W. T. Utlcy, New Madrid. Mo. U/VTTEKIES New Pord Baltcrics Kcnlat - Kccrnrjing - Kepairlng '77 TIRE 6; BATTERY STATIO 26o K3-2 FOR RENT 2 story modem house on Dlvislo: fc. just nortli of Catholic churc "Tfeld, Evrard & Henderson, phon 882. 13c- COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that (h ndersigncd commissioner, in com inncc with the terms of a decree ndered by the Chancery Cour T the Chickasawba District oi iississippi County, Arkansas, on tie 26th daj; of February, 1034, herein R. V. Carpenter < wns] tifr, No. 56»i. and James M. uekncr, efc al., were Defendants, ill sell at public auction to trie ghest, and best bidder, for casn, n a credit of three months, at front door of the Court House, etwcen the hours prescribed by aiv, In the City of Blylhevillc. rkansas, on the 9th day of April, 134, the following real estate, toil: North half of North half of Southeast quarter, and North half of South half of North half of Southeast quarter of Section Nine (9) Township fifteen (15) North, Range Thirteen (131 Knst. 60 Acres. SAID Sale will be iiad to satisfy id decree in the sum of $2,300.00, th 10 per cent interest from November 1, J932. THE purchaser at, said sale will e required to execute bond with ipproved security, to socure Ihc laymcnL of the purchase money, and a lien win he retained upon said property as additional sccur- ty for the payment, ot such pur- hasc money. VITNE5S my hand and the sea of said Court, on this, the 1911 day of March, 1934. R. L. GA1NES, Commissioner in Chancery Frank U. Douglas, Ally, for Plaintiff. 13-2i CO.MHISSIONKK'.S SAI.K NOTICE is hereby given Hint the uiictcrsigned commissioner, in com pliance with the tcnns ot a dccrci rendered by the Chancery Com 'or the Chickasawba District o Mississippi County. Arkansas, oi the 21sl day of November, 1933 wherein w. A. Grimmett. u-a t'laintifl. and Geo. M. Lcc an Ifclcn Lee. his wife: John Sha\ and B.ishic Shaw, his \vife. am Tom Glass, were Defendants, wt: sell at public auction to the high est and best bidder, for cash, o a credit of three months, at ll\ south door of the court House between the hours prescribed b law, in the Cily of Dlythevillc, Ar kansas, on the 16th day of Apri 1334, the following real estate, to Bit: tot 12 of the Lee Addition to BlythevlUe, Arkansas, same being carved out nf llif: Tino and Thrco-fourtlis <2-1i! Acres lying north ant! east, of the P. S. <fc E. Railroad west of (South 16th Street and South or Cherry Street, and being part of the Southeast. Quarter (SE'.i) of Southeast Quarter iSE'i) of the Northwest Quarter <NW', t > of Section Sixteen 116), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Eleven ill) Evi Mississippi County, Arkansas SAID sale will ke had lo satis aid decree in the sum of $164.99 tlnii 1 . in Mississippi county. At- ou.wvuni'e of National "Wi'll." hol\l Jml^e llullnnd, "ynii TKK \VA«I'ATH! fiiAiM irc A joQ.fwix'"."' s ItUUH' VOU ' I'M.--' SA»* fUftll) HXL BC / 1HAT GIMES Wtf 100 MUCH /'W U)t;f\!oVGU2 1 00 WbT / lite M-l. W FRIEMD'j // in 1l( Pit, \BC1CHft, Mt UKE YOLIRE TRYING TO PUT YOGI ON YOUR BOOTHBY TO TOSS MONEY OVER WS LEFT SHOULDER Ir-ATO YOUR GOLD rV\\N& /—YOLiVt PULLED TH" WP CORD ON HIM A, DOZEN TIMES, SrAONVN ONV* ABOUT'TVSE LITTLE HOW, . VC'J Wt«E IIAMI'. 1 .-' Vt'l^ BUT, S?*E GRiCF ,/V.W WORWiSOUt Or vcxifl f^( THAI f oui> me INDEED.SIR M\NE IS 1HM 7; ITS A WILD /( SHELTER, lL SIDE OF AxBOLH "THE LITTLE .\ WiU. W:LPO3/ H£ WILLtxD OF UISOWN AINT NO PICNIC.' WE'VE GOTIATRACV< IDO.TOQ- LETS DUCK NO ItfAE. TO STOP AN' FIGHT/ BOOTS AND HEU BUDDIES BOOTS STAWTKI) SOMKTI1IN(J> BUT A WOOY-UNiT VASH TUBBS I.ONESOME LADY! rx. WO! SHE'S BUSff.O UP -OR WMF-BOW. AMD 1 RCCKOI1 -• IT'S h-JONB O'OUR S'JSIIJESJ. SALESMAN SAM N_0\y UK I)OKS_NT JIAVK T THIS 1 <3oT (W TH-Tit -tHlS B-B-Boy? «J-W-*J- LuUCH 1 . So tT . ^ seen GUY IOHD ^uTTeReo so MUCH , jesr\ We. GOT in e Pert WCliK, FfiECKLlCS AND HIS FRIENDS ON THE SPOT! IM CRACGE OP OIL STORAGE....A'JO SOMETHING IS-CAU3IW<j A LEAKAGE IN OUR CONTAINERS! TAWE THAT ONE OUT THSRE, FOR INSTANCE....IT HOLDS SOO,OOO iT WAS FULL TWO WEEKS AGO, AVID YoOR REPORT THAT OHLY 3O.OOO GALLONS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM IT....BUT A CHECKUP SHOWS -THAT ONLY 423.000 GALLONS MAIN IM IT !! MR.M^GOOSEX ROMETHIHG FUNHY GOIMG ON AROUND THIS Ojl. COMPAWY, AND I'M GOIWG TO FIMO OUT WHAT IT JS .' SBNT FOR ME, MD. HEIL WAHT YOU TO FIND CUT BECOME OF WAT. o,'L f IF YOU DOMT, THEBES. GOIW5 BE A VACAUCY IW THIS Yous JOB USED To BE.' m ^< RBCKI.ES DAD HAS BEEM INSTRUCTED TO REPORT TO THE OFFICE OF TV1E PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY FOR WE EVERY PSOP OF OIL TJWT LEA'/t'S THAT TANK.' /

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