The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1934
Page 6
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PAGXrOUX BLYTHIVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHBVItLE COU1UEB NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ' 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor aw. UAIXKS, AdYcrUtlzt Mantger Sole NatloHal Advertisln"6~ixcprcfeiiutlvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Cnicago, etAit, St. Louis, Dallw, Kavsas Cily.Mcniplils, Publthtd Every Afternoon Exct;;t Sunday. Entered us second doss matter nt Uic post oiricc nt U:ytlicvllle, Arkansas, under net at Congress, October 9, 1917. Bmed ay the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By canier In tlie City of Ulvtucvlllo, 15o per w«* or W.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius or 50 lollcs, }3,00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for ll.rce months: by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and clglit, $10,00 per year, payable In advance. How Politicians Work Whtn Jobs Beckon Tho (lii'ct.'l conflict (hat c;in firist 1 iMstwcen partisan politics «iul the public interest was never belter illiislvalcil than in tlic current congressional row over the Norris ninciulnicnt to th c Home Owners' Loan Corpornlion bill. Here, us cleiir-cut. as sutli » tiling could be, is <t case in which the ckims of politics run directly opposite to tlie needs of (ho nation as ii whole. The difference between ;\ public servant and it politician cuulit not net 11 better demonstration. The new bill imikes certain clianyc-s in the HOLC law, guaranteeing Hie $2,000,000,000 in bonds which the corporation may issue to protect hard- pressed home owners. » » « Before the bill «ol by, Senator Morris of Nebraska tacked on an amendment, which wwilil prohibit political considerations from playinir any par! in the choice of employes for this cor|)oi'«tion. The Senate, after much prayer, fasting and beating of, adopted this amendment by the margin of just one vote. Then the bill went to the House,- where the bunking committee immediately struck out the amendment. Now there simply is not any i|Vies- tion about the rights and wrongs of this amendment. A corporation Hull can issue (wo billions in bonds to home owners can do a very great work, if it bo directed properly; juul it can accomplish an uncommon amount, of very ujjly plieiiiigljntf if it.s personnel happens to be made, up uf political hacks. Why, ISien, did the amendment have such rough .sledding? The answer is plain as; a pikestaff. Congressmen need to be able to pass out jobs to their henchmen to make their re-election easier. This conwnilion offers many new jobs; from the political viewpoint, it would be insane to pass up this chance for party profit. The federal yovcrmnenf has tiiken on many more activities than it ever indulged in before. These activities touch us nil very closely; they afreet our wages, our jobs, the prices \vc pay for iiecc.ssitie.-i, the conditions under which we work, the homes we live in. It is of the hii; importance that (hey be conducted :is efficiently us is humanly possible. If the politicians at Washington can see in (he whole business nothing but ii fine new chance to lay I heir paws on jobs for dt'M.Tviin; Demon 1 ;! Is, Die whole business sooner or later is going to come down about our ears. —Hrncu Cation. A noihtr Hopeful Sign A si;in of (he changing limes is to be discerned in the news from London Dial the grounds of Die famous llnr- liiigham ami lianulugli polo clubs may be taken over by the London county council and used for housing projects. clubs, most famous polo organizations in the British empire, maintain playing fields on the edges of very populous districts. All around them London dwellers live in close quarters, stifled as all inhabitants of conge-sled city districts are .stilled for want of room. And here are these two green oases, dedicated to the game which is the pastime par excellence of the aristocracy. To reiiiiiri: the polo clubs to find playing space Carl her out would only be common sense. Nevertheless, the fuel Hint tlie British authorities arc actually ready .to lay impious hands on tlie favored ircread'on of the aristocracy is a {.ignilicanl sign of the changing times. MONDAY, MARCH 26 1934 Attorneys' Fees As vi'adci.s tn' llilr. m-w.spajK'L' a year ir^ci, lion ttlsaver, TeXiUkana nltoriicy, \vas iiH'C'ii $3,^TG "fie" by AUouu-y Crucial Hill Nonvixxl (or tolk'ttiims of $17.173 ii\ kin to dcpctflUi In tlie closed ArkaiisuK Uimk it Trust Og., ot Hope, nUlioiiiih coininon ilrpusUois obtained llic mine pro nidi [livktcml without one dime's c-xlrn cost. Attorney Guiii'ml Norewxl Is vrsisonsltolo for MHni'lliiiii; like V million dollars nf [he public muiiry Inuins; bren pnkl mil to politically ulllccl IIIWJITS (lin-lim thc?c runic years—a treasury raid which luis been exposed In every news- l>-.ivr,'V In Uic slnle. * * :< The Aiiilil Commission lias nuiK-iik-cl In llov- mior Fulrcll for guidance in Us course the altoi-ncy Bcncrnl's abuse of power—but Kor- wcotl belny nn elective olTlcial on a ]>ar ivlth llic urnTfiioi' f don't see. how nuicli help c;m bu expected In (his direction. Norwood would not be nUoriivy w.;ncnil today but for tho fact lhal we lincl no ninulf ptlmury election in 1032. ire can't plunder llic slate treasury and win again in the face of a two-man nice ns required uiultv the new rimofl nvUmiry law. '1'hc people's only answer to combinations .sekini; the puMIc tux timrts. Is at Hie polls—and any lime Nonyoud's Him- this newspaper will he, too. —HOJM Slur. It \tS3 is illegal tn sell a.-, whisky than W jiyo'jf. —Edward P. Ntw York litmor comrnKslonC'i 1 . SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Tuberculosis Could Be Ended If All Carriers Were Isolated CHURCH EXCUSES B? Gto. W. BwbMB "Now, leave me oul of this. I'm not going to take sides." BY lilt. ItlOKKI.S •lilitur, .fourual of the AiiiL-rii'.in ^IciliL'iil AssiM-iHlitir, ^nd c>r llyci'l:!, the Health Mjgtmiu- It all liiher'eulosls vlcttins. or ifjse who carry the genus, could be scureijalcrt in one aita niul kept from coulaet with Uiose vlio lire well. H is eonci'lvuble (hal he iliseiife eventually could be flampetl out. Cnrrlcra o( the genus nf ttieereiilosLs are, lor the mcsl liuil, rr.s|x>nsiblc fur its sjircail. Vou. therefore, have liltic to fvav from (his disease If you lire no contact vUlv a licrson who tributes the germs. A gooil dcnl of liibcrcnhxsts, p.-ir- ticularly allccline the bones. Hie joints, anil the glands, attacks an infeclitm, (he child can be isivcn litujicr eare in jM-eventoriuins or it may \x: controlled as (o nutrition, sunlight ami outdoor air. These measures bnilil up (he child so that It becomes capcihtc of resisting the disease, or under I hose measures the liueclion. Is controlled in Its earliest, stages. Of all the measnies used, vesl- piouatjly Is most important. There ave many ways in \vhich an infected lung can IK rc.sted. but in addition to rest of llic mitclctt ( liniff, rest of (he entire Ixxly is (Us-(Vital for Hie control of this disease. Under the new melhcds of treatment, many patients whose ca\es would have been considered lio|c- !rfs 10 or 15 >-«\ys ago .nrc n THIS CURIOUS WORLD GLVPTODONT. AM ANIMAl 7HXT LIVtP ON tARIH IHOUUNM Of tltSCi A*O USED ITS X4/L AS A Ci<JS/ .WHEN ATTACKED, THE HUGE OfttW ITS LI«y INTO ITS SHELL, AND SWUNG ITS TAIL AT THE 2O V€ARS O Afl.'iB.THE MEXICAN f f VOLCANO, MOUNT / JORUttO, ERUPTED, /, A CIGAR COULD BE IIGHTED FROM THE tAVA A FEW INCHES 6EIOW THE SURFACE. Dear Aunt: Arelilbatd and I have been thinking a lot about your trouble with the choir. We think they should take in to consideration the heir you have been to the church. We ciui sec no reason for them to raise such a rumpus just because only know and can sing one solo. They should keep in mind (hat many of the members can't sing even one and we don't blame you one bit for standing by your uns, so to speak, and if I was you I would continue to sins '' every service it all but the jan- tor and the preacher slayeil away. As for them saying it, is your fault that the nltcmlnncc has dropped olf they just don't know what, they are talking about for lli?ie is to's of churches (hat, don't have very big crowds that don't have a ^lu once every six months. Why don't you write sotnc of horoscope fe]lo\vs and SQUIRRLL AND AN OWL tlVED PEACEABLY TOGETHER. IN THE SAME HOLE/ t.ltM tV h» SCTVICC. IMC. \ \** The alyptodonls lived tn years ago and ranged from Stall's to the southernmost anuorei! creatures sometimes » height, or more thaiv live the Pleistocene period some 500.01W the southern portion o[ the United tip of South America. The huge, -i\ grew to a length of 14 led, with; Ject. XK.VT: IVfio nits tlie \M:rlii's nrsf. tvplst? them the date ot your birthday and tell them how long you have been singiny Uiis one solo and see what (hey say about it. We feel thii is your gift ant! we say stick (o it even it the whole yivc choir quits. Man Exhibited Quills BATH. lie. lUPi —Four quills '| *hown in a t[uilt exhibit hereweie the work ot the only mile eu- u.inl, George Cressey, who has been making them ever .since he war. a boy. • fu^ltKc TODAY d,.<,iuc jo,, "lllr hK u'T^ 1iliti)i<.|r vo hid i>:>? ( villh ill-IAU nntl LO'l'lIIJ cliihlrcn in youth nnd -cornea? lo greatly benefited and nrc evcrt- lliem with the milk from Infefcled . tlra li>' able to tnke up their dally rows. rorlnnalely, most st'ales » p ork. A rcflcclton of what has keen accomplished is the steady decrease !n the death rale from tuberculosis, which lias dropped from 200 tor each 100.000 people l n 1900 tr> *tnlri, n r.ilillin lin now liavc laws which provide Jor tuberculin testing of cattle and lov diminution cl the infected ones. The most nigcm in tlie woild today is for thlnklni; jwople. to stem the tide of ap|]ioachhi:,' war. —Emma Goldman, famous anarchist. any liquor Miiliooney. Yu'.i can t:vt-]> a Uo p ^ aniigry lut a lo till yon can'l grab a bone from him bcin^ bitten. —Norman Thomas. y time, without, OUT OUR WAY Bv Williunis The one source o( the germ ol tuberculosis that is dilliadt. if not imi>oss1blc. (o climinati 1 . is the apparently healthy person who lian- iwiis to he carrying Hie germs in his hntly. Yon can see (lint it is not possible to sesri'iHile all those with inbcrculosis. Alorroi-cr. neitlier (he funds nor Hie scientific workers are iivailublc lo pick up nil .sccm- Ingiy healthy people who n;ay b; carrying the genus. "eoplc used to think Ihnt tubir- io.sis was inhcriled. Th;U \va-s cause children are likely to b:; feclcd by their p.irem.s while ry young. N'ow;id:iys \tc Know at (he child who is .<r-paiaie<l rly liom the parent, witli Inber- lo,si.s may not develop the dls- se. One of the moss nnixj:t;mt steps at. has been lakrn by public '.-ilth officials lo M;imp ni,- tubar- loxis is tiie n|>plic-;Um:i ,,| S kj n st.s and enrly X-l.iy i>irlu:rs of it- rlirsls of cliildrcn «™ l;<>ron hool ago and of thos'- u]jo \\^vc cell in -school only a h-w yc.irs. around 67 for each 100,000 in 1330. V '*\\ I THINK AMY80DV KIN BE A ACTOR, IF HE HA? TH' NERVE- i BEEN \VATCHIN'! APPEM- — ,! HOPE- ANXIETY— AMGUISH- DESPAIR, AND AMGER, WHEN) I, CARS PA'iS 1 IF YOUR RELIEF j AN 1 JOY, IP OWE STOPS, IS AS l'\ 6OOD fiS TH' OTHERS, -J VOU'RE AW ACTOR, AN' A GOOP OWE' VEH, BUT Hr3 APPEAL,) HOPE AM' ANXIETY HASN'T AUVBODV SO IT CAN'7 8ESO HOT.— DON'T KID ABOUT J" TAltNT, BUT MOT ENOUGH. ULYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fiom lb« flln X the Dally Courier •Tuesday, March 25. ID24. • Max Ii. Reir), now serving his first leini ns city attorney, is king formal announcement ol his candidacy for re-election, raid: Not only <lo I de.sirc the endorsement of re-election, but I need the .salnry the oflice carries. If re-el:t:ird I pledge a continuance (if my clforls for law enforcement and ;i butler BIVllic- vllle." In tills issue appeal? the ali- imuiKT-imni df Judge V. G. Holland for i-r-plrctioii lo (lie office of county judge and probate him fathr "on. Sir Aubrey :.-,rgot the heal and cil ihe snme lime forgot his distrust ot airplanes, lie would Uy to Key West, he decided. In the oiioti he surveyed the klllrrt .1 man and {street In ihe Vibora—rather sli.ilihf 10 Kn^Ush eyes, used to neat ttpilgc3 and sijorc-clippccl srron—and' sipjicd dccplj. He wiis near eciou^h to the goal now In rcla.t a little. Kolating, he fell a nostalgia had grown large under bis tension. There n-ero goats In tlie streets anil little brown babies, some ol them wearing shirts, some witb- cnnrso grass grew nf Ihr rrlmt tihlch toiik iilncr ni Ihr l-'lnriih) bdme of nrnltlir .11,11 I'lIM.II. l',.l,li[n ],, t cn l-' 4«nKlitr». KSTKM.K. nnit ^ht !««•» litni. HAIICI.A TUDVInVM knniTM Tjifillio I* Incinrrni liitl frnrji xr^nclnl ir nlic IrllJ* Hill. Shr tnrji lo fln%xna, hu[ilnc lu Unit f'nMflu (licrc. In ll:,i:,,,:, lv,!,IUo irlr. l» 5ml ' tn 10 lir r«t, III Mil]! I.||HK» hill nl* "" ih tlie porches. liii;h ol pillar hack in | ami ot ceiling, liefuro the *c,irvh fu coiHsccling: lionsco to o'* ( tr.aUc n coHnnade. lloat and lan- Mitt' C(l ON WITH TIIE STUIll CIIAITKU XXII' JVOIIAIA riKI.D'S liealtb did not improve in tlic heat of Cut<3 fCHtelle hovered near her mother. 50 anxious that at times she almost forgot Pablilo. l-^vcn "Iliq" field \vns gentle with his wife- lliesc days. "We'll hnve 'ynn loOrtCtl over ag;iin when we i:ct 10 New York," lie said. "And you. too." with a short nod toward Kstelte. "l':ii KCttinc pretty lircrl ol Hut 'di.-- appoEiited in love' look of yo'ir.^!" She' did ]io> anpv;cr. All S!KJ ?nor and noise and disorder. Sir • Aubrey fel^. A Cliincse vegctabtt j vendor padded down the center of ; the street, carrying baskets heav. | ib 1 laden with greens on a polo strung across Ilia shoulders. A ! laborer slept'soundly til i little , Sir Aubrey vi.-inncd the rosc- ! n;e fuiure In wliich lie saw him ° ?°\t tnkiuE the hoy homo to l.o-.vcr (..'irlinga. ;I 0 saw the big l»ill filicd with lansily portraita. his wife and daughters drlnfeln If.i .ind e.itrtiE, 1 .strawbcrrfps on the laivn. the c::r;UG coinins; with some companinn from the courts. SQOIJ he would he tahins Ruesls Wlicti even a .slight .^I.^IUKHI fcction is found In :L liuiii, he n (here scorns ]ikc-iih->,»;l ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s Ins h.-ni an- lorlzcd lo nnnouncfc llio (ni:n-vlnci « canclliialcs for public o!I:c-. sub- tct to the Dci.icicrntlc primary txt August: For Member nr Contrr« CLtNTON b. CAl-UWELt, For Slirriff and t'ollrrtnr CLAUENCFJ H. WILSON 'or Re-election for Bccop.ii Term Tor County Trc.ismcr JOE S. DlbLAHUKTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court ( Irrk HUGH CRAIG ADDIRON SMITH For County four! riork FRED PLEEMAN For Rc-Elccllon (or 2:ic! Tirm I'nr Asstssor n. L. miM,Y> C.AINFS U. G. (IKE> HUDSON I'nr ('rnisi.iTilr nf CIllrlci.'viHb.i Tnivnvliiji JACK UOHKllTSON Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ix;e King ccl"lj:atcd their '25th wcd- tiing anniversary Tuesday nigJit when a number of their most intimate friends surprised them. Miss l'(,,:l Rower and AvrLs O. Hudson w"rc quietly married Monday rvemnq at the home tit '? fcrirfc's tnullier. Mrs. Minnie K. IJowers, Patrons of Bfri-n's postoffice Ui- crt coins in the .slots of postoffice yiiewrittrs nnd are able to use hfce Insirumcn's for ton mln- nes. thus, tloins away with po5t- iffice IKDS. for one she • to llic stables; sliooiiiii;: comlns ^l!ul immune' in. tired and snlisfied. after a day Ami ilio boy would bo with him; l:is son. and then: nil.l.lKCS signaled a rovins said, "dnj "J fotin.^ cliamplon wliflc." o( the HA SrSV-Cf.l'.C. Bosvorj Cor FOK CITY OFFICKS Eicction Tn«day, April 3. Vn t City (icrk S. C. CRAIG U. u MCKNIGHT ROSS UKAVERS For Cily Atlornsy SAM MAN ATT wnmcil was Jiisilrc know to lie Inrmcrni. csrcpl licr rno.linr. wlio couUl il-i nutliiiis. wmilrt lisicn lo her. One niphl nt tlinnT when Mr.-. Klcld hntl been too HI to nppunr listolle braced lierscH nnd then frolic. "Father," sho said, "dnj - fotin.^o ami they crawled In. foil think I'ablito was drowned!" ] H leaned heavily as Sir Aubrey"I liop* to Oort he was!" he'j.iii lih foot on tho tin-foil step, harshly. Tlicn ho leaned fot-'Tlicy rorto through Cerro on tlielr way to Ilarana prorcr. passing a wanl. his small eyes narroived. Sh.ikiris a Uifck forefinger at E?- 1 1101:30 in which Ilierc was a hoy " GUESSES telle. he said: "Look here. yn:i:!= . \vhn Inity, I'm the one wlio clioscs your ! lieavy friends! J)>) y"'i nudprsMnd ' thrniij tlir-.t? And there'll he no white trash among tlieni!" "Ilni I liked I'nlillln." K.-,!e!!c said defiantly, "ami I .=iill lik: him. t know liq didn't do what you think lie did." "Oh, my <;ml!" Her heart ponniliils. Ihn cir', ln;rrictl to Her uiollicr's ro.r:;i .1^ soon as tho meal "as ovrr. Hut Norrna TicM was bnrniiic wit\ fi-ver anil KsiellQ knew ' slio i::'js: not oother lier. oddly pale beneath o^t of tan that liait clung weeks of illness. neau opened his eyes He gulped down some ot tlic Scotch, touched his chin experimentally and moistened h|i llpa. Then he',.. s»hl : .-Feafcly. i I There s money tpr you In that I business. I never met a meaner right, with a little training—" i * • ! OB harped on this idea all tin' rest of the day. In the evening, tliey dined in n cafe In Cerroi open on two sides to the street. Menu said: "In a few years you could hi;- up enough money to lasc llio rest of your life. That la— you could if you could vrnHap 'em ; Ilia way yon walloped me. Oh. ' baby! I thought I'd met the Rroad- way Limited!" wns young enough lo r&- pty. "I hadn't beguu—" Mean grinned nnd nil t)i» sneering was wiped from his face. "If you want money." he said, "Hint's tiie way to get It." "I (lo want money." f'ablito .id- mitted. He more than wanted It; lie had lo have It Money would lielp him find N'dycs. They would go .'.way together to srmie Isolated country and that would take money, loo. "Mow could yon fi\ it sn that no one would know mr?" ho risked. Reni] smiled. "Kid," he said kindly, "if a lot ot these guys are niaVin' money on you. non't you Ihinl: (fiey can raire up some 0(3 lia? who'll say siie'3 raised you from a pupj Just knock out a couple brown brothers and you')) he safe as Grant's tomb." "1 didn't thinfe thess rfnC'l'i likert anything but cock figlitius," ranlito said then. "We'll educate 'em." f.ottie, across tlie table, waj studying I'ablilo closely. sh fa agreed wlih llc.ui that rablll'i™ with training, could succeed ns • boxer. Rut it would put him In the public eye and (he women would Tlii hoy war, sayln? earnestly i U '' c l"'hhc eye and ihc women wouli "I've E ol tn 501 something to do' i;csm lo C|K1SO hlm - " u ain ' 1 " What do you lliiak I can ?' crk for * senHoman." she oc ilo?" peeled harshly. jecled harshly. "Say, kid." Beau reminded her. "gentlemen ain't made oula mur- ; for :ne. He S ll! AUiiRt'Y and B;llin;j. ll:« • detective, located the tat. iinmpy liillc woman who l:eo:i flcv.rtcr Concepclou )• She sat rocking in an nr- iijte chair that had corne nil the tt.iy fruvi *s'ow York, weeping at slin tofd them how' sweet tb? "vihho. while baby" bad he-^n. Kli« hail lint >poVcn Kngli?ll for rr.nnv yrnra nnd her part of Uic confer. cure was faltering. "Then you gave the liaby Into West?" lillllugs prompltd. "Vci. He Is still with kind, qtiod soul who Has tiven him nic^rcr's rare. We still re- imburti; her. Or rather, my re- specteii father sen Is her ti)e men"?. T.hE toy is but IS iaii ni, in the sam^ roo^i, si^^ed in lii.i ciialr, lowered heavy I- "Vr,H'rc Roin- to ,-otfe 'lerers. seer I'ablo," he said In n 1 r;1 lilllo set hlj class do«rt- dr.iwii,^ tone. "I got some jobs-' 11 ' 1 ""I want (Scan to sec that for 511-1." i hand shook and Dcau "Hoiu, 1 can'l do your kind ot| ln S ^i" 1 nafrowly. work." j "Pleuty of money." Beau was "No, but yoa will." ••• i saying slowly. Trips io Soiitli "I won't." [America and Paris, fcld- J'arls! Ueciu lan;|ied sncerir.sly. "Looi And the right tn tell anybody to bciO. kid." he said slowly. "You're! EO lo hell. That's "hat tnoney'd !'u-t ahnut lial! a man now. I'll;give you. How about U, kid!'' b« n.ike a nian ol you—after I j ended, fp.'tly and ccasinEly. bieak yo-i. But just what do you' "AH risbt." ibir.k you're worth now? I could Still leaning acres? Hie l.i«l*- knock you down with ouo hand ! Hem went on inlenlty. "I S ct ray ami—" rake-off. Sec? I'm your manager. Hut lie did not VnocV Tabllto ,Cct tliatr' ' -. down. A moment later ilcau wasj A moment later he asked,'" liat 3 Johnnie In Cuban!" "Yon mean little John?" •;.•;: "Thafrt do." •-'-'• "Juanito Is litlle John-* . "All right, Jsiaullo. That 5 goto lo ha your name. Drink W bin. F.ottio, May bo go en »'il.i tilJ .;,.„,.,..,,„ m> , |lo lnc ,, ncmr , • , lo ,„ ., cnrnor _ fA hcr ^^ ,„ ,,^ r iip ,. , ooklns rtftKn nl hlm rai-iii,. sli.Tking. sionned anrt \.M | :n i, all ii oa u ca>1 ' s gr , iy 5 i\\; shut. . her— n "U's — silll 5H1I Eoltm ta jcliool. 1 leu&'•-;!•" iconfitlfd. -y^ vlc "fict pome water, Lottie, aud the I killing!" Beau saw, srullliig. that ScMch." llhls had "got" nbllto. It alw as « silie sot them. Together they;did. He Judged, did Beau. Hat h» workc:) ovor Keau. "Beau iliouanl I would get bis rake-on aria I eoed, be could lick snybody." Lottie one. (To Bt Conttuucd)

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