The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1939
Page 6
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If Ana «DC FLftG OF Four Western .Clubs In Loop IVfonopoIi/e First Division BY GF.OHGE KIKKSEY • Umied Pi-ess SfafT Correspondent NEW YORK, July 2-!. (UP)—Tlie Nations! League pennant will go : west'again—that much was a (lend certainty tcday with all four western clubs monopolizing first division. And Cincinnati seems to be the city that will land the big pri/e. The Reds have passed their big .lest with flying colors. Without Ivnl Goodman, Hha iuus injured In (he All-Star game, they hail n highly successful t.isle in tour, winning nine and losing [oin. They came east with a S'/j gamp lead and \mc headed homeward toil.iy with a nine game advantage. :lf there had been any disposition on the part cf (he Reds to stall blowing their lend, the loss of Goodman, one of their most potent hitlers, wiiild have p\!l the crusher of them. Instead, they played like champions! After losing Gotdnmn, they also \\orelmtnus the'services of EYnle fjOmtmrdt, another key man, for a few games but they rolled right along in fact, they fortified their position by coming up with another starling pilclici, Junior Thompson, \Oio won twj games in the east. Brought along slowly by Bill McKechnlo, Thompson has nsw «on his major league spurs under file. If McKechnie could only find out what's the matter with Johnny Vniider Meei, the Reds would be cf|iilppcil foi any emergency. Thompson proved his mettle yesterday by beating the Phils, 5-2, In 11 Innings He scattered H hits, and was at his best In the cliitclics. Lc'nnlc Prey's double with Ihe bases jammed was the winning punch Wliltcy Moore made It a clean sweep foi the Hctls by winning the nightcap, 4-D, only three blows allowing Using a yellow ball as nn espeil- ment, Ihe Caidmnls, behind nob Bowman's biilltnnl pitching, slugged out n. 12-0 vlclsry in the first game with Brookljn In the nightcap the Cards nlso triumphed, 8-2, with 1 a regiilntion white ball. Bow' man gave cnly three hits, and had a no-hitter until Key singled \\iih two cut in the seventh. Pillsburgh divided valh Boston, wmnu-ig the opener, 3-2, tall the Pnatcs' runs were unearned), and losing the nightcap, l-o. Chuck .Klein's hitting "slrenk wns ended at 21 games in the openoi, but lie came back to get U\o lilts In the aitcrpiece. Lou relic scoicd his lOlh victory and sislli shutout in the nightcap, allowing sK hits The Cubs put on a four Jim i ally in the ninth to lick the Giants, 7-5 It lias the Giants' ninth straight defeat, closing cue of their woist home stnjs In history, In nhlch they l:st 10 out of 11. -" The Yankees finally collaird the ;red hot White Sox but not -until they had tikeu an 8-5 licking fiom them In the opener before an S. B O crowd cf 51,000 nt Comhkcy Park. Ted Lyons pitched ami batted the Sox to \iclory It was No. 10 for him. Pmch-hiltr-i Charlie Keller's sinsle in the ninth gsuc the Yanks the nlglijcap, 5-4. snap- Sox six-game. BLiTHKVg.LE, '(AEK.)' COURIER JTOWS 'Wikr.Decv Caught Napping <u -; < • STILL I.E11EW Slumps But Continues Baiting Lead; Lovvery Pao 'itchers loose at Oil? point, nnd I step out of the cupboard where I have been standing all night and attempt to establish order. After eating my breakfast (not only of today' but or tomorrow and the next day as well) we pack Into my car and drive to the fair. Once inside the gates, mi argument starts as to where we will go Jim. The man who wants to see Jiow asbestos Is made glares at his wife who is Interested. In the gardens. The glass blower In the group fights for a j chance to go to the building where John Danlonio slipped 25 points he ral1 Wow himself u vase and has dm Ing the week but maintained his Northeast Arkansas Loariie batting leadership. .The little c«- rulliersvlllc shortstop in 33 game.? has rapped out 40 hits In 121 times Barnegat 1'etc", (lie fawn rescued several years ago from n Barnc- gflt, N. J., forest fire uy Raymond Beckitt, demonstrates here that \vlld life can be very domestic. The orphaned deer Is pictured li- nt bat for nn average of 380 Included arc nine'doubles, three triples and three home runs. He has I scored 31 limes. His nearest competitor i s Jonesboro's new manager nnd catcher Frank Grube, who Is hitting 352 In 2(i games. In third place Is the former lender, nay Zimmerman, Cariillicrsvllle's brilliant left field- who has been away for two during which he partici- in the Minor League All- Star game nt Cooperslb™ N Y wills .350. ' Eleven other players arc boasting membership, within the select ,200 circle. They are Edward Pilo, CarulherKville (.3«); Elmer Klr- choir, Parnt'OHld (.3-1-1); Louis-teller,' Joncsboro (.337); Fred fiobln- upslalrs bedroom of Ihc Bcckill home with Ms now! friend, family cat. the Smokies-Crax Series Has Knoxville Fans In Fiery Mood pmg the While' streak. The Red Sox slugged out n double victory over tlie Browns, 13-5 nnd 11-3. It was the eighth straight de. feat fcr the Browns. Doerr hit a homer In the fust game, and Williams and Foxx hit fci the crrcuit in the second Cleveland beat Washington twice, 11-2 and 4-3. Bob Feller scored his 15th victory in (lie opener, allowing nine hits. , Tcmmy Bridges pitched the Tigers to a 1C 3 sicUry o\er the .Athletics. Rudy York hit a homer and two •.singles to lead Detroit's attack « » » Yesterday's hero — Ted Lyons. White Sex's 38-year-old veteran win held the Yanks to six hits nnd had a perfect day at bat, "3 for '3" as he won his loth game. Meads To Pliiy Ark-Mo; Hughes Meets Langslon Teams ot Hie Business Men's Softball League will meet in regular games at Haley Field tonight, In the first game the Mead Clothing .Company will meet the Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation office team and In the second fame the R D Hughes Companj team will take on Langslcn-Wrctcr Motor Company -with the latter striving to annex its first triumph. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas l>.i£iie Paragould at Newport. :jonesborb at , Caruthersville.. rietlierington Is Feature Race Winner j Ken Helhcrlngton of Jonesboro won the feature race of the midget automobile race program at the fairgrounds track here Sunday finishing the race though he was scalded about the right ankle In the last lap of the race. Joe. Patters cf Memphis finished secern! In the feature with Lee Stickler of Blylhevllle in third place. Stickler's gas line split in the event, letting a stream ol gas How back over his face, 'obstruct,-, lug his vision. Hetlierlnglon's' injury was tlie second of its kind suffered by the Jonesboro racer within five weeks. Stickler won the first event of the program. Snbatenia won the second event and. Hethcrington copped the third. Patterson was winner' oi the fcurth race and John -Hokum the fifth event. ; By United Press Atlanta plays at Knoxville again todny and Manager Paul Richards Is In the market for some battle- proof vests''to protect his Crackers against the Ire Of Single fans, who went on a rampage in the second Same of Sunday's double-header. Luckily, none of the pop-bottles found their mark in the shower that Tell with two out in the last inning, with Atlanta leading 3 to 0. But (he crowd surged over the field and, with no hope of restoring crder, the umpire* forfeited the gome to Allanla 0 to 0 nnd called olf activity for the day. The bloachcrlles had been muttering all during the game about the ,ball ,ami,, strike dccislcns ot Umplro.Hall. And : In Ihc seventh, when the first two Smokie bailers went out, someone touched off tnc mob scene by wafting a cushion in the direction of Steamboat Johnson, Ihe bnse umpire. Other cushions, [lien bottles cascaded from (he ens- .oiner rows. Umpire's and players beat n htisly retreat "to centerfield and the fans followed Ihcm. Aftei about, five minutes, Umpire John- ran yelled in stentorian lanes that 'lie game was Atlanta's. An; overflow crowd' of 7,100 patched the game and It was re- jorlcd nearly all of (hem tiok >art in Ihe melee. A Kncxville sports writer called Ihe riot "one of the most disgraceful scenes in he history of the Southern League.' The Smokies gained an- even break in the twin bill since they ind won the opener 8 lo 5 although' outhit. by 10 to 11. Home runs by Dutch Meyer- ami Bate Young came In 1 hnndy. All other clubs In the league split doiible-hcuders. enthusiastic' backer. The league-leading ifcmphtsf T " the ether gnmc of the double Clicks disposed'of the Birmingham bender nt Lutes Park Kciscr upset Shell s o e From Mound; Keiscr In Surprise Win Over Lutes The No. Nine team of Ihe Mississippi County League, the county's representative in the district tcurnamant at Joncsboro Aug. 11, 12, 13, came through yesterday at Lutes Park with a 23 to 3 victory over Dell. 'Dledsre stalled on the hill for Dell and after n bombardment of basehlls retired In favor cf Prlvell who finished the game. Hicks was Dell's catcher. Battery for No. Nine was H. Barger, Wilson and Young, C. C. Lnngslon Is Number Nine's no patience with the art, lovers «'lio want to see the Old Musters' exhibit. All the bachelors are restless lo be off to the living magazine covers, the Amazons, tnc Oanue of the doves and the Cuban village. Despite a strong tendency lo side with the latter group, l try to remember Ihat I am host and suggest, the General Motors exhibit, the finest thing at the fair. By Die lime we stand In line there for two hours cve'rybcdy hates everybody'else. 1 then suggest that we split up and'everyone go his or her own way. They never will agree to this because bach fears he will Oh, If th eWorld of Tomorrow tour ends with all'the friendliness you would associate with ft meeting of the Mafia. With new visitors coming in on every train I don't see any escape unless It Is to go out to Ihe fair and keep riding that parachute jump son, Newport (.329);' Hobert S Uu -' i', 1 tllc ; Ilol ' c of Ecl V" 8 St , Wl< "" '" . ._ _ .-„ ... * iwft-t tf uniJj Ilin (I Ir i'j-in-,\<ii wi>i ( It. .,,-nl ff,t- i^nr ,\ ton, Caiuther.sville (.323); Hobert O'Brien, Newport (.321); Cy Hecll- fcr, Canithersville (.319); William McKcnna, Paragould (.310); George Helchelt, Jonestjoro (.314); Edward Hughe.?, Newport (.308); and Chandler Duncnn, Newport (.307). Leadership Distributed Leadership in the various'"individual batting '.departments is almost equally distributed. -• Only Thomas 'Woodruff, Paragould, L«l- ter and Joe Kayue, Paragould, lead In tivo. Woodruff has scored the most runs—«3, nnd the most .stolen bases, 31. Leilcr has japped out 101 hits, the only one to crash the century mark, and has 2C doubles. Rayiic is the home run king with 17 Rutlilan swats and has fanned 07 times for the doubtful honor. Duncnn leads in triples, 7; Pilo in loliil bases, v 159; Charley -Moore, Newport, in sacrifices, 11; Jimmy Hogg, base on balls, 47; Alex Boden, hit batsmen, 8; and Bob SUmton, Caruthersvlllc, runs batted In, 63. .'.' • ' ' Milton Losvery, Caruthersvlllc's lanky southpaw, is heading the pitching corps and but two with 13 defeats. victories Hughes, Newport's left handed screwball ace, has the sainc number r of victories but has been beaten six limes.-' Johnny Sain, Newport, has 12-6, and ,Cliartes Fichter, Caruth- ersvllle, 10-.4; the others wllli double figure victories. Al Zclnsko, Newport-Jonesboro, has lost the most games, 10. Hughes has fanned 142 In .1GO 'innings. Lowers 1 has three' shutouts. '.. '•• . . ' Caruttiersvillc holds almost, a monopoly on the club records. Tlie Pilots not only arc selling the pace In winning percentage, • but lead in hitting and lidding with .291 and .953, respectively. Jonesboro, Paragoulcr and' NewpbrU trnil .in thai order in both divisions, 'parai gould appears well on the way. to establishing a new record; for double plays, clicking olf an average of one per game, 73- in 73 games. The averages were compiled by J. P. Friend, league statistician, and include 'games of July 21, ox- ccpt the Newriort-Joncsboro affair on that date. the air permanently and lor gocd. Dyess Personals To 1'resent Drama A three-act drama "Holy Sinners," directed by William C. Thebus, sponsored ,by the young people ol the Methodist Church, will be presented Friday evening, 7:30, July 28, at the community build- Ing. Those taking part in the play are: Ralph Bowles, Helen Derlyne Holland, Norma Threlkeld, H. V. Gordy, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Thebus. The proceeds will be 'used for a pinno fund for the 'Methodist Church. ? * * Girls Auxiliary Organized A Girl's Auxiliary ot the Baptist Woman's Missionary Union was organized recently with Beatrice Wassom, president, Charlene Eubanks. vice president, Elsie Tarpley, secretary, Lorene Kimbrougli, treasurer. Miss IJnnie Mac Carter Is counselor.' Chairman of commit- ,ees are: Membeishlp, Charlene Eubauks, Elolse Clanton,'Social, Ann Richmond, filission Study, Eva Joy Qoster, Personal Service, Royllne Finnell, Stewardship, Lorene Kim- jrough, Poster, Mattie (Nell Eu- janks, Gene Kimbrough, Program, Beatrice Wassom. Other members ire: Marie Hastings, Rac Gtmning- lam, -Virginia Dostcr. Four of tlie girls returned v recently from the State G. A. Camp Barons 5 to 2 In the first game when Ed Heusscr allowed only eight hits. The Chicks combed three the dope by defeating the strong Lutes team by a score of fi lo 2. Bud Lutes, although defeated. Baron hurlers f:r 13 blows. The struck out 11 batters. Wall was Barons Indulged in n little slugging his battery mate. Battery for Kcl- Southern. League Memphis at Birmingham Little Hock at New Orleans _ Only games scheduled. themselves lo take Jhc nightcap 10 to 8. • 'Hie Nashville Vcls shot ihcir bolt in defeating the Chattanooga lockouts 0 to 7 in 10 innings In the opener, and the Lookouts came back .o sc;re an easy 10 lo 1 victory In the nightcap. Gus Dugas ol- the Vols had n perfect day nt bat with 'live for five" in the two games. Jim Prcmtcrgnst turned back the Neiv Orleans Pelicans on four hits as Lillle Rock won the first game 5 to 1. The Pelicans t:ck the second game 8 to 2 on the strength ot a six-run rally In the sixth Inning. The teams arc bracketed the same way today except that Nashville and Chattanooga don't play. Yesterday's Results Northeast Ark.nns.-is Ix-aciic Parngould 5-4, Newport. 0-3. CnrmhmvlUc 9-8, Jonesboro 4-5. Southern I.cajuc McinpIiLs 5-1, Birmingham 2-10, seccnd called fifth, rain. Little Rock 5-2. New Orleans 1-8. Knoxville 8-0, Atlanta 5-9; second forfeited. Nashville 0-1. Chattanooga 7-10; first, 10 innings', second, called fifth darkness. American League No' game scheduled. • National League ,t> No game scheduled. I', -7 5",Tlie ,number of motorists who ran out of gasoline during 1033 , '-was approximately 1,350,000, National league Cincinnati 5-4, Philadelphia 2-0- first, n innings. St. Lculs 12-8, Brooklyn 0-2. Pittsburgh 3-0, Bcs'ton 2-1. Chicago 7, New York 5. American League ..Detroit ,16, Philadelphia 3. Boston-. 13-11,. si. Lours 5-2. Chicago 8"l, New York 5-5 Cleveland ll-i, Washington 2-3. ser, Weldon and Plttman. Next Sunday, July 30, ihc unde- fentrxl No. Nine "team will play Lutes nt LiilM P.trk en Highway 61 south. The game will be railed promptly nt 2:30 o'clock. BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League W. L. Pet. Caruthersville ic 7 .090 Newport 14 jo .583 AW .113 Pnragonld 9 12 Joncsboro G 1C Southern W. I,. Pet. .570 Today's Sport Parade By Henry Mcbemore NEW YORK, July 24. (UP)— Have you seen the World's Fair yet? Come to think of it, that's a silly question because l know you haven't, if you had, I would have seen you because as far as I can figure out everyone who 1ms come to Ne\v York to see the fair has stayed at my apartment and used me as a free guide to the World of Tomorrow. Oh, U the World o[ Tomorrow were cnly here and the visitors of todny liaii finished seeing it. I have seen it—seen It so many times that the trylon and the perisphere nod genially when I pass by. The giant statue atop Ihe Soviet building calls me b,- my first name, and the cows in the electrified farm nudge one another knowingly when 1 walk in and say. "Here ccnics that guide in plainclothes with another batch or visitors." Memphis 53 40 Atlanta 53 44 .546 j I used to think of myself as a Chattnno:ga 52 45 .535 man who loveti guests and enter- Kncxvlllc 48 46 .511 lalning. But no more. My idea of Nashville 45 45 .500 heaven right now is a dark, dank Hlrinlnghntn 43 53 ,443 cave with hermit attachments 50 Little Rock « 52 .447 far off the beaten road that even Now Orleans 44 55 .444 if i built a super-colossal mousetrap • . no cue would beat a path lo my National l.cajue | door. W. L. Pet. i However, one look in my npart- 53 30 .639 ment of today and you would won- 39 .530 ' dcr where everyone Is going lo sleep 41 .529 until tomorrow, when 1 am schert- 30 .519 ulcd to open the gates at 9 a m. 41 .4941 with my intrepid bund oi sight- 43 .488 seers. Every bed. couch and easy MONDAY, JULY 24, 1039 held annually.. hi FerncUff, • near Little Rock. Girls attending camp were: Beatrice Wassom, Charlene Eubanks, Uoyline Fermcll, and Els' 0 , Tarploy. A guest nt the meeting Friday, July 21, was Miss Lucille Gambreli, O f Hnlls, Tennessee The organization has been named, "The Helen Shaw G. A." in honor pf Miss Helen Shaw,'director of young.people's activities on the colony, who directed the organization. * "• * Thomas B. Lylc, cashier of the Farmers Exchange & Loan Co. has returned from his vacation spent In Virginia and attending ihe World's Fair In New York, lie was' accompanied on his trip bj his father and mother Mr. and- Mrs T. B. Lyle, Sr. of Pine Bluff Mr, and Mrs. Roy Fennel! have as their guests from Halls, Tennessee, Joe Gates and son, Bernard, and niece, Miss Lucille Gnmbrell. Mrs. H. Wingfield and daughters, Ola Reno'nnd Freda, uf Guidon, Ark. are visiting Mr. ami Mrs Si inon Hazleivood, of Dyess. The Rev. Boyd Johnson, pastor of the Methodist church Is holding %m a revival at Whitlon this week. The Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Gray, accompanied by their sons, Harvey Jr. and Harold Hhca Gray, and the Rev. Earl R. Humble, are attending tlie Buptlst WorlS- Alliance In Cession at Atlanta, Ga. Mr. and Mrs, Sam W. Andcison, mid little sori, S. W.. Jr.,- will le- turn Sunday from Helena and Bald Knob, where they have been spending 'their vacation. A large crowd attended' the (lance at the coiiiunlty building Tuesday night directed by William Tliebus, recreational director. Looking down first base line toward plate through new wire A group of 4.-H Club boys and! foul ilne fence erected at Polo ' ' ' Grounds fo prevent decisions on foul or fair balls. Fences are on fair side of foul lines. brbugh; "Reading • for Education", Ann Richmond; "Heading for n Life Purpose", Qiarlene. Eubanks. Reading, "A Book", Royline Fennell. Special music will be given by, Marie Kersey and Loraine Eehols. Scripture reading, Beatrice Wassom. A summary of the lesson will be given by Miss Shaw. At the conclusion of group cookies. girls Accompanied by their sponsors and'Mrs. But)) Graham, Home Economist, attended the annual 4- H Club picnic at Bassett, Thursday. • ' Mrs. Clarence Drewry, and children, Erina Dean, Virginia Carrol, and William Alton have returned from visiting Mrs. Drewiy's mother, Mrs. Tubbs of Des Arc. Miss Helen S)>aw and Mrs. Roy Fcnriell were In Osceoia nnd Blytheville on business Tuesday. Mrs. William C. 'Thebus has returned from a two weeks vacation spent in McGchec, Monlieello and Little Rock, visiting relatives and friends, ' ' ,' Bilbo Williams, and Wayne Burkhart were heard in a program of, music sponsored .by the 4-H Club over KLCN from Blytlieville, Friday. ^ The young people of the Methodist church will be special guests, ot the young people of the Baptist church Sunday evening wlieii a program will' be rendered on "Making Friends ot Books." The meeting will be in charge of Eva Joy, Dostcr, president ot (lie Intermediate B. Y. p. u. and sponsored DellJVews R. B. Crawford went to Memphis Friday where he underwent' an operation for appendicitis. Miss Genevia of Union Hill is spending two months with her skier, Mrs. George L. McOeliey, who is ill. Miss Warrene Brownie will leave for Amory, ' Miss., Sunday where she will visit for a week. Dorothy .and Marjoric Gill have been visiting their grandmother In Mississippi this week. Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Tidwell made n business trip to Memphis Tuesday, J. B. Westmoreland Is a patient in the Baptist hospital nt Memphis. Mrs. ft. n. Unrdin and family spent last week in Tupelo, Miss., with Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Palmer. Mrs. Palmer Is the former Miss Seljtia HardIn. M. F. Brmwik'u made n trip to Tupelo, • Miss., last week end. Miss Maltha Francis Stevens has returned from a visit to Meridian, Miss. . The Baptist young people had a social at the home of the Pastor, J. T. Rorifro, Tnesdity night, Miss Robin Gill went to .lones- lioro last Friday. '•"i"! Languages to Be Useful SYDNEY, N. s. (OP) -Michael Kolaijko's ablllt yto converse in five languages earned for him the job of a policeman in this rough , and tough mining and foundry town, lie has been assigned to the Whltnew Pier area where his knowledge of Riitheiilan, Polish. French and English will be needed one after the oilier. Complete Line of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges arid Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP Phone 3U WRESTLING Okla'ma Joe Welch vs. George Bennett Red Roberts vs. Bill Canny AMERICAN LEGION ARENA, 'MONDAY'S P.M. Heading for Fun", Lorene Kim- figure gas, oil, upkeep, tires and you'll agree with thousands of Chevrolet owners that . . . IT'S THE MOST ECONOMICAL CAR IN ITS HELD! Cincinnati St. Louis 44 Chicago \ 46 Pittsburgh 42 Brooklyn 43 Ne\v York 41 Boston 40 44 Philadelphia 25 54 .476 .316 American" New York 62 Bostcn .. 52 W. L. Pet. .713 .634 chair Is occupied, as are the more desirable parts of the floor where the carpet is not entirely ivom away. Tlie Ironing board is up for one ot the more slender guests, and the one valuable antique I have In the house—my wife Chicago .-. 49 37 570 —is about to fall apart from tiic Cleveland 45 40 .529 | wear and tear of it all. Detroit 43 44 .494 Let me describe n sample tent- Washington 36 54 .400 , Shortly after daybreak the guest Philadelphia 33 52 .388 ! on the ironing board gets im | 0 st - Lo»ls 24 02 .278 j prevent rigor mortis from setting _ " •, I in nnd steps on the guest sleeping Re»d Courier News want »0», ' beneath him. Pandemonium liraks And remember this —Chevrolet's 85-h.p; valve-ln-head engine excels In perform-? ance as well as economy. T HOUSANDS of motorists have subjected 10M C'.hcvrolets to the Mileage Meier (cst. In cars wilh ftsuiljcs feeding a measured quantity of fuel to the engine, these thou.sands have jc'dii how the 1039 Chevrolet stretches out each gallon of fuel to make it go farther—c.Wrn Hiifes/iir/fifr. What about oil? The fact is that Ihc 19.V) Chevrolet is unbelievably economical of oil—because the oil s(nyi in the engine. As to upkeep and tires—every motorist knows of Chevrolet's traditional record for low cost of maintenance. Sec your Chevrolet dealer todayl Take the wheel and learu of Chevrolet's remarkable economy. Only Chevrolet gives you oil these features EXClUSIVt VACUUM GEARSHIFT • NEW AERO-STREAM STYLING, NEW BODIES BY FISHER • NEW LONGER RID1NO-BASE . 85-HORSEPOWfH VAIVE-IN-HEAD SIX '• PERFECTED liyoXAUllC BRAKES • NEW "OBSERVATION CAR" VISIBI11TY . PERFECTED KNEE-ACTION RIDINO SYSTEM wllh Impiovtd Shottproof Steering (rmtlobh on Mail.r'D. tux«. W«fi onlyj • T1PTOE-MA11C ClUTCH first in Sales • Firsf in Performance • first in Economy • First in Value TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'hone G33

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