The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1938
Page 5
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEV&LE? (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Ticjsel Will Admit Jfr, srigMrs. Pan! 1CJ7 FLAPPER .FANNY WC- m By Sylvia BIT? "IKE FIRST 100 YEARS" Social Calendar MONDAY'S PVENTS ' Business and Professional Women's plulj haying parly at'Rustic ton at 8:00 o'olocls. Wo'ma'ri'ii' Missionary Union, First Bapijst church meeting nt 2:30 p.m. at ohiirch (or business and ao?lal meeting. 'Executive' board, Woman's A 1 !"-; : iliary of tho First " Presbyterian church 'fliectlnj at 3:i30 p.m. at church. \Vqman's ilissjonary society,, First Afe()ipdist church ineetlng at i church st 2:30 S.t 'Stephen's Episcqpal Guild, meetjng at homo of Mrs. Oscar; pardaway at 2:30 p.m. ! pjly of Parfn!,Teachcr Assoeiatlons meeitng ni, t.*j ...,i. .y^-. fn hig'h scriool library preceded by j%^ •. nn e.>-cautive hoard meeting nt "'%% 1:00 p.m. • - - • | TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mofninss Bcssion of (he Forrest City pjstrlol 'Federation of Women's clubs meeting at First Bap- tls.t cjiuroli at D o'clock. i Afternoon Cession pt tho Fed- ( church at 1:30 p'clo?!?, Bits of Mostly I Miss Jeanne Harrison mid William llnrrkon, wlio attend lien-' dlix college at Coinviiy, •' ' .SKUO.VI) JMI'TIST UIUICCH 18th and Main i B. m. .Sunday- schoal. 11:03 a. in. Morning .services. T)>e Rev. 1J. Jcnifgai), oi Lcpapto, wit) conduct lhe services. 8:30 y. pi. S!. T. u' V:;iO () m. Evening services. Tlie Rev tvjr. Jejiilsaji will speak. . ..,,,.. Mine*, flalilii Sunday scliool classes at 1:30 p. m. Imvt' Weekly congregation wirvices at ... •• : -•"••• "i"t"» 3:C3 p. jn. CcHiiJiejnoralioi) of the »,,,i »r i ! l l le11 ' I'^ye.'Us, Mr. I'Slst: anniversary of llic death of Slid Mis. /«! R. Harrison, and Baruci) Benedict Siiino.M, reclajm- "It's C, Chuck! The time for birds—an'bwuiliU f!i ors—a» p —an' BASEBALL!" -ederatlon rneettag S R" city hall'tit Mrs ' Gcor ^ w> ' Bariu>m offered ! most .fiibstanlial lipniM in the city ' " Federation meeting at city hall at "™ 8:po o'cloplt. f SJ e f toe 'Arts Luucheoi) nt Worn- ^''?- Cc ? 11 an's club' at IJI'-OB o'clock. ' f,- „"!, •SIl'S, C. K. Babccck entertaining ' UEry " el the Tuesday Bridge club. had been QlTered nml Unit the nr- conducted Hie ransempnts were complete for en- ir ti'hlflli Mice rm>Mltti[m n'li ,»«.! i-.. Frances Guerin saug a duet. They were accompanied by Mrs. A. Miss tertitlniiig Miss delegates. "Mrs WC Hi«Rins3n hnvine 1 Iney wcre a«ompanlcrt by Mrs. A. iV'Yovmg Matroirl Bhdge^ elSfl"' WMcnta,,,,,, who presided ,t '". WEDNESDAY'S RWUMTS lhe " ln "° 'hronghout the pro- tion. , .._.,^... j EVENTS '""' 1>lB " C '•<towtJ^A f $£ ;;7r is tl ?^<r , hcu r sjl .^« ftt ~ r - -'&«« "^ .Wednesday Bridge' club meeting Weslbrwk Jr.. and Miss Virginia with 'Mrs. W ''HMiiiyard Duriini " bC/0re llle mce!i ' lg wfts Jfrs. Bulord Martin having the STh/Tii "rh-ft'llln 8 ^' " B ^ ^die, Bibio Study of the cS-hj^ of a^isSry ^cUe- Mrs. Charles Wylie having liie Wtdiiescjay Contract club. ! iH'jRsnA.T's EVENTS : Mrs. A. Conway ciilcrlaining Mid-Week Bridge club. Thursday Luncheon club meeting with . Mrs. Byron Morse. f,frs. G. W. Giurlgrm having Thurssiay Aflerpoon club. YbU'ig vvmijen's I.jlssionary society of the First Church Nazarcne 'P<.'?t:r,g • wltii Mrs. ' Jack Parker at 7:30 am. , '; " V/Ojrian's Fcrelsii Misslonnry society of First Church, Nnzurcne, •meeting at church at S:30 o'clock. Have. Slcak Fry Approximately 30 visitors nnd members cf lhe Younj People's Dcpurtnient of the First Methodist church, of which Mrs. L. L. Hn- bencr is.siibnsor!': 'attended the • Mrs.' James . entertainjng " . Double peek Brills*; club " ITUDAY'lj EVENTS :l.iUrary department of Woman's i'lilb. 'meeting 2:30"'q'clock at club houEe. '" SATURDAf S RVt^TS ehildren of Confederacy meet- 'ing.-with Hulh" PiidcUson, 2:00 o'clock. » ll!\s Ne,w Men.hers Mrs Jack Parfci and Miss Ola Hoskins became ncn members of the Young Women s Missionary Society of tho iirst Church of the Nazareno at, a meeting of nine members of tliat, group Thursday night at the home or Mrs. J. L. Tyrone. a prnyer by Mrs. Noble peculiar, Mrs.. Parker read an'rt rtiscussetl the 32nd Psalm during ihe rievolional period. Airs. L Q. Tyrone, superintendent of " steak fry given 'til the hom Will |Iave .Tag »rxy As is the custom on election day, the Mapl2 Drove Ctoietery association wl)l Imve a tiis liny Tiics- day. . . - Ti-,c money derived Irom this project will he used lo pay a sex- Ion's salary during (lie sunnncr months, when an 'attempt to beautify the svoimds w|ll be made. * * T fcljqivs l-'arui Ha: I'arty fnnilly. Dr. and Mrs. I,, L. Uiibpner >vciil lo Mcmphlc today to m'ccl Hiolr sen, Atiio, who has h?en vt^llliw Jib •MfHidparcnl.s In I^tlc Rock! W. M. Ponder am) daughter. Miss Crilheriiie. cf Passnlc, N. J,,j IliL", afteriio?)! to snend tlie moji r.' fee rd outcast. .* ft r-:^-*-'f ^)ltJKC/II . ami \Valnut Ireeis -uiiday scliooi 8 a. in. worship 10 a. m. Ser.,.,,': '"f'jie MuivcloiUj lif Us cf Oiirist's Siifferln^ auc , ! ,, . ekeiul with Mr. Pollster's slsler. s c Alls. Ray Worlliington, and family, tain " Mr. Kiicl Mrs. .1. F, Wlmljerly re-1 The Uilhernn Hour 3:3t) p. tuned this morjilin; from fCans-is Hear Dr. Mater, of St. Lduls. over City where Mr, Wimberly nttendc:! : ccint-to-coasi network. Try KLCN. to miBlness. . r oiiin.. i;, n ,iii,,H n ;,c. o,,/.. in nM incditalions over KLON „ .- . , ,„ • L=>ILUJI jiicuiiuuuns over UL.US' .s Roberta cipycs went to Par- Wednesday :i:30 p. in, Subject, o iti ihlii spend Die address: "OvercsliniBtlng Physica vvcckciKl with her parents/ Suffering" ' ed A io^.r«'-". R 'hl%?.?' aUcll(| - ...M. 1 *"?*. Ulllc " .«T^« w ? (l - SATUHDAV, APRIL 2,-1938' Presbylei'iitn Evangelist wssible of the unsaved and im- broadcast each Wednet-Jay at li-f churched as poaible--lhese are a. m .over KLCN. the alms of our special cvangclis-; — < _^__ tic services during Ihe next 15 W V f A U no ..n n;» *i (lays. Together with our jisterj "• «-•• JOnnSOtl IJICS At churches we will work lo accom- " '" """ " pllsii iliese result:;. Mcrniiig i',-ur.s!iip at 11:83 o'clock -111 feature a sermon entitled.' of "Christ,—Eycrylhing, Everywhere," Jc and a vccai solo. "Fear Not Ye Miss Jeanne Ilarrlcoii The Rev, G. p. nell, D. D.. of Mcntrcat. N. C.. above, will conduct an evangelistic meeting at tlic — • WV«»UW»B «-T|VO f\\. lYlaneviile Wednesday . will feature UK- last of " J ° lllls0) of Here, I Maneville, became .series ... . M ,. d n W ' c ? Uon bu >' cr c'raj years lie lived in before he weiil to New- ii) 1925. When in tills cily connected wilh .... ,_„.. Cotton company, but uei joined tlic Anderson ciay- Cottou company. . , -------- „ ------- ......... b „„ „„. . first Presbyterian ch)ircli liere \iz- " Ic J- cs soii-Sermon 'which will be of messages, "Eniritual Needs in y,"f Hie Lord's Prayer." v.-hlch will also 'Ihe visiting; s clist for thc'v" rovnal mcElin? in this church;",, will l:e the Rev, G. R Bell, D .D.. ' of Montreal. N. C. Wo cordially V invlle the fjeucral public lo en- i joy these .services. ., uiKlBY rtuircli scliool at <M5 ,. J ° "1 Ol "i" opinion U>at i. ar.d Plcurers' Vespeis nl (J--15 , !'i "• "'. Cn sllil> Ilas Cnou 8li p.m. i mc(al »> !l to «>able It lo be lhe Ourlnz the week, vm \ tmautlw <* * b "< «* «8htnU,«. bc_ licttl at 10:CO a.m. daily and' 'i:^ p.m. ouch night.. The • day Tlicrc arc more tlian 4o,0(jO <iif- «rvices will be held rigidly to 4& ferent ways oj sealing eight per- mlnntes in length. ' ^sons at a tnble £el for eight. CHRISTIAN SC'IKNC'E St'K VICES 70S W. Main UNREALITY is the subject of ginning Apiil :i and _ „ - „..,. „„,....,u.,i B read in all Churches of Chrfei, througli April 17. Tliere will be Scientist, on Sunday; April 3, 1038. daily morning and evening services Tl ' c c ' 01 den Text is "The worl-1 -' ' passclh away, and the hist there- >, ' • >• ucc of ser. O. rrlsby, Sain Wells, A. K. mc:r. "Tlic sixlli Word from the Henry, and Charles Penji' attended Cress- 'It Is Finished '" O'PReneral sales meeting of A. , •3. Hear l|ie mc'sazc of the cruci- Pitrjjuro and Company «t. HoWjiicd Christ tor the salvation of Teabody In Mciiiplits lost niglil, i your soul! Miss •T.inejehc Bpcncer, of drecn- vljle, Aljss., Is spending the weekend \t, Miss Mary All:c Scay. MIS. t . t. opoley, who has been at 10:00 a. in. and 1:30 p. m, 'Die- liev. Mr. Bell until ,c , was pastor of several Important Presbyterian churclics. the last oi I'IKSJT iMETItOpJSj'J' CiUJltCll li. l.ynn Wade.' 1'aslor ., — r - —. « yu ,vj, .T..W Jiui> u^-u cur Sunday school meets at 9:4a lie (juesl of her soil, the Rev. W. o'-lcA, S. K. C-urrctt, superlnteiui- f. Cooley, nnd family of Joiner, cut. for several days, arrived liome yes- Prcnchiiig at 10:55 o'clock by icrduy. She W ns accompanied by the Rev. Otis Andrews, evangelist. Mrs. Cooley and son, David, who starling (be Pro-Easter revival. Visited Mr. ami Mrs. Cooley nnd ffirvlces eaeli day throughout the her. own parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. M, week al 1C o'clock in the morning r. Moon and family. They return- and 7:30 in the evening. Special ed today. - .1 music by the choir al ea:li service Glen '3)11111), cf Camclon. Ark. Sunday. . had many successful meetings in .i'.™ 101 ' 1 ' tllc days-come, 1 UuU.all Eeveral slates. l{e will arrive here is '" • " ! '" e house, and tiiai Monday night for his first service. ;vMch th >' fathers liave laid. up — r — • --- : - - - — i '" s ' orc unto' this ilay,- tliall- be „..,.,.;„„ „. „ ,„ , , carried into Babylon: nothfne '>iali arrived last, if Miss Irene end. nijjla lo l;o '(he guest over the week I FIHST BAl'TU'T •(•-. Jlrv.;'Alfred Carpenter, pastor . I Si;3l) a.m. Sunday school. Revi- fnr (wo weeks. Music—"Cliristian Arkansas Hotel Greetcrs II \l LI > n i i ""' |livo lveclis - Music—"Cliristiai Urge Copies Reelection lne -M° m Breaks", choir. ' ' i C:30 p.m. training unions. Di The second in a series of diii- ners planned by Ibe members of tlie fallows Forum of >tlic city lilgli school was given Thursday at the Homo Economics cottage when lhe pucst speakers, Miirciis Evrartl and Ivy W. Crawford discussed tho "European SiUiatjIou." Crawford M. Noble Q [ Jones-, . ,. tore, president of the Infernation-' lllsl ' 1 Hotel Grppler.'j, was Boston will preach at the service, nnd twice daily ..lout the meeting. Large chorus choir led by Arthur Nelson -»V \l. ill, ' — -•—.-i >..IIL t| lv mot" llltlL" until recently °' : ™ l hp that iloelli tlic will of •al imiJorlanl P oti aWdclH forever." u j 0 )in 2:17). ___________ ........ _ ui which wns Crescent Hill in Louis' A »io»S Ihe citations which com- vlllc, Ky. Since thnt time he lias pl ' lsc lhe LeEsou-Sermon Is ihs done evangelistic work aii;| lias (ol . lowill B from tlic Bible: "Kln^r^S^,'^ . |^ "t^flE 'Si f'ref If '£ Tni V' il ' B ^ > V 101 ^- 1 ^'-^'and "na.emmv'are ,!„- foicc muH e Oi:v mimstei- nnd real and cannot bo the oht'm-ie ol -!"l.) v f..) vl . " " s '" lh . rec hC1 '- an '.".""'.'e God. goatr-mv ]«> SIMPSON'S STATK LINK TAVERN Sunday, April ;t, • 1938 .• SlrrcJwuts' luncli Jjo Choice of Meats: Koasl Leir of l.amh (Jlilckcn & Noodles Tavern Club sfrak iiicatlcrt I'ork Chops C hoii'c nf Vcgclablcs: Potatoes l-'rtnch Fried I'ofalors KusHsh Peas Whole Kernel Corn C'lioirr nf Salad: Sliced Tomatoes Kauaua Kalart Lettuce iS: OUves Choice, of Drssert; Ho M:idc Pics • Ambrosia !cc (Ircani toffee -.. Tea ' Milk Hoi Krils butter you (jlart ihat you came our UMV ! _ ' ~' j (,'IlUllCtl OF CHRIST ! lt:00 11. 111. Sunday school and' commiintoii at (he eouit liouse. j 2:30 |). i«. Broadcast over KL John Biin, of Del,,,, speak . llie ct^uA n_» e.vt-u tu [iiL iiuint; ^>i r *'«. tuttH^i; Miss M'rinm SmlHi on Highway Dl spriiig fjowers last night. .-t---- t~-...i.:. Tlie guesis playcrt leunls unlil 0:30 o'clock, and then coite! steaks over nn outdoor pit. Enlcilaiu \Villi .Lunclicoii and Bri<lgc The red.and \vhit6 color sciieme used in the dining room of tht HOT tel Noble when Mrs. I-', i,. Engler and Mrs, o. D. Pollock, jr., entertained 24 or their Mends at hincli- :6n yesterday was emphasized by ' '3 of tulips and splrca. . ring the three course lunch, the guests played bridge In the R:se Ro.o:n of the Hotel. This OTS profiioely :lEcar.ited ivith Eiistar lilies and blue'irises." ' In the games', Mrs. C. Modlngcr was high and Airs. E. R. Mason, se:c:id high. ' Mrs. jfodliiger rc- ceiv?:i bund embroidered^- pillow- slips, and Mrs. Mason, madeira linen guc-st towels. Dr Eina Nies .vas given a lunclieon set for low > (Iccontlcd with . ,„ ,.-,...-- vyitli a 'bouquet of Irises: forming the cenicrplecc of Joe Buriieltc, president .of (tic Fellows Eornm, iiitrortucetl Mr. Evrnrd, who told of "(Jonditipiis Now ExfcUng In EMiopc" aiul Mr. Crawfprd, vylio discussed the "Influence of the European Situation Uixm Militarism'in This Cbuntry. 1 ; ne also presentcii soiue interes(ln«i Information regarding Die 'present strength of the United states army. In cgnctusion, Miss Effle Lee Terrell, sponsor of the group, made a Ipr a second tcrln as head'of llic cho ' cvganiznUpn by members of tiic iusl " Arkansas Cliiirtcr No 20' at •! xrvws t/irou mcttiin; in" isof Spri'ii' B .s '\ycaiies-'j- wl '! b = s£t ™ Mc ir flay attended by liotcl m c ,i f ro m! wlth lhe, revival. ^ of the slate. The group Have Class Meeting Splrea mid irises were used in the home of Mrs. WyuU Henley svlicn slie and Mrs. T. J.< Crowder T,- -J.JWJJ1.-, «Hj/i,Jiitn;*iutni ui M.UUJ • ** ii '-i' ^iit- uttu Hirs. j. j * (Jrowdcr discussed the sixth chapter of the I entertained 15 members of the Study bOOk "The hhnliemon ^r Lnrli^s' Rihlt. Mn,... ^r +!.„ T- ; . .. study book "The Challenge ol r~iV,t,~_ u >-, _. _ ° . China. 1 ' Prayer \?as offered by Mrs. Jack Parker. Plan Easter Hunt. Plans '/or an Easter Ladies' Bible class of the First Methodist church anil one guest Miss Delln Meredith, last night, i'0llov,iug the liUDiMss session, Mr::. J. G. yudbnry was the win- hunt of (lie contest game which was . c \vfls and dinner Easter Sunday i-l i he | played. She was presented candied hcmo pf Mrs. O. A. Dunavcn. o! j Easter eggs for her prize. The np' Steeie. wore'mule yesterday ' af- tcrnop.i when H member; and lyvo visitors 9f the Woman's Foreign Missionary society O r the First Church of the Nazarenc met •at. the churcli. 'Ijie visitors wore Mrs.'.Opal lliefcs''"and- Mrs. Bob Tyrone. . The devotional from (ho Mill chapter cf Ephcsians was led by Mrs. Roy Dailies. 'Fhc group mis dismissed wilh a prayer by Mrs. Mildred r<Iaya . ' • * « Have Annual Men's Night The Missionary Study group of preaching rabbit dny w«s also emphasized by the chocolate cgB* which appeared on the dessert plate of angel food cake and pineapple whip which was served. Daughter llnrn A daughter wa:, In'mi to M,. , V nd Mrs. Gerald T. Archer this morning at liicir houir. 101 East Kcn- tueky. li'e Ixiby. «h 0 wnghed 10'-. pound; at bird,, has l)>;en named Betty Lora. pcicgitts Chosen Want Attractive City To Greet Club Women The people of Blylheville were .wkirt lo clean their yards Monday and lo cooperate In the clcnntnc of ncarliy \a.caiit lots, in a public statement issued today by (lie ttardeii club, vvhleh is making; nu tilcrl to tmye Blythevllle especially altraclivc Tuesday nnd Wednesday, when llic Forrest Oily District Federation of Women's cliits meets here. Owners of vacant lots were ask- al to .clear (hem of Irnsli and it was urged that no trush br thrown on the streets. "When lhe visitors »rc taken for a low over (lie city Tuesday Atlantic City In 'Jmie lliiie Ilieir also endorsee! llrs.' Noble for membership 611 the 'national board of governors of lhe aiixiUnry nl whlcli slie is now president. The Nobles will Ijc'aiiiang llio^e considered for Ihe po'sls at the |al!onal cpnveiUio'|i lo IK held at June tit \vhii-li T. -. in office will expire. Employes of Mr. Noble's hotels here and in who attended lhe Hoi Springs mceUtrj \vcrc Mr. ami M,. S . j c .i Sf( . $^( ot Blyllicville. Mr. ami Mrs. Lc- i - oj- Jones ami Albert, Birkhcaci of Ooiifsboro. Mrs. utill is president cf the state auxiliary ami Mr. Btrkhcnd is st-.ite srcrelnii- ol the Greet ers. It was ihe consensus of tlir Hot fi:rin»s meeting thai a second term ar, international president i would afforc! Mr. Noble ojiixirlim- 11 y to complete his program of work in connection with the organization. At the Hospitals •l". U. Vanbibber underwent ... (mergciicy operation for appendicitis lasl night nt the UJythcvillc hospital. A son WHS born to Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Anderson yesterday at the Blythevlllc hospital. The baby, wiio weighs six and a Imlf pounds, has been named yollle Edward. Miss b'lsie Bmilcp" Wilkcy. of Marie, is a pallent at at, Jwepli's S. II. Siilnion, Paslor- .. .. — EveniiiE worship at 7:30 o'clock ig the vibraluu-p. ' | Revival of pur entire msmber- All services through the week! 'hip. calislmcnt of all our prcs- they conllict Active membership, conversion and 1 ciiralhncut of as many as an _MI.i> .- ' afternoon, v ,e wnnl thcni lo limH" cs l" lnl - Memphis. Blyllicville al its best." R. i-'.[, ^ Irs - v ' nn ^ Vancey, of Osceola. Kiuhner. president ot the Garden \"ff .?|tib. saiti todny. in eiilisttiig co-] 1>n [ s ^ration in the iirojc,cl. (lurgl.iv (jclij pAituigr^; V)KNNA i UP)—A burglar wliy broke inlo a house here mid was mauled by a watchdog hns been u warder) damages against iho dos's iwners. The burglar brouRhl Miil aller ieivlng a jail leiin. and won t because ot n law which xiys tlial all dangcroiL 1 ; dtsgs must be miir.-lecl. , . adiniUed lo lhe Meni- has St Joseph's hospital. J. K. tllll, ot Dell. Ir, a pa- li'.-nt al the Memphis Methodist hoj-pitai l " i,u'c -cine states, Orade A CS;ES best, , while in others FUtpT.'.CJIUKCM Or Till : NiiKAUENC Kyrlia I), ijcjislcy, p:« C:45'' Sunday ichopl. McCulliir. wipcriiitendcnl. H:tlO am. Morning worship. Sermon subject, "Love's Heir-neural." 1:lfi N. Y. [>. H. 7:45 p.ii'i. Evening .service. Sor-] men sutjecl, "The Gateway lo| Hiipiiiiiess." We extend a cordial «C|L-OIIIC to all who will worship wilh us. UKK STHEET AIIITIIOUIST (;(>(i[{U similar to kind used for (Iriiikmg; water. .SAAllJBI, F. i\(MU(IS Courier News Shop and Save Here We pay Highest 1'ric.cs on Pouiiry'at ;i]j Times. ES always JDt, & 2Gc . Matinees Salurdaj .t bimdaj Ouh pdayOnly l'. J1. Svcel, Pastor H:45 a.m. Sunday school. IC'Nii run. Morninj wortliip. C:3U p.m. Young People's meet-i ing. 7:31) p.m. livening worship. Wednesday nighl. al 7:30 o'tluek, there will be mid-week prnyer meeting. Monday afternoon "at! 2::-0 o'clock. Woman's Missionary sci-lcly will meet at the church.' Dr. Eugene W. Potter, presiding elder of the Joncsboro district, will Pieach at Hie Sunday night, services , and bold the .second cmai lerlv i eonlerci:ce. We cordially invite you lo hear this inspirational speaker. 68AND DADS Pe^berry COFFEE Always Fresh Buy a Package Today .Everything fo'jf' your , ; tiiinincnt. and-comfort. Admission Matinee 10c * Admission Niifht 16c & 3E 0 Watch Society Page Of Courier New§ For Free Show Quests '4 SATURDAY ^ — ,..». .JL.JI, veg,c. !•> inn, in oinyrs i • ..... * •" • they arc second grade. In lhe stale q'-'«te<i and of Vermont. Grade A rsgs .signify the. First Christian ctorti' iielcJ ! At a meeting of (lie. Woman's .tbeir annual "men's night" affair .ilub yesterday afUrnoon Mrs C wnen they . served dinner to the E. Ciigger, sr.. oldest club m-mbcr men of the church at the Chr'tsr in- vents of mtmbersliln, and Mrs Han hall Thursday night. " ^ " ' . Sprays pt'.splrea dw.n the center of the tables and bowls of irises Read Courier News Want Ads. , they urc of Ihe fourth grade. TOO I.'ATK TO cMss)Tv~ FOR Kfc'NT ~" or :; iilrnisliwi robraa. 'i u)*,l;iir.',. OH) llrarn. , 2-i)k-5-'j , rs. E. F. Blomeyer, president of the I hostess club, were clccled delegates! to..lhe convention ot .the Forre-4' placed at Intervals ou^tlie" woie Pity Meration of Women's "club-" anc) all around the hall were the!which v.ill br held i;t TC Tuesrtav floral <lei-OMtiori.s. . innd ^Vrdncfday. Mrs. J D Baits The Atluii Gordon urouvp o! (.hcldi* nnd Mrs. HusEell'Fair 'wen" Mtsiouary aiudy was in criaifec o! ''»«» as aKrin'atcs t-hc program of \\hich Mis ,1. J. Mrs,. E. M. Terry, lio-pit-ililv Br>-ant was leader. Follow!.!,; [.race chairman, reported thai the ,,c'onk umch wus offered by the lUv. Ol IHythM'llle had bstn mo--t'.-en ^cprpc W. ^Pa«crson._ pastor of jf-™*..'" . offpnnp tlieir home" for l clubs V ', ' ~ ~* ~' '~ ' "~~ '".U .ll^(. Hip Miss Laura .Ha!e, who attends Mississippi State College for Women at Columbus, Miss,.'ana is here for lv;r spring vacation, read "Xlrs. JfCiVjywed Buys n Qo>yn" W V)f e f ^ t) le pi-Ojjraui, .'ilic rea.1 Guy dt'J^upa.^sai'il's'"The Necklace." Pitccdlng a rcs'pon'ilye reading led by the Rev, Mr. I'a'lterson, . KJ) H, COOK Announces Remoi^l oh His ' Office From Hale' Blo> | 0 I m Bldg., 106 S. First st * J : &f&8%%ftG~*t$3?'^?™%!-' ' \"e\\ nit's kccii Hint nu\v ) .t!)pe.u.nice longer if they itIX* ilry-c loaded often. ''-. why. I -.solid -iiiinc . ,.DUY'S (')caii.cj-s. They do n graml job." IAI/NMY A(,'AJN THIS YL'AR Vt'K \VILL HE I'OU AUTO SIC AT COY K TTKKNS STYLES RICKS Monday - Tuesday ng oul ovir prc^rnl slock :it below vost prices. tmf ClAKJi'•' SPRING 8Y1NSTON I il Vfo. K«im>.» JHKta nsK. fkt. CHEVROLET CO. regularly as possible. Snvicc.s r;idi Sunday - Monday YOUR FAVORITE DINNER SUNDAY? s il fowl, (is)i »r ;i Ijijr, juie- j?lc:iU? \\luitevuv you lik' you're almost KIIIY { 0 ii iu ( i>ii ouv menu tomorrow. ALAN pINC'HAtiT Scroen Pl Orl«ln»ISo ,\d,r,:isbioii Hnnd.i "\Vlim HlW|)il;i)if Admission ntoii, ^lal in,: llllST CH1USTIAN CHUKCH Main :it Sixlli «if«rjr U'. Patterson, Jliuisler 9:45 a.m., Bible school, \V. O. Gucrin, sunerintendeiu. 11:00 a.m.. \yorsliip, cominun- ioii and preaching. "The church Must LvangcliM' 1 will be tin- sermon theme. C:;0 p.m.. Voutii Council mecl- ii'JF al the cl 7:30 p.m., worshi): and preacli- liif. "'liic Place or I'ruyer in Evangelism" will be llv; ihemc of lhe wrmon. Cur meeting lin ( .ii« Sunday Ev-

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