St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on November 22, 1953 · Page 106
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 106

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 22, 1953
Page 106
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posa from the Matson Navigation 4.j Sun., Nov. 22. 1953 ST.LOUIS POST-DISPATGH 14 WHAUNG GROUPS sored by the Friends of Homer G. Phillips School of Nursing. Queen contestants are Miss Earlie Gray, Miss Betty Grlgs-by. Miss Olive Miller and Miss Celestine Robinson. The motorcade will be directed by Sand-ford A. Holland. ATOMIC PRIVATE THIS WEEK'S EVENTS to (he United States Government. 3 ELECTED TO C.P.A. SOCIETY Three St Louis certified public accountants have been elected members of the AmerMan Inst!-tute of Accountants, It was announced yesterday by the organization, the natlonil professional society of C.PJ a. The new members art Milford G. Giddan, 6300 Enright avenue University City; Alfred F. Rolfe, 5535 Oriole avenue, and Frank S. Scallet, 71 Aberdeen place, Clayton. NURSING SCHOOL QUEEN CONTEST TO HAVE PARADE A motorcade will start at 2 p.m. today in front of the Homer G. Phillips Hospital School of Nursing Students Residence, 2516 Good avenue, to highlight a contest to choose the queen of the nursing Institution. The queen will be crowned at a Post-Thanksgiving Ball to be given next Friday night at the Grand Masonic Temple, 4525 Olive street. The ball is spon. Co. of San rrancuco. i no nuin Lines said the Mariposa will be sent to Italy for reconditioning at a cost of $1,000,000. The vessel, to be renamed the Homeric, will enter service next year between Mediterranean and American ports. The Mariposo had been laid up since 1947. In World War II it was used as an Army transport. Sale of the vessel was approved by the Maritime Administration after It was agreed that in the event of a national emergency the ship would be available European Expeditions Get Under Way for Season on Limited Catch. AMERICAN PASSENGER SHIP SOLD TO AN ITALIAN LINE NEW ifORK. Nov. 21 (UP) The Italian-owned Home Lines has announced purchase of the 26,000-ton passenger liner Mari ENERGY TRADE iGROUHETUP 50 Firms Member of i Organization Inter-ested in Business Op-i portunities. LONDON. Nov. 21 CAP) Fourteen whaling expeditions are heading out of European ports for the icy waters of the Antarctic in the annual big Shop Monday Night in Our 3 Big Stores Tomorrow. Museum proRram: Lecture tours of Van Gogh exhibit: City Art Museum in Forest Park; 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Quiz -discussion program: "Spotlight on the Dark Continent"; National Council of Jewish Women, sponsor; 26 Broadview, Clayton; 1 p.m. Campus Y Forum: Hugh Faulkner, executive secretary, British division, Fellowship of Reconciliation, speaker; Campus Y.M.-Y.W.C.A, Washington University; 2 p.m. Lecture and film on Van Gogh: Betty Grossman, speaker; City Art Museum In Forest Park; 8 p.m. Lecture: "Colorado's San Juan"; Stan Midgely, speaker; Southwest High School, Kings-highway and Arsenal street; 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Lecture: "Van Gogh at Au-vers"; Mary Powell, speaker; City Art Museum In Forest Park; 11 a.m. Book reviews: "White House in Picture and Story," by Joseph Leemlng; "Story af Buckingham Palace," by Marguerite D. Pea-cocke: Loretta Toomey, reviewer: Central Public Library. 1301 Olive street; 12:15 p.m. CLAYTON ad SOUTHTOWN HOURS THIS WIIK ONLY Manday h Prlday f :30 A.M. f 110 P.M. OTHIR DAYS , f JO A.M. SiSS P.M. DOWNTOWN STORI HOURS THIS WHK ONLY Monday and Prlday t:J0 A.M. ta 1:10 P.M. OYHIR DAYS ' :)0 A.M. 1:30 P.M. A Add Diamonds SSA tlia Chleafs Dally Newi-JoaMtptoh paclal DliFtdi. Copyriiht, 1953. WASHINGTON. Nov. 21 Some of the mightiest power In American business is lining up to pull the wraps off unnecessarily secret atomic energy Information. In an atomic age, an atomic trade association was a natural. The name is Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. Just getting started, forum members already include 50 companies with stock in trade ranging from uranium ore to Art Museum in Forest Park; 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Public school concert: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann conducting; Soldan-Blewett High School, 918 Union boulevard; 1:15 p.m. Lecture: "High in San Juan Wonderland;" Stan Midgely, speaker; Beaumont High School, 3836 Natural Bridge avenue; 8:15 p.m. Thursday. Thanksgiving Day. Museum program: Lecture tours of Van Gogh exhibit; City Art Museum In Forest Park; 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday. Pre-symphony lecture: Dorothy Gaynor Blake, St. Louis composer, speaker; Rubaiyat room, Congress Hotel; 10:45 a.m. Museum program: Lecture toura of Van Gogh exhibit; City Art Museum In Forest Park; 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Concert: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann conducting; Erica Morinl, violin soloist; Kiel Auditorium Opera House; 2 p.m. Saturday. Museum program: Lecture tour of Van Gogh exhibit; City Art Museum in Forest Park; 11 a.m. Museum demonstration: "Painting Water Colors," by James Harmon; City Art Museum in Forest Park; 2:30 p.m. Y Players: "Arsenic and Old Lace"; Y.M. - Y.W.H.A.. 724 Union boulevard; 8:30 p.m. Concert; St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann conducting; Erica Morini, violin soloist; Kiel Auditorium Opera House; 8:40 p.m. Sunday. "Pop" concert: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Harry Farb-man conducting; Sumner High School . a capella choir; Kiel Auditorium Opera House; 3 p.m. Student recital: Community Music School, 3833 Washington avenue; 7:30 p.m. , Y Players: "Arsenic and Old Lace"; Y.M. Y.W.H.A., 724 Union boulevard; 8:30 p.m. We Give and JUdatm (agio Stamps Museum program: Tour of Van The forum's first project Isipogh exhibit; City Art Museum to call too authorities to New ; in Forest Park: 3 P- m- money hunt for the elusive sea monsters. Most of the elaborate factory ships accompanied by their convoys of catching vessels have already begun the long haul to the South Polar waters. The season for fin whales opens Jan. 2 and for blue whales Jan. 16. The sea-faring' Norwegians again lead the field with nine whaling expeditions, employing 7000 skilled workers. Britain is sending out three expeditions and one each are sortielng out from Russia and The Netherlands. They will be Joined by two from Japan and one from South Africa. 17 Floating Factories. About 210 catching vessels will be accompanying the 17 floating factories which are completely equipped to process the giants. Although the market no longer pays the old fabulous prices for whale products, big money is at stake. It costs more than $2,000,000 to finance an expedition for one season. When the factory ships come back in the early spring, the most valuable product in their holds will be whale oil, used to make margarine and cooking fats. Choice whale meat, stringy and fishy tasting, will be aboard for human consumption in countries like Britain and Japan. Here and In the United States, it is also fed to pets. The British Ministry of Food has bought in advance the catch of the three expeditions going out from the United Kingdom and South Africa. There will also be whale bone for corset stays. And from the harder to find sperm whales will come sperm oil for machinery and the rare, precious amber gris, used as a fixative In perfume. International Limit. With the season's catch of fin and blue whales strictly limited by the International Whaling Commission, the expeditions will b srrL-ibline for the biggest York to discuss the meaning of High school concert: St. Louis the 1953 atomic energy hearings Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann conducting; Kiel Auditorium Opera House; 3 p.m. Choral Concert: Music and The Zenith Arts College, sponsor; Wednes Opera Pump y day Club auditorium, Westminster place and Taylor avenue; 8 p.m. Lecture: "Colorado's San Juan;" Stan Midgely. speaker; Webster Groves High School, 100 Selma avenue, Webster Groves; 8:15 p.m. Civic Music League presenta ny tion: Agnes De Mille Dance Com pany; Kiel Auditorium Opera House; 8;30 p.m. ' " Wednesday. ' Museum program: Lecture tours of Van Gogh exhibit; City to make your ordinary jewelry look brilliant Make this her happiest Christ mas by adding sparkling dia-monds to her wedding ring, watch, watchband and other jewelry. Special for one tveek starting Monday! DR, PAUL P, ECKARDT HEADS HIGH TWELVE CLUB Dr. Paul P. Eckardt, dentist, was elected president of the COUNTY BOND ISSUE LEADER TO ADDRESS OLIVETTE RALLY Walter C. Ploeser, chairman of the Citizens' Bond Issue Committee of St Louis County, will discuss the proposed $44,000,000 Derore the Joint Atomic Energy Committee of Congress. The discussions will be led by Gordon Dean, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Casper Ooms of Chicago, who heads the AEC Patent Compensation Board, and Leonard Cronkhite, president of Atomic Instrument Co., Cambridge, Mass. Moderator will be Blythe Sta-son. dean of the University of Michigan Law School and head of an American Bar Association study on revising the Atomic Energy Act. Will Print Reports. Stenographers will take down the discussion, which will be printed and made available nationally. A second conference will outline business opportunities in the atomic energy field and Inform business men on how to get Into the field. Oliver Townsend, formerly Dean's assistant at AEC, is executive secretary of the forum. Charles E. Bobbins, New York advertising executive, is manager. The forum Is the brainchild of T. Keith Glennan, former AEC commissioner and president of Case Institute of oology, Cleveland. He urged business men to organize it before the Government could take the Initiative away from them with a possibly less-dynamic government "advisory" group. Alms of Fornm. . . Walker L. Osier, president of Detroit Edison Co., is forum president Vice presidents are Alfred Iddles, president of Bab-cock & Wilcox Co., and Frederick L. Hovde, president, Purdue University. The forum has four aims: Develop atomic energy in line with "the best tradition of American democracy and free competitive enterprise." South Side High Twelve Club, a branch of High Twelve Inter share of the overall permissible catch. 193 county bond issue at a mass national, it was announced 1 point size The expeditions are required Q93 gieetlng Tuesday at 8 p.m. at 395 Other officers elected were 2 point sin to radio in reports on the size of their catch. When the joint total approaches the limit, the commission calls off the hunt. Central School, Price and Old Bonhomme roads, Olivette. Frank Altmayer, first vice president; Chris W. Breidecker, second vice president; Robert E. J. The mass meeting, scheduled The commission, formed to by the Olivette Citizens' Association for the purpose of inform The Young Point ol View in Shoes prevent extinction of the whales by modern equipped hunters, is reported ready to cut down the 3 point slit 59 4 point stxt 895 5 point slzt 1093 All Plat Mval Tu Addad Caaran far SaWat tfaaat Bring in her jewelry this week and let us show you how It can be improved by adding diamonds. You'll adore their 'round tr? clock smartness . . . dining, dancing or just plain "best-dressed." Black suede (high or midway heel), black, blue, or brown calf, blue suede and black patent. Godln, secretary; Martin B. Schaumburg, treasurer; Otto C. Gerhardt, sergeant-at-arms, and Elmer M. Woerner, International representative. Members of the board of directors are Fred Fenor, Leo C. Krell, Bernard E. Mohr, Dr. Julius Walter $ and Albert P. Woehrle. . COAST GUARD EXAMINATIONS Examinations for entrance to the Coast Guard Academy have been set for Feb. 23 and 24, it was announced yesterday. All applications must be postmarked no later than Jan. 15, 1954, Capt. ing citizens of Olivette on the county problems the bond Issue is designed to solve, will also hear a panel discussion by Dr. K. C. Sullivan, George Buerke, Virgil Poelker and Dr. O. E. Hagebusch. Carroll J. Donohue, president of the association, said voters who will pass on the bond issue proposal next Feb. 9 must inform themselves on the merits of the proposal in order to cast an intelligent vote. DR, EDWARD CONDON TO GIVE total catch this season by suu blue whale units to 15.500. One blue whale equals two fin whales or two and one-half hump-backs. The regulations do not apply to sperm whales. ( f Uncontrolled hunting goes on elsewhere in the world. But most of the whale products come from the Antarctic. The price of whale oil has been slipping steadily in postwar years. This season's Norwegian output, bought in advance, went for $191.10 a ton compared to last season's $200.20. Mail Orders Filled. Pbont Orders Call CA. 4500 FuMi-Sirr Ca.'i ParaiM h O0WNTOWN, Fifta riwi aOUTHTOWN, Mtla Ffear Fimit-tarr Cf.'i ItvtHv Rtttln- DOWNTOWN. Mill, lllwi CLAYTON. Mill fftt SOUTHTOWN, aH Flaw. TALK AT "WASHINGTON U, George C. Carlstedt, commander, 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Second Coast Guard District, said here. Eligibility is based on com petitive examination. There are no Congressional appointments. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Robin-,son, 5434 Pernod street will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary today at a luncheon given by their children. Mrs. Robinson is 67 years old and her husband is 72. He is a retired general agent of the Dr. Edward U. Condon, former director of the National Bureau of Standards, will speak on "Academic Freedom Is Not An Academic Matter" at 4 p.m. tomorrow, at Louderman Hall, Washington University, Dr. Condon also will address the Y.M.H.A.-Y.W.H.A. Liberal Forum on "The Challenge of Liberalism" at 8 pm. today. He will speak at Y.M.HjV-Y.W.H.A. headquarters, Union boulevard and Enright avenue. Phillips Oil Co. They have five flWi r 1 children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Bring together individuals end organizations for co-operation on atomic energy problems. Spread knowledge and understanding of atomic energy developments. Encourage atomic research. Forum directors include John L. Collyer, president of B. F. Goodrich Co., and Mark E. Putnam, executive vice president, Dow Chemical Co. Armour research foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology Is a forum member. Stanford Research Institute is another. The forum Is financed by annual memberships ranging up to $2000 for companies with $100,-000,000 or more of gross sales. Typical members include General Electric Co., Westlnghouse Electric Corp., General Foods Corp., Republic Steel Corp., Further information may be obtained at the Coast Guard office, Eighth and Olive streets. MAGAZINEWRITER TO SPEAK A lecture on European opinion of the United States will be given by Nora Wain, a correspondent for The Saturday Evening Post at 8:15 p.m., Tuesday, at Soldan:Blewett High School auditorium, 918 Union boulevard. The talk, entitled "Where Does America Stand in Europe?" will be the third lecture in the Washington University Association's 1953-54 lecture series. GOLDEN WEDDING OBSERVED ITALIA-MANIA Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Nance, 2049A East Gano avenue, will Now director of research for observe their fiftieth wedding anniversary today. the Corning Glass Works, he resigned in 1951 after seven years in the Bureau of Standards post. He is a former orofessor of A retired city employe, Gano is 75 years old. His wife is 72 physics at the University of Min They have two children and Hair-Do Craze that's Sweeping the Country! three grandchildren. nesota and Princeton University, DOWNTOWN STOtt HOURS ' THIS WIIK ONLY Maadiiy and Friday M0 A.M. a 1:10 P.M. OTHIR DAYS :10 A.M. ta 1:10 P.M. SOUTHTOWN HOURS THIS WEEK ONLY Monday and Friday :30 A.M. 130 P.M. OTHER DAYS T:30 A.M. tt SJO P.M. 50 1 Italian Cut 1 AteT,& Motorola Inc., Whithead fc Kales Inc., Wolverine Tube Division, Calumet & Hecla, Inc., and sev en of the big oil companies. , 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Heuer-mann, 4848 Lee avenue, will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary with a dinner next Wednesday. Heuermann retired as cashier and treasurer of the Mercantile-Commerce Bank & Trust Co. five years ago. Both he and his wife are 70 years old. They have two sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren. noondaTTooOeviews In Our Optical Dept. Right off the boat . . . Right in to Famous-Barr Co. DOWNTOWN, Sixth and Ollve SOUTHTOWN, K I M i high-way and Chippewa Wa Slvt and Ridttm laaja Stamps I MOOITIti ( &r .... J look f - J I i I . Hollo 111 lMk (: POWERFUL PRISM The Italian cut is the pertest, prettiest haircut in years; it's a carefree, jaunty, spirited hair-fix that gives you a fresh, exciting new look. We've developed a number of delightful, easy-to-manage variations . . . each one different looking . . . one of them is sure to be just right for you! For appointment DOWNTOWN, Call CA. 5900, Sta. 213 CLAYTON, DE. 8100, Sta. 225 SOUTHTOWN, SW. 6200, Sta. 225 1 Vf "Story of Buckingham Palace," by Marguerite D. Peacocke, and "White House in Picture and Story," by Joseph Leemlng, will be discussed by Loretta Toomey, Buder Branch librarian, on the noonday book review program at Central Library at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday. The program is one of a series of half-hour weekly book talks. Pimtgi Svr Ca.'a BMiity Salin DOWNTOWN. Nlirta riaar CLAYTON 4 SOUTHTOWN. Flaar These wonderful binoculars have been a complete "sell out" every time we offered them to you. And now they are more beautiful and lower in price than ever before! I ( -.Vy . S Toy.UoJ I 1 J But you'll have to hurry, as the supply is limited. 7x50 Genuine "Benmar" V 7x35 Genuine "Benmar" .4 X4 "fir , , M dFV 4"- yrf : 1 V 4 ' i ; ' M 95 36 95 69.50 Value 34 49.50 value HEAD OF NAVY RESERVISTS Charles Eyermann Jr. has been elected president of the Navy Reserve Officers Association of St. Louis, it was announced yesterday. Other officers named at an annual election held recently were: Leon Seellg, vice president; Warren Wlpperman, secretary, and Bruce McLeod, treasurer. LUTHERAN HOME SPEAKER The Rev. Paul Hansen, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, will be principal speaker at the thirty-fourth annual Donation day Vespers at 4:30 p.m. next Sunday , at the chapel of Lutheran Convalescent Home, 4359 Taft avenue. Members of thte St. Louis 1 Lutheran Hour chorus will sing, j An evening meal will be served. Donations benefit the home. 1 4 mta Look The ideal glass for all-'round use. Coated optics, central, finger-tip focusing, magnificent any way you look at or through them! Carrying Case, 4.95 Extra Giant in size and quality. 7-in. tall and 8 in. wide. Perfect even under adverse light, fog and night use. Coated optics. Carrying Cate, 4.95 Extra 4 Mono Uit Look All Prim Plul FMVtl Tu rtmtui.liiT U.'t OltlMl Otit. DOWNTOWN, Main Plltr Saltnny, SOUTHTOWN. Mala PI mi idT 1,111 11 mLwm& h

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