The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE m.VTfiEvrr,i,B, OVKK.J COUJUKH rows Coo! Window Hanging Will Overshadow Sunimrr I leal PACK TTOBB -liilclrcn Inviu-f] lo Sucl- IHI ry School Tuesday for Firsl Day's Aclivilics A fri'd public plnynroir!d for the. itildri'ii of Blylhcville, to be sup- j viiii'd hy young men I rained In iliiyaroiiiirt work ami physical flucatiou, will oprn , ni, ibe Snd- Jiii'V school tomoivow nUeruoon, t was iinnounccd to:!ay by J. 'uul Riiill.-ncr. Wilson, National i'ouili AiliiilnistriiiJ^ii Miptt visor or Mississippi iiTiTi Orittenileii f'liiUy. The playground pro^-am will o:itiiine all MIJIIIMT, under IKC.I- »t plans, and uuu- UP inside a eniiaii«it. year-ronnd activity, if inert'. 1 !. warrants. Mr. r-Ymikner aid. H will Ijc comliu-led as an A'A project. W. D. McClinkin uperintondent o: schooX will be i c.lim p g« of it. nml playuro amc.s (iml cllir-j- acth'ilics will be HIM vised by three i'>eal boys, nines Roberts, I.enn S'.atford and .'dwnrrt Lewis, who have tnken muses In playground supervision yj pliy.sieal cdii'.-.ition a;, Jo:ie.s- ••ii. ttil niytheville children arc in- • to report at the 1 Sadoury ncol playground for tbe lirst .V'M activities at :t:30 IOIIIOITOW , .ernoon and at 3::10 every week j y afiei-noon thereafter At least, '0 of the supervisors ivill be 0 ;i I mil cuch afternoon. There will > Softball, volley ball, tennis. mc.shoe pltchinK an<l oilier me*. iw scat lir!cnv, «(rt cii.laincil illlll ll'slli. The lai:e mrllljlls liiivo ill s[lilc of ils fragile appea sc Animal in Slalos Timber 'Near I'M Prairie \VclcoiiK 1 flotlngp Will Go '\\> (lily Ai Rnd Of Vc'n I'ilCl PlfrtllilK, ol St. I.OUl ll'Dlll II HDD In .Miiillii'iisl. Mil. .... Denver S. \vhtlSe flimi' inil W |!|,.|| ]„. Missouri ,somi> yoir-i into wltl> two . snpemnnual- nl clmis bonsK nrrh'rd line Sal- urdiiy with a blivck wolf \vlilc]i \\ H planned in rrli< In Ilii' 'I'lm-i. Kind's, tlnilii'i- iraci. IM-IV line. Mr. Wrliiht. rnld tliai i Ifov.- (luce ivlnilniiv, with let in lhc ina.vminm tif square, oiieii jialtern Hint is s ai're. Tin- jfi-cpii .silk drjiperip: iiifT u-cave. In thU early Anifriian lirilruum nn- d:iHi,,lil dark blue, xitriiiklc,! viill, tiny ml ruses, It,,. last December. Inlendliii! il I" I lie fit. Louis wm, 'I'lie IinttviTr, could pnnlil,. „„ lor II, had Ihe nnljmil in lt "l my plivco In fit. county for mure limit t,lx mi.'iilhv. ciirlnii for iiml fivdli>|V u, id a cost of ul,nil! S3 11 month and muililc lo ulve. 11 iiway, 1 dc- c'ile;l in rclensii It." Wrlislil M ld. explained Hint he would ulve Ibi: wolf uboiil. llvi> Iioiirs .'iUrl and llien M'l afler II with a pin-k f o! doas. 'fin' outcome of lhi< bum i lias not been reported here but admitted In advance Uuii It wns donbtfnl if the doi|s would IIP able lo locale Ibc animal In Hie Iji;;..forest trad. I Till! two Ci'ilU'iinliil VVi'lfome cnl- ! limes, which will bo creeled a( Mm I Aikiinsii.s-Ml.wonrl slnlc line, have i lioen (jlycii (o Mrs. .Intncs II. Olnrk. v, In) has pi'CM'tiU'd I hem to lhc clly of lllythevllle, .s'nc iiiiiumnceil l(Kiny.. Till 1 witlftuc.s will b: 1 constniclcd sn (lint (hey can he moved to lily- Ihcvllli) nest .lannarv 1. In nsk- illy for Ule collaijes. Mrs. Clark was told lAw could use them for any purpose "for elvle tjood,' unit afier il!wii!.sitiij iliij miilli'r n-lili scvcni) 'illiers slie decided (o use (he Ion I'aliln as a inii.wmn of Ml.snKslppI cuiiiify heli looms ami I (J UM> HI,. nuHlern collano us a rosl room for •.voincii frnin the rural .si'etlinui. Tin 1 IIMJ cabin will be of I'ne tync of 111:111. constriii'leil wlllionl nulls and \vU! tnnkn an uUracllvc s;'tljii^ for U\c bealniiliiif of a pjinv.iiieni IHM.SOUIH, It (ti bi'llcvc'.l. The mo:l- 1'in eotlair; will be of eolonlnl tie.- slun lint arranged so as It. v.-!ll m .\Vi' an cxcell.'iit f,>si, room. AI/IWAS, cnl. (iri')-A female dk on (he XI. rinieli has become to iillddipd (o (he sheep on (he )eh Hmt she | lm ls them Wulimii the day and remnins wllh iliein milII uioy are b'dded «hvn al iiliiln, llllllnl f.-lr li.-K-k, lint no paClcrn. SS STRiKES EKB reach G o v r i; \\ m cut! Guards Againsl Resump-! ion of Labor Trouble ' nr i,.\VK\ t.ou NIU Kcniec Staff CorrMiiondenl NEW VORK—DreMlr.j up tl-t 1 windows of yovr homo wiih cri-,p and airy cmlains is cnc if il:e Minsi ways 10 make ii cool :;nd invillng for the hoi weather makes (he shade MILS Hie dressing lalili<. U-'roi.i Home Window lit coral in;> ciulia. K t . w fur Ihe y n ,| ; , at (lie Wllltlll ilec- Ihey Orfiandy. PARIS, June 15 lUpl—Skd- "' •linctetl mobile cuartt;- tc,:i.iy pernserl Frt*\cl\ enorlj; lo rc-"- rti to iiKiitsfnat normaltv ;,f:e/ o weeks of .strikes v.biib ir- Kod in higher wares aiu', 10- 'ccd working hours foi u,l,oi. 'Ibe inipic-ssire display of s.-.i'i- r.v forte was proniptfri ijy ,'c irs Premier L?on niiinVs ponu!r,r out jjoveriunc-ni (hat '-tore;-!!! ;lttitors" would fomenl fi:':,h. uiUes likely r.jain to ct:,i,>l'- tench imlliflry anil hr.ll (lib auiu-y's armamenl program. Workers in \hn lanjcsl Pi.ris ctorie, 1 ;. ivho hji:l" oecujiicd I jc;-- Ullcyi'!.'.' |/:nH:, I or :; fttrl>:!shl. slntlsy i::;-.r v.av !•: .-i> ;u aiy l.;:u!L-r:i v.'hu prc]-,arec! 101 rc- inpiiun 01 work to<laj. Of tin; livndrcd.s of vvn.iu'.iis ily ten strikes remained unsc-t- •d. including a new oiiibieat IS liairdivsiei-s. Sirifccr coiv me in Ihe biiiltiiiii; Iraiier,, UK- .rtmciil store;:, in-air.uicc cui:i- '.s and among painters :.:.d .•er snilois. weaves, ruffled weaves will let in every bit o[ il. lle.-udt's Icokipi; coUer, loom.'. iv ;ith \\indov.s lii-nii thns actually Aim cooler. Color iiiai- fc« introciiieecl -.vlili Venetian blinds or pattenieil tluules-and if yon shop- oKl recently for shades yoii'r; Childish Ideas Receive Blame for Divorces WEST CHESTER. Pa. rUPl—Di- vorces arc psychologically childish .'tie to be surprired crnlive ellccts svilli June b]cs.somrd out. Plcliiri 1 , for inilr.nre. an early American bedroom with nillli'd ei'rlains or dallodil yellow, hint'; over desp hlun window shade's gaily spilji-ctl will) liny re'.l roses. The same rose-spri^ed material was used for the full skirl and your window shades wilh .slip covers for cliahs or davenport, II yon do ibis. UioiHjli. beuer have cnly one slip eover in |i:iticrn and the otber.s plnln. Oln.-riiif,,- your eye will tire of the mnii- ctonons eticci. When you bry lace curlains. yen may "uo" modern. Vlclorlan. early Amei.ean or inaich pr.iell- 01 '''' 0 lo tli'cpn- inns, niv i since tliey blend wild isli \-mv\ Iciics. if yon prefer paslol.-.. however, iiiciv is 1,0 reason uhy \ ( iiii- cin-itiln.s slnuid H,,! | K , !,,[',, V(l |. low. ajirient, tnnifoliie. llu: dclee;- able >luide of a mini, frnniv, i,r any uiliei yon wish. In rooms in which while nc.. ii-uell- j c.-.'5Ciies iiiv used, .shei-r wliiln A , , 1|1C simple, open- laiiiK-.parlicuhiily U (he wnils arc roes! VC.WCK in ,-otisd and sltirdv« covrictl win. . mu 1 .of lhc ,,"w tcxlilcs aic eKiieclally well Milled j dark-iciicd null papers. ''lie faviiihc way lo hnni; ciir- inhis is in fi'll. ;; 0 a folds icai'h- iii(! 10 the window sill, though .-bed exactly be I'lifTlcs. i.hip la i''"i Sl ri, I'"*?* ' ( ° mrlj ' A ">« : lcnn or IMovincU-l Dine bowl j,u W | wild wl.if.-j fuiniture. nainllrr. cobwebby c'- 'm1H*T U n " CU ,', lk ' r i'",' h ' K kd " llilV( ' lleL>11 ll ™" rt ' '»'• '«£•• iS™ -ind'a h»L, r 'rt' } ^r!frrarrn'ictic^ sJr ii^ h v;;- ! r edccoiaiois •'"''" T ° 1|ii! th ™ , Pieied me cffccuvc Window i %?^'^^ ( ^^" a - ' |:»;;* ,,;» v i;;r ^ a ?™ /-- r vJ_c^^ 1 tc,, J he J ,atte™_o f i The '^ ^^'^ bci.c | ^s^'liri'.nAcm" U> ^ Fcce Marriage Offered To Couples Duriap; June PARKIN, Ark. «;i>)—l.Yr.0 inuc- ilnse ceremonies thirlii^ June is the inducement, made lo north Arkansas couple.s contemplating iiiiil- rhuotiy. by w. o,. Cook, JuMIra of the. Peace here. Cook's only requirement Jor Ihe free, ceremony 1.1 liiat llm couple tmist buy lliolr llccusi! In Croat conn I y. The special offer came afler n Justice, of Ihn Peace In a nearby county reduced marriage ceremony lees to $1. Killfc w Times Out, (UP)- Lucy s, Is recovering from " (iirl tinder TORONTO, llcthcriiiglon. her aaili snruleal operation" IICIT The (jli-1 fell while playing on the • St '' C ° l ° l " ia J ' cnl ' 3 " s "' il1111 l " n ' 1 " 1 - lhc " sl '° 11ns S1>cnt ">ost of her life according to Dr. Eilwnrd's. Linrte-1 .man. -lending New York ! worker. occurs between the ages of 35 and •15, when people begin to realize they are growing old. Married couples who have "grown up," according to Dr. l.indcimui. social ' Jii'.ve settled down to regular living' nt fills time while those that have grown weary of each other ami de- Dr. Lindcman numbered divoreos i '%£ %™ SC ™ ^V™'^'' nmoiiE the characteristics in Am- - " s )OU fiml cricnn conduct which, he .said. I proves that many adult people are 1 "still in their childhood." in urging a local audience to train their children to be responsibla citizens. 'Hie divorce-desire, lie explained. ( was one of three crimes a person | I encounters duriim a lifetime, and ' seeking something outside them-'on a ..mall border section of Point Delves upon which to fix fae blame !>lac« which happens lo be I, for their misfortunes or predlca- Michigan. incuts," he added, "you may know 1 that they are not truly adiilUs." raciillj- Lives On "Hop,." ni,i n , ^~, '• —;,r,, .MONTREAL (UI>)-Untversily of T^CO. ^^"*SK. nr 1 JSirin "-^^Tn'Jy '^ Suburban Polnl Place. O., re s ,«- raw,, "a .alary since Febrna'y bm , \V(s. (UP; - 'Vllllinn Vurrnv, nmr here. wmUr 'ds sinull /In;; mine buekw.nd- • -'.-ndlr( his ore. underground tr i mill In Ihe .sliaft in an ad. 'olnlnii mini 1 . Onlv Ihe nielnl I I'lonshl in Ihe :a'rfare while th 1 sin-', is left below. V'ui'iiy bull Ills mini! on (lie uppei- level of a: n!d abiniilonfd mine. o. (UP)— Marine Scrgl Mny of Klplon, O., vulilw his now at $2fi,000. IL was lorn oil In an automobile necldcnl. Although IL war. replaced, May sued for S25.000 for fear It, won't resume Us former slalus. Civil Service Proposal Creates Senate Controversy WAKIIINOTON. JiT.e |£, (uj:)~- The Kenale stinvblerl luio ai, mi- evppeled condriversy today (,ver (lie civil seri'lee aiid irKiineniir- lly lurned tisnir Ink. e. mccllnp al which vcleran seiinlo;':, l;,i|lp^ iiiinlly leeonnled allem,it« ( () exert pollileal in/iueiice on W ii- The teslimiiiiy of hull a dueii seiuile .seniors mine chi .MMdenly In dlseiisslon ni ,-> bin |. y Seintor I!•;:'" I- Dine'; ,l)em, AJ;i.) «> inevent poltlleai 'iiilueiu-.- in O on- "ecllon with civil R'.rv-!!! n-oiur,- 'ilie Koim ID. Send The Atlantic Monthly jVIAKi: the nnist of your reail- * 1"^- hours. j;,ij oy ||, l( H . iti II"' wlsdcui, (hit coniii.iiiloii- >lil|i. llic cliarin Ilia! liav:: mall.' Ou- Atlantic, for sfmil.v-flvi' yiiifs, Ainei leu's m<,,[ ,,uotr:l unil inosl i her Mini niaiinviui'. 51. Oils to Allunlln Monthly, K Arllns- (on S(., llnsteii 47% fxTKA Kiutue AMD OTHfK FLYIM0 INffCTS Bee B/nnil Intcct is eaiier la UK:, more- pytcll Alaska Mapping Progresses ' JUNEAU. Alaska lUF'i — l-'orty- ven per cent of the Tenilory of aska. has been mapped lopojra- ically. U II. Sargent of the U. S. .'ological Survey, estimated. Drs. Wert &. Wert OPTOMKTHISTS Over .Toe Tsnacs* Slon, "WE MAKE 'RM SEE" Phone Trjvis I.aiulcr, shown :it t\x : "I like 10 smoke at mealtime. IH f fee live JNow. Unlil July Isl 'e arc clearini; niiv stock in.'lfi I'hilco liiiilitis liy c rcilucfiniis ii.s— A SUGGESTION At mealtime, try Camels yourself end see why smokers say T l/ .Model IGKX Mnilt) IKiij iltodc! BfiOX" Motlcl fi.iOX iModcl B.!fl\ iSIotii'l (i-iO|{ Alorlvl (i201{ Model (II 01! Philco I'liilcn I'liilco 1'ltilcn 1'hiici) I'lllk'O ' Phiii'n I'hilco l.isl Trice Clearance Price .S325.00 - fi] 25.00 192.50 1 02.f,0 1 1 (i.OO ') ! 50 St. SO 'iiiir! 150.00 ! •> n ~f\ •Ji'.fJU os.oo 7S.OO (ill.aO | 1 r- •1 l./O Science conliims the Jrulh of the popular phrase "For Digesiion's Sake ...Smoke Camels" These Arc All New I'hilco Radios ?"'' .^ 1ilil ilh All-Wave, Foreign am! American Hcception. This ITcr I.asls Only Until Our Present Floor Stock Is Sold iUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Scientists have found that Camels promote wc/Micing by stimiilai- the tlpwof the digestiv tion to proceed normally and healthfully. Withtlicirfmer, costlier tobaccos, Camels give mildness anew meaning. They do not get on your nerves or rasp your throat. Make Camels your smoke — for their cheery "lift". . . for digestion's sake. Camels set you right. cssary'for gonil digestion. Often worry, excitement, ner- voiisncss— tilj interfere with tiiis digestive flow. Camels restore :imi increase it, thus assisting diges- BEST-DRESSEO GOLFER. Jotm- oy '^rrcll was voted lhc best- dressed golfer al the Naiiona Open Championship matches far a number of years. He s.iys: "A Camel puts me on the iopofihc\vor Camels aid my digestion." Is, WHEN THE ALARM RINGS, Vlre-Chicf Fraok Gilliar forgcis abouc food anc! rest till the

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