The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, DKCKJIHKK '2-1, 1(WO RT-YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIRR NEWS Exit Play" Blocks Game in Radio Bridge Conlesll™ 0 I prut prnctlcnlly cerlnln thai Mrs. Drait- bury would have finessed the Jack ixmthwestern , Scored for In the' fifth Radio Bridge Game, the Declarer. He could hardly ox- had shc'helrt' tlint'"card" and "v"ry cf the season, which went on the peel the Spade lead to prove sue- probable lliat she wo'.ild have II' C n t alr Tlle - cla S' fl '°"' Station WMC. cessful. as It was more than li!:-.'! •• nessed the 9 had «lu' held It Mr. Work Introduced us his cxM- 111 view of the cards in West's own | Mr. Smith was not deceived Pei'miUmo bltlon players Mrs. E. L. Eiradbnry. cf Dallas, Texas; Mrs. George H. D , | ip . i •• cl uallns. Texas 2101110, UnSOUIld raith. Campbell, Augus htmd and in Dummy's, thai garcling the number of Mrs, Brait- orlglnal No Trump bidder hekl the bury's Clubs lor several re.rsxis. ;ta, Maine; Mrs. j Ace of Spades. With Declarer win-' she was sure to Imve the King of IVJP>—Re- |:o-;s tcdiv a definite Annie Adair Foster. Adnnta. Ga.; and Viclor Fla. R. Smith, of Miami. nlng a Irlck In either ol t;i; ma- Clubs. and the other unpiaycd jors, Dummy would b? able to nm clubs were the 8, '2. and the Jack . . „ .. . „, , hcr 10 »B Diamonds, and game In exposed In Dummy. Mrs. Poster he given President Charles Mrs. Bradbury', as Dealer, South, that ease would be assured for De- had played the 3 on Hie first irlck of Southwestern college ->n opened the game by bidding a well-• clarer. Mr. Smith therefore ileier- i therefore could not have had thr rur his rcsi°- justified No Trump on her hand! mined to make what Is called an! Deuce. So that-card was In Dcwhich.contained: Spades. A. 8. 7, 2; | exit play; he played the Kln« o! • clarer's hand Furthermore Mr rian minister! Hearts. K, 7. 0. 3; Diamonds, A. 2; ! Diamonds, sacrificing It on Dcrbr-1 Smith was reasonably sure thai 111 and in o:u' clubs, K, 9, 2. Mr. Smith, Wesl,.er's that Declarer could not Mrs Bradbury held either three. f t!:clr charges against him ..aid held: Spades, J. 4. 3; Hearls. J. 2: j put him in the lend with a Din-: clubs or three Diamonds because •i'j I rioiif'i tier nllH dill Off i inmnit lt> T-.I i_ ir f. rt\..\._ > n n -, - I ... i I . _ _ . •-»*»• IHMIIMJ,>.k?s. u;ry |ial!on. "Mcihpils Pr.sbyterran iiicctin j with Die! a;icl!is and entertainments Diamonds. K, C; Clubs, A, Q. 7. 6, 5, .uv sancliracd by college oilicials 4. n e passed, as he saw no paint in |rt the detriment ot students and hiririinir his clubs and thereby his opixments from suit bid at' which rt the (tctnmeiu ot students and bidding his C li.u Lr. Uiehl was cxti-avn-sjn pro bably driving .III! co'.lo-;.' InnCs am, •;-..! :/.• No Ttamp lo a "unsound in In'lth." the Prosbvteriaii they might go game, whereas at , „- . . , j No .•Trump he might tleteal the ; if Dr. D:ehl is unable tu ccr • • contract. e.ct these conditions then Sout r .t- i !mv :i k'ho can." on. ui the psst fcricied. be Strangulation ;o? Ycung Chicago Mrs. Campbell, In the North, e - 1 1 holding: Spades, K, 5; Hearts, A, '15, 4; Diamonds, Q. 10, 8, 5. 4. 3; ; Clubs. J, 10. had quite a problem lo decide. After considering whether to bid her Diamonds or (o pass partner's No Trump, she de- In favor of the latter course moiid. . If .she had held live cards of a ma- This play looked ominous to t'.io i jor suit she probably would have Declarer, but there was nothingO:-| bid that suit instead of No Trump, her to do but lead another Dla-1 For reasons already stated It was mond and see what happened. I not likely that she had three Dla- When Mr. Smilh, West, played lire j monrts, therefore she must have 6. the purpose of Iris exit play was! had the three Clubs. Mr. Smith's quite apparent; he wanted a Dla- j deductions made him certain of the rnond trick won by his side lo be token by East so that thc Clublsad a{lvlsabluty of inadu the exit, Mrs. Bradbury's po- could come through Ihc Declarer's sition was hopeless; the position of King. ; the cards and her adversaries' skll While Virs. Bradbury, Declarer,, made It Impossible for hcr lo make realized she was running into blind alley, there was no chance to make game except by continuing more than one odd. Ar Contract Bridge, South would open with a No Trump, and after i owing to the fact that her six-card the Diamonds. So she won in Dum- i WO.H'S pass. North would have Ihe J ;CHTCAGO, Dec.. 24. lUPi— The i Diamond suit headed by the Queen j my with the Queen, and relumed llrangulalion of Miss' Mary Jud-i was not likely to produce game at• i 'he 6-spot to establish the suit. Mrs. lint, 20. under mizzling ' ~ .._._.. Iff.nces, enured authorities lo de- ed at Mo Trump, especially on the lain Jack Antrim, 29, was B Diamond lead, and I Ffir/luw}! Woiiia Mrs. Foster pljyed the 1 and |^« r ««'t-« 1\€WS !Mrs. Bradbury the Ace, Mr. Smith I conndcnt ihiil Mrs. Foster had | Dorn ' Member 15lh, to Mr. irnd Jack and 9 rernnlnlirg. ll wns !rs - Jl - L - Ix »™. a d««glH;r. Beniile Meredith was In Krimoti r business I-Ylday morning;. « M !&: e T Ssrs.1'" H;,; "• cml -"«»"»»"-""""<« with relatives there. Elmer Tucker of Cannl, Ark, , rad bii:-!:iess in Cardwell l-Vi:lay. :' ;ll ' is m Cirnlwell last wc;>k. to fall from Hie bridge. He fell iiboul ten feet, bruising his shoulder and fmilna his nose. Treatment wns sivfii by Dr. Eli Hack. \V. I). Tntom had business In Kennclt Friday morning. A. J. nichter of I'lnc Illult wn< part ol the week. Ar j. : Joss Carnell ol Boynton tind bin- Born Uecenrber lij. to Mr, an:l i Women's Mission »ry society met Tnesdny, Der. lUli. •at Ihe home of Mrs. J. M. 3ca born. The puigrtmi wns In chaige ol Mrs. Charles Jolinson. After UK business meeliiig lerreihrnrnls wci? seived by Ihc hcstess. Krom school: School will be i!lr.- inlwrt a week for Ihe holldnys, In- Boynton visited relallvcs at Card- Mend of 3 days, as wns originally . Mrs. Ed Duck, a daughter. Luclati Lasler was In ri\rnRoiil:l on business Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry O'Sullrv.u: have returned from Film, Mich, where lliey have been for some tune. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil BMiop of well Tuesday. Tiioipas . Donaldson, Dunklln county sheriff, was In Cardwell on business Saturday. Born. December 12th, to Mr. and Mrs. (C. N. Holder, a son, Mrs. J. I. Taylor, of Gibson, Mo.. planned. The llrlrd issue of "Trail)..' high school paper. 1ms br?n released. The semester examination; will be held tin- second week after tli luilldny.s. Tlif senior-Junior Enj- ILsh class is studying "Sonicncc mid Theme," In place gf Uielr regular , , .. , ..... .... . had business in Curdwell Monday, j English liteialure. The Hvst Miss Lurline Lamb visited at Mo-! nette last week. Mrs. A. b. Davidson of Kennell vlslled her mother, Mrs.. John Mann, here Tuesday. yeirr ijaun class Is preparing tor [Ire county scholarship contest which will be held soon. C. B. Thorns:,™, of Cirpo Ollrar- I dean, had tartness in Cardwell business in Cnrdwoll Wednesday. J. W. I'.itterson of Arbyrd Imd business In Cnrdwell Tuosdny. (Ihristinas Gifts Los* Kx pensive Sas Post master Employers of local jioslofflcc, r.'lro an- Han'.i Cluus 1 right hand men rimine the Christmas rush, are keeping up nlili the Yulellde btis- lnes.s right alonf Oils week, J. H. Klklns. uodimiMcr, declared thL' rnronlng. Of foursi' th? rush has required exlrii work on the part of the. of- fics employees and mailmen but deliveries of thousands of Chrht- inns Rifts anil Yuletlde greetings has piocredcd at n fast pace. Postmaster Elklns estimates tho vulnmv of limitless handled thru the local offlm this year to be between a fourth and n third below the normal Christmas business. "Many iMcka^es are mailed," Mr. Klklns slated, "but you notice lhat Miss Rae Shirley, of the Dunk- I Wednesday, lln County Health Unit, at Ken-1 On Wednesday afternoon the pu nett, In Cirrdwell on business Filler, East, ot course won (his (the fourth) with the Jatk, barber, i side. Mrs. Foster. In the Bait, was and then led a Club which ena- vlth whom she lived, for quc:tSon- ' forced to pass, as she held only.; bled Mr. Smith. West, to capture today. i Spades, Q. 10,9. 6; Hearts, Q, 10. 9. Declarer's guarded King and run Judkin'r. bodv, z silk scarf I 8 > Diamonds, J, 9, 7; clubs, 8, 3. five Clubs. Thus Declarer was held Oixmlng the play against South'? . to one-odd instead of the easy ° Trump,' Mr. Smith, West, led ' game which she would have made ts fourth-best Chrb. the 0-spot. j had Mr. Smith, Wesi, failed to get loosely around her neck, i Iras found on the floor of a nearj lmrtl».ide apartment late yestsr- liay- when Antrim's cries summon- Dummy, I'd other tenants. Miss Betty • Played the 10; ~ ' ' a nurse, said Antrim North, Declarer East, played the Trey, and Declarer, South, played kr In the hall outside his anart-j tllc 9 - A[ter taking the first Club |nenl "and told her- his "wife 1 Declarer was sure of two rid of the embarassing King of Diamonds on the first Diamond trick. Commenting on the hand, Mr. Work complimented Mr. Smith for |iad committed suicide by strangu-; Spades. lv,-o Hearts and one Dia- I recognizing his chance to make the lalion. I mond. which with the Olub already I spectacular and difficult exit play. | won made a total of six tricks . . . iBlvflievillp firnnc tn ' quite a bit rcmoved fr °m Bame. I ~[. Ur °P s 10 I However, if she could make four Third in Cotton Receipts' Blyihcvllle dropped to third place • creased to ten. So to trick two she led Dummy's Trey of Diamonds; l:ompress receipts for the season; •last week when Pine Bluff nosed- Jahead of this city. Little Rock, |leads the state. | lOnly 16.959 bales Were ruciilved and when Mrs 1 . Poster. Ea-t. played the 7, Declarer played the Ace from closed hand. This placed Mr. Smith, West, In an awkward position. If he made of a small Dia- spectacular and difficult exit play. He also called attention to lire fact that Mr.- Smith did not monopolize the expert play. On trick one, Mrs. Bradbury played beautifully, and the trap she set for Mr. Smith would-have succeeded if he had not been a master player. Mr. Smith led a small Club to trick one. and si re:Hji.h to jump to three. Sue! jump requires a couut of 11, and North, holding an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, two Tei>3, and a long suit headed by orre ol the three top honors, had a count of 12. In a, vast majority of cases, the strength of these two hands would produce game; but with the ratter freakish distribution of ihls deal, game would be beyond Ihe reach ol any- Declurer if ihe Diamond exit were made. For his Handicap Problems, Mr. Work gave the following hands: South, (Dealer): SPADES, Q, 10, 4; HEARTS, A, K, 6; DIAMONDS, A, K, 5, 2; CLUBS, K, J, 2. West: SPADES, 9, 6, 5, 3; HEARTS, Q, J, 8; DIAMONDS, <S, 10, 8, 4; CLUBS, 7, 5. North: SPADES, K, 7; HEARTS. 10, 4; DIAMONDS, J, 9, 7, 6; CLUBS, Q, 10. 9, 8, 4. East, SPADES. A, J, 8, 2; HEARTS, 8, 7, 5, 3, 2; DIAMONDS, 3; CLUBS, A, G, 3. Wednesday. Mrs. Kcx Hooper of Sen?.!!; visited hcr mother here Tuesday. Mr. Oreer ot Parugould was in Cardwcll on business Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Newton left Thursday for Sulphur Springs, Tex., •here they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wise left Wednesday for their home at Independence, Ore., having been called here owing to death of a relative. Gilbert Smith ol Senath was a Cardwell visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Griffin and children of Flint, Mich., are visiting relatives here. D. H. Blackwood of Paragould was In Cardi'ell on business Friday. C. E. Wilkins, employe on 'the Cotton Belt section here, was injured about noon Wednesday when he fell from a railroad bridge east of Cardwell. Mr. Wilkins was placing tools on the section motor car, when his foot sllpi>fd, causing him Dummy's Ten held the trick. Mrs. Question 9. With South playing Bradbury, with King-9-2, played j No Trump (at Contract three Nc Trumps) and West leading the 4 lit Arkansas compresses last week thc ' mtu ' al . hompired to 24,339 the week prev- mcnd - Declarer doubtless woul-J |:qus and 30,030 the same week a'. lcad anotner Diamond, and in that ll'far ago. State receipts for the Evmt Mr - Smith would be forced lieason were brought to 741,170, *° wln wiln the Kin 3> whichprob- l:ompared to 1,208,983 to the same "^ wou 'd establfsh all of Dummy's |iitc last year. 'Following are receipts for Diamonds. Moreover, he would then . the • tc forced, after winning with the the 9, hoping to deceive Mr. Smith into thinking she was left with a Singleton King. If Mr. Smith had been deceived, he would have taken the second Diamond trick with the King and led the Ace of Clubs, expecting Mrs. Bradbury's King to fall. Instead of that, she would have played the Deuce, and then would have been able to make all week and for the season at leading i King of Diamonds, to lead either the rest of the tricks, scoring fivc- [iV'kansas compresses: ;Little Rock 2,410 84,514 IMcOehce 1,302 38.S12 [IPlne Bluff 1,090 74.523 '.W,3st Memphis '... 1,103 56,811 ( iHclerm l.Ool [Newport 962 •Blythevillo 833 I ;Fort Smith 174 | ;Texarkanu 652 I ;Eudora 643 IHope . ISearcy j the Ace of Clubs, hoping to drop j Declarer's King, or a Spade to get of Diamonds, which Diamonds should North and South play on Trick One? Question 10. Can Declarer make game against perfect defense, by East and West? Next week Mr. Work will answer all of the first ten questions In this handicap test. plls of lire second yradc of Unrd- wcll school, accompanied by their eaclrer, Miss Opal llarlsoe. «nvc a surprise shower to Elmer Earl Crall. one of their classmates. ner Eiirl Iras been confined to his rome for some time due lo PAQE_THRKk. a big number of the Insured packages are valued at considerably less that) In the past." Read Courier News Want Ads'. Polds Checked By modem, vaporizinc ointment—j UB OVER't7 MILLION JABS USEfl VIARLY THE HAPPIEST DAY of all the year! Christmas day, when everyone feela the spirit o£ by-Konc days and good cheer, we, too, extend our best wishes for you and yours. May this and all other Christmas Days to follow be filled with much happiness at your home. COBB UNDERTAKING CO. his leg broken when struck by u car. lie received many [jltts. mostly of candy, fruit and books. John M. Ksirnes of Senalh had Kidney Acids Break Sleep Tf Getting UP Nlffhtrt, Tlnckacho, frequent day cnlla, Leg- Pains, N«rv* QiiancHu. or lUirulntr, duo tu fiiuctloci- nl Bladder Trrllntloi;, In aelJ conditions. nuikca you f-j^l fired, <1cp reused n nJ mucoimiucU, (r 1 - i\\n ilyinoxTcdL Works fiiBt. ul.tiU circiilnllni; thru tlio system In IB mliuut-o PralHCd by tliouB/imla for rapid and jioaitlvo action. Don't [>lv0 up. 'Vry Cyatcx (pro- nonnr-cd Slss-lcx) otluv, under the Iron-Clad Guftrtuu e. Muot quickly nllay these conJltl. its, lirprovo rest ful »toe|> and e Only Sflo at , . or money buck, Klrby Drug Co. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year To All Our Friends unri Patrons PARKHURST CO. One ,Door West of 1'ostofTice- WE THANK YOU At Ihin Cliristma.i season we take this occasion to thank our many friends and customers for their l>iitrunni;c and all courtesies of the passing year. May this be the most joyful, merriest Christmas you ever hud. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE, Inc. Phono 555 BOB DENT, Prop. Across Street from Noble Hotel' (thieves Take Tobacco ' .Worth $200 at Luxora •LUXORA, Ark. — Friday night Ithreves entered tire Frisco freight Idepot-here by'breaking thc door Idown with on axe. Their loot con- liisted of about $200 worth of to- Ibacco. This is the second time Jtha't the depst has been robbed Ijhis-j.winter and each time only •tobacco has been stolen. No arests l:mve i>o?ir made but EU5[>ects are lu'nder surveilance. But Mr. Smith was able to diai- partner in to lead Clubs thru 013 30,367 511 10.555 [Relief Unit Organized • by Pastors at Luxora LUXORA, Ark. — Sunday after- Inoon the pastors of the local Icluirches called a mass meeting' lof'.their memberships and organized la.relief unit to serve under the l,iusplces of the Red Cross organiz- •ation'for thc relief of the p^^r and lunem'ployed during the Christmas Iseason. Monday a committee ccm- Ipossd of Mrs. R. C. Langston, Mr. |R...j:."GHlcspic and Rev. King-Sol- ycn, 'dlsiributed • more than ons inundrcd dollars worth of groceries [•and n large quantity of clothing. OUR GRATITUDE [Mrs, Tom Mix Obtains ••.... Divorce in 5 Minutes HOLLYWOOD, CAL., Dec. 24 ^ I(UP)—Tom Mix, internationally Iknown cowboy, movie star and I j ens pcriormrr. was divorced Irrerc today by Mrs. Victoria Mix. |who alleged esirerne mental cruelty. Trie hearing occup'2d only five l-mnutes. As the first faint, straying light of Christmas morning creeps up thc eastern sky, Jet us be among the first to convey to you the age-old greeting, "Merry Christmas." We have always felt a debt of gratitude for the good-will that the community has given us, and the feeling that we have toward our loyal friends as Christinas conies, is a sincere and simple wish that all is well in your household, that you are blessed with health and happiness. I Prison Christmas Booze . ( . Claims Memphis Victim jJs MEMPHIS, Dec. 24. (UP)—Poison | K •Christmas liquor claimed the life j ^ f James Hale, negro, here today. \'jjg. 15: MEMPHIS, I>3c. 24 (UP)—With i JgJ •the. view of "teaching convicts re- jtf Ispcct for law", Gov. Theodore Bilbo Si luf Mississippi handed out pardons .« |:o four life term prisoners at the i ff Islate penitentiary today. AUSTIN, T-x., (UPl-Tcxas has 113,000 employes on ts regular pay- Iroll and 900 mo.-e who arc oc-1 dficaslonal employes. Governor Dan j MMoOdy discovered in making a sur- 1 «/'vey for Col. Arthur Woods of Pres- ! •i Ident Hoover's Unemployment com-1 remittee. These 13.900 are state em- | ^•.lloyes only. No compilation was | •• .-/made of the municipal and county lernployes. CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER CORPORATION

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