The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1944
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMHEK 20, 19-M Plan Transport For Postwar Use Lockheed To Build Plane For Genera! Domestic Purposes CHICAGO, Nov. 20 (U.P.)—Lock- liwd Aircraft Corporation has announced a postwar nlrplnuc specifically designed lo provide low- cost, short-haul air transport for ccncral •(l-imrctlc use. Robert E. Gross, Lockheed prcsi- tlont, says She new plujie, imnicd W.c Salnru 75, will bring Hying lo •viiam street. Two feeder line operators already have placed orders for the plane, subject to Civil Aeronautic Board approval of their route applications. Tile plane Is a. lilgli-wing, all- metal, laud-based vehicle carrying 14 |)ts.<cngers, a crew of two and cai'fo. II is powered by two 525- horsc-imwer engines. It has a ci'uis- ine speed ol more-than 200 miles nu hour and a lop speed ol 2-IC miles an hour over a maximum lantjc of 1COO miles witli eight passengers and crew. A low landing speed of 73 miles per hour, mnkes it, passible for the plajie to use small airports. Interchangeability of parts and quick- change rower plant units are important economy features. Gross says these characteristics make the Saturn an ideal plane for inmkllne operation through .spare traffic areas, or for short hops between cities. Grots tays he hopes Hibstantir.1 sales in Europe iuul other areas where services over .short distances with high frequency of [light!, prohibit use of more expensive greater-capacity planes. Production of the Saturn 75 will be started as soon as military production, on which Lockheed factories are now fully engaged, permits. ^British Using 'Nazi Submarine Against U-Boats LONDON, NOV. 20. (UP)—The British are operating a Nazi submarine. But no one has been more surprised tlmn the Nazis themselves, that is, the Nazis who were fooled. For three years now, the British- have been operating an up-to-the- minute Nazi sub which had been captured intact by British sea and air forces off Iceland. The British renamed the sub the Graph and trained a special crew to man her. The first time out under the British nag, the sub attacked another German U-boat by ear.—that is, highly sensitive instruments led the skipper to the target. He only needed two brief glimpses of the enemy before opening fire. • • i > And since then, the Graph has played a prominent role in luring Nazi ships and U-boats to their destruction. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK:)' Luxora Society—Personal TO ME HOXOKKII The first In a series of parties to be given for Miss Martini Kate Bryant, whose marriage to Lieutenant Robert L. Wagaman, ot Hnu- erslown, Md., will be .solemnized Dee. 1, will be an informal tea Tuesday nrtcrnoon Nov. 21 from 3 lo C p. m. The lea will be given by her mother, Mrs. Roscoe C. Uryanl, and her sister, Mrs. Julia Bryant Owen, at the Qrynnt home. Assisting the hostesses In receiv- I"K !ltfi large number of guests will be.MBs-.Bryant, Miss Virginia Allen, of'Meniplils, Mrs. R. C. Laiigs- ton, Mrs. Jesse Brown, and Mrs P M. Bond, who will, also, preside at the guest register and present to each guest a corsage of miniature chrysanthemums in bronze and gold, carrying the engagement announcement. Mrs. joe nircs, and Mrs. S. L. Gladisli, of Osccola, will preside at the tea table, assisted by Mrs. E. L. nowlcs. Carrying out n color scheme of bronze and gold, the tea table will be rirape<j in mi imported dice cloth centered with a crystal cper»nc filled with bronze and gold chrysanthemums and baby breath. Malch- Ins candles in crystal candclcbra will shed a mellow glow over (he I tea table. Arrangements of bronze and gold chrysanthemums, In crystal rases will complete the decoration throughout, the home. Junior hostesses will be the bride- elect's two nieces, Marly n and Jean Owen and Betty Sue Miiflln. Out-of-town guests to attend arc: Mrs. J. R. Chatuian, and Mrs. Tom Sellers of Earle, Ark., Mrs. Claud, Starr, Mrs, J. A. Owen, Mrs. Haven Hodges, Mrs. w. S. Simpson, and Mis. T. c. Gardner, all of Parkin Mrs Raymond Cottncr, of Wilson Miss Virginia Allen, Mrs. J. c Carpenter, Mrs. J. R. Warren, Mrs. R, D. Ebcrdt, and Miss Catherine BrimmieU, all of Memphis. The Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Emythc, Mrs. Myrtle H. Action, Mrs. C. L. Naboi-s, Mrs. Melviu Halsell Jr., Mrs. Newell G. Jerome, Miss Virginia Crawford, and Mrs. Tommy Fox, all of Blylhcvitlc. Navy Seefes Men For Radio Technicians A recent directive lias been issued by the Joint Arm)' and Navy Induction Service giving the Navy permission to enlist men as radio technicians. Men between the ages of 18 lo 36 are eligible if you have had your pro-induction physical examination. Men 17 years of age may also qualify. The men accepted as radio technicians will be [is scatr.Rn first class, with pay of $CG per month and sent to a radar school for 10 months training in radio and radar. On completion .of the 10 months training they will be promoted to UseOfV-Mail Correspondence Urged By Navy NEW CWLEANS, Nov. 20.—A second urgent request for more extensive use of V-Mull. for correspondence with personnel overseas has been Iniltiitcil by. the. OIVlco of the Chief ot Niu;al Operations, Washington, D. C. 1 '"' "Every neiy .Allied Kafn creates new transportation problems. The more victories, the heavier the transportation burden," said the request. "Mall Is one ot the foremost carnos transported by air and to men for whom It is destined It Is one of the most vital." "Today as territory is re-conquered In the Philippines, Guam, on every front, the attitude at home eases and there Is an unfortunate tendency to be lax." Correspondents are urged to "Share airmail advantages with others. . . Use V-Mail whenever possible." StJoseph -ASPIRIN - NOTICE OK 11KI) CliOSS ANNUAL MKKTINO Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Chlcknsawba District Chapter of the American Red Cross will be held in the Courtroom of the City Hall In niytheville. Arkansas, on Tuesday, November 28, 1944, at 7:30 P.M. for the purpose of making an annual report of activities carried or, cluviv.g M-.C'pas!, ycr.r and to elect officers and boni'd members to direct Hie operation of the chapter during the year lo come. Every person In the Chlckasiuvba District of Mississippi County who lias contributed one dollar or more in the past twelve months Is a member of this chapter and each one is urged to attend. ' Julia Lunbird, • Executive Secretary. Good Neighbor Boosters AUSTIN, Tex. (U.P.)—Mexican Consul and Mrs. Luis Duptan arc enlarging their activity in tlie Good Neighbor policy. Each week they conduct a free class In Spanish at the University .of Texas,' with attendance of nearly 200 in the beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. Keeping Up With The Men In Ser •vice lietly officer ratings. Men arc urgently needed for this type of work in the Nnvy nitd also it is iin opportunity to learn a trade that will be beneficial nftcr the war If you Have had a loth made cilit- Cf.tion and have hiul jour pre-ln- diictioii physical cxnniiiiitlioii. ripply ill the U. S, Navy Recniitini; St:i- tlrn. County Court House, Blylhe- ville. each Monday ami Tuesday. Ciipt. Dan Mel.cnn. son ot Or. mid Mrs. D. C. McU-nn ol lilylhe- vtlle, who roiniilolett 23 months of foretell service In February, and ivlio recently lius bi-en stationed lit Unpld Clly, S, »„ h».s received Ills overseas orders and will lenvc lucre this week lo report to Circi-mboro, N. C. Captain MeLean's wife iiiul tlielr week-old son will B0 to I/os Angeles, Calif., where they will'lie with her parents (lurlm; j|] s over- sens duty, • • • Ueiit. L. C. Powy Jr., son of Mr. nnrt Mrs. I,, c. I'oscy ot Blytlitvlllo, who is seivlnir will) (he Army Air i;oi-ccs in the imlla-ChW-liuima Iheator of war, recently was awarded "n o.ik Jciif cluster, linvltig previously been awarded the Ah- Medal. Lieutenant Pnscy expwls to ictiirn sonn lo the Slates after n year in that area. • • » '' Pfc. Ai-ley K. Walters of Route 3. niytheville. reeeiilly ( (ra k part in '»(! battle for Monlcllnmr, Rhone valley city In France which fell before (lie 7tli Army pu s h /rom (lie Rlvcru beachhead 13nby lirirp seals weiuh only IS poiiiuls at birth, but within two weeks they Increase to BO pounds. LIFE'S Little TROUBLES -CAN'T EAT- You 'don't have to worry and fret because CONSTIPATION or r,AS PRESSURE discomforts won't let you eat. Instead of fooling nervous—blue or bewildered, take a dash of ADLER-I-KA to quickly eipel gas—to soflen and nssistfood wastes thru a cdmforln- blo bowel; movement. Enjoy that clean; refreshed feeling that lifts spirits — rekindles smiles—improves aiipetitc.Buy it ITryit I You 'II neve/ bo without Adlcrikn again. Caution, use directed. Clt AJI^lta.fjorf you'r Jrurrilt laJayl Klilliy BROS. DRUG STOKES Memphis Police Seek To Identify Skeleton • MHMPI11S, Nov. SO : (UP)-M«n- pms pulli-e nre allemlillns'to Identity a ufcoiul skeleton found nt Memphis within n week. Police say the discovery Of the skeleton com's|x>i)ds In ^vcnd ways u-llh that ' ol \Yllliivm I). Moore. Holly SnrlllUi;, Miss,; ivftr worker, which was, rWpovg'rcil on n' J'B.Mnl lul. Mow's .'fartlU', was iu> inoLiteii to naiui'al rtiuse'A' 'to lice have hinted m, the pW| of lorn play In (lu> ease.oftliu d victim. •'• • • . <il I.OClllS AlltMll MADISON, Wl.s. (UI>)—Overs-ens soldiers apparently like lo not, nny khid,of nmll..from home. Tho \Vls- i-oiisln ' dc'iinvthu'iit of nKrlciilturo recently recdml u rcinicai troin rvt, Oi-iiild C. Andcrion, stationed In (ho.Admiralty Islunds, for a copy ot Us I'lrculur, "A Breeder's CluldV tu a IJiihK'fi Kri'e Herd." CHILDREN'S COIOS' COUGHING/ ' by l'i> PASTE f SHOE POLISH J. LCIU1S CHERRY NEW YORK L¥E "INSURANCE co. lllyllicvlllf, Ark. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call rc» f(K check-up without cost or obligatwn. KAT8, MICE ANI» HOAOH CONTBOL GUAKANTBB1) WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP »*t E. Kentmckj n«M tin Buy Your Winter Supply of s WOOD and KINDLING*; While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. cp, •• Ark - ' Ph'oriti.: 2011 •t lot to be done ^•^:*m$jj^^ Multiply (hem bydumsands and you get some idea of the rush on Long Distance each night at camps and barracks and naval siations. ' ' Their calls arc mighty important to them and to us. And we know you'd like to help, too. Whenever you can, please let the men and women in service have Long Distance circuits from 7 to! 0 each night. That's about their best time for calling; SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO, Buy another War Bond.., \ and another... and another if 5 B I. Hill CM.lwoll. Unlit lie was nJi-fl, !»• it-ns waist gunner in a Forirrss <rr.iv Illilt shot ilmrn 20 Jii|> planes. II,: ];„„„•, h«w iniirli dm in, ii fiiil i nil il,,. ri . oilml o;i you to help llicm linisli the job yun sum them tlicrc lo do. ri:ni,isiiKt> ;.v svrronr OF TIIK sr\rn tr.iu t.o.tx nv, STANDARD .OIL C O M PAN Y OF L o UJ SI A A' A GOOD/YEAR TIRES ARE COMING YOUR WAY! ; A, ,vv GET YOUR GOOD/^EAR WHEN YOU CET A CERTIFICATE If you've been holding your ccrlificato for a now Good- ' ycftiv yoit'ro in luck for wo'vo got them NOW ,.. big, 1 ' siifu, Hound new Gootlycura, worlK waiting for anytime. Millions of tlicso'tlopoiulnblc, uood-looking Goodycafs arc now making amiimg inHongo liislory, on ^ho road '.,. .proving, once nguin, for extra siifcty, extra service, iintl long, low-cost iicrforiimiicQ you can't buy better tlmn a Goodyear, Stocks tiro slill limited but sl'/.ca iti-c avnilublo to fit moat cars. Don't delny, bring in your ceiiifiwilo to- (lity for u new Goodyear, $1C05 1U 6,00-16 . N<wUwP('c« New Goodyear Tubes Save Tirei. No Certificate Needed (PLUS TAX) 6.00<I6 Shipment Just Received! I'MOTDX, our licsl rover, adds so much to ymir cur's upiicnrnnci', prntnclii the inle- rliir for Iriiiuer wear, costs so lllllr. Made "I ilin-iililc, walcr repellent lacqucrci] lilirc strands, ficl yonr.s iiuw! DANGRR! SLIPPERY EOADS AHEAD!-Better-'let': men who know how recap your smooth, tread-bare, • tires now, before wintcr^.c'gins. . i.Wf,'.. ; - ^'.r^U. "''( ( : Our cxpciis use the best materials available and tHo ; iC. latest, improved methods to give your old tire's "jiew life" and deep, long-lasting treads for many more, safe miles. . ,••,„•.,., Play it safe! Stop in today for fast recapping, get a lot c»' miles for n little money. No certificate needed. SIM VIL\^O ^l' 650 (600 si'. 16) Phone 2492

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