The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1936
Page 1
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LE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NBWSPAPEK Ol> NOUTHKABl' AHKAN8A8 AND SOUTTIEASY MISSOURI Blythevllle Ooutler Blytheville Dallj Newi niftbcrUle Herald UlutMlppl Vulley L«»d«r 151.YTIIICVII,!-!•;, AUKA.VSAS. MONDAY, JUNK IS, S1NGI,R COPIES FIVE CENTS S 100TH L I MEN IN FLORID! I tiree Perish al Tampa; j Trojjical Sl..rm Sweeps! Southern Const i i TAMPA, Fla., .nine is. (UP)—i Three coast guard aviators crashed! lo ilielr deaths in Tampa Ii;iy 10- day in Hie worst aerial disaster in the history of ;hr.i branch of liv service. All hands OEI the phine, an amphibian fiom the Sc. l>etcr.5i)U''3! hase, lost lh[ i ir^;ives. i 'liie dead: I LI. C. M. Pcrriti. tlie pilot. ' Radioman Walter O. Morriss. j Machinist's Mate William D. En- I hanks. [ All were listed as of St. Petcra-1 bni-g, ' i The crash occurred about an hour' and 15 minutes after Perrolt lifted i •the big plane off the water at ?i.| lielersburt' for a regular mlrul Illght. ! Tie lost communication with 'nisi >lusi Monopolies base and the wreckage or the plane I , , , was sighted shortly afienvai'rt Pa- '" s " ulsl ' :ii |)!;OI ' le IM " :d n WEIIB INBLflO I ngiier Man" Dfilails of I'lol iVIicliiga:! Pnhli Reveals Ic Kill Court Holds Labor Board Act Invalid ome lo President Rocseve.ll when he entsrcd the CcUon Unv 1 tiol Boat 110 reported shortly after j Centennial Stadium in Callus, Tex., to climax his loi'r of thc Texas Centennial with a ili;: noon ii had reached the wreckage afininst inciiocolieo and an appeal for exlensiun of his "gcod ncljtiboi" policy to Mexico foreign land.-,. The president, to side his ECU- SI!..- tt. is shown in the circle as the ling liie stadium. The ;;rc:it throng sat in with a grappling hook hut found no trace of Ihe crew. There was no explanation for the trash but Cons'. Guard officials be- \ lievert the hig'n winds which lashed i Floi -i:la in a tropical storm todav' may have been a contributing factor. ' I Ut.iihiij sun lliat sent Ilie lvaiioii of several spectatcis. thermometer in POLLUX 11 Landoii in Parental Crisis ,. MIAMI, fin.. June !;; (Ui'j — A Ire pica! storm, which r rwltd lower Florida B-CI;!. coast ciii,-:sj la;.t-nyht and early tctiav. v.-;>iri-[ ed ovei' Miami tlii-: ii;o:-iii-<-, ,-.irli-; ci'l '(laniaye. A maximum '.vine! velocity .,r 'JJ .miles nn.|honr was repovuri as Ilie- siorm. inoviiiLi'"southu-.s!-.viird, whipped ever i!:s'ciiy. TU "•:-;•ter of ihe .storm slnick Mu.mi at 0:12 A, M. IE. £. T.I. the -vi-.i- ther btireiiu said. Tiic toi:cn[i:i! rainfall that accompanied Ihr. c!is- Uii'tance -.vheii it stniek the we.v. ccast did nol accoiii])any thc slv.m as it passed here anr: oi't in.o Ihe Atlantic. I.; Inches of K:iin The rain here \vas oi rtitalc \\liereas nt Evergiadc than 15 inehe.s had fallen in 24 hours and at Foil Myers precipitation amounted to rl-^ht ki'j]..:-s in 12 liom-.s. Bcnita Spi'ings. litiis Ici-.v:] oi SCO population, and Esleio. .M/st ccasl religious colony, still v.'vrr virtually isclatrd. hci.-oit.; snicl liie Calocsaliatchec rivei was :un of its banks. A telegr La licllc :;aid (lie town der forr fc;L of water river still was lisin™. Sheriff Wilson Will Keep. ; Offices Open Until Miclj; j night . '; I'l-o-n was nnan: tin; 13oni:a Sprirjs was repealed under reel- of v.-nter. So far as could be Irnn hr.wcrer. no lives iiad been The oflices of Clarence 1 H. Wilson. Eheritr antl collector, at. t'ne courthouses here and at Oseeola will remain open until midnight tonight when the pericd for pajment of poll taxes as a qualification for voting in the August primarv ex. pires. ' j I A total of approximatelv ^,GOO re-1 . ! ceipls had been issued al f.i; | i';| Ciiicknsn\vba district office here I :"" I through noon today. This was far ' '~j behind the number usually issued j - during a primary election year and I ., made a practical impossibility ' the issuance of sumcl?nt receipts lo reach the totals of same other years. Under the present state laws, the writing of lax receipts af- ler tociay is prohibited. In Ihe past lit lias been a practice to write receipts for several days after ex- pliailon of the perio;! lor payment. • dating receipts as 01 the last :tay. where payment has actually besn made. No check of Ihe number of re- I ceipts issued by the Osccola district lillTROlT, Mich.. .Irne U. il.II 1 > - Knvtoii Denn, "liiBS.'i m.iii"' in Hit ISlaek Lesloi'. slaylnv (f Civr- 'is A. 1'oole, toil'iy lul(i'i> irnviinl ('ii'rlionin bow lie and tiin: ulh'H 1 iiumbe's of ih« vl'!lli:nte band bud ]>rh:kcd their arms vllh a j knife and swim a l;U:oi! >>:ith I t" kill Ai'lhnr Kiiinsley. l!l<th- 1 lund I'ark puhilshe.-. | In Ihe same low monotone In which he dosi-rlbf:! tin- v.antmi slaylnt; of I'oo 1 .-. two \vee;:.s ayo. ! tvaii testltled nl (he exnmlna- |ikn cf 12 men cliaiwd with vnn- splmcy to muvrit'i' Kinj. l sle 1 '. " Koy-liepncr. .i!l'.-?ed lieari ;' '.he l.'lnek L(_(lon's "ai.sim s(piacl," was tlie otlieer who ordered li-.e.n to "get" the suburban publisher, who wns antagonistic lo the -Union's candidate for nmyoi' in 11J32, "\\ r e ina<ie a blood pacl s.t r nuittng naar i:itjht Min loini Ii Mii'cch i the fun of lus'J" Dwui pnid. "At : - " - \vere. l!oj hc-,.i|ei •\lvls Cturl,, Alberl Schncldt 1 ! 1 and myst'lf." All those ii.iined exivjil Di ure held In ttic ronspiniv.- n "HepniT had a knife."" Denn continued. "We ail ptkkec. ourselves '.vllh 11 and siiMiec, nur :names In blood. Hrpm'i s.iid that llnee men would bt: as^iiined lo. each Job." "Whnl do yon mean by tilt iciin ,'jcb'?' 1 asked I'rosL'C'ilor Dm,'. 1 .:.! C, McCi'ue'. "Wben I say job I mean to ijel ;the person you.'rc lissl^nctl to, jito kill him," Dean rcnncli lacjn- .ically. ' ^ .-The defendar.ts ;>lo\vcrcci iit. Ihe witness.who sat with rhii. cui-reil In .'his righl !nnd a:id olhei-, the meeliny \\.vj raised .-ill 1 ' 111 " 11 l;iw - t).^ aiid causMl Dealers, Bootleggers antl Hotel Bell Bovs FBLX' Charges A special "eletm ii|i" detail out, of the od'lco of Kiu-1 H. Wlsi'inan, slate revenue cum m Is.s lone r, woopcd down on Illyliievlllc lat Siitinday nluht to muke wholesale ini'est.s for violations of the slate's llnnor laws. Evidence on which the group of '.3 revenue ucctils acted had been oblalned (jidelly by under cover men, who Imd been woililnt' here fur a number of day.s. Local prtlce and sheriff's deputies were called nld In serving of warrants. Twelve arrests were n'ade. here nud n warrant was Issued for one man nt Luxora. Include;! In group arrealed here were regularly licensed lltpiri- dealers, t'luugcd wilh lnfmclio:i of tho state law by selling liquor on ami- day, four uncled bootleggers, Including three women and one man, and n niiiiibw of negro bell boys u I local hotels. All were ."lined to face trhl In municipal court this afternoon. Those arresled were: W. K. (litllie) Hcxsie, Division street, liquor dealer, charged with selling llt|iior on Sunday, Mrs. Wiley Eskrldee, Sixth liquor dealer, charged with NI?W OltlKAKS, Jlll'.i 1 Tlie WSIBIUT tabor act. u piles lo the '.'.eel Imhisiry, \;ns licld niK'Onslltutiinuil In s. \l'els- lon rendei'i'd b> the tilth UniiiiJ t'(nll-:i elli'lill cijint ot i'.r;V!tfs hi'iv Ihls ul't 'ii.oim. 'I'tic dfct'ilon \\iis luuuled liiiv.'.i in Ihe i.'.i.sii ol the niitionni ..ibor nliillons IjDiii'il vs. Ihe J.H'.r:. and Iniitililln Btecl cni'pcrailc n nl I'lttsbi'iuh, l>a. 'Ihe itcclsl;.!'. held thnt "the c< iio'tlliillon dees not vts;( in Die tedenil novelnnicnt tin. power lo K.iiilale Ihe relnlion, ai- sme'i. of cui|jluyer antl employee in prcxlne- tlon or iniiniifaelurc." 'liie natlumd laboi Kiaiions boacd hail .son-<lil an oidn- ii'uni the court lo compel Ilie slen c.'ii- lU'.ratkn to con-ply with pi'iivls- lens of the In 1 :!,!' IK.I. \ Col ten prices v.t-ic hi^livi ifiJny on fair dent an J from butii s 1 :*-!-!;- !ati\'c inteio.sUs .UK! the luuu": Thy nnrkcl closed wilh Q:IU::; vans- irg to ten points, cortiM.iF(l rlioi-Ui in the onsiorr l^ti ,i:ul Hccd business in coUon gowi:: were major buying inlUieiwr. OJXMI high low clow rciyt 1 Tivhile rlrollh:? in Tcptrkn. Kun^is, with brother, John Colib. Mrs. Landot) ignores (lie o 1 . Govrrnor Lnr.dcn calmly si/e,s up the ci :r-i. 1 odlce wns oWnlnnbb this iUtcr- Neil) Orleans COttOnl^ ^ l j^ n ^^^^^ a possible resident of the White House, Nancy J; , I ardin • las many if not, more receipts '• f ' lou ' s n'tle regard for apiieamnces as .she gives tearful v NEW ORLEANS. Jim: ii . U;»—i the northern district when ihe • childish deadline is reached. The sheriffs olfico was 4ioin-,. a brisk business today. Dui'ln» most or file day (here was a line of these waiting to pay iheir pull taxes and a number were making delinquent assessments in order 10 secure (ax rrceipis. The assessor's office was busy Saturday preparing delinquent assessment* (01 Ihofe who wanted to pay th: extra dollar necessary for such (lelii -cnt to n.ncnts 1 v.-hile July Oct. Dec. Jan. Ivfar. May mo HOD 1101 1104 1107 11H mo 1120 1118 ni3 1110 1114 116!) 1103 1104 1104 1107 1114 HOD 1114 1103 1103 llllbj sessment and continued-so io:lav Stock Prices \ New York Cotton EISTE IL- 1I1LL Effort Every NEW YOKK. .Inr.e it diPt -The slock market cobtinred Jc otlvance today -.viih the ii'.ousti-uil and nttlily avf-.'aijrs reachii";: 'U". 1 . highs on tlie recovery a:i«i the rails near Iheir top fo: 1 tl-.e uiove- mcnt. 11 was Iho seventh Advance in cig'.u wssicns. T:v.J- inn was quiet. A. T. and T ...... : . . . . 168 5-8 Anaconda copper ____ 34 Beth, steel ........... S3 1-2 Chrysler ............... ne 1-4 Cities Service ........ 43-8 Coca Cola .......... •. . M 3-8 Gen. Am. Tank ...... n I- 1 ! Ocn. Electric ......... 38 3-4 Gen. Motors .......... 61 5-8 Int. Harvester ....... Si) McKcsson-Ro'obins ... 33-4 Montgomery Ward .'.. 44 3-4 N. Y. Central ........ 35 5-8 Packard .............. 10 3-3 Phillips Pet ........... 33 3-4 Hadio ........... ...... 12 1-4 Simmons Beds ....... 30 Slanclard of N. J ..... 58 1-2 Texas Co ............. 31 5-8 U. S. Smelting ....... 90 0. S. Steel ........... G2 1-2 Warner Bros ......... 93-4 zonlle ................. 63-4 NEW YORK. June Cotton closed steady. open high July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May is. (up,_: 1170 11U 1108 1107 HID 1113 1171 1127 1122 1122 1123 1127 low 1100 1113 1107 HOT 1110 1112 Spots closed steady at 1179. close lllid UK 1118 llli HIS 1117 oft 1 Individual. Sccr'ciary of State Declares 1 wo Take Afler Being Bitten by Suspected Animals ' Mrs. Martie Gulley of the Lost PROVIDENCE,' II. I Jur.«. ' Cane conimnnlty is receiving Pas- [ [ijp>_Secrelarv 1 ' of ' si.i'lf. ci)i<l--ll i Icur ircatmcnl after being bitten j Hull today urced. iiidivldiin) e!t- [ by-a pet cal. antl a farmer of thc ii- ms lo • contribute lo raisiiiu ihe Rosa community, northeast of Lux- rtandards of international li'irM- Sentencc for Pointing Gun at Deputy Cut l>y 3up- mne Courl LITTLE HOCK, June. 15 tUI') — belling liquor on Munduy. Capplc, who'i-esldes at ;e cast end of ^allerjon Rlreel, Illiiu lltnior without a license. Mrs..Duster Sweat, South'Frank- lin, two charges, sel'lliiir liquor without n'. license and selllnk liquor on Sunday. , Sam Harnes, blind n>nn, HVHIK In the 1'rld^ adilltlon, tbiithwest of'the city, "charged W.|jV)]' sloirof unslamped ' whls|:y. Aboiit 17 pints of Illicit, liquor were found at his place, II war, claimed. Nora " Hlnnerl. Highway lb, Ilrlde adilltlon, selling liquor wlth- und selling liquor on I'osloffice Makes I)istribu- lion lo Local War Veterans 'lotlay Veterans crowded the local post- olllee this morning to claim many of (lie nrsl lot of btinns bonds to Hi-rive here. I'osliua.ster llci'inan Cross said t'nat 401} rcalsld'ecl envelopes conlainlni; bonniv bonds arrived heio this miinilnu, and shortly after noon Approximately 00 per cent ha^ been delivered lo Hie veterans. Mr. Cross said tluit no arrangement had been niiule for ensiling the bonds, here, but/ that .veterans who wish lo eohvi'l't'tlie'm^nlo cash may do no by endorsement of the bonds and sending Ihem lo the Llt- lle nock iwstotllce. '1'be bonds w'nlch wine .not. pur- sonally claimed nt the postottlcc Ihls morning were to be delivered j lodny wherever carrier service If given. Oltlcers or the local Let-Ion ]>ost said that made a survey which American Chey had indicated out license Stindny. •Charles Hobbltt, neurn bell cnp- liiin. at the Hotel Noble, Charles Bills. Hotel Noble: LOT Jackson Qofl llolcl; Clyde 'niuinpsoii antl' Charles Price. Glnicoe Hotel, all negro bell boys, and Tommy Williams, negro, former bell boy at, Goff Hotel, all clia-csd with sell- -— Ing.liqitor without "ti license, and , " ""° c!>s " to 1 >;I J' <lel " 3 ' | make payments on homes, or for tlie purchase of necessities. Not that little of the bonus money would be wasted. Many veterans plan to save the bonds for possible Inter neBils. More Intend to con- [KIT IS. GIU I inilTIE Ceiilt'imial Stam] Sato Opens, Parade Held, Band Play? Tonight. I 1TTI.E ROCK, June II) itfl- Aikansas cltlMns today oborril U|e one. liundi'Killi aniilutM y of Ihe sl'inlnij cf the bill Hint : ad- milted the .state, to tin nion with a statehood pio.jii.ii dial Ineludcil a pruaile, thn ' dodlc.iUou of a slate llc'j. it ml tunccil by tlvi! United Stales Muhu Ci.vus buiid, Karlli>i- In Hie dtij tin fli it of the centennial: Muniij \ in sold In the .bite of I'd lit In C, C. Knviinaiifih to Col," A. Ii. I'.ogcis, director of the centennial celebration, who In turn pi 1 - •sented the blocks ot st units tr> vnrlors state ciflclals A parade through the im iue , section of Ihe city was the il h mark of ihe aflernooii pioii'm The mnrchera passed i ICM.\ Im slitnd In front of the old uipltol building when: Miss Wlhii K Hockei 1 nf Wal.'husekii distant ol the stale flair, detllcatic 1 tic oi Islnal liaiiner to thc i>ilinmi centennial. The Inaugural promstm ot the stale's lii-sl uovcmoi JiniUn i> Conway, was le-cnaUcd bj Ills lii'iindson. Clnlttmriic \V Cni.wav who, with his wife and llin-e iliiiujhtcrs, rmlc. In an open m. rluice as (heir ancestoi i.' 11 IBM. More limn 50 colorful' fioalh .tier.. In the line ot' march n ch n'lit! one poitiayinu a plantation «• en In which iieni'ties .pliijcn 1 n 111- porlant part; Hilling (lie inoniliig inciiilw , in the. United Daughter* of the Con- fedcraey unveiled a. labiei il Ih war memorial bulldlne comiucm- iratltig Hit MOth annlumr) «. Ihu building's , cstiiblhliinLiu, i •Ihe state's, first capltol. Members or the Aikinvi' I'lon eel 1 society received a. conch on wlilch AU'jusli's II. aarlur.d , diet! in 1890 In Washtnaloi:'.' which will IKI added to the group'!: '(.ollci- tlon of stat-L' icllcs. A concert by the united "Ultra Marine Corps band at C o'clock selling liquor on Sunday. Warrants were Issued for Loiiny of Liixora, 1'lnk . , chafing him The state supreme comt today re-1 with selling liquor without a li- duccd from seven years to one etnse and -sellin" Ikaio'' on a sentence given James Ball, - vear Ri'lttenrtcn county ne.sro. for uolnttng a gun in 1035 nt Everett Hcod. deputy sheriff, ar, the latter dispersed a incetiri! of the Southern Tenant Farmers union null- Tnrrcll. Ball had been serving a seven years sentence on conviction of assault with intcrt to kill. The court in reducing the. sentence suit! no proof was mac!r that the Sim was loaded. Thc supreme eoiirl affalrmet) the decision of a Pulaskl countv coiirl (hat had ruled that commodities bought by the state l.iiihway commission were not cx- from the two per cent, sales Sun.-lay. Evidence against, the defendants •viia procured by two under cover men, employed by the revenue commissioner, one a former whisky salesman, who allegedly purchased liquor from a number of tie defendants. Several of those arrested by the t( venue officers have been arrested on .several occasions In the past by local officers, some having been fined for Illegal possession of liquor during 'prohibition (lays. Local officers some years ago discontinued arresting of names, though occasionally they ora, U preparing to take treatment after being bitten by a male. Dr. A. M. Washbnrn of the county healt'n unit has issued a warning against a possible iccurrence of rabies infectlins 111110113 animals in this section. itv tlifongli iheir own eiloit.-. to prevent another war. Addrf.ssinsr ]5rown nnivei-!iy nlumnf. Hull, who hild j'.!.--; •••'eel veil • an honorary doiinv of empt tax. Thc supreme court said that: "All the slate agencies should Pay sales taxes and only the most favored agencies, the cues bnrslng charity to the helpless.] can secure a refund of the taxes j patd. Ttie decree is affirmed." | Under the decision of the court I Wiseman will collect a Inx In the' future'on all materials lought by j the state departments. visited the blind man's place and poured out his liquor. A rnnrkcd coolnejs was evident In tlie attitude of local officers toward (be activities of the rev- were they thc under cover methods employed by the "advance" men ol the revenue group in securing evidence. more than 10 per cenl of thc money will be spent "foolishly," Lc»ion oinccrs believe. Legionnaires are making arrival of Ihe bonds the occasion for a Legion membership campaign. The Legion, they point out, was largely Instrumental In seci-.vlng payment now of veterans adjusted service compensation certificates. Veterans, they argue, may well use a few dollars of Ihe money to put themselves In good standing a s u.gion members. Find Unidentified Body in River at Cotfonwood CCOTEH.-A body of an im- =5j Identified man. found In the Mis- tonight gi'nm. cl'x-e ,,io Kijoscvdl Ti. (let Slump LITTLE UOCK, June 15 (U The lirst block of Ail in as tennlal stamps lo bu cold tcday were purchased ' by .Coi . Rogers, centennial iclebrii lien director, ivi-.b said. they wo'jld be sent to Wafhlngtoi: to •tuUl't'.i President. Hoosevell's collecllon: The tlock uoic Iho .slgnatni of Govcmci Fut;cll ant! btlirr nl ficlals. 1 I h )ls Jeniie agents. Especially .somewhat critical of dcctcrs ot laws nt the Blown mcnocment, pointed out that He urges trial doss or other an!-1 nation is better thai Spot .Vvcrarc 11.18 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten spoi markets today \vas_J1.7B. acroi'd- ins lo Ihe Ulyllicvlile Hoard of mals. suspected of having contract-1 divldi-ils lhal Trade. Producers arc entitled to cd rabies, be |>!;ife:l in solitary ,., f ( , r. subsidy of .22 ot i cent per confinement where their condition plunged hsto Bother them to- may be observed and lhat proper j lf . -- ."miner ! precautions be taken at once In ,] 'cases of bites, inflicted by animals. 1 where I'here is the slightest sus- ; pleion of rabies. ! Several cafes of stock having been bitten by do_?s have besn re- pcrted from the HOEB community of .22 pound on cotton sold b" o:av. Chicago Wheat July Sep. open 85 1-8 CO 1-4 hlg'n 87 1-} 89 low 85 1-8 S5 1-4 clow 83 7^a | July Sep. Chicayo Com and nearby sections. A veterinarian ; is said to have exaralnsd the mills . : that bit the Ho. .i;b was SFlucriii: t _ Ih' it." not lo Iw ca:ad..''iin," said, "fiiendllness ami ccnf!- :tence. fair dealing and yoixl fni'Ji nuist triumph once more in Hie relations amon? nations our lus- ttlity and distiusl and n;i.:.icion and greed. "This cannot eoinc lo pa.'-!- "ii- Icss the spirit inidcilyiiu- i.-jt.oril open hi ^h low clo^e 61 3-S C2 613-8 GlVsi Germany has 585-8 591-2 58 V8 59 3-8 '< devoted to radio policies undergoes a rebiun en Individual; through .'lit , through .»c!r ^^^^ , ..others, llirot'ish ' ; their exercise of 'responsible cH- G.i • publications Mzenshtp, devote thcmseh-er, sv t'i2 cause of such rebirth."" 51 fanner and sild rpereoual -"coiitacls J from,-,-. i iniluence, upon '', Fear Childbirth's Effect On Mother of Quints | Saw? CALLANDEK. Out. June If, .'U P)—Fear was today lh;it a childbirth, e.xpcclel ihis" week or next. mlNjlK prove f.ilal to Mrs. Elzirc UioiK'.c, oi the quintuplcls. M. Lcgros. :ath<..- 0 | Mrs. tJionne, whc rev -alcd <, the Untied Press that, the child, or perhaps children, is e:-.).r;cicd mcnlli," reveals:! tod.-n Hint he and Ollva U-jine, ihn quints' father, had d:sf.:tssecl the danger to thc young inolhpi- n::d thai both were wo.'rled. "liicw" ItaMs at Cooler COOTER— Raids marie yesterday by officers resulted in the rnest of two relatives on charges of possessing home bvtw. Mrs. Ihizel Hoberts. avre-slcd on the as released after her Dmwood "Unssie" liai-ger, 20, -staled the brew found h, her house belonged to him. He iiiieil $50 and cosb and sent< urcd to six montlis in 'he coun- ly jail al Csriihtersvil'e lu a hriivins before JiLilice \v. Nr. Barker. Dick RoberUs, a relative by mar- niific, of Mrs. Roberts, was fined SICO ami costs and sentenced to ''his «tx months In the coun!> Jail nfl- 1 ''" rr officers testified tlir-y found blew al Ills house. sifsippl river yc.srcrday mornint' at Ilie Cottonwooil Point feriy. was burled near tho river late yesterday aftcmoon. ficcanse ol Ihe condition of the beiiy it was ImnossibU- lo_ po.U]>one burial. A coroner's in<|i:esl returned a verdict of death by unknown causes. The man, who appeared l'i be about 31) y.ars of aye. was dicased In grey work clothes and uork shoes, The body was lalgcd In a (rot line end belonging Jim Allen. President Praparej for Vigorous Campaign WASHINGTON. June 15 (UP - Piesident Koosuvclt. will piangf Immediately into his re-elcetl6fi' c.nmpaiyn after hi.s expected re.- nomtnntion at Philadelphia :K-xl week. White House plan!, revealed tcdny.. Plans call for 11 inajoi political nddiess at the Momicctlo liomc of Thomas Jetfeif-on. near Chi.iin! tesville. Va., July -1. It will l.v his answer to Gov. Ah" L.Midcr .stiitemcnl ihai "to me Ihe fi'.ht is on." Pi'tor lo the convention r«*r. Roosevelt will remain in \V..s!i- tnglcn lo pilot congress Ihiough the adjoinnment rapids and prepare his acceptance speech to li Milton Finiey I made at Ftunklln Field, Phllr.del- n-en ! n'lta. probably Jrne 2G or 37. ; Stafford Qualifies As 1 Livestock Waterloo Bridge Faulty LONDON (UP)-Bad designing not bad workmanship or materials was responsible for the scrapping of London's Waterloo Bridge Tlie secret came out In a p ap e r prc- EenUxT to the Institution of civil Engineers by K. j. Buckton and H. J. Faraday, who are razlnj the bndse. I Lindsey Finds Liquor j Near Missouri Line John Strom ire was arrested I over the week-end when Arch .State Senate Candidate! OSCEOLA. Ark. —The name of Fred H. Stafford, Marked Tree, attorney, candidate for the Democratic nomination for senator from the Mississippi - Poinsctt - Jackson county district, was inadvertently omitted Saturday from tlie list of candidates who paid their ballot tecs in this county. Mr. Stalford paid his fee late Friday night to J. B. llumi, sec- rctaty of the Democratic Central committee, and his name will ap- penr on the primary ballot along with those of I.ucten E Colemiin, Lepanto, and H. P. Mnddox, Har- rlsburg. British Tailors Busy , _„ ,. . ^, LONDON. (UP)-AUhausij there lindsey .deputy sheriff, raided his are o.OOO unemployed tutlors, Lon- near the state Hno north don's fashlonale tailoring firms of OOsnell, and found several - declare they are being forced to gallons of unstamped liquor. . • . !le will face trial it court. skilled help. liquor. ! turn down many orders for u municipal; clothes became ot "shortage FAST ST. LOUIS, III.. „!,;lo 1 (UP I—Hogs 10.000 170-23(3 Ibs. 10 20-J0.3J , l-.i.-iwvi IDS. y .oou- iv.'-~' mil's scv s C.G3-9.00 Cuttle o.OOO Steers 1.00-8.00 Slaughter steers 5,75-8.50 Mixed yearlings and litlffis • G.25-7.75 i Slafjhtcr hel.'crs 5.50-8.50 Beef cows —Cutlers and low culteu — WEATHER ARKANSAS— Fair tonight 'and Tuesday, '.••'. Memphis and Vicinity— Faif tonight and Tuesday, - not inucli. change In tsmp^ratufe'. ~ : . The maxlniunl iemperaluro hero ycsterdaj was S3, . rt^lnlnium 58. clear, according to Samuel F,, Nor- ils, official weather observer.

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