The Courier News from ,  on July 14, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Thursday, July 14, 1949
Page 2
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PACK TITO RLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 14, It4» Church and State Conflict is Tense In Central Europe By th* Au«ciaL*d Pr«*« The lines lightened today in tlie bitter church-state conflict in Eastern Europe. Pope Pins XII issued a new decree of excommunication against all Roman Catholics who embrace communism. The official Communist press in Czechoslovakia Ignored H but pra- pue reports Indicated the Com- rmilsU would use trie Vatican order for propaganda purposes. The government Is expected to take the line that the Vatican I* trying to cut the people from their government. Order Trrm*<i "1 Mrfml" The minister of education in Czechstovaklt has already issued an ordinance declaring illegal excommunications and other penalties Imposed by the Catholic hrlr- archy "for pollttcal and not religious reasons." The government reported priests supporting the government-sponsored Catholic action were staging tft-down strikes and refusing to surrender their parishes. The war between church and state became hotter tn Catholic Poland too. The official Polish press bTamed the Romnn Catholic helr- archy for encourairln.: (he faithful to crowd into the Eastern Polish r.lty of t.ublln to witness a "weep- in? virgin" portrait. The authorities said one woman was killed! and 19 other persons were Injiirert in the stampede, Government officials said persons spreading rumors about Ehe- reported miricle would be prosecuted. The Communist-led Polish government, like Its counterparts In Eastern Europe, Is conducting a bitter tifcht against church authority. More Dock Workers Strike More London dock workers left their jobs (odav desnlt* 1 declarations from Prim* Minister Clement Attlee thai the 18-dav old .strike Is s«» up in e the strrtiEth and life of the nation. Trip government, under emereencv reculations nnnrovpd bv parliament, poured 4 5Qfi soldiers and sailors into the rforkinrr area tn unload shtn.v N T earlv 14 noo men are now idle. The government says th- strike is Communist Insnlred, The Russians eased their roart- trafflr regulations In nprniany. For a while It looked as If th*> Ru^Uns wer* reimposimi a blockade of "Rer- Hn-bound trucks. But an Am-^rlran Rn-truck convoy passed a checkpoint In a minute today. Now the jrrr-n Ileht is showing and normal traffic is flowing. ' Cold War Roller In Orient But while Russian relations seemed smoother in the West. Washing- I ton observers said there are grow- j In? signs of increased friction with Puwin, In'Asia..These observers satrt Moscow appears to be transferring I f* cold war tactics from 'Oermanv o Janan. Th*>y fee trouble ahead f o r Allied Supreme Commander G*n. Douglas Mac Arthur. The Rus- irians have accused MacArthur and the Japanese government of launching a brutal campaign against labor leaders and "progressive element';.'* Russian Ambassador Alexander S. Panvushktn said In Washington that the Jftoanese economy Is approaching a state of total col- lans*. Chiang Kai-Shek arrived In the Chinese, nationalist capital of Canton toddy and was cheered by leaders of the Koumintang (Nationalist Party). He has returned from » conference with President Elpldtti Quirino of the Philippines in that country's summer capital. Bagtilo. The two l"pders manned A program for combatting communism In the Pacific. William E. Essary, Caruthersville Businessman, Dies Rites for William Monroe Essary. 61, of Caruthersvllle. were to be conducted at 4 p.m. today at the taForge Funeral Home In Caiutti- mvllle by the pastor of the First Methodist Church, there. Mr. Kssary, brother of Mrs H B Oakes. Mrs. V. H. Williams Mrs. H. B Humphreys and Raymond Essary. all of Blylhevllle died yesterday at his home In Carnthersville, after a six months' He had resided there for the past 30 years and was the owner and operator of the Vogue Ladicp Toggery shop. HE wa? horn In Dunkltn and had lived in southeast Missouri all his life. Survivors include his widow Mrs. Viola Essary of Carulhersvllle; two sons. Clyde and Duran Essary; and a daughter. Mis.* Vestal Essarv all of CflriithftrfivtllR; the threr sister* and brnther another sister. Mrs of Lansing, Mich,, and sarv of Jonesboro, Burial will be In Carutheravllle. • * • Final Kites Conducted For Infant in Osceo/a OSCEOLA. July 14.-P«neral Mrv- Ices were- conducted tills mornirg for Ihe infant son of Mr. and Mrs William Merryman. The child was born in Walls Hospital yesterday Burial was in Garden Point Ceme- tory. Swift Pilneml Home was in charge. Hamilton Infant Dies RESEARCH Continued Irotn Page I. h« sometime before «ny concrete Information could t* published on the result* of research here. A majority of Mluluippl County casex are being treated in the University Hospital, where Ine research wu started. One polio victim. Mary Ixm Sanders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J4mmie Sanders, was returned to her home from the University Hospital Tuesday, Her mother, a registered nurse, will continue to Rive her treatments at home. She Mid today that the child was allowed to walk four or five times dally, and that although there was absolutely no paralysis there was still some stiffness In the back and lilrw. She will '-eporl to the University Hoa- pltal in Little Rock periodically for examination. To Delay School Opening* W. B. Nicholson, superintendent of the Blytlieville Schools, said today that the district would in compliance with the advice health aut 1 ritips and continue to defer the opening of summer terms until there was a break In the polio epidemic. Eight schools—two at Clear Lake, two at Promised Land, two at Number Nine, and one each at Flat I.akr and Lone Oak. were scheduled for split terms to open next week. Mr. Nicholson said that the na- Irnns would be s?iven ample notice of the openlne date, through public announcements. In Blytheville: Edna I^lons B. E,N. U.S. Jurors Get Raise WASHINGTON Jnly H (AP) — President Truman signed Into law today n bill increasing the dallj pav of federal court Jurors from «5 to «7, The measure also boosts trave pay from 5 to 7 cents a mile, knocking off a V! daily limitation on the cosl.s of travel for jurors while court tem] is in session. <i'eck old daughter of Mr. and Mrs R. E. Hamilton of New Liberty died Hits morning at Methodlsl Hospital tn Memphis, where stie hart been a patient since she wa. two days old. Funeral arrangements were in complete today but burial will be In Dogwood RldisB Cemetery. She is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Hnmllton. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. Linda Diane Hamilton, seven- Read Courier News Wan Ads GOP Seeks Man To Replace Scott National Chairman To Quit If Successor Is 'Outstanding' WASHINGTON. July 14— (IT)— Senator Martin (R-Pm) indicated today that Rep. Hugh, Scott, Jr., will step down as Republican National chairman "If we gel assurance an outstanding man will take his place." Martin uld, however, that he, 9cott and other Penn&ylvanlans 'are not golnr to be shoved around" jy those who rant someone else In the key GOP post. "There is no use talking about Scolt moving out until we are sure that there Is a top flight man to succeed him," Martin told a reporter. But Martin added "It Is a fair conclusion" that talks about a change have simmered down mainly to a question of who should sucked Scott, rather than whether there should be a new chairman. "If we can get til the elements united on a successor, that will be the wise. :ourse to take." Martin declared. Party leaders have been discussing the matter here and elsewhere for the last several days. After a conference here yesterday, those leaders said they looked for no concrete development for about 10 days. They said there still was no agreement on a successor to Scott. Scott was named to the chairmanship a year ago In Philadelphia. He was the choice of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. the GOP presidential nominee, and he had the backing of Martin and other key members of the Pennsylvania delegation to the national convention. Wants Change Undentood Since the Republican defeat _. the polls last November, the party has been badly split as to whether Scott should stay on. He won the first showdown In January when the National Committee voted 54 to so in his favor. Marlin made It clear that If Scott steps down, he Is going to insist that It be obvious he was not shoved. "Pennsylvania Is the keystone of the Republican Party." Martin said. "We want to do all we can to advance the Interest or the party. But we won't lie kicked around under any clrcumstaces. The party leaders reportedly are Baptist Women's Armoref Meeting To Be on July 22 The quarterly meetln* of th« county Women'« Missionary Union from Baptist Churches In MlulM- Ippi County will meet July V, rather than Mdajr u announced previously In the Coruler New«, The meeting will be conducted at Armor el. and will follow the theme of '"Give Them Thin D«y,' recognizing the -> p ork of young people In church organization*. Conferences will be conducted by Miss Joyce Gill of Dell. Mrs. Quy Magee of Manila. Mrs. Ed William* of Wilson and Mr«. W. E. Rhoads of Number Nine. trying to lind a' man who could devote all of his lime to the chairmanship. Scott, as a member of Congress, has not been able to do that. One key Republican who sat In at this week's conference said POM- ible successors lo Scott most frequently mentioned Include: Arthur Summerfleld, Michigan national commltteeman; Harry Darby, Kansas national committeeman; Bert Howard. Nebraska stale chairman; Guy Gabrielson. New Jersey national committeeman; Ralph Gates, former governor of Indiana; Sinclair Weeks. Massachusetts national commltteeman; and J. Edgar chcnoweth, former Colorado Congressman. On* KilM in Crash Of Army Cargo Plan* DAYTON, O,, July U. (AP)—At leut one person was killed today In the crash of a twin-engine "Fiy- ing Boxcar" here, Wright-Patterson All Korte Sue officials reported. They s«Id (rom "three to sli" persons were Injured. The Army cargo plane crashed into » parking lot fence u It was making an emergency landing became of a fire aboard, Army officials reported. , The plane struck from 12 to 20 automobiles parked along the fence, "flattening them and iettlng them afire," field officer: said. Identity of the plane crew members wax not available Immediately. PENSION FUND Continued /rom Page 1. piles up. This surplus has been Invested In Series E US. Savings Bonds of 11.00 maturity value. These are the regular savings bonds paying $4 for 13 at the end of lo years and carrying a «7M purchase price. Wnce last May, M.tlO has been invested in these bonds, City Clerk Malln said. Before that, 13.840 had been paid out for bonds. ' The $2M-a-ye«r outgo Is In the form or $20 monthly payments to Joe Williams, former volunteer lire- man who was among four or five men Injureu about 1»35 while fight- Ing a fire in a grocery store on Main Street, Only O« Pensioner The brkk front of the store, which was located where Planters Hardware Store now stands, fell In on the fire fighters, according to Deputy Sheriff Charles Short, who was then a member of the Police force and »'ho was present at the fire. Mr. Williams »a» one of the most seriously Injured and was hospital- !z*d for several monthj, D«puty Sheriff Short recalls. He also vas the only man to receive a disabling injury. One of hU hands was severely burned and full use of It was Impal'-ed, Mr. Short said. None of the other Injured men was officially serving as a volunteer fireman but Hie city paid some of their hospital bills, Mr. Short recalled. ' According to city records, Mr. ' Williams i= the only fireman ever to draw payments from this. fund. ', None has ever remained connected with the fire department until he ' reached the retirement age. ' ^f- I HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expected Place your order now for your requirements, to insure your needs lorn first car. Blytheville Soybean Corp. I'hones 856-857 Blytheville, Ark. You'll Enjoy the Air Conditioned Comfort of KIRBY'S 3 STORES So >V) S ° IT Kirby's tip-topped ICE CREAM CONES Double Dipped Cones - topped with Frozen Chocolate Boy the/re Good! Try one today Yes. compare ... and see lor yourself how you'll benefit from shopping at Lul- trell's Fine Foods. 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