The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 1948 Oak Ridge Strike May Be Enjoined President May Use New Power Given by Toft-Hortley Law i „ „ By Laurence Gondcr Unlled Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March n (UP) -Informed sources said todav Pres- Idcnt Truman will order the Justice Department within two clavs to get r.n Injunction to halt n threatened strike at the Oak Rid B e, Tenn., c laboratories. ,tt will he the first injunction night by the government under (lie National Emergency Provision of the Taft-Haniey Labor Act The Oak Ridge strike is scl for midnight Friday. K die court srants Ihe Injunction, and it ij« expected (o, it would forbid n walkout at the giant atomic laboratories tot about 80 days. The dispute at Oak nidge involves the APL Atomic Trades and kabor Council ami the Carbide and Carbon Corp., which operates the laboratories lor (lie U. S, Atom.? Energy Commission. The union and company liave been unable to ccacn agreement on a new contract, Kenneth Scott, one of (lie union's chief negotiators, told the United Press "it will be impossible lo settle on K new contract before the Friday strike, deadline." Scott saicl the union will meet with company representatives for negotiation sessions today. But. he added, "we're still pretty far apart." SWJ Workers Effected Tile AFL union repiesenus about 800 production employes at tho atomic- plant. The expected government request for an injunction is the second part of the Tuft-Hartley Act's m.-- chinery for presidential action in disputes endangering the national' health or safety. The first step already has been taken. That was Mr. Truman's appointment of a public hoard of inquiry earlier this month to study tlie labor controversy and report the facts lo him. The union orlgi- M'ly had threatened to strike 'JKrch 5 hut it postponed the walk- oTit for the duration of the fact- finding inquiry. The board made public its reixn't yesterday. "Tlie issues in dispute remain unsettled and the throat of a strike unaltered." the board said. "The Atomic Energy Commission asserts that grave danger to the national safely will result" if'operations of this laboratory are interrupted. And, we find this to be the fact." Visits Injured Gl BLTTmVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! Elfrletle Ellas, 19, |,ues Pie Jack Ciundcn, 18, of Poillnnd, Oicgon, on her first visit to liim since he was shot by a Russian sentry in Vienna. The KII.MJR,M seized her immediately after the shooting anrt fnrcert her U> sign R statement lot them before she was released. (NBA Radio-role photo.) Czech Parliament Held in Red Grip Communists Achieve Majorities on All Ruling Committees o'n"!,n S ,, on all n me/ilaiy Fiscal Control Board To Act on 73 Old Claims LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 17 (UP)—The Board of Fiscal control will hear 73 claims against the state at its meeting in Little Rock March 23,^11, was announced today by secretary Frank Siorey. The claims must be disposed of before. March 31. or await futlicr action by the Arkansas Legislature, Storey said. Tornado Hits Florence, Ala.; 100 Homeless FLORENCE. Ala.. Afar. 17. (UP) —Nearly 100 persons were homeless here today after a tornado whipped through this industrial section, tearing up some 75 houses and leaving an estimated JMO.Coo damage to residential and business prop- Six persons were reported hospitalized for minor injuries and between IS ana -M others were re- Ported hurt, none sorioitsly. The twister struck early yesterday, narrowly missing the massive Wilson Dam which spans the Tennessee Hiver. No damage was reported to the dam. the largest hydro-electro producer In the TVA system, or to nitrate plants South of the dam at Sheffield. Ala. Most of the homes destroyed or damaged belong to TVA workers, however, and police said the torna- dic winds wrought destruction on at least half the houses In a community of TVA employes. The Red Cross sought emergency shelter for 108 persons last night. The State Patrol and National Guard provided tents and people In undamaged areas here opened their homes. Communications were on ari emergency basis in Ihe .tri-cities of Florence. Sheffield and Tiiscum- bia. inhabited by a combined population of nearly 100.000. The robin appeal's In Ihe spring as Ihe temperature ol the region warms up to a daily average of 3i degrees. PONTIAC OWNERS! 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(UP)—Jus- lice Minister Alexz Cepicka was quoted in the press today as suyins that 200 civilians hnve been urre.stccl and indicted on charges ol activity against Hie stale. Tlie 200 arrested civilians did not include army men alleged lo have 1 been connected with the same ac- her livity, who will be tried in military courts, Cepicka said. Cepicka, according lo published 17. HJPi—Com- »• oeen given majorities Czechoslovakia!! parlla- 3inm|ltce.i nuci they »«. ..,.,...,,,,, K stacks of bills designed 10 revamp Ihe law of the hind a review of the ntw p B ,.| iamcnt . s I fhsl working session showed toclav he Parliamentary Action Coin- ill oe IMS effectively streamlined parliament In favor of Ihe com- munlsl.s without the formality of elections scheduled lo be hclrt In The !o(nl number of ()„„? pi,r c ed Is no! known. So far. 11 depulles have resigned, six are about (o lose (heir-Immunity and « have wen expelled from their respective anti-Communist parlies. The case of one deputy denrivcr! of her Immunity lasl January on craft charRCs is up for i review by the Immunity Commit- I lee. She already Is bark In parltn- menl. »nd pi-Munmbly mil h, ,« stored to full sliitus. She Is Hnboni H>irhni| (l i'ii. she was remanded lo (he !>,•„,;„,, t . ((1uls last Jniiimrj, („ „„.,».,,,. ( .| mi . R( , , inlsmlni: her official \imt, to deal In confiscated Ociiiiitn lias. Mils Ot Cunnnlllrf Okay Tli<> imrlliuiiciitury ucliiuS com- ixltloe nii\(!e sure be[,>iv the ni-w «•«'<>« opened Hint nil K.nernmrnl, l>! Is would be itpprnved In eom- mlttees. where oppusiilon was cs- |x?dally heavy before tlm Communist coup. 'Hie committees (hen u rilled iiummw mtnLster., m , promised |Ullh, rewrote ftovenimcnt clinfis nnd •uccessfnlly iilneonholed lulls Ilial <llrl not meet with (heir approval. \Vslerday tho committees plow- eii (luoiiBh « slack of bills and upprovnl tliem with only minor chiuiBc'ji ol .style. Czech unit Slovak Comuumfcls who still hold only ;ta per cent of I lie 30 purllnmt'iit seals, now have, nine posts on every l«-man coin- inlllee. 1:1 )x).sU on every 'J4-mnn romiulttei;. It) pus'.s on every Ud-man [•oiiunltli'e njid .seven posls oil every 12-nmti commlllee. Dcpiilli'j! deprived of Imnitiiitly by recoinmeiirlntlon of the Immunity rojiunllti*. which «llll i, m ,t be approved by ixuliament, Include four socialist* nnd two Slovak Deino- crnls. ve]xir!s. clnimert definite proof thai a rislHist tnilseh ngnlnsl «»e ROV- crnineJit was plotted last month, and ssid its "connection wilh for. eiRn counhie.s" was being Invesll- Mulcd. Comnnmisls have been jjivcii inn- jonlies on all n parllamenlan romiHlllecs, and ihey were, appiw- inR bills designed to rcvnmp Hie law oJ t)if )»nd. Iwo-lhirds of JnpnnVi :hant ships anil one-third ol warships were sunk by U. S submarines in World War ft. Head Courier News Want Arts. 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