The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 10
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FAG« TEH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ror ooo«cutlv« l J tinn per lint ................ IS ft tlmat pet Jluc p«r d*y ...... 12 9 tla?M p«r Has per day ...... V, • Um«t p*r Hn« Mr day ..... 7<. U tlm«* p«r Utt* p*r tf*r ..... *c Uotaih per tin* .............. SOc Count NT* averag* word* to tho Hno Ad orderva for three or *U times un Mopped before ciplrailon wllibecliare rd for ih« number o/ times the ad an p**r*d and adjustment ol bill made All CI (Willed AdTertisHig copy iub- oiht*rf by persona rending ouislde of th» city must b« acconi|uml«I by casb JUtM may b* tully computed (roai the *bor« table. AdveriUiuc order for Irregular Insertion* Uke* the one lljiir rat* No responsibility will ba take, fox r'.or* than one Incorrect, iu&mlon ot •nj- cijuwiflfd «d. All ads nr« restricted to theli proper eliasmcatfon. style and type. The Courier reserve* thi rJRht lo edit Njtcl any ad, Apartment For Kent Email InrnlEllcd apartment ror rent Ko children. 2128 Hflll«y SI. CUJ-, opal •*!'"•- 3,15-pk-lS Two room furnisher! apartment Fhotip 2'J2a, Mtfi. Crlncr, 4-17 K. Hoso 3; 17-|ik-20 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SEIU'lOt STATION U«ln A; Ulr.Mon Phono 25r>3 Don't fndanKer jo»r rn Uy with faulty tlr«a—BUV LEK TIRES II ie-ct-tl Jeep parts now available POOLE MOTOR CO. W« tun till Ml) ronr vleta lint. »L sin our com,LIS 'POOLE. OWNER tc OPERATOR South Hlphway 61 nt stecle. Mo Phone fUnnlfl 40 . 11112-ck-lf W« guarantee RECAPPING WITH iTAWKlNSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. «M a MAIM PHONE 3M1 H!B-cl5-t[ On TARM AND SUBURBAN ProjmtT b|)ecloj low rat. premiums. fire, windstorm. tornnUo. All coverage Dy Arkansas lc*al reserve compnnlu Safe •no, pay IOSSM rinlck. Write biythn. VIII. ABOUT, or VllONK KJKUJ 2M1 Laundry Loans Real Estate Loans i'MI.A. Loans 6% Home Loans Farm LOHDS Commurciril Loans TKKRV AHSTRACT AND HKAI,TV COMPANY '13 W. WALNUT I'HONK ml ZJS-CK-U JH£Hn?V7UJH (ARK.)' COURTKR NRWS - KlIIiO.NAL LOAN* Amotnolillc-».Ht- notnrc-cnninter-Iiirnlturo QUICK ,„]_ »»tn *rrTlcc I'rrsoimll/crt aumillon co/nc In or tcleplionp ^D2fl HKNKRAL OONTriACT PURCHASK COHPORATION • I" W Ash fit. Blythevlll« Ark 1521-i-k-tr Money to Loan °" I, 01 ' "='','1 n l««n lo renal, or rc- miri? AO <i<j«-n nnvinrnt. no mor- I(;K IKI rod trtor FHA API'MOVKIJ RATE Jra, ASK 'i-on OKTAII'H Max Logan, Realtor I'lmiie 2034 I.y,,,.|, n,iU,||,, B Dlyllicvllli!. Ark Money To Loiiu On fiii-in land or city prop. )'(y. We also buy notes. CON\VAY & I-IOUCIIINS Glencoo Hotel rUn'lding. Mattresses INVMST IN KRST ' . CO. ol mythovllln. now IK-rs to .imkn vo,, r „!„ I( . u ,,, l ', lU[ . s , i «'•"'» «' tiie low cost or only man r II you i,r(>ror m, Innrrsprliis mnrlo . ,; r "'" "'"«"•«». »•« win .ID , ,i . "'""' '" '«.3'l. Nolhlnc t llir licst ol uialcrliils Is mm n, " "•'eel. A\l" ' J ANL. " V 1'!'" °"' ""'»"•«">., iniu'lllnrry All wnrk L-imr ONE -1RLt> Oft DIIOI 1 A S IIT « MATTRESS COM* DAY SKRVICK" Btauty Services »' — • — . „ Pre Easter Special All permanent wavrs are at tiir bMt after several Virekly thnmiioo To look your best rtvirlnn n.e anrln • no nimmer months, get your nc p*rmanent NOW tt Sue's Beaut)' Shoppc 110 Dougan Phone 2010 3jia-ck-27 1 Building Material LUMBER FoTSde If you own your lot, have ft little money, will funu'sli rou lumber to build your home. At mill, Cnnip Moul- tri« Drive. 0. S. KOLLISON Phone 3309 2-18-ek-3-18 SPECIAL Do your own work and save Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any -other tools you , miv need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 Eox 059 Blytheville, Ark. 3-3-ck-tl Business Opportunities ^fofice Sporting Goodj Bir.r. GODWIN" sroirriNG coons IT'S WILSON TODAY IN SI'OK'I-S KQUIPMKNT 3:i3-ck-< 12 For Sale, City Property GOOEY FOOEY HOOEY BLOOEY 5th at Walnut ompang 1'hone 4453 COTTON PLANTING SEED" O. l>. 1,.. H Slnlo Certified. Blue Tag,' Dclinlcil and Treatwl. 100 lb. new days _WKPNRgDAY, MARCH 17, 1948 Modern lour room house half hla,- 01 JUaln si. ;. r ice H600. »I,70C dowi bHh.nce Ilku jml. w " r"7u Ur -l™°! 1 " " UU ' 0 °" ° larlt Hl - "" conu'r ™"' "°"" °" """' '"« '1'wo clmir u:irlji-r SHOD on \v M-.LT Bt. WniK-om. Four room modern hoim coiincclioji. Ttrms 'ai".""'?"'™! 1 ! C ' ty pr °" crty or '" r " J.UTIIKH CUIAV. Hfaltor izu B. Bycanioro or for Sale, Misc. An Kiifilc -Star pin '""' °"° ith small din 3 "«-p°-J9 One A and II apartment, slxo oloctrl IMJKe.^jlntme 2H7-1. 3,n-jjk-24 ciiKhman scooter. Uroaclwivv H^r X«lns. 401) w. Ash. nlglit ciill 285i Blflrk enamel lustre 1 ™* Jl n wallon W. A. Plt'knrd Oroccry-Cicilcral Mer Handler. 3M E. Main. • J;l6-ck-2a Deluxe riKHjrl Norgft electric stove In xccjlenl condition. Prlcc-d ri>u.soi)Hl,lo •11^ Walnut. 3;l7-pk-20 _ Riirroujfh's CASH RKCIS- 'MR. Prai-iicallv jiew, O 1 - 2-27-ck-tt Atjim lioii cental roti lation;il dio txnn-]> rleclrlr st^ trailer. Ihrne rooms K< illlloii. nmalic ninue' !n- iK^iU'r. .Sljniiion. 1 ; bed stu- ;in(i lolrluenuor. Warner |l rr s, A real home . . rr s, tvcietli .Mallils. Highway ni S _ _ a .n-pn-21) ll B nrtlor. Ju^l typewriter 111 ill, IS" L-nrrlns "'"' "'" l l "" >l P. I.KNTI A- I'done ^J2^ jjood wor jypr-hnmc wlin "ic nll)oartl ian. phone 1OIO iM^-v. ojle h.iljy KK-IMK . 5 H. P. Kolir'rl Wi Id«- 3 n-pk-21) For Sale or.n NEWSPAPERS COTjniEn N'E\VS OFFICE 10110 tl Easy Does It son team ™ s ,. f il ther and —. ..:..„. imilio /Canuidio and litlle Samuel, Mexico's acrobatic water skiing champions, yocs through a precarious routine at Cypress Ijarclens, Kla. Samuel eventually readies full height standing 6n his father's shoulders. Help Wanted OBCEOLA. AHK. BRYAN FARMS J'HONE 3.13-ck- Farmer's Column I ..rnlr' S , OV »«ANS (or sr erl. win „,- .ui«e irr , oylm ,,, s or ra[ " U U. ilATTIIUWS CMN CU ING. I'lionc 727 Vjirbro, Ark. ___ __ 3, £6-1^-30 SRLI, WANT DON'T AND BUY^WHAT YOU DO _ for So/e, Farms ^240 ACRKS (rood "land. Four houses, throe barns on Kood gravel road. Five miles from Blytheville. Price ?2LO acre, Johnny Mavr Real Estate 1.12 S. Second Phone <l| 1 1 LCJTHEtt CRAY. Rcnl 121) E. Syc-amoro or Phone 51 a 3,13-1^-21 ACHES Experienced Stenographer, Bookkeeper Excellent future for nght person. W i 1 1 interview Thursday at Bui-art Shoe Co. Stecle, Mo. See Mr. Marti Wanted to Buy Used baby piti7~pci |)ii" in good condition. Phone 2935 - 3-13-ck-l7 Lost and Found n. Help Wanted, Female Stenographer wanted fo legal-work. Call 8272 or 2!W7.i' Private Rooms Bedroom with hot wrue day. Call 4(,n after 6 p.n .l.ll-pk-18 N'OTICK Notice Is hereby R hm, that the unricrsignrd »-i!J «-iil,ii; tl, e time ii-vnri by law apply to the Commissioner of Rpvrnup.s of Hie Statr- of Arkansas for a permit lo sell beer at retail at South Hitv.iy Rl R p °- N ,°- »• Blytheville, MlKiss'inpi County, Arkansas. The undersigned state, that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good mnrnl character, that he h«., never been convictort of a felony or other crime involving moral turptitiule- tbat no Jicense to sell beer l, v the ' indei-signcrt has been revoked within five years last past; nnd that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relat- i ing to the sale of alciiolic liquors, j w . E. Smith i oiioscnijrd nnd sworn to before ' .. 3-11-ok 1S ! lnc s !uh das ' of March. 19-18. ' Mr.s. Alarslmll Blackard, I ISKAL1 Notary Public. My Codilnission expires March 9, j 3,17-jili-iR ARE YOU A Walking Man? Why walk when Sullivan. Nelson has so many good used cars? Thousands of miles of service still left in these can. fasy GMAC Payment Plan 1!)1! Chevrolet Town Sedan, radio and heater. Maroon finish. Special—SSHft.OO. 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan, new scut covers, 5 K o<>d tires, beautiful sreen finish hcaler an(1 ril(lio ' it>s -—• ^ ^^ ^^ Chevrolet Company Successor to Loy Etch Phone Texaco Proilucls C "T O 2 * ' D/O Seib< Service inn Tires ! llse ' fcc of Hundred and an Dollars (S150.00I per vehicle; said license to cover the per-! lori of one calendar year between ' the first of January and the thirty- first or December. E. R. Attest: Mar. JACKSON, Maj'or. FRANK WHITWORTH. 24 Hours n 3 Bedroom, 3U N. Ninth. Phon Bedrooms. Blytheville Hotel Plionc J5 '' _ l,23-pk-32!) ft'lce bedroom, close 31(1 w Walnut. Comfortable 2675. bfttlroon ORDINANCE NO. 48S /\.\ OKDJ.VAXCI-; TO AMKND ^IXUMBKR 172 OF THE CITY'OF m.yiHKVIU.K. ARKANSAS. DE IT ORDAINED BY THE Men „,,!,. Z 1 '™ VOUXCIL OF THE CITY 220-ck-32o! O f BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS' SECTION' ONE- That Section sew WANT i Courier News Classifieds. 2 2S-i)!t-3 36 IlfcAIU) the J\tnKt7~7T7 >I5S. Kinn 1-01,1,1 c'li^iis ;«'i! |ii;rlcclly. Ural Vain !~ J ", u ' on Florists Household Goods _ A™« S thc * inic '" '"stai Nothing down— up to 3 months to pay. HUBBAKD IfARDWARK CO 213 W. Main Foods Reach for Hart's Bread. -- . __ 31-cfc-tf __ _ insurance Protection apaliist all INSURABLE HAZARDS *" Phone 3545 -W. J. Pollard Aqency Planned Insurance IS.7-C1-U Plumber Photography , „ Set fices 01 .storlr. ['hour f.7. l mounter! two ni -toir, fnr Jolln Drn ~ry. I nillr Kn For Sale, Cars & Trucks '.^ Ooili; KtlK SALE: -in prrlcct u ni A-mnclcl Portl Cnll 793 nttcr 4:00 ,n?i •' ""'' brl>t , £ ,'" ' ''""' '"•"<"• «ls c.1,10 Phoni- »72. _ Hill Ford Tudor, radio am! Otl tiros 12-pK-l!) 3533. e N- Typewriter TYPEWRITERS tonTor, B f,K Uh ' C °' Cn " •"'" R«""^DON EDWARDS nililirr. ton picliiip ti-uck. f'atll witli it. '•12 .\fi<rcin-y four door so- ilaii. New p;iiiil, irood I ires, « mid boater. i!ni-ir;iiu. I.KK MOTOR SALKS I'll one 5ID 3-a-i-k-l'f NO MOIIR WAITINC,! I'HOXK OR WRITK T'oolo.MotorConipaiiy. \Vo'll l>.v for a (lonionsiration ttxlay ol' tho \Villys Jeep, tlio I'i'iil t.ittle Jinn's' C;ir. I'onlc, Owner and \V- M. I! URNS, Realtor lilythrvllle. Ar*. 3 15-pk-I« For Sale —City Property «'lth hltchen pr ^losc In nicely furnlslicd KHcJloa prlvltcyps. 218 K, -,.,';.'.' :IU "Ol'sekccplng 38-px-l.i b*'»lroon I'ront bedroom, close 1 not ivntcr. phone 2062. Hcclroom convenient to hnili s- neat. P|, onc 332S. 611 w. Via],,. neon I17) of ordinance number [•"''' Of the ordinnnces of the f'ity »17 ChlcKa- of Blytheville. Arkansas be and the same is hereby amended to leiici us follows: "Section Seven- K ' '?,V 5 I r 0 ™' Thilt htrC! ' rt < :r ewry person, -. ib-ps-ls | lirm or corporation oiicratiii); anv room pnonc! mot "'' Proi'd'ccl vehicle for the 3 15-jiK-iz : transportatinn of passengers for C'onvint ' "' r<1 , ° V ° r ' hc SU ' CCts ai " ! Avenues 3 i6"nk-io ! " r thc (:it -v of Blytheville, Arkan" pay to the city an annual ATTENTION MR. C L. PERRY, formerly of the Bl.vtheville Sales Company, is now with us as General Radio and Appliance Repairman For the best in Radio Repair and Appliance'Main- tenance call us ?t 3450. HUBBARD&HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY Here's HOW to gct f ar i y \ Announcements Spring Delivery on a New NKW- AND MODERN five rooms and hatli equipped with ;iiil(j;natic hot ivaler heater, floor furnace, beautiful hard-, \voorl floors, sc-rccnod-in back porch. Located i,, new rcsi- if I/ I X/ D I / f\ r tlcntial subdivision. Can bo C * > lV K U U C financed at '!'«. XICICIIHOKHOOD O;RY, few steps <,,, „,„,„ ^ ™^^«^> - -,r mo:or no,. A 2n ^ (lo|]osil ; hiou,. wijiidnig ,. iin wm give yo(l pl , Loi . ltv dn]i at lair roiilal. A »„.,! s|wrkllng I1C w -« Kvmrude. We t.-^, A-L proposition j yill accept a few nsotl motors of ap- I rutlcs! 'jPolitical i - in ahead of the sprintr rush G R 0- when there are never enough Evin- rnrtcs lo BO aroiinrt! Call and choose rackl Vl ' ntoi ' v ... - AX1) KATII jl'wancc. We have In stock for i',n- III jrootl condition on Missouri | mcrtiatc ''e'^'fry. « liinilctl rinantili- Avenue. Can be financed ':"' 5 4 " l ° H ' P ' a " ri 9 7 - JO '"-P-Evin" OUI'LKX located i,, ,' lilrh class neighborhood. S 1 ^. Medium down «'ill liamdc, can unco at. -l'i. I-inv lax ^Vill ne(i l,;tl- McKINNON'S Manila, Ark. South Hiirhway . Mo. I'lioneStcele-l!). 1'KICKI) e |, ltR . llonl Dogs, Cofs, ond p cfs r H srS*"!^,;:: lr ^ r ^"-'"<-<l ro< •luvnp'vj.vj 1 "" lcfl A l'> 5. Alrliii _ ___ Farmers Column For Sale, Farm •i'imn S n 1 ' E: Olvhu: '" 'll"nr^l~r.h"- i a. i .J! ,',t "n'o I '"- "" r "" c '" r S!l1 ' 1 ivil IIIIKI lorninl In iM^c o f "n o i™'",'li , ' . I Jlillrnon U f !Il,-.luv;, b .« 27, a ,,,l ;',;, . . I[ »oili-rn -si-vcti room liouso in ! [;;';; ,','.? v ^, ''Onilltlr.ii one l.loi-k from I'U.i. l!,ii<l will pu.du.r '[mm' l' "l,, " 'j 11 "Moi» |,,, 1U | r,-tuc<l IliK ,-,'ir (,v- joiic-lnurth of ,-,,Uon nmt oVr'thlni ."./"'Jor 5 ',.?',"' 1 ,.,'^" 1 ''i 11 '!, '.™" rr $1| '<™ l'l'«""in<l "i'"'- 3 ° """ S "'' 1: """'l S n'°0 1 Tills u Ursl l-.hy in nnnklhi (.'onnlv I lire S2I.POO Terms on {lilnm lr in- j Us:rtl ronlnct H. V. SKWKI.I, Pralior 1 K-nnctt, Mo., or A,1<lrr:s Owner ro : l").v 1-1 Hol.-o.nb, Mo. r-Uom- 610 i . _ 3 16-plc-IR 160 Rcrc cotton farm urnr M^ntli on Illcrnvay M.ill, fcliool bus' in to' I 1-lecincity, rf | Cfd ',„ wll DUS ""'"•• Hvc room lio<^p nnd inl in Mtinna I Sec CIIAPIN' or TtrrOX ' ' l.U-pk-19 I 61 «.sl.. Can'l.e C ,m,'cr\ c ,| ^ llo < Senor V ^ :1 ' C " tal ^'^' MAX LOGAN ' Realtor StOH- irt lot The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject lo thc ccneral city elect Ion. April 6: and the Democratic Primary, July aoth and August 3rd: FOIt AT.m;i!M\N Hirst W.iril) Jesse M Wliilc Harry Taylor L. C. (Bud> Posc.v Jr. (Second Warill .1. I,. (Jodiei Nailers FOR CITY CI.KRK Larry Knras W. 1. i Hill i Malin fOUNTV TRKASIlllKli Tiank Wliitwort!i COVNTV COURT Cl.l;HK Elizabrth Blythe FOR COKONF.R E. M. HOLT 1'OU COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Rhipppu STATi: KEl'llESIiNTATIVK Leslie N. "Dllkie" Speck COTTON FARMERS Chcmloallr dclintrrl cotton .wrrl Ecrmii«le r]iilcXer. i and [>low Ihe s.-ime week. Reduce chopping irftw ninre cotton. ST.ITK CKRTIFIEI) VARIKTIKS AVAILABLE n. A r. L. No. U. p,r M Ik ba« '..flO.M .Slwiievillft 2-B, p^r A# Ih. bxf .,..,.. 10.0# Howdcn Al-B, prr 5* IK baj 10.6* Other rarletii-K Mnlf A Half illlbrrill por r>0 lb. h.iif Sloilf.villr 2-C. per S« )h. bac rokrr. ll» Will HMislant, prr ,Vt Ili. h.iK .„.., ) r.inla, iwr M Ih. h»]f lo.:,(| Kmplrr, p f r Ml lb. bar 10.50 "M tn and place jour nrdcr or jcl .vnur .inpplj lorlar. m.VTHF.VlM.K SOVBKAN CORP. , rhone «f,6 rllylbeviltc, Ark. Phone »S7 Hranchfji I.e»rbville. Ark. C'anlwell, Mo Hornersville, anil Scnalli, Mo. H,,JW ^—^ lo.ofl ak ,..., ^ * WE OON'T MAGNIFY YOUR TROUBLES- WE FIND THEM AND FIX THEM/ I) '.,, and w« put your car in perfect shape for spring driving! Our mechanics will go over your car with an eagle eye and you may b« sure that your auto will get service "plus" when anyone of our «xp«rts check it! Drive in today! GET OUR REAL BUICK SERVICE IT COSTS NO MORE! m^^^^ 'WALNU'T AT BHOAi^^DS^ti^TiiS^iF j;.

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