The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1930
Page 6
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.(''ACE' SIX Horses Run For These Boys Oklahoma and Kentucky Produce Star Jockeys of ' the Year. i 6Y WILLIAM HRAUCIIKK : NEA Service Sports Kdltor i The hard boots country of Ken-' tucky and the Oklahoma bad lands have produced this year two of the i most sensational young horse rid-, ers of the generation. i One is Henry Hand-Ridm' Uiloy,! a 17-year-old kid from a ranch near, Wetunko, who wears the kind of face that horses go for. The other,. Eugene James, a youth the same! age from Louisville, has booted i home mere than 130 winners in; five actual months of riding In; races. [ Riley leads the pack of American | Jocksys, with ICQ winning mourns up to the middle of December. Hc| Iiooted his first one home March C, 1 at Agua Callente. Both of the young stars still are apprentices. .Inrhr.v.x none Jamrs. Irfl, ami "Hand Kldlii"' lilii-y, uf the day. of the most srnsalloivit young j win," «ald J.ime.s. "I win by break- i ing the ordm thj trainer alve.s me | In the paddock. Mow is a trainer i going 10 know before the race ; what's going to happen out there ; on the trcu-1;, or what kind of • handling n hci-pc needs :H any time [ during the race " j Anyway, Onie is a good listener! Horsemen declare that the horses have a lot to do with the success or failure of a jockey. Ol Htley and James, they say • horses run for them." Around the stnbles Ihero ore no higher words of praise to bestov, upon a boy. Those four words are the turf's accolade. The words mean that each of those young men are thoroughly understood by the thoroughbreds they ride. There are a great many boys wearing Jockey clothes, It seems, j with whom horses will have nothing whatever to do. Horses will go-through the necessary motions .for mere riders, the hardboots ofj act stoutly aver, but they will: the trai run their hearts out for the boys j The \V>allirr, Klc. they like. The New Yoik'ttoxliic Commis Riley, at 11, has been riding slon has domrmitetl ll-u Mnv horses for 10 years. First on Ihcj Sclimcllng answer (I " IOME THINGS TriATMQH&y CAH'TW CAM BE ka, Tnlsa and Kansas City he was nine years old. Mrs. C. K. Allen, herself an Oklahoman,. found him in the sticks In 1929 and took him to Agua Cat- lentc, where in March, 1030, he booted Crlspte Seth under-the wire, his first winner. ' After that It came easy. He won four at Agua Callente and went back o Tulsa. - ..... ....*^. New York BoxliiE Commission viant some more of the same for Gus? It may show a great deal (hh winter. The StrlMInf Chorus In nil Its dignity nnd, power, the Nallonal IloxinR Assoeiallou deems Max Schineling null and void view of ills failure l-> defend his L-iiins, clnmnrln; ror tlic customers' mousy The only difference I between one bum and another: is 111 that this one Is pigeon-toed and (.Princeton football teams may re-! | i gain some of tlielr lost prestige iu : : coining seasons, and if they do.; | | credit will have to be givcii Al 1 1 WJttmciv above, former Tiger star; Wlttmer becomes head coach-'at his' alma mater in 1931. succeeding Bill. I Hojw. Wiltmer served as Roper's! assistant for several years. I j winners In eight days. He won 23 time of year are nu.lV> 1 races in the Hawthorr.o meet. Ho rode, nine days nt Arlington Downs, on the Waggoner ranch in Texas, Walker From the wilderness cfrr.cs Saber Wound Fatal BUDAPEST, (UP)—Fritz Kaun-1 and brought In 12 .winners. 11 wasi cry .. . ncnrm«.r,.ni,, at Arlington Downs that he brought! ln g for „„' HC iubrortlc^ mbil K r in' four in a row. Then came the | i,( 5 gindlator tk- closbov \rirknv meetings in New Orleans, where j walker. Mr 'Kearns has inirnVrmi, Sf .^ln k rthlm aVe teC " al " m to ['» t »'«™»f. being ready to offer bet against him. ^ _ ns „ guarantee n collple „, tanks , u North Dakota he doesn't renv»mh»r Horsemen say that horses know thc llamcs Qf a|) * " l "> -"}„', nerve when they Ke it. And nerve| r arm n(op p^.,. pc;)k "','' Is, the. Etc"?.°t Oene Jamcs^ 5llnrcs ..i n , hc Chicago River scv-1 i-M-nl slichtly used iimbrellns and nn old pah- of dice. Isn't thnt wind bitinf? HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday JIT is Grin, Gets 'Em record matches, if not excels, Ril- ey's.tor sensationalism. James was born in Louisville in 1913, the son of a railroad- mechanic who never rede a horse in Ills life. The boy never rode ft horse, ollucr, until 1930. ' When Gene was 10 years old, he crawled under the fence nt Churchill Downs and saw Zfv win the Derby. He told his father he wanted to ride horses, but this met with "objections. His father wanted him to stay in school. The tey; ma j. murn t m <, cl ~ Max Tiis'aer' did, until he reached his second:.—:. —-.- l - lax ' " ls ocr Goin' 'Hie JIaulfr Percnnlnlly tl-a cry comes for fome more of Uempscy. II Is hnrd to forget the left hand that laid them low, and the right that kill- Faintly at first, then increas- ed. ing in volunm- like a forest nre rcmes the rumor that the original , American 100 per cent year high. Then the cal, became ^ '..^SSrS'-it m«v £% tt\ tfr^nff T1r» WAnf tn Pnsrne i, nro v,,,. ^ , , . J . L1 V u "i Here, but do not forget that some- f.t.cro the Mm is always shining. to strong. He went to Hoscoe Goose, famous ex-jcckey. ." Goose gave U:e kid a job walklng," which means cooling off Timney In Connecticut, Deputy Sheriff Oenc Tunney slu with his largo dogs parked before a roaring fire a gooci book In his liand and no| thoughts of the ring in his mind < » Tei:iini«cc? Of thwe slash- ' horses aftev: races and workouts by walking them around. Gene gol his first chance to ride July 4 at Latonia. Seven days later he brought in his first winner. Madcap Marvin. Though he did not n 0?r . \ ride the full mcttlng at Latonia, James had n winners. At Dade] the i as t bo'it" betweVn "tlV—"'" Park he rode 10 winters in nsl nflOT Orc , b * d „ hl P R1 ^ many days and went en to Lincoln rubber's table and sM. "fve had Fields lo .win 30 in 30 days I all I want of that BUV"? Or Is he He went on to Churchill Downs thinking of beautiful' hie Vorris and In 11 days of riding brought in marching along In a rhvthmfrnl 20 winners-five of them in a day. musical procession? Cold winters Next at Latonia he won 31 races have been in Connecticut in 20 days. Today he is the'acO| . . . rider of the stable of the million-, Epilogue -1 ChfcalT" 1 0pCralOT ' JOC ' L * ltCr of i_ A Pack of stumbling heavyweight All of this James accomplished despite four bad spills. At Dadc Park his mount slipped on u wet f>p;t right at the break and threw him. He mounted again that day and & little later on the program was thrown when entering th? stretch two lengths ahead of the field. Tne whole pack passed over him but- he was unscathed. At Lincoln Fiolds he was thrown when his horse was struck by the heels of the runner in front of him. A short time later, he was thrown again when his horse stumbled, and one of tte runners tramped on his jaw. He was unconscious for'75! a day, part of his jaw was remov-|*} cd by a surgeon—but he went right from the hospital to the track. * . • Asked, to give the secret of James' success, one of the trainers vith whom he is associated at New Orleans, said "he listens to instructions." • • "When trainers are talking to him," Bald another, "he isn't thinking about tonight's date with some cutle." A reporter ntked James about itiia. About one-third of the-races I RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday '"'A' J'o. JACK lie $3 p from ^Syracuse' Comedy and Travelogue. Matinee and Night—10-25c. 1 1 :K ! «i Christmas Special Your Car a* 45 , t\T\(\ * •| Genuine Raybestos Service DIXIE SERVICE STATION Phone 315 Comedy and Review. Broadway at Ash Adm— Matinee A(li«._ Xight 10 anci 30c lO and 35c Bargains for Wed., FrL and Sat Onh< 1 E-^ksnOTaHECTE^^ VL mm CAKE, Country Club, 0 CANDY, Pecans, large paper shell Ib. 49c Almonds Ib, 20c ^ Walnuts > la^e California Ib. 29c Brazil Ib. 22c Mixed Ib. 25c I »I^M^»^»^J^——^^^—^ • IK* large Select Guaranteed Fresh Bleached Nice Doz. 19c Size 12 !b COFFEE Smsete .id ib. 35c I BUTT! COCOANOTS large Each SB9S Clover Bieom or Brookfield, Ib. Large Firm Size 48'ft Head Golden Yellow * Fancy Howelis ' ' ' 3 Pound?- *<*' Pure Hog 8 Pound PaiS Limit TOMATOES N 0 - 25 "- ard 3 Cans te No 2 Can Pride Pet or Carnation 3 Tali er 6 Small Casis f.-f i flPPI CQ Fancy Red Starks HI I LLO Doyen IRr Dozen 15c peck GRAPES Ib. c SNOWDRIFT 6poud 95c Shoulder I? 1 ! L&.'A FRYEi£Ktdjb^ CHOPS Elb.21c Ib. I4c RAPftM Genuine DftUUN Black Hawk VC Fancy Milk Fed, J 1 If Fs<!5 Hi-nccPifl |}> £, Ark:ins:is Ulatk at Rome .Beauty |s York imperial ft|) Nice Size Hiiisdsle Counts Pint 32e ^J Meat tund Lari I ||p|iq Fancy milk fed f ^i 68LH^i^ r « (

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