The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1934
Page 5
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.MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1934- oms IN cm EXCEE Wasnlnini Reports 17 Fa- talilies and Only Ten Nw 'Arrivals Ueailis in Blyihe\ille exceeded >>v .M-vi-i) [lie nuiiiber of blrlhs dm ing Fi-briiiii-y, h was revealed ic'k.y by Dr. A. M. Washbnrn iKalih null dircclor and local registrar. . A lolal ol 17 deailis. 8 while and D eolorcd. wore rr-cnruVil during the month and 10 nlnhs, K v.lii'.e and '2 colored. (ine stillbirth was u'coukd. The death was thai of a live day old infant while thc> oldest 11 years. Four deaths were lecorded uncier one year o( age of white children and thire ol colored. Ik'iween the ai;es of one' and 6fl three c<;lon 7 d deattis oc- From 50 years up deaths of four v.hlle jjwson.s and Uvo nt-trriR-h were recoided. Causes <jf death were llsled as follow.':: siilllMri). 1 (colored/; heart disease. 1 (white). 2 icoi- orcd); ])t:tumonia, 4 (colored); chronic bronchitis. 1 (euloied); cerebral hemorrhage, 2 (white); Castra enicritis. 1 (colored); idio- iwthic humorrliaKe, 1 i white).• mtiisles. J (white); whooping cough, 1 (while); homicide, 1 (while) unknown disease, 1 (white) (while); unknown disease. 1 (white). Several deaths charged to Bly- Iheville under directions of the Bureau of Vila! Slatistics were of Iic-rsons living outside the city brought here for treatment. These included the homicide charged to the city. Dr. Wn.shhurn said that members of families in which birlhs or deailLs have occurred should sd that such are .uroinptly recorded s.s rcquifcel 'by lifevWnreau of Vital Statistics. -? l — . . Eight Little Pigs Cared for by Pup CHARDON. O. (UPI-A dog has been mothering—perhaps faihcr- ing—his name is Bud -eight little l'l?s at Uic home of Emory skinner, near hero. When (he mother deserted the .•imealinp. porkers shortly nfter ilieir birth, Bud. a Spitz, owned by Skinner, assumed charge and hns been guarding them. Skinner moved the animals into the house, where Bud. maintaining his vigil, allows neither strangers nor^ other dogs near. Gyfesv.'Girls Played!* " "Joke" on Bank Teller CLEVELAND (UP)-.Thoyre telling a S180 joke at (lie "expense of Leo Bates, teller, and Frank Hallow uuard. both of the same bank here. How two yoiin? women in bright. Gypsy garb, came to Bates' .window and o.skccl him |r> change a Son bill, was recorded in a police report. While the teller was counting out the change, one of the women reached through the liars and grabbed at a roll of $20 bilk in Bates' hand. Bates jerked back his hand (liiickly. "A (jood joke." the two women chuckled gaily, while Bates was thinking. "These Gypsies are n funny people." Guard Ballovv, according to the report, was a few feet airay at the time. A few minutes after the two women left the bank, slill chortling over their little joke. Bales checked over Ihe loll of Iwcnlics. Nine were none. Rented Dillingei Hideout, Charge Suit Bid fs Usually Safer BLVmEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS J -" '• »"' "ivinrti- illwnvdi'd Iho etehl Than (]onlract at No TriiinpHBSllllkHr'S. ,.. • ' ""' '•i-ni.'iliKlw of ,| lc . tn'eks'worv Illilcoiil or John nininircr, noto. rfous K un,,,a, 1; fu a CMneu niiariDiciii wan revealed, uollcu saht, will) Uic IdoiiiincHllon ol u lilioto of IVarl Kiliou, uljovo, ui Hint ot Uic IVOIIIUH who rautcil Hie sulto anil shared It with JJUHuscr oitd Josc|it Hums, an. oilier o£ hlg followers, for is days feHowlns tho dcs|,erado'» cscajie from Crown Point, Iff., Kansan Has Special Room for Curios Today's Contrart Problem litre, Is an old-timer, but OIK- that i Ullcvt. will lulur- <'Si you. Sciuti, i,i muke u uraiiil ^lam HI li,.;, r i s . West oia-ns lliu Khi l; of Oiibs, Solution to Previous Contract Problem «V \V.M. K. .McKKXNKV i-iTetary. American Undue l.eaj; Aei-s alone are nol r,,,,,,,,,i, wan am * K J 9 4 :t y 7 i; 4 * J 7 C * 10 AG2 » K Q 1 C Ll S ,1 + IJ J 0 i 4 10 S i t 4 + K 9 3 a \V 1 N. 'I'. 4 M. T. * A7 V -i (i :> o « A 5 2 * A S V I '•• - !•:. and \V. vul. '•ni]i;j lead --A & CN.T. i'usb 20 HIAWATHA. Kan. (UP)—J. H. teller. Kansas pioneer, lias sei aside a room in his home here lor curios collected over a lonx period. Included among Hie objects: A jar of cherries canned by his Idle wife in 1877. A cake of .soap made by His grandmother more than 100 years ago. i- vi A silk haiHikercliicf bearing the pictures of Presidents Washington and Grant, purchased Ijy his mother at (lie Philadelphia Ccii- knnial Exiinflilnu in 1876. A half cent piece coined in 1804. A pair of sleeve buttons, bcav- iim a Liberty Bell stamp und made ' 1170. ina! Mil of one no trump, is Jus- tllk'd in caiTylmj tin. 1 contract to The Hay The declarer pluyed tlie liniiil well and received top .score by t . itiiikim; a jjrund .slnin. Lucky break — „.. lu ["umber one WH.S u spade oiwnliiB, i«-uiinu ,u criminal bid on one ; wlli ch allmved him lo win the (Hit »<J iruinp. unless you Me a tjmxi "^ «'llh Hit queen In diiminy. 111 I'J'W'-. my advice is not to '"* "'" al heaius wus played, East i»'l loo trumps, uiife j covered, with ihe Jack nnd the licK ''''"' |i:i '" ly ° f llll!l ' Cllnl i 11 " 01 '" lllK ' Mi; worked. "• - m - j A small dtaniond was led mid In addition to aces, however i w(m ln 'lummy with the khij> The you must have- tenacc positions—' i'l llcL ' n °< <=l»l<s was played next, in oll:i.-r words, iheie is no advan- :nna '-'ail's proper play was nol lo lage In playing t!lc contract at COVCT " ' ' no trump unless you are upl io, ho Bain a trick on Die uiMiing Jond 01 course, advice and theories often are ^xu on ;1 \ m ^ y lmlld honor. ' Therefore, low. and ihls nnes.':c In todays hand I don't ij.niicii- j>:irly like u,r> original bid of one I no trump, it is true thai South holds 15(1 aces but wily no first lo see it your purlner bid the no Lrinnp? He may a ivick on the It-ad. Therefore 1 would pii'ii-r ihe heart bid. HOWCUT, k would make no difference in this particular hand, us Souili eventually would bid no trmnp. Norlh, knowing tliat his partner mast have fruin ,'i 1-2 to 11-2 primary tricks lo make an The declarer OHIKI see Die squww, as East was marked with bull kings, so lie laid down the. ntc of similes and then cashed the .ace. ol diamonds. East was forced try j to discard « heurt. Another dta- von'l .11101 id wns led mid won with tlie Bain iiueen in dummy. Kast linthijj miRiiimlnl his kin? of hearts, Hi'' declarer dlwiirded llio right of n sjiade. On the next, two diamonds, East could dltcarct a head and a club leaviinj himself with the king and nine of clubs and Ihe king and clyht, of hearts. South lei go a club. The last, diamond was led from nnd East was M|iiei-/.cd. It Spain is planning to dam the i ^la rircr, near the Portuirnesej 'i-ontlcr, inundating 37.000 acres, toi form the largest artificial lake in the world. Blue Star Eczema Itching To relieve ecicma itchinff, ringworm, tellcr.rash or foot-Itch, cover wllh soothing Blue Stnr Ointment. Tested medicines melt and quickly sonk in killing germs. Itching ends. Skin heals. No burning — no blistering. S.ifc and reliable.(adv.) COMMISSIONER'S SAlTf" Notice is hereby given that t.he undersigned commissioner, in com- plinucc with the terms of a decree |- rendered by the Chancery Court for tre Cliickasawba District of Mississippi county. Arkansas, on the 27 day of February. 1934. wherein E. C. Jones was Plaintiff. No. 5349. nnd Pinkie Sistrunk. EmmeU Morris Trustee of East Arkansas Lumber Company, and Unknown Heirs of Will Sistrunk. Deceased, were nefcndanls.'win sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three montlis. n! the front door of the Court House, between the lionre prescribed by law. in (he Citv of niyt-bevillc. Arkansas, on the 11th «••>>• of April. 1M4. the following •-'al estate, to-wit: Lot Fifteen (151 Block Two '21 ot Hollipctcr-Sr.onyo Addition to (he citv of H'.vlhe- villc. Arkansas. " Said Sale win be. had to salisfv I'm 8 " illL( ' rmlCf "»'" 1 Auglsf R The purchaser at said M | e B . H! Ix? required to execute l»tid with approved security, to secure the payment of tlie purchase money nnd a lion will be retained upon' said property as additional secnr- "y for the payment of such purchase mor.ey. Witness my hand and the seal 01 said court, on this, the 22 flavor March. 1934. R. L. GAINES. Commissioner in Chancery '•'111 Reed, atty for plaintlfl. » 22-28 acly S'ays She Took CARDUI for Cramps; Was Soon Relieved j Women who suiter as sh? dill will be interesicd iu ihe experience of Mrs.'Maude Crafton. of JJclle- ..II)'.. who writes: "For several years, I suffered from irregular trouble and cramping. There u'ould be days when I would have 'to stay in bed. I would get so nervous. 1 was miserable. My aunt told me to iry Cardui. She believed it would build me up, regulate me find help the nervous Irouble 1 knew alter taking half a bottle 3f Caidui thai I was belter. I •cept on taking Cardui and fraind it was doing me n world of good. I am in good health, which means FI tot lo me."....Try llvis same medicine. Thousands of women :estify Caidui benefited them. If it | docs nol benefit YOU. consult, n idiysici'iui. —Ariv. 3CP4 NOTICE OF >IAI{SH:\1,'S~SAIJB United Stairs of America) (ss: Eastern Dislrid of Arkarsas) Publice notice is hereby given. '.iMt by virtue of a writ of Vieri Facias (or execution), dated Feb. 2. 1034, issued out of the District Ururt of Ihe United Slates for the hasten: District o[ Arkansas on a .'LLdKinnil rendered in said Court, on the fith day-of December, A. D 1932. in favor of R. L. liradlej; Receiver of First Naliona! Hank. Blvlheville. Ark., and against Mrs. C H. Bean. I have, on this 2nd djy of February. A. D. 1934. levied i.pon the following described real ••late, situated in tlie Counly ol Mississippi and State of Arkansas, tc-ivit: South Half (S'.{.) of Southeast quarter <Sr.''.1 section Twenty- rev-n (271 Township sixteen (1G) North. Range Twelve (12) East. (Eighty acres.) North Half (NU-) of Souilienst quarter (SE'i) of Section Twcnty- Feven I'fl} Township Sixteen HGi North, IJanje Tnelve (12) East. (Eighty acres! East T4alf (E'i) of the East Half (E'i> :'nd Northeast Quarter (NW NE'i) Section twenty-lTO (22i Township Sixteen (1C) Range twelve (12) East One hundred elglity acres. Northeast, quarter INE!',) of Section twenty-seven (27) Township sixteen (1C) Range' Twelve (12) East. N'orthw^st Quarter (NW,), of Sec tion Twenty-seven (27) Township Sixteen (1C) North Hangc Twelve (12) East. One I'lindrcd thirty-four nere.s. .v.d that I will accordingly olfer .-.--!(' real estate for sate al public vendnc to the highest nnd best ladder on credit of three months ' |v.Tl,.-ttcr to furnish approved ' i.oi.rt for purchase price and interest; all the right title, interest and pqsiity of Mrs. C. H Bean at li'e South front door of the MIs- slMipni County court house al Dlv Ihevllle. Arkansas on the 10th t!iv of April at 1:30 P. M. O. L. MALLO&Y, U. S. Marshal. Eastern District of Arkansas. By L. F. WILLIAMS, C. A. Cunningham. Plaintiff's Ally. 13-SO-X7 NEW CAR OR OLD on/ motor sounds sweeter and runs better on ... Safer... CHASSIS AND GEAR LUBRICATION Mohilccrjsc for OiiitJi Lubrtfinrn *o<f M.-SiUl licit 1 uMirjr.ti for Tntis* ir.iWc-m jmt I>if!ccftirijri fvivc (he «me Jjfc.drptn.!- able performance ilm rm made MoMoil the *o;ld'i la:«« seJliap motor oil. Aik any .MaKdulij ftujnn 01 l)cjler (or 3 drmjiitra- Y ES, sm, any motor sounds sweeter and runs better on Mobilgas and Mobiloil. It's surprising how this combination pq« up an old motor, smooths out the knocks and brinjjs back power that you had forgotten you had. You're missing much of the real pleasure in driving when you use anything other than Mobil- and Mobiloil. New car or old, this combination will give you smoother performance, greater economy and a larger measure of enjoyment. liiisleiuclilns were ,;innp ! Wllh of Sitetidan's Salve Known »»-iilly. like tne dart ol an nr- '"«-. the stnini!, nctlve. soolhlnx mu'v.uum of Shcddan's Salve jx'ii- <'::.'•.<•* skin und i Issues lo bivak "I- '"liK mid rotiKi-Mliiii. end croup, coiii'lis. ihcunmlii'. sciatic mid ueu- "'•n.i pains, Shcddnn's Salve cun- »'i:i- mi liifi'MlleW liot (omul in oi-.!iii:ny stilvos—nno Us exlieiui' |:<>»'-r. iiinnatchable i-IIicleney nnd Hi}"'!- IK-III tralliiij efllelcney kimcbi cc.d i-ouuittlou quickly. Two kinds- Aiii.i) i,,,. ehlkhvn; STHONO for . m ::'^__ -A'lv.2 IN TI1K DISTIUCT COUItT oT-' ;i|ll-: UN1TKD HTATKH KOK OH. .lONfSliOllO DIVISION 'J' 1 THI-: EASTEUN DIHTKICT - AUKANKAB. I" (he Mntier o! Hall Hislers Sho|i|R., inc.. In Iliinknmlcy, no )7»8. I" Ihe creditors of the above ii.'i'H'd bankrupt ol Hlylhevlllv, fc!'»i and Ulsd-k-i aforesaid, a N":ice Is hereby given Hint on M.'iih 10. ID34. the aLove midied p-iuioner wn s duly inljiatijcd a baiisiupi, and the mri'tlne of Hie ct-i-ditors will be held ,,t my " •«' m the City of Jone.sboi-0, •-iiiil District on April 3 11134 '« A. .M.. ill which lime the 'I creditors may attend prove •11- claims, npuolnl a trustee aamie the bankrupt, and irans- Mieli other business us may orly 1:U ine before said meeting Jonesburo. ArJtnauii iM« ncli M. 1034. " I'. C. MULLINIX, lieferee In Bunknijitcy. Don't Forget s Agency General Insurance Theme 107 <;KADK A Raw Milk Fbone 74 Craig's Dairy PAGE THBEE ' Announcing the appointment of Lee-Coppeclge Motor Co. I'liisl Mn in SI. as Bnick Dealer lor Hlylheville and presenting BUICK for 1934 with Knee-Action Wheels * OENigftl MOTOM SIlVtR ANNIVIRSAKY MODIl SCE IT RIDf TODAY! Complete Automatic Effective irmnucltmely, we havu been , n|)|X)inteil Autliorizud Buick Dealer - & ~ for this coniiiiunity. We Hike this opiwrtunily to pledge full adherence to the high sales mid service stanilunls wliith Buick has maintained in the pust, und to auggt-st thut you see. our wonderful display of 1934 Buick models at your earliest convenience. This fine new Buick brings you tlie biggest Improvement in riding smooth- nets and steadiness ever accomplished — resulting from Knee-Action Wheels, Balanced Weight und Springing, the Ride Stubilizer mid Air-Cushion Tires. Il provides ihe unmatched safety of Vacuum-Power Brakes. It brings you Complete Automatic Starting. Also exquisite new Bodies by Fisher in 19 beautiful models, with advanced Wind-Stream Styling and improved Fisher No Draft Ventilation. We cordially invite you to visit our showrooms and examine and ride in this new Buick motor cur. Your own judgment will tell you that ajain there is a better automobile, and again Buick is building it. WHEN - BETTEH - AUTONOMIES . ARK • KUH/T - BUtCK . WILL • BUILD - THEM. 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Read the advertisements. Read them every day. Through them we can know exactly what we.want before we go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend.

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