The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1930
Page 7
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1930 CLASSIFIED ADS 'i-wo cents a word lor first Insertion end coe ceul a word Jor each cubtiqutut Insertion. No idwrUsement Uken for less than 60c. Count the voids ind send the ««»U. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—(For few days only). Dr. McCall has moved to St. Louis Kiel has placed Ills home In my hands for sale. Choice location and rave bargain. Lei me show It to you, If interested. O. G. (Jaudill, Office phone 737, residence phone 786. ' • 28c-tl i f*^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ •* by NLASERvicE//2c: PAGB SEVEN ERNEST LYNN ucfii.v 111:111-: TODAY Itr^tiiEiliiK u* nn rxlrn, A.VMJ WI.Vl'MU hn» projjn-kJicJ rnplJly IJM.I l« IL«nv IJIHllT rttulrrLi-l lu CriiEi.l ['nlli-rt, IIIK- uf <hi> l:ir^-iM o( llii> JlullMioiii) EiE<»tl*»El vK'luri. AliiElliia. Amu- linv Ijrrti IIUnK i. III. tun E.lhrr Klrl«. JIOVI MOI1- IIISD.V nnil IIVA IIAIIJ.UY. M.iiri IIIIL) !*VEE :m' rMrin, Imt Mumi *MirJ<* iilily iiL-v:i9.ii>iiiilly mul 1:1:1 ljur r:iri:y. i:\li l:i l>lller uirr lliU, luij a\vr :i lruc r i- li>vt- eMU'rlvriri 1 . She Icjivi'x H[»]|JI%OHJ aimll), U-ii^tiig livlilntl IIIT n lu-.n rl-liruKciv note fur .\iiiii' JEnt] .Molin. I>A\ HimiMi;il, foriili-r \nr ' " Anno was capable of; ho only believed be did. But he knew what Anne Winter wauled lo do. "Wouldn't It bo possible," ho suggested, "(o givo Anuc Winter a test for Ihe part? Von could soon lirid out whether sho can play ll or not. I've got a Jot of brass, 1 l;now.' J ho added with n grin. "but I've gol an idea that in tho end you mav lhank mo for this." uer can watt, Menu; wo simply havo lo hear this right nwuy; 1 can't wait another minute." Ho laughed happily, knowing no oilier triumph that could equal tills present one: and ho followed them lo the sofa, where- they made him sit between them and relate the thing from beginning lo end. "Talk about a break!" Dan said lloyinlly, with nn snn around each thrcurJi ttitiu at homo here." ilo brought a pencil out of Ills pocket nud Midi If Micro was any paper handy. "Thoru'Sj a qouplo of scenes I'd like to glvo you a few notes on. Itemeinlu'r Hid place, Anno, whero Mli-liad Is fiaiiK-il and Iliccops lako him away, and Jonuy u-nrns thai bo Ihlnks she was the ono who (mined i LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1923 LATE PONT1AC COACH A-l condilion, loc-:s and runs fine. This is an excellent bargain. Only $305 1928 MODEL AA FOKD T1UJCK. Has -1 new Tires, closed cab and platform body. Jusl Ibc truck for your heavy hauling 5235 J930 FOKD FORDOIl SEDAN. Driven only 9.000 miles. Fully Guuranlccd. Only $455 Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers 811 XODAV >]l:l|U n:liii> urile-r. EEO, IjEEt In' li::>i v frclliif; for her III.11I I* IEI iml" HUM luvc ull !u rrK:E Johnson and I'hiilliis both of llicin. "I stilt-<lon't believe It. laii.ntic'!. "Well, you i!ia!:e It found 1 Anne, pliicli me. will yon?" pretty reasunaule," tlie former ad-1 They wero esellcil, iiiilniateil She nodded. "Well, i here's OUR BOARDING HOUSE a real spot (or Jenny liiero. It's a good scene. I'll t;iliv* r.friu*; 10 rrnvive lier ujl riLE-lliiT trim! tlllEE, i-in»»:fl;illy' J,|TEI-I- | jila ri-lE'iiHp from CunthnMHiil I'lc- I iiirv.^ nnd MH r:iltier unkiiccfkhful j uflriLiiiu (u Crvi' Inner. I'Al.'l. Cl>I,[,ir:il, v.ljp urltfs n Unity imivle culuimi for n striutr nt iir\YN|iniii'ra, ntinrrri [Inn 1 * niiEirl- 11101,1 ivllli him. Ilo knn trim tnllh In IJnn'n nljMEIv, UeM'Iti* Ilir l:il- .\i-u lurli UnEi I>"J \yrltlru n [iliiv fur the- IrftlllEmife «l3t;r. HI* ngrjEl, nn:ililr to iilnrc II, Hn:,lly »i-nrlf II 1,-,-k to III,11, nutl A;,nt- WInl.-r m,u f.illlr-', iTln-i, llu-y rend It, lErr CElthllslmtlc ,cvrr It. Tlii'j urice [):i:i (o revl.\c it tar milled. "I've got an open mind. : llsli'ncrs; they wcro unable to Uecpll 01 ''own the Hues fur yon." but 1 1 ilon't mind telling you I'm • from Interrupting bis recital with from Missouri. I'll tell you, now; j eager exclamations. contract, Unn! Thr.t'B won- I'll su^gcbt to the director lliat |Miss Winter be given u test, but j I won't go beyond that. Wo don't. I believe In Interference. it'll be Garry Sloan, I fiiiess. If Sloan "Well, maybe. That remains lo be seer.." . -i'-''And Dan savcd'somotlilns for Hie lend. "The best is yci lo come," he Anne. "They mny one..Anno. TTR Ni'gau to write on llio pad llir.t Moiia lirougbl him, ami Anne hcslde him leaned close lo him ami watched Iho rupldly moving I'oiii-ll, muiitlilng iho word* n» ho wiu'io them down. "Ami hcvc's aiiolhcr prelly good yd IKEI] M'rccii, « |I|:E}' i[ic a . imrl of lt.- rolo 'uu Ihp \vimlO. luvc lo ihc mnln.elrl JTT U'OKlri bo Sloan. Dan '•^ and the rest of Hie other's words ^vere lost oil him. lie thought ll |Etiaugc Hies that It bad not oc-, |)lora|5(!( , ,, ia , ht ,. Cl sl , 0 l)lo .ciirred lo him before-lho poasi- ; (llrcaor Ul!|l yo ,, , |0 ,,,„„ „ lcs[ ,. "Dan.' yon didn't!" Von might as well lie Hemembw I?" Slic bobbed licr eagerly, and bility of (Jarry Sloan's chosen; but the Idea hail entered his head. : - being never !l:m folhnia llirlr nilvlcc nEi.l Hip iilny In ncvc-incd Ijy ttr.-ini] linltvcl. lie [K iflvi'n to unJcr- *l»n:l (hat. thvy think lilchlr nt lilr.i nnj IIIIEJ o^cr liEin EI ronlriEi't. . •I'tcn ho MiciiC.lM in thp »liidlo iof Other tlllllKS. t-\ft'i:lli-c IliEil Ainic \\'iEttcr f,)li!,li]i-ri-(J' tnr |!IL- i>ic:iirr. M K. JOHN'SON let the mailer rest there; lie heEati to talk FOR SALE—Office desk ana swivel chair . Cheap. P. O. Box 115, Bly- thevillc. 4pk8 No\v i;o ON wri'ii r i'HR STdiiv CUAPTEK XXXIV *'• \VfI3LL, I'i'l tell you. Rorlmer," Mr. Johnson saiii. "it might be difficult (o fiive thai part to Miss Winter, even If slic did nualify. In the first place, (here are several Might UB well gel >i« jdov.-n to brass.lacks. Would Ildrl- liher be ready lo start at once 6iV tv the scenario? Isnlii, jgivo you a chance, Anne, nt Ihc Igolng over this ono loo. ;iart of Jenny. Ilow'd thai he? 1[ bjx>i{e to Johnson about you, and ler pyi's Blioiie. "I think 1 •cmcuiliLT everything lu tho [ilay, Dan. Oh. It's Just a wonder! Mmin, tell lilm how mini] 1'vo talked ilwul U 10 you. I'd give anything o play that part." "I'm really beginning to think sho would, Dau." Mona said, laugh- •'H c "First. ililug lomoi'row tnorning," He rose nnd Held Onn said. "Trial's fine."-" out his hand. laiiT Lho other hand on tloriuier's shoulder as hs waited with him to the door. "Just to tip you off," IMiilllps SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach j LEE MOTOR CO. nice sirls around here who will :said In a low voice as they walked probably want it." lie smiled. "Keeping peace In jihvon the hall, "when the boss says I lie wniy offer you a contract, that •incausi he icIIJ. Johnson's pretty Ihe family is one of our most dif- 'cautious, that way. but Ills word's Isn't that better than a gold bond. And," "I sure did." FOR KENT FOR RENT—Light Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West, Walnut. 2Gc-tt Furnished aparment, for rent. See Jlmmle' LedueEter at Saunder's Store. 29C-U he added,'"I'll bo darned glad to ,.,... -have yon will! us.". j fie asked then If LMn would llho to bo shown around Iho lot. "I".l be tied up myself, but we can Eei Uj,,,,,,,' b , 7 , Ie | ms l)eoa k|n( , 6 , hold of'someone In tho publicity ,. om . Ee but—" FO'ft RENT—One room with or without board. Mrs. C. P. Fender, 512 North 1st St. Ipk8 j FOR RENT— 2 rcoms furnished for I tight honse'Krep!ng, 625 Walnut Fhoue 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavender.! ficult jobs at times, right, Phillips?" The scenario chief grinned, say." "And it will be up to Uiq director to decide, auyv.-ay," Johnson v,-eul on. "There's no question about Lester Moore, of course; he's the logical choice for your gaugsier. itiig here." But there are liaif a' dozen girls i So Itorimer was taken in tow by at least,- a r>-ho might 1 do,-for- r a[1 agreeable .young the So. you see . . ." lie .smiled. Ilorimer, of course, could iiGdcr- staud that casting was not s'u'jh a i simple matter. - rtorlmer nodded. He hoped ~the other would W did yon over dare?" "why ilnn't' you behave?" Mo:ia demanded. "Whal do yon menu, dare? Why shouldn't lie?" /'Sure, why shouldn't I?" said Dan. "Hut listen, Anne. Garry Sloan's tho director. You'd better see .him right away anil loll him you'd like that screen test. Tell him you'd like lo !>hy IhaLrolo nnd you want lo show him what yon rnn do. Don't be afraid to speak up, because If you don't ho might make up his mind on oomebody else iiefore you get a chance." Anno shook her [lead. "Ob. 1 can't do lliat." "Why not? Johnson's gofiig to suggest It to him. Sloan can't take your head off for telling him how much you'd "like It," Dan said. "Sloau likes you, doesn't lie!" Antic looked at Illm a .little .ueerly and a denial. "Why department to tahe you nround. i.Might as well look the place over, .now that you're goiug to be work- Ealli ,, ll fiknew w not llllLk 'around. publicity department. The tour .was a sh'ort one, though, because one sta g G ffas i lisy a ( ti, c lime; and when 'they returned tti the offices Dan asked him 17 he 'bctber Miss Winter was FOR RENT—SlKimhcalcd 3-rooai furnished Apartment, 603 W. Main, Phone G42. 3ck6 FOR RENT—Nice bedrocin, close in. ICO Dougan. 3pM FOR liE.NT—One of Shane Apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and-571. 3ckl5 FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private home. Phone 413-W. 4ck9 him EO toolish. or presumptive, as to try lo tell him what lo do. "Especially bflcr you'v'o'. been' so 1 kind to me. But I thought that .if we .'all agreed on 'Moore^as .! had hoped .would happen— you mi.tht think a suggestion was in (i.rder. . When I was working on that treat- After some inquiries his guide learned that she had left for the day. Shortly afterward Dau departed, and he drove at once to (lie bungalow, where, ho found Anne and Moiia in aprons, preparing dinner. Anno said at once, "Dau, you've moot .there, I bad Anne Winter'in U ™"B'"- Kopd news! I can see it in mind as well as Lester Moore." lie smiled apologetically. "Yon - Eee, I know what Anne Winter can do, and f don't believe you do." That, he admitted lo himself, was not true; lie didn't, know what your face." And lie admitted that that was true. "It went over, Aimc; Grand "United bought it." "Ob. that's wonderful, Dan! Sit doivn aad tell me all about it. Diu- '•'Just the same," Mona put In. "you do as Da:i says. "Don't bo [afraid lo ask for what yon want. They'll think a lot more ol you !or U, won't'they, Ban?" ftorimer agreed, and Mona said, 'Remember what happened wheu you turned down that first contract. That didn't hurt your standing any, dirt it? Johnson didn't get sore, did lie? Tell 'cm what you want.xAiiuc. It 1 ever get along as fiuj.lis/ymi'vc gone I'll speak?my ItiecV(iif|iri£lit—loud and : oBeul" .VlotSa '.Jauglicd. "You .wouldn't see. lIlUe. : ,Moiia overlookfiii; <'auy breaks/- Jnst let me at 'em!"' . • "Jusf what did you tell Mr. Johnson 1 about me?" E\nne as!;crt, ami Dan related what had taken place that afternoon. Ilo and Mona armed persuasively enough to win her consent to speak to Carry Slouii at the first opportunity. "Another thing," Dau said. "Yon might as well be learning a few of these lines. Yon'ca'n be PERSONAL FOR RENT—Three room aparl- ment. 701 Chickasawba Avc, 1'hon-: 274. 5pkB; FOR RENT—Sleeping room adjoining bath. Steam heated home. Garage, if desired. Phone 114. 5pk9 FOR RENT—Two froni tedrcoms. Board if der.ircd. 710 West Ash,! Mr?. Lydia McGhcc. 5pkS: KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL — Mrs. Lucile Thomas Smith will open lier Kindergarten at 1109 W. Main on Sept. 15 with a limited number of children. You will be delighted with the training your child will receive. (Jail 226. 2ckO. WANTED Blytheville Upholstery and Repair Shop new iocnt,2d 117-. S First St., next door to Will Carney's-, J. H. Jenkins, Manager, Phone 4G9- •Ickll WANTED — Family Washings.! Washed and Ironed by compe- [ lent, white woman. Mrs. Brown,' 704 S Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED BOARDERS — Pour teachers or young men in furnace heated home, HOB W- Main, Call 220. 2ckO, WANTED—Bcardcrs in steam heated home. 201 Lake St. Call 4«. 4pk8 \Vc offer Ihc Lest nufo repair service in iown A. H. JENKINS Phone 279—813 In I'irkufcfc Bus Buildinf V. R. WASnAM— Transfer Dally trips, to Mempliis. WIU pick, up nnd deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-0315 Closing Stock P' tees A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler .. Cities Service Cecil Cob. ... Fox General E'.?ctric .. General Motors ... Grigsby Griinow ... 1. T. and T Montgomery Ward Packard Radio Simmons United Gas U. S. Steel New York Cotton WERT Ho Makes 'Em Seej NEW YORK, Sept. Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Old 1145 1162 1U2 1162 n c^ 1127 1163 1H4 1174 1152 1168 1185 12CO OCv Oct. !Dcc. 'nee. | Jan. | Jan. In the Mississippi County Chancery Court, Chickasawba District Mary E. Wells Cady and C. A. Gibson, Trustee, Plaintiffs vs No. 478i Langdon L. McKay, el al, Defendants. WAKNIXO OftDER The defendants Langdon L. McKay and Virgil McKay are \varn- ID app?ar in this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint of the plain- Shu got up (lion nnd slipped nut of Iho room, nud from the kitchen sho called back lo Anno that she was going ahead with the dinner. IEI don't worry spoiling anything. I'm just slicing tho lonutocs." Anne smiled and called out something in reply. "Poor Mona and her cooking!" she exclaimed softly, and bent once moro over Dan's writ- Koilmcr leaned back, and the end of tho pencil against Ills chin. "How doea Mona feel —better?" "Yes, a great rtc&l." '"•icriri; irom Efa?" ".No." Mona called again lo ask Dau IT o would stay for "'dinner. Sho :amc to Iho doorway' lo repeat Tlio Invitation, nnd Ihc sun, streaming through the green-curtained dow behind her. maJo (lame of her red hair. "Ster.k, Dan—and salad thai llulo Mo'ua is fixing all by herself. Uet- ier sir.}." And Anne urged him. "Yes. do." "For ilio sake of the salad, then, yes," lie said, and Anne letl Ills side awl went lo the kitchen. He continued for a fow mtiiutes to write, and when lie put this .pad a-sldc lie joined; Iho glj-13 in'(he kitchen, crying loudly that BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SOMHTHIMJ WENT WllONC! By Martin he wanted to be put to work. -"And don't think I can't cook a. steak. Say, this is going lo lie a regular party. Il's Rorimer's night to iiowl, girls. After dinner, Winter will entertain with a ren- iHtioii of ff couple of swell scenes from n swell play, and then wc'ro '..nil going to go places and do things. IHghtr "Right," said Mona. going (To : Jo Coiijinncd) tiffs, Mary E. Wells Cady and C. A. Gibson, Trustee;! •: In witness whereof, I have hereunto set, my Viand and the seal the above court this 15th day August, 1930\7. >V. HOLLIPETER, . Clerk ot Iho above Ccurt. • C5S l " a " Bl« CHEURiY CKO1' TRAVERSE CITY. (UP)—Grand Traverse region's cherry liarvest tliK -year almost doubbd the 192B production, a survey of local plants show. This year's harvest was 25.- JCCO.OOO pounds. 1 .080,000 pounds ICES than in ID28 when a bumper .crop of 33,000,01) pounds wns har- By Harvey Morris, D. C. j vested. Based upon five cents per (SEAL) pound as the average return lo Neill Heed. Ally ad Litem. [ growers, ihn 1030 cherry crop was . Aug. 15-22-29, Sept. Estimated nt 51,500,000. HEV, BOOTS- -GKMCK. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS _ " T. (SOT MOTIONS / Or WY THE STOWAWAY! By Blosse* old new old new Mar I May ! July Spots closed 20. Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor EpecialUlng In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingram Bldg, Blyllievillo, Ark Oct. .. Dec. . Jan. . Mar. . May .. July . Spots 19. LISTED 6L.-AEH... UNCLE 1 SOPPOS£ L C.XUD 7AWEM FpEcULES \>|I7H ft, BUT COSH!! I'D MEMES. IF AMD ck UP .. ABOUT \NUAT UAPPENED :.TO OSCAR- FRECKLES UPS DISAPPEARS AIR.... I LO3XGD SBG FOP. ... COM£ AMD USLP THE XJOO QUICK 1 . HERE COMtS HOS.R1C.HLC1GH 1 SIMPLY MUST IrtPRLSS I steady at 1165, up 6F.e...lTS SETTIM OO\>W VIHAT H£t> HEAD OUT'? WORK By-Cowai New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept 5. IU1')— Open Hicji Lo',v Close .. 1122 1140 1110 1137 . IH3 1160 1136 1)55 .. 1153 1166 1145 1ICC .. 1172 1183 1161 1180 . 1189 1201 1119 1108 .. 1105 1214 1195 1213 closed steady at 1112. Canada has \o:-\. in eleven years, through insccl pests, almost as much as she spent 0:1 war demobilization from 1015 to 1D26.

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