The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1951
Page 7
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IATU»DAY, AUGUST 11, iwn Our BoordingHouM with >Aaj.Hooplc OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAG« 8EVCN By J. R. Williams FRECKLE* AND HIS FKIENDS By UCKRIL1, Bv«-By«t I OK BATTER \ AT A TIME, THERE--VDU I CAN'T PULL. < \ 'AT STUFF/ I A «?. F J!* T *~«t MAM'6 BRepf ATEKJT ..^. , WAMTS Tb Bee ME? WOVV/ TVlATS THE 6KT REWARD VET fOU FWOWO- THAT NECKLACE / •CtHE AITITU06 GOOOBY.TISER? \ 1'U. IVM5S SORRY WE CANT I VOU, , STAY UJNGERf /MORTOM.' 0-11 "UHE MOTORS CAMP. TOO/ WILD WEST CHARITY STANDISH "After smelling those frying fish. I'll never complain again about the cost of alfyour luret and taoklel" WARNING ORDER _ In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- lawh* Dlitrlct, Mtsilsilppl County, Arkansas. Mtrlen* Fermentcr, Ptt. vs. Lloyd Ray Permenter, Dft. Th» defendant Lloyd Ra.y Permenter is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in .the court named In th» caption hereof and »nsv«r the complaint of the plain- tl/f Marlene Permenter. Dated this 24 day of July, 1651. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee, D. C. ^ 0. f. Cooper, atty. for plaintiff. m, Oene E. Bradley, atty ad Jitem. W' 7|28 8]*-ll-18 BY CHARLES JUDAH comtcw MM sir HE* savta. MC PRESCRIPTIONS Pre«h Stock Guaranteed Beat Prices Kirby Drug Stores No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSAL!. Install It Right Under Your Sink Out of Sight! ShKds food wait* to imall bits . . Washes It uftl? down Ihe drain . . Simple as A-B-C. Fit* Elnwst »HJ Jink. SM> Ik to day at HUBBARD & HQKE APPLIANCE CO. REPAIR SERVICE All appliances; refrigerators. freezers, ranges, and washers. Radio* and small appliances. All ««r work is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. XII rAURING the weeks she worked • at the Aztec. Charity Standish managed to laugh at her plight, but H was not amusing. She was relieved when Lochinvar rode out of the West. Charity was relieved, though it was not Lochinvar, it was Douglas Kent, and he did not com* from 'he West, he eame from San Lorenzo. "You're eommg with me," he said. Charity followed him meekly. Outside, somewhat puzzled by his friend's peremptory demand that they ride to the Aztec, Kenneth Montijo was waiting. Rernember- 'ng his kiss Charity blushed. Dougls* was stem. "We're all nere." With the docility bora of a guilty conscience Charity and Ken agreed that they were all. there and waited. It was obviously Doug's oarty. He disdained tact. "You rwo can get married." Charity recovered first. She glanced covertly at Ken. He looked like a little boy who had received an unexpected gift, very orecious, but far too fragile to handle. "Whatever gave you such a ridiculous idea?" Charity snapped. "What's ridiculous about it?" "For one thing it's wholly your idea. I had not considered it, and it Mr. Montijo has, he's failed to mention it to me." "Ken doesn't have «o talk. He's a man of action." "Just what do you mean by that?" "I was looking out the window the morning he brought you home. 1 saw what happened. So did everyone on the Plaza. You kissed him." "He iissed me!" "You didn't exactly resist." "So now the poor man Is com- oromised and has to marry me." Douglas shook his neaa -No man has to marry you, Chari; but almost any man would want to." "Perhaps it would be best to let the men decide for themselves." "1 war afraid one of you might have wrong ideas, on account of we," "1 can't speak for him, but 1 fail to see why you should believe 1 might feel any obligation towards you. Or can't you even remember what yon said to me the last time we met?" "I remember. What else could I say. after I'd gotten into such a mess?" "You might have thought of me before you got into your-mess." JTBNNETH MONTIJO had re•*•*• covered from the first effects of shock. He intervened. "He was thinking of you. Ke was trying to win $5000 so he could set himself up as a rancher." One look at Doug, busily kicking at a stone, was enough bo convince Charity k was trut. "So." she said slowly to Ken, "you were right. I »m the Eastern girl for whom he had to have S5000." His eye* followed Doug's In fierce contemplation of the unoffending stone. "I misunderstood. Got the wrong Idea from Pascal Ortiz, I guess.' "It doesn't matter." Charity assured him wearily. "But how could Doug be so foolish?" "By being in love with you." "It doesn't take J50M to love me." "No. But Doug decided it takes more than a gambler's got to ofler." "I know—the ranch. Even that shouldn't take $5000, though." "It does It you're a southern gentleman who is about to marry a lady. In that case you don't start on a shoestring." "She doesn't know you settled Charity, more." Charity was no longer frustrated. She was not—never had been—a woman scorned. She was a woman beloved. Foolishly loved, perhaps, but slie could scarcely hold that against a man She turned resolutely to Ken "Do you want to marry me. Mr. Montilo?" JJTENNETH MONTIJO was not a gentleman of the old South with archaic, sentimental ideas about women. Yet he could rescue a maiden \n distress and kiss her so that she remembered In hi? veins pulsed the blood of cabal- teros. Moreover, as she stood there, her arms hanging submit- . sively at her side, waiting to bf taken, her mouth (whose lips hf remembered) grave, her dark eye? challenging him, she was very desirable. "I'll be honored," he said; and added with the blufrt honesty of a cautious Scot, "but where will 1 keep you?" Charity smiled and,, answered his bow with a courtsy. She turned to Douglas. "It's sweet of you to give me up. Doug, especially since you love me. You do love me. don't you?" "Yes. I love you," Charity Standish, who had left Ohio a few months before with only hay fever on her mind and no interest in men beyond a faintly sadistic and wholly Impersonal desire to see Pancake Bill and Wink the Barber balancing each other from arms of a windmill, surveyed her two helpless captives. The only fly in the fat ointment of her complacency was that- she could not have them both. She walked to Ken: her arms yoked his neck. "It would be lovely to live in your saddle bags." she murmured. When she had kissed him. she was a little breathless. "That was for romance and memories." she whispered. To Douglas she spoke briskly. "Come on, Doug. We'd better get married right now There are too many dangerous people in the West — characters such as Ken Montijo." THE END Annually, ordinary colds, many of which are made worse by neglect, cost England $125,000,000 for treatment, lost work, etc. ^ Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Sho« Repair Helps You Look Your Best SHEET METAL WORK --OF ALL KINDS. Custom work for gijis, alfalfa milts, oil mills. C«stom .Shearing up to '/< inch thickn«s«. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phona 2651 n © -— TT"— Get The Best Car Service! AD Mikes and Models! No mattet what kind ol car f drive you'll save money t)j getting the persona) servico at r 1 Seay Motor Co. We'll care for vour car M you would yourself T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 'RISCII.LA'S POP I'erils of Parenthood BY AL VERMEBR MOM, WILL YOU Y7 NOT PLEASE, PRtSCILLA'. YM BUSY ii (M SORRY, DEAR! A WARM DAY! MOrHEf? /S HOT AMD OPOSS/ BY MICHAEL O'MAl.LEY and RALPH''!,ANE A SEASON IN THE W NOTH1N' LJKE (T, SUM, EH, 65 •- AND VV6 AIN'T UKftLV TO RUN OP HAVfr DOSJ6 &VEKVTHIN& Wfr COULD, eSNTLEA\eN. THB BULLET WA.S BEEN R6MOVEP BUT HI6 CONDITION I* 6XTK6M&LY SERIOUS. IF IT'& TW& L<\&T THINS I DQ SROWL, I'M &OIN& TO FIND CAPTAIN EASY QOS», Irs OBVIOUS "\ HE PIDUT RBTUKU HOME. SO I NOTHERE.\THOU6HT HEMMGHrVECHMIGH) THERE'S WO RACE I CLOTHES MERE. BUT I FIND NO WAKW? AMP WO ASHES! GENTLEMENi TUB8& 1 STOW .. UEEO A PIRB IfcNOTHEE LOOK THRU HE- COULD'VE HID HIS - 6OOUEE EVER 1 FOOr OF TH' PLftCB? 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