The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1946
Page 11
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: FRIDAY,.APRH, .'JG, .19-16 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ptr Uu« jor MM.cuUva 1m- I JtaM 'i»i"Kt "Ii;;iII~II"I ill a f£U *** ',!" »« r *»' '»• • Iran p.r Ui. p*i d«r - *• 1? MM. p*r ^ B> p <r 4a 7 ~j i I Mutt y«r Una ~" |0. ( C*»U tin .T.rtf. word. I* th< ill.. Adj •rtirtd lot UrH or ill tlmM .ti ttopptd Uiot. «*plratl» will k< e.trfid Mr Ik. m>Kkv »< lirnw tha ad .pjiurid aii« talmtutDl of bill m«J«. iDltttd kj ueraorj* residtOtf outlld. ot tke ilt? jJMlit b« ACCOUQpaoUd ^y cftiiA. Ktle« *o*y b« *Mllr computed froia tb« «bOT» B| ordtr for Irrctotftr Uier- ib« CD. tlut r»l«. ajiblIEt7 wilj t>« uk«a for M0r« •LYTHEVILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE: FOR SAL! lieu . No f -^O Trlctor on iit-w rul'la'r. donldp nf' linn |i«i\«iT']ift ftml t*fll I'ull^y. Ooo.L A Ills a.SlllHTl CulllbillK KUh !!.•»' UruiUThi's &n<l >.trAM' K^rt'Aili'r, No, K-rtO bf f '.iklnK plow. '2 rax buNterj* for K-20 ot h v :tO, n.-w . No. 60 gull. jmUer infr JHU. ti4C»iu|)l^te 4 raw F-^(J Ijlanlfr fits I-''J3 or F-IO. Aticivo inuy )j« jffii »( Kfn K. HulliT Co. Truu Haiti?, Oer,<ol:i, .ArV., l'hon» K9. '' Forfeit My suburban homf, t«n acres, s«ven room hoiis*, two baths, hardwood floors, living room 20x28, healil- ator fire plac«. Outbuild- inK-S double garage, concrete floor. 20 large paper shell pecan tree;;, bear! abundanlly. Excellent busi-j ness location'. Terrhs. I llilMEi)lATi5 POSSESSION 2 miles south of Klylhevjtle, i U. f?. Highway 61. ,Mrs. Jiimfrs B. Clark, phone 2798 4-24-pk-5-25 blue tweed .suit, si/e ( 14j new. Ladies thre* • soldier blue suil, size 16. 310 W. Walnut, St. 4-25-dh-tf 4 choice home sites, graded, , sodded and landscaped,. ready for (he building. I Water and sewer connec-! lions, best available loca- ' • • • •- • lion in town. Shown by w«io<i. s-,.-,.--N; appointment only. See or , nltt ,„ l(re tm call— Kddie K. David, phone ., or Max Logan, phone 502. 4-2(J-ck-4-3() eon of la'in.ii To»-n Talk :. well , , Cli»ni|>i<"i .Shlffccliile Slinl. Ark»ii-»»' 1™J- . . Oue, ; l J /4 ml. cuulb of . Ijljtkevlltt oa Kruvo'- OA«, . oa c«ncr«t« kljrfewAj, 3 ml. from HlyltKvIUl. Ti-a *?i,i.2'A ml. ixtlt .ot BlrOittlll* on Jlitfliwiy. 61. .JJU« plA<« lo Wild, 6 ftcrti of klfalfA, >JI ituceil. Lulkrr flrajr. KFA\ KiutU Brok«r, Phiiov -513.- ...... • . ••• 27-pk-»l Ono Allen Motor Tune>u}) UACliiiie fie- lory rcCouUilioutr. J/fe. Kilo twin 5 h.p »50. Red Ball B«rt»er ' it. I'lion J-liouu 737. For Rent * 1!J41 Kuril iracliir anil <-i|»i| "I- Als" Iii4u Ki>nl \vhiili lias li i wrvci- | __ «J, Mr^ Aljn.T ANliiTiifl, Tuuli-r. >I.J. y H I'hcjilc lir'll. a«.|.k!27 Picture frames made to order, - ht. ho«Fc-kee|iinr, ulili- Couple only, 413 with V!tcli4n }>rivi 4lS. 1501 Ilearn S». Be prepared for * pleasant summer. Make sure your car is in A-1 condition. Our fast, courteous service department is well equipped to liandle all your service needs. Briuj your car in for a thorough checkup by the people who know your car best. Do it today. Bring your car "back home" Political' Announcements Th« Oourtac, Nmrt btu tent •uthnfliM Us (tuMuiM UM follow-' In* candidate, mbjcct io th4 Democratic prlmAry: bHCKirr AND COLLBCTO* JACK P1WUET ROBINSON WILLIAM UEKRYMAN CODlCTT JUDGK OXNI E. BRADLZY ROLAND ORKKN rOR TAX ASSKBSOB DOYLK HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.BRK HAHVEY wofmia COUNTY COURT CI.KKK ELIZABETH BLYTUB COUNTT TBEASUREB tiEijji PURTUC STATE KEPRRSKNTATIVI ALENE WORD K. C. FLEEMAN IJB3LDS "DUKIE" SPECK L. H. AOTRY 8TATB SENATOR J. IJSB BEARDEN JEFFERSON \V. .SPECK S<TS lilt Offlcrr Krwrve DKNVKH (UI')-Col. T. A. 1'cd- )rv. Jr., official of llio loin Hi mill. Uuy men, preillclcd here recently llml the Army's olflciM 1 reserve corps •a 1011 will foe foni' times us lui'uo us before Hie win 1 . lie snld I here weio 800,000 re- rve ulfk'ois In lite Army when (lie war fiuli'il. The iieacellnift ofll oi'vo, nuclei' present Army fla will comprise tin "ucllvo" reservi ill completely muuiieri unit;, o skeleton unit*, mid (in "Inncllv reserve of oltlcers not ell|!ll)le Tor Hie uellve. ruti'Kory Inil whose oner- lik'S iiiul experience :u-e desired tor omergency poslllons, rcilley sulil. I F l.T'S INSURANCE Din) 2311 P H t L L ( P /v,^,, v> 4 ,. i r, i ..l 44* Corn, j-rotind, iljaut 80 aerei. See K. OSleen Studio. 4-2'1-ck-tl i „„,' A n«or«i. ve-v*- ,i!js SK City l.l.wl: -Dcdraom. -N, Hlb. 1'lionp -J^Ili lot HIM! l.iiilt i!* [o ! Bedroom, L1I4 X. Ninlii. 1'hone 2^n3. • l: I MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllte, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Allllliul TniltTtloil' l-'illllll'r OUKAY. Col. (Ul>)—Niiltve nnl in:ils of (lie Hocky Muunluln rc- i;inn, under "|H-(]U i ctlon" of U. S. l-'ori^t Swvlco. workers, ure IwUcv olT when left ulane. It \vas fimtul tlu'tniflh t'.xpei'ltiUMUs lunn 1 lunx 1 . Hay and other foods KeneraDy Ijlvrn ctitine.sltc u n I lu a I s ofUm '^ni.'ips tilt' tlctuh of (leer mul wild lliG Horn .sheep. rutiisecs have decided In lei Uu< animal!; cliociM! llielr own fni'e, Onc-lenth of nil (lie; conl mliu'd In [lie United SLiitc.i Is eiurlcd Ijy ps on tlie Oreal Lakes. Wonted to Kent , . fial Drrlianl, U.K., st-liim! bu t-ak.- .SMe IMsli Wrhnol. Steeping • ro il Her? farm, two inili-s from iI'iMi- town, all in culliv.tliim, nil innl^r t,'"'"' iwni. Iff ncrps sliplttLv nitiiti^r, I tut ti>1- tii<K lam] is f«*iu-piL -iff in five sopaniU l.hslurti.s, thirty ^Lx inch wire »»'! t,nr.,^l LI! tt.]>. llni -fine IIIL<II<]»W now i;ru«iiit,', Ims |w» .*i'ls *.f IHJIISPI, (>«e six i romu f nuiii' liouie, a tji-aiilitnl lioijit, fon,-r,-ti- w:ilk nil arnim.L lum^e, coiicrfle to t-:irli drive, large- SJiinkv housf, wiish lnjuse, c.tnl and •. wooil hdiiVrJ, eJpcirinty ihroiiplmiit. nii« kmr ruuin tioiiH-, fraiu.-;i. K;.eli home hiis ih»r finest of wul*T. Fivu ili iivMS rt( five y.-ar i>M fruil lr.-ei=, D|i|ilr.4 ]ii>»- List your properly ^llli f)3r-ar Al*> iler. 1 liuvi- tr\?tt\ . pe0}>lt! whu l<j lijiy H JHIIIU-. dun?, ill [o *ci' ttl KJ7 MVst MKIII. I'lione d;lfi. 25-j> , jiliiuis rki'ir |»r»c Tjanis, ,U,IL. frLi«M]x ralr IJOK lin \ow ' if you , iipriools. iicars. Tw»i - 50x10 fuot liay l»:irn, i-At-li snlo. tlireti sepa- \\illi JttUnliiiK Millie, also ant IL n-:il farm with nuiki- it tifiuiiEfnl «l«n*t readies—Have ybtir riig.s arid upholstery, cleaned, .'.steril- i/ed and made beautiful in your own home. . For appointment call 202S. . 4-24-pk-51 .awu inuwcrd sljar|ieiu'il nail repairs. All lyjjes anil Vinda. \V'e IjA-cialize in }juwer mower Hhnr]icninx and- liiolor overliaiitiu^. Yvi, WK |>ick up %utl Ut-livtr. Hlyllldville ilai-liine Slioli. 1!. C. l.luv.1. U.-alnir Hh71-. N. I'rni'tt .SI. fkoii. 'JL'I oulil, Ark. Now is the time to store that slpve. Home Service; & jiibrage Co., phone 2801. : 4-4-pli-5-4 * v OWNERS: I will Urin* jou buy it you ar e ruaily 10 sell jour honii=. (arm. or bubincia prolicr- IJ. I cm sell »nil fiiiaiu-B lowu piul>- Kity miJ funn l^iL'l *l low ralu u( UterMl'willi long Icn.i vnvl'lyinenta. i'ur *f« jnviteil lo call anythnu. Lulo- rr Uruy, Koal Kslalu Hrukcr. I'lione il3. (Mil liorsc or oil.l innl.-. t I'ricnl Hi si-ll. At III,- diliun. l>- H. HiillUui lirrl l.yiu-li, Viclori IAHD mower. enltlvalorg..0il- . Ark. 17-[ik- 109 \V. Cherry., Reliilill Kvinrnde 9.2 HI"; 5 HP Jofl" sun and Itoal. Sec Kil Klmiles Al l.oy Kich Chevrolet O.r« B «. C-|ik-5|6 Used radios, electric and bat tery. Guaranteed 30 days Perry's Radio Service," & Appliance Co., phone, .'ill 4 4-19-ck-t [CONCHKTK BUII.CINO UI.OCKK, «nr I 6i/c or any !->i^]ie. John T. Xen'i I 7i|i> Houtli Lilly. 3-l>' OriM'ery £tore willi livinp miartcrs. tti'tlier with I ri-nlal ]innso;«. .-\piirox iuimtely 2 am-* «f l:inil. Frniils on Hwy 61. !>&til.'fs on Ct>tton Belt K K..' idenl lr,.-«!iiui fi>r industry. Ho< Hui-liana.-.'s (jotccry, >'. Hwy. 61. Alf.lf. hay anil nmlo drawn fsrm im- pleiiifnu •Trlepttuno 33, W. A. .len- fci»', Slesle. Mo. l-pk-oll awn» mowed. Call llarri. 2239. l-pk-511 Farmers Furniture Store • Now Located at 405 East Main St. N«w anil Us«J Kurnidirc 'It P«y« to Adrertlut" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECT.RIC CO. "AT TOUK BEKVICE" 2241 Refrigerator Service OP ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone Ml8 01 2C42 , repairs and service. Ele'ctrit a ri d . acelylenie welding. Blacksmith work'. Delia Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf Wanted To Buy I'D lt,.\ 76. own leijlmrii lic V»rti. l'rLil« A r« pny cash for uarj (iirniluri!. |>!e»'i>r a -Jiout* full. Call 230^, Al vin Harily'KurnUore Co. 4110 c" " Wanted to Trade Prince Takaliito Mikasa, above, Emperor Hiroliito's youngest •. brother, says he wishes to enroll in an American university "as ) soon as it is permitted." The 30- year-old prince was a cavalry major at Japanese army hend: quarters at Nanking during war. We have, several clean lute model Vt-ibn panel and sedan delivery trii'cksi .that we would, Jike to trade. Phillips Ni'otor Co. •J/23-ck-lf CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Biyrheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. JJattcry and Electric Radios ftiver Washed Sand ~ Gravel also (Joixl Sandy Dirt for Fills C. R. HESTER Phone North Highway 01 Radios Repaired Auto - Electric W* Pick Uj» ind Delivet Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We liny and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Main Phone 2407 Local. & T,on£ Distance Moving Competent Help ami e'jiilpcnctit. qnately Insured, Contract HauHug aud Misc. Services. Perfect rcpalr!i>rr for todny's *x- ({uislle footweur assured when rebuilt in our modfru sbup. H -fl LT DUALITY SKOS SWOP I Z.I W. M «.» N ST. Kor Complete iVoloHion • ACCIDENT ft. UKA1.TI1 • HOHl'lTALIXATION • I'I HI: • AUTOMorjrr.F; • I.IAIMI.ITV • lllJUGl.AltY • 1'IATK (1LAS3 ^TOIINAUO • KUKKTY JJONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd Chun. llUliirr—Irene Crowd* Radio Service "Mf Anrel Refrigerator Service Fred L>wlrr Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Frd Vacuum Cleniicra, Pans, Irons mid Sinitll A|)p]luiic<!.i He- pulred. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, trie. .1. W. Adams, Mj?r. IMimir 2»71 20fi-»« W. Mulii O.ET-IIW SPOT CASH; , FORIYOUR^f/I \ /!•• f i f #•• WE NEED \GoodUsedars LO Y)E I CH CHEVROLET ~" V Tritaco Gas & Oili 301 W. Walnut 1 / \ \ IF • Phone 57i PRESCRIPTIONS FrMhcrt Stock Giurinteed Best Pr1t*e Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— Tum;i(nrs, Ic. <>;i'rli—Flul Dutch CLiblajjc — rerllllfil Pnhidi I'hmK KI.KVATOlt FKHI) STORK I!r<mtlw;iy at H. R. Tracks FOIl BALK CONCIIKTE r STORM SKW1CR AM. Kir.r.a Crimper Than Uri'die I.amber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Plioiie 6»l OiccuU, Ark. Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist \.^ GUARD'S *, JEWELRY li 209 W. Main .'^» Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminator) Member N.t'L P«t Control Ajc'n. 115 8. Tl.lrd St. Phone 1751 .[SERVICE I DON EDWARDS surra, CXJRONA, AND I' V PC WKITEHB lit K. ftid BTRKK1 , S«o. us ivlxmt your mecliant«li tronlile. Our expert mechanics working with modern tools and equipment can put r your car in top condition. • We clso have a paint and body shop repair service. We wil! fix your car or bay your car FOR CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR GO. Com|ilr.t« Stock* of Paris For Ckrysier Fiodncta 1 F.. M»tn ., ,, ,,, .-..--....,, Ph»B0 tit BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES At tiiboy, Olc! BY EDGAR MARTIN \ KSVitR Wf-r^WO Of SOiCrX tir " tV\ '. "WcM "DO &OOO For firie portraits ils. O^TEEN'S STUDIO 4-2-ck-5-2 V» ZeaUruI \rliilf ralilpln. 3 <!ofs anil a 4 com].»r nl hiilrli In your b.>i-V yard. Will il.) wnnik-rs lo ri-li.'vo c:i« meAl sliorla^e M y»' L r hottSL'. :t |u-d- igrefil l>rfi<! ili-i-.i ivitli liuUh Jl>0. j} ri'KUlereJ . trn! ilni'* « ill' fcutcii. )7.>. Konlh Side Hililiitrr. » »>"M "». H«vy. til Itlyih^ville, ArV.. 1'lior.H' 3^30, Don't worry about hard wat er in your farm horn*. Let Planters Hardware install anr) guarantee « water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Pljolostats — Let b'Steen make a photostatic copy ol your rlischarge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service Q'STEBN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf nio,lo! W C- — \. C. Tr.l<lftr vMor tinil plow. . Also MU»H n lia r I.H.IT. PMrtifully UiUv rrsijT, 2 mi. SW Dog ' jivlnii r t u»rter9. l iftH W. Main Si. yplliH of sichneai. Urs. F%rl Mo!t>U. * Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., ' RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typts Except Cancer Help Wonted BY MERRILL BLOSSEll Ilisrh Triliuniil I WOUUDMT MI&5 THIS FOR ANYTHING.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER THE RISC AND FALL OF THE ROAMW EMPIRE! I'liA SORRY. BUT YOU Guys ARE AH. SUIUY OF V!OL«lfi(5- OUR. ROLES ; TUB ONLY WOMAN- HATEP. DIDNT MAKE /\ DATE wn'ii ---TMERF.FOCR, IT IS f.VY SAO DUTY "(o SEMTtMCE YOU AS i SEE FIT/ AKI>.27-l2:is. Memiiliii. T.-IIII., (I. <'li]lina. 4111 K Vine Si.. vlllc, Art, - ... -i Sell Us Your Car or Truck! WE PAY TOP PRICE No Waiting! Get the Cash! Let Our Factory Trainer! Mechanics Keep Your Car In Top Shape! Drive in for FREE Checkup! Only One Way (o Do K BY V. T. HAMIl.TON AYS, WE CAN RUM''' THEW POWM, 8UT OUR/ HOW PlO AVAILABLE FORCE j STUM0l.EaU.Mfr IS TOO LITTLE, AND V EVER CONOW I FEA!?, TOO _->A. A WORLPI LATE.' THEY MUST BE STOPPED SOMEHOW.' OH. SOL, GIVE US STR6MGTH TO PR6V6MT THIS AWFUL THIMGJ , MUTS: \ UOCK. OSCAC, \ CftU'T WE AIWT THERE ) MOSltlZE A SUMPIM WE /FORCE TO CAW DO' /RUM SARTORS TO REPORT, S'K6 WE . TO STOP THE R63EL6J 3V The TIME VV&'P CUT THKOJ&H BEAR <bOARC>, THP MAIM HW) EM8M2KED TO TEST S WEAPON!S OKI THE Our Plan! and Horiy Shop Is Kfruipptd for All Your Needs AtKI.IVK HOSTKR.SK.4 An f xcllinjc. sltraclivi- iwrt years of c •:«. r»':r- io .rr," i lt:ivo I he so tai^rvi«*n' yottr AIRWAYS. INC. We hove 1 New 24 ft. CARTER Trailer for Immediate Delivery We carry a -Full Line of STUDEBAKER PARTS and ACCESSORIES RAILROAD and ASH ST. PHONK 2195 I.F.X CHAM8MN

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