The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1930
Page 6
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: six KI.YTHEVINLK. (AI!K.) OOUUIUll NKttT, 'FRIDAY, SRITRMDER 5. li):W) [Noted Spoilsmen and Racer N1E TO IETJOM Heavies Feature Figlil Card; Young !o Face Negro from Nashville. Tenn j For the second limp this .season, heavyweights will feature a b^xins card at the Main street crena Monday night when Stanley. Meliae. the Luxcra puncher, and HowarJ | LaBrier, New Orleans leather pusher, mix socks and blocks. McRne has one of ihv most dan- 'erous right hands In the llghi heavy division but lias shown a tendency to make a target oi h> :!iin. However, the Lnxora boy is •an:e and can lake 'cm. He excels '.n slugging and can trade punchy ,-ith almost any of the boys. His tpj>earance Monday night will b he first of l!:e season here for t-m Luxora mauler. LaBrier has a good reputatiDn '.ccording to Promoter Craig. a:i.' 's rated as n tough boy. He is raid ] o be an experienced boxer al- ho'.igh' like most heavies his bo:<- :ig is confined largely to punching L'he bout is sclu-dulc-J far, ten . auncls or less. In the scml-winaiip. Ot'.a Yoim°. "leal negro, who !ip.s been co:isid- red more or less of n sensation lor lie summer, will tackle Gene'Tav- ->r. Nashville. Tenn., lightweight Young' will give away about dv omids to the Nnshvill? negro, ac- ording to Craig. The fight is far .i\ rounds. Kid Boyd. Ihe Yarbro thrower, ;nd Buford Denton. another Lux ra, product, will meet in a siv •ounrter. Denion at one time pain 'd quite a bit of prestige until Jor 3ala of Memphis halted his strlelf vith a knockout. Kiel Stephens, one it the two principals in the big' ;est slug test on last Monday's card, •vill meet Noel Lambert, v local bay. who throws plenty of gloves- and dings them fast, but without /- Aiicckout punch. FORCED : BR USHING UP SPORTS By Lauferi Doubtless the finest of alt yachts b ullt by Sir Thcinas Lipton to race for Ihe America's Cup is.Slmmicc k v , shown in a trial run off New- 4_ _^ \fflUM flPATOER Coming up "from the ruck with a tremendous rush, the ball team known as the. St. Louis Cardinals has wrought consternation In Ihe National League .'pennanl race. BuFcball_fans,. 1 A'ho for the last few months have been reading/of the "three-cornered", pennant race hx Ihe older circuit, pick up the papers thc-se days and wonder what has happened. And who • are these Cardinals? Ths Cards are a strange ball team ied by old Gabby Streel, the gent who blocked Walter Johnson's passes for years and years, in the spring, down south, tlie scribes likened the Street team to a son of old men's home. . . , Cranks Her Up He has made the old bus go. To start with, he established Gabby Street as BOSS,- spelled all the way with capitals. Gabby treats friend and foe alike. He is. stern, but he gives each and every player a fair shake. Well, there's Frisch, Frankle Frisch, second and third baseman. Sam Breadon got him from ihe Giants in the deaj for Hornsby after the 1926 season. Then there's "Sparky" Adams, second baseman and' utility infielder. The Cubs had him for r. long lime and sent him to Pittsburgh. St. Louis bought him last November. Now we come -|o Andy High, another infictder. He played fcur years with Brooklyn. Uncle Robbie sent him to. the Braves for the waiver price. He played with the Braves a couple of years. Thence to the Cards. It seems as though they all go to the Cards sooner or later. With McGraw's Compliments One of the outfielders is a young man named' George Fisher. Mike Goniales would describe him, "Good hit. No field." Knocks baseball to pieces and catches fly balls en the spine. McGraw sent him to the Cards in the spring for Clarence Mitchell. Behind the bat? Well, there's Jimmy Wilson. Caught for the Phutile Phillies for six heart-rending years. Finally Mr. Baker sent him to the Cards for Homer Peel and Virgil Davis. Pitchers? We have B. Grimes, who has been shunted all over the National League in his years and years of big league experience. We have Flint Rhem, sent up and down from the minors and the majors so rapidly and so often that he never is quite sure whether lie was to pitch tomorrow in Houston. Rochester or Cincinnati. A Couple of Regulars Of course, there arc several people on the team who have been confirmed Cardinals, practically all of their livesjuch as Douthil.Hafey Haincs and Sunny Jim Bottomley! But the others are for the most : part men who have been bumped this way and that, fmafly to land in Branch Rickey's Haven for Harassed Ivory. Around stars, such as Charley Bottomley, wise old Gabby Street Getbert. Prantie Frisch and Jim has ranged a. group of Journeymen ( tall players who may not be going ! any place in particular, but who will have, something to say about who's going. . Kote'lh'e" trh/Unes" of S '' hc watei-linc slripe. Sir T of Shamrock's tall mast and id stern as Hie heels over, cx- today, at 80, and. at the ri his first chall li-mas is [ilcturcd lower left as he glu as h? lookefl when he issued cnge In 183D. RULES FOR Hi- Union's Present Challenger Will Race Under Different Conditions. 5y N'KA Service NEW YORK.— It has been ten years since Sir Thomas l.ipton has entered a yacht in competition for the America's Cup and now. at 80, '.he wealthy merchant-sportsman is preparing for what lie hns said will •)e lils last attempt. The races scheduled to begin on Sept. 13.'between the Shamrock V and one of the four (iefcdiiig cand-. idates. will uc sailed under differ-! enl conditions lhan ever before in international competition. Tile match will be for four out of seven laces, instead of three oul of five, r.nd thus should provide a loneei :ciies and a fairer test. The course is to be laid off Newpert, R. I., where a good breeze! Wl> YOU KNOW THAT— Frosty Peters sued the Olympic Club of San l-'rancisco recently for luring him wcslward and nnt meeting his ex]>eclaiioiis . the farmer Illini tiuurlcr- back sayr he passed up a 1"'° fcotball job m $H500 and spent S-iCO lo fi- to the conM . . . Freddie Spurgeon nntl Pen Ilidge Day. former big lensuers, who are now playing in the American Association, held a spelling bee the other day. . . . Pea Ridge told Freddie lie was a nuisance . . . "You don't, even know how to spell nuisance.' Spurgeon replied . . . "Oh. yes." laid Pea Ridge . . . and he spelled it: "NUISENCE" .. . To which Freddie retorted. "B> Qcsli. you're right" . . . Once when George Connally, the Toledo [linger, was on the Wliite Sox roster, lie relieved Urban Faber with the bases loaded and Bnbe Ruth at bat . . . Dabe hi the ball seven miles out of the park . . . the boys rushed us to back . . . "That's the way to George nnd patted him on tin get the runners off the bases old boy." w(u tlie". Red Birds Move into Second Place Tie buMfiubs Sonlinuc lo Set Pace. i NEW -YORK—The Chicago Cubs •|oun;l another dangerous opponent , thai ln>; icccnd place with the New i Yoik (Jiiuv.s after yesterday's iisonies, but both the Cardinals and u:e Giant.i remained four and ;i half games behind the Nailonal Iciidets who i:tn. In Ihe Aint-ri- |can circuit ihe A's who are all but end, walloped ihe Red Kox In a , |irolot:i!,?d tussle while the Senators, i according I) custom, bent the Yan- I kits. i The Bruins trimmed the sails of ',he Pittsburgh J'halcs to the- tune 'o! 1C to 7. Fifteen base Wows ! muled cff the bats of the Mc- iCiiitliy aggregation while, hi 1 ; pitlic- crs manan.?d to staggered into port 'under the bad of H Pirate blows. ; Hailncu's iwo homers and one by Cuyler ucrc material factors in tne Cubs' triumph. The St. Louis Cardinals. who I have been coming forward v;lth a I1 ush pulled up afler Thursday's I games Into a second plao? tie wilh jhe Gianls. The Cards heal the i Cincinnati Reds 13 lo 2 and ap- jix-ared in, a traveling moDd. Jchn- l.'.on held ihe Reds safely. • (Hants Lost Ground ! The Giants, storm center of Ihe i National scramble, fell back as tha I persistent Boston Braves contln-1 •ued 10 prcvc a stumbling bl?ck | •for the McCirawrnen. The Braves i I won handily 7 lo 1 as young Chaplin' cf the Giants failed to hold | them in hand, it was the veteran |Toiii Zachary who turned Ihe i Giants back. I It took tin Athletics 15 innings to beat the Red Sox but they nc-1 complishcd their purpose, 8 lo 7. j -^ A homer by Reeves of the Sox put jlhcm ahead In the first of Hie i tenth but Bin? Miller matched his jbiow with another hom.?r in the I second half cf tlii; inning. Danny McFayden pitched 14 innings for ihe Sox only lo Icse when victory appeared his. Lefty Grove reltev- j ed MaHalTy and won his 24th vie-! lory of the season. i Willis Hudlin's three hit pitching [ jsct tl-.i Chicago White Sox down j 'in a tight bade, 3 10 2. The Sox used three pitchers In an effort to cop the game. Tlie victory was Hudlin's 13th of the season The Senators beat the Yankees for ihe ICih Urn: this scasc.ii as Butnp Hartley proved too much for ihe Yankee crew holding them to six hits. Johnson 'also- -twirled gnod ball fcr New York but the game wen: to Hudley by a close margin. 3 to 2. Tlie Detroit Tigers made, their hi.s count and took an 8 lo •! d:cision from the St. Louis Browns in the series opener at Detioll. Vic Sorrel! allowed nine hits in- dndiiif four doubles but was credited with his 15th victory of the season. OLD GOLFER^ TOOK b~ HOORC, TO PI-JW rue L I6WOIES 1930- 10 MIHiJTES RDR OiME POYfON mm RIGHT Memphis Needs Bul Four Games to Cop Dixie Pen• nant; Pelicans in Parade. ATLANTA, Co.—The Chicks of j-MemphK. who have been leading • the Southern league parade for about nlne-tonth. of ihe icrambli Ihe Uixie bunting nei-dcd bul ! i'our games to cup aller walloping '/the Lookouts 0 lo 4 ye.sitrduy. i Harry Kelly turntcl in his 10th I triumph of the season when he tinned back the Lookouts with eiglit hits. Ills rnmes garnered 11 t;lt Knight and scored three runs in the fcurlh for their big inning. The Little Rock Travelers, who do quite :i bit of their tail playing at night, beui the Nashville Vols •• for the third araigiit time at Li;- lle Reck last night. 3 to 2. Ti-.e Pebbles got only five hits, half as [many as their r pponent.'i. but made 'them count while fielding sensationally.. Tlie lowly and comical orphan •ears of Mobile were on the lov. end of a lopsided game 21 to .•) witli Ihe Pelicans easy winners. Tlie Pelicans nmde a s-".u2 Hack c." the- bese^. The Atlanta Crackers started cff with three runs in tlie fhst inning to.bfut the; Birmingham Barons \i 5. Blackerby hit a lia:iier^i'nr tl'.e Karens while Appling, who is scon to Join the White Sox. smashed two triplts and a d< uble fcr Atlanta. JLLTUE HEELS AREN'T -ONi SHOES- • high school has not yet upened. iWllh Hie opening of school Mills Banner Year OnGridiron I expects to see 25 candidates reports Already Millb lias started a light ' HAYTf, Mo. Coach II. M. Mills j believes that his team will go olf | with a bring (his season. There are j only three letter men mifsing from , this years lineup and there several | very competent men to take their • place. Because of lepaiis Hayti'^ ; drill with his-men. ' They have scheduled game lo be played :in two weeks. They play their first one wiih Lilbouni; f>to. Tlie eoach lia.s not yet iilled in nil week ends but expects to s'o:n. Read Conner News Want Ads. Games Today Southern League Nashville at Memphis. Atlanta at Biimingham. Mobile at'New Orleans. Chattanooga at Little Deck. American League Cleveland at Chicago. Washington at New York. Boston at Philadelphia. (Only games scheduled). National League New York at Boston.. Chicago at Pittsburgh." Cincinnati at St. Louis. (Only games scheduled). ] Mobile I-"i. ". i.. wnere a good breeze p..,,,,. fi i -an be expected, instead of oil ' V.OlllU I y (,llll) American Sandy Hook, wliere matches p:ev- iouslv tmve been held. Compara- livcly few persons will be able to v.atth the races a'. Newport, but ;he very absence of excursion boats ml! bc of benefit to the competitor;.. Most important o! the new con- ! Philadelphia ' Washington Tennis Tourney 'N.W York Sunday League W. ... 91 .. 83 I Cleveland The first annual tennis to'.irna- meiu ci the Blythevillo country dmons are the rules under which ; dub will open Sunday with 22 en- boats have been built. Lip- i trie.s listed by ten's Royal Ulster Yacht Club ar.d ! -iwl all o' 'ue New York Yacht Club agreed ' to P-irticlj:; St. Louis Chicago Boston .. 53 51 •d by the club committee ilher members who wish - - greed ' w Participate are urged by the coin- to-build according to Hi? inaxlinii;n j mlllcc to sign up in lime to be .'Pacifications of the Class J. tjni- ! paired in Ihe 'first round which Rule. This, means U-.a; I Claris Sunday, Sept. 7th and will neither beat will be Drained anv i continue until the follow-in^ Sii'i- time handicap, and will mnke !ar I *'>'• move exciting races. ! The committee of which Wilson jCincinnat Sir Thomas has intimated that! H " lry ls chnlrnlnn nml Dob Kirsh- I Philadelphia Natioiul League W. Chicago 70 New York 71 St. L'.nis ^^ Brooklyn 73 Pittsburgh CO Boston 02 55 43 Dcmpscy Favors Freeman Jack D:inpscy picked Tommy Freeman, hard hitting welterweight of Liule Rock and Hot Springs, is lifl the division title from Young i Jack Thompson, California negro. .-«>, when on a recent visit to Osceola. 1 Dcmpscy told the Courier News lie l regarded Freeman's chances to lit; Pet 1 the welter title as excellent. .GG3 The title bout will go on at Cleveland. Ohio, tonight in a 15 round THE HOUSEWIFE SAID: Mf. .38t> p-t .504 .oGl .561 .540 program to a referee's decision. Dempsey was the choice of Hi managers of the two boxers as referee and it, was generally understood that he would be tlie third man in tlie ring until Ihe American Legion post at Detroit, under whose auspices (he bout is to be held, refused to consider Jack. Th: question of a referee for the fight. Is still being disputed. REN TED my extra room" lii.s Shamrocl; will be .,.„.„ cient in livhl She i.hcrler over all than LIUV of effi ncr anrt f ' rallcis Carpenter art I H H fd S' 0 ^":'! Memphis Independents to Play at Osceola Sunday OSCEOLA, Ark.—The McCrory F.ltc:ric Co.. fast independent road On the oilier hand, has a sharp prow lo cut ;h c ocean uled fos the first round beginning Shamrock | Sunday and may be played any,' a-am of MemphLs. will furnish oppcsiiloii lor the Indians Sunday at Osccola. The McCrorv Whitworth Presses Vets for Line Berth on Tide UNIVERSITY, Ala. — Hindered eoittidernbly by the intense heat ; of the past few days. Coach Wade I has had to lake things compare- I lively easy during the week just closed In conditioning Alabama's grid candidates. The terrific heat got the best of several linemen, including Miller, Howard and Sanford. and thes.- men are forced to ease up until they get used to the mid-summer is rounded enough to ir.dicatc :hat swells cf Newport, anil a i.... ; ji )].„. - 1 " can ride on a stiff b:cezc. Her In" o! draft, too. is about American boats. -Like the others of her dynasty. Shamrock is grccnhulled She has a white strip?. ov bnct-tap A ILU .Mlk^l UL Y " - ^c±t^eii1te^' <WC^ ±, >£ M '^^lElon! tliat much The matches already arranger' i follow: • ~ I J.'.ck Robinson 'vs. Clifford Cavitt.' James Terry vs. Paul Hoseulhal | Francis Carpenter vs. Whit Good- i man. -.debated some of the best clubs in . . George Henry vs. Charles Cri,- ; 60«x a,d have „,, the last five ths same crev. cf forwards tha' ^.'tZ-.S-n.'Sc^i ^WttCuTioE pui-bii'g stall and will do the twirl-'"''• ni-l1 " owlu<1 ^ R»avd. ins !cr Hit visitcrs Sunday. Tl'.e Indians have been going at the walerline. and a Bold'strmj I B ° r ' around her Just bolov: the deck. Sir Tilcinas rarrly sails aboard her, and will not be on l-.r r in u-. laces. He is content to put up the money— his five challenges iiave coil him about So.OOO.OOO — and watch Ihe thrilling battle for sup- lemacy cf the seas. Read Courier News want ads. K. 15. Gee vs. RQland Wolforl. The las: Mor.ette Hu!Talocs to meet defeat at | been working together. I Miller and Howard did no! Icok s [ co good at the guard p:st.s in spring '*'training, but should Driver. R. F. Kirshner vs. Johnnie I'epn Read Courier News want ads. , .. , , gave the Tide one of its greati smrt •'". Uvlrll «? <=rs Ihe Tribe uackfield stars in recent years In Sunday Tne cx-Yankcc has col Hcrshrt "Red" Caldwell and FAerd: .™ n game for Osceola Ihls ;.«.! also received his first grid lessons in '' the Arkansas city. The more you tell the more you sell hiiil that spare room ilong of course, bul it just occurred to me that I might be able (o icn( it, and use the "rent money" fo pay part of the grocery bill—so I put a small Want-Ad .in the Courier News and presto, the room was rented." Perhaps this is a sutfscslion for YOU. Phone 30G WANT-ADS Courier News

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