The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1936
Page 6
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nit; ,1N 'Tennessee Champions Easy ,\Vinnm: Loral 1 ; Make Many Miscues The-.Memphis Coca-Cola P.ot- llers, giving a sparkling demonstration of the brand of soflball that v.'on the Teiinesfee state. , championship, defeated HIP Bly- ihevllle All-Suirs, suffering from a baa ca-e of the jltteis at Haley Field last night, 18 10 !>. In a preliminary game two picked sbuads of the locnl girls soft tall Ic'apie clashed. Team A wlnnlntt over Ten in B, 14 to 4. ' H -was not dlfflcut for the law crowd -to uiidei-sl.ind why the 'Bottlers had li-oiuiced evorythlnj; hi Memphis amateur circles ami Tennessee tournaments as well when they saw the Coca-Colas perform last night.. Headed by two sensational pitches, Oliver "Smoke" Trlplett and Donald '•Flash" Slainbrook, l!ie Mem- plilans had an easy Umc • and ueie nevei extended Andj Ciimn. • third: strlnci: hui-lc!-, nlt:o worked for 'Memulns and whs too much foi the BrjlheUltc Inttcts However it was not me lack ol batting pouci agrlnn the spced- hlill huilei-b fiom the Bluff City i fcutvraihiM; fielding mUxmes and: menial errors of the locals, ap-' p'arentlv suffering from an acute Infcilonty complex, that played .a. -prominent part in the onesided victory of the visitors. The All- Stars didn't seem to bo able to field the 'ball with liny consistent success all night, although a sparkling i mining catch by Mrif- rhall Blackaid In shoit ncld and fome nice catches by Charles Ulogdon stood out, the catch, by Blackard behiR the most sctuia- Monal of the game. Tlie All-Stars cr.tckcd out u total of 9 hits ag.ilnst, the filem- phis aces, which v,e^ considerably belter-.'than .might have been expected In UCA of the no-htt performances the cracl lunleiq have been reglstaing Memphis bat- ieis touched Bljthcvllle luirlers for 12 blows but they were mixed lip w|th errors and walks to make the game a ineiij po-iound .for the Millers Olhci "Smote" Trip-. !ett top htirler of tlie visitors, gave up :tln-ce hits In 'the. three Innings he wolVed and Gunn gave up six in the tluce Innings-lie puched Stainbrooic allowed', no hits, in the final -thice''lnnhigs ofi l'ie nine Innlnir game { ( .v..,-:; Memphis op'ened v.itlr>n/- v riish >by scorni" three runs npthe first innuig. The All-Stars came right tsck to aid the waning enthusiasm cf their backers bj counting two nms in their half, The Memphtau- Griffin. Base on bills -Off Trip lett, a, off Oiinh 3. on Slain- brook 3, olf Holland 3. 'oil War rlnglon 2, olf Blnckard 1. Struck ut—by Trlplctt 7. Sla!nbi-ool: j 'lollancl. 1,, istackard 1. then added nnoMier in the second ] rvff 1. ard turned the game Into n one- L*lI.llCllll game Into n one sided affair with ^1\ !i| ihe third fl\e In the foarth and three in the flftli Tliev did not score thercaitcr, lliels because '(hey didn't care to. • A game scheduled v fo have been played : between East Arkansas Builder^ and n D Hughes to play off a postponed gime of the -regular. Commercial league.season was again postponed when it developed that there would out, be lime for the game to be plnjed, -as slated, before the.-feature attraction Ai It nas the Boltlers-AM- Siar game ^as dragged out soine- what, with \-arloiLs ceremonies and an extended batting and ncldlne practice The game was not finished until about 11 o'clock. Announcement was made that .the' Toledo national amateur soft bail champions would probably be brought bete In the neai [titm-e to meet the- Coca Coh Bottlers.- .By i ( Hiirry Gra^soti Slwle Coins the Gold Freddie worked lih uay Id tin lop over some far! conntrj fighky wlth v,hom he drew goo<] mourv "His match with BUly loTviis^ud nett?u r jig,000.; Then-came' db'r'llla roc Loul ind Max 'siilimellng' Jones for a net of $14000 Vine tuue Ihe lloor elsewhere—It gen Dundee for a ncL of $16003 ajid nails Is supposed |liat the Ger Risko for a. net 6f $19000 man \slll land llnri. at YnilLee Sta I Steele t\ho u 23 broke- the clcv dluri June 19 but tly; Paclilc cr Dundee •> J^\ in knocking out northwest lalks 'pTl"c)pnUy about tlie former charrtplol aiul punch Hi., corohatlon of ^eddf^e gteele , in^ him into rellrejneijt nc de, ipniu! e u I Opposite Mat Meanie • IIY. j. r, H-e Bloomneld. the clever Jewish ^iiuler from Los .Angeles,,, who MlFd Olcv Olson. Uio "terrlb'e •cde" from St. . I'au'l 'in' his •st anpcarancc, will try -his Imn I -••alliiB Ihe toliipestoiis'... 1 i\Vllrt ''!" Brsh. iough' hoinbrc' 'froirt ' '"• n Wav , ollL ! lv 11 t]icrv | uttlc dpviol t1t<ltj§tCcW trj Coca Cell Griffin, ss Trlbb'.e, sf White," cf Lchmeyer, if MiOrocney. 31) Coi'r<, rf HorTinan. 2b Bickham.- c Ti-lpjellv P Giinh, p , Etainbrcok. p Feeble. Ib All 1! II I'O 1 1 5 1 3 •! 3 1 3 1 1 'C 0 0 1 0 2. 0 0 20 13 0 0 0 a 1 o 0 0 1 10 Tctlls 45 IS 12 27 -Batted for Bickham :n fourtt JMI-Slsrs H. Taylor. 2b-cf L;c''jj, 2L ."Applebaum Barn:s. cf-sf Pctler, c Glover, Ib xxEmith EzBurr.s Blackard, sf-p rticton Warring ton. 3b J.- W. Teylor. rf C. Brcgdon, If ..Terrj','-ss D. Warrlnglon, p Holland, p All K II I'O 0 0 5 0 2 0 4 0 4 C 0 -C 4 S - I T n aniiouncliif: this pairing' us i fCB'Jure. ritra'J Ion '.-oi • the -ek!y wreslllng program' iindei •• ansnic.^s cl the 'A'lriciEali' Ix; •'i. Monday nl"ht, Promoter ''•e Meroney, stated iic/\ras dc • ro In response to a renues Blcomflcld. After piiinint Olsoi •'. week, and in nn Imorcssh-c ••iiiier. too. 'ter Welch. crn\ln ^ni ^M-s nq battered a .6 rounfl eo,,U Babe Ri, sta nt and ami ix 11 (Hie enjagci unj ever -staged on tlie western slope north of ^nj 1 ralielsco , , hl Indians Spoil Opening Day Foi Canith e r s v i 11 e League "Team : : 'CARUTJIERSVILLE, Mo.^ Julie 13 -PinsIrigVIhetr: flrjt;', at-home jwnie undi.r,tlie Cariilliersvllle cql- 01 li|e Canithersyllle.;. Badgers, until Txiesdfiy,^'owned -: ,by We-st flatus ve.sterday r -bo\yed/'t:rr3 to tfi OsceoW'v',indiaiis^ •. Caruthers-. y5Ue look it.KlW.p^.iiii ..lcad/ln..;the < fiisl Innliigi' .but 'Osccola scored oik run In 'six "coiisecuiive in'ii- tae Kelley.--meanwjille pitching liV liAflRV (inAVSON Fiillor. NE\ Pcrviee LAKEWOOD, M. 'J.— Joe out old-timers who know a counter croiis from a baijain Counter. 'Pint; iM'e.ils cf bygone days si 1 nrornd In the open air here ad- inlrlnt; ihe hegj-6 youlh. Just a 1 "ilzzled cat thiiners slant! ojien- ai- il«'i feras of ihe younger Clyde Realty, There ore Philadelphia Jact O'Brien. Willie Lewis, Sam I.ang- ford, Jack Dsmosey, Abe jute' and Mickey Walker. Seidcm bus there been siich'un i/bn of opinion on a fighter a' there Is on Louis. Many contend cd that Dempscy was loo r-asil- L smacked, you know. HIM, all hand agree that Louis, wlio holies If the exeaillon of Max Sc-ti- ineliug ut Yankee stadium, Jun is, ns painless us passible, stand 'way out. O'Brien visions Louis establish in? himself as the greatest h^avv weight in lilstdi-y. indeed, th mcfessor woi;!dn't be surprised i ihe .Mabahm-borii darkey wer Unit right now. "Louis hasn't had an opportnn Ity yet (o prove just how goo- he IE." explains O'Brlei:. "Afte all, .lie has been boxing profcs slohaily for less than two yrair : I3ut he's only a- babv and hn- 't nil, "He's a giver who doesn't tak much. Yes. sir. tlint,'K what h is — a giver who doesn't tak' much." .Bx'rcrf on Cnlorcd Question Naturally, O'Brien expects Loui 'o take rank as the .daddy of a' -niored scrappers of hii-|;pr dimen 'iion.'i. • : . .The old lUjU-hctivyn'cUhl lea'' T- Is in a nhe position "to sper -rofoUiidly' of the more renown- blacky boys of the past. Povijvtwo of O'Brien's 227 star- were against colored clouters, tl iiemofy of whom lingers o Philadelphia Jack tackled Sa ' imgford, Jack- Johnson and JIK llackliiirn. He met Joe Wale:- ->nd Larry Temple twice enc: Young Peter .Jackson four time -ml Georje Cole'' on a half dcze.. Philadelphia lacli O'Brien Says Max Won't llxlcrul Brown Bomber JUNE' 1S86 vas occasions; punch OTirirn j'ss one of iho few who rnrlrfn'l .we Johnson, of the lar babies he fared, the professor ronfil.lers Langford lh r anil Ynimif Petfr JiieL'sar. the- toughest. "Johnson roiil.l noi be ooi.ijxu'- <!<! to llm Louis nf inday," rays O'liriPti. "Jack would h«vi\ bistort n;i>iv rounds' with this hoy because he was n splendid defensive,boxer picked nil -ninny n clove' \vlf-- Uial Ion? . left hand, lie- conic 1 •Jrcp M'lsfd op]ion?ni,s with., hi "it'ht. ' efjirelally v.hon ho upper •milled. Hi 1 knew how to plvo mrt pr-i. ihc eenlcr of Imlnnc "Hli Ills -right, bin I dniiU (h: 'ie would havo been Mi to c-li' 'ouls with It." *r|ji'rireji(s—nut fiocii-Naluml Blackburn, who trait)'; Loui' <kes to my that lio !JKH O'lnle' •coir, niul vr-ars tujn, \ml. Ih -rolesscr debates Uir> result a' 'hair six-round no-deelslmi af. 'nil- In Philadelphia, and the pn|- 'iavc -mnny Bood-nauired ar>u- •'cnls in regard 10 It. O'Brlen\ version Is that niaek- s inu made, him (in 152 pound •nc! cairn' In at 1-f} himself. "Like Louis, Hlackbui-n had ,• '•m-litind Jiih that Jarred yor '.-cm heels to head, and lie wa- n-icilcss once he hud you or he rim," asserts O'llrlci:. "1 hat' 'Isckbi-'-ii on llic lloor at, tlir lid ol ihf: round and be- 'eve I held the upper hand iherc- Uc-i." ~ However. Die professor ndnii;.' *>at lie was EO humiliated, !;••• •'s appearance when the Ins 1 Mot, had been tired that he •ouldn'i be seen even In.n Phila '^Ipltin bath house. He went, U ne in Hew York instca'd, and re •Allied iliei-e for four days. "Ami ! havo n sneaking susplc Mi Hint. Max Sclnnelln;; will wire! •t> In a horse, too." smile Philadelphia Jack. "This Louis i- Bivcr who doesn't take much "cs, sir, that';; what ho is—r "vor who doesn't take much." "Vcatlier Aids Schlnellng- Somcone remarked that Sehmei- '.it! Inn! said that Louis had mart'•e first mistake in training a winter resort. In June. It ha•en 92 here, and there is ir "eslion iliai some of the das', •id fnc 1ms been baked out o' 'ic Dark Angel. Sclimellng was grilly of til •"c ei-rcr. in preparing -fo - -uliuo Uzcudmi in 1929. Th' Tinan frequently had to to . -tven from Lakcwood to Atlnnll Hy to cool off. and toward tlv >-end of the grind thought cf "Midorilng the camp among the 'nes. Q'Brlen, who never, looked bet•~, by the way, ugi-jes that vjis might have made n-mor "iisltle selection of a summe camp ihsn takwood, but, ;verybod;' il-.s, .laei: l-.ns fnlth In filatkhvjn as a IrDiner. "Blnckhiini will lirlng l/>|ils ir. with a!l his suiiT," Bays Plillade!- a Jack, "although It wouldn't matt- n great dffil nf illfffrchce if iie didn't, l.ouls could whip p, mem full of Schmelings, even if lie wrii> fried for several I weekft." ._.. i Southern League W. 15 Atlantn ................ 41 Nashville .............. 31 24 Birmingham ........... 30 29 ^Chattanooga .......... 20 21 ".Little Hock. .......... 26 29 X'ew Orleans Memphis . Knoxvllle i... K.'ilional St. Lonis .. Chicago Pittsburgh . New York . Cincinnati . Boston Philadelphia' Brooklyn ... .23 2G ..24 33 ..17 41 W. U 33 18 ...29 21 30 22 28 23 25 26 24 29 ...20 34 19 35 American League W. I, Hew York 33 17 lioston 34 21 Cleveland 20 24 Washington -. 26 20 Detroit .....29 27 Chicago 2327 Philadelphia ......17 32 3i. Louis 15 35 Northeast Arkansas League W L. P-l,. CnivtlicrsrlUc 2011 .C45 Osccola 1712 .58C xNcwport .' 16 12 .511 Piiragoiild 14 15 .433 x.Ionesboro 14 15 Batesville 8 24 x—Kiyht games. .483 .250 BO£ Solves Tax Problem FALLS CITY, Neb. (UP)—Mrs. tj. D. Tibbets .wondered if her pet dog, was worth the $1 tax she would have to pay. Shortly alter.- ward slip stepped Into the yard and found the dog playing with a SI bill. '- ; Wrecker Ser\'ice - Gas OPEN AT,I, NTGHT PHHJJPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 777 - BIO Ctc- heat The entire U Steele», dominant Ijoltl o^ „,,., m .„ on tin. public and thc.sectitos T\ccMle sfecle-is i badly needed Irt Cfvr. n until rtH I _i. i\ ,_ ,. .*•.. * _ _•-•""'-" . , .. llrsl opnortmHU to see. -x »n hcl \ohlj fo, son ^lt i smashing hilling poWl- nud coloi make his blu for n v.irld cro\\n ' / From -pregohi California! .llonl tana, and British Columbia'-.coint resorvations. ••Kelchlkftn ainlVolhcr \laska pslnls are eivciied King i Ike witnessed Rush worms of the piilrle lands of! middleweight T^i Baseball Results the Canadian Wild- Saskatchewan are. eager-'' to start ».. and mads the staicmenl that for the bRttlcgroi|nd. wlilchi.ti "sh wouldn't do me that vva> Scattles bl open air clUc stadium "rring. of coi'rse. to the ham •'•iim. administered to Welch. "Vcrd j!ot to the matchmaker '-ecu .-falls and he immediate^ u-ciit to Blootnileld and iisked ''e would ;like to take him 'on 1 0 0 0 0 H\K Kljthl.for Fight. Tacoma, Stecle'a hoiii a civic bid for the contest. It 6f- ferc.d to underwrite tlie 'sbow f or .... . $40 000 and a»recd to give 1 ro arstter 'jjjis : in an emphatic i i O le r Nate Linmnan free uso of rmatlve,• .ami .so nrrangcmenls the rhcoma bhdiilm one. oT tliu e completed before the partv orlglnt,! bowl, of its kind In tlie away after the close-of th- ro , lrj Portland wfinlcrt the pro '..: , . ,„ , .ductlou but S"itlle went both ctt Hhcugh Hush \vlll outweigh' • - --- >- /. . — . . ... V California]) foine five, of six nds, he .will have the dlsiie!- 'a?e of tackling a smaller, and 'er matmaii. Mnkc r.O mistake •t it, this Blcomncld Is as '• as they come for hea\\ jhts. - K« completely ran cir omt ,| n , nct i ou or i aroi'iid Olsen. nnil tile Swede no slow poke. Whether ''I be able to slnw !ilu, s „„„ t ([e tie city council. \Vhtlo a few boxes, ami- smack- up rin ijsldes- are belli? sold aV- L n few dollars above the ordinary tin aide price along the Un» of game Ihe patron press plan fonnerly New Orleah'i 10 Knouille 8 Night games— Nashville 4. \feinphls 2. Atlanta 4, Binnlngham 2. Little Ucck nt ciiaftanooga. Chiuiop n Boston 1 Ptttsbu'fijh . 3,' Kew, York .2 Si Louts 3 Philadelphia Only games 'scheduled. New York'9. Detroit 6 Washington b Chicago 0 c t Louts at Boston,-, rhln. Only eames sclicduletL Northeast \rlfinws »«"i« Osc ol i b CaruUiersvtlle Batcs\ille 9 laragould, •; Newport nt Jonesbofo. dents the !Mrtlh< lt p'-'Kectlon' having closed for ithK-gairte,- Hucter and Ciates" 'got. triples fbi OsccOliiT"and"aftci- he had clouted 4 f double^ and -the- out- •fleUler...Juggled.- the ..ball, . paty galloped home'. T, -McGowari -got tvo foi four HoV lead 1 Canilhei-s- vlllo btittei-B. and Manager Wtckel O ot u double,'the-longest Badger, bit. ; J Kelly struck' out seven, Specr whiffing four, while each walked wo,opposing batters. Score by Innings: Csceola 01111110 0—0 10 4 [Mirers 20000010 0—3 1 4 Batteries: Osceola — Kelley and Rucker: Camlhersville—Speer and .'Lrner. nlghl Before .You.Buy Any Outboard -' See llic NEPTUNE $45 z n. r. .Single Cyl. (Other Sizes to 16 H. P.I HUBBARD TFRE & BATTERY CO. worked bj'j " Square Oar Hush am nM Mikc -"icobs dowr. i ° lmc ! ! & pApolar chorl in iCixJltig th his roi-jh tacik-s is a mat- llw '"' prices running from SI 15 In <i 75 r of conjecture. Anyway, \v •ve the word' cf Blooinfleld tha' • , won't. He is powerfully con- ructecl. with iwwerful arms and • s, and a lihn, neat waist. Ther* little evidence of sur.iUis fat Totals - , 35 5 0 27 ', >-— Appletaum batted lor Barnes in ninth. xx-^stnlth; balled for Glover IP ninth. z—Tiplon balled for Elackard In ninth. cs-7-Brrns t ran f or Sm It h In ninth Summary: Errors—OrltHn, Locke H.,-.Taylor, 2. Barnes. Potter. L Wardngtcri 2, To.ylor. Erogdou C, Terry, Holland Earned runs— OiT Trlpleit 2, Gunn 2 Warrington 2 Innings pitched,, Trlplett 3, Gunn 3, StalnbrooU 3, Holland 2 i-3, Warrlngicn 2-3 Blackau 5 2'3. Tlirce base hils-^oi;n. Gtts OulHelder. Plays B&tesville CSCEOLA, All-... June 13-CN- eo'.a _ and ' liatesyillc will inect n a doubleheatter here Sunday •flcrniHin and ncrt Lutes liisko, , working at Edmonds Wash i feu nnlcs out or S=aUU 's suaranteed $25,000. wllh iin additional JlOOO -u> training expenses Steele, camped al Brown's Point, lust north of iMcoma and overlooking broad commencement bay,! j will collect. 410.000 it Van' gate" lilts i !«*0.000, nixl nearly (S5000 -more jf.I I the receipts'total $70000. 'which they should, i - . ~-' ; '•'•'•"'.';; Steele a'so.reUilns nil Interest lit the moving , picture. rJRViUv whlcji Hisko signed away. The' flickers •xcn aliened pitching duties in northwest so'th ;ne of the games. D. Fred Taylor | ought to wbid'r r.. biiEiut-ss manager of the club • rcffardleis of tl- ° " -.1,110-,,^,-,] >^i.. Tayl. who ,500 iws|ri«irc (6 do.'some bksihess: hi Ih'e the Ta coma Tornado up okch fiiiancUHy, tne outcome'.. ..' r also announced. Mab lill In ths nclshbofliood lii college, is expected ' aeiel real power to the ' Osceola attach. : base hlts-Fttbler Whit<rWttC'o'0'rtct-lSe*r Classufcd "A ot as Impressively as did Jock McAyov, to ' , conceded poundage., poje -tuied! the role ber. at the Garden last All of which helps to CCivc Use^your BON US /or a Home FIRST! bcttci u c e6ti!(l be made of the funds you re- c as compensation foi- your wartime service. .. LOOK AT THESE BARGAIN'S: J'106 W. Ash St—a rooms''and bath, . Kxcellent-resideiitial location . $1,000 212.S. Kra'iiklin^-8 rooms 'an^'batii, .Near business Histrict.'A-'real'bargain'at 81,000 »!' Park Ave.—5 rooms 'anil bath, G23 Park Ave.—3 rooms, ',, "* ' •.A- ; N '° I )avin & tax - G"«<i repair S GOO 10.) W. Rose St.—-1 room fee, ( ,o- ,, ewly de c°i-atcc]. Close in : 5 900 '-' t.. Kentucky—G room's-"arid bath, Kscollcnt location .........-..-...> SI 500 • t)l0 S. Franklin St.—4 room»r- "" " ' ut.v water. Close in ..l-..^:..-..:.: 5 500 Terms Can lie Arranged /G.CAUDILL 1-,-^.- .:. r .;;L 106 N.•'Broadway Phone 707 No more chinning MADAM! It used, to be said of the Master Draper, head of-an oldtime dry goods store, that he stroked his chin knowingly when certain customers walked in. This was a sign to his assistant that they could probably be "shaved" ... or given the worst of the bargain! Today, walking in and buying the goods for a new dress is wholly without any such hazard. The fabric marked "wool" is just that. Pure silk is woven from the natural silkworm product. If the fabric is corn-posed of one of tlie newer, man-made yarns; the type of rayon is usually named in a sign on the counter, or on the end of the bolt of cloth. And the price, you get out of the adyertisement ... no quibbling about that! You read before you shop, and buy just as much as the pattern-envelope calls for. Every day, now, there are especially good buys in dress goods. Have you looked at all the advertising pages today?

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