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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana • Page 1
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana • Page 1

The Republici
Columbus, Indiana
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Columbus, Ind. Price 25 Cents THE REPUBLIC Thursday July 10,1980 Tornadoes Hit Rushville, Kill 2, Injure Dozens Fair Tonight, Hot Friday By United Press International At least two women were killed, 24 persons injured and scores of others left homeless Wednesday night when a tornado zig-zagged across Rush County south of Rushville. Twenty homes and three businesses were destroyed and damge could total "several million dollars." said Lt. Richard Jones of the Indiana State Police. Felled power and phone lines cut off phone service into Rush County early today. Rushville residents said power lines, trees, damaged cars, homes and other buildings littered the streets. Emma Myrtle Sweet, 59, Kushville, died when she was thrown from her mobile home when the twister crashed through her lot at the south edge of Rush- ville. Reseue workers found her body in a vacant field near her demolished trailer. The other victim' was tentatively identified as Rita Lowman. Witnesses said the tornado zig-zagged across Rush County, often twisting out of the path of a house to veer through a cornfield. It appeared to peter out at the Franklin County line near Andersonville, after plucking a barn from Its foundtions and depositing it in the middle of U.S. 52. State police said the injured included: Donna Cain, 17, Rushville; Charles Mayse, .19, Rushville; Opal Mayse; 48, Rushville; Becky Mayse, 14, Rushville; Patty Mayse, 8, Rushville; Michael Sweet, 22. Rushville; Mindy Stout, 7 months, Rushville; Delbert Stout, age unknown, Rushville; DebbieStauUlaguunknown, Rushville; Trevor Stout, age unknown, Rushville; Charles Wilson, 62, Rushville; Patty Cameron, 10, Glenwood; Leonard Cameron, 41, Glenwood; Mike George, 32, Rushville; Joel Armstrong, 12, Seymour; Dorothy George, age unknwon, Rushville; Patty Hammonds, age unknwon, Rushville; Michael Hammonds, 22, Rushville; Dr. Kenneth Corpe, 67, Rushville; Virginia Gorpe, 63, Rushville; Ronald Bow- (Sm, RUSHVILLE, Sack Po Stcttofl) TORNADO AFTERMATH Members of the Mays family in that also, kjlled two persons and injured obout two dozen others. rural Rush County start to dig through the remains of their home Trees and power lines also were downed. early today after it was destroyed late Wednesday by a tornado (UPI Photo) Thunderstorm Briefly Relieves Heat Wave slate SUNSET: kdiuapolii Doctori claim Indiana makes it easier for doctors to be -licensed than other states AIR SUIT: Bloomlngton An Indiana University economics professor sues U.S. Air for cancelling his reservations to Bolivia for failure to get him to Indianapolis on time to catch a plane. MARBLE: Madison Pnblic Service Indiana could be back in the construction business for its Marble Hill nuclear power plant within two months. Page AS nation CONVENTION: Detroit Conservatives, in control of the Republican Convention, push through a constitutional amendment against abortion and shun traditional GOP support for the ERA Page As CARTER: Tokyo- In a historic meeting, President Carter and Chinese Premier Hua Guofeng discuss threat to Asia posed by Soviet takeover of Afghanistan and Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia Page B4 HEAT WAVE: Sufferers in the third week of a heat wave linked to 233 deaths are begging, borrowing or stealing fans and air conditioners. Animals are handling the heat better than people at the St. Louis Zoo. but Texas crop and livestock losses have reached SI billion. Page Bi WEATHER: A freak ttorm packing IN mph winds caused $30 million in damage in Iowa before moving east. In the South. 18 states reported record-high temper-, atures. ECONOMY Waihingten The housing industry receives a double dose of good news sales of new single-family homes post a record increase and mortgage interest rates decline AUTOS: Detroit Ford and Toyota discuss a joint S. car-building venture, General Motors works to rid its fleet of gas guzzlers, and Chrysler hikes its new car prices an average $160. PageA13 world ARAB: Amman, Jordan Arab foreign and economic ministers ended a five-day meeting today with an agreement to funnel oil profits to the petroleum-poor Arab nations. SADAT: Cairo, Egypt- President Anwar Sadat lashed out at the Carter administra tion for failing to check Soviet and said the entire oil-rich Persian ouii is "shakine" because of the Islamic revolu tion in Iran. Page AZ OLYMPICS: Moscow The Soviet capital became a closed city today, off limits for all Russians except those who can prove they live and work there, and it will remain sealed off through the Olympics todays speeial The Widow-to-Widow Program, a volunteer non-professional effort to help newly bereaved women adjust to the unwanted role which they must fill, is being organ ized locally. -y Page AS deaths Obituaries, Page B6 Francis T. Goens, 82, Nashville route 4. inde.i i Erma Entertainment A13 Classified IN B6 Comics V.fcU Obiiuaries DearAbby A12 VSpafts Bl-3 Editorials A4 viva A6-7 IMO TMRtsublic USPS43-OW fritay Edna Thaytr offers rtcipoj uiing poai in hor Country Kitchan column. Riii Bill it a Vonotian specialty and her reeipo for groon pea soup with dumplings comas from Germany. A color photo and column will appear Friday on The Republic's Viva pages. AT LEAST TWO DEAD An Indiana State Policeman guards Wednesday. and rescue workers still ore looking for others the rubble where the body of Goil Bowman was found eorly today they fear might be dead or injured in the debris 6f the twister, after a tornado destroyed her home in rural Rush County late (UPI Photo) Dress Revue Set Tonight Start of 4-H Fair Draws Near 4fc 4 Al Pel of Indianapolis radio station WIBC will be pageant emcee Queen contestants are Cynthia Beaver, Shari Beck, Diana Buchanan, Denise Clary, Kathy Combs, Lisa Critzer, Katharine Dickey, Cheryl Emmert, Crystal Fields, Diane Griffiths, Dcbra Gross, Lisa Huffman. Marissa Hulse. Melanie John-' Taiii'ma "Juimsun, Jome Lee, Sueiia BVJU, fVllllUIVJUV KUULCld auu UC'i'lvl him the cost of the trial. Riley's attorney, Patrick Harrison, appealed the eonviction -and Riley was released on $5,000 appeal bond. The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the conviction In October of 1979 and a copy of the ruling was sent to Bartholomew Circuit Court. Under Indiana law, a hearing would -normally be held to execute Riley's sentence and send him to prison. However, in this case, when the file was sent here, it was placed with "closed" criminal files in the basement of Bartholomew County Courthouse. Riley never was sentenced and is still free on the appeal bond The file remained in the basement until Wednesday, when a reporter from The Republic informed Circuit Court Judge Albert Silva of the mistake. Brief relief from sweltering heat came to Bartholomew County this morning, as a summer thunderstorm rumbled through Southern Indiana. The National Weather Service issued a thunderstorm watch for the area, effective from mid-morning to mid-afternoon but the information was broadcast on Bartholomew County police radios several minutes after this morning's thunderstorm had passed through Columbus. The storm dumped .53 of an inch of rain on the area. Although the storm brought with it crackling lightning bolts and gusty winds, damage reports were minimal at the Columbus Police Department and the Bartholomew County Sheriff's Department. Brief power outages were reported by Public Service Indiana and the Bartholomew County Rural Electric Membership Corp. PSI spokesman Bernarr Shaw said an area on U.S. 31 from Burnside Mobile Burning Trash To Generate Steam Studied Development of steam generating plants using trash collected from Columbus and Bartholomew County is being studied by the city-county Solid Waste Disposal Authority, which is charged with disposal of that trash. A meeting of representatives of local industries and other interested persons was to be held this afternoon at offices of the Columbui Area Chamber of Commerce to see what interest there might be among local industries in purchasing the steam for their operations. The meeting was called by the Chamber at the request -of Tony Wellings, chairman of the SWDA, and by D. Bruce Wallace, di-4Wtor of th-Administrative" Re sources Association, who is looking into the possibility of federal funding for development of the steam generating plants. The idea of a steam generating plant originated in discussions between Wellings and the energy committee of the Chamber of Commerce. Currently, all trash, garbage and other waste collected in the city and county is disposed ef at the sanitary landfill east of Petersville on Ind. 46, or at the old Petersville gravel pit south of Petersville. The SWDA is sr( been sentenced. He said Riley is very ill and he assumed that was why he had not been, sentenced He said that if Riley wants to raise an objection because so much time has elapsed, he will object to the sentencing. County Prosecutor Joseph Koenig said Wednesday he' was not aware Riley had not been sentenced. He said' normally a judge who received a decision has the duty to call a hearing to execute the sentence. "That apparently was not done in this case." He said he planned to ask Judge Silva to call a hearing to execute the sentence. Three months ago, a similar problem arose in a Bartholomew County case that had been transferred to "Brown County." Kenneth Guffey, a Columbus man, was (SM, RILEY, Back Pto SkIIm) By JAN CARTEAUX least three coordinated garments modeled Staff Intern together; formal wear, and free choice, a The start of the 1980 Bartholomew garment such as a tennis outfit or histori-County 4-H Fair will be two steps closer cal costume that does not fit in any other this week with the 4-H dress revue tonight category. at The Commons and crowning of the fair Emcees, who will read outfit descrip-queen Friday night at Columbus East High tions written by the models, will be Beth School auditorium. Polanka, Jenny McClure, Lisa Siefker, The fair will be July 21 to 26 at the Eva Napier, Joy Schroer, David Jaquess, Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds, Melissa Carson and Todd Yoelz. south of Columbus at the junction of U.S. Thirty-three contestants will be com-31 A and Road 200S. peting in the 8 p.m. queen contest- The "TAlsorTheHepuSlic's annual fair program will begin with aTnusicaJ prelude section will appear July 18 with storiesfollowed by the bathing suit and evening about the fair, 4-H club members and ex- gown competition. The 1979 queen, Sandy hibitors. Vetter, will give her farewell speech. Win-Any 4-H club member enrolled in the clothing or sewing for fun projects may ced bef0re the 1980 qUeen Homes to the Columbus Drive-In was without power for a short time. About 50 REMC customers, scattered over the eastern half of the county, experienced power outages this morning, said REMC Line Supervisor Bob Mace. City police reported that'tree limbs fell on a car at 1444 Sycamore, but an estimate of damage was not available. Limbs were repurted down at Second and Brown streets as well. County police received calls of "a few tree limbs down here and there" but said no major damage was reported. Although temperatures reportedly dropped into the 70s during the storm, re- lief was short-lived. Temperatures were in the 80s by late morning and National Weather Service forecasts indicated they would remain high through the weekend. Bartholomew County Hospital treated one case of heatstroke shortly before noon Tuesday, according to Walter Glover, public information officer. All Workers May Not Get Same Pay Raise By GREG SCHERSCHEL Staff Writer Discussion of salaries for city employees continued at Wednesday night's city council budget workshop, with some coun-cilmen expressing concern that it might not be fair for all employees to get. the amount of increase in 1981. The council has scheduled an executive session for 5:30 p.m. today at the home of Councilman Albert Schumaker to discuss personnel evaluation. No decisions will be made at the meeting, which will not be open to the public, but some may be made at a noon Monday workshop at city hall when the council meets to finalize preliminary budget proposals before they are legallyad.Yfirlis.ed, i At that time, or some time after the are advertised, the council may decide to give some employees smaller increases than others. For example, it was pointed out Wednesday evening that it may not be fair to give an employee working for the city only four or 10 months the same increase as an employee who has (Sm.CITV, Itch Ptgt of Stctton) Police Drag Brush North Vernon Man BUTLERVILLE Authorities dragged Brush Creek Reservoir this morning in a search for a North Vernon route 3 man who disappeared while on a swimming outing Wednesday. Police said John Calhoun, age not known but believed to be in his mid 20s, was swimming" with three companions at an area known as "The Rock" when he disappeared. They said the group was attempting to swim acrosshe reservoir about 200 yards wide at that point at about 3 p.m. Two of the companions swam about half-way-across the area and turned back. The third, police said, swam across the area, turned around and started back and met Calhoun about 25 feet from the shore. That was where Calhoun was last seen, police said. Authorities said the companions apparently thoughl Calhoun had remained on the shore at the other side. They waited for him several hours before reporting his. disappearance to Jennings County Police at 9:48 p.m. Jl Also, Kimberly Moore, Lori Parks, Gina Payton, Terry Proffitt, Lisa Ritzline, Katie Schaefer, Cindy Schnur, Patsy Secr-est, Shirley Sigman, Catherine Smoot, Aleta Stam, Rita Walker, Phyllis Williams ind Carla Wright. Area businesses donating prizes for' the contest are Art's Cleaners, Bartholo-' mew County REMC, Bense and Settle Hardware, Brand's Bruning's, Cameo Room, Camera Shop, Citizens Building, and Loan Association, J. Cole Men's Auto Suppiyr-Courthouse Cinema I and II, Crump Theater, Cummins Engine Dairy Queen Brazier, Gary Davis Music Makers, Flowers From the Woods and Hagel's Jew- elers. Also, Home Federal Savings and Loan, Irwin Union Bank and Trust Joy's Bridal Shop, Neal Paint and Wallpaper, J.t;. Penney Co. The Kaleidoscope, Max's Jewelry, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Parker Portraits, Pasquale's Pizza, Pepsi Cola Tom Pickett's Music Center, Rathsman Singer, Malcolm Ross Tovey's Home Entertainment Center, Haajo Stsautt' SiUCk 'aliiii-ait0 XOnieC'tloiie- ry. Silva, who was not circuit court judge at the time of the trial and had been on the bench less than two months when the appeals court handed down its decision said, "An error has been made by this court. There's no way of getting around it." He said he did not recall ever seeing the file when it was sent here by the court of appeals but added, "I'm not going to pass the buck," It was not known who had misfiled the case. Judge Silva said he will prepare an order that Riley's sentence be executed. Former prosecutor Richard Donnelly, who was out of office when the decision was hahded down, said he was, aware Riley had never been sentenced and had told Harrison about the problem. He said he did not tell Judge Silva. Harrison said he knew Riley had never Misf iled, Man Not Sentenced model their entries in the dress revue Judging was to be from 1 to 4 p.m. today; but results will not be announced until tonight's public program: Sewing for fun models may wear miscellaneous Divisions from the clothing project will include tote bag, barbecue apron, poncho or elasticized or Sng shift; dress or jumper; -j, or pantsr suits or at ByDAVEBAUMAN -SUM Writer A Cincinnati man convicted of obscenity charges in Bartholomew Circuit Court in 1978 has never beenent to prison because court officials mistjled the case records. Charles rtiley operated Century Adult bookstore, 745ft Washington, during 1977 and part of 1978, He wastarrested after a probable cause hearing In Bartholomew Circuit Court Nov. 14, 19T7, determined the material he was sellingyas obscene. He was charged with twtrcounts of distributing obscene material, one count of distributing obscene material to a minor and three counts of distributing obscene material to a minor within 500 feet of a A circuit court jury found him guilty, sentenced him to a year in prison and fined Records

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