The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1939
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 24, 1939 HiVrilEVILLK, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS i i >., VMI, s *v iTl *i ^^ 4 ~™*'*MI iAji^^Vy J- v A L,(' & f f yaaV, ci f >/ ta , David Curtis, VVBOJIv Tom CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for' cousceu- live Iiiserllons: One time per line......; .,.10o Two times per lino per dfty....Q8o Three times per line per day...06c °lx times per line per day 05c Month rate , per line...... GOo Cards of Thanks 5Cc & 75o Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or Elx ilnics and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and tdjitslmeul of bill' made. All Classified Advertising Copy lubmltted by persons residing out- ilde of the city niusl be accompanied by cash. Rates nmy be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No 'resixmslblllty will be taken for more than one Incorrect, Insertion of any classified ad. For Bent Cool, south, bedroom. Garage. Reasonable, Mis, Simmons, 818 Wal»«'»_ _^__ 24-ck-tf a or 3 room apt, 505 ChickasiuvbiK Phone 176 during day. 24pk-31 Nice fiirnislicd apartment. 103 \V. Main. , 22-ck-U 3 furnished rooms. Mrs. Ted Green. Phone 8H-J. aa-ck-tf For Sale Milk 'fed' fryers. Battery-' raised. Mrs. Russell; N. W. Corner Ilot- ij' slid' Division. 21-pk-8-Jl Wy Slucco home and 2 acres. Has 5 rooms slid bath. Blocked hardwood floors. Plionc 252 ' or 347, Paul BjTiim. ' 23-cMf Cans for Jug fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't leak, 1\!i cents eaei). riaymoml Brooks, Stcelc, Mo. O-pkl-0 Notice Fishing License FOR VOlM CONVENIENCE, Wfl ARK 'PREPARED TO -rSStlK YOUR FISHING LICENSE AT OUR STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Kor Sale or Tracle Suburban grocery and market tor sale oi- trade. Well located, eslab- llslicd business. Write Box •'!"', c/o Courier News. ,';'28-ck-lf Ice 2 room furnished IIOIKC, Close In. Ulllllies furnished. • 120 Oilman SI., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-lf 6 room holise. Modern~cDnvcnIch- ccs. 808 Lake St. Phone 545-J. 22-pk-21 Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma No- ICH, 310 W. WBliiut. 22-ck-U Well appointed and furnished 4- room apartment. Phones IflT and 571. . 19-ck-tf 4 room unfurnished apartment. Miss E!ise Moore. Call 227-J. 1013 VV. Walnut. 11-ck-if 3 room modern, furnished, apart- •meht. Mrs. Henley, 1315 \V. Main. 13-ck-if Comfortable bedroom. 1017.Walnut. Phone 102. 15-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartnient. Nen-ly decorated. 9M Heam: 3-pfc-7-3. Modern 3 roOui unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. F.'Simon, phone 164." •• 3-ck'-lt Offlce rooms. Suclbiiry Building.' See GrahamjSudbury. • Sltl Minnows For Sale . Minnows and fishing canes, 300 E. Main. Phone -800. G. C. Hawks. 2'!-ck-'1-24 Goldftd Minnows B. F. Brogdon, 3i'q Oougan GOLDPlSlf MINNOWS -flrtnamon Cor. RallroBd « Washing, '•• Ironing '' Expert washing and ironing. Cheap. Roiigh dry and finish. 6 miilts *1.00. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind Clly fee Plant. 7-pk-S-l CAN YOU STOP? You would not slart an ocean voyage wlthaiit life preservers. Good brakes are your "life preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No. 1 v FREE Brake Inspection It costs 'nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE _liispection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment, including adjustment of Brake Rods $1.35 or Cables & Hand nrakc. 1 (Replacement parts not Included! Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB FORD rassENGKn OARS Disassemble entire brake system- Free up all brake cams—INSTALL 8 NEW BRAKE BHOKS-Adjust clearance-Adjust hand brake—Adjust brake rods—Lubricate cross shaft—Adjust pedal clearance^Road t«sU-Ond additional adjustment. att«r delivery COMPLETE, INCLUD1NC LABOR AND $ n 55 8 NEW BEAKE SHOES " PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COLD WATKRHIEI.ONS Welding EXI>KRT ~Kf JSCtttlC ~ AND ACKTYMiNE WELDING Drag line and heavy wcldliif • Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone. 19 m Kcs. 1019 Lost Male puppy. Black Cars. 2 black spots on back. Reward. Call '(S3. Personal Artiiw* Slajglsh livrt, ttork 'off the bllr.j to rid yourself of constipation., .gita.pams -and-ihat sour, m>nk feeling. • Take one box a " KIRBY'S HOTIVE lIVEK PlLtS 2Sc at all klrhy stores. Dairy GOOD NEWS! KATfc MQOK1, GlIAUAN TKKI) US1CI) CARS, JiUY k ANY C A U ON 'I' K R M H THAT -\\ll.l, SUIT YOU. '38 Chev. Coupe Only 13.0CO actual miles. Orisilvil owner. Dual equipment. Many accessories. ' <t'/i£C A real buy al $40 J '37 Olds. Sedan A car (hat anyone would like to own. Cioocl (Ires. Motor in excellent condition. Yours for '36 Dodge'Sedan Touring. Beautiful .stratosphere t-luc, !u c,scp)lc])l, coit(IIIlo)). Drive Hits car homo (t *? *J C for only , N ij) j ji.J '37 Ford Tudor Deluxe, Finish like new. Low mileage. Radio ami hculcr. (JjOAC A bargain at Jpi)"-) '39 Dodge Sedan Four-door tourms. U'liis AM-'loots and runs like new. Deluxe cfnilp- nicnt. Radio and licaler. ..'......... '38 Ford Tudor Deluxe. Equipped with radio and hcalci. l.o\v mileage. d*CCC City driven <p>)UJ PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sih & Walnut rhoiic 810 Noliec Upholstering and •Kcfuilshlne. M. Tomlliii,214 S, First O-Ck-3-f Wauled •1 'or 5 room mcdErn furnished apartmrnt or house Phon" Mr Emilh at 676'. 21-ck-27 ry quality and service in .• Dairy products., cattle free oJ Bang's Disease, in best of physical condition.:Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. 902-J, tor Halscll's Grade A FaW Milk. Cream, Country.Butter, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. HalseU'i Dairy ' Promised Land, Home 3 Shark Flaps In(n Boi»i SAUI NIERVILLB,. ^f. S., (UP)- bliie-fi?lii;i(» three miles off sliore, Charles LeBlnnc' got. the surprise of his life when a 10-foot sharp leaped into his boal. after he had pulled in a cod. Alone al the time, LeBlanc clhnlnxl up the inasl, of his crnft nnd stayed there until tlie thrashing' tiiah-eatcr flopped over the-side .igafn—with (ha cocl. —PRESCRIPTIONS '... Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription UriiBglst Fowler Dru^ Co. Main & First .;-• ,-;• rhonc. Uk Turnabout Radio Amateurs Would "Sd!"jn,eir Hobbies HlylliMllle jndlo uimtlciiiA * . wlw are llrwi cf being litMtrtl tiboul I >V thrsc who h,no espeilencort In- teiforma- from llio i.m.Ucm uuinis, lijivj. (Iccldeil to "sell" IL'IHSI'IVCS 10 Uic |)lll)|lc. l» die belief mm (| 10SL , \v|, 0 ' •mit Itecoiiic; fiunitlnr with no Ioniser . .. twul lo issue H public invilnllon lojell aiiyljody quoin, ihclr hobby. PlSCRIPTIOHS freshest Stock (Jiwranteod 1 Hcs( t> r l c «i Rirby Drug Stores It you iMint to Hntra bjlli Die Ihrllis ami obslncips lyplcnl indlo imintali Jlilo tlic leolni of rnrtlo LOmmunlca- llwi you can «mtacl any cf WHO «lll ukc s<m Mlh them on one of lheli 'Joumcjs" , v om Rcorler, W6ID1I; naicid ijiutbuiy, W5QSY; Ifcitry Wilson. maSC; J™. Karrlnglcn WODNS, Phillip Williams, VVSEIl'; John Sanders, W5GNV. , l» connctllon with UHs "tales campaign," || )C | C w j|] |, t , „ j, Smllli movie shot I shown «t mi, ii —i. ,. . ' "'<> «iMi.ii»n! nna moving _-i_^l!Li*l!l l iL. 1 ! M iJ^ ntUl l. "" nll(1 down ou her foot. y > WILIJUR, Wash tup) _ Mrs Mclvln N<notnoy ,was- washing elcUics \\lifm-siie fell somqtWnfe Iliumplng one of her feet. looking down, nhe saw a laige bull pnake colled mound a ICK ol her wfuh- ing machine ami moving Us head laundry-Cleaners 1 f2!£J5™™]^ ' - ARCl^I " ^O~' ~ 71 ~ ~1" Phone 180 For I>r«mn( and Cleaning Servlc* George Dnii is acctistomcci (o lookini; into Ihc business ciui of cainerns, so (his time, when news photographers yroctcd him on a New York visit, he insisted on reversing the procedure. And tills is how George looked on the operating end ot Ihc lens. ' J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Orarliiiilc Opliniio- trlsl In lll.vllicville. Glasses Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms Drs. Nics & Nics Ark. Clinic 6M Muin ll pniloii Tc |.o 8 Now l.nwilcrtal 101 Nnrii, coi ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON /KUWAKDS, l'n,j lr ictor ' All Aloku „, Krlmlit rn,c.«H< m ,d „„«„„„. "lloncsl, dcnr, I'm disuppoitilcd-I cxiicctd! [ 0 see the EilVcl lower I" . • — AUTO,RACER HORIZONTAL 1, 6 Winner ot the most important annual aufo . race. 10 Piece of poetry. 11 Kxplosive shell. 13 Ship's record book. 14 Sour plum. 15 Eggs of fishes. 16 Half hing<>. 18 Translucent resin. 20 Foreigner. 22 Publicity. 25 Cereal grasses 27 To project. 30Imbeoilily. 33 Slumbcrer. 36 Wheel hub. 37 Crinkled ' fabric. 39 Wild buffalo. •10 TO hail. 42 Dower properly. Answer io Previous' Puzzle . 43 Frozen dew. 41 Scepter. ; « To cook in fat. 47 Thing. ' 50 To spoil,' 52 Wing. : 53 Youth. 55 Passerby, 57 Gloomy. 59 It was his second ——• in this j-ace. ; 60 He drives a ly built car. '' VERTICAL 1 Wild animal. 2 Spectral images. 3 Licit. 4 Indian. 5 Fanciful. 6 Spain. 7 At this place, gWorlhy of '.-• love. .9 Grief. 12 Queer. 17 Settler of a wilderness. 19 Near. 21 To devour. 23 Owed. 24 His profession is full of 26 Carnelian. 27 Poisonous , snakes. 28 Tearful. 29 Boxed. 31 Blemish. ' 32 Adam's mate. .34 Professional athlete. . 35 Being. 38 Eternity. 41 Human ti link 43 Skeleton of a slructure. 45Faclor. 40 To flap heavily. 48 Roof decoration. 49 Soft-walled cavity. 51 To attempt.. 52 Quadruped. '53 Rumanian coins. 51 Constellation. 56 Street. 58 Before Christ, Sih & Walnut Thone 810 JOIM K!^ G/v-JG/ BAD I'LL HATE" r~ MOW WHAF COULD 'i»E/' v 7 l. : .Rl.l»E.WANnN&/-/ r , W MO, "THAr'S (JMLiKELV-BUT 1VE A^ MOTION TO PAV OUR. MOTGO COLLEAGUE A VISIT! .1?. 1. »U:.WANI INtjX'A ^ VC '- p ^<!-'' ' ri'M' TO KNOW ABOUT/, A REPORT FROM CR. . nr? W^OM'MI,/: .f WONMUG IN MEARLV AMD HOW IN A DAV OR APPARATUS, TO^ SOME \TWO WF'I L HAVE I r \f \ BROUGHT WRlSWVVt ^BACKIN SHAPE --T^M )/ Ul\U?j rpiEMos JNTO ., &AP&ET; Jwe C,\M IENC• THCM /' U ' 5 TUC-r«)t:w-ni"*,^PU-iiiMZ/!._."•_ CNU 1IILM / ', / IM DOCTOR WONMU&'S lABOUATORV AHEAD-VOU NEED A t VACATIOM, '., COOTS AND HER BUDDIES I BY KOGAR MARTIN Go BACVi. 70 P>U' -fl\' \\\«'^ -^v\ VACfc ^VtX VV.OOVC TOW. 5r^4i^ aT .^^*^ WASH TUKBS ^/* 1 ^ lo .oooY HUMPH: PGOB'LV TKED RS 1« THEIR I ROBBED A Rim- .V HY ROY CKAtVK ™^J«I>^TR^DABX,W: AW THE HOTEL BUS1WESS BEIM' \^ wiws.r>iu< UK KW STAM&.TO THEIR TBUMK'^ FULLA BRICKS AtWW TO BW A COCOklUT PLAMTAT10M OR 6ET THAT TWcCE HlPPA-HUtAx-- -- 8EAUrv SECPET / AUVWAV, FOLIC5 TALk _y W SWEET ASOUT. M "SIO/JOO IS ALOtTA P1CK : JJP_A LITTLE EXTUVCASH '•KRCK.1.KR AND lifs T'KJKNDS Future' Undecided BY iMRRRILL BLOSSBK „,„ . "f* 0 V 'HUT THAT MAM SAID ABOUT IOOT WAMTIM 1 : ME- IM TH' ORCH6STRY ' AlM'T COMMA HOUii'' cAN U w RS Ke BACK "' lFlg . ^ rM SORR ^WITHOUT 'M^YOU 3 KTIER. Ir^vk^^^f D °i r! A,^ ^nW* / A ^ 6 ^M r 6T,T^ S 1 AW I POPULAR/ . / WHAT AR&. YOU ' <^—-c PLANNING T5 Do? ] TH' YACHflM 1 . OM <3AUS 'BQA.T, AN 1 BARBECUE WITH „,._ ON WeONESDAY^ i'.AlNT GOT ANY PLAUS /

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