St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on October 9, 1907 · Page 5
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 5

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1907
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATHH OCTOBER 9. 1007 STEEPLE JACK GOES UP 703 f" Mr a. Embr Dle Suddenlr- The funeral of Mrs. Peter Embssr, 4 0 years old, who died of heart dis COAL HEAVERS UNITE TO RAISE PRICE FOR VANDIVER CALLS (iflZ&MD'FEADER KAND Petticoat Sale Thursday HYDEBLOCM and Heather, bloom Petticoats; the kind you hear so much about are specially priced for Thursday's selling. They are all splendid-ruade garments, and exceptional values at Thursday's prices. Hydebloom Petticoats, with deep tucked flare flounce, finished with small ruffle; in black only; $1.23 values; spe Chauncey Qlcott Co. Concert and Song Recital The following members of the Chauncey Oleott Company will give a frpe musical for the benefit of our patrons in our Music Section Thursday afternoon: Mr. Gustav Salzer, Pianist. Mr. Jerome Hayes, Tenor. Mr. Bernard Glasser, Violinist. Come and enjoy the rendition of these musical numbers': One Little, Sweet Little Girl. Every Star Falls in Love With Its Mate. A Rose of Old Perry. . (Song hits from O'Neill of perry.) S?ow Queen, the new novelette by Mr. Salzer, the composer of Laces; and Graces, etc.: hear Dreaming, the great sons hit; 'Neath the Old Cherry Tree, Sweet Marie; In the Land of the Buffalo; Heartsease (a reverie) ; The Enchantress (waltz!. S;. TOTING WINTER FUEL Only Men Who Charge Increased Rates Permitted to Accompany Wagons. It will cost you 50 per cnt more to have your coal put in the cellar this year than It did last winter. A combine has been formed by the men who do this work. It has not yet risen to the dignity of a union, but there Is a definite trade agreement. The coal heavers have enllste- the services of the wagon drivers, who ara expected to aid in enforcing the scale. Heretofore the price paid for putting in coal has been 1 cent a bushel. The new scale is 1 cents a bushel. Thus it now costs $1.50 to put i,j bushels of soft coal as compared with SI last year, and the handling of a ton of hard coal Is advanced from "25 cents to 37'4 cents. Increased co3t of living is the reason given for the advance. Coal heavers wait at the coal yards and accompany the loads as they go to their destination. I'nder the agreement with the drivers only heavers who charge the new scale are permitted tg accompany wagons. MAKE THIS Petticoats of Heatherblocm, with deep tucked flare flounce, .finished with, open embroiderv ruffle; come in black only; $3.25 values; special at $2.50. UP AT YOUR price Thvrsday of the operatic each, 3 for 50c. "fjin LITTLE RENT Why not take advantage of low prices are an index Rusts. 9x12 feet Wilton V1 Wilton numbers and popular hits, 10c ) MEANS LOW PRICES!" our savins: in rent these of how it benefits you. CO QO s s RuS3' $17 SO 'Uet..... $19.50 Velvet Rugs, CftQ "7 C Prepare it at Home by Shaking Ingredients Well in a Bottle. Tapering Waist R. and G. Corset "make" your figure. They fit as accurately as if made to measure, and are comfortable and pliable. We have now a full line of the latest Fall models in stock in all lengths to suit all figures. Illustrated is a Corset specially de-sifrned for a good-shaped, full fijrure. Price in coutii (No. F-4), $3150; in batiste (No. F-5), same price. Every pair guaranteed. atttAtSa 104x13 toet dwaf r $sS Japanese Mattings, a q What will appear very interesting to many people bere is the article taken from a prominent Health journal, giving a simple prescription, as formulated by a noted authority, who claims that be ha found a positive remedy to cure almost any case of backache or kidney or bladder derangement, in the following simple prescription if takeu before the stage of Bright? disease : Fluid extract Dandelion, one-half ounce; Compound, Karagoil, one ounce; Compound Syrup SarsRpa-rilla, three ounces. Shake well n a bottle and take in teaspoonful !oes after each meal and again at bedt.i me. A . wel?-knowi local druggist I Special! $1,25 T OUISE Corsets of fing eoutil steel j medium bust; long ROEHRIG c JACOBY 1223 O IVE STRFET ers attached ; fl.2o values; special Thursday at ode. (Corset Section Second Floor.) Last Week of the Free Art Exhibit, "The Village Blacksmith" by H. De Mareau, Valued at $42,500 Second Floor reel UN Oliiatn uunuiuu (Ernest Capella Will Paste Goldleaf at the World's Kecora Altitude. ..EW YORK. Oct. 9. Erne tapeua, ( a nervy little steeplejack, expects to . put up a new high climbing record to- day when he ascends the nagstan oi the Singer Building tower to clamp the gilded globe to the top of the staff. At about 703 feet above the ground, Capella will go to work then a paste the gold leaf on the globe. Altogether the staff of welded steel is 93 feet 3 inches long. Above the pin nacle of the tower it stands w reel inches. Thirty-four feet of it Is firmly supported Inside the tower. At the tip. ) where the ball will rest, it is 5 inches ; in diameter. Tbe steel globe is u mcnes in diameter. ARE YOU MARRIED? Simply phone Monarch Laundry to send wagon for family wash. Separate departments. Rough dry. Breach of Proinlw Suit Dismissed. The suit for $10,000 damages for breach of promise filed by Annie Pcpelick of Valley Park, against Peter Chott of Ftnton has been dismissed hecaise of the failure of the complainant to give security for costs. Miss Popelick has married William Henricks of Jefferson County, and is now oh her honeymoon. HOME when asked regarding this prescription, stated that the ingredients are all harmless and can be obtained at a small cost from any good prescription pharmacy. He Further stated that while this prescription is often prescribed in rheumatic afflictions with splendid results, he could see no reason why it would not be a splendid remedy for kidney and urinary troubles and backache, as it has a peeu'iar action . upon the entire kidney structure, cleansing these most important organs and helping them to sift and filter from the Mood the foul acids aud waste matter, which cause sickness and suffering. Those who suffer can make no mistake in giving it a trial. Turn-Down Bulbs P COXOMICAL Turn Pown Electric Bulbs for the hall, den, dining room, bathroom, etc.; saves electric light bills; price, 60c. Bottle Openers CTERXAU'S Patent Stopper and Bottle Openers are the handiest thing imaginable around the house. 50c and 25c. See demonstration. Ralston Purina Flour O ALSTON'S Purina Whole Wheat Flour; makes delicious buns and bread; come and try them. Carpet Beater CPRINO Handle Carpet and . Clothes Beater; something new ; lessens labor; two sizes, 25c and 10c. Firefly Grinders TNDISPEXSABLE article for fine edge tools, with double rest for sharpening snins shears and pliers; r- ' prices. $1.50 and ?3.00. Kirchen Novelties Ti UTTER Curlers for indU vidual service O 1 i v Stoners and articles for making Saratoga chips and shoestring potatoes; choice. 25c. BREAD Box; heavy rdirrnnl fin loivn " iOiilC size; with hinge japanned and stene tied ; worth 69e; at 39c. ill ease at 2925 Pine street, will be held j in Freesport. 111. Mrs. Embs-r was a j member of the Houston. (Tex.i Aux- 1 iliary of ths Typographical Union and was well known among the members of the org-anlxatlon. Her husband and iter survive her. SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE What is Causing the Increase tarrh in St. Louis? of Ca- In spite of the best effort oi medical men, catarrhal troubles are increasing not only in St. Louis, but ali over the country. Catarrh is a germ disease, and to cure it germ life in tbe breathing organs should be destroyed, and to do this no other treatment has such positive and benefkal action os Hyomei. When the mucous membrane is irritated and raw and the tissues weak ened, there is cn ideal lodging place! tor catarrhal germs. Breathe Hyomei j and see how quickly it soothes the membranes, vitalizes the tissues and destroys all the disease germs, rendering catarrh no longer possible. i There is no dantrerous stomach drugging when liyomci is lined; no tablets or ljfrunl mixtures, whereby the digestion l often destroyed and intestinal troubles added to the horrors of catarrh. Breathed through the neat pocket inhaler that conies with every Hyomei outfit, the healing balsams penetrate to the most remote air cells of the throat, nose and lungs, destroying the. catarrhal germs so that quick recovery follows. We positively guarantee Hyomi. for should you buy a complete outfit, price $1.00, and be dissatisfied witu results your money will be refunded. Hyomei i sold by druggists every--vhere. Write for literature. Booth's ITvompi Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Clothes Economy ? Some clothes have plenty c.f style, but they do not keep It. Some lack style, but because of fabric, quality and workmanship, give long service. Neither is a good suit neither represents the right value for Its price. The truly economical clothfs to buy are those which observe tho real dictates of style and combine them with fabric worth and conscientious workmanship. The result Is both style and service that Is the kind of clothes to be had at Croak's. For Instance, in the overcoat Illustrated above Is to be found the most recent dictates of fashion, and we are privileged to offer It In several fabrics of our own direct Importation. Tt is really enough to say It is tailored the Croak's way. but to be doubly sure we add our guarantee of your absolute satisfaction. Sack Suits and Overcoats. Ready-to-wear. $15 to $4K. Olive and Tenth. shTi vmsn BOX E f $522 A Ylffi MID VPWARPS 5P1TFERFRTSI1MS OT TUB $522 BOX SAFE PEP0S1T DEPARTKSTtT ST.LOUIS VHiOTJ TRVST CO. F0VRTH C 10CVST ) List Few Dili II. CRANE BANKRUPT SALE Prufrock 4th Fcrsitiri Co. St.Cbarics I 1 I 1 I o o C L What Is i nmj J. 14 w OH TOWN MUTUAL FOR NEW RULE No More One-Man Management for Insurance Co., Superintendent Says. SIXTY DAYS TO PAY All Debts Must Be Settled; Committee of Officers to Control. Acting under advice of Assistant Attorney-General Gentry, State Insurance Superintendent Vandiver addressed a communication Wednesday to the directors and officers of the Mercantile Town Mutual Insurance Co., demanding the alteration within the next tiO days of certain dlegred conditions In the company's offices. Mr. Vandiver prefaces his order, with the statement that the company's affairs are in an unsatisfactory condition, and imposes the following requirements. - First, there must be set aside out of premiums on policies not less than two nor more than ten p-r cent as a surplus fund. Second, the guaranteed fund certificates to the amount of $60,000 sold by the i company under promise oi depositing the money with insurance department must be accountPd for to his office hv depositing the entire amount in cast) or the equivalent in securities. Third, the company must cease to be a one-man organisation. An executive committee of not less than thre, either of whom shall be an officer of the company, must be chosen to supervise the company's affairs at least once & month. Fourth, the Insurance department has had complaints showing that the practice of the company lias been to delay settlement of losses for the apparent purpose of inducing the policyholder to compromise his claim, and this alleged practice must stop. Mr. Vandiver says. In conclusion, Mr. Vandiver insists that the company pay up a!l outstanding obligations within the next CO days and file a financial statement of its condition with his department. The Mercantile Town Mutual Insurance Co. has offices on the tenth floor of the Rialto Building. Neither Manager Dougherty nor any-other officer of the company was in when a Post-Dispatch reporter called there at noon. UN3UIST ACCUSED OF THEFT N. J. Jordan Arrested Four Months After Alleged Stealing of $269. X. J. Jordan of Fort Bellefoutaine, north of St. Louis in St. Louis County, is under arrest under a charge of taking $269 Q-ora ,w. Katz. by whom he was formerly employed. Katz says that he missed the money June" 13. and that Jordan disappeared the same day. He returned to St. Louis a few days aso, unci vvjiS arrested Monday evening at. ; ..ol!) Bailey avenue. I Jordan speaks six languages, aud act ! ed as interpreter for the foreigners at ' Fort Eellefontalne. ITe denies the theft charge. His bond was Hxed at $1000, aud he was unable - to furnish that amount. Red Cross Cough Drops little sweetmeats, but very effective. 5c per box. BONDS REPUDIATED, BANK SUES Northwestern Savings Institution Asks $20,000 of St. Clair Co. The Northwestern Savings Bank of St. Louis, having won one victory in the United State Supreme Court, is making another effort to force the taxpayers of St. Clair County, III., to reimburse the bank for money paid for bonds that were repudiated after the purchase. These bonds, an Issue of $30.0011, were wold to the bank, though their issuance had not been authorized by the people. A special election was held and the bond issue was defeated. The United States " Supreme Court ruled that, as the bonds were bought in good faith, their repudiation did not destroy the bank's right to turn them back and recover the money paid for thm. In a suit filed TiTesday the Kink asks for judgment for $2i"i.i"i00 and for 3 writ of mandamus to force the county tr make a tax levy to satisfy the judgments already rendered. Fatten your till use Sfliwell's Imitation Typewritten Letters. Both phones. 1 Salil lle'H tile Oet. S Oinnjippiirs. t PITTSBUHO. Pa.. Oct. P. The Central Accident Insurance C'. of Pitts-t'ura: H tryinjr to loeat Leo Adrian, formerly of Cleveland, who cancelled it $ln.0ilf) Insurance policy with the t companv because ha brlieved he was j go!ns; to be killed on Oct. 3. He has 1 not ben found. P-ehoIo?f!t Congrrntnlated. Prof. IIispo Munstorbrrg of Harvard, Pref. William James, brother of Henry James, the noted author, and other men emlnrnt in the study of psycholofrv, hive written to the St. Louts Pocietv of Pfiyt hology. congratulating It on thi work It is doing. i Th se letter were read at meeting Monday evening, when the classes for this winter were organized. Mneb Can Be none for I.Htle. A $30 Diamond Ring can be bought for only Sli cash and the balanc weekly ot monthly. Loftis Bros. A Co.. 24 floor, Carleton Bldg.. 6th and OUve sts Woinao ReKrlm Theft of a laa. Mrs. H. E. Smith of Hot Springs, Ark., reported to the police Wednesday that a purne containing a check for 30. railroad tickets and 1120 in cash wa stolen from her while she waa on a north-bound Eighteenth itreet ear Wednesday, lasfcter " 9120 MlMlas Joseph Stc kl of 831 Lucas it. nue. baa asked the police to find his otiichtrr, Minnie, 17 year old. who disappeared from her nome Mondav. i He mtsed IJ0 after the girl left. She I Is of dark complexion a 114 U i feet i ? Inehe 111 helrht. 1 MS ,.nnf Tinnfrnmici,; T,vrknQitim-a nn lmh Plnnv will lnsp Sat.nrdav. October 12. at (J n. m.. and the St. Louis women who miss tms event cial at 85c. Petticoats of Heather-bloom; a material that rustles like silk; made with deep flounce, finished with two tucked ruffles; $1.75 values; on special sale, $1.19 Corsets at 85c J and batiste; boned with best J hips; two pairs of ho$e support will be doing purpose best. ii i .. i .? various booths served free. Asbestos Irons V7IIEN once you tryA-v best os Sad Irons n will use no other. Tbree Ironn Handle and Standi price, $1.50. Wilson Toaster TTIIE Wilson Toaster toast four pieces of bread at one time, on one flame; universally used; on special sale Thursday, 25c. : Siphon ; ' Refrigerators SEEGEH & GAL-LASCH Siphon Refrigerators are the original dry air siphon system; free from moisture and mold. Abesto Table Mat T0 r reserve your taHe f Mains or exceively wi arm dihes use Abeto TaM Mat. We how a complete line of all nixes, sitai iiuov.iuimoUu.6 -"-vf"w"v'" . ; . r. . , 7 ' .... , , 1-1 j 11. .'. them selves an injustice. Every housekeeper should be vitally interested m tne tnousancis ot conirivances mat lessen one s iauor aiui !ere ineir Hnrv,,, oii xmu uU li Peninnstrat nn Hontlis. You will practical vaiue oi ine various arncies win ue snon. Aside from this display feature, the biggest kind of bargains are offered in the Housefurnishing Department. carpet patterns, yard I U Linoleum, 4 yards wide, C C a square yard . . .93 Linoleum, 2 yards wide, qq a square yard 3C Best 10-wire Brussels mm Carpet, a yard 9C J mi iiriues at rices. WALLP4PE aid car co. m every one ot tliein, as tuc Solvo Cleaner ZOLVO cleans everything; nothing better for clean-ins; woodwork, bathtubs, floors, etc.; on special sale Thursday at 10c. GreeneS Mineral Paste IT REFINE 'S Mineral Paste is warranted to clean and polish gold and silver plated ware, mirrors and windows; will not scratch; special price. 25c. Electric Irons ELECTRIC Cooking and Heating appliances save a great deal of time and labor; special Electric Iron, $3.28. Junket Extracts THE Junket Extracts and A Coloring Tablets at- made in the Chris Haau laboratory; they are absolutely pure. See demonstration. R OYAL Steel Gran-iteware Tea Ket tle; No. 8 8 i Z ft; 8 ft I 1 9 regriarly for SOc; special Thursday at 39c. tind soinethinc ot interest Tile-Like TILE-LIKE is undoubtedly the best varnish stain on the market. It is sold exclusively in St. Louis at. Gran.l-Leader. Comes in all colors: half -pint can. 2fc Waffle Irons GENUINE American Waffle Irons on demonstration. Waffles served free. No. 8 size, regular 98c value-, special for Thursday, 69c. M. Karland's Coffee Pot RAND-LEADER Coffee is made in the Marion Ilar-land Coffee Pot at the booth and served to visitors: during the demonstration we are selling the three-quart size for $1.25. Meteor Coffee Machine THE Meteor Coffee Machine is an improved method for coffee making and for serving; nickel, copper, etc.; all sizes; $6.00 and up. FLOUR Bin; 50-lb. size; heavy tin; brown japanned a d val- stencnea: ue, for 49c. Coffee and edibles made in Universal Family T ANDERS. Frary & Clark's Coffee Percolators, Food Choppers, Cake Mixers and Bread Makers. See demonstration. Curtain Stretcher j DJUSTABLE Pin Cur-tain Stretchers are thS most substantially built; have brass nickel - plated pins; ' price, $1.95. Rosette Irons TPIIE dainty wafers made by Rosette and Patty Irons arp Ix'ing served free. Prie-. per set. 50c. 9 Carpet Renovator JEWEL Carpet Renovator is undoubtedly the best on the market ; cleans earn"? on the floor; two cakes 25c. Bottle perfume with each purchase. U.S. Wash'g Machine . THE Uncle Sam Washing Machine; high or low speed; no tiring, no stooping or overexertion; operates Mi!Vs preserve clothes; Van Duen Cake Molds w E use the Van Duc;i Cake Molds exclu sively ip our Cake Baking De-partmeut. That's the reason we hare such fine cakes. TV7EVER Sag Curtain Ll Stretchers; heavy stock; brass nickel-plated pins; on special sale at.85c Perolin Dust Killer TEROLIN, the original dusl-less sweeping material; absorbs the dust and germs. See demonstration. Try a 2-'c. package. Reed Roaster T EED Roaster saves 20 per cent of every roast by preserving the juices of the meat. The result is obtained by a parent top; price, $2.15. Swift's Pride Soap Pride SOAR SWIFT'S Pride Laundry Soap; on special sale 8 bars for 25c. See the special demonstration of Swift's soaps and washing powder. bras Diel-P1td CHAFING Dish; dish with w rought iron stand; on special sale at 2.95. Triple Trick ROASTER, Toaster nJ AVannT; roasts without one drop ot water and without bting; a all kinds of flames nd ' sorts of foods, and on t l prioe 1 lKSSBSSSSSSSSSBS i I . ; : : r ' ... . T" : : ' ! J I . I - ' t slt L "riz'tiiizLrizir'' " " --..-.,--.----- - , ..i:J --- fco i--ii - ., 1.1- ' ' ' f -' ,- -, , TT--nilajar i-i"-Trai mmm r.i 1,1 -1.1 - in. .ii-iii wmmmmmmmmKwmmmmm'mmm " """ii 1 1 am i .. . i.-imi.i i.,,,, , , 1,1 J,,w-aw-M,.i.. , , , -a .. - . , ' ... j , . ; ' ' f i! -v ' win.111. n L , .1 n.i.i iiiiauiiyi, M,n iihi,,,,, !"rnwg.ii i.m i tt wtmmmm "" ' 1 'iur-Jiv wiuwuin i.n m-n MiiiqiiiMiiiami,)! mmwiw...j.ii)iiimffi ' .e i m -r ( ; i, - 2 - ' ' " f iir . , j j

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