Casa Grande Dispatch from Casa Grande, Arizona on August 12, 1964 · Page 15
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Casa Grande Dispatch from Casa Grande, Arizona · Page 15

Casa Grande, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 15
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R«nz Gulped Hard 'You Sentenced Me For Murder, Judge' L. Jennings, cjmiic cvuttdite tor- tt.s> ^ e »- ati',- was'<*aitlns with cAfti- paift' woiK*rs ivcfiiU\ *hvi thi' con ver sat lew diitterf jrouuJ .to umisua! cxjicrwnci'S,- And Judg<- Denning * U'caHed one tor UK* Ixx'Ktu .11 hapitfnvd in lyS8, while the Judge ws Jiiaking tl,e long drive from "Kfcgmari, where he hftKt bt-wi sitting on the Superior. Court IKtnrh, to hi > home In 'I'JKieau. sine*? thi). i 4 not a narttcularfv inspiring drive, FOR A.WHU.E HOf'KlNSVll 1 i-, Kv, M') - Dick'llunisun w<inu-i! t> iUi» douh tnttiir on. t atiivetir K<Mj in 1mm ol h;s K»«nv -M< he pui up j .simji_ai isi «;u s used fey she -ita'e lli(h*tit Pepntimrnr thm ymd "Uim^dur -iii'-s^ng" -tad iKuMiatum of one «>J thf •Jieasis, on a. Tr c sign sd ic.sulis. In .ut it Ottc mutn.riNts IH A lum- plels sd>p Jong <rn<iush IP swipe fhc Jfrgn. •when Jennings spotted a hitchhiker, he decided to give the man.* lift. A.S he slowt'U the car, Mrs. Jennings' often-repeated advice concerning hitch-hikers went ttirough his mind. But this was different; the man appeared clfean-cut, although not too well- dre&swi. Besides, the Judge couldn't resist the prospect Of companionship for awhile. As the man settled in his seat for the ride he tuined to Jennings and asked, "By this way. — aren't you Judge Jennings?" "¥<?s, I am," the Judge replied, -ant? you look familiar to rne^too." , -I should," the hitch-hiker affirmed, - In 1S53 you sentenced me to prison — for second- degree murder!" Jennings recalls a slight difficulty in swallowing after that, coupled with a tendency for the palms to perspire, that didn't leave him until they had reached Phoenix and his passenger, with many thanks for the lilt, had disappear^. Political Announcements Democratic The following persons have announced their candidacy lor political office in Final -County subject fo the .-Democratic primary Tuesday, Sept. 8, 1964. For US* Senator Howard V. Peterson Roy Elson For Supervisor Dist. No. .3- Jim Kortsen. David C Davis For County Sheriff BJ. -"Bill" Purden Coy K. De Arrnan For State Senator £ B. "Biodie" Thode Fred T. Ash Ben Arnold Clayton H. George For Assessor Wyly Papons Eugene V. "Gene" Hersey Horace C. "Smitry" Smith For State Representative Dist, No. 3 Polly Getzwilier Republican ' " The following persons have announced their candidacy for political office subject to the Republican primary Tuesday, Sept. 8, For Sfafe" Supf. of Public Instruction Roy Kenna Cohen Tells lions Of Trip fo Japan BUSY EX-COACH. i IMOS c .;.'. i \t" the tofst^an T ca'i a: i i—»r Ij v S* hoot in eastern C 'nora." •• he shuutci rian.iKc '*> Kt-c'p ' ~ , Gjikill pliir.s.U'V.-.-L-r '_<!, li-.n' ?50 Years of Service MILT RAY, manager of Arizona Public Service Company's Final Division, was surrounded by 150 years of service to the utility recently when he presented service , awards to eight, employees at a dinner meeting at the Arizona City Country Club. Watching as Ray fastens a..30-year-service pin to the shirt c-iJ. B. Maxwell of Coolidge, a retiree, are (from ieft) Lyle Hill of Maricopa, right-of-way agent, 30 years; and, from Casa Grande, Bob Hall, service estimator, five years; David Miller, serviceman, 15" years; Perry Mauseth; fclec-i trie operations superintendent, 15 y<;ars; Mrs. ' Jacquelyn Williams, secretary, five year:s; Bentura Cairbajal, journeyman tine- man, 15 years, and Frank Tapia, senior groundman, 20 yearn. Break Ground for Coliseum GOVERNOR PAUL J. FANNiN, center, turned the first shovel of dirt-at ceremonies -marking the start of construction of the $7 million Arizona State Fairground Coliseum last week. The 15,000-seat facility will be completed by the November, 1965, Arizona State Fair. The largest cheek ever issued in Arizona for a bonded' building, $6,787,156.25* \vas presented to the Fair Commission by Blyth and Company of Los Angeles in payment for bonds purchased by the firm. Dignitaries on hand included, from left, Fair Commission Chairman Bill Roer, Phoenix; State Treasurer Milton J, Huskey, Phoenix; Earl Conner, Yuma Fail- Commissioner; Norman McClelland, Tucson Fair Commissioner; Charles Garland, executive secretary of the fair-commission, and. John Dickman of Manhattan-Diekman Construction Co., low bidder 1 onthefacility. By ANGELIN WESTERMAN COOL!DGE--Charles £. Cohen, owner of Cohen's Depart- -tnent Store, who recently returned from a tour of the Far East, was guest speaker for the Kids Day Set at Final Fair The Final County Fair has designated Friday, October 23, as J Kl£ls' Day at the Fair", it was announced by Horace "W. Knowlei, Chairman ot the Fair Commission. Eieriiehtary schools of Final County 'have been asked to dismiss classes on that day so that the children may attend the Fair, aad some schools have already announced plans, for dismissal. Special events have been scheduled for the children's entertainment and they will be encouraged to see. all exhibits, Mr. Knowles stated that, "The Fair Is growing so rapidly that there is not enough time that can be allotted to children on Saturdays. We feel that the Final County Fair is at last becoming a true co'unty fcir. We are working hard to get ex T hibtts of all kinds that are educational and that depict the industry of each part of theCounty. We feel that this is'as much a part of a child's education as classroom work." The Fair this year will be held October 22 thru 25, THE GAMBLERS LC^ST CHICAGO (AP> - Two operators of a weekly football pool lost their protest with the Internal Revenue Service when they contended the operation had been a money ioser. The Commerce Clearing House says an-appeals court ruled that the IRS was right in determining the amount of income the opera*- tors deiived from the pool over a three-year period by totaling ihe number of -betting cards printed each wtek. Evidence showed that the partners sold about 5,000 football wagering cards per week at prices ranging from 25 cents to $5.each,' at. an estimated average of $1 per card. The [RS multiplied the number of cards by the average bet and came up with substantially more than tire operators estimated. Since the pool had operated for three ysars, the court was led to believe that it mus; have made some iiioney- surante bus-inesi at'; taiUtf 'alien. Flying is Our Business" meeting ol the Coolidge Lions m». He Club, August 5. the advancement and prog-ess seen in Japan and Far areas. O£ special were the retail stores in Japan. -We have nothing in Arizona" he toki the Lions, -which evt-n compares with their t>est, and they nave lots of "bests. ^ Of interest was his vie« of the midnight sun, gliropsfrd in the 14-hour High* from San F rancisco to Anchorage, Alaska and on to Tokoya. Cohen and Mrs. Cohen went on a five~v.fek Cook's uiur, for members o£ the National Retail Merchants Association. Ask About Ou' Private Pifot They maJe stops in Japan, Hong [Course, We Wi!l Qualify You Kong, Philippines, G.iam, '.\afce ! for y our flatten Test. ! <lcrliFiH f*n H Mr^n*^lnli] 1 i — > — ~— > —•— —> Toke theSweot Ooto^ Flvins f f_ Get'Your Multi-Engine Rating $400 'Island and Honolulu. ••Of course we catne home broke" he explained. Retail merchants arenodifrsrentfrom anyone ulse and as a special delegation, we received ?<tra nice treatment when buying." The meeting was conducted by fir. Barnes H. Boytl, president. Only routine business was carried out. Coolidge Lions meet :n the Coolldgp Woman's Clubhouse at 7 p.m. every Wednesday. Terr> Barr of the Detroit '^tons and Gars Collins, L.f the Cle\e land Br~vvn» each caught 13 touchdown passe* to lead the National 1963. Football Leagje Precision. Flying Refresher Course, Including Under the Kood Instruments, S200 * Aiso Courses in Com- J mercial and Instructor Ratings. * Easy Payment Plan | Available. i I ' Chartef Singte and Twin Engine. ' Casa Grande Air Service i At Coso Grande 3 Point A rpart George Gomez Sr. George Gomez Jr. Bonus Coupon No Purchase Necessary 30 Orange Stamps FRCC 100 Orange Stamps Free With The Purchase Of Hew Fall Infants & Children Dresses or Suits {Girls Sizes, Infants to 6X} tOO Orange Stamps Free With The Purchase Of STUFFED TOYS Christmas Card PG Book All In Brown's Gift Shop 106 W. 2nd • 836-5922 1 <"asa' Grande Orange JPremium Stomps } Californion Named Heads Arizona Fair Horse Show Al Sherwin of Los Angeles, has been narnerj director-manager for the 19G4 Arizona State Fair National Horse Shew, The announcement was made t>y Ewcutlve Committee chairman Geo.rge Hastings arid Tom Goodnight, vice chairman, Arizona State florse-nen's ASSO- Ciati3n, whict is {iroduciHg fjie Six-day national *iiow4ui*wg the Nov. 6-15 Arizons, State Fair. The show is sanctioned by the Arizona State F,ur Commission, Bill Roer, Commission Chaitrman, said the show is ex» pected to be the finest ever hejd at the Arizona State Fair. - * The National Horse istww," Roer said, "will l>e a featured attraction daring *he lair. \Ve feel the event has iiH the potential of becoming the finest in the Southwest."" Sterwin has managed and announced at horse shows for more than 23 years-. Some of the most outstanding shows he has announced include the Cow Palace, Sau Francisco; Los Angeles International Horse Show, Pan pacific Auditoriumjandthe Del Mar National Horse show in Del Mar, Calif., the largest of its kind in the United States. Sherwin has^also managed and annpunced the nationally- famous All-Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale. - Goodhi^ht said 'this is the first year the state organisa- tion has produced a show.-plans call for annual production of the event to culminate annual horse actlvitie.s in Arizona. He said the show Is the result of 100 per cent support and participation by the state group, which is composed of more than 500 members. The publication of the 224- page premium list for the 1964 Arizona State- Fair,-has teen mailed to exhibitors throughout Arizona and the Southwest. Interested persons, who would like to exhibit entries during the Nov. 6-15 fair and have not received the premium book, are urged to pick up a copy at the State Fairground, 1826 W. McDowell Rd., orwrite to Entry Office. Sales of exhibit and concession space for-the 1964Arizona State Fair have broken all previous records, ft was announced today. _._ , D««trt Wav« \ (oil li moisture balanced wave; $15,00 wove now $12.50 $12.50 wov« now $10.90 Eeitt|»l»t* with cut and set Oper.ofars Martha, Normo ond Lena Juanita's* PHONE 836-5954 809 M. Oliv« Ceso Grande Buy Now Your Own Personal Swimming Pool ** FREE ESTIMATES ** LARGE IS'x 30' * PLANS * PERMITS * SALES TAXES * LAYOUT * ESCAVATIOK * STEEL * PLASTIC PLUMBING * 50' of ELECTRIC * 4 - 6 of GUKITE ** CHOICE OF FOUR SHAPES ** 3 - 5 FEET DEEP INCLUDES: * 1 RO\V OF 6" x 6" TILE * 1 AUTOMATIC SKIMMER * 1 15' SPIN FILTER & " * F-l/2 HORSE POWER PUMP * 2 FEET OF COOL CRETE DECK * WHITE MARBLE PLASTER * COMPLETE CLEAN-UP * INSTRUCTIONS *'STARTING CHEMICALS ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $1995 Construction of swimming pool now in progress in Stanfield for John Lonnon of Dick's Country Store. Genem ConsfrucfionCompany 21U1 Eqst Fort Lowett Tucson, Arizona . 795-2490 or a mi just walk thru ttiisdoor... ...there are 84 of them in Arizona! SERVING CASA GRANGE AND ?l <AL COUNTY fOR 311 Y£AR$ (1334-196-!.'

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