The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, 'A?Tm, 12, 1049 BT/YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TBREB Plan for German RepublicTangled Social Democrats f Reject- Proposal by *•, Big Three Ministers Hy Edward E. Iloniar WASHINTON, April 12. <m— Plans [or a new Western German Republic soon may be tas-sed back Into • Uio l?.p;. of the Big Three toreiKn ministers. They whipped these plans into sliupc licre only liist \vrek. Disturbed American officials thought to this powitbillty todaj after lenders of Ibe German Socia 1 Dcmocinttc Party rejected tho ternus ns outlined by Secretary ol State Acho.son, liritish Foreign Sec Tc'ary Bevin find Foreign Minister Sfhumaii of France. The Socialists are slroiiK eiiouRl to blocy. ncccfwuy approval by tin - German parliamentary council a Bonn. The council lias lieon at work ; for months on a eonstituUon for f federal state which would dircc , most rtcmesiic. ai'fairs of tho 45.000. '. (100 people ill the Western occupa tion zones. Officials hope that German dlt ferenccs over the plans may yet b i ironed out without retelling th whole project back to the thre we.sler'i diplomats—a move whtcr nilslit be a hard blow to the West in the strn'-iele with Soviet Russia. *. The possibility that the Germans ^ might balk was foreseen when the foreign ministers ' announced on ' Friday they had readied full atjrce- , nient on their future course in ' Germany—including a step to return a large measure of self-government to the defeated nation. Bevin advised then that "if the Germans are wise they will respond." The Social Democratic Party i-s ho'.dine out for a stronger central government tlir.n the allies are will- ins to grant. The foreign ministers had favored placing authority over foreign trade and lorelpn exchange in the hands of a civilian, three- member allied hiph commission ' which would take the reins now held bv military governors. The new plan would become effective alter the new German constitution has been ratified by the • occupying powers and aproved by • the. Western German voters. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Human Nature Puts on Big Show When Spring Arrives in Cities By ll:il Boylr I NEW YORK, April 12—OPj—Yn- i-awww-w-w-n-nnn! I guess spring is renlly here. Spring fever anyway. And Ihe season of gentle melancholy and pleasant foolishness is upon us. • It Is a time (o dreamy peace for .he common man, as his mind nnd body prepare for the chemistry of iummcr. But It Is also n lime of ;reat wars. Ambitious leaders all through history have picked this season to unleash the armies they have built up through the winter. The ground has firmed foe the martial foot. But this year looks like another of the years the world treasure: a year of peace. The bugle h tig.-, on the wall, brightly polished but unblown. No mighty armies are massed for attack. . . that we know of. Spring comes to the city in smal surprises. Down where I live you can tell it best by the sudden in crease of pcnnabiiJators, The poo man on the lower East Side ma; never hope to own a motor car. Bu he will go without a suit to see tha his new baby rides In the fines bugpy in the neighborhood. Baby Buscy rarades Slated A day arrives when the air wear chill in the shade an a suddc ftness in the sun. And the side alks bloom with thousands iby buggies, alivo with postcrit id the voices of tomorrow. Across the East River a few bud icn on the tree that grows rooklyn. And here In Manhattan ou'd think the cold skyscrapers icmsclves would erupt In greenery —thrust out limbs and leaves lo itch the warmth. And perhaps jine day they will, and turn this :ony wilderness into a green garden the spirit. Court Hears Defense To Charge ot Murder BBNTTONVILUS, Ark., April Wj—The riefezise today began : effort to clear George Cooper of charge of first degree murder. Cooper, 39-year-old Gravette ra dio repairman. Is being tried fc the dealh of his wife, Mrs. Lo: Cooper, 36. She tiled last Decem ber after a truck she and Coopc occupied rolled down an embank ment at the Gravette city dump, valvz stem penetrated her skull. Cooper said it was an accident. Stage's testimony was concluded yesterday. , The Icy receptionist shows a thaw- is heart niul she tunicth tuvny it: snlc.stmui nt tlic doov without rath. A Kloiun comes Into the oiLNGwifp's eye.'She wraps nu old loth about her head. Dust rises. 'ho furniture makes its semi-annul trek n round the living room to he t'une of her husband's creak LIR joints. Ob, the .street cleaner whistles icJiliirt hfs broom. The .strtio^raplicr iirclc.s n bouquet to work, atul cvery- me gets a flowor. Every wcminn s (air to the eye—and cvevy bnch- Ooc is ji possibility. Even U>c subway sinus lulventure. By itu'se signs you know H. Spring s here—Uic best show In town. Forrestal's Illness Due To Overwork f You can live here all your life and .ever see a robin or a bluebird. 1 be heralds of spring elsewhere. Jut the pigeons aren't a bad snb- titutc. The pavement Is alive with heir courtships—love under font— nd their cooing can be heard half block. Up in Central Park tliey begin to nit out tlie boats for the sailors, 'eople often have wondered why sailors fresh from the sea go there .o row boats around the lake. There is no mystery about It. They go there because, as one sailor told 'it's a wonderful place to meet a girl." Neckties arc Brighter There Isn't much the average man does here to show how spring affects him- ire dares a brighter necktie- He dawdles and day dreams more. And I think the doodling on his desk pad changes in a subtle way. But that would take n cryptographic Dr. Kinsey to Interpret. The girls, as always, are more demonstrative. Oh, the girls, the beautiful girls of New York. They break out In more colorful dre::es. They plump In unexpected places And is It only imagination that there is more of a waggle in their walk? WASHINGTON, April 12—on— James Korrcstnl, hospilnli/ed former ry of, "is terribly exhausted in every way. his son snid today. Nnvy physicians said yesterday th;U the 57-year-old official, who retired al the end of Inst month, is suffering from "occupational fatigue, " which is "directly I lie re.sult of excessive work during the war 11 act postwar years.'* His son, Michael, 21, said his father must have plenty of rest. "He hasn't beon eating properly ljer;iusc he \vn.v too tired," he snkl. Forrestrtl bus been in the Naval Medical Center at nearby Belhescia, Md., lor 11 days. He was flown there from Florida, where he hud gone for a vacation after giving up his iovemment post. A bulletin issued by the haspital yesterday said Forrc.stitl .showed symptoms "characteristically seen In st;Urs of exhaustion 1 ' and added: "The only psychiatric symptoms present are those associated with a stnte of excessive fatigue." Rep. Rnnkin (D-Miss) told the House that Radio Commentator Drew Pearson on his ABC broadens 1 Sunday nfghl made a ."vicious attack" oti Forrestal. R»nkin rlid not say what Pcar.son said, but tin congressman announced he was go ing to ask Federal Communication omiuissUm (FCC) to "prevent such inhuman abuses" in the future. i.s patches from Moscow sal excerpts from Pearson's broadcas have been picked up and are bcln used for propaganda purposes b the Russians.) Students Heor Discussion of Sales Technique Tlie principal (actor In successful sellttiK Is a genuine liking (or dealing wllh people. Klbcrl Johnson, speelnl ngent for Equitable Ufe Assurance Society, told lilythcvllle HlKh School students when he spoke to Iliem In assembly today. "This gives power To onr sales slintcgy surf Is the (list step In (he process of getting ourselves believed In nnd accepted so tlr I people will llilnk with us." lie snld. Mr. Johnson stressed Hie of a well-rounded persoimllty foi the snleMium nnd \vimied Ihe students not to mnke the mlslnkc of bliimlng the prospect If he B lack of Interest, '"llils Is as un- rensormble us It would be for a fur- mor to blinue an early frost on the thermometer. It's up to you to him like you niid be Interested U what you have, to offer," he explained. The spenker emnhftslv.ed Uic con trlbittioii that a ncut appearance pleasant, voice, and firm hnnclslmkc make lo the successful iKindllng o a sales Interview. For further cm phasls. he quoted Eiuerson \vhei he snld, "What nre you speuks s loudly, I cannot herr what, yoi say." Mr. Johnson told the students th Commission Barnes Bridge c or Memphian McMath to Speak MEMPHIS, April 12. M'j—Ofll cials of the American Legion's po?, No. 1 said today that about LOW men will be Inducted into the pub at ceremonies tomorrow night. Go Sirt McMath of Arkansas Is th scheduled speaker. story of Baljc Ruth, with his recori of 851 home runs and his othc record of striking out more Ihn nny other phiyer in the history c baseball. Ruth never Allowed fen of failure to slow him down c, weaken his effort. When he strut out, he didn't count It as a failur it as effort. Referring to life Insurance, V Id, "no business has In the past 0 years shown n more rapid and lore consistent growth than Ims ic life insurance business. Today, i a better understanding ol uses of life Insurance, and with high professional and clhtcnl tnndarcls which now prevail, a rowth far more rapid than thnt f the past Is to be safely nnd ccr- nlnly anticipated." WEST MKMPI11S. Ark., April la. I'l—As lar lit, (hi) Memphis nncl alisiss llrldgc Commission Is "oncerncd. the new highway brlil|(« crass the Mississippi River nl Memphis Ls tho "15. H. Crump Bridge." Crump, (he Memphis tRiirc and I'luilrmnn of the eom- ni.sstor, was not present at yestcr- lay's nu-elinfi of the Ki'cmp here. Kill nil the oilier members—1'J In jieusoti niul one by proxy—voted to mime the bridge lor him. The bridge Is expected lo be completed lllXHIl Jllll. I. Both (he Arkansas mut Tcnni's- sec lop.Lslature.s—its well as .spokesmen lov tin- Arkansas Aincrtoin l.c- Hion an*! the 'remicssi'u Veterans of Foreinn Wai;; -have recommeml- ccl the jinme "Memorial llrldfie." lo honor sc-ryice personnel of both states. Hut tu'o lawyer-members ol the bridge commission have suld thut the group has Ihe [hud word mi naming Ihe tow-lune span. Yesterday's rc.sohitlon declared that till.- blldi',0 "be anil hereby Is unmeet and deslnnaled perinanenlly the E H. Crump Bridge." Meanwhile, (he Tennessee U'jsls- lulilrc has received li bill to give the Stale Ihiihway Department niilhnr- lly to name bridges, or to cooperate with other slates In miming, bridges cros-sln; 1 stale IjoundariCs. Lonsdale Mayor Faces Misdemeanor Charges In Spa Municipal Court HOT Sl'llINOS, Ark., April 12, ['!'!-- Colorful John l-onsdale, Jr., Is dialled with '.Sabbath breaking" and iiiimbHtu; at Ills Umsclale Col- ny house, Ixm^dnle, mayor of Ihe town which bears his lutnlly nanu\ Is uc- -i.tsed of M'lllLiB beer on Hnnday und of having a marble, machine which pays olf at (he nmnsemi'iil center. The formal charge, on the latter count Is exhluitliiH H KambliiiK cic- vlw. 1,. I'l. Carpenter, former chief of police anil nnc-lLmc- cnLony house employe, swore out n wiirrant tin' Unisditle's arrest. 1-oiiMlale, nn iin.succr.sstul candidate lor Ihe DenHKTitHc. nimilmilLiin tur governor lust simnuer, pleaded imuu'iMit on iLiTalxniiH'nl hi Hot KprliiKS Municipal court yesterday, lie will lie lilven II linulni; April a'.!. Municipal ,Iniluc Fred .Inhnsoii said ii convlvllon wotilil vcMili In l.onsdale's removal from tin- nuiyoi's oil ice. Road Courier New» Want Ad«. f Read Courier News Want •/ot Springs Honors Nation's Boy-of-Year With Parade, Dinner HOT SPRINGS, Ark., April fl^> —Today Is "Stuffy Montgomery Day" here. The day honors James (Stuffy! Montgomery, U, who was selected as tlic Boys Clubs of America's "Boy of the Year." A downtown parade and a dinner in his honor were scheduled. fee Ruling Issued LITTLE ROCK, April 12. (ID— Arkansas County ShcrllT Havol. Woodson cannot collect ten cent a mile lor mileage In serving writ; A general state law fixes thu fee. But Sheriff Woodson's fee fixed by an curlier Arkansas Conn ty salary act at five cents per mil Attorney General Ike Murry yesterday. He said the Suprcm Court had ruled directly on 11 point. SCOOP! the Most Sensational Buy Oi Capps Famous Tropicals $3750 Two Pants Suit - 49.95 A Sensational Value You Can't Miss!... Expertly tailored.... Smart Patterns... All Sizes Tan—Blue—Gray—Regs.—Longs—Shorts HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR , A*. CLOTHIER St««U, Mi rec Climbing Canadians ined for Entering U.S. 'legally Via Hovel Route BUFFALO. N.Y.. April 1'J. </!'» — wo Canndtmis cUiiilu'il tiown a re Into Ilic utillwl Slnlc.s. TlK v ImmiKi'nllon srrvli'o didtl't ko; tdrn. So OiViil K. Hll'lllltrr. J. nncl J;a-k A clc Fui-csl. W. 1m 1 f ToroiUo, Out.. wrr<-' M-nlc'iu^icI to months In Jull In frtlcrul covii't. p.slerdny for Ult'^iU rnlry. A brnncV. o[ tlic lice loiinrtl con- ctncnlly towanJ u nil! of (he ji ldi?o on the AtncrlciLn .-ilck oj tin; lagnri Hivcr. Thi Canudiiin.s wove cliaiyocl \vtth mipicm froju tlic l>il<lKc lo Hi' 1 jrnncb March 2B mid droiipl'iR l»l" lie United Slnlc.s. On camp the branch. 'o/rce Chief Selected HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. April 12 AP> — Dau \Valkins \vlll )jp<\j(n Hot SprinKs' chief of iiollirc I'rltlnj lie will succeed Clcorgo Cnlluluu who has reslf-ncd. Leliuul Lfnlhcnuiin, n K ot tho Civil Sc-rvlcc Coinnilsstcii snl<l Watkins. who \vn.s so dotcctivc, headed nn c \ist nncl ;vit5 tKlvancftl mUoniallciOly. GIN more sleepless \vlien yovi luivo ;i Coolnir Knu! KHAlcims. Ask for installation csti- mate. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. HOW MODERN MIRACLE OF DESIGN MAKES THE NEW DODGE DIFFMHJ! LONGER on the inside ...SHORTER outside! WIDER on the inside ...NARROWER outside! HIGHER on the inside ...LOWER outside I W no SAva nR c.irn arc nlikr? Jual look at tlir nrw thiil (hires lo lir: (liffrrctil! Uiffrri'ril in tlt tlinl Mow from Uuc functional styling. Diffrmil iit*i<tv—<imltml! \\\in ftpmiug doors I ha I make il rasy In j»rl in ami out ... inside all lines the licait room, Icy mum, rltiow room you i-iniM ;isk for. Topriing Jill, is I lie fltisbinp iirrfitrrnaiicc of llir famtms Ooilge Inside, lliis new Dodge is liip»rr llircc w.'iys—lon»rr, \vidor, ''Ot-Au.iv" Kngiim . . . llic vtilvrly smoollmcsa of Dodjjo higher! Ilul out side it is a finally filiorlcr, narrow IT, lowrr. No All-1' I ti id l)riv&. bulky Hncff to l>:ilk you when |mrkin^ or »;n.i^iif: ynnr nr\v l)<nl<;i', ItrTnrr yon ilroiilr nn nny car, sec how inmli mare Dodgo Here ia a miracle of design Oial jnils_>v*^rc«tnforL tiral. \\ iiic gives fur jour money 1 FENDERS easy on TCfi-iir, dcntwi arc fioJlrd nn . . . 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