St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on April 5, 1953 · Page 70
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 70

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 5, 1953
Page 70
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a - ' f ' , a t S E ur., April 5, 1953 WALL CRACKS HTMAUUC Stopped permanently, , Mnbtiqmk ine, floors terraetea. All were, aaar- ontced. 34 months to pay. RURAL WORK VYIIXOMI HOUSE STABILIZING i FOUNDATION CO. n CONCRETE WORK N 3804 UNION A Call GA. 8840, Day or Night h bi Serprltlnoly Low Cestl aaata Remodel Now! : E RATHSKELLERS 5 'KITCHENS STORES 5 OFFICES 2 F.H.A. T.rws 1 TRI-STATE CONSTRUCTION CO. J Wit Moecbnter Tloo 4-1114 J POWER MOWER BARGAINS! esaettacrtrer't carl tat tettl All now aria- hat eretet F.O.I, esr woretetse 20" DE LUXE REG, JI89.S5 TMi Price It Net Nothing Additional to Pay Tkt Oreatesv Power Mower Volool Offer: At a f Pre-Seasea Inventory Cleorote. CENTRAL STATES DISTRIBUTORS . OPIN 1:30 A.M. to I P.M. 5040 ARSENAL LA. 2745 WALL H ,3 1 luy Now I And SaWat SOC75 OU as Foundation Settling Stopped PrnienirHy hy Hydrotlio Pressor ALL WORK GUARANTEED CALLS WITHOUT OILI6ATION FULLY INSURED Foundations Floors Leveled Piered 36 months on fha BASEMENTS WATERPROOFED DAWIEY CONSTRUCTION CO. 5340 COLUMBIA SUN., PHONE rfvvvw.vwrfvrrVWrWrwWrwwrW POWER LAWN MOWERS . REEL ROTARY SICKLE IAR CANO MOWERS 44 MODELS S47.S0 THE KHUCKEMEYEH CO. tai Terot liberal 4100 MINERVA AVE. 2 YIARS OF SATISFACTORY SERVICI MU. 7250? ME Clutters ef bright crimson flowort like tiny Amoricon Beauty Rotoi. Iloomi in Juno end July. Hot unusual itripid twig,, in poor ton. latai tor touna.ticn planting mmmmg. nippoa mo ooii Traniplantmg tm w wr nap vtm ri -tt.t . rfor,v;s,.nd5.cs';S:yr'onp:i,c.,,' soe ,w " ,oe rival pay cott end CO D. pottagt, Wo pay postago on prtpaid ordar. ''iDiiVi"uiVo"clViVc'i'""I,';."A";",,,,,",,,,5 If not d.lightad r.turn at onet for .A""?, ,"'i.B,p- 4,44S' ! your monay back. Koemlngt, llliMit EXTRA GIFT if you ordar 2 or "Print """i noroy iiowonng Kto twig ; Dogwoodl 'Addrtts .n.ot4olaM Friendly Soil in your garden NEW LOW PRICES I 7" H IOHIUMJL SOIL CONDITIONER Try Folium Monsanto' new balanced leaf-feeding plant food. Ideal for lawns, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees, indoor plants. Makes a clear solution that can bo conreniently sprinkled or sprayed on. Use it as a companion to Krilium. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Happy Among Si 'TV!-' - . FLOWERING SHRUBS Branch of Philadelphia virginal, which blooms happily emonq the roses in the test gardens of Francis R. McMath in Webster TENNIS FOR ALL AGES TENNIS IN ALL SEASONS II yon rt 40 and loty or 20 and loiy, lot boiM ya oee f th mw "Fleri-4m typo toooit coartt." Half or oral width 4 ttoadard looath. SKRAINKA Construction Company 7171 Dtlmor llvd. Colobratt r 100th Aoiil-:vorsary and yoor 70th i birthday, hy hoildlof Laykold-6rati or Toolk Tnnit Cort. Call CAbany 08S1 --It Siltoblt also for badminton, pa-tia. basktrball, thvfflebeard, volleyball, play ra, duck pint and winter lc ikotlng when flooded. E.A6KS ST. 4677 GARDEN TRACTORS 2-3-S HP. WITH REVERSE ONLY DANDY IOY CAN OFFER YOU 33 EASILY ATTACHED IMPLEMENTS 2 h.p LA. 3863 ! WW, I SAVI UP ! TO 10 ! Trade - It Allowance : RED ROSE SPIRE Special-by-Moil 50 c a. (5 fir 12) luiuriant qrten foliaso. Thrivts evon or at e hadgo or bordtr Rtquiroi no At laait l'..l f.ll ...j Name M . . w J m ft 0)1,1 If you hive clay-type, bard-packed soil in your garden change it to "friendly" oil! Merely mix Krilium toil conditioner into your prepared toil It goes to work almost immediately-its eSect lasts for yean keeps toil in loose, crumbly, porous condition makes it easily workable. J.f. T. 5. Par. 00. ohum l JfaojMUe TVada-awft 5-lb.woM.95,iwS4.5 fe.w $1.69, iw $1.39 lttaiy...MiroeMu Garden Roses t V CALENDAR OF GARDEN EVENTS TODAY Board ef Edor-atlon Chirenbou? Easter atiow, featuring many varieties o( cinerarias, with nhmuat. hvacinths, inarsuehtes, fuchsiai, amaryllis. African violets and Easter lilies. 3SOO Blow avenue. Open to tha public daily, 9 a.m. to 5 j.ta. Ffjreat Park Jewel Box Heliotrope, roses, ageratum. asaleai. hydrangeas, cinerarias, cyclamens, calla titles and Easter lilies massed In an alt borate Easter display. Open to tha public dally, 0 a.m. to 9 p.m. Missouri Botsuairal tiard'a Annual Easter show In the Floral Display House xhliminf azaleas, tulips, Hyacinths, narcissi, climbing nasturtiums, roses, lilies and cinerarias in rainbow hues. Outdoor display of beds of daffodils and narcissi. Open to tha public dally, . 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Missouri Botanical Garden ArtMHtntn, (ray Summit Naturalized t) tan tines of daffodils, narciMi, and many kinds of wild flowers. Named hybrid varieties of narcissi, opto daily, 9 a.m. to sun set. MONDAY Bel -Nor Circle, Koecntary (tardea Clob -Birthday month, wito showint of co). ored tllrna of Urst moating. "aster Arrangementa," oamonatration. Mrs. Elmer XJreiiman. meat apeaker. "Heme- rocallla." Mr a. J. F. Mueller. Exhibit of Eaater arrangements, or or speci mens oi iiowennjc trees or anruDt. Home of Mrs. Karl D. Hunt. 4 Teal- wood lane, Laduc. Mrs. V. J. UeinU-mann, co-hoetesa. 13:30 p.m. Frntoa Garden Clob "Magnolias." Mrs. JJ. A. Deems. "Grassland Dynasty," Wrt. E. L. Fisher, "llaftodlls." Har old Wolfs, guest speaker. Exhibit of naiioaiia. noma or Mrs. rl. a cox, Sr., fmlter Mill road. 1 p.m. Serthirooda Gerdrn Clob "Planning and Working In April,' Mrs. John Hynex. "Attracting Birds to our Gardens," airs. Earl Hath, guest speaker. Home of Mrs. A. J. Funke, 4519 June. Mrs. W. J. Knox, co-hostess. 7:45 p.m. Men's Garden C'luh of Glendale " Dahlias," illustrated lecture, Fred Beck-man, past-president Greater St. Louis Partita and Chrysanthemum Society. North Glendale school auditorium, Sappington road and Chelsea avenues. 8 p.m. Visitors welcome. F.reythia Garden Club "indoor Garden Inf." lesson 2. Centra Branch Y.W. C.A.. 6:30 p.m. Greater St. Loots Rote Society Second "Piant-a-Rose Week." April 6-12. Monday Horticnltore Clnh "Foundation naming. ' jrnn sanders, guest speaker; arrangements: Hawaiian Melody: museum buiMing, Mis-ouri Botanical Garden, 12:30 f m Visitors welcome. TUESDAY. East Central Mrgion. Federated Garden (luhs Flower arrangement therapy project. Malcolm Bliss Hospital, 2 P.m. Workshop conducted by Mrs. H. T. FltiwUliam and Mrs. Robert U. Llnberg. Ikrshtre Garden Cluh, Groap 1 pi,, cussion of plans for flower show. Exhibit of arrangements of forced shrubs. Horns of Mrs. L. 8nodgraas. 10081 Flise drtve. Mrs. Kalph Caweln and Mrs. John Kegel, eo-hoatesaea. 11:30 a.m. Kedwood Garden Club "Annuals." Mrs. i . Richard Hencks. "Perennials." Mrs. Thomas Skinner. Homa of Mrs. Richard Henckt, 060 Dickson road. 7:43 p m. Sullivan Gardes Clob. Sullivan, Mo-Book review. Mrs. Whately L. Chandler. University City. Arrangement of branches with flowers as accent. Hostesses: Mrs. Charles Shaffer. Mist Ma-leta Denny, Mrs. J. V. Denny, Mrs. T. R. Shaffer, Mrt. Edward rnL 7:30 p.m. ; WFINF.ST1AV. I Brentwood Garden lob, Group 1 "Gar- aen Lraperies." Mrs. r . w. Fischer. Daylllies and Peonies," Paul Kohl, floriculturist, Missouri Botanical Garden, guest speaker. Home of Mrs.-Newton Susman. ftflne. Fiilall. av.mi. Century Garden lub "Flower Arrange ment., sara. i. a,, uunmsn. cxnibit of floral arrangements. Home of Mra. Guhman. 917 Fairdale. 8 p m. Crystal Lake Garden Club ''Duties of Committees." Mrs. Stephen Burns. Moving pictures: "Background for Fauty." and "Growth or Flowers." Home of Mrs. C. M. Leslie, Route S, Klrkwood. 8 p.m. Honeysuckle Circle. Rosemary Garden ( lub "Chalk Talk on Bird, and Flow ers," Mrs. Gustav Goetch, guest speaker. Home of Mrt. . Pfeiffer. 6702 Myron. 12 noon. Irlt Garden (lub, Kirhwond "Flower Arrangement," demonstration. Mrs. John Bodlne. "What to Do This Month," Mrt. Harvey Fretermuth. Homt of Mrs. B. R. Stetson, 2 Sunstt court. 12:45 p m. Maple Leaf Garden Clul) "Water Life-blood of Our Land." Mrs. J. Wallnlts, "Planning a Rose Garden," Mrs. C. F. Noltlng. Hostesses: Mrs. F. H. Penney, 1439 Rankin drive, and Mrt. . C. Johnston. Shileh Valley Garden Cluh. III. "Gardening bv the Month Aorll." Mrs. Os wald Frani. Exhibit of arrangements festurlne flowering shrubs or blooming bulbs. Field trip. Home of Mrs. Peter W'eygandt, Routt 2, Belleville, 1:30 p.m. Shrewsbury Garden Cluh, Group 3 Birthday luncheon. Exhibit of flowering shrubs and bulbs. Review of April chanter of Stanley McLane't "Garden Guide," Mrs. Maria Csntonl. Home of Mrs. Alma Rausch, 6124 Michael. 11 a.m. Webster Groves Garden Club, Group 7 Flower show, with exhibit by membere. Home of Mrt. K. O. Davit, 22 Windermere place. 12 coon. Web.ter Groves Garden Club, Group It-Book review. Mra. Donald Blair, guest speaker. Home of Mrs. J. R. Verby, AOO Lilac avenue. 12:30 p.m. Webster Groves Garden Club. Group 17 "Flower Arrangements." Mra. Howard Nlesen. Home of Mrs. L. Macroey, 310 Calvert court. Mrs. Melvln Kramer, co-hostess. 12:30 p.m. Rawbmok Garden Club Flower show preparations, home of Mrs. H. J. Hlns-man, 19 Homewood dr.. 12:15 p.m. Headowhroak Garden Cluh "Ornamental Gourds." Mrs. Svlvester Onions. Exhibit of spring corsagea: home of Mrs. R, Thorpe, 103''' B''enridga, S p.m. TUTRSDAY J Oelnhlnlom Circle. Rosemary Garden ( lull Dish garden and terrsrlum work shop. Arrangements, l.omt or Mrs A Rr-tiwah. Iris Circle, Rock Community Garden Clnh "Missouri wild Flowers." cnalktalK Mra. Giiatav Onetsrh. Home of Mra. C. Anba, Routt 2, Arnold, Mo. 12 noon. Rainbow African Violet Clnh Mra. Reich man. client speaker. Home of Mrs. Charles P. O'Neal, 625 Country Hills rirlv. Rock Hill. 1 D.m. Tall-man Circle, Rosemary Garden Clnh "Bird Greens." Mrs. n. w. jvuu. "Listen to the Mocking Bird," Mrs. r. Oehlert. Pllgrlmare to Forest Park Jewel Box Easter Plsnlay. Home of Mrs. J. Lagreen, 7257 St. Andrew, -9-riO n m Tealwood Garden Clnh "Culture tnd Care of Rnies," Mrs. F. O. Schwsrts. Home of Mrs. Preston Green, 20 Teal- vinnii 4 n m WeMtrr Groves Garden Clob, Group 10 Five-cent nam r-aie. rioroe oi n. Feed R.eler. 82A Plna Tree lane. P. p.m. Bedford Oaks Garden Club Visit to Rockwoods Reaervatlon. Guests per- mitterl "rJrtR.ri.e" luncheon Webiter Groves Garden Club, Group 13 contemporary Arrangement, wire. n. Poss. "Fsmous Treet of Webster Groves," Mrs J. Clark. Home of Mrs. II Bannon, 30 Webster acres. 12:30 p.m. Webster Groves Garden Club, Group 14 Trip to Mlasourl Botanical Garden Arboretum, leaving Webater Grovet at 9 a.m. Webster Grovet Garden Cluh. Group 12 Birthday party. Home of Mrt. I. M. Hoffman. 727 Newport avenue. 11 a m. Webster Groves Garden Club. Group 6 Surprise program. Hostesses: Mrs. E. W. Metcalf, 140 8. nore avenue, and Mrs. IT. B. ouerm. lz:ao p.m. Web.ter Groves Garden Club, Group 0 "Flowers Around I's," Mrs. Ed Stues- ale. guest speaker. Hostesses: Mrt. John Fuehlen. 7812 Garden avenue, and Mrt. J. C. Barlow. 12:30 p.m. Founders' Circle. Roaemary Garden Clnh "Lll'es In the Garden." Mrt. T. O. McCrackln. "How to Care for Miles." Mrs. T. B. Glut. Exhibits: "Candlelight," arrangementa using candles, . and specimens. Home of Mrt. C. E. Tiurlv. 92B3 E. Breckenrldge avenue. Mlvmrl Council of Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges Lectures and demonstrations on flower arrangement, Mrs. Roy Lincoln. Amherst, N. H., r.iest speaker. Wednesday cluh. 4504 Westminster plsce. "The Art of Judg-Irg Flower Arrangements," starling at 10 a m., tnd "Arranging Flowert for : Gracout Living," 1:30 to 6 p.m. Luntheon. 12:30 pm. South Klrkwood Garden Club "Easter Theme," Mra. O. E. Jordan. "Garden- 1 Ing bv tht Month," discussion. Home ; of Mrt. Miry Schmeckbler, 1260 II Boland drive. 12:30 p.m. V FIRM ABANDONS FLOOR CONTRACT FIELD TO EXPAND Herold W. Wind, operator of the Missouri Builders Specialty Co.. Inc, 3114 Olive street, reported last week he Is abondon- ing contract installation of floor covering materials in order to expand in other branches of his operations . . . noise control through accoustlcal installations, and metal specialties. Wind also owns the Manufacturers Agency, Inc., the survivor of a concern that at one time manufactured chain portiers (re member them?) through which metal specialties have been developed. It is being moved from leased quarters at 2669 Wash ington avenue to Winds own property at 3111 Pine street, im mediately south of the Olive street store. A shop for assembly of steel office partitions and aluminum screen-storm window units is being established in the basement of the Pine street building. Wind will continue to whole sale floor goods; will do installation by contract only in the metal goods and accoustical goods fields. SULLIVAN MOTEL PROPERTY BOUGHT BY CHICAGO PAIR Mr. and Mrs. John J. Weiland of Chicago have purchased from Freeman ' Dodds the Shamrock Court motel on Highway 66 in West Sullivan, Mo., Mrs. Grace C. Licklider, Strout agency associate at Sullivan, reported last week upon a visit to St Louis. The Shamrock was built five years ago, Mrs. Licklider said, by Dodds, who had operated it since. The Shamrock has 10 units with tiled baths; gas heat; living quarters of five rooms and bath for the owner-operator; utility rooms for the whole establishment. The building, a court-shaped structure, is done in native stone; composi tion shingle roof, is on eight acres of landscaped ground. Consideration of about $90,000 was indicated by the documentary tax. NO MORE INSTALLATION PROBLEMS! . IV' j --in n 1 1 11 ..... i SO EEE-ZEE MOUNTED IN FRAME WITH ALL HARDWARE ATTACHED. . JUST SLIDE INTO OPENING). WITH $C095 WITHOUT t'tV HARDWARE Wife? FRAME SIZE MOUNTED IN FRAMI. HARDWARE ATTACHID I'i7', $5.5: t'i7', Eee-Zee Door Sales Co. 6653 EASTON (Located 1 Block North of Salimon) JEnTlMH ( PLASTIC TILE ' First Quality 6c"y f 1 '.-INCH I RUBBER TILE I j Firtf Quality I I f O m TILE 4i :;:"'u:;:;ill::'.:a!:'.tf "H If Covers Ffoor, We Hove It" MISSOURI BUILDERS SPECIALTY CO. 3114 OLIVE JEfferson 2890 TRU-SEAL I xar II KW IDEAL POR PORCH AND . lr,Wf.TO,u BREEZEWAY ENCLOSURES msh atmchw (INSTALLATION SERVICI AVAIIAILI) FROM INSIDE TRU-SEAL ALUMINUM AWNING WINDOWS FOR NfrV CONSTRUCTION: Homej, Apartments, Hotels, Churches, Public Buildings (CONSULT TOUR ARCHITECT O lUILDfRj LEN a. MilUNE COMPANY SOO EAGER ROAD ST. LOUIS 17 (IRENTWOOD), MO. T.l.phent: REpublle 9100 New Manager H. S. BAKER . . who has been transferred to St. Louis from Das Moines as St. Louis jont manager for the Nesh Motor Car Co. He succeeds R, R. Compfon, recently named centre! states sales manager. DEALERS SEE NEW PRODUCTS Sinclair Refining Co. held Its serins advertising and sales pro motion meeting in the tower room of the Congress Hotel last Wednesday with 180 persons, bailees and distributors of the pastprn half of Missouri and dealers of the metropolitan St. Louis area, attending, a new extra-duty motor oil and a new trasollne were oresente. C. M. Swanson, area manager, was host. CHEVY TO BUILD CORVETTES rHTCAnn (UP) The Chevro let Division of General Motors reports its fibreglass sports car, the Corvette, wm be put into production in June. Chevrolet General Manager T. H. Keating said that fibreglass has never previously been used in a nroduction bodv. but predicted that the material will not replace steel in mass-proaucea automobiles. Keatint? said Chevrolet will turn out 300 Corvettes this year but will reach "substantially higher volume" in 1954. j V. VAar..7ta4Bi Door So loty fe Operate. Sea This leo.fy at a Sav (set. Call CO. 4:5$. Free Estimate I I Tsrais wtaraateeel t Year IV." Thick Hl-Oeaiity Hardware Will Not Warp Any Site Free Local Delivery We Will Install Liahts, Installatloa Flstb loth Sides Ixtra ladders' laaelrfes Isvlfed TO INSTiUX! LINOLEUM TILE Strictly FIrif Qsolify 5' :c FIR TILE PUSTIC WALL COVERING 50C yd! DRASTIC REDUCTIONS ' ON OTHER FLOOR AND WALL COVERINGS ALUMINUM ALL-WEATHER AWNING WINDOW O IXTRUDES ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION AIL WIATHIR WINTER AND SUMMER 100 CONTROLLED VINTIUTION SHIDS RAIN WHIN OPIN CLIANS FROM INSIDE SILF-lOeXINft ALL satmrjNt HO DRAFTS. Modern convector radiators warm large volumes of air gradually, so no drafts or "cold spots" are created. Temperatures at the floorllne and celling are always virtually the same, because of the convector's regular circulation of air throughout the room. mm? TSSS eT V CRYSTAL I ELECTRIC SIGN CO. I 1444 LIMDSLL FR. IS20 Huh (irtd FLAT OIL PAINTS fiffl S3 Iriaht-Whito Oetslde Hons Faint Part I.a4 IJfS RICK RED J j00 Gak Wsttrsraafs sad stalni la aaa assilratlsn. and all Gal. MECHANICS PAINT CO. IIS FRANKLIN GA. CS20 2411 WOODSON (Overland) VYI.S301 FREI DtUVERTaonnnaaataats !COUPONi FLOOR COVERING)) Never before offered ot this J) lew price. First Osolty VINYL PLASTIC FLOOR TILE Ret. lee Yalta ASPHALT TILE Marbleli.d -colors. First Q.elify. fteavletf Inlaid LINOLEUM TILE Ret. lea 8 t4 EACH 9x9 61 8' EACH 9x9 EACH 9x9 ECONOr.lY LINOLEUM CO. 4112 EASTON HE. 0386 OPEN IVININ6S Wt Hove Specially Trained Mecbanlce All Installations Guaranteed , COUPON -a-aewawawaaBW2ao . J KSW I ixa VT-V K3 ' ftptfat ( ' fJlkCa(ITX -m If1 i' gill , ffl . M (ssniutm is 11 .''SlB'. jwl I sens" nn t&JtLm-l I ,4 3" i ri W I llslessjtaasM.Msa--www- MEW COtsVtNeTNCJI PWnry of Outfatl end swHcthh for appliance, lampt, v.rytheg: you Mad I INCREASED PROPERTY VAIUII Adaquote wiring mokes property .osier to rant or ted I And you g.l a better prkel MORI FOR YOUR MONfTl Frop.r wiring mokas appliances work more ffkiantly iong.rl You save monerl FOR R meant Bettrk. ftsMrnrt I t vhioh nfcmc. PRICED RIGHT IH':li inrjti' u l i r lUr r STYLECRAFT ORNAMENTAL IRON CO. SI. S4I7 1437 AMHERST TERRACI Still your BEST buy In Combination Aluminum SCREEN-STORM WINDOWS For FREE Homt Demonstration, Call, Phone, or Write: r I ALSCO of ST. LOUIS, Inc. 1S24 OLIVE ST. ST. LOUIS 3. MO. PHONE CHtstnut 4611 I I i Please heve rearetettatlva eeetoct me. I am Interested I the fellewlna: I Q Stares Wledewt a Altmarell Awtlaat Air Cendltienen Q Jaleesies I NAM! ! , . I J ADDRISS CITY . a mi'i'ii'i I VijLUi.' 1.71 IS MS t CUM DBA M l Vn J kW. mr A rTFtTTiTTTT You wouldn't have fun on a little bike like this. Nor will just any wiring system do in your home. Nothing gives more comfort and convenience in the home than electricity! That's why 'Tlanned Wiring'' is so important to every home mmer it gives yon enough outlets and switches for every household need ; ; ; for years and years to come. Look what you get when you plan ahead by wiring atad VALUABll INFORMATION .boat SO yea.,. aei yoor fca. aepy a t by Wiring Ahead." Jast Msstas Or tha, enone ervWtt) tMon JWOlt aUCTlUO 4) IW0t,mWSat7llUfc WrpftJ- booeM. Tm Ai-stV,ktaf AbaaoV fVe x, wraas TWeOa. STYLED RIGHT FOR THESE BEAUTIFUL Custom Made RAILINGS 4- AMI I SI. 5417 VHLL MU. 2047 For Frtt Estimates MU. 2047 I I . PHONI J STATI I rv "lrTrrteEFr tlllllll-T Tl-n I J1 TW THIS SYMBOL Is your assurance that trie wiring hat been planned for better Hying i..efacrrkofty. look for It en fhe fine box 1 mi th. house you buy. - tend mat H Dgyesi e t is m tagviti MtWa-KttMe. hialt

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